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  1. Planning Your Next Bike Adventure2020/07/17
    As we emerge from coronavirus lockdown, is there a better summer holiday, a better way to get a change of scene, than heading out on your bike to explore the country where you live? This episode of the podcast is … Continue reading →
  2. Rough Stuff in the North York Moors2020/04/26
    A ride report from the time before coronavirus. Jack heads into the wild uplands of the North York Moors on an audax event organised by Dean Clementson and hosted by Mike Metcalfe. “Don’t Keep to the Road” promises gravel tracks, … Continue reading →
  3. From Usk to Wye with Dr Ian Walker2020/03/28
    Jack goes for a ride with Dr Ian Walker, an environmental psychologist from the University of Bath and long-distance bike racer. Ian found global fame about fifteen years ago with an experiment he did to measure how close he was … Continue reading →
  4. A life in cycling with Isla Rowntree2019/05/13
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  5. So you want to go cycling in… WW1 battlefields?2019/02/04
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  6. This Is Not A Tour2018/10/25
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  7. Cycletouring the Tour de France2018/07/05
    This year’s Tour de France starts on the island of Noirmoutier, on the Atlantic coast of western France. Jack rides the route of Stage one, in a touring style, taking in the rich landscape of sand dunes, beaches, tidal lagoons and salt marsh and sampling the gastronomic delights of the region.
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  8. Preston by Bike with Gavin Renshaw2018/07/02
    Jack goes to Preston, Lancashire to ride with artist Gavin Renshaw. They ride out on some of the City of Preston’s bicycle infrastructure before heading for the wild uplands of the Forest of Bowland. Along the way they talk about … Continue reading →
  9. When Podcasts Collide2018/04/23
    Find out what happens when The Bike Show collides with its hipper and funnier younger sister the Wheelsuckers podcast, presented by Alex Davis from Look Mum No Hands! and Jenni Gwiazdowski from London Bike Kitchen. And hear frame-builder and cycle … Continue reading →
  10. Higher, Faster, Rougher, Wilder with Max Leonard2018/03/15
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  11. Can Cycling Save the World? with The Guardian’s Peter Walker2017/04/27
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  12. 200 Years of Cycling2017/04/06
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  13. The Indian Pacific Wheel Race: Overlanders of the 21st Century2017/03/24
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  14. Under Monmouthshire Skies: Riding with Mike Parker2017/02/16
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  15. Decoding the Landscape with Mary-Ann Ochota2016/12/15
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  16. Bikelash!2016/11/20
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  17. Riding the Iron Curtain, with Tim Moore2016/10/28
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  18. Transcontinental Race Wrap-Up2016/10/12
    Wrapping up The Bike Show's coverage of this year's Transcontinental Race, Jack Thurston talks to race organiser Mike Hall and women's race winner Emily Chappell. Mike also tells the story of his record-breaking ride in the Tour Divide race earlier in the year and reflects on the growth of bikepacking, as a sport and a pastime. Continue reading →
  19. Transcontinental Race Update Special2016/08/02
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  20. Pushing the Limits2016/07/29
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  21. All Aboard! Cycle-touring with kids on the Devon Coast to Coast2016/07/22
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  22. Counting Cols2016/07/10
    Acclaimed historian, biographer and lifelong cyclist Graham Robb joins Jack Thurston by phone to talk about his latest book, a comprehensive catalogue of the 2002 cols and passes of the British Isles. They also talk about Robb's earlier books The Discovery of France, The Ancient Paths and why the bicycle is the perfect vehicle for the historian in the field. Continue reading →
  23. Chris Boardman: A Life in Cycling2016/06/29
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  24. What Goes Around2016/04/18
    Jack Thurston heads to mid-Wales to meet Emily Chappell, former London bike messenger turned author turned ultra endurance racer. Plus the social enterprise that's finding a new use for the Royal Mail's unwanted fleet of postal bikes, as Elephant Bikes. Continue reading →
  25. From Peace Race to Tour de France2016/02/05
    In a recording of a live event held as part of the CycleScreen bicycle film festival at the Watershed Cinema in Bristol, Jack Thurston talks with author Herbie Sykes about his highly acclaimed book The Race Against the Stasi. It’s … Continue reading →
  26. Adventures in Bikepacking2016/01/04
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  27. Ain’t Nuthin’ but a G Thang: Geraint Thomas’s World of Cycling2015/12/14
    In a live event Jack Thurston talks to double Olympic gold medallist and top Team Sky rider Geraint Thomas about his life in cycling as told in his new book The World of Cycling According to G. Continue reading →
  28. Cycle Revolution at London’s Design Museum2015/11/25
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  29. Bike Test: Crossover Fun with the Pinnacle Arkose 22015/10/07
    In the first ever rolling bike test on The Bike Show, Jack Thurston takes the Pinnacle Arkose 2 for a spin around the hills above Abergavenny and Blaenavon. The Pinnacle Arkose 2 is an 'adventure road' bike featuring a 1x10 drivechain, hyraulic disc brakes and 40mm tyres. Continue reading →
  30. Lost Lanes Wales: book launch events2015/08/28
    I’ll be doing some book talk events to mark the launch of Lost Lanes Wales: 36 Glorious Bike Rides in Wales and the Borders. Come along, say hello, buy a book: Thursday 10th September. The Station Hotel, Abergavenny NP7 5UH. … Continue reading →
  31. Really Useful Bikes at the Bespoked Handmade Bicycle Show2015/08/17
    Bespoked, the UK's Handmade Bicycle Show is Britain's biggest annual showcase for custom bike builders. It's full to the rafters of beautiful bikes but Jack Thurston went in search of the most useful bikes at the show, from an off-road porteur to a separable road bike to a childback tandem in titanium.
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  32. Tour de France: Rest Day Review with Simon Warren2015/07/21
    It’s the end of the second week of this year’s Tour de France, just time for us – and the riders – to catch our breaths before the final week and the showdown in the Alps. Joining Jack Thurston for … Continue reading →
  33. Tour de France: Rest Day Review with Edward Pickering2015/07/13
    After eight varied and exciting days of bike racing, the riders in the Tour de France take a well-earned rest day. Cycling journalist and author Edward Pickering has been following the race and is on hand to review the first … Continue reading →
  34. Tour de France preview with Guy Andrews2015/06/29
    With just a few days until the start of the 2015 Tour de France, cycling author, journalist and photographer Guy Andrews joins Jack Thurston to look forward to one of the most eagerly anticipated grand tours in decades. With four … Continue reading →
  35. Put Me Back On The Trike2015/04/03
    Three months and 17,000 miles into his attempt to break the longest-standing record in cycling, Steve Abraham suffered a road crash with a moped, leaving him with two broken bones in his ankle. We hear more from Steve as well as from some of his many well-wishers. Continue reading →
  36. Bike Boom? What Bike Boom?2015/03/02
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  37. The Listeners’ Hour Explained2015/02/24
    listen to ‘The Bike Show Listeners Hour Challenge – explained’ on audioBoom   As described in this week’s podcast, the Listener’s Hour is a cycling challenge open to all listeners to The Bike Show. And the challenge is this: to … Continue reading →
  38. How to Ride Your Bike Faster2015/02/23
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  39. Cycling and Modernity in 1930s London2015/02/16
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  40. A Year on Two Wheels2015/02/11
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  41. The Politics of Adventure2015/02/07
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  42. The Near Miss Project2015/01/26
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  43. Your Near Miss Audio Stories2015/01/12
    As part of a partnership between The Bike Show and the University of Westminster’s Near Miss Project, we want to hear your audio stories of near misses you’ve experienced while out riding. We’ll play them on an upcoming edition of … Continue reading →
  44. Christmas Books Special2014/12/16
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  45. Come the E-Bike Revolution?2014/12/02
    Electric bikes are a rapidly growing area of the bicycle industry, offering the promise of effortless two-wheeled travel. Professor Mark Miodownik of University College London tests a Smart E-bike (pictured, above) as part of an in-depth look at e-bike technologies, … Continue reading →
  46. Severn Serenade2014/09/16
    Jack rides with singer-songwriter and cycle-tourist Jet McDonald, setting out from Bristol on a summer evening, riding along the banks of the River Avon, through the industrial landscape of Avonmouth to the banks of the River Severn and beyond. Continue reading →
  47. Rapha at 10 and L’Eroica comes to Britain2014/07/12
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  48. Rolling with Klaus2014/07/08
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  49. Woods and Wildflowers2014/06/08
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  50. Taking the Long View of the Giro d’Italia2014/05/14
    In the opening week of the Giro d'Italia, or Tour of Italy, Feargal McKay joins Jack Thurston to cast a historian's view over the race, looking into its origins, its rivalry with the Tour de France and where the race is heading in the years to come. Continue reading →
  51. Space for Cycling: The Big Campaign2014/05/11
    In what may well be the biggest electoral campaign ever mounted by a cycle campaign group in Britain, Space for Cycling makes a very clear series of demands on candidates for local councils. To talk about Space for Cyclingand about the changing landscape of cycle campaigning is Ashok Sinha, chief executive of the London Cycling Campaign. Continue reading →
  52. Cycling and the Countryside2014/04/29
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  53. Lance Armstrong: My Part in His Downfall2014/04/16
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  54. Spring Season Opener: Iron Horse, Steel Condor2014/04/07
    Mary Erskine of the band Me for Queen talks about their forthcoming album 'Iron Horse', inspired by cycling. And Grant Young, MD of London's Condor Cycles explains why steel bikes are selling like hotcakes, and how the London firm is helping breathe new life into the Italian bicycle manufacturing scene. Continue reading →
  55. Resofund Special Show2014/02/15
    Resonance FM needs your help to stay on air. Anyone who donates £2 or more to the station will receive a special edition of The Bike Show "A Night on a Bare Mountain". Continue reading →
  56. School level data on cycling to school2014/01/09
    A recent flurry of twitter discussion on the very low level of cycling to school in Britain, and how poorly this country compares to more cycling-friendly places, prompted me to look for school level data on how children travel to … Continue reading →
  57. The Healing Machine2013/11/18
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  58. Campaigning for Cycling2013/11/16
    In the middle of possibly the worst week for cycling fatalities in London Mike Cavenett of the London Cycling Campaign talks about what his organisation is doing to change things in the city and how an effective cycling campaign requires a single, simple message clearly and imaginatively presented, mass mobilisation and relentless pressure on political decision-makers Continue reading →
  59. High Tech and High Stakes in the Bicycle Boom2013/11/04
    Hub gear manufacturer Sturmey Archer sits in the pantheon of iconic bicycle brands, most famous for its hugely popular three speed hub gears. Tony Hadland tells the intriguing story of the invention of the hub gear, a story of gifted … Continue reading →
  60. Going the Distance2013/10/28
    For many cyclists, breaking through the 100 mile barrier opens up a whole new world of long distance cycling. Kieron Yates, a two time finisher of 1200km Paris-Brest-Paris, joins Jack Thurston to talk about the allure of going the distance, with advice from a handful of members of the global randonneuring scene. Continue reading →
  61. High on a Mountain Top2013/10/22
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  62. Cakes and Ale2013/09/03
    “And sometimes the road was only a lane, with thick hawthorn hedges, and the green elms overhung it on either side so that when you looked up there was only a strip of blue sky between. And as you rode … Continue reading →
  63. A Ride in Border Country2013/07/30
    In the last show of the summer season, Jack goes for a leisurely spin around the Welsh borders with local cyclist Owen Davies as his guide, from Abergavenny to Monmouth and back, past Raglan Castle, Rockfield recording studios and the unlikely Welsh residence of the notorious Nazi politician Rudolf Hess.
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  64. C’est Magnifique! C’est le Tour de France!2013/07/23
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  65. Boardman versus Obree2013/07/18
    The sporting rivalry between Chris Boardman and Graeme Obree is among the greatest in history, on a par with Ovett and Coe, Borg and McEnroe or Ali and Frazier. Twenty years on from their record-breaking exploits, Jack Thurston and Edward … Continue reading →
  66. Uphill State of Mind2013/07/08
    Cyclists have a strange fascination with riding up hills and it's definitely a pleasure/pain thing. Jack goes in search of the hill climb junkies, first at the Catford Hill Climb on Kent's North Downs, the oldest continuously held bicycle race in the world, and then to Abergavenny where a new course has revived the local cycling club's flagging hill climb event. Continue reading →
  67. How Britain Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Bike Racing2013/07/01
    In the first show of the new season, Jack takes a leisurely ride in the Welsh Borders with Ned Boulting, one of the faces of ITV's coverage of the Tour de France. They discuss Ned's new book "On the Road Bike: the Search for a Nation's Cycling Soul", an engaging and ideosyncratic history of British bike racing. Continue reading →
  68. Podcast special: Reading Le Tour de France2013/06/25
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  69. Soon We’ll Be Wheelbuilding2013/05/20
    The spoked wheel is the unsung hero of the bicycle. Jack Thurston embarks on a journey of discovery, to understand how a bicycle wheel works with the help of engineer and materials scientist Professor Mark Miodownik, and then tries to learn how to build one, taking a class at London's Cycle Systems Academy. Continue reading →
  70. Eileen Sheridan: The Mighty Atom2013/05/18
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  71. What It Really Means to Go Dutch2013/05/02
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  72. Live from the V&A: Bike V Design2013/04/22
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  73. A Bright New Dawn for Cycling in London?2013/04/16
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  74. When Will We Stop Lorries Killing Cyclists?2013/04/08
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  75. Issue 2 of the Bicycle Reader2013/04/02
    Somewhat later than planned, the second issue of the Bicycle Reader is out, and available for Kindle, Kobo and other ebook readers. It can be read on Apple and Android tablets and phones using the free Kindle app. Continue reading →
  76. Edward Thomas on waterproof cycling gear2013/03/22
    A hundred years ago, on Good Friday, 1913, a London-born Welshman, writer and cyclist set out on an Easter cycle tour from Clapham Common to the Quantock Hills in Somerset. Four years later, having enlisted in the British Army to … Continue reading →
  77. Buy the book! Lost Lanes: 36 Glorious Bike Rides in Southern England2013/03/14
    I've been taking some time off The Bike Show to write a book about the best places to ride a bike in Southern England. Read more about it. Continue reading →
  78. Turning back the clock to 19482013/02/13
    Today, in an evidence session before Parliament, Chris Boardman said Britain’s 2012 Olympic legacy should be a return to the levels of cycling last seen in 1948, the previous time Britain hosted the Olympic Games. It’s an appealing proposition, and … Continue reading →
  79. Podcast special: Did Cycling Kill Kraftwerk?2013/01/31
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  80. Happy Christmas from the Vulpine Christmas Fête2012/12/19
    In a seasonal podcast special, Jack heads to Balham, Gateway to the South, for the Christmas Fête organised by Vulpine, the London-based cycle clothing company. Featuring The Ride Journal, Artcrank, Michaux Club, Pannier.cc, Marsh-Mallows Cycling Holidays, Fresh Tripe and Nick Hussey of Vulpine. Continue reading →
  81. Podcast Special: The Gospel According to St Grant2012/12/10
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  82. Vulpine Cycling Fête: 1 December 20122012/11/20
    Vulpine is a young London company that makes nice clothes for cycling in. They’re holding a Christmas Fête on Saturday 1st September at the Balham Bowls Club. The Bike Show will be there, along with the cream of the London … Continue reading →
  83. Across Africa by Bike (part two)2012/11/12
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  84. Across Africa by Bike (part one)2012/11/05
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  85. Raleigh Recall2012/10/30
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  86. Raleigh (part two): The Fall2012/10/23
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  87. Raleigh (part one): The Rise2012/10/15
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  88. Dopefiend2012/10/12
  89. Spilling the Beans2012/10/08
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  90. Bicycle Polo, Cosmic-style2012/10/02
    Bicycle polo has been played for more than a century but the ‘hard court’ variety is a relatively new, urban development. Todd, Mat and Rupert of London’s Cosmic Bike Polo team (pictured, above) explain how the sport came about, how … Continue reading →
  91. Podcast special: Lionel Birnie’s People’s Grand Tour2012/08/09
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  92. Cycle-touring at the Olympics2012/08/07
    There’s a lot of cycling at the Olympics. On the road, on the track, BMX and mountainbiking too. But there is one aspect of cycling that is quite neglected by the UCI and the IOC: cycle-touring. I propose for the … Continue reading →
  93. Live from Belgium House2012/07/31
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  94. Remembering Albert Winstanley and announcing the Bicycle Reader2012/07/23
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  95. Tour de France Rest Day Chit-Chat with Lionel Birnie2012/07/17
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  96. Taking the Long View of The Tour de France2012/07/09
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  97. How Ned Boulting Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Tour de France2012/06/30
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  98. Touring tips #6: Maps revisited: computer mapping2012/06/27
    In the first of these touring tips I wrote about Ordnance Survey paper maps (specifically the 1:50k Landranger series) and why I thought these are the most useful and satisfying UK maps for the touring cyclist, and how they can … Continue reading →
  99. Over the col du Tourmalet, 1879 style2012/06/25
    This is an extract from an account of a summer touring trip to the Pyrenees, published in the London Bicycle Club Gazette (1879). The group of London cycle tourists rode their machines, or more likely pushed them, up all the … Continue reading →
  100. Vous Faites le Tour de France?2012/06/25
    With this year's Tour de France just a few days away, Kieron Yates and Jack Thurston talk about the best places to go touring by bicycle in France. They share their ideas on where to go, where to stay and how to get there and back. Continue reading →
  101. Stephen Roche, twenty five years later2012/06/19
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  102. Touring tip #5: Resist the multitool2012/06/18
    Superficially, multitools are very attractive. They’re small, light and there’s definitely a Swiss Army Knife wow factor as you unfold the various blades, revealing one handy function after another. And this… for removing a stone from a horse’s hoof! But … Continue reading →
  103. Touring tip #4: Star water carriers2012/06/14
    Not long ago, someone discovered that cycling water bottles (or bidons) contained a toxic chemical called BPA that was potentially seriously harmful to human health. Some, though not all, bidons are BPA-free, but even if they are, it doesn’t stop … Continue reading →
  104. Touring tip #3: Pump me up!2012/06/13
    As a young cycle tourist in the late 80s and early 90s I used to get a lot of punctures. Fortunately, at that time the charts were full of tunes featuring lyrics about pumping this or that up and I … Continue reading →
  105. Touring tip #2: the Lifeventure insulated mug2012/06/12
    When you’re heading off on a cycle camping trip, you’ll need some kind of cup to drink from. Unless, of course, you prefer the rugged Bear Ghrylls drinking-from-waterfall-with-cupped-hands look or you take your inspiration from Ray Mears and prefer to … Continue reading →
  106. To Coventry: Birthplace of the Bicycle2012/06/11
    Coventry has a very good claim to be the birthplace of the modern bicycle, the "Rover Safety" invented in the 1880s by John Kemp Starley, one of the city's many bicycle makers. Someone very happy to make that claim is Steve Bagley, Head of Collections at the Coventry Transport Museum. We go for a ride around the city and a trip back in time. Continue reading →
  107. Touring tip #1: Why Ordnance Survey maps are best and how to get them for free2012/06/11
    The British Isles are blessed with the world’s best maps for travel and adventure, made by the expert cartographers of the Ordnance Survey. There’s nothing like stopping by the side of the road, leaning your bicycle up against a dry … Continue reading →
  108. To Copenhagen, City of Cyclists2012/05/22
    A trip to the Danish capital of Copenhagen, city of stylish cyclists, where Jack Thurston meets Mikael Colville-Andersen, the force behind Cycle Chic and Copenhagenize. We talk about how a single street photograph set him on a new path of bicycle advocacy, fashion and city planning consulting. And lots and lots of blogging.
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  109. A Century of Italian Cycle Sport2012/05/14
    At the start of the second week of this year's Giro d'Italia, we take the long view of cycle sport in Italy with John Foot, professor of modern Italian history at University College London. His book Pedalare! Pedalare! tells the fascinating story of how Italy fell in love with the bicycle and how cycle sport took a central role in national life. Continue reading →
  110. Dunwich Dynamo XX: 30 June 20122012/05/10
    “I pushed my soul in a deep dark hole and then I followed it in.” A line sung by the young Kenny Rogers in 1967, the summer of love, over a psychedelic haze of backwards guitar, feedback and acid trips. … Continue reading →
  111. Merckx, Merckx, Merckx2012/05/07
  112. Voting Bike at the London Mayoral Election2012/05/01
  113. Tony Pizzo: New York to Los Angeles & return2012/04/27
  114. The Bike Show feeder ride for #TheBIGRide2012/04/27
  115. Burrows on the Bicycle (part two – laid back)2012/04/24
  116. In the year 1949…2012/04/18
  117. Burrows on the Bicycle (part one)2012/04/17
  118. David Hockney, the Bigger Picture and the Aesthetics of Cycle Touring2012/04/12
  119. All the Young Dudes: The Revival of Bicycle Framebuilding in Britain2012/04/03
  120. When a picture is worth a thousand words2012/03/28
  121. Summer’s here! Get on your bike and ride2012/03/27
  122. Christian Wolmar on London’s Transport Choice2012/03/19
  123. How to get more women riding bikes2012/03/12
  124. On Two Wheels in France2012/03/06
  125. Friends Ride: The Oyster Run – 14 April 20122012/03/05
  126. Friends Ride: 15 September 2012 – To Ripley (and back?)2012/02/27
  127. Raphaël Krafft: reportage on two wheels2012/02/22
  128. Resonance FM fundraiser – please give generously2012/02/14
  129. Across Europe by Bike2012/02/13
  130. Londoners On Bikes…with Votes!2012/02/06
  131. Super Highway2012/02/04
  132. The Obree Way2012/01/31
  133. Red Flag, Yellow Flag2012/01/26
  134. Down at the London Bike Show2012/01/23
  135. The Lost Cyclist with David Herlihy2012/01/16
  136. Make Our Junctions Safer2011/12/15
  137. Looking back at 2011 and ahead to 20122011/12/13
  138. Tell us your best ride of 20112011/12/07
  139. Reading About Riding2011/12/07
  140. Night ride2011/12/05
  141. Another day for you and me in Carradice2011/11/28
  142. Is riding a bike as easy as riding a bike?2011/11/23
  143. Campaigning for a Civilised Cycling City2011/11/14
  144. Boris Johnson on the Safety of Cycling in London: Complete Audio2011/11/11
  145. Is London Air Killing Us?2011/11/07
  146. The Competitive Impulse2011/10/31
  147. Team GB rules the track and Patrick Field tells it like it is2011/10/25
  148. Friends of The Bike Show Ride: Sunday 6 November2011/10/20
  149. How the Dutch got their cycle paths2011/10/20
  150. Paris-Brest-Paris: part two2011/10/18
  151. Compare and contrast2011/10/11
  152. Paris-Brest-Paris: part one2011/10/10
  153. Jah Tweed2011/10/05
  154. Arnold Schwarzenegger rides a bike2011/10/03
  155. Season opener: Time Travelling2011/09/26
  156. Friends Ride: An East London Excursion2011/09/22
  157. Season opening ride: Saturday 24 September2011/09/20
  158. Blackfriars and Beyond2011/08/08
  159. Blackfriars Bridge: how far to push the limits of peaceful protest?2011/07/28
  160. The 2011 Tour de France: a modern classic?2011/07/27
  161. Amendment to Motion on Blackfriars Bridge2011/07/20
  162. Dunwich Dynamo Redux2011/07/18
  163. Why Boris Johnson has got it wrong on Blackfriars Bridge2011/07/14
  164. All Night, All Right: Dunwich Dynamo 2011 Preview2011/07/12
  165. AudioBoo the Dunwich Dynamo 20112011/07/06
  166. Road Danger Reduction with Dr Robert Davis2011/07/05
  167. How to follow the Tour de France on TV, twitter, newspapers, blogs and podcasts2011/06/28
  168. A Midsummer Misadventure with Dixe Wills (and a podcast bonus)2011/06/27
  169. The Bike Show Jersey: Orders now closed2011/06/24
  170. Keep the Red Stuff In2011/06/20
  171. Fix Your Own Bike2011/06/14
  172. Ride to the London Stone, 18 June 20112011/06/10
  173. Cyclists! Welcome to London!2011/06/09
  174. The Millar’s Tale2011/06/06
  175. Rob Penn on Looking for the Perfect Bike2011/05/27
  176. A Green Mayor? On the Campaign Trail with Jenny Jones2011/05/17
  177. The Life and Times of the Cycling Jersey2011/05/10
  178. Norman Baker MP, liberalism and bicycle helmets2011/04/12
  179. Lorries kill twice in one day on London streets2011/03/22
  180. Resonance FM Fundraising Auction2011/03/19
  181. Cyclosportives are the glamping of amateur cycling – but there is an alternative2011/03/18
  182. Abercrombie and all that2011/03/17
  183. Embacher Collection: Book Launch, 16 March2011/03/10
  184. Mayor of London’s Cycling Q&A: February 20112011/03/02
  185. End of Season: The Best Bits, 2008-20102011/02/21
  186. Cycling Questions & Answers to the Mayor of London: January 20112011/02/09
  187. Shame and Scandal in Professional Cycling2011/02/08
  188. No bicycle helmet law here, please2011/02/03
  189. Digging through London cycle hire data2011/02/02
  190. Up the ‘Uts: The Slow Death (and Rebirth?) of the British Cycling Club2011/02/01
  191. They’re trying to ban cycling on the South Bank2011/01/26
  192. Bike Blogging with Mark Ames of ibikelondon / Jan Gehl / Eric Pickles MP2011/01/24
  193. Inside the 2012 Olympic Velodrome2011/01/18
  194. Bart Kyzar: Man on a Mission2011/01/11
  195. Resonance FM wins award2010/12/16
  196. A Christmas Stocking: Apprenticeships, L’Eroica and MyBikeLane.com2010/12/14
  197. Four Great Lives in Cycling: Kuklos, Robinson, Mustoe, Fignon2010/12/07
  198. Season opener: Knutsford Great Race and all the fun of the Cycle Show 20102010/11/30
  199. Return of the Jack2010/11/24
  200. Cycle Show 2010: the pick of the crop2010/10/08
  201. Are TfL’s cycling promotion campaigns worth the money?2010/09/22
  202. Mayor’s Cycling Questions and Answers: September 20102010/09/22
  203. In praise of Le Prof2010/09/08
  204. Could U be the most beautiful bike in the world?2010/08/18
  205. Ron Cooper on Ron Cooper2010/08/04
  206. Scrub away, scrub away, scrub away2010/07/29
  207. Looking back at Le Tour and ahead to ‘Bicycle Thieves’2010/07/27
  208. Velocio’s 7 Commandments for the Wise Cyclist2010/07/22
  209. Talking Le Tour with Paul Fournel2010/07/21
  210. London Assembly Member Jenny Jones rides the Cycle Superhighway2010/07/16
  211. Road Test: London’s new cycle hire bikes2010/07/14
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