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  1. Red Panda - Pyramid of Peril 192018/01/20
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  2. Red Panda - Pyramid of Peril 182018/01/13
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  3. Red Panda - Pyramid of Peril 172018/01/06
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  4. Red Panda - Pyramid of Peril 162017/12/30
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  5. Red Panda - Pyramid of Peril 152017/12/23
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  6. Red Panda - Pyramid of Peril 142017/12/16
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  7. Red Panda - Pyramid of Peril 132017/12/09
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  8. Red Panda - Pyramid of Peril 122017/12/02
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  9. Red Panda - Pyramid of Peril 112017/11/25
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  10. Red Panda - Pyramid of Peril 102017/11/18
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  11. Red Panda - Pyramid of Peril 092017/11/11
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  12. Red Panda - Pyramid of Peril 082017/11/04
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  13. Red Panda - Pyramid of Peril 072017/10/28
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  14. Red Panda - Pyramid of Peril 062017/10/21
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  15. Red Panda - Pyramid of Peril 052017/10/14
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  16. Red Panda - Pyramid of Peril 042017/10/07
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  17. Red Panda - Pyramid of Peril 032017/09/30
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  18. Red Panda - Pyramid of Peril 022017/09/23
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  19. Red Panda - Pyramid of Peril 012017/09/16
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  20. Black Jack Justice (book) - Complete2017/08/05
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  21. Black Jack Justice (book) – 30 2017/07/29
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  22. Black Jack Justice (book) – 29 2017/07/22
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  23. Black Jack Justice (book) – 28 2017/07/15
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  24. Black Jack Justice (book) – 27 2017/07/08
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  25. Black Jack Justice (book) – 262017/07/01
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  26. Black Jack Justice (book) – 25 2017/06/24
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  27. Black Jack Justice (book) – 242017/06/17
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  28. Black Jack Justice (book) – 232017/06/10
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  29. Black Jack Justice (book) – 222017/06/03
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  30. Black Jack Justice (book) – 212017/05/27
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  31. Black Jack Justice (book) – 202017/05/20
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  32. Black Jack Justice (book) – 192017/05/13
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  33. Black Jack Justice (book) – 182017/05/06
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  34. Black Jack Justice (book) – 172017/04/29
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  35. Black Jack Justice (book) – 162017/04/22
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  36. Black Jack Justice (book) – 152017/04/15
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  37. Black Jack Justice (book) – 142017/04/08
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  38. Black Jack Justice (book) – 132017/04/01
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  39. Black Jack Justice (book) – 122017/03/25
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  40. Black Jack Justice (book) – 112017/03/18
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  41. Black Jack Justice (book) – 102017/03/11
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  42. Black Jack Justice (book) – 092017/03/04
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  43. Black Jack Justice (book) – 082017/02/25
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  44. Black Jack Justice (book) – 072017/02/18
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  45. Black Jack Justice (book) – 062017/02/11
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  46. Black Jack Justice (book) – 052017/02/04
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  47. Black Jack Justice (book) – 04 2017/01/28
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  48. Black Jack Justice (book) – 03 2017/01/21
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  49. Black Jack Justice (book) – 02 2017/01/14
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  50. Black Jack Justice (book) - 012017/01/07
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  51. Mask of the Red Panda pt 3 of 32016/12/24
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  52. Mask of the Red Panda pt 2 of 32016/12/17
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  53. Mask of the Red Panda pt 1 of 32016/12/10
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  54. Night of the Red Panda 10 Zero Squadron pt 22016/12/03
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  55. Night of the Red Panda 09 Zero Squadron pt 12016/11/26
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  56. Night of the Red Panda 08 Monkey See Monkey Do pt 22016/11/19
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  57. Night of the Red Panda 07 Monkey See Monkey Do pt 12016/11/12
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  58. Night of the Red Panda 06 Dance of the Dead pt 2 2016/11/05
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  59. Night of the Red Panda 05 Dance of the Dead pt 12016/10/29
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  60. Night of the Red Panda 04 Rhyme Spree pt 022016/10/22
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  61. Night of the Red Panda 03 Rhyme Spree pt 1 2016/10/15
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  62. Night of the Red Panda 02 One Tin Soldier pt 22016/10/08
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  63. Night of the Red Panda 01 One Tin Soldier pt 12016/10/01

    Saturday Morning Adventure with Red Panda Comics! This issue: "One Tin Soldier part 1 of 2" Three seemingly impossible murders have struck within hours, and all clues point to an old foe who is safely under lock and key... or is he? Video Comic adaptations of Gregg Taylor and Dean Kotz’s series from Monkeybrain Comics, available through Comixology
  64. The Season Eleven Spectacular2016/09/01

    A look back at eleven seasons of audio drama goodness with the gang from Decoder Ring Theatre, complete with laughs, hijinks and clips from the vault, and a look ahead at the all-new delights of Season Twelve. If you are a DRT fan, you can’t miss this one!
  65. Red Panda Adventures (120) Remember When2016/08/01

    You beat the bad guys, you save the world, you get the girl, you live happily ever after, and you can't help but think that you remember every moment of it. But what if you don't? And what will be revealed when the time comes to play Remember When ?
  66. Black Jack Justice (72) - Date Night2016/07/01

    The more things change, the more they stay the same, my friends. Except sometimes the most unimaginable changes happen under the guise of the ordinary, everyday things that pop up on a regular day. Or in this case, on Date Night .
  67. Red Panda Adventures (119) The Radio Robberies2016/06/01

    The Red Panda's former agents get in on the game of "remember when", as they uncover a relic used in one of their very first cases. Will the Red Panda thwart a cruel scheme that is terrifying the city, or is it clear sailing for The Radio Robberies ?
  68. Black Jack Justice (71) The Policy2016/05/01

    Sometimes a bet comes with such terrible odds that there isn't much point in placing it. Sometimes it's a sure thing, usually because someone has made it so, often by cheating on a massive scale. Those are the times that tend to kill you dead, my friends, they really are. When you can't help but win, everybody loses. Or do they?
  69. Red Panda Adventures (118) - Power of the Mind2016/04/01

    The news scoop of today needs a little help from the mad scientist cabal of yesterday as everybody favorite associate editor reaches into the case files of a certain masked man of mystery. Will the city's new champion be scooped by a certain girl reporter? It all depends upon the Power of the Mind .
  70. Black Jack Justice (70) - Chess Pains2016/03/01

    Celebrate the arbitrary milestone of seventy delightful episodes with Lord and Lady Flatfoot! Once again our intrepid heroes are thrust into a situation that falls well short of their customary bailiwick, is well and truly outside of their comfort zone and for which they are deeply, deeply unqualified. It’s enough to give a person Chess Pains !
  71. Red Panda Adventures (117) - Harbinger of Doom 2016/02/01

    Peace and prosperity are back at long last, and the city has a new protector to help keep it that way. There’s only one thing that could go wrong: the impending arrival of an armada from beyond the stars to enslave mankind. If August Fenwick is to help protect the Earth, he may need some help from the case files of his old friend in the red mask to recall the Harbinger of Doom !
  72. Black Jack Justice (69) - As The Northern Star2016/01/01

    There are certain things in life that feel fixed… immutable, as if they had never changed and they never would. But the world outside the window changes every day, and a great war is being fought, without a single shot being fired. In times like these, even the Northern Star can change his stripes... or something.
  73. Red Panda Adventures (116) - Twas the Night Before2015/12/01

    From the secret case files of the Red Panda, and a most unlikely source, comes the most thrilling Christmas adventure of the Terrific Twosome of Toronto's crime-fighting career. No matter how little holiday spirit you might have had, no one could resist when... 'Twas the Night Before !
  74. Black Jack Justice (68) - The Born Loser2015/11/01

    It has been observed more than once that life isn't fair, even if the mass of humanity cannot possibly be as deserving of a thumb on the scales of fate as they think that they are. Still, it is just possible that from time to time the universe does conspire to heap misfortune on the narrow shoulders of one poor specimen, and turn that benighted soul into... The Born Loser !
  75. Red Panda Adventures (115) - Tower of Terror 2015/10/01

    A new era begins in the telling of the Terrific Twosome of Toronto's exploits. Join us for the first trip into heroic history as we explore the untold tale of... the Tower of Terror !

    (Tags: otr, audio drama, radio, radio play, comics, comic book, superhero, hero, mystery, adventure, pulp, pulp fiction)
  76. Black Jack Justice (67) - The Dead Duck2015/09/01

    Your private detective and your fairy godmother have very different roles. Chief amongst the differences is the fact that “making your dreams come true” is not often the gumshoe’s lot in life. But wouldn’t it be nice if, just once, someone would do something about theirs? Even if it means that someone is a… Dead Duck ?

  77. Red Panda Adventures (114) - The Final Problem2015/08/01

    The journey of a thousand miles began with a single step into the shadows of darkness and desperation. Will it end in a blaze of glory or the brilliance of the limelight? Is this truly The Final Problem ?
  78. Black Jack Justice (66) - Full Fathom Five2015/07/01

    Sometimes miracles happen, and sometimes they don't. And sorting out which is which and when and why can be a heckuva job for even the most hard-boiled of private eyes. Secrets and lies won't bring a sailor home from the sea... or will they?
  79. Red Panda Adv (113) - Exit, Stage Left2015/06/01

    When you've always been the life of the party, it can be hard to slip away. And when the party in question is the never-ending battle between good and evil, it can be nearly impossible. With their friends and allies taking their final bows, and with a super-powered protégée waiting in the wings, will our heroes stay for an encore, or will they take their Exit, Stage Left ?
  80. Black Jack Justice (65) - The One That Got Away2015/05/01

    The jaunty angle at which our girl detective chooses to wear her hat does occasionally come with a price, and every once in a great while, that price encompasses something which she actually notices and just possibly cares about. It is entirely possible that this might be the story of one of those times.

  81. Red Panda Adventures (112) - The Pentacle2015/04/01

    Since the end of the war, the formerly allied nations have been engaged in a mad scramble to control Germany's captured mad scientists. Ever wonder what happened to the Wizards? The Red Panda and the Flying Squirrel race to stop disaster at the hands of... The Pentacle !
  82. Black Jack Justice (64) - The Road to Hell2015/03/01

    People have a lot to say about good intentions. Opinions vary. Some say they are the chains that bind us, some say they are the graces that separate us from the animals. But the one thing that everyone can agree on is that when you find yourself up to your knees in them, you're probably travelling The Road to Hell .

  83. Red Panda Adventures (111) The Chimes at Midnight2015/02/01

    Times change so quickly, it can be difficult to keep track. Is that the youngest spotter in your crime-fighting network beside you, or is it a cub reporter, or a war hero... or has he become something different... something more? Sometimes you need another perspective to tell. Sometimes the only clue is the ringing of the Chimes at Midnight !
  84. Black Jack Justice (63) - My Heart Belongs to Mummy2015/01/01

    There's nothing worse for a bodyguard than when the body that you're guarding suddenly goes missing. Unless the body in question is thousands of years old and disinclined to travel under its own power. Then it is a little bit worse. It really is.
  85. Red Panda Adventures (110) - The Mind of Terror2014/12/01

    An electronic brain the size of a Studebaker, a mechnical titan the size of a skyscraper and a secret that is bigger than either of them. Is the most perilous problem really the Red Panda's "ghost" puzzle, or is it The Mind Of Terror ?
  86. Black Jack Justice (62) - Strange Bedfellows2014/11/01

    The most powerful man in town wants Jack and Trixie off the job they're working on, and he means right now, brother. Just one problem. They're pretty unemployed, even by their standards. This is going to get socially awkward, and then possibly dead, isn't it?
  87. Red Panda Adventures (109) - The Ghost2014/10/01

    Peace and prosperity has been restored, and the nation's fighting men are finding their roles in the Toronto of tomorrow. But it isn't as easy for some as it is for others. Some choose a vocation of crime, some long to cover it and one seems to have become... a Ghost.
  88. Black Jack Justice (61) - The Rat Trap2014/09/01

    Sometimes the problems that bring people to the grey-green doors of the mighty world headquarters of Justice and Dixon are not as big as they might imagine. Sometimes they are simple people, befuddled by a problem outside of their experience, and assuming a degree of complexity that does not otherwise exist. Those are good days. This isnt one of them.
  89. MTST 06 - The Learning Curve or the Rise of Francis.2014/08/15
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  90. Red Panda Adventures (108) - The Gadget2014/07/31

    A new world is about to be born.

    But before it can be born... something will have to die, at the hands of The Gadget .
  91. MTST 05 - Dialogue With Martian Trombone2014/07/14
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  92. Red Panda Adventures (107) - VE Day2014/07/01

    VE Day - Victory In Europe! A momentous day for history, and a time long-remembered by the free peoples of the world, emerging from the shadows of our darkest hour. But from the margins of this red-letter day come a brace of tales untold. New foes, old friends and more as the Radiogram News Picture Corporation presents: VE Day !
  93. MTST 04 - Jewels of the 11th Generation2014/06/15
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  94. Red Panda Adventures (106) - The Brood2014/05/31

    The war may be in its dying days, but the deadly secrets of one of the Red Panda's greatest enemies are still on the table. If they should fall into the wrong hands, the peace that is won may be a fate even worse than the war itself. The Terrific Twosome of Toronto will run a terrifying race against time into the depth of the Amazon jungle to find... The Brood .
  95. MTST (03) - The Saving of the World2014/05/15
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  96. Red Panda Adventures (105) The Unknown Soldier2014/05/01

    A world at war is a chaotic thing, but the prospect of peace does little to solve it. The enemy of my enemy may be my friend, but what if that friend is one of the world's most vile monsters? What will those friendships mean to the future? And will they spell certain doom for... The Unknown Soldier ?
  97. MTST (02) - The Velveteen Submission2014/04/14
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  98. Red Panda Adventures (104) - Reign of the Rocketmen2014/03/31
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  99. MTST (01) - Peter Galaxy, Interstellar Envoy2014/03/14
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  100. Red Panda Adventures (103) - The Conquering Hero2014/02/28

    Some heroes wear masks, some work shrouded in mystery and menace and others still fight the good fight against the armies of darkness. And others... others get rotated home and sent out on the Bond Drive. But even they still have a role to play, and events set the Red Panda and the Flying Squirrel in motion on the word of... The Conquering Hero !
  101. Black Jack Justice (60) - The Learner's Permit2014/02/14

    They say that a little learning is a dangerous thing, my friends, but in all fairness, they don't usually mean the life-and-limb variety. But when a would-be writer of hard-boiled fiction hires a certain team of his and hers private detectives to help his prose ring true, he had better drink deep or think twice about the whole "Pierian spring" business.
  102. Red Panda Adventures (102) - Empire of Death2014/01/31

    The long game of Professor Zombie's forces is about to burst forth upon Toronto with a terrible fury. With the ranks of his allies diminished by the war, can even the Red Panda cheat death on a scale this massive? Can the city's masked marvels prevent the fall, or is the city doomed to become the capital of an... Empire of Death ?
  103. Black Jack Justice (59) - The Big Time2014/01/14
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  104. Red Panda Adventures (101) - The Chimera Protocol 2013/12/31

    Professor Zombie's all-out war on the city continues to rage, and if Toronto's masked protectors are to have a chance of defeating her, they must begin to understand what has brought about the change in one of their oldest foes. But when the veil is lifted on some of the darkest secrets of the Allied war effort, will even the Red Panda be able to solve... The Chimera Protocol ?
  105. Black Jack Justice (58) - Home for the Holidays2013/12/15

    Is it still a Christmas Card if it comes gift-wrapped in noir and hard-boiled as a three-hour egg? Yeah, we think so too. Pour yourself an egg nog and see if Jack and Trixie make it... Home for the Holidays !
  106. Red Panda Adventures (100) - Naughty and Nice2013/11/30

    The masked protectors of Toronto celebrate 100 episodes as only they can - fighting to thwart a plot of unimaginable horror! But with Professor Zombie's rage reaching a fevered pitch, it may take the unlikeliest of team-ups to save both the city and Christmas at the same time!
  107. Black Jack Justice (57) - The Cheshire Cat2013/11/14

    A man may smile and smile and be a villain... and then disappear, leaving nothing behind but the memory of that smile. Which might not be a problem, unless his confirmation of your paper-thin story were all that stood between you and stylish prison stripes.
  108. Red Panda Adventures (99) - Knight's Gambit2013/10/31

    As Professor Zombie's scorched earth campaign against the city rages, the Red Panda fights an uphill battle to save his city from willfully choosing its own destruction. Will our heroes discover the dark secret behind this terrible plot in time, or will they lose the... Knight's Gambit ?
  109. Black Jack Justice (56) - Death and Taxes2013/10/14

    There are only two things that are certain in this life, my friends. One is that very little is as it appears, an observation which includes but is not limited to the itemized list of expenses for which you have recently been charged. The other certainty is that it will cost you the princely sum of thirty-nine, ninety-five a day to discover item "A". Oh yeah, also Death and Taxes .
  110. Red Panda Adventures (98) - The Locked Room2013/09/30

    A daring crime, striking at the very heart of public trust... is it a page from the playbook of a foe thought long gone? If so, what about the lone witness, who is not quite as he seems? The horrifying truth to one of the most sinister mysteries of the Red Panda's career may lay within... The Locked Room
  111. Black Jack Justice (55) - Home Fires2013/09/15
  112. Red Panda Adventures (97) - The Phantom2013/08/30
  113. Crogan Adventures 06 - The Devil's Grotto2013/08/14
  114. Red Panda Adventures (96) - The End of the Beginning2013/07/31
  115. Crogan Adventures 05 - Incomplete Sentences2013/07/15
  116. Red Panda Adventures (95) - Power Struggle2013/06/30
  117. Crogan Adventures 04 -The Island Lost To Time2013/06/14
  118. Red Panda Adventures (94) - The Rookie2013/05/31
  119. Crogan Adventures 03 - The Kimberley Pit2013/05/14
  120. Red Panda Adventures (93) - The Doctor Is In2013/04/30
  121. Crogan Adventures 02 - Crogan's Prize2013/04/14
  122. Red Panda Adventures (92) - Two for One2013/04/01
  123. Crogan Adventures 01 - The Heart of Mabel Cottonshot2013/03/14
  124. Red Panda Adventures (91) - The Lab Rats2013/02/28
  125. Black Jack Justice (54) - The Empty Desk2013/02/14
  126. Red Panda Adventures (90) - The Honoured Dead2013/02/01
  127. Black Jack Justice (53) - The Late Mr Justice2013/01/14
  128. Red Panda Adventures (89) - The Lost Sheep2012/12/31
  129. Black Jack Justice (52) - The More Things Change2012/12/14
  130. Red Panda Adventures (88) - Last Flight of the Valkyrie2012/11/30
  131. Black Jack Justice (51) - Those Who Wait2012/11/15
  132. Red Panda Adventures (87) - The Missing Links2012/10/31
  133. Black Jack Justice (50) - Two Is Too Many2012/10/15
  134. Red Panda Adventures (86) - Thirteen at Table2012/09/30
  135. Black Jack Justice (49) Jawbone of an Asp2012/09/14
  136. Red Panda Adventures (85) - Blue Skies2012/08/31
  137. Marvellous Boxes (06) - Aliens Are Like Mirages2012/08/14
  138. Red Panda Adventures (84) - The Black Heart2012/07/31
  139. Marvellous Boxes (05) - Remembering the Martians2012/07/14
  140. Red Panda Adventures (83) - Voice From Above2012/06/30
  141. Marvellous Boxes (04) - Plotting for Perfection2012/06/14
  142. Red Panda Adventures (82) - Island of the Damned2012/05/31
  143. Marvellous Boxes (03) - Facing Cydonia2012/05/14
  144. Red Panda Adventures (81) - Thunder Valley2012/04/30
  145. Marvellous Boxes (02) - Frozen Words Thawed2012/04/14
  146. Red Panda Adventures (80) - Murder From The Skies2012/03/31
  147. Marvellous Boxes (01) A Demon Once Removed2012/03/15
  148. Red Panda Adventures (79) - Flying Blind2012/02/29
  149. Black Jack Justice (48) - The Mark Two Caper2012/02/14
  150. Red Panda Adventures (78) - The Darkness Beyond2012/01/31
  151. Black Jack Justice (47) - To The Manor Born2012/01/14
  152. Red Panda Adventures (77) - The Case of the Missing Muse2011/12/31
  153. Black Jack Justice (46) - A Simple Case of Black and White2011/12/15
  154. Red Panda Adventures (76) - The Milk Run2011/11/30
  155. Black Jack Justice (45) - The Score2011/11/14
  156. Red Panda Adventures (75) City of the Dead2011/10/31
  157. Black Jack Justice (44) - Some Kinda Lucky2011/10/15
  158. Red Panda Adventures (74) - The Trojan Horse2011/09/30
  159. Black Jack Justice (43) - Mad Dogs and Ambulance Chasers2011/09/14
  160. Red Panda Adventures (73) - From The Ashes2011/08/31
  161. Slick Bracer 06 - Perils of Public Radio 2011/08/14
  162. Slick Bracer 05 - The Giant Nap2011/07/31
  163. Slick Bracer 04 - The Ruby Tooth2011/07/15
  164. Slick Bracer 03 - Some Murdered Guy2011/07/01
  165. Slick Bracer 02 - The Case of the Kidnapped Canine!2011/06/15
  166. Slick Bracer 01 - A Four Star Murder!2011/05/31
  167. Red Panda Adventures (72) - There Will Be Rain Tonight2011/05/14
  168. Red Panda Adventures (71) - All The King's Men2011/04/30
  169. Red Panda Adventures (70) - The Wild West2011/04/15
  170. Red Panda Adventures (69) - Stop the Presses2011/03/31
  171. Red Panda Adventures (68) - Small Wonders2011/03/15
  172. Red Panda Adventures (67) - Sword of the Sun King2011/03/01
  173. Black Jack Justice (42) - The Sky's The Limit2011/02/14
  174. Black Jack Justice (41) - Man's Best Friend2011/02/01
  175. Black Jack Justice (40) - The Albatross2011/01/15
  176. Black Jack Justice (39) - Cops and Robbers2010/12/31
  177. Black Jack Justice (38) - Auld Lang Syne2010/12/15
  178. Black Jack Justice (37) - Hush Money2010/12/01
  179. Red Panda Adventures (66) - Barbarian at the Gates2010/11/15
  180. Red Panda Adventures (65) - Girls' Night Out2010/11/01
  181. Red Panda Adventures (64) - Rocket Science2010/10/15
  182. Red Panda Adventures (63) - The King of Crime2010/09/30
  183. Red Panda Adventures (62) - The Home Team2010/09/15
  184. Red Panda Adventures (61) - The Nose For News2010/08/27
  185. Play It Again! Justice in Love and War2010/08/14
  186. Play It Again! - Death Danced At Midnight!2010/08/01
  187. Play It Again! - The Sweet Tooth2010/07/15
  188. Play It Again! The Beefsteak Botheration2010/07/01
  189. Play It Again! - Curse of Beaton Hall2010/06/14
  190. Play It Again! - No Justice2010/06/01
  191. Red Panda Adventures (60) - The Great Fall2010/05/15
  192. Red Panda Adventures (59) - Sins of the Father2010/04/30
  193. Red Panda Adventures (58) - Eyes of the Idol2010/04/15
  194. Red Panda Adventures (57) - Song of the Siren2010/04/01
  195. Welcome!2010/03/26
  196. Red Panda Adventures (56) - A Dish Best Served Cold2010/03/15
  197. Red Panda Adventures (55) - The Secret City2010/02/28
  198. Black Jack Justice (36) - Journeys End2010/02/12
  199. Black Jack Justice (35) - Small Mercies2010/01/29
  200. Black Jack Justice (34) - The Devil You Know2010/01/15
  201. Black Jack Justice (33) - The Stopped Clock2010/01/01
  202. Black Jack Justice (32) - Stormy Weather2009/12/19
  203. Black Jack Justice (31) - Requiem for an Elf2009/12/04
  204. Red Panda Adventures (54) - Terror Walks the Night2009/11/20
  205. Red Panda Adventures (53) - Murder Wears a Mask2009/11/07
  206. Red Panda Adventures (52) - Just Like Clockwork2009/10/22
  207. Red Panda Adventures (51) - The Puzzle Master2009/10/09
  208. Red Panda Adventures (50) - Flight of the Bumblebee2009/09/26
  209. Red Panda Adventures (49) - Nightshade2009/09/11
  210. Summer Showcase (13) - Shinkei2009/08/21
  211. Summer Showcase (12) - Thinking in Ternary2009/08/07
  212. Summer Showcase (11) - Spotlight on Icebox2009/07/24
  213. Summer Showcase (10) - Tales of the Rodeo King2009/07/10
  214. Summer Showcase (09) - Blaze Bing, Rodeo King2009/06/26
  215. Summer Showcase (08) The Knightmare pt 22009/06/12
  216. Summer Showcase (07) - The Knightmare pt 12009/05/29
  217. Red Panda Adventures (48) - Operation: Cold Feet2009/05/15
  218. Red Panda Adventures (47) - The Endgame2009/05/01
  219. Red Panda Adventures (46) The Crimson Death2009/04/17
  220. Red Panda Adventures (45) - Jungle of Terror2009/04/03
  221. Red Panda Adventures (44) - I Dream of Genies2009/03/21
  222. Red Panda Adventures (43) - The Golden Idol2009/03/06
  223. Black Jack Justice (30) - Now Who's The Dummy?2009/02/20
  224. Black Jack Justice (29) The Problem of the Perplexing Pastiche2009/02/06
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