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  1. #88: Mateusz Stawecki (CreateGlide.com)2015/05/03
    At Úll this year I had the privilege to interview Mateusz who works with Chris Harris on Glide (Infos at CreateGlide.com), the App creation App. Also, don’t forget to visit us in Cologne for your next awesome conference (we’ll try to be as awesome as Üll and there’s high chances we can make it). All […]
  2. Pomcast #87 with the Wikilinks guys — Speaking about Swift & SwiftConf2014/06/23
    Back us on Indiegogo! – The “Spy” Bug: (Note: FIXED in iOS 8!!!!) – iOS Flyover. Amazing Wikipedia app @ wikilinks.net — from Boris & Djilani. Also check out diskalarm.com — commentsapp.co — Fflp! (@stuffmc‘s apps)
  3. PomEn120901-082: Apple Store Rhein Center Cologne (Germany)2012/09/04
  4. PomEn070110-034 : Mac Heist Party2007/03/10
    Info (Show/Hide)
  5. PomEn070112-033-Alsoft-Shure (Video MP4)2007/02/19
    Alsoft Shure Bye Bye San Fran :( Last round of Interviews and then it’s the end of my San Fran trip :( On the next day I was flying back to Germany… I still have the Video of the MacHeist Party, the Mac Podcaster meetup, and a small bit for the french speaking amoung us…
  6. Pom070111-027 : Macworld Day #3, Part 1 (Video)2007/01/29
    SPONSORS And… we’re back… With Day #3, and once again a series of Interviews LIVE from the Show Floor ;) 02:48 – The i-saver Shell 08:30 – Harman Kardon / JBL 12:37 – Greenpeace 23:08 – Parallels 27:58 – Micromat 34:22 – Wooops… Danika… After the jump, see the Video of the Keynote that Greenpeace […]
  7. PomEn070104-024 (Video) : Robert Scoble2007/01/09
    Even before that I started Podcast I was watching Robert, doing what you could call Podcast, at Microsoft. He invited me to come at their PodTech offices and I had a few question for him: 04:18 – Why does Apple have no “Channel 9” ? 14:39 – Good Softwares on the Mac ! 22:51 – […]
  8. PomEn070103-023 (Video) – Scott Stevenson2007/01/06
    I had the chance to speak with Scott Stevenson, the guy who helps programmers to learn Cocoa. 06:33 – What’s your relationship with Apple + CocoaHeads meeting @ Apple with a very special guest ! 14:55 – So you learned it the hard way ? What was your roots to learn Cocoa / Obj. C […]
  9. PomEn070103-022 (Video) : Flock2007/01/05
    Interview with Geoffrey Arone, Co-Founder of Flock (the browser), at Cafe Borone in Menlo Park, Silicon Valley, California
  10. PomEn061222-021: Benjamin Rudolf from Parallels2006/12/25
    Benjamin Rudolf from Parallels was our guest and RocRoc was my Co-Host. 09:04 – Message to Apple : we need mic inputs ! 12:54 – Virtual PC ? USB 2 ? CrossOver ? 24:15 – Alpha Layer supported soon ? Bootcamp integration ? 35:17 – Multiple Boot, Localized versions, relation with Apple 46:01 – How […]
  11. PomEn061028-018 (Mac Expo Day 3 – Part B)2006/11/03
    Check it out in iTunes by clicking the iTunes icon on the top right corner or clicking here : ! 00:26 – Wiebetech : R.A.I.D. 6 ! 04:59 – User Groups UK & Ireland. 06:20 – Peter Green‘s Tablet Mac Mini. 12:38 – iCreate magazine. 16:34 – Parallels Desktop.
  12. PomEn060527-0102006/05/28
    Glen Aspeslagh (iGlasses, eCamm) : Interview, Nike iPod, Fifth Avenue, Dashcode… (Saturday May 27th, 2006). 00:02:17 – Spreadshirt: Win a T Shirt by clicking here and make your own Shop. 00:04:18 – Mac Expo Cologne: We’ll be there, 3 Days long… 00:05:45 – Who’s Glenn, Who’s eCamm ? How did it started ? 00:12:32 – […]
  13. PomEn060422-008 (CocoaDevHouse A’Dam)2006/05/08
    Video Podcast ! Live (at that time) from Cocoa Dev House Amsterdam… Click here to see it in iTunes
  14. PomEn060425-0072006/04/26
    John Champlin from Ambrosia Software (Pom Pom Pom Pom 007 for Tuesday April 25th, 2006) 00:05:28 John Champlin, fan of Podcasting, working at Ambrosia for 8 years ! 00:11:14 Snapz Pro X 2: A movie is worth a million words… 00:19:14 17-inch MacBook Pro: The art of more 00:25:48 iSeek: Search at your fingertip 00:29:12 […]
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