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  1. Transparent2018/01/09

    a sonic-theatre track on the control of humanity
  2. Weed Killer2017/12/13

    a sonic-theatre track on White America.
  3. Choicy2017/08/16

    a sonic-theatre track about growing up
  4. Magni-Rap2017/01/12

    This sonic-theatre piece is on the importance of the mineral Magnesium in your diet.
  5. Calci-Rap2017/01/12

    This sonic-theatre piece is on the importance of the mineral Calcium in your diet.
  6. I Take Mine Black (Stillnessman)2016/10/11

    a sonic-theatre piece on the subject of good health. :=)
  7. 60-dollar Dope (Bidoche Musique)2016/04/04

    this sonic-theatre piece is on the kill or be killed attitude of certain police officers. Sometimes, it ends in tragedy.
  8. Messing (Bidoche Musique)2016/01/09
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  9. 3rd Strike, You're Out (Bidoche Musique)2013/12/01
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  10. SOUND ART 17 (Homo Futuris)2012/01/05

    This is the last of the present series.

    Homo Futuris (Invasion mail + sound-art call 2012)

    1) Interview (Invasion)
    2) Homo Futuris 3 (Jessy Kendall, USA)
    3) Homo Futuris 2 (Jessy Kendall, USA)
    4) Homo Futuris plays synth 2 (EgoTek, Italy)
    5) Homo Futuris (Bidoche Musique, Switzerland)
    6) Future Man (Bidoche Musique)

    time: 21'00"
  11. SOUND ART 16 (Ghosts)2011/10/06

    Ghosts (Invasion mail + sound-art call 2011)

    1) Ghosts (Invasion)
    2) Ghost 2011 (EgoTek, Italy)
    3) Video soundtrack (Pedro Bericat, Spain)
    4) Ghost Cities (Bidoche Musique, Switzerland)
    5) Sharps 3 am (Jessy Kendall, USA)
    6) Ghost Lanes (Bidoche Musique)
    7) Il fantasma dice Questa e¦Ç una prova (EgoTek)
    8) Ghost Man (Bidoche Musique)

    time: 24'44"
  12. SOUND ART 15 (Tomorrow?)2011/07/05
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  13. SOUND ART 14 (Renaissance)2011/04/05
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  14. SOUND ART 13 (Intelligent Machines)2010/12/22
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  15. SOUND ART 12 (Grass Roots)2010/06/27
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  16. SOUND ART 11 (Open Door)2009/12/23
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  17. SOUND ART 10 (Piece Process)2009/07/06
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  18. SOUND ART 8 (Sign, Slogan, ..) part two2008/08/19

    Sign, Slogan or Symbol (Invasion mail+sound-art call)

    part two

    1) Sign in the Sand (Bidoche Musique, Switzerland)
    2) Tur (Obozdur, Russia)
    3) Sign (Federico Barabino, Argentina)
    4) Ôm Illumination 2 (M. Nomized, France)

    time: 23'26"
  19. SOUND ART 8 (Sign, Slogan or Symbol)2008/08/19
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  20. SOUND ART 4 (Countdown 2012), part two2008/01/01
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  21. SOUND ART 4 (Countdown 2012)2008/01/01
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  22. SOUND ART 1 (Monkey Business), part two2008/01/01
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  23. SOUND ART 1 (Monkey Business)2008/01/01
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invasion's podcast

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