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RISE AND SHINE House Music Mix

  1. Islands FM Dance Classics Radio Show by DJ Tim Jones2020/04/20
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  2. 022020 March Hot Traxs2020/03/01
    A mix of 50 miuntes of the best new dance tracks around just now. Join me on Mixcloud for track listings and more search Tonkertim
  3. Islands FM Radio Classic Dance Show February 20202020/03/01
    A recording of DJ Tim Jones playing classic dance tracks on air every Saturday at 9pm GMT connect and listen at www.islandsfm.org
  4. Summer 192019/06/25
    Tracks include:-
    Frankie Knuckles - Pressure
    Myze - Amen
    DJ Zinc -Apparition
    Black Spark - So Beautiful
    Jonny Dubble - Addicted
    Josh Wink - Talking to you

    All feedback welcome e-mail me at tim@timjonesmusic.co.uk
    Available for your Gig or Party across the UK and Internationally
  5. Springstep2019/04/16
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  6. 20DJ19 Madness Mix2019/03/08
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  7. Festive Fun 182018/12/10
    Tracks include:-
    LOve Can't Turn around
    Thru - Kings of Tomorrow
    I wanna rock you
    Take me away
    Pray for love
    That's moore like it
    True Faith
    You're the worst thing for me
    Chase the mouse
    Express yourself
    and much much more
    all mix re mixed rehased and replayed for you party!!
  8. Summer Madne182018/06/27
    Tracks include:-
    The Weekend - Michael Gray
    Let the Sun Shine Milk & Sugar
    Sirens Monolink
    Amene - Andhim
    Ready for your love - Husky
    Str8 On - Samo
    I know Angels - Seb LeBrox
  9. 16K Deep Disco House2018/03/02
    A live mix including the following traxs and artists
    DeepJack - You got me Baby
    City Song - Eli Escobar
    Feel Ya - Return of the Jaded
    Break 4 LOve - Raze
    TCTS - Thinking about you
    Get Lucky Tonker Mash Up - (My Own Label)
    Up all night Pt 2
    Lost in Music
    Smoking Eli
    The People

    all feedback welcome to tim@timjonesmusic.co.uk
  10. Christmas Party Mix 20172017/12/11
    Tracks include:-
    Eigth Wonder - I'm Not Scared
    The Party - Kraze
    In The Moment - Bassmonkey
    Point of View - DB Boulevard
    Expand - Deux
    Dust to Dust - Pandemonieum
    If - Haji & Emanuel
    The World Is Mine - David Guetta
    Bookings and feedback to tara@timjonesmusic.co.uk
  11. White Label specials 20172017/07/06
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  12. Spr17ing2017/02/03
    Tracks include
    The Beatles
    Eli & Fur
    Mayer Hawthorn
    Eyer & Chopsticks
    Empire of the Sun
    The KLF
    Those Guys
    all feedback welcome tim@timjonesmusic.co.uk
  13. Birthday Sensations 2K16032016/03/13
    An hour of the hottest tracks in London all from the decks of DJ Tim Jones
    All feedback welcome tim@timjonesmusic.co.uk
  14. Tonker @ The Ministry of Sound for Beyond2015/10/10
    A mix of music included the unreleased Lady GaGa for Tom Ford track
    All feedback welcome tim@timjonesmusic.co.uk plus booking enquires for Tim Jones office@riseandshinemusic.co.uk
  15. London Pride 2015 - Tonker @ WE International2015/06/10
    Gay Pride once again comes round and I am honoured to be asked to play The Internatinal WE Party in London
    3,000 people all celebrating London Pride in 2015
    Enjoy the music and share with your friends
    All feedback welcome tim@timjonesmusic.co.uk
  16. Vegas Poolside Vib152015/04/26
    An hour of cool tunes and vibes from my Las Vegas tour April 2015
  17. Legends of Music2014/12/14
    Tracks include
    Billie Halliday, Marvin Gaye, Dinah Washington and many more
    Mail me for info at tim@timjonesmusic.co.uk
  18. Summers End 142014/10/16
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  19. Ibiza Dance 20142014/08/24
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  20. Summer Lovi4g Special2014/06/13
    More tracks than you can shake your booty at!
    DJ Tim Jones is resident at Tonker club in London and playing worldwide.
    Check out www.timjonesmusic.co.uk
    All feedback welcome tim@timjonesmusic.co.uk
  21. '90s Retro Style Mix2014/03/11
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  22. I Love Disco & HiNRG!2014/03/11
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  23. Totally Trance2014/01/17
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  24. Dance - Love - Chill2013/11/19
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  25. 1 Million Notes Ibiza 20132013/10/11
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  26. Hot Sizzling Summer Nights Mix2013/07/19
    Tracks include:-

    Sweet Acid Talk By Wehbba & Junior C & Propulse
    Brokend Hips (original club mix) By DJ PP
    Tower (Gig mix) By Christian Smith
    Game Plan By Mark Fanciulli
    Old Teddy Bacon By Reset Robot
    Reaction (original club mix) By The Deepshakerz
    Leave Me By Hot Since 82 & Habischman

    All feedback welcome and bookings enquiries to info@timjonesmusic.co.uk
  27. London Pride 132013/06/04
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  28. Snap Spring 132013/05/14
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  29. Winter Pride 20132013/02/13
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  30. Snowfall 20122012/12/20
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  31. Hold Your Breath!2012/09/25
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  32. Ibiza Trance Special 20122012/08/03
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  33. London Rings 20122012/07/27
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  34. Twenty12 Metro Mega Mix2012/06/18
    Three hours of music all mixed harmonically by DJ Tim JONes from London.

    Split into four quarters for you to enjoy

    For track listings and more information please check out www.timjonesmusic.co.uk

    or e-mail info@timjonesmusic.co.uk
  35. House Alliance2012/04/19
    Tracks include: - Nino Anthony, Sebastian Roter, Alesso, Daniel Hoppe, Hook Sharp, Ghost of Venice, Valero, SL Crutiz
    Check out House Is A Feeling Volume 5 CD for tracks on this podcast
    All feedback welcome at tim@timjonesmusic.co.uk
    If you enjoy this mix please leave feedback on iTunes and tell your friends!
  36. Dun4U2 Dance Mix Twenty122012/03/09
    10 tracks including Suite 117, Jasmin, Nero, Tuccilo and Miss Nine
    Check out my web site for more information or mail me for a full track listing tim@timjonesmusic.co.uk
  37. Snow Chronicles 20122012/02/02
    Tracks from Beverley Knight James Talk & Ridney ATFC Edi Soulsearcher Avicii Steve Pitron Senna Robyn Remi Shèrif D:Fuse Tall Stefano Noferini Rolando Hed Kandi Glitterarti Tonker Tim Hott Judge Jules Iyaz Supafly Armand van Helden
    Please support the artists and buy their music!
    All feedback welcome at tim@timjonesmusic.co.uk
  38. Twenty12 New Year Mix2012/01/06
    Artists include:
    Jonni Black Jay C & Oliver Lang Eddie Kid & Gia Mellish Fehrplay DJ Slider & Anton Liss Glitterarti Carl Hanaghan & Ted Nilsson Little Yellow Dance Machine Alistair Albrecht Niels Van Gogh & Daniel Strauss DNA
    Catch me playing in Canada at Whistler Winter Pride in February 2012
  39. Christmas House Party Part 2 The Boozy Dance Session2011/12/16
    An hour of progressive beats and trance melodies to dance the night away with!
    Mixes from PVD, Sting, D:Fuse, Mark knight, Kismet and many more
    All feedback welcome, thank you for your support!
  40. Christmas House Party Part 12011/12/02
    Please support the orginal artists by buying their tracks legally!
    tracks include Madonna, Warren Clarke, Will Young, Star Chaser, Kings of Tomorrow
    Come On, I love New York, Elvissa, Make Me Feel
    Please add your support on iTunes and rate this podacst, love to hear from you please drop me a mail at tim@timjonesmusic.co.uk
  41. Baker Street Irregulars Tonker Mix2011/11/10
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  42. Starship Tech Invasion2011/10/14
    Times are hard for us all but the music is good!
    All feedback welcome - please mail me at tim@timjonesmusic.co.uk and check out my web site www.timjonesmusic.co.uk
  43. Mash Up Special 20Eleven2011/09/27
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  44. Full set from Tonker Room at Bear Necessities London Pride 20112011/07/05
    Three hour live set from DJ Tim JOnes @ Area Club London Saturday 2nd July 2011 for London Pride Weekend - Tonker room at Bear Necessities.

    All feedback welcome, donations on the web site keep this music free to enjoy
  45. London Pride 20112011/06/24
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  46. Spring Break UK 20112011/05/20
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  47. Easter Mega Mashup Mix2011/04/07
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  48. I Love Ibiza - The Birthday Mix2011/03/25
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  49. Tonker Room @Bear Necessities January 20112011/01/25
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  50. Christmas 20TEN Party Mix2010/12/09
    A fun mix of house disco tracks for the party season!
    All compiled and enhanced by DJ Tim Jones London
    Pass on the beats to your mates and enjoy the festive season!
    All rights remain with the original artists
  51. World AIDS Day Awareness mix 20TEN2010/11/30
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  52. ADSR Electronic Chocolate Mix2010/11/03
    Seven tracks from BT, Iio, Deadmau5, Pryda, Amos - overlaid & mixed harmonically, with additional programming on a Roland MC-303 and Pro Tools software - All feedback welcome tim@timjonesmusic.co.uk, bookings riseandshine@btinternet.com, please leave a comment on iTunes and rate it, spread the love - More information at www.timjonesmusic.co.uk
  53. Smokey Bonfires October 20TEN2010/10/22
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  54. Big Holiday Mix 20TEN2010/08/31
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  55. Ibiza Digital Beats 20TEN2010/08/17
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  56. Brighton Pride 20102010/08/02
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  57. Take Pride 20TEN2010/06/30
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  58. Hot Summer All Sorts June Twenty102010/06/18
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  59. Bear Sushi!2010/05/14
    A real mash up mix of some great vocal house - tec tunes and prog that are around at the moment - Listen and hopefully love it!
    All feedback welcome at www.timjonesmusic.co.uk
  60. Las Vegas Baby!2010/04/27
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  61. Lanzabear 20102010/03/25
    Lazarote is a holiday destination from the UK which is off the beaten track!
    This mix reflects a very commercial house dance set which is typical to the island
    With thanks to Lee at Punto Bar and all his staff who made us feel very welcome!
  62. Sydney Mardi Gras 20102010/02/19
    An hour sampler of music from the decks of DJ Tim Jones resident at Tonker London Playing at Saddle Bar 5th March and Love Gaze 7th March Sydney Australia 2010
    All feedback welcome please rate this and leave a comment on iTunes
    Please support the artists!
    Party Safe
  63. Happy New Year 20102010/01/05
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  64. End of 20092010/01/04
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  65. Tonker Opening2009/10/21
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  66. Real Bad XX September 20082009/10/02
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  67. Ibiza Prog' Trance '092009/08/25
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  68. Milk In The Park - Tonker In The Woods2009/08/13
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  69. Juggernaut - A Men, Sex and Good Music Party Mixed by DJ Tim Jones2009/07/22
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  70. Pride Around The World - Madrid 20092009/06/29
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  71. Spring into Summer May Holiday 20092009/05/19
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  72. Hustlaball Pre Party Live Mix2009/05/03
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  73. Beyond The Norm' April 20092009/04/01
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  74. Sydney Mardi Gras 20092009/03/10
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  75. Valentine's Blitz2009/02/15
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  76. Progressive Tec House Infinity2009/01/30
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  77. January Surprise2009/01/15
    Here's an hour of a musical journey. Housey sexy start moving into electro beats and on to melodic trancey sounds - Hope you enjoy the ride! Check out my web site for listings
  78. Christmas 2008 - Live Mix from Tim Jones at Tonker London2008/12/28
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  79. Tribal Tech House Dec 082008/12/02
    A future looking mix of tribal beats with tech house overlays, the move is towards big numbers remade and mixed using electronica phat bass lines. Check out Tim Jones's website for more information and track listings. Please leave a comment on iTunes or drop me an e-mail to tim@timjonesmusic.co.uk
  80. Menergy Mix November 20082008/10/29
    Another hour of dance music mixed by DJ Tim Jones, catch him playing weekly at The Eagle Vauxhall London, and also various ecvents such as Menergy and Growl at Union - All feedback welcome at tim@timjonesmusic.co.uk
  81. Tonker October 2008 (updated set)2008/10/19
    A 2 hour mix of dance music from Tim Jones back from a great set at Real Bad San Francisco in September 2008 (This is an update set from the 17th October as I was not happy with the flow of the last one I posted) Mail me for track listings and feedback - respect Tim x
  82. September 08 Dance Special Funky House London Style2008/09/16
    Getting ready for Real Bad XX Party, this is a mix of late night music from the main floor. A meld of UK and USA sounds
  83. Tonker Live August 29th 20082008/09/01
    Tim Jones is the selected Dj of The Real Bad XX Party in San Francisco 28th September 2008 at 1015 Harrison.
  84. In Trance We Trust2008/08/22
    11 tracks including numbers from Chicane, Paul Van Dyk, Agnelli and Nelson Everyday and also Armin Van Buuren - Remember the time of big analogue synths, and rapid arpeggio's? well here are some great old and new tracks to induce euphoria, hope you enjoy them - Tim

  85. Summer Electro August 082008/08/14
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  86. Hot June Summer Soul2008/06/12
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  87. TRIBAL VOICES2008/05/15
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  88. Tonker Live Mix April 20082008/04/09
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  89. Totally Tribal!2008/03/04
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  90. New Year Mix January 20082008/02/08
    Includes The Journey Continues (Vocal Club Mix) - Take Me Away- Work (Put It In) (Steve Pitron & Max) - Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ On But The Rent - Enjoy Yourself (7th Heaven Mix)- The S&M Project Ft. Sam Noon-You Can - Nothing Better To Do (Soul Seekerz Mix) - It Doesn’t Matter - Children Trippin (White Label) - Summerside (Extended Mix) - Uninvited 2007 Freemasons Tonker Tim Mix
TonkerTim Dance Music DJ Show
DJ Tonker Tim - a London DJ presents a range of mixed house music podcasts, featuring many new and cutting edge tracks and tunes - all feedback welcome at www.timjonesmusic.co.uk Booking Enquiries to tara@riseandshinemusic.co.uk

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