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The Kyle Warren Show 02-19-10

  1. The Kyle Warren Show 04-13-20182018/04/13
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  3. The Kyle Warren Show 03-30-20182018/03/30
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  4. The Kyle Warren Show 03-23-182018/03/23

    President Trump signs spending bill to keep government open through end of September 2018 when fiscal year ends.

    Alan Dershowitz takes heat on CNN for opposing the general idea of special counsels.

    Kyle appears on the Captain's America Third Watch Radio Show on AM 860 The Answer!


  5. The Kyle Warren Show 03-16-182018/03/16
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  9. The Kyle Warren Show 02-23-20182018/02/23
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  10. The Kyle Warren Show 02-21-182018/02/21

    Evangelist Billy Graham passes away at the age of 99. He traveled the world proclaiming the Gospel.

    Students from Marjorie Douglas Stoneman High School travel to Tallahassee, Florida to address lawmakers on gun control issues.

    President Trump looking to ban bump stocks and may be open to raising age for purchasing any gun.


  11. The Kyle Warren Show 02-16-182018/02/17
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  12. The Kyle Warren Show 02-15-182018/02/15

    Latest on aftermath of Parkland, Florida school shooting. Shooter had troubled history. FBI was alerted to violent comment made on YouTube channel last year.

    Meanwhile, as families and the nation grieves this terrible loss, we are learning more about the acts of heroism by teachers and students.


  13. The Kyle Warren Show 02-09-182018/02/10

    Budget deal passes Senate and House in early morning hours.

    Stock market closes in positive territory on Friday but is the wild ride over?

    What is fueling the mass exodus from the Bay Area in California?

    Kyle appears on the Captain's America Third Watch Radio Show on AM 860 The Answer!


  14. The Kyle Warren Show 02-02-182018/02/02
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  15. The Kyle Warren Show 01-31-20182018/01/31
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  16. The Kyle Warren Show 01-30-182018/01/31

    President Trump prepares to give his first State of the Union speech tonight!

    House intel panel votes to release the memo detailing FISA abuses. President Trump favored to allow release in a few days.

    FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe removed after FBI Director Wray views the memo on Capitol Hill.


  17. The Kyle Warren Show 01-26-182018/01/26
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  18. The Kyle Warren Show 01-24-182018/01/24
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  19. The Kyle Warren Show 01-23-182018/01/23

    President Trump thanks CNN's Jim Acosta for "honesty" regarding deal to reopen government.

    Left is mad at Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) for making deal to reopen government!

    What about all those missing texts from the FBI?

    Kyle appears on the Captain's America Third Watch radio show on AM860 The Answer!


  20. The Kyle Warren Show 01-19-182018/01/19
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  21. The Kyle Warren Show 01-16-182018/01/16

    Dow breaks 26,000 before retreating back on government shutdown concerns. DHS looking at arresting sanctuary city officials. Were FISA warrants to spy on Trump campaign based on lies "dossier"? Group wants rural counties to create state of New California.


  22. The Kyle Warren Show 01-15-182018/01/15

    America remembers Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his positive influence on American history.

    One dead in aftermath of shuttle boat fire off coast of Florida.

    Is DACA being sabotaged by Dems in election year?

    Kyle appears on the Captain's America Third Watch radio show on AM 860 The Answer!


  23. The Kyle Warren Show 01-12-182018/01/12

    Friday/Weekend Edition! Stock market soars!

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi refers to bi-partisan lawmaker group discussing DACA as "5 White Guys."

    Meanwhile, fallout continues regarding President Trump's reported comment concerning "S---hole" countries. Trump denies using that language.


  24. The Kyle Warren Show 01-05-182018/01/05

    Friday/Weekend Edition! Major snowfall in northeast.

    President Trump points out amazing Dow rise in tweets.

    More fallout from Michael Wolff book. Is Left using it to invigorate old narrative that Trump is unfit?

    Well wishes to Alex Trebek after brain surgery!


  25. The Kyle Warren Show 01-04-182018/01/04

    Major storm continues to pound northeast.

    Trump legal team seeks to block publication of new Michael Wolff book. Is book even accurate?

    Meanwhile, California marijuana sellers have banking problem.


  26. The Kyle Warren Show 01-03-182018/01/03

    Major winter storm affecting east coast of the United States and also in areas such as Florida that rarely see this kind of winter weather.

    Is Left downplaying protests in Iran to protect Obama's legacy?

    Mitt Romney may Utah Senate seat after Senator Orrin Hatch's announcement that he will not seek another term.


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