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The Revolution radio podcasts

  1. The Revolution 6/18/06- Pre Anniversary Slammiversary Insanity (a.k.a No Zombies, No Vampires, No BullS#%*)2006/06/20
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  2. The Revolution goes EXTREME2006/06/03

    Carnage and Austinfan take The Revolution to the EXTREME with this ECW packed episode. They also talk WWE, TNA, who's better off: Rock or Jericho?, and we give THREE Hall of Fame inductees!!!!

    Music featured in this episode:
    Dani California- Red Hot Chilli Peppers
    Go-Go Gadget Gospel- Gnarls Barkley

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  3. Perzy's WTF Radio- EP 12006/05/27

    PODCAST EXCLUSIVE:Listen to the other side of the Revolution with Perzy's WTF Radio. Non-stop music.

    Music included in this week's podcast:
    Avenged Sevenfold: Unholy Confessions
    Louis XIV: Me Me Me
    The podcast premire of Elapsed: Aura
    RX Bandits: Infection
    and Ject: Wake Up New

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  4. The Revolution 5/3/06- 30-min Adrenaline Rush2006/05/04

    This week Carnage and Austinfan talk TNA, Backlash, RoH, and the Edmonton Oilers??Also, even more of your requested songs!! Plus the next inductee into the Hall of Fame is announced. Last week, it was Flair. Who could it be next?...listen in and find out.

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  5. The Revolution- Lockdown Aftermath2006/04/26
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  6. The Revolution 4/16/06- Now Posted2006/04/16

    What does Randy Orton, Brother Runt, and Smokey the Bear have in common??....they were all on this week's episode of The Revolution Radio. Also, Austinfan comes up with a new catchprase, and music from Maximo Park, Matisyahu, Panic! at the Disco, and a NEW entrance...well sorta new, it's a taste of what it will be later on.

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  7. NOAH Videocast2006/03/26
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  8. TNA House Show videos2006/03/20
    Expect a whole video player for them later in the week, but for now a little preview of last Friday's TNA House Show.

  9. The Revolution 3/17/06- The Calm Before the Storm2006/03/19

    It's The Calm Before the Storm as Austinfan and Carnage rundown what will go down at Saturday Night's Main Event, as well as talk about TNA's First house show. Plus, a special clip from some select CZW fans at the end of the show, and as always, music, comedy, and more with the Revolution

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  10. The Revolution 3/12/06- Destination X Preview Show2006/03/13

    Carnage and Austinfan go at it without Perzy this week, and talk about Destination X, Wrestlemania, RoH, and what is the name of that other handicap kid from South Park. It's wrestling, it's music, it's comedy....it's the Revolution!!!!

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  11. WRR Videocast2006/03/13
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  12. The Revolution- We're Back episode 1/1/062006/04/23

    Here's the first episode ever with the new co-hosts, Perzy and Austinfan. Find out why they are on different segments of the show, and why Austinfan likes toast with beer and hockey pucks.....( HINT: He's Canadian ) Anyways, listen in and feel the Revolution!!

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    or go to this link to listen.

  13. Information about first podcasts2006/02/08
    The first WRR podcasts will be ready soon. These will include most of the recent shows. Comming from myself and the other hosts, Perzy, and Austinfan, we hope you enjoy our show!

    My Odeo Channel (odeo/f963ffae9dd177b2)

  14. WRR Podcasts2006/02/05
    Welcome to the WRR radio podcasts!!!!

The Revolution radio podcasts
Tired of all of those wrestling radio shows that are boring, just give out news galore, or overstock shows with guest left and right. Well we are, and that's why there's the Revolution. Wrestling talk the way it should be, with a few surprises here and there. Join hosts Carnage, Perzy, Austinfan and Feel the Revolution!

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