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MLB.com Fantasy 411 Audio Podcast

  1. MLB.com Fantasy 411: 9/26/13 - AUDIO2013/09/26
    The Fantasy 411 crew reveal their picks for their 2013 All-Fantasy Team, and honor Fan Appreciation Day around the league by answering a boatload of keeper questions
  2. MLB.com Fantasy 411: 9/18/13 - AUDIO2013/09/18
    The Fantasy 411 crew unveils their All-Surprise and All-Disappointment Teams for 2013, plus gives a preview of who will provide great value on Draft Day 2014
  3. MLB.com Fantasy 411: 9/13/13 - AUDIO2013/09/13
    JB and Cory talk about September callups, who's shut down or coming back before the end of the season and welcome special guest Paul Sporer from Baseball Prospectus
  4. MLB.com Fantasy 411: 8/23/13 - AUDIO2013/08/23
    The Fantasy 411 discusses injuries to Jason Heyward, Brandon Beachy and Rafael Betancourt, plus the outlooks for Jon Niese and Danny Salazar, as well as welcoming special guest Lawr "Zen Master" Michaels from CreativeSports.com and Mastersball.com
  5. MLB.com Fantasy 411: 8/19/13 - AUDIO2013/08/19
    Cory Schwartz and Mike Siano discuss the latest surrounding Kolten Wong, Travis d' Arnaud and Xander Bogaerts plus injury news and answers to your fantasy questions
  6. MLB.com Fantasy 411: 8/9/13 - AUDIO2013/08/09
    JB and Cory Schwartz discuss critical injuries to CarGo and David Wright, the Mets closer situation, and welcome special guest Steve Gardner from USA Today
  7. MLB.com Fantasy 411: 8/2/13 - AUDIO2013/08/02
    Mike Siano and Cory Schwartz break down the deadline deals and their impact on the rest of the season. Derek Carty of DFSEdge joins the show to take a look at two start pitchers for the upcoming week.
  8. MLB.com Fantasy 411: 7/29/13 - AUDIO2013/07/29
    The Fantasy 411 is joined by special guest Joe Sheehan, who helps the crew break down the fantasy impact of the 2013 Trade Deadline
  9. MLB.com Fantasy 411: 7/26/13 - AUDIO2013/07/26
    Cory Schwartz and co-host Joe Sheehan talk about Ryan Braun, Jason Grilli, Matt Garza and more, along with guest Derek Van Riper
  10. MLB.com Fantasy 411: 7/22/13 - AUDIO2013/07/22
    The Fantasy 411 crew breaks down the disappointments and pleasant surprises from the first half, and predicts which players will pick it up and which ones will struggle down the stretch
  11. MLB.com Fantasy 411: 7/9/13 - AUDIO2013/07/09
    Fantasy 411 takes you through the Dodgers' recent roster moves, mines for value on the Mets, updates you on the health of the injury-plagued Rockies and lists some first-half heroes
  12. MLB.com Fantasy 411: 7/1/13 - AUDIO2013/07/01
    Fantasy 411 gets in-depth at middle infield, predicts what Johnny Cueto's value is the rest of the way after he experiences another setback and discusses landing spots for some Cubs who may be on the trading block
  13. MLB.com Fantasy 411: 6/25/13 - AUDIO2013/06/25
    The Fantasy 411 crew break down the pitfalls when trying to sell high on a player, predict what to expect from Matt Kemp and Pablo Sandoval as they come off the DL and take a closer look at some prospects who might soon earn the call
  14. MLB.com Fantasy 411: 6/21/13 - AUDIO2013/06/21
    The Fantasy 411 covers transitioning bullpens in Boston and Detroit, lineup shakeups in San Francisco and brings you a very special interview with guest Eric Mack of SI.com
  15. MLB.com Fantasy 411: 6/17/13 - AUDIO2013/06/17
    The Fantasy 411 crew take a closer look at the impact of Wil Myers getting called up by the Rays, a plethora of players heading to and coming off of the DL and Oliver Perez picking up a save for the Mariners
  16. MLB.com Fantasy 411: 6/14/13 - AUDIO2013/06/14
    The Fantasy 411 focuses on the Rockies once again getting bitten by the injury bug and the Nationals' struggle for offense, plus special guest Jason Parks from Baseball Prospectus stops by to chat
  17. MLB.com Fantasy 411: 6/10/13 - AUDIO2013/06/10
    The Fantasy 411 covers some coveted recent pitching callups, and a few that are in the wings, as well as debating whether to sell high on Puig and breaking down the latest injury news
  18. MLB.com Fantasy 411: 6/3/13 - AUDIO2013/06/03
    Cory Schwartz and Mike Siano discuss Matt Kemp and Bryce Harper heading to the DL, with a look at pitchers on a roll, injuries to closers and answers to fantasy questions
  19. MLB.com Fantasy 411: 5/28/13 - AUDIO2013/05/28
    The Fantasy 411 breaks down two shaky bullpens in Milwaukee and Cleveland, and makes some bold predictions on what kind of production fantasy owners can expect from Nick Franklin and Yasmani Grandal
  20. MLB.com Fantasy 411: 5/24/13 - AUDIO2013/05/24
    JB and Cory discuss Kevin Gausman's debut, the demotions of Josh Rutledge and Jesus Montero, the struggling Dodgers lineup, and welcome special guest Todd Zola of Mastersball.com
  21. MLB.com Fantasy 411: 5/21/13 - AUDIO2013/05/21
    The Fantasy 411 crew look at the impact of the tornadoes in the Midwest on the lives of the players off the field, as well as discussing Johnny Cueto's return from the DL
  22. MLB.com Fantasy 411: 5/17/13 - AUDIO2013/05/17
    Cory Schwartz and Mike Siano discuss injuries and two-start pitchers, answer your tweets and welcome in special guest Nando Di Fino from CBSSports.com
  23. MLB.com Fantasy 411: 5/14/13 - AUDIO2013/05/14
    The Fantasy 411 crew discusses a plethora of recent injuries, and who teams may be looking at to replace players on the DL, plus some predictions around red-hot hitters and pitchers who may be in for some regression
MLB.com Fantasy 411 Audio Podcast
Audio version of the Fantasy 411 podcast, with Mike Siano and Cory Schwartz. Hot or not? Pitch or ditch? Deal or dump? Fantasy 411 has the answer. Whether you play rotisserie, head-to-head, league-specific or mixed, keeper or non-keeper, we've "been there, won that" and we'll help you win, too.

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