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Radio NZ - This Way Up with Simon Morton

  1. Bits+Bytes: the future according to Google2018/05/12
    Peter Griffin beams in from Google's developer festival I/O 2018 to tell us what the tech company have got in the development pipeline. [Peter Griffin travelled to California with the assistance of Google]
  2. The secrets of the teenage brain2018/05/12
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  3. Paleo pets? Feeding your pet raw foods2018/05/12
    We meet Dr Lyn Thomson, a vet who has built a chain of stores dedicated to promoting the benefits of a raw diet as a healthier option for our cats and dogs. But not everyone (particularly those in the veterinary establishment) is convinced that raw foods are any healthier than a modern, more processed diet.
  4. This Way Up for Saturday 12 May 20182018/05/12
    Raw pet food, the secrets of the teenage brain, and Google's future products.
  5. Bits+Bytes: AI in NZ2018/05/05
    Artificial intelligence technology will not lead to mass unemployment in New Zealand, according to a new report by the AI Forum. Peter Griffin and Emily Wang discuss what artificial intelligence could mean for this country.
  6. China leads the recycled battery charge2018/05/05
    China is now trying to fight US tariffs by manufacturing its own locally produced semi-conductors and leading the way in battery recycling. Bloomberg journalist Adam Minter has the latest.
  7. Smoke alarms: the safest and the best2018/05/05
    Paul Smith of consumer.org.nz has been reviewing which smoke alarms work best – and which ones should be avoided at all costs to keep your family safe.
  8. This Way Up for Saturday 5 May 20182018/05/05
    Smoke alarms: which ones are best? China gives batteries a second life, and a new report on artificial intelligence in New Zealand
  9. Bits+Bytes: How should NZ regulate driverless vehicles?2018/04/28
    Many predict self-driving vehicles will be the biggest disruption to the transport system since cars replaced horses. Are New Zealand road users – and laws – ready?
  10. A vanilla-fuelled crime wave in Madagascar2018/04/28
    Soaring demand for real vanilla is threatening valuable habitats and fuelling a crime wave of thefts and killings in the island republic of Madagascar.
  11. Period poverty: could menstrual cups be the answer?2018/04/28
    Olie Body from Wa Collective is trying to change the way we talk about our periods. She's worked with women in India trying to improve their access to menstrual products, and now wants to tackle period poverty in New Zealand using a simple device invented nearly 100 years ago but has never really taken off.
  12. This Way Up for Saturday 28 April 20182018/04/28
    Could menstrual cups end period poverty in New Zealand? A vanilla-fuelled crime wave in Madagascar, and how should the country regulate driverless vehicles?
  13. Bits+Bytes: Amazon conquers the world2018/04/21
    What's happening with Amazon's Australasian strategy, and is Prime likely to come this way anytime soon? Plus is the new international cybersecurity accord akin to a digital Geneva Convention or a strategic move by Silicon Valley?
  14. NZ's most wanted pest - the wasp2018/04/21
    Invasive wasps put major pressure on our biodiversity and cost the economy an estimated $130 million every year. Entomologist Phil Lester tells us about the latest methods of keeping them under control.
  15. A New Zealand startup's new way of growing skin2018/04/21
    The US military is backing a new skin-engineering technique for burns victims developed by an Auckland startup. Upside Biotechnologies claim their method is faster and safer than skin grafting.
  16. This Way Up for Saturday 21 April 20182018/04/21
    Growing human skin in the lab, the hated wasp, and Amazon conquers the world.
  17. Killer airbags: what you need to know2018/04/14
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  18. Bits+Bytes: Facebook's privacy revelations2018/04/14
    Peter Griffin and NZ Privacy Commissioner John Edwards review Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's response to probing questions from US lawmakers this week – and the implications. Plus, the local impact of new European privacy laws and concerns the new US CLOUD Act erodes international data privacy.
  19. Hungerball: a new flavour of football2018/04/14
    Could a new version of football – developed in NZ and played in what looks like a circular bouncy castle – conquer the globe?
  20. This Way Up for Saturday 14 April 20182018/04/14
    Hungerball: a new flavour of football, Bits+Bytes: Facebook's privacy revelations and killer airbags: what you need to know.
  21. Bits+Bytes: privacy laws that will change the internet forever2018/04/07
    New European privacy laws that come into force next month will change the internet forever and make privacy and data protection a legal right. Bits+Bytes, with Peter Griffin and Emily Wang, explores what the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR will mean for New Zealand internet users and businesses, as well as for global tech players like Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple.
  22. New lessons from an ancient master of self-defence2018/04/07
    Immunologist Daniel Davis is passionate about the healing potential of the human immune system. He explores its mysteries and gifts in his book The Beautiful Cure.
  23. Classes for kicks: Shoe School2018/04/07
    Lou Clifton has taught hundreds of people in New Zealand to craft their own footwear. We go to her Wellington Shoe School to meet her and some of the people attending her 5-day shoemaking course.
  24. This Way Up for Saturday 7 April 20182018/04/07
    Shoe School, the past and the future of the human immune system and how new EU privacy protections could change the internet.
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