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  1. Travel Advice Packing Tips for the Summer2007/05/21
    Join Chris And Jerry and hear how to pack for the summer trip
  2. Sustainable Traveler Travel Advice2007/05/13
    Chris and Jerry welcome guest Dr. Linda Ralston to discuss ways in sustain traveling
  3. New Zealand Travel Advice2007/05/07
    Join Chris, Jerry and Karen Founder and President of Australia 2000 Travel to get your travel advice
  4. Budget Travel around the world2007/04/30
    Join Chris and Jerry in discussing the way to budget travel
  5. Central America Travel Advice2007/04/23
    Chris and Jerry discuss each of the six Central American countries by giving ideal preferred travel times, lengths of stay, suggested sites to see and unique travel options including great ways to visit each countries. This program should be heard by every visitor planning a trip to this exciting part of North America.

  6. Russia and Central Asia2007/04/16
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  7. Australia Travel Advice2007/04/09
    Lynnette Wilson of Destination World is our guest to give fascinating travel options to this "Land Down Under". Learn the best times to visit depending on your interest, unique hotel options such as in a lava tube or cave, fascinating options for city travel including the Melbourne Jail and many other ideas to help make your Australian visit truly exciting.
  8. Age of Exploratation / Traveling2007/04/02
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  9. South America Travel Advice2007/03/26
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  10. Travel Secrets in China, Japan,K2007/03/19
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  11. Types of tours for travel2007/03/12
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  12. Africa Travel Advice2007/03/06
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  13. Antarctica Travel Advice 2007/02/27
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  14. Mexico Travel Advice2007/02/20
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  15. Travel Advice for traveling with2007/02/13
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  16. Travel Advice Cruises2007/01/30
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  17. Travel Advice Rail Travel2007/01/22
    Chris and Jerry gives you options on many rail travels around the world. Call or email for travel advice
  18. Travel Advice on types of accommodations2007/01/15
    Email questions at travel.advice.show@gmail.com and we will answer them on the show.
  19. Travel Advice on Various Travel Transportation2007/01/08
    Chris and Jerry will share travel advice on air, automotive, boating, civilian space travel, rail,hitchhiking and many tpyes of transportation around the world. Happy 2007
  20. New Year's Day Show: Travel Planning Tips for 20072007/01/02
    Special Guest Linda Ralston PhD, Director of the International Tourism & Hositality Management Program at the University of Utah will discuss travel planning tips.
  21. HOLIDAY Travel Advice SHOW- Backpacking around the world, DECEMBER 252006/12/26
    HOLIDAY SPECIAL: Chris and Jerry will welcome
    Special Guest Jeremy Jensen, World Backpacker giving you advice on your next backpacking trip.
  22. Travel Advice in the Western States of America2006/12/19
    Chris and Jerry will give advice for traveling in the Western States of America. Places like Jackson, Wyoming, Southern Utah, Las Vagas, Nevada, Northern California and hidden stops in the west.
  23. Adventure Travel Advice2006/12/12
    Chris and Jerry will give smart, unbiased answers to your travel interary planning. Adventure Travel advice around the world.
Travel Advice Show
We have created the Travel Advice Show as a podcast extension of Traveladvice.com which has been advising travelers and travel agents all over the world for more than 30 years.

As with Travel Advice, Travel Advice Show tries to objectively present travel options so you can make more exciting travel plans. We do this in two ways:

1. Have world-renowned guests who discuss their products and destinations which they cover.
2. Answer your individual, personal travel questions.

We welcome your travel questions and program topic suggestions

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