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Tvindy Time

  1. Placeholder2012/01/06
  2. 020: The Pickleman Edition2010/01/05
    I interview Gary Leland, founder of the Podcast Pickle.
  3. 019: The Dragon*Con Edition2008/09/14
    I interview Beth Nelson and Larissa -- two people who attended this year's Dragon*Con.
  4. A Pickle for Christmas -- (by the Podcast Pickle community)2007/12/19
    Info (Show/Hide)
  5. 018: The Brazilianisms Edition2007/12/16
    Shownotes: www.tvindytime.com
    To leave a voicemail: (765) 208-3534
  6. 017a: Feedback2007/11/23
    Just another feedback episode.
  7. 017: The Scotty J/Deep Space Nine Edition2007/08/17
    For shownotes see the website: www.tvindytime.com

    To leave a voicemail: (765) 233-4860
  8. 016: The Clone Edition2007/06/30
    For shownotes see the website: www.tvindytime.com

    To leave a voicemail: (765) 233-4860
  9. 015: The Halloween Edition2007/06/24
    For shownotes see the website: www.tvindytime.com

    To call me: (765) 233-4860
  10. 014a: Feedback2007/04/17
    Considering that only one person called in, this is certainly a long feedback episode.
  11. 014: The Michael Moore Edition2007/03/23
    This is by far my longest show to date.

    Call me: (765) 233-4860
  12. 013a: Feedback2007/03/10
    Feedback for episode 13
  13. 013: The Brazil Edition2007/02/19
    This is the second half of my conversation with Milton. This time we discuss Brazil and some other stuff.
  14. 012: The Portugal Edition2007/02/13
    Milton (from episode 3) makes a second appearance. I talk to him about my trip to Portugal.
  15. 011: The Recovery Edition2007/02/02
    Call me: (765) 233-4860
  16. 010a: Feedback2006/12/11
    Hear me respond to feedback from Will and Keeme.
  17. 010: The Hurried Edition2006/09/02
    I put this together so quickly I forgot the intro music.
  18. 009a: Feedback2006/08/26
    Hear feedback for episode 9.
  19. 009: The Bonky Campfire Edition2006/08/19
    more content than you can shake a stick at
  20. 008a: Feedback2006/08/12
    Listen to feedback for episode 8.
  21. 008: Podcast Theatre at its Finest2006/08/05
    The best episode yet!
  22. 007: Torture in Colombia2006/07/22
    --How to win a thrilling prize!
    --The birth of a second tvindy podcast
    --How I was tortured in Colombia
  23. 006 Quintuple Your Fun2006/05/01
    Five Stories. (One is a lie!) Name that podcast #2. Cookie Monster vs. Superman.
  24. 005 Hammock of Terror2006/04/12
    I tell another harrowing tale from Latin America and introduce a new feature entitled "Name That Podcast". Exciting stuff!
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