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  1. With many a violin2018/03/16
    Hi, I'm Joseph Mollohan III and this is the theme I made for my youtube channel, here's the link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3BPZFyRV6EZ2iX7UneLzow
    basically it's the Doctor Who theme but in violin, hence the ridiculous title. Please enjoy.
  2. Pokemix (a.k.a. Retromix II)2018/03/16
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  3. Melancholy2018/03/16
    Not sure if you're still accepting submissions, but see attached anywayz...
  4. WOOEEEOOOOH2018/03/16
    Did this for a friend’s audio drama years ago (which never got made). Hopefully you’ll appreciate it. Thanks!
  5. Raspberry Pi Zero2018/03/16
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  6. Countdown2018/03/16
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  7. Colin Baker's Odyssey2018/03/16
    This is my remix of Dominic Glynn's 1986 Doctor Who theme. My goal was to make it darker, but at the same time, more upbeat. I used FL Studio 11 for the theme, and GarageBand for the "sting." Be sure to check out my YouTube channel for the "music video." Enjoy!
  8. Jarre Who2015/10/03
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  9. Vangelis Who2015/10/03
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  10. Dr Who Jazz2015/10/03
    Hello! I've been a big fan of the site for a while now, and this if my first submission. It's for a Doctor Who fan audio play which is currently in pre-production. As it's in the style of a 1940s radio play, and a big film noir homage to boot, it seemed fitting to do a swinging jazz arrangement of the theme tune. Enjoy!
  11. Please Save Her2015/04/04
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  12. Delia Derbyshire Restoration2015/03/21
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  13. Dr Who Featuring Muse2015/03/21
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  14. Derbyshire Back in Town2015/03/07
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  15. The Remix of the Doctor2015/02/23
    This is a remix I did of the trailer music for The Day of the Doctor. The idea was to take the trailer music and attempt to turn it into something that could be used for a title sequence.
Whomix Radio
Remixes and Rearrangements of the Doctor Who theme composed by Ron Grainer and realized by Delia Derbyshire.

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