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  1. Rossana Orlandi 2015: A look at lighting2015/06/09
    During the Milan design week Rossana Orlandi's gallery always provides a haven for young fresh design, a place where you can see a lot of exploration in crafts, stories and materials. With the courtyard as a center point of discussion and relaxation this hotspot always remains a must see during the week. This video focusses on the massive amount of lighting products seen in this years' exhibition.
  2. Mindcraft15 Milan design week2015/04/22
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  3. Milan 2014, looking back on Tortona2015/01/12
    This used to be everyone's favourite area of the Milan Design Week, Zona Tortona. But unfortunately due to the increased commercialism and the decline of the economy this place lost its critical eye for great design. Yet there are always a few highlights if you look hard enough. For instance this years' presentations by Moooi and Lasvit were some of the exceptions.
  4. Cohesion of Dutch Invertuals at DDW20142014/12/16
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  5. Modebelofte, Seductive Precursors2014/11/16
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  6. Collecting trash, the new resource2014/10/17
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  7. Reusing plastic bags in the Anudando project2014/10/15
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  8. Protective underwear2014/10/12
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  9. Imperfect Design2014/10/07
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  10. Milan 2014 shorts: Brera and inner city of Milan2014/09/12
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  11. NYCxDesign openings tour2014/09/05
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  12. Panta Rei by Nacho Carbonell2014/07/31
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  13. Collective 2, Design Fair NY2014/07/15
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  14. Hypnopompic - Kustaa Saksi2014/04/25
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  15. Nacho Carbonell, a tour through the studio2014/04/16
  16. IMM D3 Talents 20142014/03/20
    Every year the IMM cologne fair picks their best up and coming designers for the D3 Contest. We take a look at our personal favourite designers selected as well as some of the winners of the 2014 contest.
  17. Design Miami 20132014/03/07
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  18. Object Rotterdam 20142014/02/17
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  19. Das Haus of Louise Campell2014/02/16
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  20. The High Line2014/02/15
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  21. Bagatti Valsecchi 2.02013/06/10
    Two Landlords and two Ladies, plus a magnificent Mansion have created an Exhibition that opens up a dialogue between past and present trends. Like one would do with a flower composition, 16 artists display their pieces in an untouched environment of blissful past beauty developed over the centuries by a generous family who later wished to share their home with everyone.
  22. Dirk van der Kooij and A. Raymond (confrontations series)2012/07/24
    Dirk van der Kooij collaborated with A. Raymond to create a new modular system with which you can create objects from a chair to a lighting system. www.dirkvanderkooij.nl www.design-museum.de
  23. Confrontations with Wieki Somers and chocolatier Rafael Mutter2012/07/20
    Wieki Somers and Rafael Mutter created this chocolate slicer, inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s chocolate grinder. Each block of chocolate weighs over 100 kg, and when thinly sliced they reveal patterns in the form of African bobo (cocoa pickers believe they have special powers for a good harvest) masks
  24. Confrontations with Formafantasma and Doris Wicki2012/07/17
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  25. Confrontating 2012 architecten and Vitra2012/07/13
    2012Architecten were invited to design and build with the almost perfect production waste from Vitra Factory.
  26. Confrontations with Lucas Maassen and Roche2012/06/24
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    One of the many brands launched this year in Milan is New Duivendrecht. Founded by Frederik Roijé and Victor le Noble, the brand is a manufacturer of contemporary furniture by Dutch designers. The main goal being to make high quality products which are both sustainable as well as innovative. All of the pieces are produced locally in the Netherlands. www.newduivendrecht.com
    Presented during the Milan design week 2012, ‘Contemporary perspectives in Middle Eastern Crafts’ explores a new realm in design. Expanding on traditional crafts with the input of a new generation of contemporary designers. Specialized techniques by artisans from the Middle East were re-imagined to create new works for the exhibition. www.carwangallery.com
  29. La Chance presents Jeckyll & Hyde2012/05/15
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  30. Dutch invertuals in Milan 20122012/05/09
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  31. Inflatable lightbulbs by Nacho Carbonell2012/05/06
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  32. Karimoku's New Standard2012/05/02
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  33. Booo lightbulb designed by FormafantasmaBooo lightbulb designed by FormafantasmaBooo lightbulb designed by FormafantasmaBooo lightbulb designed by Formafantasma2012/04/28
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  34. Pieke Bergmans light blubs2011/12/17
    Blub – the name is as distinctive as Pieke Bergmans’s lighting objects themselves. A new population of rudimentary creatures with their own distinctive character seems suddenly – blub! – to take over the room. Bergmans’s clever work seems to have been created in passing, by intuition and on impulse, while in reality it is the result of keen observation and structured experimentation.
  35. Rogier van der Heide, design with light2011/12/16
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  36. Piet Hein Eek and the Factory2011/12/13
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  37. Monique van Heist, Hello Fashion2011/12/11
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  38. Matthijs Munnink, Microscopic opera2011/12/10
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  39. Hans Gremmen, A new representation of photography2011/12/08
    Hans Gremmen’s books and projects are compelling because of their keen sense of contemporary developments in photography. For instance, he made The Mother Road, a film about Route 66, out of a sequence of Google Street View images. Gremmen’s designs are of a high quality, clear and effective. He is continuing the Dutch tradition of the photo book but taking it a step further.
  40. Ester van de Wiel, edible landscapes2011/12/07
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  41. Waag society on open design2011/12/06
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  42. Catalog Tree, money and speed touch docu2011/12/05
    The TouchDoc Money & Speed is the first iPad documentary to make complex processes and data understandable in a cogent way. Its interface design is effective and gives users a new way of exploring information. Catalogtree has not only done pioneering work but has set a high bar for future TouchDocs with this design.
  43. Bart Hess2011/12/02
    Bart Hess is a designer for tomorrow. He combines fashion, textiles, video art and photography in a surrealist manner. A bit of plastic begins to move, and watery slime becomes the fabric of a dress for Lady Gaga. With his fascination for the human body and the manipulation thereof, Hess influences other designers and pushes the boundaries of the textile design profession.
  44. Mine sweeper2011/08/10
    During his childhood in Afghanistan, Massoud Hassani would make toys to be blown by the wind. Sometimes they would end up in a minefield, where he could not retrieve them. Now Massoud’s wind-powered creations are re-designed specifically for clearing minefields.
  45. DMY Exhibition overview 20112011/08/07
    Overview video of the main exhibition hall at the DMY Festival 2011 held earlier this year. Includes works by ESAD de Strasbourg, Lund university, Manufactory, Platform 10 of the RCA, Yiannis Ghikas, Eva Marguerre and Marcel Besau, DMY Makerlab, Fabien Dumas, Ett la Benn, E27. www.dmy-berlin.com
  46. Nanna van Blaaderen: Species2011/08/02
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  47. Knitting 3d patterns by Borre Akkersdijk2011/07/13
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  48. Font of the loom2011/06/10
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  49. behind the scenes at atelierdorp2011/05/11
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  50. Botanica by Formafantasma2011/04/26
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  51. Achille is watching us2011/04/20
    Achille is watching us is a self-initiated project brought to you by Matylda Krzykowski from the personal design blog Mat&Me and Marco Gabriele Lorusso from creative collective Made in Design Studio. The Achille is watching us exhibition, a presentation of personal objects from various international designers.
  52. Drawing Machine by Eske Rex2011/04/18
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  53. Creative workplaces of Eindhoven2011/02/25
    A quick tour of some of the large workspaces of creatives in Eindhoven
  54. Tokyo LLove hotel2011/02/04
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  55. A talk with Polka2010/12/06

    YDN designguide talks to Polka, a Viennese design label started in 2004 by Monica Singer and Marie Rahm. Matylda Kryzkowski travels with us to the studio for an interview and talks about their latest projects and products.

    more info on the duo at:



    interview by www.matandme.net

    video: designguide.tv
  56. Yuri Suzuki interview2010/11/23
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  57. Tokyo Designers Week, Designtide2010/11/17
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  58. Lucas Verweij DMY Maker Lab walkthrough2010/10/18
    we take a tour of the Maker Lab and other DIY projects at DMY Berlin with design critic Lucas Verweij
  59. Vienna Design Week 12010/10/13
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  60. Inga Sempé interview2010/10/11
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  61. Objects with a void2010/10/03
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  62. Lichting 2010 fashionshow2010/10/03
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  63. Jerszy Seymour Design workshop2010/09/17
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  64. Extended gallery tour DMY Berlin2010/07/13

    Open studios and satellite exhibitions in galleries open their door to the DMY public all over Berlin. YDN designguide takes a look at a small selection with work ranging from the ECAL to Materials Utopia which invited visitors to create their own piece with some chewing gum and colorings.

    more on dmy-berlin.com
  65. Max Lamb's Shelter installation2010/07/05
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  66. DMY Youngsters2010/06/27
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  67. Rumkugelbahn by Mischer'traxler2010/06/22
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  68. DMY Awards 20102010/06/16
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  69. DMY All stars overview2010/06/14
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  70. DMY Opening 2010 Berlin2010/06/11

    YDN presents DMY Festival 2010, as the first video in this DMY series we give a short impression of the events that took place on the opening night.


  71. Yii Design2010/05/29
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  72. Swarovski Crystal Palace 20102010/05/25
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  73. Design to save the world2010/05/23

    During the salone del mobile in Milan, Droog presented their Saved by Droog collection which was based on 5135 items bought at liquidation sales. They asked 14 designers to reinterpretate the objects and turn these discarded products into newly wanted products.

    more info on www.droog.com

  74. Ventura Lambrate in Milano 20102010/04/25
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  75. Milan 2010: Spazio Rossana Orlandi2010/04/20
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  76. Established and Sons 2010 Milan overview2010/04/16
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  77. Nacho Carbonell Diversity, opening of the exhibition2010/04/14
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  78. Nacho Carbonell, Diversity (preview)2010/04/13
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  79. Continue Time - Kinetic artwork clock2010/04/10
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  80. Tidal Ossuary2010/03/20
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  81. Copenhagen Showhow, positive sustainability2010/03/17
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  82. Formafantasma: Moulding Traditions2010/03/10
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  83. Maarten Baas, designer of the year 20092010/02/19
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  84. Creating the afterlife2009/10/14
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  85. A talk with Arik Levy in Berlin2009/10/03

    Designguide.tv presents an interview with Arik Levy

    Matylda Krzykowski talks with Arik Levy about the future of design, uncomfortable chairs and love.
  86. Experimenta Design 09: Lapse in Time2009/09/29
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  87. Master of the rituals2009/09/08
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  88. Wireless phone charging tables & Deadgood from the uk2009/08/26
    In this NYC episode we talk to award winning designer Terhi Tuominen about her chair/table which can wirelessly charge your phone. And the entrepreneurs from Deadgood uk present their work for the first time at this fair.
  89. From Berlin with design, DMY 09 overview2009/08/02
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  90. Amsterdam Fashion Week 2009, MLY Getting Lost2009/07/26
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  91. Sander Mulder's Archetype designs2009/07/22
    We take a look at Sander Mulders work. His latest projects were influenced by archetypes. Featuring the new continue-time clock, voronoi, pandora cabinets, crow table and carat lamp. more info on www.sandermulder.com music courtesy of n-v.in video by designguide.tv
  92. Here & there2009/07/07

    Here & There is a collaboration between MU and KOP. They invited 20 promising artists and designers from Breda and Eindhoven to present themselves in 2 groups, one at Mu and the other at Kop. Between both organizations there's a kinship that expresses itself in the way of which they perceive the art world.

    Music courtesy of NVIN: n-v.in


  93. Bouroullec's quilt couch2009/06/29
    We had the chance to speak with Erwan Bouroullec about their new project for established & sons. Here's a 5 minute talk with one of the creators and our correspondent Jeanne Tan. www.designguide.tv www.bouroullec.com www.establishedandsons.com music courtesy of NVIN: www.n-v.in
  94. 123 exhibition, Moss Gallery, New York123 exhibition, Moss Gallery, New York123 exhibition, Moss Gallery, New York123 exhibition, Moss Gallery, New York123 exhibition, Moss Gallery, New York2009/06/23
    Moss presents installations of 3 different studios, offering a look into the current state of design and the processes involved. We take a look at the works of Materialise and Julien Carretero. Music courtesy of NVIN: n-v.in More design videos on: designguide.tv
  95. 400 years later - Cite goes Dutch2009/06/10
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  96. Curating design Talent for Designhuis by Li Edelkoort2009/05/08
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  97. Christien Meindertsma, Makers & Spectators2009/05/05
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  98. Real Time with Maarten Baas2009/04/30
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  99. Atelierdorp, a design family2009/04/10
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  100. Asif Khan talk2009/02/04
    Designguide.tv talks to Asif Khan during the Tokyo Design Week about his first collaboration project with Peter Liversidge called Tetra Light. For more information please see www.asif-khan.com
  101. AIFW 2009, MLY My Shadow's Shadow fashionshow2009/02/03
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  102. Interview Terence Woodgate at Magazin, Cologne, Germany2009/01/25
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  103. mly photoshoot ijmuiden2009/01/03
    designguide.tv produced this video for Emily Hermans, a Dutch fashion designer on the rise with her label "MLY". Shot over a weekend in the beach town of Ijmuiden in the Netherland
  104. 100 percent DESIGN TOKYO, Daniel Rohr at Blickfang2009/10/23
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  105. 100 percent DESIGN TOKYO: created in holland 082009/10/23
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  106. Okay Studio, "Under the same roof" at Aram store, london2008/12/10
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  107. Second Nature directed by Tokujin Yoshioka2008/11/27
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  108. 5.5 designers cloning2008/11/23
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  109. Nosigner2008/11/21
    Nosigner is somebody who designs invisible thing without explicit a signature. We met up with him at the London Design festival, and again at the Tokyo Design week for a quick talk about his work and the ideas behind it. www.nosigner.com
  110. Strijp-x, Groener gras event2008/11/21
    groener gras celebrated their 5th anniversary at our gallery/design store during the Dutch Design week 2008. www.groenergras.info
  111. Strijp-X store/gallery2008/11/14
  112. London Design Week: From now to eternity2008/10/10
  113. The guys behindthedesigns dot comThe guys behindthedesigns dot com2008/10/09
  114. Kithkin: Some rights reserved2008/10/06
  115. Neubauism2008/09/17
  116. ReCollections of Kiki and Joost2008/08/12
  117. Fundamentals, Mu galleryFundamentals, Mu galleryFundamentals, Mu gallery2008/07/31
  118. AIFW Lichting 08 fashion show2008/07/27
  119. Fashion: MLY, made in Someland2008/07/26
  120. Lotte van Laatum2008/07/20
  121. P2P Radio2008/07/13
  122. The little wild garden of loveThe little wild garden of loveThe little wild garden of love2008/07/10
  123. Thomas Traxler, Autonomous spinning wheel2008/07/03
  124. Evolution: Nacho Carbonell at spazio Rossana Orlandi2008/06/23
  125. Curiosity Cabinet (connecting real objects and RFID)2008/06/18
  126. Pieke Bergmans, Melted & Light blubs2008/06/15
  127. Land of waterLand of water at Zuiderzee museum2008/06/09
  128. MU gallery: it's always six o'clock2008/06/01
  129. Meta launch in Milan2008/05/27
  130. Swarovski 2008: Crystal Palace Milan2008/05/05
  131. Milan 2008: Richard Hutten, Layers2008/05/03
  132. Droog Design, a touch of green2008/04/29
  133. The Farm by Studio Job2008/04/27
  134. form + volume at Designhuis2008/04/11
  135. Popshop, remixing icons of massculture2008/04/08
  136. Gimmi the loot! at Scope Art Fair2008/03/27
  137. Pepe Heykoop, graduation design academy eindhoven 20082008/03/23
  138. Alexander Pelikan, The Plastic Nature2008/03/20
  139. Maarten de Ceulaer, graduation design academy 20082008/03/18
  140. Anke Louwers, design academy eindhoven 20082008/03/16
  141. Philippe Malouin, graduation design academy eindhoven2008/02/22
  142. Backstage at fashion institute arnhem 2008/02/13
  143. Fashion Institute Arnhem: Generation 92008/02/12
  144. Food chain exhibition, Genevieve Gauckler2008/02/07
  145. DG 33 Emily Hermans 'ID' collection2008/01/26
  146. Proud as a Peacock2008/01/23
  147. The Farm Project, design miami 20072007/12/31
  148. Dry tech2007/11/09
  149. DG29: NAT, designing nature2007/11/01
  150. Miami Starbucks dancer2007/10/05
  151. DG 28 - Learning to love you more2007/09/17
  152. Antwerp Fashion Week Spring/Summer 20082007/09/09
  154. Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine arts 20072007/07/20
  155. Geoff Mcfetridge: Bend the void2007/07/05
  156. Molo Design2007/06/15
  157. Kiki van Eijk & joost van Bleiswijk: Quality time2007/06/05
  158. Established and Sons2007/05/28
  159. Designguide 20: Maarten Baas2007/05/21
  160. Piet Hein Eek and Front Design at Spazio Rosanna Orlandi2007/05/16
  161. traviganti milan design week2007/05/13
  162. Inflatable birds by Chico MacMurtrie2007/05/11
  163. Moroso2007/05/06
  164. Pieke Bergmans in Milan, Zona tortona2007/04/30
  165. A trip to Luxemburg2007/04/09
  166. Swoon and Poncho street art exhibition2007/04/02
  167. DG 13: Design Academy Eindhoven graduates 20072007/03/24
  168. Jan Taminiau - s/s fashion show 20072007/02/27
  169. 2nfro videoclip: try2007/02/13
  170. AIFW - Dutch Fashion Foundation show: Generation 82007/02/02
  171. a forest tale2007/01/31
  172. fashion show a/w emily hermans2007/01/30
  173. brightlive2006/12/10
  174. eepybird.com at Klokgebouw2006/12/04
  175. The Creepy Church2006/11/29
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