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Spirit of Things, The

  1. What lies beyond the grave? On Heaven, Hell and Nirvana2020/02/09
    Philip Almond is a professor of religious studies at the University of Queensland.
  2. Reconnecting to country2020/02/02
    Portrait of Uncle Michael Jarrett.
  3. Making Australia home2020/01/26
    Nadia Bouchti grew up in Morocco and moved to Australia six years ago.
  4. Self discovery — with a Hindu twist2020/01/19
    Aatish Taseer is a writer and journalist from New York.
  5. Uprooting faith: Henry Olonga and Kathomi Gatwiri2020/01/12
    Henry Olonga, global ambassador for Anglican aid and former Zimbabwe cricketer.
  6. Peaceful Eating2020/01/05
    Jeong Kwan with lotus leaf wrapped dumplings
  7. The spirituality of the sea2019/12/29
    The Swim Sisters at Bondi Beach, Sydney
  8. Changing tune2019/12/22
    Father Rob Galea
  9. Christos Tsiolkas: Doubt on the road to Damascus2019/12/15
    Christos Tsiolkas is an award-winning Australian author. His novels have been adapted into a movie and a T.V. series.
  10. The practice of peacemaking2019/12/08

    During this time of year, we hear a lot about "peace and goodwill to all." But how exactly do you put peace into practice? How is peacemaking a part of living out one's faith? And what does peace on earth and with the earth look like?
  11. Silence and the inner life2019/12/01
    What can one gain through silence and contemplation?
  12. Jung's ghosts2019/11/24
    Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung at home, 1949.
  13. God in the golden years2019/11/17
    How can we spiritually care for the ageing population?
  14. Digitising the Dead Sea Scrolls2019/11/10
    AI is being developed to distinguish individual characters from the papyrus background of Dead Sea Scroll fragments.
  15. The Bab and the Buddha2019/11/03
    The Shrine of the Bab on Mount Carmel in Haifa, Israel.
  16. Diving in the Deep End2019/10/27
    Islamic death doula and funeral consultant Mariam Ardati.
  17. Stoicism and the turbulent soul 2019/10/20
    Portrait of author and actress Anna McGahan
  18. Pentecostalism in Australia2019/10/13
    A member of Brisbane's Metro Church prays during a service.
  19. Former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams2019/10/06
    The former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams
  20. Revisiting origins: Jesus' female disciples and Confucius in China2019/09/29
    Scenes from the life of Saint Mary Magdalene, fresco inside the church of St Magdalena, Gschnitz, Tyrol, Austria, 15th century, detail.
  21. Zeal: Performing faith as a musician2019/09/22
    Yaw Derkyi, Richard Petkovic and Shohrat Tursun
  22. A lesson from Elie Wiesel: how education can make us better people2019/09/15
    Holocaust survivor, author and teacher, Elie Wiesel.
  23. Uprooting faith: Henry Olonga and Kathomi Gatwiri2019/09/08
    Henry Olonga, global ambassador for Anglican aid and former Zimbabwe cricketer.
  24. Simon Schama's story of the Jews2019/09/01
    Simon Schama, University Professor of Art History and History at Columbia University.
  25. Rumi, Hafez and Sufi poetry in surprising places2019/08/25
    Whirling Dervishes
  26. Asian Christianities beyond Asia2019/08/18
    Grace Ji-Sun Kim is a Korean American theologian.
  27. Self discovery — with a Hindu twist2019/08/11
    Aatish Taseer is a writer and journalist from New York.
  28. Stars of Sacred Music2019/08/04
    John Rutter is one of the world's most popular living composers.
  29. The soul of the counterculture2019/07/28
    The Jesus People movement during the late 1960s and early 1970s.
  30. Peaceful Eating2019/07/21
    Jeong Kwan with lotus leaf wrapped dumplings
  31. Being a Buddhist nun today2019/07/14
    Buddhist music group at the International Sakyadhita conference, 2019. Most of the group members are Korean.
  32. Sovereignty is a spiritual notion: NAIDOC special2019/07/07
    Therea Ardler and her budbili
  33. Married to a Rabbi2019/06/30
    Tommy Sterling is a lawyer and Limmud Sydney Advisory Board member.
  34. Modern Witchcraft2019/06/23
    Fiona Horne
  35. Changing tune2019/06/16
    Father Rob Galea
  36. Richard Rohr's contemplation and Jean Vanier's action2019/06/09
    Father Richard Rohr
  37. The Wild Soul2019/06/02
    Jung quotation on a shop near Connemara, Ireland
  38. Spiritual communities: Celtic Iona and Buddhist Gandhara2019/05/26
    Iona abbey, Isle of Iona, Hebrides, Scotland
  39. Ramadan: Feeding the soul2019/05/19
    Muslims usually break their fast on some dates, a tradition stretching back to the Prophet Muhammad.
  40. Writing faith2019/05/12

    How do you put faith on a page? Can a writer disconnect their spiritual self from their writing? On Soul Search today, we remember late poet Les Murray, and head to the Sydney Writers' Festival where a new generation of authors answer the question: "What's God Got to Do With It?"
  41. Digital religion2019/05/05
    Paper Bible and digital Bible.
  42. Faith vs Fear2019/04/28

    How does faith work as a solvent to despondency and fear? This week, Tim Costello and Evert-Jan Ouweneel from World Vision on the power of hope 'in a broken world'. And musician William Crighton on why he's no longer religious, but finds meaning and happiness in the earth around him.
  43. Easter special: suffering, meaning and remembrance2019/04/21

    Historian Colin Bale on how bereaved families processed the catastrophe of World War I through the act of choosing an epitaph for their lost ones. And, theologian and quadriplegic Shane Clifton reflects on faith and suffering in our final episode of Spiritual Lifehack.
  44. Katelyn Beaty, former editor of Christianity Today2019/04/19
    Katelyn Beaty
  45. Chocolate and bitter herbs: faith on a plate2019/04/14

    Did you know there's a religious backstory to the British chocolate trade? Today on the program, we'll take a sweet trip through Quaker history, and taste the bitter herbs associated with the Jewish Passover in our new series, Spiritual Lifehack.
  46. Heaven, earth and spiritual lifehacks2019/04/07
    Portrait of the Hongzhi Emperor, from The National Palace Museum, Taipei.
  47. Growing Up Muslim in Australia2019/03/31

    Pro-boxer Bianca Elmir, and cross-cultural consultant Tasneem Chopra, share stories of their childhood as contributors to a book called Growing Up Muslim in Australia.
  48. Light in dark places2019/03/24
    Light in the dark
  49. The spirituality of the sea2019/03/17
    Wading into the sea
  50. Disaster Spiritual Care2019/03/10
    Firefighters battle an Australian bushfire.
  51. International Women's Day: Women's beliefs, women's bodies2019/03/03
    Female Mannequin Cardboard on Black Background.
  52. Sacred spaces2019/02/24
    St Paul's Cathedral
  53. Mindfulness goes mainstream2019/02/17

    Since the 1970s, mindfulness has become a widespread practice, used in business, hospitals, schools and the gym, going well beyond its original Hindu and Buddhist settings. So what’s happened to the spiritual content as mindfulness has gone mainstream?
  54. The spiritual side of work2019/02/10
    Katelyn Beaty
  55. The power of words2019/02/03
    Kahlil Gibran
  56. Changing the heart2019/01/27
    (L-R) Bianca Manning, Brooke Prentis and Helen Wright
  57. Yiddish mavens 2019/01/20
    Self-portrait, after George Lambert
  58. A Divided House2019/01/13

    The house of Islam contains nearly 2 billion believers, but keeping it together is a challenge, as Sunnis, Shias, Salafists and Sufis battle for the hearts and minds of Muslims. Author Ed Husain gives us an introduction to this great tradition in his new book 'The House of Islam: A Global History'.
  59. Choose to radiate love in your relationships2019/01/06
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  60. The Lives of Monks and Nuns2018/12/30
    Sister Peta, the abbes at the Poor Clares monastery
  61. Keep the Spirit: Rachael Kohn says goodbye2018/12/23
    Rachael Kohn
  62. Religion needs tough love 2018/12/16
    Jacinta Nampijinpa Price
  63. The circle of life2018/12/09
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  64. Muslim Achievers and Islamophobia2018/12/02
    Eman Soliman
  65. Buddhism: a religion or science of mind?2018/11/25
    Alan Wallace
  66. Magic Medicine and the Meaning of Life2018/11/18
    Jan in the Sahara
  67. Courage and compassion in war2018/11/11
    Poppies at the Australian War Memorial
  68. In Harmony2018/11/04
    A Chorus of Women
  69. Faith heals2018/10/28
    Carolyn Martin and her daughter Sophie Delezio
  70. Religion: the oldest survival kit 2018/10/21
    Professor Stephen Asma
  71. Death Anxiety2018/10/14
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  72. A Shared Society2018/10/07
    Photo by Godong/UIG via Getty Images
  73. Australian Muslims commemorate Ashura2018/09/30
    Shia-Muslim men walk at the Ashura procession in Sydney, Australia
  74. Christ and Culture2018/09/23
    Rev Wayne Te Kaawa
  75. Music of the Jewish Days of Awe2018/09/16
    Blowing the sacred Jewish shofar, or ram's horn
  76. The Shape of Faith2018/09/09
    Shuv Homsi, co-founder of Giving Back Australia
  77. A Divided House2018/09/02
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  78. Gold to God: The Chinese experience in Australia2018/08/26
    Chinese Presbyterian Church
  79. Choose to radiate love in your relationships2018/08/19
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  80. A Listening Church2018/08/12
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  81. Yiddish mavens 2018/08/05
    Self-portrait, after George Lambert
  82. Should Christians and Atheists Get Along?2018/07/29

    You may think Atheism and Christianity are polar opposites of each other, but according to academic David Newheiser, they actually have a lot in common. Also joining us on The Spirit this week is Foreign Editor of The Australian, Greg Sheridan, whose new book God is Good for You: A Defence of Christianity in Troubled Times, argues that a world without God loses something of its humanity.
  83. A changing church2018/07/22
    Maeve Heaney
  84. Women of Courage2018/07/15
    Aneta Weinreich
  85. Mother Nature and the Holy Father 2018/07/08
    Dr Rose Elu
  86. Queer and devout 2018/07/01

    This week the Spirit explores sexuality and interfaith dialogue on Mardi Gras’ 40th anniversary. We hear how those with strong faith negotiate both their religious and queer identities, and how the LGBTQI movement comes to terms with its religious members.
  87. The first Cardinal of Myanmar2018/06/24
    Cardinal Bo
  88. The big issues for NT Anglicans2018/06/17
    Bishop Greg Anderson and members of clergy
  89. Mela langgus en det stori ba Jisas (our language and the Jesus story)2018/06/10
    Bishop Greg Anderson and clergy
  90. Marrying 'out'2018/06/03
    Auzita Pourshasb and Nathan Secomb
  91. From Bishop Michael Curry to Fr James Martin: Priests in the public eye2018/05/27
    The Most Rev Bishop Michael Curry, primate of the Episcopal Church, speaks during the wedding ceremony of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle in Windsor, near London, England, Saturday, May 19, 2018. 
  92. The Aussie mosque that broke the mould2018/05/20
    Punchbowl Mosque
  93. The Pope vs The Pill 2018/05/13
    An article from The Canberra Times on August 5th, 1968, covering the fallout from Humanae Vitae
  94. Sacred Songs2018/05/06
    The Central Australian Aboriginal Women’s Choir 
  95. The Real Mormon Mission2018/04/29
    Will Hopoate
  96. Unexpected ANZAC connections 2018/04/22
    Cardinal Norman Gilroy
  97. Women and faith2018/04/15
    Professor Sophia Pandya
  98. Politics & the Good Samaritan2018/04/08
    Nick Spencer
  99. Easter special: Jesus and Mary Magdalene 2018/04/01
    Cathy Fisher’s portrayal of Jesus uses the results from Joan Taylor's research
  100. Jewish Journeys2018/03/25
    Fay Sussman
  101. The Lives of Monks and Nuns2018/03/18
    Sister Peta, the abbes at the Poor Clares monastery
  102. Western Buddhism2018/03/11
    Photo: Siobhan Hegarty
  103. On A Mission2018/03/04
    Billy Graham circa 1955
  104. The Third Wave 2018/02/25

    We meet feminist and writer Rebecca Walker, author of Black, White and Jewish, whose struggle with her mixed-race identity led her on a spiritual path towards Buddhism. We also hear from South Australia's first Aboriginal woman in Christian ministry, Rev'd Denise Champion, on the way she's dealt with race, gender and faith.
  105. The Jains2018/02/18
    Namita & Rahul Mehta at the 2018 Woodford Folk Festival
  106. Modest Fashion2018/02/11
    Fashion designer Ilham Ismail
  107. Music for the Soul2018/02/04
    Amy Winehouse, festival passes
  108. Same-Sex Marriage2018/01/28
    Jackie Stricker-Phelps & Dr Kerryn Phelps at their wedding in Sydney 4 January, 2018.
  109. The story of Civil Celebrants2018/01/21
    Bride, Groom and Dog on Wedding Cake
  110. Priest, detective, lover2018/01/14
    The latest book in the series of Grantchester Mysteries
  111. Robe to Riches: a Chinese pilgrim route2018/01/07
  112. Indigenous Christians celebrate the Bible2017/12/31
  113. Christmas: Making fun, making history2017/12/24
  114. 20/20 Series Part 5: Remember, Regret and Rejoice2017/12/17
  115. Hugely Successful Religious Movements2017/12/10
  116. The Story of Mr Eternity2017/12/03
  117. Is the Sea of Faith Rising?2017/11/26
  118. Reporting Religion in Asia2017/11/19
  119. Luther's Jews and Poland's Jewish Festival2017/11/12
  120. 20/20 Series Part 4: Music, Diaries, Couples and Sex2017/11/05
  121. The X Factor in the Reformation2017/10/29
  122. Martin Luther, Catholic dissident2017/10/22
  123. Comparing Catholic and Hindu Faith2017/10/15
  124. Identity: Who are you?2017/10/08
  125. Religious Tattoos Not Just Skin Deep2017/10/01
  126. 20/20 Series Part 3: Turning Points, Epiphanies and Mysteries2017/09/24
  127. Media with Heart2017/09/17
  128. Babi Yar: a survivor, a poem, a symphony2017/09/10
  129. The Story of Civil Celebrants2017/09/03
  130. 20/20 Series Part 2: 9/11 and the Future of Religion2017/08/27
  131. On Being Krista Tippett2017/08/20
  132. Christian Minority Communities2017/08/13
  133. Judaism welcomes LGBTI Jews2017/08/06
  134. 20/20 Series Part 1 - Heading to the Millennium2017/07/30
  135. Fiona Horne Flying High2017/07/23
  136. Priest, Detective, Lover2017/07/16
  137. Tom E Lewis: Bridging the Divide2017/07/09
  138. Greg Sheridan's Australia2017/07/02
  139. What's Behind the Buddha's Smile?2017/06/25
  140. Who cares for sex offenders?2017/06/18
  141. Robe to Riches: a Chinese pilgrim route2017/06/11
  142. The Shared Table Project2017/06/04
  143. Ginn Fourie's Forgiveness2017/05/28
  144. In sickness and in death...2017/05/21
  145. Fighting sexism in Islam2017/05/14
  146. Dances of Universal Peace2017/05/07
  147. Gay Christians2017/04/30
  148. Jewish Anzacs2017/04/23
  149. Reinventing Church in Tasmania2017/04/16
  150. Jewish Choral Music & Passover2017/04/09
  151. Jewish choral music and Passover2017/04/09
  152. Do science and faith comfortably coexist?2017/04/02
  153. Do Science and Faith Comfortably Coexist?2017/04/02
  154. Are You Spiritually Connected?2017/03/26
  155. Are You Spiritually Connected?2017/03/26
  156. Marriage of Love and Justice2017/03/19
  157. Marriage of Love and Justice2017/03/19
  158. Indigenous Christians Celebrate the Bible2017/03/12
  159. Indigenous Christians Celebrate the Bible2017/03/12
  160. Robot Religion2017/03/05
  161. Robot Religion2017/03/05
  162. The problem of pain2017/02/26
  163. The Problem of Pain2017/02/26
  164. Huston Smith's World Religions2017/02/19
  165. Huston Smith's World Religions2017/02/19
  166. You will meet a tall, dark stranger2017/02/12
  167. You will meet a tall dark stranger2017/02/12
  168. Monsieur Mayonnaise, a secret family history2017/02/05
  169. Monsieur Mayonnaise2017/02/05
  170. How fragile we are2017/01/29
  171. How fragile we are2017/01/29
  172. Listening to the Land2017/01/22
  173. Listening to the Land2017/01/22
  174. Elena Kats-Chernin: Dreams, energies and spirits2017/01/15
  175. Elena Kats-Chernin: Dreams, Energies and Spirits2017/01/15
  176. Yoga Ethics2017/01/08
  177. Yoga ethics2017/01/08
  178. Grief Monger2017/01/01
  179. Grief Monger2017/01/01
  180. Christmas Under Fire2016/12/25
  181. Christmas Under Fire2016/12/25
  182. Seasons of Birth2016/12/18
  183. Seasons of Birth2016/12/18
  184. We are committed2016/12/11
  185. We are committed 2016/12/11
  186. Australian Religious Thought2016/12/04
  187. Australian Religious Thought2016/12/04
  188. Together for Humanity2016/11/27
  189. Together for Humanity2016/11/27
  190. Aleppo at the crossroads2016/11/20
  191. Aleppo at the crossroads2016/11/20
  192. The Faces of Mercy2016/11/13
  193. The Faces of Mercy2016/11/13
  194. The Venetian Ghetto2016/11/06
  195. The Venetian Ghetto2016/11/06
  196. The Atheist Minister2016/10/30
  197. The Atheist Minister2016/10/30
  198. Be Kind To Yourself2016/10/23
  199. Be Kind to Yourself2016/10/23
  200. Sufis: Islam's musical mystics2016/10/16
  201. Sufis: Islam's musical mystics2016/10/16
  202. Orthodoxy: Marriage, Monks, Martyrs and Mary2016/10/09
  203. Orthodoxy: Marriage, Monks, Martyrs and Mary2016/10/09
  204. Aspire to Interfaith2016/10/02
  205. Aspire to Interfaith2016/10/02
  206. Young Single and Hindu2016/09/25
  207. Young Single and Hindu: the colours of love 2016/09/25
  208. Padraig O'Tuama: pain is a poem2016/09/18
  209. Padraig O'Tuama: pain is a poem2016/09/18
  210. Esalen and the quest for higher consciousness2016/09/11
  211. Esalen and the quest for higher consciousness2016/09/11
  212. Higher Consciousness2016/09/04
  213. Higher Consciousness2016/09/04
  214. Hindu marriage2016/08/28
  215. Hindu Marriage2016/08/28
  216. Hare Krishna at 502016/08/21
  217. Hare Krishna at 502016/08/21
  218. The Spiritual Heart of Australia2016/08/14
  219. The Spiritual Heart of Australia2016/08/14
  220. Come Together2016/08/07
  221. Come together2016/08/07
  222. Listening to the Land2016/07/31
  223. Listening to the Land2016/07/31
  224. Campus chaplains at the cutting edge2016/07/24
  225. Campus chaplains at the cutting edge2016/07/24
  226. The Evolution of Sister Joan2016/07/17
  227. The Evolution of Sister Joan2016/07/17
  228. Elie Wiesel: "Life is a Quest"2016/07/10
  229. Elie Wiesel: Life is a Quest2016/07/10
  230. How Can I Help?2016/07/03
  231. How Can I Help?2016/07/03
  232. Songlines on Screen2016/06/26
  233. Songlines on Screen2016/06/26
  234. Resilient Women2016/06/19
  235. Resilient Women2016/06/19
  236. Elena Kats-Chernin: Dreams, Energies and Spirits2016/06/12
  237. Elena Kats-Chernin: Dreams, energies and spirits2016/06/12
  238. The Sacred Edge2016/06/05
  239. The Sacred Edge2016/06/05
  240. Woman with altitude2016/05/29
  241. Christian Meditation2016/05/22
  242. Christian Meditation2016/05/22
  243. Art in the Family2016/05/15
  244. Art in the Family2016/05/15
  245. Charismatic Comedian2016/05/08
  246. Charismatic Comedian2016/05/08
  247. Yoga Ethics2016/05/01
  248. Yoga ethics2016/05/01
  249. Jewish choral music and the Shakespeare puzzle2016/04/24
  250. Jewish choral music and the Shakespeare puzzle2016/04/24
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