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Spirit of Things, The

  1. Identity: Who are you?2017/10/08
    Mask (da.Costa)
  2. Religious Tattoos Not Just Skin Deep2017/10/01
    Hindu Goddess Kali tattoo (cc)
  3. 20/20 Series Part 3: Turning Points, Epiphanies and Mysteries2017/09/24
    (Mona Lisa key to the Da Vinci Code)
  4. Media with Heart2017/09/17
    IVOH Retreat with Judy Rodgers (in white) at Peace Village, NY. (IVOH)
  5. Babi Yar: a survivor, a poem, a symphony2017/09/10
    Yelena Gorodetsky, survivor of Babi Yar, Kiev, Ukraine, 1941. (Fiona Pepper ABC RN)
  6. The Story of Civil Celebrants2017/09/03
    Bride, Groom and Dog on Wedding Cake (cc)
  7. 20/20 Series Part 2: 9/11 and the Future of Religion2017/08/27
    Sept 11 2001 attack on the World Trade Centre (Getty Images)
  8. On Being Krista Tippett2017/08/20
    Krista Tippett at ABC RN (Siobhan Hegarty)
  9. Christian Minority Communities2017/08/13
    Mike Perreau, Director General of the United Bible Societies (BSA)
  10. Judaism welcomes LGBTI Jews2017/08/06
    Jewish Gay Pride (SGT Fun)
  11. 20/20 Series Part 1 - Heading to the Millennium2017/07/30
    The Y2K millennium bug was expected to cause computer meltdown (Getty)
  12. Fiona Horne Flying High2017/07/23
    Fiona Horne Fire Eating
  13. Priest, Detective, Lover2017/07/16
    The latest book in the series of Grantchester Mysteries
  14. Tom E Lewis: Bridging the Divide2017/07/09
    Tom E Lewis on the beach, Numbulwar, Gulf of Carpenteria
  15. Greg Sheridan's Australia2017/07/02
    Greg Sheridan, AO (ABC Compass)
  16. What's Behind the Buddha's Smile?2017/06/25
    Our Gods, Laughing Buddha by Australian Chinese artist, Liu Xiaoxian, loan to NGV.
  17. Who cares for sex offenders?2017/06/18
    Peter Powell counsels sex offenders (RK)
  18. Robe to Riches: a Chinese pilgrim route2017/06/11
    Shu Cheen Yu singing We Still Call Australia Home on the steps of the Victorian Parliament, Melbourne.
  19. The Shared Table Project2017/06/04
    Shared Table banquet of 11 dishes at Emanuel Synagogue, Sydney.
  20. Ginn Fourie's Forgiveness2017/05/28
    Ginn Fourie addressing One Heart Many Voices, Catholic Mission Conference, Sydney, 2017 (CM)
  21. In sickness and in death...2017/05/21
    The carer and the gentleman (Ulrichcarljoho, Flikr, CC)
  22. Fighting sexism in Islam2017/05/14
    Dr Susan Carland is the author of Fighting Hislam
  23. Dances of Universal Peace2017/05/07
    Dances of Universal Peace Colorado (Dances of Universal Peace Colorado)
  24. Gay Christians2017/04/30
    Rose and Jen have been together 20 years (RK)
  25. Jewish Anzacs2017/04/23
    Wing Commander Julius Cohen, of Moree NSW, was a dashing comic strip-style hero who actually appeared in his own comic strip in the Melbourne Argus in 1942. (Melbourne Argus.)
  26. Reinventing Church in Tasmania2017/04/16
    Altar windows at St Matthew's, New Norfolk, Tasmania (RK)
  27. Jewish choral music and Passover2017/04/09
    Jewish Choral Music & Passover.
  28. Do Science and Faith Comfortably Coexist?2017/04/02
    Do science and faith comfortably coexist?
  29. Are You Spiritually Connected?2017/03/26
    Are You Spiritually Connected?
  30. Marriage of Love and Justice2017/03/19
    Marriage of Love and Justice.
  31. Indigenous Christians Celebrate the Bible2017/03/12
    Indigenous Christians Celebrate the Bible.
  32. Robot Religion2017/03/05
    Robot Religion.
  33. The problem of pain2017/02/26
    The Problem of Pain.
  34. Huston Smith's World Religions2017/02/19
    Huston Smith's World Religions.
  35. You will meet a tall, dark stranger2017/02/12
    Thousands of people consult psychics in Australia every week looking for help in their relationships. Does it mean they're losing control of their lives?
  36. Monsieur Mayonnaise2017/02/05
    Monsieur Mayonnaise, a secret family history.
  37. How fragile we are2017/01/29
    Broken glass (CreativeCommons)
  38. Listening to the Land2017/01/22
    Listening to the Land.
  39. Elena Kats-Chernin: Dreams, Energies and Spirits2017/01/15
    Elena Kats-Chernin: Dreams, energies and spirits.
  40. Yoga Ethics2017/01/08
    Yoga ethics.
  41. Grief Monger2017/01/01
    Grief Monger.
  42. Christmas Under Fire2016/12/25
    Christmas Under Fire.
  43. Seasons of Birth2016/12/18
    Seasons of Birth.
  44. We are committed2016/12/11
    We are committed .
  45. Australian Religious Thought2016/12/04
    Australian Religious Thought.
  46. Together for Humanity2016/11/27
    Together for Humanity.
  47. Aleppo at the crossroads2016/11/20
    Aleppo at the crossroads.
  48. The Faces of Mercy2016/11/13
    The Faces of Mercy.
  49. The Venetian Ghetto2016/11/06
    The Venetian Ghetto.
  50. The Atheist Minister2016/10/30
    The Atheist Minister.
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The Spirit of Things is an adventure into religion and spirituality. It explores contemporary values and beliefs as expressed through ritual, art, music, and sacred texts.

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