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The CrAzY BaG LaDiEs Share Quips and Tips

  1. Coupons for the week of October 9th, 20062006/10/09
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  2. Replay show! College Football Saturday 2006/09/02

    This was featured over a month ago on the BBQ Bob Show...
    but since today is College Football Saturday we thought we'd play it here for our listeners.

    Hope you enjoy it!

    God Bless
    Miss Claudia from BBQ Bob

    Visit theBBQ Bob Show!
  3. Barbecue Bob Interviews America's Best BBQ2006/06/28
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  4. Barbecue Bob meets The Godfather!2006/06/22

    In this podcast, Barbecue Bob introduces you to REAL Italian sausage made from scratch! A Sausage Recipe You Can't Refuse!

    My Odeo Channel (odeo/0d76df2b606a9b23)
  5. Beer Can Up the Butt Chicken!!2006/06/20
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  6. This Girl Can Sing! What do YOU think?2006/06/17

    Hi everyone!
    Today we're venturing off a bit to bring to you a mp3 of a young girl, 13, who recorded this song last year. She needs some listener feedback - so we told her we'd post it for her.
    Please leave comments, shoutouts, anything to give her some honest feedback!
    The CrAzY BaG LaDiEs
  7. Barbecue Bob's CrAzY Shrimp BBQ!2006/06/17

    The CrAzY BaG LaDIEs and Barbecue Bob talk shrimp.
    Awesome Rosemary Skewered Shrimp Recipe!

    Barbecue Bob outdoes himself with this one. These shrimp ROCK!

  8. Bob's Chili Results2006/06/12

    Here it is as we promised. I tasted the "Tortilla Flats Smoked Chili" -- tune in to hear how it went.

  9. Tortilla Flats Smoked Chili Recipe2006/06/11

    Barbecue Bob shares his award winning chili recipe for Tortilla Flats Smoked Chili.
    Who would have thought that bittersweet chocolate, strong black coffee, chili peppers, lots of garlic and even shots of tequila would make one of the most delicious and satisfying chilis you'll ever taste.
    Tune in and find out how to make it with Barbecue Bob!
  10. Father's Day is Almost Here! Online Sales, Coupons & Coupon Codes (June 9th, 2006)2006/06/10

    The latest online coupons and coupon codes from the CrAzY BaG LaDiEs.
    If you want a coupon for something and can't find it, let us know and we'll try to locate the perfect deal for you - just buy it through us.

    We're CrAzY!

  11. You asked for him back - Barbecue Bob talks swimsuits!2006/06/08

    A PG 13 podcast getting a guy's point of view on swimsuits.
    We received so many letters requesting Barbecue Bob that we decided to bring him back again to share his thoughts on swimsuits and what not to wear. Funny, nutty and plain weird - the CrAzY BaG LaDiEs and Barbecue Bob definitely make an eclectic combination.
  12. Barbecue Bob is in the House!2006/06/04
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  13. Finally Got the Bunnies off Our Toes!2006/06/04
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  14. The Tag Team2006/06/04

    Mom and Daughter, Lucia and Claudia, share quips and tips about life, shopping and nothing... :)
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