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  1. Netball ANZ Premiership back on court in empty stadiums2020/05/29
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  2. National pledges $10,000 for businesses who hire more staff2020/05/29
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  3. Funding for arts - helping masterpieces or mediocrity?2020/05/29
    Artists and musicians are welcoming a $175 million package from the government aimed as protecting the jobs of 90,000 people in the arts and music sectors.
    The Prime Minister made the announcement in Napier on Friday, where she's spending the long weekend, announcing a jobseekers programme and four new employment funds for the cultural sector.
    Anusha Bradley reports.
  4. No charges to be laid against missing trampers despite lockdown2020/05/29
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  5. Queenstown real estate agents happy to see auctions again2020/05/29
    In Queenstown bidders have started testing the water in one of the country's most expensive property markets.
    Twenty-one residential properties were up for sale today when Bayleys Queenstown conducted its largest auction post-lockdown.
    But despite only five going under the hammer, real estate leaders say it's not a time to panic.
    Tess Brunton has been watching the auction.
  6. Auckland man who murdered mother jailed for at least 14 years2020/05/29
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  7. Paul Goldsmith on National's $10k cash pledge for businesses offering jobs2020/05/29
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  8. Evening business for 29 May 20202020/05/29
    News from the business sector, including a market report.
  9. Thousands hit road for first long weekend since lockdown ended2020/05/29
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  10. Documents reveal serious lack of consultation before police armed response teams launched2020/05/29
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  11. One active Covid-19 case in NZ 'a huge deal' - lead researcher2020/05/29
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  12. Covid-19 in NZ one case away from elimination2020/05/29
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  13. Matthew Elliott ready for NRL to kick-off again2020/05/28
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  14. German engineers heroes of Wellington sewer system2020/05/28
    Engineers from Germany who left their families in the midst of a global pandemic to help fix Wellington's broken sewer system are being hailed as heroes.
    The specialists were needed after the pipes failed in January, forcing trucks to haul human waste from Moa Point to the dump costing about $500,000 a week.
    Hamish Cardwell has the story.
  15. Commercial property tenants wait for Covid-19 rent relief while Peters deliberates2020/05/28
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  16. NZ arts sector gets near-$100m boost from govt2020/05/28
    The country's struggling creative industry has received an almost $100 million boost from the government.
    Leaders in the arts sector say the funding will save jobs threatened by Covid-19 and create new ones, as well as keep some of the country's most iconic museums and galleries operating.
    Katie Scotcher has the details.
  17. Govt pushes ahead with freshwater law reforms2020/05/28
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  18. Muller promises better economic recover plan, but no details2020/05/28
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  19. Zero new Covid-19 cases in NZ for sixth day, 96yo's death counted2020/05/28
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  20. Evening business for 28 May 20202020/05/28
    News from the business sector, including a market report.
  21. Phil Twyford answers questions on foreign workers entering NZ2020/05/28
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  22. What is Air NZ doing with non-refunded money?2020/05/28
    A new survey has revealed Air New Zealand's coffers are cashed up with millions of dollars of customer money that it is not refunding, despite the flights never taking off.
    The survey, by Consumer NZ, found the 1,700 respondents had paid a total of $3.8 million for their flights.
    Now with some customers out of a job, they want cash not credits to get by.
    Jordan Bond reports.
  23. Anger across US after another African-American killed by police2020/05/28
    Another death of an unarmed black man in police custody has sparked anger across the US.
    George Floyd begged for his life as a white officer pressed his knee against the African-American man's neck until he died.
    His killing has put racism once again back in the spotlight in an already fractious country.
    RNZ Worldwatch reporter Max Towle has more.
  24. 'I've been looking for you' - rescuer finds missing trampers2020/05/28
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  25. Medsafe warns against man selling Covid-19 bleach 'cure'2020/05/28
    A New Zealand website is claiming that Covid-19 can be cured by drinking bleach.
    The site claims that chlorine dioxide has been "tested effective against coronavirus", and recommends that people with symptoms of the virus - including babies - drink or inhale it. The site links users to a Hauraki Plains business to buy the chemicals.
    RNZ In Depth reporter Susan Strongman has more.
  26. Will NZ flu season be mild this year?2020/05/27
    It is hoped New Zealand efforts to flatten the Covid-19 curve, will translate into a milder flu season this winter.
    But experts warn unlike Covid-19, influenza is already present and cannot be eliminated from the community.
    Instead they say good hygiene practices and immunisation are still the most effective ways of stopping the spread of flu this season. Catherine Hutton reports.
  27. Auckland Airport welcomes plans for trans-Tasman flights2020/05/27
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  28. Missing trampers found 'in amazingly good nick' after 19 days2020/05/27
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  29. Community groups hope for better future after Covid-192020/05/27
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  30. Mt Eden cafe defends sign asking workers to only speak English2020/05/27
    The manager of a well-known Auckland cafe is defending a sign which asks its workers to speak only English.
    The sign sparked debate when it was posted on Twitter. But the Human Rights Commissions says the sign is not appropriate.
    Chen Liu Chen reports.
  31. National's Māori MPs say list about ability, not skin colour2020/05/27
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  32. Evening business for 27 May 20202020/05/27
    News from the business sector, including a market report.
  33. Work underway for foreign students to return to NZ2020/05/27
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  34. Trans-Tasman flights more likely as AUS, NZ govts look at plan2020/05/27
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  35. Judith Collins 'sick of being demonised' for her ethnicity2020/05/27
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  36. Takaka buzzing as trampers found alive and well2020/05/27
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  37. Missing trampers found after 19 days: 'A fantastic result' - search boss2020/05/27
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  38. Christchurch restaurateur determined to serve the city2020/05/26
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  39. Jobseekers react to 'two-tiered' benefit system2020/05/26
    And those who have been struggling to get by long before the pandemic hit say they've been left feeling like they're less deserving of support.
    They're accusing the government of treating them differently to people who have lost their jobs because of Covid-19.
    RNZ social issues reporter Sarah Robson has the story.
  40. Govt under fire over 'two tiered' benefit system2020/05/26
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  41. Megan Woods discusses $37m for Covid-19 vaccine research2020/05/26
    How does New Zealand connect with international researchers and get in on the vaccine game?
    Lisa Owen asked the Minister for Research, Science and Innovation Megan Woods.
  42. Govt pumps $37m into research for Covid-19 vaccine2020/05/26
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  43. Around the room in 70 days: New Zealander's long lockdown in hotel2020/05/26
    New Zealander Chris Elphick has been holed up in a Wellington hotel since before the lockdown started, basically trapped, waiting for a flight to back to Vanuatu where he now lives - and his partner is waiting.
    You can just you imagine the size of the bill - but he is not complaining cause insurance is paying.
    Lisa Owen asked Chris exactly how long his unplanned stay has been so far.
  44. First week back exciting but exhausting for school students2020/05/26
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  45. Pair jailed for life over one of NZ's most horrific murders2020/05/26
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  46. Evening business for 26 May 20202020/05/26
    Evening business for 26 May 2020
  47. InterCity buses back on road, but 80 staff laid off2020/05/26
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  48. National's tangata whenua tangle: Goldsmith rebuts claim he is Māori2020/05/26
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  49. Covid-19 vaccine two years away, and could be NZ-made - research leader2020/05/26
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  50. Media drama: Job losses at MediaWorks, Stuff bought for $12020/05/25
    It has been a day of extraordinary movement in New Zealand journalism.
    First came news of significant jobs losses at Mediaworks today.
    Then it was revealed that Stuff, one of the country's largest media companies, will be bought by its chief executive - for one dollar.
    Eleisha Foon has the details.
  51. Covid-19 level 2 rules loosened - what you need to know2020/05/25
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  52. Amy Adams on new role in National rankings under Muller2020/05/25
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  53. Remaining backpackers make most of NZ after lockdown2020/05/25
    Our borders may be closed but some international backpackers are still making the most of their New Zealand travel dreams.
    There are estimated to be up to 150,000 overseas visitors still in the country and despite various repatriation flights, many have decided to stay on.
    Checkpoint cameraman Simon Rogers and reporter Nita Blake-Persen spoke to some of them.
  54. Doctors fear rheumatic fever rise may worsen2020/05/25
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  55. EQC level 2 rules causing more delays, stress - Christchurch couple2020/05/25
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  56. Evening business for 25 May 20202020/05/25
    News from the business sector, including a market report.
  57. Weather: Weekend rain not enough to break drought2020/05/25
    Farmers in parched regions of the country say the rain that has fallen over the past 24 hours is a small reprieve, but it is no drought-breaker.
    A front brought just 8-15mm of rain to Northland, Auckland, Hawkes Bay and North Canterbury while in contrast Wellington and Taranaki got more than 40mm.
    RNZ reporter Robin Martin has more
  58. Stuff CEO buys company for $1, plans for staff shareholders2020/05/25
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  59. Horowhenua feeling lucky after 5.8 quake rattles region2020/05/25
    The week got off to a shaky start for many people in Horowhenua, after a strong earthquake rattled the lower north island region on Monday morning.
    More than 36,000 people across the country have reported feeling the 5 point 8 magnitude quake, centred near Levin, that hit just before 8am.
    Katie Scotcher is in Horowhenua.
  60. Muller announces new National rankings, with Adams to stay2020/05/25
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  61. Covid-19 level 2: Gatherings up to 100 allowed after Friday2020/05/25
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  62. What was life under lockdown like for south Auckland students?2020/05/22
    Finally tonight, after seven weeks off, students returned to school this week.
    But what was life like under lockdown for young New Zealanders?
    RNZ Youth Affairs Reporter Katie Doyle went to Auckland's Papatoetoe High School to find out.
  63. Canterbury DHB member slams hospital upgrade2020/05/22
    A Canterbury DHB member says it will be on the heads of government ministers if they accept a "train wreck" of a building at Christchurch hospital.
    The DHB's voted to accept a five storey $150 million ward block after its $440 million plan was knocked back.
    Phil Pennington reports.
  64. CAA saga worsens with news of financial pressure2020/05/22
    The country's beleaguered aviation watchdog - still reeling from a scathing report on its dysfunctional internal culture made public on Thursday - is also under financial pressure.
    Some in the industry are calling for a complete overhaul for the Civil Aviation Authority. Ruth Hill reports.
  65. Can National win 2020 election under new leadership?2020/05/22
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  66. Wily stoat on the loose pest-free Motukorea-Browns Island2020/05/22
    A wily stoat is on the loose on one of Auckland's pest free islands - Motukorea/Browns Island.
    It was first detected back in March and despite dozens of traps and cameras being set up, it's so far proven elusive.
    RNZ reporter Sarah Robson and visual journalist Dan Cook headed to the island to try and track it down.
  67. Auckland Council $500m short after Covid-19 closures2020/05/22
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  68. Simon Bridges' two years as National Party leader2020/05/22
    After just two years as National's leader, Simon Bridges has been forced to step aside after losing the support of his colleagues.
    It's been a tumultuous ride for the Tauranga MP who never quite gelled with the public or some members of his own party.
    Conan Young looks back on some of the highs and lows of his time as leader.
  69. Todd Muller 'gives National a much better chance' - Linda Clark2020/05/22
    National has ushered in its new leadership but have they picked the people who can win the election in 120 days?
    For more on this Lisa Owen is joined by Dentons Kensington Swan partner and former political editor Linda Clark.
  70. Evening business for 22 May 20202020/05/22
    News from the business sector, including a market report.
  71. New National Party leader Todd Muller talks to Lisa Owen2020/05/22
    New National Party leader Todd Muller talks to Lisa Owen about his new job.
  72. Simon Bridges out, Todd Muller in - New Zealanders react to new National leader2020/05/22
    What do New Zealanders make of National's new leader Todd Muller, and departing leader Simon Bridges?
    We asked people in Wellington and Christchurch.
  73. Todd Muller, Nikki Kaye face media - political analysis2020/05/22
    The National Party's new leader Todd Muller and deputy Nikki Kaye faced media on Friday afternoon for their first media conference in their new roles.
    RNZ political editor Jane Patterson joins Lisa Owen with her analysis of the day.
  74. Todd Muller takes National leadership - what happened on Friday2020/05/22
    Simon Bridges has been toppled as the leader of the National Party - with the caucus installing a relative unknown Todd Muller to take over heading into the election.
    The coup played out behind closed doors at Parliament on Friday.
    Deputy political editor Craig McCulloch has the details.
  75. Seymour welcomes possibility of third ACT seat in Parliament2020/05/21
    The 1 News Colmar Brunton poll shows Labour at 59 percent and National at 29 percent.
    While it was all bad for National, it's a different story for ACT who is up at around two percent.
    Leader David Seymour talks to Lisa Owen.
  76. Wellington bar owners urge locals to return for a drink2020/05/21
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  77. National dives in polls - political analysis with Tau Henare, David Cormack2020/05/21
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  78. Another political poll bad news for National and Bridges2020/05/21
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  79. Students keen to get back into sports under level 22020/05/21
    With schools back, antsy students are wondering when they can pull on their boots and get back on the sports field.
    Schools and amateur sports bodies are hopeful competitions can return in about a month, but right now mass gatherings - as sports are - are limited to 10 people.
    Winter sports seasons aren't lost, but will look a little different to before.
    Jordan Bond reports.
  80. Man was offered no support after psychiatric care - family2020/05/21
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  81. Call for A-grade taskforce to keep pace with Australia's Covid-19 economic recovery 2020/05/21
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  82. Air Force called to help search for missing trampers in Kahurangi National Park2020/05/21
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  83. Evening business for 21 May 20202020/05/21
    News from the business sector, including a market report.
  84. Drinks from a distance - bars reopen under level 22020/05/21
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  85. Toxic culture of bullying, harassment at CAA - review2020/05/21
    A damning ministerial review into the Civil Aviation Authority released on Thursday reveals a toxic culture of bullying and harassment.
    The agency, which is tasked with the job of keeping New Zealanders safe in the air, says it's taking the findings on board.
    An "old boy's club" is how one former CAA inspector has described the culture to RNZ.
    Ruth Hill reports.
  86. Four-day working week idea met with mixed reactions2020/05/21
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  87. Four days of zero new Covid-19 cases in NZ, when is level 1?2020/05/21
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  88. National leadership showdown in wake of devastating poll2020/05/21
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  89. Simon Bridges 'the one they have to stick with' - Jami-Lee Ross2020/05/20
    "As hard as it is for me to say, I reckon Simon Bridges probably is the one they have to stick with," ex-National MP Jami-Lee Ross told Checkpoint, in discussing the leadership of the National Party.
    He said Bridges needs Collins and Mitchell's support to stay in leadership.
  90. Govt's Covid-19 tracing app criticised as clunky, too late2020/05/20
    The government's Covid Tracing app is being criticised as clunky, too late, and having little benefit on top of what is already out there.
    The much anticipated app was released last night and aims to make contact tracing easier - the government claims that as of this afternoon 92,000 people had registered to use it.
    Checkpoint reporter Logan Church has the details.
  91. Simon Bridges 'too political' at times as National leader - Chester Borrows2020/05/20
    How will the National Party leadership spill play out in Wellington on Friday?
    Former National MP Chester Borrows joins Lisa Owen to discuss the prospects.
  92. What does Tauranga think of Todd Muller?2020/05/20
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  93. More lives at risk in mental health units - grieving parents2020/05/20
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  94. Evening business for 20 May 20202020/05/20
    News from the business sector, including a market report.
  95. Potato price spike blamed on closed shops under lockdown2020/05/20
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  96. Covid-19: 1,500 jobs on the line at Fletcher Building2020/05/20
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  97. Elderly Mangawhai couple may lose home in long-running rates dispute2020/05/20
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  98. Air NZ cabin crew on furlough: Hibernation or hostage-taking?2020/05/20
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  99. Man killed by police still in driver's seat when shots fired2020/05/20
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  100. Simon Bridges calls for National leadership vote on Friday2020/05/20
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  101. Taxpayers may be liable if Taranaki oil ship spills2020/05/19
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  102. Covid-19 in New Zealand - the numbers on Tuesday2020/05/19
    It is another day of no new cases of covid-19 in New Zealand.
    There have been no more deaths and two people remain in hospital. But New Zealand's overall tally has increased by four, to 1503, as the Director-general of Health Ashley Bloomfield explains.
  103. Peters appeals High Court ruling over pension leak2020/05/19
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  104. NZQA in talks about university entrance requirements after lockdown - Holsted2020/05/19
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  105. International travel may not bounce back for five years - IATA2020/05/19
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  106. Whakairo teachers welcome govt $7.6m to keep the art alive2020/05/19
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  107. Evening business for 19 May 20202020/05/19
    News from the business sector, including a market report.
  108. Treasury no-show at Epidemic Response Committee 'unacceptable' - National2020/05/19
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  109. Jim Bolger backs Todd Muller as potential National leader2020/05/19
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  110. Aucklanders' views on National Leader Simon Bridges2020/05/19
    People on the streets of Auckland say Simon Bridges' performance over the past few months has been disappointing and he has got to go.
    Checkpoint heard from people in Newmarket and Mount Roskill. Many were keen to see Mr Bridges replaced as leader.
  111. National leadership in question after disaster poll result2020/05/19
  112. Charity joins growing crowd urging Air NZ for much-needed refunds2020/05/19
  113. Super Rugby returns, but not as we know it2020/05/18
  114. Covid-19: No new cases again in NZ but Bloomfield warns vigilance2020/05/18
  115. Some anxious parents as children return to school under level 22020/05/18
  116. Covid-19: Schools, ECEs reopen after eight weeks2020/05/18
  117. Labour surges, National plummets in Newshub-Reid Research poll2020/05/18
  118. Cardinal John Dew welcomes review of church gathering rules2020/05/18
  119. Cell tower arsons putting lives at risk - telecommunications companies2020/05/18
  120. Under lockdown, NZ population became 5 million2020/05/18
  121. Evening business for 18 May 20202020/05/18
  122. Air NZ refunds cancelled flights transitting through US2020/05/18
  123. WHO Covid-19 inquiry about learning, not blame - Ardern2020/05/18
  124. What does ECE teacher funding boost mean for kindergartens?2020/05/18
  125. Top pay band restored for early childhood teachers2020/05/18
  126. Covid-19: Back to school, but things are a little different2020/05/18
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