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  1. Talking Turkey2017/12/22
    About 90 percent of the 200,000 turkeys farmed in NZ every year are eaten at Christmas, so it's a busy time of the year for Kyle and Monique Smith of Crozier's Free-Range Turkeys.
  2. Popular Cape Palliser2017/12/22
    The tiny fishing village of Ngawi, on Wairarapa's south coast, has found itself on the tourist trail. Thousands of tourists now pass through as they head out to Cape Palliser; stopping along the way to watch seals sunning themselves on the rocks and bulldozers launching and landing the crayfish boats.
  3. Cultivate Christchurch2017/12/22
    Earthquake demolition work in Christchurch has made way for an urban farm that is equipping young people with life and work skills.
  4. Regional Wrap2017/12/22
    There will be no asparagus on the Christmas dinner table in Horowhenua - moisture stress has left the plants tired and sad. Most people have completed the final wire lift in vineyards across the top of the South Island and are into leaf plucking and foliage spraying.
  5. Country Life for 22 December 20172017/12/22
    An urban farm in Christchurch is equipping young people with life and work skills.. a tiny fishing village on Wairarapa's south coast that has found itself on the tourist trail.. and talking turkey with poultry farmers in Ashburton.
  6. Inundated and Indisposed A Story of Flood Recovery: Part Two2017/12/15
    Farmland is still falling into the Rangitaiki River, some river flats still can't be grazed. The local farmers say something has to be done because they can't keep farming like this.
  7. La Vie en Rose2017/12/15
    Steve Moffatt's parents were the first commercial rose growers in New Zealand, starting in 1949. Business has blossomed since Steve joined in 1972, and now they're cutting more than 3 million stems a year.
  8. Inundated and Indisposed - A Story of Flood Recovery: Part One2017/12/15
    in April, hundreds of hectares of farmland were underwater and thousands of cows were trucked to other regions. Country Life discovers many farmers are still picking up the pieces.
  9. On the road with Sister Christine2017/12/15
    Meet Sister Christine Henry. She is a Brisbane nun and registered nurse who has spent the past 10 years travelling more than 950,000 kilometres to help families in the bush.
  10. Regional Wrap2017/12/15
    Most of the North Island hoped in vain for passing thunder storms to drop rain this week, but only Gisborne, parts of Hawkes Bay and Wairarapa were lucky. In the South Island rain did fall in Canterbury but for many it was too little too late. Even the West Coast held a pre-drought meeting this week.
  11. Full Episode for Friday December 15, 20172017/12/15
    Inundated and Indisposed: A Story of Flood Recover Part One, Inundated and Indisposed: A Story of Flood Recover Part Two, La Vie en Rose, On the road with Sister Christine and the Regional Wrap.
  12. Blades of Glory2017/12/08
    Allan and Phil Oldfield are professional blade shearers from Geraldine. Shearing has taken Allan around the world in the past year. While shearing a mob of finn-cross sheep at Russell Brodie's farm at Rangitata in South Canterbury, they enlighten Cosmo Kentish-Barnes about the art of shearing with giant scissors.
  13. Meaty Mushrooms2017/12/08
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  14. Forests for Farmers2017/12/08
    The Forest Owners Association says there are terrific opportunities for farmers to get into forestry now the government's announced an ambitious scheme to plant an extra billion trees in the next decade.
  15. Regional Wrap2017/12/08
    The East Coast's been warm with no wind which farmers have loved but they're all mindful it's getting dry. That's not reflected in sale yard prices yet however, the store market for lambs and cattle is strong. The top of the South Island is very dry. Farmers are flat out weaning lambs and trading cattle are going to the works as everyone gets down to capital stock.
  16. California Wild Fires2017/12/08
    John Grether grows 400 hectares of mandarins, lemons and avocados in California's Ventura County. For the time being his orchard is safe from the raging wild fires but some of the people he works with have lost their homes.
  17. Full Episode for Friday December 8, 20172017/12/08
    Blades of Glory, Meaty Mushrooms, Forests for Farmers, California Wild Fires and the Regional Wrap.
  18. Wairere rams - tough nuts2017/12/01
    A careful breeding programme in the tough Wairarapa Hill country produces hardy rams that can cope with most conditions the New Zealand countryside throws at them.
  19. The Drunken Nanny2017/12/01
    Wairarapa sheep and beef farming couple Amanda and Lindsey Goodman have now added dairy goats to the mix. Lindsey squeezes in milking once a day and Amanda makes award-winning fresh goats cheese.
  20. Regional Wrap2017/12/01
    Northland has had a good week with sunshine during the day and showers at night. There is enough rain to keep pasture ticking over which means there's still good demand for store cattle at the sale yards. Feed is tight and dryland crops are showing moisture stress in parts of Canterbury that had no rainfall in November.
  21. Food for Thought2017/12/01
    Emma Johnson has edited and complied a book that looks at how our food impacts our culture and the people involved in creating local food identities. Kai and Culture - Food stories from Aotearoa is published by Freerange Press in Christchurch.
  22. Full Episode for Friday December 1, 20172017/12/01
    Wairere Rams - Tough Nuts, The Drunken Nanny, Kai and Culture and the Regional Wrap
  23. Learning on the Land2017/11/24
    In 1952, Edmund Jeff gifted his 2424 hectare property to the Salvation Army to be used for training underprivileged youths in agriculture. It's still a training farm 65 years on.
  24. Active in AI2017/11/24
    Don Shaw is an AI Technician which means at this time of the year he is up early visiting dairy farms every morning inseminating cows that have come on heat. It's a job thousands of people do between September and December. Not many would be in their 70's. Don is. He's 79 years old has no plans to retire just yet.
  25. Meet Zespri's new CEO2017/11/24
    The new CEO of kiwifruit marketing organisation Zespri has 15 years experience marketing kiwifruit and is currently based in Singapore. Dan Mathieson sees it as an innovative move by the company to have an offshore CEO.
  26. Regional Wrap2017/11/24
    Hot, calm days are suiting bees on orchards, but Hawkes Bay hasn't had any significant rain for six or seven weeks and it needs some. Eastern Marlborough is drying up too so farmers are offloading lambs and surplus ewes.
  27. Full Episode for Friday November 24, 20172017/11/24
    Learning on the Land, Active in AI, Zespri's New CEO and the Regional Wrap.
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