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  1. Rearing to go: the West Coast dairy farm in full swing2018/08/31
    The busy calving season is in full swing at Mark and Debbie Van Beek's dairy farm near Hokitika on the West Coast. The 50/50 sharemilkers, who run 500 cows, were finalists for in this year's Ahuwhenua Excellence in Māori Farming award.
  2. Playing with fire: the Kiwi chilli sauce "punching above its weight"2018/08/31
    Kiwis have developed a hearty appetite for hot sauces, says Clint Meyer, who grows New Zealand's hottest chillies near Waimamaku for his award-winning Fire Dragon Chillies sauces.
  3. $30m for Dairy Goat Research2018/08/31
    A Primary Growth Partnership programme between the government and the Waikato-based Dairy Goat Co-operative will see $29.6 million dollars funnelled into research in the hope it'll lead to an almost doubling of the co-op's export revenue.
  4. Regional Wrap2018/08/31
    Waikato farms are very wet underfoot and farmers are waiting for a spring surge in grass growth. In Canterbury winter feed paddocks are being planted into a range of crops and spring fertiliser is being applied.
  5. ABC Rural correspondent, Brett Worthington2018/08/31
    Rainfall levels have been the lowest for some time in Victoria and what do rural communities and farmers think about their new PM?
  6. Full Episode for Friday August 31 20182018/08/31
    It's calving time on dairy farms so to find out how it's going and the work involved, Country Life's heading to Mark and Debbie Van Beek's farm near Hokitika on the West Coast. Also... Clint Meyer is growing New Zealand's hottest chillies near Waimamaku in the Far North... and turning them into sauces.
  7. Gone troppo: the Northland couple growing bananas, pineapples and coffee2018/08/24
    Tropical fruits cope extremely well in New Zealand conditions, says Linda Schafli. She and her husband Owen grow bananas, pineapples and coffee on a seven-hectare property east of Whangarei.
  8. Sophie Barnes: the English urbanite turned Kiwi sheep farmer2018/08/24
    Sophie Barnes was supposed to be an architect whose life changed the day she helped deliver a lamb. Now the 26-year-old lives on a farm near Taumarunui.
  9. Is it time Kiwi farmers went bananas?2018/08/24
    Hugh Rose wants New Zealanders to plant bananas. With more growers on board, we could be self-sufficient in our favourite fruit within ten years, the Tropical Fruit Growers of NZ chair says.
  10. Regional Wrap2018/08/24
    Many North Island regions are swimming in water again after heavy downpours this week, while in Central Otago apricot trees are in full blossom
  11. 1080 and Humans2018/08/24
    Professor of Toxicology, Ian Shaw says 1080 doesn't cause cancer and explains the effects of 1080 on humans.
  12. Full Episode for Friday August 24 20182018/08/24
    Northland banana growers reckon New Zealand could be self sufficient in bananas in less than ten years. Juicy pineapples are possible too.
  13. A Currant Affair: the couple behind NZ's biggest blackcurrant business2018/08/17
    Tony and Afsaneh Howey have the largest certified organic blackcurrant farm in New Zealand. The South Canterbury couple produce the fruit for their ViBERi range of food products and supplements.
  14. The Taranaki duck farmer who got through chemo by eating duck eggs2018/08/17
    When Country Life visited Dawn Bendall it was a good day for ducks. It was hosing down and Dawn's 380 pekin ducks were in heaven. The ducks bury their eggs and every morning Dawn digs for them in the laying shed of her Taranaki farm.
  15. From jodhpurs to jerseys: Olympic equestrian and devoted dairy farmer Matthew Grayling2018/08/17
    Matthew Grayling hopes to keep competing on the world equestrian stage — as long as it doesn't coincide with calving season.
  16. Regional Wrap2018/08/17
    Waikato farms on heavy soils are pugging again following more rain. The fabulous weather pattern just keeps on coming for Canterbury and it's making lambing, calving and ground preparation for spring crops very easy.
  17. Full Episode for Friday August 17 20182018/08/17
    Currant Affairs, Delving for Duck Eggs, Jodphurs and Jerseys - dairy farmer and equestrian Matthew Grayling and The Regional Wrap.
  18. A fruitful partnership: Kerikeri horticulturalists Alan and Helen Thompson2018/08/10
    The Thompsons have just planted 15 hectares of kiwifruit trees and 4,000 Yen Ben lemon trees on their Kerikeri property. Back in 2008, the couple tried to retire, but it only lasted six months.
  19. Peter Kitchen: the agricultural engineer who doesn't miss a beet2018/08/10
    Peter's most successful creation to date is a beet harvesting bucket for tractors. His BEETBOSS attracted worldwide interest recently when a YouTube video of some 'rugged bucket action' went viral.
  20. Regional Wrap2018/08/10
    Grass is growing in most North Island areas with warmer than normal soil temperatures. Farmers in Marlborough are break feeding stock and calving is in full swing on most South Island dairy farms.
  21. European Farming Insights2018/08/10
    Former RNZ Rural News reporter Alexa Cook is traveling through Europe with her partner. She tells Cosmo about the farming observations she has made in Ireland and Scotland.
  22. Full Episode for Friday August 10 20182018/08/10
    A fruitful mix of businesses based near Kerikeri, an agricultural engineer in Timaru who's invented a beet harvesting bucket for tractors and farming insights from Ireland and Scotland with former RNZ rural reporter Alexa Cook.
  23. Growing our future farmers2018/08/03
    Rural Women New Zealand's education spokesperson wants schools to adopt a farmer. Sue Higgins believes it could help encourage students to consider farming as a career. The Wakefield sheep and beef farmer says capturing the curiosity of young children is the key to filling gaps in the agricultural workforce.
  24. Under FiveHundy: The Far North's Okaihau2018/08/03
    Thousands celebrated the town's 150 years this Easter. Locals say the schooling is marvellous and house prices have increased in the past year with new faces on the street.
  25. Australian Drought Bites2018/08/03
    Charles Murray's Quirindi farm is parched. He's never seen a drought like it and has been feeding out to his stock for three years.
  26. Regional Wrap2018/08/03
    The North Island is generally quite mild while Marlborough has a flush of lambs arriving.
  27. The accommodation website for people who like to holiday off the beaten track2018/08/03
    Michele and Roy Connell are looking for "off roadies" to review the 100 accommodation spots on their website Off The Beaten Track.
  28. Full Episode for Friday August 3 20182018/08/03
    Growing our future farmers, Under FiveHundy: The Far North's Okaihau, Australian Drought Bites, Off Roadies and the Regional Wrap.
  29. The high-end swing business with its HQ in King Country2018/07/27
    A former cabinetmaker who first crafted a swing for his daughter out of a deck chair will send 3,000 swings around the world this year.
  30. Elking out a living in mid-Canterbury2018/07/27
    Grant Hasse is building a niche herd of "typical antlered" elk and wapiti on his Hororata farm. So far, he has 130 and makes a good income from venison and velvet.
  31. The life of a 16-year-old poultry breeder2018/07/27
    Laura Inglis has been taking purebred chickens and ducks to local poultry competitions for as long as she can remember. The 16-year-old has a menagerie of over 100 feathered friends at her parents' farmlet near Nelson.
  32. Regional Wrap2018/07/27
    Hopes are high for a good lambing on the North Island's East Coast, Marlborough's had enough rain for now, and in Central Otago there's been some growth.
  33. Setting the Standard2018/07/27
    Midlands Apiaries' Adam Boot is all for manuka honey sold domestically having to meet the same standards as manuka honey sent overseas.
  34. Full Episode for Friday July 27, 20182018/07/27
    Making swing seats in the small King Country town on Matiere, a 16 year old poultry breeder, Elk and wapiti farming in Canterbury.
  35. Forage Herbs for Farms2018/07/20
    Ruapuna farmers Grant and Jan Early are working with Dairy NZ on a six-year research project to reduce nitrate leaching from soil and degrading water quality.
  36. Undie Fivehundy: Owaka2018/07/20
    In the new series Undie Fivehundy, the Country Life team visit rural communities with populations under 500. First stop, Owaka – the gateway to the Catlins.
  37. Regional Wrap2018/07/20
    Many North Island regions are feeling very sodden, although a milder week in King Country raised soil temperatures and put a green tinge on low pasture covers. Grape pruning continues in Marlborough. One grower says his 35 hectare block near Seddon will be finished by the end of next week.
  38. European Farming Insights2018/07/20
    Former RNZ Rural News reporter Alexa Cook is travelling through Europe with her boyfriend. She tells Cosmo about the farming observations she has made in Portugal and southern Spain.
  39. Full Episode for Friday July 20, 20182018/07/20
    Forage Herbs for Farms, Undie Fivehundy - Owaka, European Farming Insights and the Regional Wrap.
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