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Country Life

  1. Aria Sports Day: a time-honoured community event in the King Country2019/02/08
    On Waitangi Day, hundreds of King Country residents gathered in the tiny town of Aria for its 115th annual sports day. Some came to compete in dog trials, motocross and egg & spoon races. Some, like 83-year-old Audrey, just sat under the trees watching.
  2. Under FiveHundy: Turakina2019/02/08
    Scottish settlers were so common in the small Whanganui settlement of Turakina that Gaelic was spoken on the streets up until the 1920s. Anglicans played "second fiddle" to Presbyterians in the town for a number of years, according to local historian and part-time vicar John Vickers, but that's all in the past now.
  3. On the farm: What's happening on farms and orchards around NZ2019/02/08
    The North Island is generally coping well with the summer conditions, but in the South Island the Tasman district and Eastern Marlborough are very dry. Irrigation supplies are being restricted.
  4. Making Headway with Hops2019/02/08
    A rundown on how the hop season is progressing with Brent MacGlashen from Mac Hops in Motueka. Harvesting commences mid-February with early varieties such as Pacifica and Taiheke.
  5. Full Episode for Friday February 8 20192019/02/08
    Aria Sports Day, Under FiveHundy: Turakina, Making Headway with Hops and the Regional Wrap.
  6. Old looms in Oamaru produce fine fabrics for today2019/02/01
    Oamaru artisans Rod and Sue McLean use heritage looms to produce hand woven and stitched textiles. The fabrics, made mostly from locally sourced wool, are woven on Yorkshire-made Hattersley weaving looms.
  7. Up and go on an Ubco, the Kiwi-designed utility bike2019/02/01
    The New Zealand designers of the Ubco utility bike reckon if it can cope with conditions on a New Zealand dairy farm it can cope with anything. The white electric bikes are now being sent to the USA, the UK and to Australia.
  8. Talking about Tree Lucerne2019/02/01
    An AgResearch scientist working on a project to help farmers get the most out of a plant most often found on roadsides and in waste areas is hoping to see much more of it on the other side of the fence.
  9. On the farm: Our guide to what's happening around rural New Zealand2019/02/01
    Both the North and South Islands have been dripping under sweltering temperatures but generally the North Island farms have good amounts of feed. In Canterbury spring barley is going off for Gladfield malt.
  10. Record Prices for Ewes2019/02/01
    Suz Bremner from AgriHQ says apart from wool, sheep farmers have good reason to be happy right now.
  11. Full Episode for Friday February 1 20192019/02/01
    Old Looms Make Fine Fabric, Ubco Bikes, Tree Lucerne, Stock prices.
  12. The Waikato couple walking the sustainability talk2019/01/25
    Rural Waikato couple Vicky and Ruairi Kelly are stepping up their efforts to live sustainably on less than half a hectare of land.
  13. Life at Isolation Station2019/01/25
    Noel Moleta was brought up on D'Urville Island in the Marlborough Sounds and has been farming sheep on an isolated property at nearby Titirangi Bay for four decades.
  14. Regional Wrap2019/01/25
    What's happening on farms and orchards around New Zealand? Each week Radio New Zealand’s Country Life reporters talk to people in rural areas across the country to find out.
  15. When the Spore Counts2019/01/25
    Vet and researcher Winston Mason says many dairy farmers are failing to prevent facial eczema despite taking measures to keep it at bay.
  16. Country Life for 25 January 20192019/01/25
    Ruairi Kelly and his wife Vicky have upped their efforts to live as sustainably as possible. They raise pigs and goats for meat and grow all the fruit and vegetables they need on less than half a hectare. Country Life's also with an organic sheep farmer who is tempted to revert to conventional farming.
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