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  1. MPI Responds2018/07/13
    MPI Director of Response Geoff Gwyn says MPI is working closely with Henk Smith to address his concerns.
  2. Mycoplasma bovis notice to cull: Farmer Henk Smit faces 800-cow loss2018/07/13
    Henk Smit is hurting. M Bovis has been found in his herd and that means culling 800 calves and cows from two farms. He's finding attending to the paperwork and dealing with agencies managing the response to the disease exhausting and frustrating.
  3. Farmers' native bush restoration woos tourists to New Zealand's tiny Pepin island2018/07/13
    Pepin Island near Nelson was bought by a German business woman in 1996 for two million dollars. She employed local farmers Andrew and Nicki Newton to manage the scenic 521 hectare sheep and beef property and they've been there ever since.
  4. Farm Succession Feedback2018/07/13
    Rural law specialist Ian Blackman believes there is a clear cut way to make sure land is transferred fairly to the next generation.
  5. Counting Heads2018/07/13
    Every year for the past 18 years, Welsh farmer Rhys Howatson has spent a few weeks in New Zealand pregnancy scanning sheep. He's scanned millions of them.
  6. Regional Wrap2018/07/13
    Gisborne has had a couple of frosts and quite strong nor-west winds. Karamea, on the South Island's West Coast, had a mid-week down pour of about 150 millimetres.
  7. Full Episode for Friday July 13 20182018/07/13
    Testing Times - Farming with M Bovis and MPI Responds, Peace on Pepin, Counting Heads, Farm Succession feedback and the Regional Wrap.
  8. How two 'townies' became premium dairy farmers2018/07/06
    Canterbury dairy farmers Wendy and Lance Main are former 'townies'. After working their way up the share-milking ladder, the couple now produce premium milk on their own 250 hectares near Oxford.
  9. Lon Johnson and Gilly Darbey: the joys and challenges of rural life2018/07/06
    Organic garlic growers Lon and Gilly eke out a living in Central Otago. To make ends meet, Lon has sometimes chopped wood and washed dishes, while Gilly has shifted cattle breaks and painted t-shirts.
  10. How does a farmer know when to retire?2018/07/06
    It's empowering for farmers to be realistic about how many good working years might be ahead of them, says 72-year-old farm business consultant Don Fraser.
  11. Regional Wrap2018/07/06
    There was sunshine amidst the mist in Northland on Friday morning. Feed levels on farms are very low. Dairy farmers in Canterbury are getting very close to calving with many reporting to already having a few calves on the ground.
  12. Opportunities for NZ's Arable Farmers2018/07/06
    Federated Farmers new national board member, Karen Williams, would like to see more New Zealand grown grains used in our food.
  13. Full Episode for Friday July 6 June 120182018/07/06
    Lait of the Land, Love in a Cold Climate, Family Matters Opportunities for NZ's Arable Farmers and the Regional Wrap.
  14. Riverside: a community of pastoral peacekeepers2018/06/29
    The Riverside Community near Nelson is the oldest intentional community in New Zealand. Most of its members work on the property and share their earnings and expenses.
  15. Rain drops have finally fallen on South Africa's Western Cape2018/06/29
    The Western Cape region has been experiencing a three year drought. It could be five years until water levels return to a healthy level.
  16. Tomatoes a la Romano: a Nelson family's tradition2018/06/29
    The Romano family have been growing tomatoes in Nelson since the 1940s. Bettina Romano's father-in-law Tony taught her the tricks of the trade and she now grows and sells an heirloom variety at the Nelson farmers market.
  17. Regional Wrap2018/06/29
    Waikato has been cold, wet and miserable but there have been three good frosts. Ewe scanning is in full swing in Marlborough and results are up about 10 per cent on last year.
  18. Full Episode for Friday June 29, 20182018/06/29
    Pastoral Peacekeepers, Tasty Tomatoes, Rain drops have finally fallen on South Africa's Western Cape and the regional Wrap.
  19. The Not-Lonely Goatherd2018/06/22
    Tapawera dairy goat farmer Tracy Hay has given each of her hundred or so kids a name. The self-confessed 'goatie' has hand-raised Tinkerbell, Treasure, Tambourine and Truffle et al so that they are completely focused on her.
  20. High country farming with a live audience2018/06/22
    Every one of the estimated 100,000 tourists heading to Mount Aspiring National Park each year travel through Randall Aspinall farm. When tourists spot his stock in the river, he'll sometimes hear about it on the news.
  21. Could dung beetles save our waterways?2018/06/22
    Dung beetles are a natural and efficient way to to get nutrients down into the soil, keeps pastures clean and, in turn, help mitigate runoff into streams, says Dr Shaun Fogie of Dung Beetle Innovations.
  22. Regional Wrap2018/06/22
    It has been so wet in Gisborne that farm bikes can't be used in places and farmers are having to saddle up their horses. Marlborough started off wet and ended with frost and a fresh skiff of snow on the ranges.
  23. No Calves, Thanks2018/06/22
    Federated Farmers in Bay of Plenty has asked schools to exclude calves from their annual Ag days.
  24. Full Episode for Friday June 22, 20182018/06/22
    No Kidding Around. Tourist Traffic, Underground Army, No Calves Thanks and the Regional Wrap.
  25. 50 years at Fieldays: Part Two2018/06/15
    Geoff Laurent credits the agricultural event Fieldays with helping him grow his farming and veterinary equipment business into a multi-million dollar enterprise. He's been every year since it began.
  26. KPMG Agribusiness Agenda 20182018/06/15
    KPMG released its ninth Agribusiness Agenda at Mystery Creek this week. In forming the report authors talk to leaders from every primary sector you can think of.
  27. 50 years at Fieldays: Part One2018/06/15
    Sir William Gallagher won't miss a Fieldays – he's been at all 50 of them. And he's not alone. Country Life meets Sir William and some other exhibitors who come back to the agriculture event year after year.
  28. The Rural Catch Version of the Regional Wrap2018/06/15
    Five contestants from the National Fieldays Rural Catch of the Year competition talk about conditions on the land and their love of farming.
  29. Ravensdown Agricultural Communicator of the Year2018/06/15
    Mike Peterson is the Ravensdown Agricultural Communicator of the Year for 2018. Mike is New Zealand's Special Agricultural Trade Envoy, a role he's held for five years.
  30. Full Episode for Friday June 15 20182018/06/15
    Meet exhibitors who've attended all 50 National Ag Fieldays, KPMG releases its 2018 Agribusiness Agenda, Mike Petersen Ravensdown Ag Communicator of the Year.

  31. The ex-university lecturers offering free environmental education2018/06/08
    Errol Wood and Kelvin Nicolle believe that the best way for today's teenagers to learn about the environment is to be in the environment. They run environmental outreach programme for school and community groups in Canterbury.
  32. Milking it: from cows to sheep2018/06/08
    Spring Sheep Milk is setting up two sheep milking pilot farms in Waikato. One is a greenfield development, one a cow farm conversion.
  33. ABC Rural Correspondent2018/06/08
    Brett Worthington talks about Canadian dairy giant Saputo taking over the last dairy co-op in Australia, fine wool prices and drought.
  34. Regional Wrap2018/06/08
    Parts of Waikato had 100 millimetres of rain at the weekend and there was surface flooding. Pruning is underway on all fruit crops in the Nelson / Motueka region.
  35. A river of debris2018/06/08
    Last week's torrential rain dumped one million tonnes of forest debris on Tolaga Bay farms. Even mature trees wouldn't have stayed standing in those conditions, forest experts say.
  36. Full Episode for Friday June 8, 20182018/06/08
    Stream of Consciousness, Milking It: From Cows to Sheep, ABC Rural Correspondent, A River of Debris and the Regional Wrap.
  37. The Golden Ride2018/06/01
    No-one really knew if the Hauraki Rail Trail would be successful, but now the trail's hub town Paeroa has a new motel, new cafes and cycle rental businesses.
  38. McPhee's Dorpers2018/06/01
    Canterbury vet Jim McPhee runs a Dorper sheep stud on his small farm near Darfield. The meat-focused Dorper is attracting interest from farmers because the breed sheds their own wool, which eliminates the cost of shearing.
  39. Tasty new NZ apricots are on their way2018/06/01
    Disappointing apricots could be a thing of the past thanks to the work of Plant and Food Research scientists in Clyde. They're breeding new apricot cultivars that should be a hit with both consumers and growers.
  40. Regional Wrap2018/06/01
    Apple pruning is well underway in Hawkes Bay in cold but excellent conditions. Winter has arrived in Canterbury bringing with it frosts and snow on the mountains.
  41. Concern for Calves2018/06/01
    Ken Eade milks 550 cows with his son Bruce at Kelso in West Otago. Like most other dairy farmers he is concerned about the spread of Mycoplasma Bovis and the potential impact it will have on the family business.
  42. Full Episode for Friday June 1, 20182018/06/01
    Hauraki Cycle Trail, Developing Dorpers, Concern for Calves, Luscious Apricots and the Regional Wrap.
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