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  1. How does a kiwifruit orchard get organic certification?2018/11/30
    Ryan McDonnell comes from a "really heavy spray background" but now manages four organic kiwifruit orchards. Country Life tags along as BioGro auditor Vivienne Cruickshank checks out whether they're up to scratch.
  2. Bridging the Urban/Rural Divide2018/11/30
    Former BBC rural journalist Anna Jones used a Nuffield scholarship to look at how the urban/rural disconnect influences the mainstream media's reporting of farming stories.
  3. On the farm: our guide to what's happening around NZ2018/11/30
    Mainly light winds with some sunshine and showers graced South Auckland. Ideal conditions for strong growth of outdoor crops and the transplanting of new ones. Lamb growth has slowed with the poor weather in Canterbury.
  4. Full Episode for Friday 30 November 20182018/11/30
    Inspecting an Organic Kiwifruit orchard, Learning on the Land, Bridging the Urban/Rural Divide and The Regional Wrap.
  5. Oamaru students learn on the land not to be sheepish2018/11/30
    Agriculture students at Waitaki Boys High are learning practical skills and contributing to research on Fraser Farm – a 20-hectare sheep property that borders their Oamaru school.
  6. Hopping to the beat: drummer turned grower Trevor Courtney2018/11/23
    Trevor Courtney has always liked beer, and now the drummer for '60s band Chants R&B is growing his own hops. After a 40-year music career, Trevor and his wife Lyndsay now have a lifestyle block in North Canterbury where they grow hops plants, heritage apples and saffron and tend two flocks of Wiltshire sheep.
  7. Growing in Gisborne: the future looks as rosy as a Jazz apple2018/11/23
    Business is "going really, really well" at the apple, kiwifruit and grape orchard near Gisborne that Tim Egan co-owns. Apples and kiwifruit are replacing traditional crops like sweet corn, peas and tomatoes in the area – and as a result, there are plenty of horticulture jobs going, he tells Country Life.
  8. Regional Wrap2018/11/23
    Rain in Wairarapa has set the region up for December, but pumps are draining floodwater from Taieri farms in the South Island.
  9. Happy to be in horticulture2018/11/23
    The people are great, the work is varied and the pay is okay, say the crew of nine who work on Illawarra Orchard – a 39-hectare property near Gisborne with apples, grapes and kiwifruit.
  10. Full Episode for Friday November 23 20182018/11/23
    Wild About Hops, Apples and kiwifruit replacing cropping on Poverty Bay flats, Happy Hort Helpers and the Regional Wrap.
  11. Picking up sticks: Tolaga Bay farmers foot the bill for "man-made" flooding2018/11/16
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  12. Mohair, mo' money: farming Angora goats in Canterbury2018/11/16
    Glenn Gamble has a flock of 400 mohair-producing Angora goats on his Canterbury farm. He says their fleece sells for a much higher price than the wool from his crossbred sheep.
  13. Sweet Thistles - Four legged pest control2018/11/16
    AgResearch has set up a trial to see when goats find thistles most palatable. It's hoping they will eat the flowers and prevent thistles seeding.
  14. On the farm: our guide to what's happening around NZ2018/11/16
    Gisborne farmers are thrilled with the prices they're receiving for their lambs - $140 dollars straight off their mothers. Southland arable farmers need the rain to stop.
  15. Full Episode for Friday November 16 20182018/11/16
    Slash litters Tolaga Bay beach and farmers out of pocket; angora goats - love of a man's life and when do goats prefer thistles?
  16. The market gardening couple flourishing in Sefton and on social media2018/11/09
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  17. Horsing Around2018/11/09
    Danielle Power started Accolade Stud three years ago on her 10-acre lifestyle block in Sefton, North Canterbury. The stud is based around her palomino gypsy cob stallion Ballydangan Bo-Shambu. She brought him over from Australia at great expense last year and she is hoping the demand for his progeny will reap financial rewards.
  18. Feedback - Bark beetles a problem? Don't export bark!2018/11/09
    Peter Bielski of Nelson says if export logs were squared up, the bark would be removed and become a resource for us to exploit.
  19. Scarborough Fare: the delicate business of fine herbs2018/11/09
    Each week Scarborough Fare's Jeanette Rea and Pam Maurice pack out a tonne of herbs - that's an awful lot of leaves. The growers, from near Waiuku, have three hectares in fragrant herbs, mostly grown hydroponically. They supply wholesalers who in turn send the herbs to shipping lines and to caterers, cafes and restaurants around the country.
  20. Regional Wrap2018/11/09
    Bay of Plenty's had glorious days. Silage is being cut here too, there's plenty of grass around. The West Coast is mopping up after a deluge. Queenstown had snow in the hills and then 22 degree days.
  21. Fonterra's Open Gates Open Day2018/11/09
    People have flocked to register to visit Fonterra farms this weekend. Three times the number of people who visited open farms last year want to see farming in action this year.
  22. Full Episode for Friday 9 November 20182018/11/09
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  23. The New Buzz on Mustering2018/11/02
    The King Country's John Gray has spent years working with sheep. Now he's combining his skills as a stockman, his trusty dogs and a drone to round up feral goats. Many landowners paying him to clear their goats are now making money from their meat, he says.
  24. Undie FiveHundy: Doyleston2018/11/02
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  25. Spotting Leaf Roll Virus2018/11/02
    Plant and Food Research is using new technologies, including arificial intelligence and sensing technologies, to help detect a damaging virus that secretly takes hold in grape vines.
  26. Regional Wrap2018/11/02
    South Auckland received 50 millimetres or more of rain. It was most welcome but delayed spuds, onion and carrot harvesting. It's been a typical wet and windy October for coastal Southland. It's a battle to get crops in ground.
  27. Taranaki Woman wins Excellence Award2018/11/02
    Jessie Waite works for Federated Farmers.The 26-year-old is one of three winners of the 2018 NZ Young Farmers Excellence Awards recognising members who are leaders, achievers and role models.
  28. Country Life for 2 November 20182018/11/02
    The New Buzz on Mustering, Under FiveHundy - Down in Doyleston, Spotting Leaf Roll Virus, NZ Young Farmers Excellence Award and the Regional Wrap.
  29. The South Taranaki iwi making superfood smoothies with indigenous ingredients2018/10/26
    Kaitahi Native Superfood Company sells a frozen blend of fruit, vegetables, seeds, kūmara, pūhā and kawakawa which you shake with liquid to make an instant smoothie.
  30. The university club lending a hand to Canterbury farmers2018/10/26
    Six uni mates in Canterbury were looking for a way to support farmers under stress... so they set up Handy Landys. It's now a fully functioning club at Lincoln University with more than 50 members.
  31. Graeme Clare, the man breeding a bark beetle army to protect our forestry exports2018/10/26
    Graeme Clare oversees a bark beetle breeding programme that is crucial to protecting the NZ forestry sector. His team supplies thousands of beetles and eggs for fumigation trials - which aim to reduce methyl bromide use and replace it with an alternative.
  32. Regional Wrap2018/10/26
    The North Island is desperately waiting for rain while snow fell on Central Otago ranges. Welcome rain arrived in many South Island regions, but more is needed.
  33. Full Episode for Friday October 26 20182018/10/26
    Breeding Bark Beetles, Lending a Hand, Puha and Kawakawa Smoothies and the Regional Wrap.
  34. Chanelle O'Sullivan is a lot more than just a farmer's wife2018/10/19
    The South Canterbury mother-of-two is developing an educational virtual reality programme with her husband Dave, a support hub for rural start-ups in Timaru and on the side is a marketing specialist and social media maven running the super-successful Facebook pages Farming Mums NZ and Just a Farmer's Wife.
  35. International comment with Special Trade Envoy2018/10/19
    Mike Peterson says rules around the use of the weed killer glyphosate are likely to change and US President's China trade block could have an impact on our beef and dairy exports.
  36. Brexit: The Impact of a No-Deal2018/10/19
    Jeff Grant is New Zealand's representative in London keeping an eye on Brexit negotiations and what they may mean for our red meat exports to the UK and EU.
  37. Regional Wrap2018/10/19
    In Waikato cows are milking well, maize is going in, silage is being cut, asparagus is shooting away. Farmers in South Otago are preparing paddocks for winter crops.
  38. Heilala Vanilla: ten years of Tongan vanilla via Tauranga2018/10/19
    Jennifer Boggiss is working to put Tonga on the world vanilla map. She's the CEO and co-founder of Heilala Vanilla, a Tauranga company celebrating its tenth birthday this year. Heilala's vanilla pods are grown on a 60-hectare plantation on the small island of ʻEua, and they've just planted another 100 acres on the main island of Utu Vavaʻu in partnership with a local grower.
  39. Full Episode for Friday October 19 20182018/10/19
    The Country Life team finds out about the impact Brexit is having on British lamb and chicken producers; New Zealand's Special Trade Envoy Mike Peterson fills us in on what's happening with the use of glyphosate around the world... And a Temuka woman is developing a virtual reality based programme to promote primary industry careers. She also runs a very popular facebook page for farming mums.
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