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  1. A Helping Hand from Hemp2019/08/09
    Dave and Anne Jordan say the world would benefit from the widespread planting and use of hemp. They have been working for more than a decade to build a hemp industry in New Zealand.
  2. Riding High in the Saddle2019/08/09
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  3. Alternative Proteins - What's at steak?2019/08/09
    Agricultural economist Barnett Sporkin-Morrison says there's been a growth in the availability of alternative proteins in the United States but not a wholsale shift away from meat. He says consumers are taking a 'flexitarian' approach often choosing to eat the new products sometimes but not always.
  4. Regional Wrap2019/08/09
    It's been wet and warm in northern parts of the North Island. Lambs are appearing in Canterbury and calving is in full swing on dairy farms.
  5. Full Episode for Friday August 9 20192019/08/09
    A Helping Hand from Hemp, Riding High in the Saddle, Alternative Proteins - What's at Steak? and the Regional Wrap.
  6. Southland farmer develops water monitoring system2019/08/02
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  7. Richard Logan, a gravedigger for animals2019/08/02
    Richard Logan has buried "anything on two legs or more" – from emus, huge bulls and llamas to racehorses, Clydesdales, sheep, donkeys and dogs.
  8. Battling on in the NSW drought2019/08/02
    Greg Jerry is spending up to $15,000 a month to feed the remaining stock on his farm in north west NSW. He dreads what he will find when he goes out onto the farm each day.
  9. Regional Wrap2019/08/02
    Pukekohe has had near perfect winter growing conditions and vegetables are in heavy supply. Pruning is in full swing in Marlborough's vineyards while on high country properties merinos are on winter rotation.
  10. Full Episode for Friday August 2 20192019/08/02
    A Southland farmer Ray McCrostie is on a quest to better understand and improve the land under his gumboots. He's lending a hand to a scientist and an automation engineer who are developing a low cost, portable water-quality monitoring station for farmers...
  11. Farming – the Morrison family business2019/07/26
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  12. French cattle thriving on Banks Peninsula2019/07/26
    Tai Tapu farmers Brent and Anna Fisher are recognised as some of New Zealand's top breeders of beefy Charolais cattle. The major focus of their breeding programme is to provide bulls to hill and high country farmers.
  13. Goose Numbers Under Threat2019/07/26
    The number of Greenland White Fronted geese is plummeting despite the fact the birds are protected. On Islay, a remote Hebridean island, efforts are being made to find out why.
  14. Regional Wrap2019/07/26
    King Country farmers are spreading out ewes into lambing paddocks and are innoculating them before lambing. Agricultural work has ground to a halt this week while farmers wait for things to dry out in Canterbury.
  15. Saving Lambs2019/07/26
    Dr Clive Dalton says improved fertility in our national sheep flock and lamb mortality rates are linked.
  16. Country Life for 26 July 20192019/07/26
    Morrison Farming, French cattle thriving on Banks Peninsula, the Greenland white fronted goose, Clive Dalton on lamb mortality and the Regional Wrap.

  17. Saving the Waipu goat2019/07/19
    An American woman living in North Canterbury is determined to save a hardy breed of angora goat. "When we came over from Kansas three years ago we did not ever expect, if you were to have asked us, that we'd become goat herders but, here we are!" says Jill Nawrocki.
  18. Farmers Making Burgers2019/07/19
    Five hundred thousand beef patties are made for McDonalds each day in New Zealand. Country Life joins farmers on a tour to see how meat they provide ends up in burgers.
  19. Rural Innovation Lab - Solutions to Farming's Big Challenges2019/07/19
    Manawatu's Rural Innovation Lab will soon select and inject funding into three projects that could transform the primary sector.
  20. Regional Wrap2019/07/19
    The Pukekohe district in Auckland's south has had an unsettled week with rain and showers. Temperatures have been higher than expected in mid-July which means that crops are growing steadily. Central Otago sheep farmers are pre-lamb shearing.
  21. Connecting Seasonal Workers with Growers2019/07/19
    PICMI is the brainchild of Tasman entrepreneur Genevieve Griffin-George. The cloud-based software is designed to simplify the employment process for agricultural seasonal staff. The 28-year-old came up with the concept after experiencing first-hand the challenges associated with hiring and managing seasonal staff at her family's kiwifruit orchard near Motueka.
  22. Full Episode for Friday July 19 20192019/07/19
    Saving the Waipu Goat, Farmers Making Burgers, Wicked Problems - Rural Innovation Lab Seeks Solutions to Farming's Big Challenges, Connecting Seasonal Workers with Growers and the Regional Wrap.
  23. Working smarter not harder - the lean approach to dairying2019/07/12
    When Jana Hocken moved from working as a business consultant in Brussels and Sydney to living on a Manawatu farm she couldn't believe the inefficiencies she saw in dairy farming. She's now practising what she preaches and she and her husband Mat have introduced 'Lean Manufacturing' principles to the farm to cut costs and waste and to keep staff happy.
  24. Under FiveHundy: Kaiwhaiki Pā2019/07/12
    Kaiwhaiki Pa is the largest pa on the Whanganui river. There are 40 homes, a marae and kohanga reo. Kahurangi Simon says growing up there has given him "everything". He says somehow he and his 11 siblings fitted into a two bedroom house. They loved eeling and whitebaiting in the river. He now lives in Whanganui city, but is aiming to return to live on the pa soon.
  25. 'Would you like a hat with your tea?'2019/07/12
    Jo Watson was homesick so she opened a quirky tea room in the middle of her home in rural Taranaki. There are crocheted blankets for knees, knitting needles to pick up, eight types of scones and crazy hats to wear.
  26. Regional Wrap2019/07/12
    Bay of Plenty farmers have had a kind winter, it is not too wet and they have very good pasture covers. Calving should begin in earnest next week. It has been another stunning week in Canterbury with dry and mild conditions which have allowed some farmers to get onto paddocks and start preparing them for spring crops.
  27. Seeds of Success2019/07/12
    The New Zealand kiwifruit industry started in 1904 when a woman brought in a handful of seeds after visiting her brother, a missionary, in China. Now the industry is worth $2.3 billion. Elaine Fisher's book, Seeds of Success, tells the stories of the kiwifruit industry's pioneers.
  28. Full Episode for Friday 12 July 20192019/07/12
    Working Smarter not Harder - the Lean Approach to Dairying, Under FiveHundy: Kaiwhaiki Pā, Urenui Old Town Hall Cafe and Tea Room, Seeds of Success - the Stories of the Kiwifruit Industry's Pioneers and the Regional Wrap.
  29. Flower Power on the Peninsula2019/07/05
    Jessica Cooke was a personal trainer in Christchurch before returning home to Banks Peninsula six years ago to take over her mother's floriculture business on the family's steep seven hectare property at Barry's Bay.
  30. The Waiuku company making fence posts from used plastic2019/07/05
    Waiuku-based company Future Post blends granulated soft plastics with chipped up milk bottles to produce sturdy recyclable fence posts.
  31. Regional Wrap2019/07/05
    Farmers in Northland are in good spirits because they've hardly had to put on their wet weather gear. Canterbury's had another amazing weather week with the temperature gauge nudging 20 degrees on Wednesday. The first spring lambs are appearing nearer the coast.
  32. Westland Woes2019/07/05
    Colin van der Geest is dairy farmer based on the West Coast. He spoke to RNZ's Maja Burry about why he made the decision to back the sale of Westland Milk Products to China's Yili conglomerate.
  33. Full Episode for Friday July 5 20192019/07/05
    Flower Power on the Peninsula, Plastic Posts, Westland Woes and the Regional Wrap.
  34. Adapting on the land2019/06/28
    White Star Station has been in the Evans family for 155 years. Now the seventh generation is living on the Colville farm. Today you'll find hereford cattle, sheep, tourist accommodation, a horse-trekking venture and a honey business on the farm but, over the years, dairy cows, goats, deer and pigs have been farmed there. The farm's also had its own timber mill and goldmine.
  35. Measuring the Nitrogen Flow Under Crops2019/06/28
    A Plant and Food Research principal scientist says measuring devices that look like giant rain gauges have been buried under crops all around the country to track the amount of nitrogen flowing into ground water.
  36. Regional Wrap2019/06/28
    Gisborne has had good weather for picking mandarins but the frosty starts have growers nervous. Wintering stock is going well in Canterbury with no mud and great utilisation of feed.
  37. Tracking Tractor Sales2019/06/28
    How are farm machinery sales are tracking in New Zealand in 2019? with Tractor and Machinery Association president John Tulloch.
  38. Country Life for 28 June 20192019/06/28
    A sesquicentennial farm ...and the team meets an award winning dairy farmer who won't own cows because of his faith...
  39. Farming with Faith in Mind2019/06/28
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