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  1. Wheel of Fortune2018/04/13
    Malcolm Smith and Robin Curtis-Smith have transformed an abandoned West Coast gold mining valley into fertile farmland for their cattle. They've also built a house and a huge waterwheel that generates electricity for the farm.
  2. The Southern Weather Man2018/04/13
    The Central Otago settlement of Ophir has the dubious honour of being the coldest place in the country. Sam Leask should know. Every day the sheep farmer ducks out to record the temperature, then sends it off to NIWA.
  3. Squeaky Clean?2018/04/13
    Dr Clive Dalton, a retired animal scientist, says New Zealand needs to seriously look at many farming and recreational practises that we see as "normal" and question how they'd look to overseas customers where attitudes to animal welfare are changing.
  4. Regional Wrap2018/04/13
    Farmers across the country have been reaching for their winter woolies this week. The apple harvest in Hawkes Bay has only a couple of weeks to run. Weaning is underway in Marlborough. One farmer says calf weights are up 15 to 20 kilograms on last year.
  5. Full Episode for Friday April 13, 20182018/04/13
    Wheel of Fortune, A Cool Farm, Squeaky Clean? and the Regional Wrap.
  6. On Your Bike: part two2018/04/06
    Susan Murray takes on the Mountain to Sea Cycle Trail – and checks out who is benefiting from extra visitors to the Central North Island.
  7. Boutique winemaking in Bannockburn2018/04/06
    Debra Cruickshank has had a chaotic few weeks. It's harvest time – a month early – and grapes have been arriving at her Central Otago micro-winery in buckets, bins and baby baths.
  8. On Your Bike: part one2018/04/06
    Susan Murray takes on the Mountain to Sea Cycle Trail – and checks out who is benefiting from extra visitors to the Central North Island.
  9. Regional Wrap2018/04/06
    Dry, mild weather with a stray shower or two prevailed this week in Pukekohe. Many vegetables are now in heavier supply and retail prices have eased. Canterbury is fully into autumn mode with all stock behind a wire and baleage being fed to slow the rotation length. Paddocks are being prepared for autumn sown cereal crops.
  10. Full Episode for Friday April 6, 20182018/04/06
    Country Life gets saddle sore cycling from Mt Ruapehu to the Sea .. checking out rural businesses along the way.
  11. 'Organic vet' Dr Paul Dettloff visits NZ2018/03/30
    Dr Paul Dettloff was in the country recently to educate farmers and vets about the transition to sustainable practices and homeopathic treatments for cattle infected with Mycoplasma bovis.

  12. He's not going FAR2018/03/30
    Nick Pyke reflects on two decades at the helm of the Foundation for Arable Research in Christchurch. The outgoing chief executive talks about the evolution of cropping, the challenges he has faced and the future of arable farming in New Zealand.
  13. Lambs Lively2018/03/30
    High prices are being paid for store lambs and Suz Bremner from AgfriHQ tells us why.
  14. Regional Wrap2018/03/30
    Grass is growing at a phenomenal rate in the North Island. Central Otago's hills are looking green and the flats below them even greener. In Southland winter crops are growing well and baleage has been spaced out in the crop paddocks ready for break-feeding a bit further down the track.
  15. 175 Years Since Cattle Came to Town2018/03/30
    It's been 175 years since Auckland's first A&P show was held in downtown Auckland. David Scott's a farmer and the chairman of the Royal Easter show and says the event now plays a crucial role introducing city folk to farm animals and to farmers.
  16. Full Episode for Friday March 30, 20182018/03/30
    Transition and Animal Health with Paul Dettloff, Outgoing FAR CEO Nick Pyke, Lambs Lively, 175 Years Since Cattle Came to Town and the Regional Wrap.
  17. Casting For Recovery2018/03/23
    Each year women with breast cancer have the opportunity to get away from it all with Casting for Recovery. Country life joins a group as they enjoy the tranquillity of the country-side and, under the guidance of expert trout fishing 'buddies', flick a fly out into the river .
  18. A family tradition in bloom2018/03/23
    The Chamberlain family have cultivated spring flowers at Hadstock Farm in Mid Canterbury since the 1930s. Country Life pays them a visit as the last of the bulbs are dug up before it's time to plant early-flowering daffodils.
  19. Our Man from the ABC2018/03/23
    This week ABC rural news correspondent Brett Worthington says big changes are in the wind in the Australian dairy industry as foreign owners move on in and there's been skulduggery in the wool industry.
  20. Regional Wrap2018/03/23
    Many North Island regions are continuing to cut silage or baleage which is most unusual for this time of year. In the South Island wet weather's making harvesting of grapes in Marlborough very very challenging and it's halting apple picking around the Tasman district.
  21. Hemp Harvesting2018/03/23
    North Island hemp farmer Dave Jordon says in the future there will be thousands of hectares of industrial hemp grown on farms around New Zealand. This year he hopes to get about 10 tons of hemp stalk per hectare and once harvested it will be processed into fibre.
  22. Full Episode for Friday March 23, 20172018/03/23
    Country Life goes trout fishing with women recovering from breast cancer, talks to a family growing daffodils for a living, ABC rural correspondent Brett Worthington talks about dairy and wool industry woes, Dave Jordan's just harvested his hemp crop.
  23. From cow paddocks to corporate offices2018/03/16
    West Coast dairy farmer Katie Milne talks about life on the farm at Rotomanu, educating kids about agriculture, confronting environmental issues and some of the other challenges she's faced so far as the new Federated Farmers president.
  24. High country sheep in hot water: guilty or not guilty?2018/03/16
    Many people believe sheep on steep hill country farms don't affect the water quality of streams – but that's not quite the case, says animal behaviour scientist Dr Lindsay Matthews.
  25. Regional Wrap2018/03/16
    Taranaki's had some decent weather. Areas that were exceptionally dry until the end of February have had good rain but are still reasonably short of grass and both pasture and cow condition need to recover. A huge amount of silage and bailage is being made across Southland and summer crop paddocks are being worked up for winter grass.
  26. Milk Baa2018/03/16
    Sheep Milk NZ held its 4th annual conference this week in Palmerston North. 150 people attended and Craig Prichard from Massey University says it's a very exciting time for the industry.
  27. Full Episode for Friday March 16, 20172018/03/16
    Federated Farmers president Katie Milne, the Sheep Milk New Zealand conference, animal behavioural scientist Dr Lindsay Matthews and the Regional Wrap.
  28. ‘Cute and placid’ Swiss sheep introduced to NZ2018/03/09
    Black nosed Valais is a breed of sheep new to New Zealand. Originating in Switzerland in the 1400's, the sheep are undeniably cute - with black ears, faces, knees and feet and if they're a girl, a black bottom too.
  29. Wool mill calls for origin labelling 2018/03/09
    Inter-Weave is the largest manufacturer of woollen fabric in the Southern Hemisphere. It produces 150,000 metres of fabric a year on looms at its Auckland mill.
  30. Denis Wright - Pleasant Point Memories2018/03/09
    Denis Wright is a former high school English teacher - and now full time writer of young adult fiction, and today he's reading a piece he wrote for us about the overwhelming excitement as a child attending a stock sale in the South Canterbury township of Pleasant Point.
  31. Regional Wrap2018/03/09
    Extremely heavy downpours of rain in the central North Island this week have resulted in massive slips, road blockages and power cuts. West Coast dairy farmers are starting to de-stock and pregnancy testing is past the half-way point. In South Otago meetings are taking place to discuss Mycoplasma bovis and on-farm biosecurity.
  32. Hip Hop Harvest2018/03/09
    Kim McGlashen of Mac Hops says picking is well underway at his properties in Motueka and in the Moutere Valley near Nelson. He is also a shareholder in New Zealand Hops, a grower co-operative that processes, markets and ships most of the sought-after hops grown in the region.
  33. Full Episode for Friday 9 March 20182018/03/09
    Country life meets up with a very cute sheep breed that's new to New Zealand it has black feet, ears, knees and face. Inter-Weave is the Southern Hemisphere's largest woollen fabric manufacturer
  34. A day at the races Hurunui-style2018/03/02
    The Hurunui Race and Gala Day is a highlight on the local calendar. The biennial community event was held recently at Medbury in North Canterbury and attracted more than 2000 race-goers.
  35. Edible flower trade coming up roses2018/03/02
    Tamsin Wilson's carefully picked flowers are airfreighted twice a week to Hong Kong, where chefs and home cooks are snapping them up.
  36. Februdairy2018/03/02
    Thousands upon thousands of posts have been made during a social media campaign celebrating dairying during the month of February. Country Life talks to Dr Jude Capper, the woman behind Februdairy.
  37. Regional Wrap2018/03/02
    Weaner fairs are just starting in Northland and prices are expected to be on a par with last year. Waikato farmers are still making silage which is a rare occurrence for early March. More rain at the start of the week in Canterbury has been great for pasture and greenfeed growth, but continues to make harvesting crops very difficult.
  38. Full Episode for Friday March 2, 20182018/03/02
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