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  1. Focus on Politics for 9 November 20182018/11/09
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  2. Focus on Politics for 2 November 20182018/11/02
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  3. Focus on Politics for 26 October 20182018/10/26
    The coalition Government is now a year old - a year which has seen intense activity for the new administration, but one which has also had its share of turmoil. RNZ's Political Editor, Jane Patterson, sat down with the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern and her deputy Winston Peters for a wide-ranging interview
  4. Focus on Politics for 19 October 20182018/10/19
    There was only one story in town this week and that was the exposure of the National Party and its leadership to a range of hugely damaging accusations by its former MP Jami-Lee Ross. He has unleashed a campaign of vengeance against his former leader Simon Bridges and by association the rest of the National Party.
  5. Focus on Politics for 12 October 20182018/10/12
    The Finance Minister has unveiled an unexpectedly large surplus and while that's good news economically, it brings with it other political pressures. Alongside the five and half billon dollars surplus the results for the 2018 19 financial year showed positive indicators for wage growth and employment.
  6. Focus on Politics for 5 October 20182018/10/05
    New Zealand First this week floated the notion of a "Kiwi Values" contract which immigrants would be required to sign up to on arriving in the country. The proposal was raised at the party's annual conference and then backed by its leader Winston Peters, but has won very little support within Parliament. RNZ political reporter Craig McCulloch has more.
  7. Focus on Politics for 28 September 20182018/09/28
    Amid the flurry of stories about leaks, document dumps and the PM in New York, the government made the last push to pass the contentious Electoral Integrity Amendment Bill - better known as the waka jumping bill.
  8. Focus on Politics for 21 September 20182018/09/21
    With a major visit to the United Nations on the horizon, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has spent the past week clearing the decks before her departure. She's sacked a Minister and publicly squashed several coalition disputes, but the Opposition says she's just papering over the cracks. RNZ political reporter Craig McCulloch has compiled this report.
  9. Focus on Politics for 14 September 20182018/09/14
    While differences between Labour and New Zealand First on policies like the refugee quota and three strikes have been aired publicly, there may more trouble on the horizon over industrial relations law.
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