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  1. Focus on Politics for 22 June 20182018/06/22
    New Zealand is now in formal negotiations with the European Union to nail down a Free Trade Agreement, with negotiators to meet in Brussels in about three weeks time. The EU is New Zealand's third largest trading partner, with two-way trade worth more than 20-billion dollars. What's in it for New Zealand, and what are the challenges that could get in the way of the deal getting over the line?
  2. Focus on Politics for 15 June 20182018/06/15
    More from Jane Patterson and the focus team...
  3. Focus on Politics for 8 June 20182018/06/08
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  4. Focus on Politics for 1 June 20182018/06/01
    Focus on Politics for 1 June 2018
  5. Focus on Politics for 25 May 20182018/05/25
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  6. Focus on Politics for 18 May 20182018/05/18
    The Finance Minister, Grant Robertson, delivered the coalition Government's first budget this week, spreading the spending widely, but also keeping three-billion dollars in the kitty. Our Deputy Political Editor, Chris Bramwell takes a look at the budget's winners and losers.
  7. Focus on Politics for 11 May 20182018/05/11
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  8. Focus on Politics for 4 May 20182018/05/04
    While the Finance Minister Grant Robertson puts the final touches on his first Budget, the blame game has already begun. The government's been dampening down expectations as it comes under scrutiny about what it's going to deliver, compared with what it promised voters. Part of the strategy is to lay some of the blame at the feet of its predecessor - National.
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