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Focus On Politics

  1. Focus on Politics for 13 April 20182018/04/13
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  2. Focus on Politics for 23 March 20182018/03/23
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  3. Focus on Politics for 16 March 20182018/03/16
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  4. Focus on Politics for 9 March 20182018/03/09
    Jacinda Ardern has spent the week island-hopping in the Pacific - a whirlwind trip, meeting four nations' leaders and dishing out millions in aid. It was Ms Ardern's first trip to the region as Prime Minister - starting in Samoa and finishing in the Cook Islands. Here's our political reporter Craig McCulloch.
  5. Focus on Politics for 2 March 20182018/03/02
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  6. Focus on Politics for 23 February 20182018/02/23
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