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RNZ: Mediawatch

  1. Mixed messages in media over coronavirus danger2020/02/09
    Don’t panic, keep calm and carry on - or be very,very afraid? You could get plenty of all three kinds of advice in our media this week - and sometimes from the same outlets.
  2. RNZ changing its tune for music2020/02/09
    RNZ’s planning a new music brand based in Auckland to hook younger people. But RNZ Concert will make way for it on FM and be reduced to an automated service with no human hosts. That has sparked a backlash from Concert's fans - and a confusing response from the government. Mediawatch asks the broadcasting minister and RNZ's top brass about the new music plan.
  3. Minister lifts the lid on public media plan - a little 2020/02/09
    The government's been criticised for making ts long-awaited plan for public broadcasting behind closed doors. This week the broadcasting minister Kris Faafoi lifted the lid a little, but the new public media outfit due in 2023 is far from clear.
  4. RNZ set to cut back Concert and launch new youth service2020/02/05
    In the biggest overhaul of its music services in years, RNZ is planning to gut its classical music station RNZ Concert and replace it on FM radio with music for a younger audience as part of a new multimedia music brand. Mediawatch asks RNZ chief executive Paul Thompson and music content director Willy Macalister to explain the move.
  5. New public media plan still a work in progress behind closed doors2020/02/02
    Cabinet has approved the idea of a new public service outfit to replace state-owned RNZ and TVNZ by 2023 - but they want more details from the broadcasting minister. So does the public and the rest of the media.
  6. 100 not out: broadcast radio - the mass-media 'cockroach'2020/02/02
    Organised broadcast radio is 100 years old this year - and it's not just alive, but still kicking pretty hard. Some say surviving and even outliving other media and technological changes make it the 'cockroach' of the world' mass media. What's the secret to survival - and its future?
  7. Gordon McLauchlan: 1931-20202020/02/02
    Gordon McLauchlan - who died this week - cast a critical eye on New Zealand’s life (“boring”) and people (“smiling zombies”). He also zeroed in on our media and PR industry with wisdom gained during a long career in both.
  8. End of Super Rugby’s golden weather?2020/02/02
    Super Rugby kicked off earlier than ever before last Friday under the slogan 'Rugby Recoded'. Last year Sky TV broke the bank to retain the live rights but critics claim the competition's profile has slumped here while Fox Sports is cutting back in Australia and and pulling out altogether next year.
  9. Midweek Mediawatch 29 January 20202020/01/29
    Hayden Donnell talks to Karyn about a mini-drama involving Sean Plunket, a revolt in the Washington Post newsroom, a Buzzfeed pioneer joining the MSM, and coronavirus coverage going bats.
  10. Royals’ retreat prompts right royal pile-on2020/01/26
    It was no surprise the Sussexes’ sudden decision to retreat from royalty and quit the kingdom fired up the hyperactive UK media - especially as they cited press pestering as a major reason. But half a world away, ours were in a frenzy over it too. ​
  11. Digging deep to fill the void2020/01/26
    The Christmas / New Year news drought leaves media desperate for stories and talking points, often scraping social media for content and conflict. Mediawatch looks at some of the stuff that rose from the bottom of the barrel to plug gaps since New Year’s Day.
  12. Mediawatch for 26 January 20202020/01/26
    Digging deep and scraping social media to fill the summer news void; royals' retreat sparks right royal media pile-on; pre-empting the Facebook trolls.
  13. Taking the high ground on the lowest comments2020/01/26
    Prompted by crass comments in response to an online story about plus-size popstar Lizzo, the Herald warned its Facebook followers to stop and followed up with similar warnings on other stories. Is it possible to pre-empt the bad reader responses which can spoil the media's social feeds?
  14. Dan Eaton: journalist, thriller writer, intelligence bigwig2019/12/22
    Dan Eaton is the author of No White Lies - a thriller involving a kidnapping, spies and dodgy journalism. He's also a former national affairs editor of The Press and the recently appointed director of National Security Policy at the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. Mediawatch asks him whether there's any overlap.
  15. Cycle of outrage called out on talkback2019/12/22
    To pump up interest in its transport policy the National Party spoon-fed the media part of it: police fining cyclists who spurn cycleways. But the prospect of Bike Force Raptor backfired when callers to the nation's top-rating talkback poured scorn on the plan.
  16. The awkward squad - confronting the media in 2019 2019/12/22
    Mediawatch looks at political personalities who proved reporters wrong in 2019 - and as the summer silly season looms, we look back at the unexpected stars of the last one.
  17. Mediawatch for 22 December 20192019/12/22
    Talkback callers call out plan for 'Bike Force Raptor'; Dan Eaton - former reporter, now author and intelligence bigwig; Bridges and Peters vs media - and the unruly stars of last summer.
  18. Media probe risks and rewards of tourism2019/12/15
    The media were in emergency mode once again this week when Whakaari / White Island erupted. They raised important questions about risks and rewards of tourism - and some got involved in the emotional push to recover the missing.
  19. On the brink? The state of our media in 20192019/12/15
    Our Fourth Estate is "collapsing" according to Winston Peters. This week he set out what he wants as the coalition government ponders a new policy for the media - due to be unveiled any day now. But what does the most comprehensive annual survey of the state of it all reveal?
  20. Mediawatch for 15 December 20192019/12/15
    Media probe risks and rewards of tourism - and the emotional push for recovery; the state of our media in 2019; televising the Xmas party
RNZ: Mediawatch
Mediawatch looks critically at the New Zealand media - television, radio, newspapers and magazines as well as the 'new' electronic media.

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