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RNZ: Mediawatch

  1. Midweek Mediawatch: reporters open up and anonymity angst2019/09/11
    Mediawatch's weekly catch-up with Lately. Colin Peacock talks to Karyn Hay about On Weed - a Patrick Gower joint in a blaze of publicity and some cases of journalists opening up with mixed results: Also - two cases of angst over anonymity.
  2. Mixed messages and health news we can really use 2019/09/08
    Efforts to confront two different but potentially deadly diseases hit the headlines this past week. Both were complicated stories impressively reported and explained by the media - but sometimes opinions obscured ‘news we could use’.
  3. Broken Estate: an expat expert surveys our media 2019/09/08
    Melanie Bunce cut her teeth in journalism at the Otago Daily Times. Now she teaches and researches it at one of the UK’s most prestigious journalism schools and tracks the trends that shape the uncertain future of news. What state are our media in now - and what do they need to survive and prosper?
  4. Spoof ad backfires on admen2019/09/08
    A local ad agency’s “out-of-season April fool” was meant to go viral, grab the media’s attention and boost a brand of toothbrush. It didn't work.
  5. Mediawatch for 8 September 20192019/09/08
    Mixed messages on measles and cancer - among the 'news you can use'; an expat expert surveys the state of our media; spoof ad backfires on admen.
  6. Mediawatch Midweek 4 September 20192019/09/04
    Mediawatch's weekly catch up with Lately. Jeremy Rose talks to Karyn Hay about local body election coverage, David Byrne's new journalism venture, fires from Siberia to Indonesia, and the invisibility of women and children in the media.
  7. Substack - an ad free social media network2019/09/01
    Venture capitalists last month pumped $US 15.3 million into Substack - a start up the New York Times has described as "the new social network that isn't new at all." Mediawatch's Jeremy Rose talks co-founder Hamish McKenzie a Kiwi journalist now based in San Francisco.
  8. Oncoming online onslaught of paid political ads? 2019/09/01
    Recent elections overseas were won by narrow margins amid claims voters were influenced by misleading messages injected straight into their social media feeds by political parties. Is that what we should expect in the run-up to 2020? And why is the public picking up the bill for political ads that now have a bad name abroad?
  9. Mediawatch for 1 September 20192019/09/01
    Oncoming onslaught of online political ads; Substack - an ad-free way for journalists to make money online; a comic confession.
  10. Midweek Mediawatch: Dark side of the net2019/08/28
    Mediawatch's weekly catch-up with Lately. Colin Peacock talks to Karyn Hay about an eye-opening multimedia portrait of life in Northland, politicians bypassing the media online and a couple of lectures raising timely questions for us about what we want from our media.
  11. ‘Blowhard’ with a vengeance2019/08/25
    Lots of listeners heard Alan Jones’s violent verbiage directed at Jacinda Ardern last week on the air in Australia, but the worst of it only hit headlines this week. Will the outcry run the belligerent broadcaster’s long and lucrative career off the rails?
  12. TV watchdogs differ on Christchurch gunman’s footage2019/08/25
    The Broadcasting Standards Authority has sanctioned Sky TV for screening snippets of the gunman’s video of the Christchurch mosque attacks in March. But other broadcasters escaped censure here and in Australia. Mediawatch asks an ethics expert cited by the BSA if it made the right call - and if we need new rules.
  13. Mediawatch for 25 August 20192019/08/25
    'Blowhard' with a vengeance; watchdogs draw different conclusions on Christchurch mosque attack footage; locations for new local reporters unveiled.
  14. Media's worldwide push for climate change coverage2019/08/18
    More than 70 media organisations around the world - including most of New Zealand's leading media companies - have signed up to the Covering Climate Change Now week that kicks off on Monday 16 September. Mediawatch's Jeremy Rose talks to Stuff editor in chief Patrick Crewsdon about the the week and climate change reporting in general.
  15. A media cry for help 2019/08/18
    Struggling news media companies have been lobbying the government behind the scenes for some time. On Thursday broadcaster MediaWorks put it all out in the open, telling the minister responsible its future is in doubt and democracy could die in darkness if he fails to act now.
  16. Do reports of gun owners’ anger stack up?2019/08/18
    All our MPs but one voted to change the gun laws. Opinion polls showed a majority approved and thousands of banned weapons have been peacefully surrendered. Do reported claims of widespread discontent among the nation’s gun owners stack up?
  17. Mediawatch for 18 August 20192019/08/18
    Gun lobby push back on buy-back; media crys for help; covering climate change.
  18. Midweek Mediawatch 14 August 2019 2019/08/14
    Mediawatch's weekly catch-up with Lately. Colin Peacock talks to Karyn Hay about colossal corrections undermining an article, airing the ethics of the 'empty chair,' the Rich List offering rich pickings for more lists - and more ministerial manoeurvres on public media funding.
  19. Media see red over Green ‘blackout’ 2019/08/11
    Coverage of political party conferences tends to focus on the leaders who we see all the time in the news - and ignore the party members who gather once a year to be heard. But at the Green Party conference last weekend, they kept the media at arm's length because they feared the focus on their followers.
  20. Convergence: yesterday’s media buzzword is now the new normal2019/08/11
    Once upon a timeour major media companies and telcos were none of each others' business. Now they are all up in each others' business because of 'convergence' driven by digital technology and the internet. TVNZ's board told the government it won't be getting dividends in this crowded market and this week media bosses told Mediawatch the big players can’t all survive in it much longer.
  21. Mediawatch for 11 August 20192019/08/11
    Media see red over Green 'blackout'; Convergence - yesterday's buzzword now the new normal; distressing deaths converted into clickbait; Warriors' struggles spark f***-letter word frenzy.
  22. Distressing death dressed up as clickbait2019/08/11
    A tragedy involving a Kiwi who died in Peru recently was reported sensitively. The tragic deaths of a Peruvian couple there was turned into morbid clickbait.
  23. Warriors' struggles spark f***-letter word flurry2019/08/11
    Given recent NRL results and refereeing blunders, anyone emotionally invested in the Warriors could be forgiven for turning the air blue. Recent stories in print have had as many dots, dashes and asterisks as actual letters lately - and some outbursts broadcast probably shouldn't have been.
  24. Mediawatch Midweek 7 August 20192019/08/07
    This week on Mediawatch Midweek Jeremy Rose talks to Karyn Hay about some new free video streaming services and reviews some book review sites, and takes a look at the Listener at 80.
  25. NZ on Air funded programmes taxing your wallet and your eyeballs 2019/08/04
    Info (Show/Hide)
  26. Government turns off the tap for big water news2019/08/04
    The government’s handling of an important announcement last Wednesday muddied the waters when it turned off the tap for all media but one.

  27. Stripping back nude attitudes 2019/08/04
    Back in the day, nudity on TV was rare and the isolated sightings were almost national events. There's plenty of it available on-demand and on any device these days, but does it do us harm? The broadcasting watchdog’s been weighing that up.

  28. Preferred PM polling's proving pretty unpopular2019/08/04
    Broadcasters say their political polls aren’t perfect but they do reveal significant swings of support. In that case, they ought to notice more and more people don't like being asked to pick a 'preferred prime minister'.
  29. Mediawatch for 4 August 20192019/08/04
    Government turning off the tap on big water news; preferred PM polling proves pretty unpopular; interrupting ads in publicly-funded programmes on-demand; tax the shock of the nude on TV.
  30. Climate scepticism boosted by broadcasters2019/07/28
    Forty years ago this week a milestone meeting of scientists led to the first comprehensive report on climate change science. Four decades later, media outlets around the world - including Stuff - have hooked up to boost coverage of the issue globally. But here, some broadcasters are still fuelling scepticism instead.

  31. Running the numbers on public service PR2019/07/28
    It's not news that people doing PR and communications for the state heavily outnumber the journalists who report on the agencies employing them. And journalists know most of those on 'the dark side' get fatter paypackets than they do. But the numbers crunched by RNZ's Phil Pennington shows the gap has become a chasm - and the figures weren't easy to get.
  32. Mediawatch for 28 July 20192019/07/28
    Broadcasters boosting climate change scepticism; crunching the number on public service PR and comms.
  33. The Great Hack debuts on Netflix - disgraced hack becomes UK PM2019/07/24
    This week on Mediawatch Midweek Jeremy Rose talks to Karyn Hay about the new Netflix series The Great Hack; Boris Johnson - the disgraced hack turned UK PM, and; "Ricky Leaks" - a journalistic scoop that's seen hundreds of thousands taking to the streets of Puerto Rico demanding the resignation of governor Ricardo Rossello.
  34. That's a bit.... disappointing2019/07/21
    Mediawatch's Jeremy Rose takes a look at TVNZ That's a Bit Racist documentary and finds it a bit disappointing.
  35. Full credit to the media?2019/07/21
    The Cricket World Cup outcome monopolised the media last Monday - and whether it was fair or not was the big story in the following days. The Black Caps were dignified in defeat, but did some media sledging in the past motivate England’s match-winner last Monday morning?
  36. Coy candidates playing the media2019/07/21
    Prospective politicians with hired hands from PR are flying kites in the media before committing to a campaign. Candidates running for office should be covered as news but can the media avoid being used for political publicity and market research?
  37. Mediawatch for 21 July 20192019/07/21
    Coverage of chaotic cricket that needed some explaining; a prime-time probe into racism that didn't go deep; prospective politicians playing the media.
  38. Mediawatch Midweek: Critical cricket and more2019/07/17
    Mediawatch's weekly catch-up with Lately. Colin Peacock talks to Karyn Hay some up-close coverage of the fallout from 'Taken by the State' - and how the media dealt with what the hell happened at Lords. Also: a drought-breaking surge of local TV comedy and a surprising comedy confession.
  39. World Cup coverage highlights off-pitch inequality2019/07/14
    The Black Caps are in the Cricket World Cup final this weekend in England a week after the Women’s World Cup of football finished in France. Women were not left on the sidelines in the media coverage of both tournaments which highlighted inequalities and big-picture issues off the field.
  40. Broadcasting watchdog targets ‘harm’2019/07/14
    ‘Freedom in Broadcasting without Harm’ is the newly-stated mission of our most powerful media watchdog. The BSA is also asking if broadcasting standards need to change after the Christchurch mosque attacks. This could be controversial against the backdrop of increased angst about hate speech and freedom of expression.
  41. Local music TV all over Rova as Edge TV goes online only2019/07/14
    New Zealand no longer has a local music TV channel after MediaWorks took Edge TV off the screen last week.
    Five years after promising ‘radio with pictures on steroids’ it seems the effects have worn off.
  42. Mediawatch for 14 July 20192019/07/14
    World Cup coverage highlights off-pitch inequalities; broadcasting watchdog targets 'harm'; Mediaworks kills the video star;
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Mediawatch looks critically at the New Zealand media - television, radio, newspapers and magazines as well as the 'new' electronic media.

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