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Nine To Noon with Kathryn Ryan

  1. The week that was with Pinky Agnew and Elisabeth Easther2018/03/16
    The lighter stories of the week including the American student who failed her course because her professor refused to believe Australia is a country!
  2. Sports commentator Brendan Telfer2018/03/16
    More stunning performances by Susie Bates as she helps steer the Whites Ferns to a series win over the current World Champions, and Nico Kirwan the son of a famous All Black is to become an All White.
  3. New music with Jeremy Taylor2018/03/16
    A cracking long-lost third album from soul/ R&B belter PP Arnold, some rip snorting NZ garage/psych rock, the fourth album from Swedish sisters First Aid Kit and an indie dance floor classic celebrating its 35th birthday are spinning Jeremy Taylor's wheels this week.
  4. Book review - The Adulterants by Joe Dunthorne2018/03/16
    Susanna Andrew from Unity Books reviews The Adulterants by Joe Dunthorne, published by Penguin.
  5. The photo ark of the world's captive species2018/03/16
    National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore decided on an ambitious goal 13 years ago. Sartore is the founder of Photo Ark a project to photograph the world's 12,000 captive species to draw attention to how quickly some of them are disappearing from the planet.
  6. Asia correspondent Anna Fifield2018/03/16
    President Xi Jingping seeks to exert even more control in China at the National People's Congress.
  7. Backyard kōrero aims to heal Tamaki housing divisions2018/03/16
    Tamati Patuwai is inviting people to come to his own back yard in Glen Innes to take part in an "artivist" project that explores the impact of the housing redevelopment in the Tamaki area of Auckland. Home Fires is part of Auckland Art Festival's wider Whanui project. It will run from 21st to the 24th March on Fenchurch Street, Glen Innes.
  8. Dunedin is latest council to target short term room lets2018/03/16
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  9. Russia sanctions - how will Moscow respond?2018/03/16
    The United States has imposed sanctions on 19 Russian organisations and individuals, accusing them of cyber-attacks and meddling in the 2016 US election. It's being described in Washington as the strongest action taken so far by the Trump administration against Moscow. So what will Russia do now? The Guardian's Moscow correspondent Andrew Roth.
  10. Viewing with Tamar Munch2018/03/15
    Tamar Munch has been watching new drama series based on the Pulitzer-Prize winning book of the same name, The Looming Tower; Netflix original series Queer Eye, reboot of Bravo series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and Living Biblically: a new US sitcom in which Chip Curry, a modern-day man at a crossroads in his life, decides to live strictly in accordance with the Bible.
  11. Breaking beauty stereotypes for teens2018/03/15
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  12. New technology - Thijs Mourits2018/03/15
    Tech commentator Thijs Mourits on how the World Wide Web's inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee has intimated he is somewhat disappointed with how the internet has turned out. Also, as part of Hearing Awareness Week, Thijs tried out a new pair of headphones and reports on their unexpected effects.
  13. Book review - Young Queen by Parris Goebel2018/03/15
    Sonja de Friez reviews Young Queen by Parris Goebel, published by Mary Egan Publishing.
  14. Jesse Blackadder: Sixty Seconds2018/03/15
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  15. UK correspondent Kate Adie2018/03/15
    Kate Adie on the escalating diplomatic crisis over the nerve agent attack on former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal, also the death of Stephen Hawking.
  16. Auckland Council set to issue green bonds2018/03/15
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  17. Developer disappointed with Air NZ over Kāpiti move2018/03/15
    The businessman who spent millions developing Kāpiti airport and attracting Air New Zealand to fly there from Auckland says he's disappointed at the carrier's decision to scrap the service.
  18. Jordan Peterson: His 12 rules for a chaotic world2018/03/14
    Two years ago few people knew Jordan Peterson's name. Now he's either, depending on your stance, the public intellectual de jour or the acceptable face of alt-right cultural warriors.
  19. Music with Graeme Downes2018/03/14
    Musicologist and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Music at the University of Otago, Graeme Downes, takes a look at the latest album from Christchurch's Salad Boys, This Is Glue - the follow up to their critically acclaimed 2015 debut album, Metalmania.
  20. Daniel Ellsberg: US nuclear planning 'insane'2018/03/14
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  21. Book review - The Shepherd's Hut by Tim Winton2018/03/14
    Quentin Johnson reviews The Shepherd's Hut by Tim Winton, published by Penguin Random House NZ.
  22. Legal commentator Charles McGuinness2018/03/14
    Employment lawyer Charles McGuinness discusses collective agreements, who is covered by them, what protections they offer and what a new Bill before Parliament will change.
  23. Australia correspondent Peter Munro2018/03/14
    The banking royal commission opens with a bang; retirees are under fire on the election battleground; and a public debate has erupted over the problems caused by Australia's soaring population growth.
  24. Vulnerable transient population the size of Hamilton2018/03/14
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  25. Rex Tillerson fired - where to for US foreign policy?2018/03/14
    Fourteen months into the job, Rex Tillerson the American Secretary of State, has been fired. In a tweet this morning, President Trump announced the appointment of CIA head Mike Pompeo into the top diplomatic role. Kathryn talks with Robbie Gramer from Foreign Policy magazine in Washington DC, who's just been at Rex Tillerson's media conference at the State Department.
  26. Media commentator Gavin Ellis2018/03/13
    This week, Gavin has been looking into the curious case of Alberic Whale - and the efforts by the Spinoff and Stuff to pin down this mercurial entrepreneur. Also, the demise of New Music Express - had it passed its use-by date? Gavin Ellis is a media commentator and former editor of the New Zealand Herald. He can be contacted on gavin.ellis@xtra.co.nz
  27. Author Fleur Beale on her new work, Lyla2018/03/13
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  28. Business commentator Rod Oram2018/03/13
    Rod Oram has more on Insurer CBL's liquidation as the story around its demise gets ever more complex; Fonterra invests in a German food startup but reveals nothing about the scale of its investment and LanzaTech, NZ-born but US-raised tech company, once again it's the standout among listings of top biofuel companies.
  29. Book review - Money in the Morgue by Stella Duffy2018/03/13
    Kathryn Carmody reviews Money in the Morgue by Stella Duffy and Ngaio Marsh, published by HarperCollins.
  30. Alex Pressman: making money from seaweed 2018/03/13
    Alex Pressman is turning an invasive marine pest into a business. His company, Waikaitu, takes an invasive species of seaweed, wakame (undaria pinnatifida) and turns it into fertiliser, food and even bee tucker.
  31. USA correspondent Susan Milligan2018/03/13
    US correspondent, Susan Milligan, on the proposed talks between the President and North Korea - is it an historical thaw in relations, or a meeting could never end up happening? Also, the hundreds of executive appointments, like Ambassador to South Korea, which are still vacant.
  32. Police probe suspicious break-ins targetting academic2018/03/13
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  33. Long-awaited youth hub on the way for vulnerable Cantabrians2018/03/13
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  34. Off the beaten track with Kennedy Warne2018/03/12
    Outdoorsman Kennedy Warne has just come back from 10 days on the road guiding a National Geographic tour group through the country, and is en route to the South Island again to report on the Paparoa Great Walk, currently under construction.
  35. Eating Happy with Melissa Hemsley2018/03/12
    Melissa Hemsley, half of sister duo, Hemsley + Hemsley, is all about delicious, nutritious food made with minimum fuss, and not too much to wash-up at the end! She has recipes for fried eggs, avocado & smoky bean tacos; and little chocolate pots. She and her sister Jasmine have their own café at Selfridges in London.
  36. Political commentators Mike Williams & Matthew Hooton2018/03/12
    A look at National's new front bench following the departure of Steven Joyce; the politics of water; and the aftermath of the signing of the new look TPP trade deal.
  37. Book review - All The Beautiful Girls by Elizabeth J. Church2018/03/12
    Carole Beu from The Women's Bookshop reviews All The Beautiful Girls by Elizabeth J. Church, published by 4th Estate.
  38. Freddie Highmore: from Psycho to Savant2018/03/12
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  39. Africa correspondent Debora Patta2018/03/12
    Debora has the latest on the kidnapping of Nigerian schoolgirls in Dapchi; big changes in South Africa with its new president Cyril Ramaphosa; and Cape Town could become the first modern city to run out of water following a severe drought.
  40. Slashing carbon emissions in healthcare2018/03/12
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  41. Prezzy Card: 'the meanest in the business'2018/03/12
    It's one of the most popular and flexible gift cards on offer, but Consumer NZ says shoppers need to be aware of the high number of fees that aren't easily visible. Earlier this month Kiwibank backed down to consumer pressure and is now extending the expiry date of its card from 12 to 24 months. Kathryn Ryan speaks with Consumer NZ's Head of Research, Jessica Wilson.
  42. New figures highlight midwife shortages2018/03/12
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  43. The week that was with Te Radar and Michele A'Court2018/03/09
    The lighter stories of the week including the Melbourne brewer who's filed an application to trademark the colour of beer.
  44. Sports commentator Brendan Telfer2018/03/09
    Brendan analyses the Black Caps' extraordinary win over England in Dunedin on Wednesday, and the Australian cricket team is once again caught in the middle of another unseemly 'sledging' row.
  45. Music reviewer Grant Smithies2018/03/09
    We get an earful of the high-gloss protest songs of Meghan "U.S. Girls" Remy, celebrate an upcoming one-off live gig by reformed Tokoroa funk legends Collision, and get more in touch with mother nature alongside trippy Auckland country collective, Magic Factory.
  46. Book review - What Are We Doing Here?2018/03/09
    Catriona Ferguson reviews What Are We Doing Here?: Essays by Marilynne Robinson, published by Hachette.
  47. Bill Robertson: getting the lay of the land2018/03/09
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  48. Pacific correspondent Johnny Blades2018/03/09
    Yet another large quake hits Papua New Guinea; and Jacinda Ardern's whistle stop tour of the Pacific.
  49. The New Zealander leading change at the UN2018/03/09
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  50. "This is a fair deal for NZ" - new-look TPP signed2018/03/09
    New Zealand has signed the controversial new-look Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal in Chile. Meanwhile in Washington, the US President Donald Trump is poised to push forward with plans to impose tariffs on steel and aluminium imports, with China and Europe already threatening retaliation. Kathryn talks with the Trade Minister David Parker and RNZ Economics Correspondent Patrick O'Meara.
  51. Viewing with Lara Strongman2018/03/08
    Lara Strongman reviews The Square: a black comedy about a contemporary art gallery, in cinemas today. Also Australian Spartan on TV2.
  52. When should a child learn to write?2018/03/08
    There’s no rush to learn to write and it shouldn’t be formally taught until the age of seven, says educator, researcher and parenting commentator, Nathan Mikaere-Wallis.
  53. New technology with Sarah Putt2018/03/08
    Sarah Putt discusses Vodafone's Sky Subscribers getting a new deal; the challenge to the copyright law; how streaming music service Spotify has filed to be publicly listed on the NYSE, and two major NZ tech influencers, Rod Drury and Steven Joyce, bow out.
  54. Book review - A Country Escape by Katie Fforde,2018/03/08
    Harry Broad reviews A Country Escape by Katie Fforde, published by Penguin Random House NZ.
  55. Stanley Johnson - Brexit, Boris and writing thrillers2018/03/08
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  56. UK correspondent Harriet Line2018/03/08
    Political reporter at the Press Association, Harriet Line, on the former Russian double agent Sergei Skirpal and his daughter who are fighting for their lives following their exposure to a nerve agent in an English cathedral city.
  57. Can taxes control the environmental costs of obesity?2018/03/08
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  58. Three years, thousands of submissions, no one happy2018/03/08
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  59. Science commentator Siouxsie Wiles2018/03/07
    This week, scientist Dr Siouxsie Wiles talks about the discovery of the oldest fossilised starchy snack ever found, and the proposal to classify adult-onset diabetes into not two but 5 different types.
  60. Mataatua Wharenui: ‘The story of that whare is the story of the people’2018/03/07
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  61. Music with Yadana Saw2018/03/07
    Music 101's Yadana Saw tells Kathryn Ryan what she's learned from nearly a quarter century of attending music festivals, featuring tunes from Dragon, Anderson Paak and My Bubba.
  62. Book review - Peach by Emma Glass2018/03/07
    Jenna Todd from Time Out bookstore reviews Peach by Emma Glass, published by Bloomsbury.
  63. Francisco Cantu: 'Still I have nightmares'2018/03/07
    A grandson of a Mexican immigrant, Francisco Cantu became a US Border Patrol agent at the age of 23, spending four years policing the frontier migrants risk their lives to cross.
  64. Australia correspondent Karen Middleton2018/03/07
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  65. Marmaduke Loke: a big step forward2018/03/07
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  66. Michael Cullen - land tax, wealth tax, environment tax?2018/03/07
    Is a shake up of the tax system looming? How likely are new taxes such as a broader capital gains tax, environmental taxes, and wealth taxes? The government's tax working group, headed by former the finance minister Sir Michael Cullen, is about to deliver its first background paper and has opened public submissions. Sir Michael discusses some of the options with Kathryn.
  67. Media commentator Gavin Ellis2018/03/06
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  68. Solving an art history mystery2018/03/06
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  69. Business commentator Rod Oram2018/03/06
    Business commentator Rod Oram has more on the repercussions of Rod Drury stepping down at Xero and also Fonterra going to court to get an injunction against the media.
  70. NZ Books review - Summer Grass by Ginny Sullivan2018/03/06
    Harry Ricketts reviews Summer Grass by Ginny Sullivan, published by Steele Roberts.
  71. Alan Hollinghurst: The Sparsholt Affair2018/03/06
    A fictional sex scandal from the 1960s is at the heart of the latest novel by Alan Hollinghurst. Hollinghurst is considered one of Britain’s foremost writers. His satire of 1980s Britain at the height of Thatcherism The Line of Beauty won the Man Booker Prize in 2004.
  72. USA correspondent Steve Almond2018/03/06
    Steve Almond joins Kathryn with reaction to Trump's trade wars, the Oscars and a teachers strike in West Virginia - one of the most staunchly pro-Trump states in the US.
  73. Housing WOFs should be compulsory - UK expert2018/03/06
    Housing warrants of fitness should be made compulsory, according to Professor David Ormandy, academic who led the development of the UK’s housing rating system.
  74. Free legal information through digital innovation2018/03/06
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  75. 'Day activities' mooted for beggars in Wellington2018/03/06
    A proposal to fund 'day activities' for beggars on the Capital's streets at the cost of a million dollars will be considered by Wellington City Council. The idea is to address anti-social and intimidating behaviour.
  76. Urban issues with Bill McKay?2018/03/05
    What happens when you buy a house that used to be a P-Lab? And Upper Greys Avenue, the Housing NZ apartment building, is facing demolition. Bill McKay is Senior Lecturer in the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of Auckland.
  77. Intrepid eating in Tokyo2018/03/05
    Two New Zealanders have turned their love of Japanese cuisine into a business venture offering foodie tours to the country’s capital.
  78. Political commentators Matthew Hooton & Stephen Mills2018/03/05
    A look at the recent National Party leadership shuffle - what will the makeup of the new Cabinet look like? And reaction to Jacinda Ardern's visit to Australia.
  79. Book review - Still Me by Jojo Moyes2018/03/05
    Graham Beattie reviews Still Me by Jojo Moyes, published by Penguin Random House.
  80. Bex Skerman: NZ's youngest female principal2018/03/05
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  81. Europe correspondent Seamus Kearney2018/03/05
    Italians vote in elections that could see 81-year-old Berlusconi return as a kingmaker, or see a 31-year-old become PM, and the latest reactions in Europe over Trump's threats and outbursts over import tariffs.
  82. Report: NCEA failing too many students2018/03/05
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  83. Only nine beds nationwide for most extreme addicts2018/03/05
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  84. The Week That Was with Te Radar and Elisabeth Easther2018/03/02
    Our comedians look at the lighter stories of the week including the Canadian couple which adopted a Vietnamese potbellied pig from an animal shelter only to kill and eat her.
  85. Sports commentator Brendan Telfer2018/03/02
    England's form in all phases at Mt Maunganui in the second cricket one dayer suggests strongly that the Black Caps will have to lift their game; Sky TV uses its strong sport portfolio to try and arrest the big loss of subscribers over the past twelve months; and what now for our popular medal winning Olympians freestyle skier Nico Porteous and snowboarder Zoe Sadowski-Synott?
  86. New music with Jeremy Taylor2018/03/02
    Slow Boat Records' Jeremy Taylor goes full audiophile nerd with vinyl reissues from Gillian Welch and My Bloody Valentine, and has a huge crush on the new Breeders album.
  87. Book review - Book of Chocolate Saints by Jeet Thayil2018/03/02
    Tilly Lloyd from Unity Books reviews Book of Chocolate Saints by Jeet Thayil, published by Faber.
  88. Tara Westover: Off grid childhood to Cambridge PhD2018/03/02
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  89. Asia correspondent Anna Fifield2018/03/02
    Plans that would allow China's president to stay in office indefinitely, while in Manlia there are signs its President doesn't plan to stick around; discussions around the pressures on women in Bollywood following the death of Sridevi, and with the Winter Olympics now over attention is turning the mascot for the Tokyo summer games in 2020.
  90. Women's VC fund reaching critical stage2018/03/02
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  91. 'I'm surprised people are surprised' - former lawyer2018/03/02
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  92. Viewing with Paul Casserly2018/03/01
    TV and Film writer Paul Casserly reviews the pitch black historical comedy from Veep creator Armando Iannucci The Death Of Stalin, and Fred Armisen's comedy special Stand Up For Drummers on Netflix.
  93. Jan Pryor: After Alexander2018/03/01
    Former Families Commissioner and psychologist Dr Jan Pryor talks about losing her baby son, Alexander. He was four months old when he died - 37 years ago. She speaks to Kathryn Ryan about the impact of the devastating loss on her family and about the memoir she's written, partly to help other families, called After Alexander.
  94. Law Soc. forms sexual harassment working group2018/03/01
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  95. Book review - The Imposter by Javier Cerca2018/03/01
    John King reviews The Imposter by Javier Cercas, published by MacLehose Press.
  96. Fifty years of Rolling Stone2018/03/01
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  97. UK correspondent Gerri Peev2018/03/01
    The EU has published a plan to keep Northern Ireland in the customs union throwing Brexit negotiations into crisis. Also Snow Joke: the UK is battling blizzards, bringing the whole country to a standstill.
  98. Bluff oyster season gets underway2018/03/01
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  99. Polytech crisis 'a perfect storm'2018/03/01
    Low unemployment, low demand and high costs are crippling the country's polytechnics. Leaders from all 16 polytechnics, plus the Teritary Education Commission, union representatives, business and students leaders will gather today for crisis talks. Kathryn Ryan talks to Gus Gilmore, the chief Executive of Manukau Institute of Technology.
  100. Arts commentator Courtney Johnston2018/02/28
    A powerful new exhibition by Luke Willis Thompson at the Adam Art Gallery in Wellington investigates the power of images in communicating the inheritance of trauma, memory, and loss. Courtney also looks at another NZ Festival pick, 546 Moons, the From Scratch survey at Te Uru in Titirangi.
  101. Shot bro! The greatest hits of Kiwi lingo2018/02/28
    Shot bro! Pop a manu! Skuxx, sick and munted - just some of many somewhat baffling New Zealandisms used in every day life. Auckland author, broadcaster and blogger Justin Brown has just published an updated edition of his book Kiwi Speak, adding new kiwi slang, putdowns, phrases and expressions that have joined the lexicon.
  102. Music with Graeme Downes2018/02/28
    Graeme takes a look at Shania Twain's latest album, Now - her first studio release in 15 years. Twain has named it as her most personal album and described its theme as "going from lost to found, from feeling sad to happy."
  103. Book review - The Wicked Cometh by Laura Carlin2018/02/28
    Laura Caygill reviews The Wicked Cometh by Laura Carlin, published by Hachette.
  104. Turning climate change policy into reality2018/02/28
    Jacob Werksman is the European Union's chief climate change negotiator. He's in New Zealand to hold bilateral talks and meet with climate change experts. Jacob joins Kathryn to talk through the challenges of turning policy into actual reductions in emissions, and what the effects have been of the US withdrawing from the Paris Agreement.
  105. Australia correspondent Bernard Keane2018/02/28
    The beleaguered Barnaby Joyce has quit as Deputy Prime Minister in the wake of a sexual harassment allegation, replaced by the little-known NSW MP Michael McCormack; and Government now has to start the year over again, in effect, but with lingering tensions between Malcolm Turnbull's Liberals and the Nationals.
  106. Dominant bosses are bad for groups2018/02/28
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  107. Major spike in Kāpiti Marine Reserve incidents2018/02/28
    Since setting up a volunteer security force last July to protect the Kāpiti Marine Reserve, The Guardians of Kāpiti say more than 20 incidents have been reported to the Department of Conservation, compared to just one the year before.
  108. Shane Jones on the billion trees plan2018/02/28
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  109. Media commentator Gavin Ellis2018/02/27
    Gavin Ellis joins Kathryn to talk about the upside of Stuff Media's mass sell-off or closure of titles, the lack of follow follow ups on big stories from main stream media and bouquets to Sharon Murdoch for her quirky pictorial tribute Arie Ketel who died this month. Gavin Ellis is a media commentator and former editor of the New Zealand Herald. He can be contacted on gavin.ellis@xtra.co.nz
  110. Fear & sabotage impeding Maori land aspirations2018/02/27
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  111. Business commentator Rod Oram2018/02/27
  112. Book review - The Gift of Silence by Kankyo Tannier,2018/02/27
  113. Graphic content: giving news a fresh perspective2018/02/27
  114. USA correspondent Susan Milligan2018/02/27
  115. Does the e-cigarette industry need global regulation?2018/02/27
  116. Will HIV-prevention drug halt record transmissions?2018/02/27
  117. Off the beaten track with Kennedy Warne2018/02/26
  118. All white: Flashy fine dining flash mob2018/02/26
  119. Political commentators Stephen Mills & Matthew Hooton2018/02/26
  120. Book review - A Life of My Own by Claire Tomalin2018/02/26
  121. Blue the Film: A call to arms for our oceans2018/02/26
  122. South America correspondent Joel Richards2018/02/26
  123. Could gambling be treated with a nasal spray?2018/02/26
  124. Why hunting accidents happen2018/02/26
  125. Costings of cutting foreign students 'a lot to lose'2018/02/26
  126. The week that was with Te Radar and Gemma Gracewood2018/02/23
  127. Sports commentator Brendan Telfer2018/02/23
  128. Music reviewer Grant Smithies2018/02/23
  129. Book review - Hellbent by Gregg Hurwitz2018/02/23
  130. Stories of the second Great Maori Migration2018/02/23
  131. Pacific correspondent Koro Vaka'uta2018/02/23
  132. Facebook, fake news & the future for tech giants2018/02/23
  133. Another day, another America's Cup plan2018/02/23
  134. Film review with Sarah McMullan2018/02/22
  135. Getting your study act together2018/02/22
  136. New technology with Sarah Putt2018/02/22
  137. Children's Book review2018/02/22
  138. Ian Tregillis' twisted histories2018/02/22
  139. UK correspondent Matthew Dathan2018/02/22
  140. Deaf theatre: Hands across the divide2018/02/22
  141. Natives vs Pines? Government urged to make a plan2018/02/22
  142. Science commentator Kathy Campbell2018/02/21
  143. Win win: Walking Rippa Rugby2018/02/21
  144. Music with Kirsten Johnstone2018/02/21
  145. Gita: NZTA update2018/02/21
  146. NZ Books review - The Cage by Lloyd Jones2018/02/21
  147. Tasman District state of emergency2018/02/21
  148. Teeks: heart and so much soul2018/02/21
  149. Australia correspondent Karen Middleton2018/02/21
  150. London still in business after Brexit2018/02/21
  151. Golden Bay cut off2018/02/21
  152. Double blow for sufferers of rare diseases2018/02/21
  153. Media commentator Gavin Ellis2018/02/20
  154. Could Instagram be the future of photographic publishing?2018/02/20
  155. Business commentator Rod Oram2018/02/20
  156. Book review - Wedding Toasts I'll Never Give by Ada Calhoun2018/02/20
  157. Deborah Cadbury: Queen Victoria's matchmaking2018/02/20
  158. USA correspondent, Steve Almond2018/02/20
  159. It's a big job2018/02/20
  160. Former-cyclone Gita: bags packed and ready to go2018/02/20
  161. Major closures to Auckland ranges against Kauri dieback2018/02/20
  162. Urban issues with Bill McKay2018/02/19
  163. Michael Meredith: Food for Good2018/02/19
  164. Political commentators Matthew Hooton & Mike Williams2018/02/19
  165. Book review - This I Would Kill For2018/02/19
  166. Alan Dershowitz: 'There is no such thing as truth any longer'2018/02/19
  167. Europe correspondent Seamus Kearney2018/02/19
  168. ERO urges action on alarming maths decline2018/02/19
  169. Too late for world renowned fresh water springs?2018/02/19
  170. The week that was with James Elliot & Melanie Bracewell2018/02/16
  171. Sports commentator Brendan Telfer2018/02/16
  172. New music with Jeremy Taylor2018/02/16
  173. Unity Books review2018/02/16
  174. AC Grayling: the crisis of democracy2018/02/16
  175. Asia correspondent Anna Fifield2018/02/16
  176. The next step in personalised health2018/02/16
  177. Ramaphosa takes over Zuma as South African president2018/02/16
  178. Lid lifted on sexist culture within law profession2018/02/16
  179. Viewing with Paul Casserly2018/02/15
  180. Law firm responds to alleged misconduct claims2018/02/15
  181. Parenting: Settling your child into school2018/02/15
  182. New technology with Mark Pesce2018/02/15
  183. Book review - The Sealwoman's Gift by Sally Magnusson.2018/02/15
  184. Circus takes kids back to the risky '40s2018/02/15
  185. UK correspondent Gerri Peev2018/02/15
  186. Study shows 'courage' key part of rural midwives' job2018/02/15
  187. Alleged misconduct towards student law clerks at top firm2018/02/15
  188. Legal commentator Ursula Cheer2018/02/14
  189. Ticking along nicely2018/02/14
  190. Music with Graeme Downes2018/02/14
  191. NZ Books review - "Anchor Stone" by Tony Beyer2018/02/14
  192. America: the future looks broke2018/02/14
  193. Australia correspondent Peter Munro2018/02/14
  194. PM's Science Teacher Prize winner Sarah Johns2018/02/14
  195. All change. No clear front runner to replace English2018/02/14
  196. Fletcher Building outlines major losses2018/02/14
  197. What now after Bill English resigns as National leader?2018/02/13
  198. Epic ensemble Eru Dangerspiel is back!2018/02/13
  199. Bill English - press conference2018/02/13
  200. Media commentator Gavin Ellis2018/02/13
  201. Business commentator Rod Oram2018/02/13
  202. Book review - Women & Power by Mary Beard2018/02/13
  203. Brian Anderson: fast forward frames of glacial retreat2018/02/13
  204. USA correspondent Susan Milligan2018/02/13
  205. Game-changing flower extract treatment to prevent diabetes2018/02/13
  206. Cyclone Gita: damage may not be known for 24 hours2018/02/13
  207. Wanaka down to last midwife2018/02/13
  208. Off the beaten track with Kennedy Warne2018/02/12
  209. Olia Hercules' Kaukasis & the best of the Black Sea2018/02/12
  210. Political commentators Stephen Mills & Matthew Hooton2018/02/12
  211. Book review - The Atomic City Girls: A Novel2018/02/12
  212. Richard Roxburgh - loving the larrikin2018/02/12
  213. Germany correspondent Thomas Sparrow2018/02/12
  214. It captivates the crowd - but the numbers are dipping2018/02/12
  215. More bad news for Fletcher Building, extends trading halt2018/02/12
  216. Failings in NZ's stock tracking system2018/02/12
  217. The week that was with Te Radar and Irene Pink2018/02/09
  218. Sports commentator Brendan Telfer2018/02/09
  219. Music reviewer - Grant Smithies2018/02/09
  220. Book review - Go, Went, Gone by Jenny Erpenbeck2018/02/09
  221. Hweiling Ow: Scaring Kiwis Silly2018/02/09
  222. Pacific correspondent Koro Vaka'uta2018/02/09
  223. Hunters warned over lead exposure2018/02/09
  224. NZ funded Pacific marine programme under scrutiny2018/02/09
  225. Viewing with Lara Strongman2018/02/08
  226. Talking to children about war2018/02/08
  227. New technology - Sarah Putt2018/02/08
  228. Book review - "The Immortalists" by Chloe Benjamin2018/02/08
  229. White Chrysanthemum's 'Comfort Women'2018/02/08
  230. UK correspondent Tim Sculthorpe2018/02/08
  231. Scammers & fraudsters targeting all ages2018/02/08
  232. Widespread Massey University enrolment problems 'a nightmare'2018/02/08
  233. Science commentator Siouxsie Wiles2018/02/07
  234. Angella Dravid - no holds barred2018/02/07
  235. Music with Kirsten Johnstone2018/02/07
  236. Book review - Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life2018/02/07
  237. All eyes on NZX after massive fall on Wall Street2018/02/07
  238. Jessica Watson: sailing into the story books2018/02/07
  239. Australia correspondent Karen Middleton2018/02/07
  240. Trouble at the track2018/02/07
  241. Farmers in limbo over cattle disease2018/02/07
  242. Maori architecture in the 20th Century2018/02/05
  243. Faisal Attaye: Manuka Love2018/02/05
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  246. Frank Howarth: Nailing it2018/02/05
  247. Europe correspondent Seamus Kearney2018/02/05
  248. Katherine de Silva: Fixing Forests2018/02/05
  249. Bankers' Assn backs down over protection for fraud victims2018/02/05
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