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Nine To Noon with Kathryn Ryan

  1. The week that was, rubbishing chip packets2018/08/03
    Te Radar and Gemma Gracewood look at the sublime and the ridiculous, including the UK roofer who was fined for having empty chip packets in his van, without having a licence to carry rubbish!
  2. Boxing fallout, Rugby's dark Murdoch chapter2018/08/03
    Sports commentator Brendan Telfer with more fallout from the Joseph Parker, Dillian Whyte fight, and a new book by Rugby Historian Ron Palenski, sheds light on All Black Keith Murdoch's ostracising.
  3. New music with Jeremy Taylor2018/08/03
    Jeremy Taylor from Slow Boat enjoys the silky pop smarts of Chelsea Jade, a retrospective from former Hollie Graham Nash, and an epic upcoming release from Dunedin based artist/ auteur Dudley Benson.
  4. Unity Book's review - The Aviator by Eugene Vodolazkin2018/08/03
    Melanie O'Loughlin from Unity Books reviews The Aviator by Eugene Vodolazkin, published by One World.
  5. Dinny McMahon: China's Great Wall of Debt2018/08/03
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  6. Imran Khan's Pakistan coalition building2018/08/03
    Asia correspondent Ed White reports on former cricketer, Imran Khan trying to build a coalition in Pakistan, and Google and Facebook are ramping up efforts to get into, or back into China's lucrative internet market.
  7. A practical guide to giving up plastics2018/08/03
    It's been called the environmental scourge of our age - so what can individuals do ? Will Mc Callum is the head of Oceans at Greenpeace UK who has just written 'How to Give up Plastic - a guide to changing the world one plastic bottle at a time'.
  8. New twist in Nissan Leaf battery story2018/08/03
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  9. NZ Film Festival picks and Sacha Baron Cohen2018/08/02
    Screen reviewer Paul Casserly talks about Woody Harrelson as LBJ, the documentary about US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sasha Baron Cohen causing trouble in his new show, Who is America?
  10. Pull your heads in, parents!2018/08/02
    How should parents act when their children have a problem at school? Australian school principal John Collier from St Andrews Cathedral School in Sydney has a very direct approach for parents that has gone viral.
  11. Samsung and Apple's latest results2018/08/02
    Tech Correspondent, Bill Bennett has reaction to Apple being the first Trillion dollar company. Also a US federal judge has blocked downloads of 3D gun plans from a website on Tuesday and an Australian survey has found workers feel unprepared to get jobs in the digital economy.
  12. Book review - Notes On a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig2018/08/02
    Louise Ward from Wardini books reviews Notes On a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig, published by A&U Canongate.
  13. John Parker's five decades of ceramics2018/08/02
    Throwing pots captured West Auckland artist, John Parker's imagination as a 19 year old attending a night class. This has led to a long career as one of the country's most innovative potters. He has dual careers in art and theatre design.
  14. What Love Island contestants make of Brexit2018/08/02
    UK correspondent, Kate Adie joins Kathryn with a bit of Brexit light relief from Love Island contestants; Jeremy Corbyn's ongoing travails and are the British railways really the envy of Europe?
  15. Celia Lashlie: her life's work and last days2018/08/02
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  16. Hacker demands $US5000 from Hawera High School2018/08/02
    A hacker has caused a digital havoc at Hawera High School. On Monday teachers arrived at school to find a message on the computer system, demanded $5,000 US ransom in bitcoin. The chair of the school's board of trustees Phil Nixon says it is causing huge disruption.

  17. NZ election observer in Zimbabwe: Tim Barnett2018/08/02
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  18. Arts commentator Courtney Johnston2018/08/01
    This week Courtney talks about about New Zealand's house museums, and a new contemporary art project at the heritage home 'The Elms' in Tauranga.
  19. How commuting is transforming our cities2018/08/01
    Transit Life: How Commuting is Transforming Our Cities. David Bissell is a Professor of Geography - and Australian Research Council Future Fellow - at the University of Melbourne. His research explores the social, political and ethical consequences of mobile lives.
  20. Music: When words fail you2018/08/01
    Graeme Downes features the music of Pearl Jam, Kenny Rodgers and Randy Newman in his discussion of subjects that are extraordinarily difficult to write about, like bullying and mental trauma. Graeme Downes is a musicologist and senior lecturer in the Department of Music at the University of Otago.
  21. Book review - In Search of Mary Shelley2018/08/01
    Jessie Bray Sharpin reviews In Search of Mary Shelley -The Girl Who Wrote Frankenstein by Fiona Sampson, published by Profile.
  22. The complexities of Robin Williams, Dave Itzkoff2018/08/01
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  23. Australia's by-election & Philip Wilson's resignation2018/08/01
    Donna Field reports on Australia's by-election results, the Queensland man jailed for 17 years after planning a suicide terror attack on Australian soil, and the resignation of Adelaide's Archbishop Philip Wilson, the most senior Catholic in the world to be convicted of concealing child sex abuse.
  24. Breaking down Barriers in Politics2018/08/01
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  25. Should NZ introduce an energy price cap?2018/08/01
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  26. Will Stuff be sold?2018/07/31
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  27. Kiwi truckies tell tales in new book 'Life on the Road'2018/07/31
    You haven't earned your truckie stripes until you've watched a big vehicle run away from you, says former truck driver Randolph Covich, author of Life on the Road: Kiwi Trucking Stories.
  28. Rod Oram: Fonterra needs change of culture under new board chair2018/07/31
    Fonterra’s next chair will need to tackle poor performance and capital spending problems, business commentator Rod Oram says, by changing the co-op’s culture.
  29. Book review - A Weekend in New York by Benjamin Markovits2018/07/31
    Stella Chrysostomou from Volume book shop reviews A Weekend in New York by Benjamin Markovits, published by Faber.
  30. Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist – new documentary captures an iconic contrarian2018/07/31
    Filmmaker Lorna Tucker is proud of her documentary about the "still punk" 77-year-old fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood, even though Westwood has called it "mediocre".
  31. Deadline passes for US border children reunification2018/07/31
    US correspondent, Susan Milligan tells how more than 700 undocumented immigrant children, who were separated from their parents at the border, have not been reunited, despite the deadline passing.
  32. Iwi kiwifruit venture grows Māori economy2018/07/31
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  33. TV watershed. Should we keep it clean before 8.30pm?2018/07/31
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  34. Report forecasts future of weather-related insurance claims2018/07/31
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  35. Off the beaten track with Kennedy Warne2018/07/30
    An eclectic mix of interesting things with Outdoorsman Kennedy Warne - stressed fish, silent reefs, the inspiration for The Lorax and the joy of mountain bivouacs.
  36. The vegetable soup your gut will thank you for2018/07/30
    The food we eat affects our gut health – which in turn affects our digestion, says scientist Amber Milan. Do your guts a favour with her (prebiotic and probiotic) kumara and leek soup.
  37. Political commentators - Stephen Mills and Matthew Hooton 2018/07/30
    Simon Bridges' first National Party conference as leader, education at the forefront. Matthew Hooton is the managing director of the PR and lobbying firm, Exceltium. Stephen Mills is the executive director of UMR Research and former political adviser to two Labour governments.
  38. Book review - Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata2018/07/30
    Charlotte Graham-McLay reviews Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata, published by Granta.
  39. Boy bands and fangirls2018/07/30
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  40. Spotlight on South America 2018/07/30
    South America correspondent, Daniel Schweimler on the perils on being an environmental activist in Brazil. 57 were killed last year.
  41. Young-onset dementia sufferers helped by assistance dogs, study indicates 2018/07/30
    An Australian trial study has shown specially trained dogs can help younger people suffering from dementia as their world becomes increasingly confusing.
  42. Calls to beef up reporting of adverse drug side effects2018/07/30
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  43. The week that was2018/07/27
    James Elliott and Michele A'Court on the cat flap that caught out a Waikato woman, and the Virginia Beach runaway snake.
  44. Rugby, Super Rugby and Boxing2018/07/27
    Sports Commentator Brendan Telfer looks at why our men and women apparently have a 'stranglehold' on world rugby titles, Joseph Parker gets back into the boxing ring and it is the super rugby semi-finals this weekend.
  45. Blair Parkes, the Blue Nile & Fabulous Arabia2018/07/27
    Music reviewer Grant Smithies goes ape over two killer new tracks from New Brighton krautrocker Blair Parkes, spins the slinky new single from local "tudor reggae" pioneers Fabulous Arabia, and lurches back to the mid 80s to blow the dust off a stone cold classic from Glasgow trio, The Blue Nile.
  46. Children's Book review2018/07/27
    Rachel Eadie from Scorpio books reviews two young adult titles: Helen and the Go-Go Ninjas by Ant Sang and Michael Bennett published by Penguin. Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi, published by Pan Macmillan.
  47. Gabrielle Brady: Island of Hungry Ghosts2018/07/27
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  48. Vanuatu's Ambae volcano alert level rises2018/07/27
    RNZ Pacific journalist Koro Vaka'uta with the effect the ash fall from Vanuatu's Ambae volcano is having on local communities, and attempts to reassure people in Samoa over the safety of vaccinations, following two infant deaths.
  49. EPO gene doping and designer super-baby athletes - Diana Bowman2018/07/27
    Professor Diana Bowman, from Arizona State University's School for the Future of Innovation in Society is researching the potential impacts of human gene editing on global sport. Could embryonic gene editing result in super athletes? A look at the ethical, legal and social implications.
  50. Alarm raised over prospect of new mining permits on DOC land2018/07/27
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  51. Boybands, Mamma Mia and Whitney2018/07/26
    Sarah McMullan reviews three different films. I used to be Normal: A Boyband Fangirl story, Mamma Mia Here We Go again and Whitney.
  52. Fostering independence and social responsibility in children2018/07/26
    Educator Joseph Driessen talks to Kathryn about growing independent children who have a strong sense of social responsibility.
  53. Emojis get academic2018/07/26
    Our technology correspondent, Sarah Putt delves into the academic world of emoji and finds it can be quite political. She'll also have details about the de-centralised web and New Zealand's OECD broadband ranking and Emojis get the academic treatment
  54. Book review - There, There by Tommy Orange2018/07/26
    Jenna Todd from Time out bookstore reviews There, There by Tommy Orange, published by Harvill Secker.
  55. Why risk so much for a movie? The making of Jirga2018/07/26
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  56. UK Stockpiling goods in case of NO DEAL Brexit2018/07/26
    Our UK correspondent, Matthew Parris has news on the stockpiling of medicines and food in case of a no deal on Brexit; Theresa May has sidelined her new Brexit secretary and a Labour MP is accused of racism.
  57. Are digital media binges giving teens ADHD symptoms?2018/07/26
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  58. New Health & Safety register launched after Pike River2018/07/26
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  59. Gap between pension and cost of living widens: research2018/07/26
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  60. Fly brains, ancient dental gunk and drug resistant yeast2018/07/25
    Our science commentator, Siouxsie Wiles has been investigating ancient dental gunk reveals the real Paleo diet. Also the a deadly yeast strain that causes drug-resistant infections is the same one that's used to make everything from sourdough breads to Chinese vinegar and scientists have mapped every single neuron in a fruit fly's brain.
  61. Textile design and knitting innovation2018/07/25
    Young NZ textile designer April Gourdie is striving for the perfect balance of technology and design in her knitwear creations. The 22 year old Aucklander is currently in San Francisco on an AUT graduate internship with Allbirds.
  62. Australian artists who've got mojo!2018/07/25
    RNZ's Kirsten Johnstone features the music of mixed race, queer artist Mojo Juju and Tash Sultana.
  63. NZ Books review - Born Trump by Emily Jane Fox2018/07/25
    Leah McFall reviews Born Trump by Emily Jane Fox, published by HarperCollins.
  64. Double amputee on the real meaning of letting go2018/07/25
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  65. Honours for Australian cave divers2018/07/25
    Nine Australians involved in the recent Thai cave rescue will receive national bravery awards; privacy concerns over medical records; a super-Saturday by-elections and rugby league referee dramas.
  66. Citizens’ jury on cannabis reform?2018/07/25
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  67. Living and retiring in debt2018/07/25
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  68. Offensive words, racial and cultural slurs2018/07/24
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  69. Learning Te Reo with help from a Ukelele2018/07/24
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  70. Multinational's appetite for leading edge new foods2018/07/24
    Business correspondent, Rod Oram looks at leading edge new foods interesting multinationals, and escalating trade and diplomatic tensions between the US and the EU.
  71. NZ Books review - Edgeland and other poems by David Eggleton2018/07/24
    Harry Ricketts from quarterly review periodical New Zealand Books reviews Edgeland and other poems by David Eggleton, published by Otago University Press
  72. Yours very sincerely, Nelson Mandela2018/07/24
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  73. Trump's tweet threat to Iran2018/07/24
    From the US, correspondent Gabrielle Levy talks to Kathryn about Trump's tweet threat to Iran, the continuing fallout from the Trump-Putin summit, including strong blow-back from Republican lawmakers, and US planned tariffs on $500 billion in Chinese goods.
  74. When training hard damages young women athletes 2018/07/24
    Why are women training to breaking point without eating enough ? What is it doing to their bodies? And what's being done to address the problem?
  75. A bigger, better City Rail Link for Auckland?2018/07/24
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  76. Meth lab do-up2018/07/23
    Bill McKay reports on his meth lab do-up and his plans for a grand design in the back garden. Bill McKay is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of Auckland.
  77. Growing and cooking West Coast cranberries2018/07/23
    Growers Kevin and Kate think there’s massive potential for cranberries on the West Coast, and have some recipes to share including Chocolate, Apricot and Cranberry brownies.
  78. Politics with Matthew Hooton and Stephen Mills2018/07/23
    Matthew and Stephen talk to Kathryn about the current round of industrial strikes, and also the latest debate involving Working for Families. Matthew Hooton is the managing director of the PR and lobbying firm, Exceltium. Stephen Mills is the executive director of UMR Research and former political adviser to two Labour governments.
  79. Book review - Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage2018/07/23
    David Hill reviews Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage, published by Penguin Random House.
  80. Whale of a tale: Micheline Jenner2018/07/23
    Kathryn meets Dr Micheline Jenner who has spent three decades studying whales off the coast of Western Australia. She is the co-founder of the Centre for Whale Research and has recently published a book called The Secret Life of Whales.
  81. Scandal engulfs French presidency2018/07/23
    European correspondent, Seamus Kearney reports on the scandal engulfing the French presidency of Emmanuel Macron, and the sacking of his head of security. Also, the UK's new Brexit negotiator attempts to get up to speed, amid mounting pressure.
  82. Art therapy boosts mental health in Christchurch2018/07/23
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  83. Hauraki Gulf Health inertia2018/07/23
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  84. The week that was2018/07/20
    Te Radar and Elisabeth Easther take a look at the more unusual stories of the week including the woman described as 'Britain's worst neighbour' who made headlines for installing a special high pitched alarm targeting the children next door.
  85. Usain Bolt heading down-under2018/07/20
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  86. Elroy Finn's solo debut2018/07/20
    Music reviewer Jeremy Taylor from Slow Boat records presents an unreleased album from an iconic jazz saxophonist, some shivery pop from Elroy Finn, and the latest lengthy installment from Mark Kozelek's diary.
  87. Unity Books review - Pale Rider by Laura Spinney2018/07/20
    Marcus Greville from Unity Books reviews Pale Rider by Laura Spinney, published by Vintage UK.
  88. Robbie Ellis: composing with the laughs2018/07/20
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  89. Upcoming elections in Cambodia and Pakistan2018/07/20
    Edward White reports from Taiwan, where he is a correspondent for the Financial Times. He reviews the upcoming elections in Cambodia and Pakistan, and the security crackdowns in both countries.
  90. Boosting Pasifika science success2018/07/20
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  91. Forestry owners 'stuck between rock & hard place'2018/07/20
    Forest Owners Association President Peter Weir says landowners are worried that any decision not to replant trees in dangerous terrain will see them penalised for not meeting environmental regulations. WorkSafe says steep slopes with cash crops like radiata pine might have to be left bare after harvest, to avoid tragic accidents by logging crews.
  92. Online cyber safety for kids: sexts, texts & selfies2018/07/19
    Cyber-safety expert Susan McLean is a specialist in those online safety discussions you should be having with your children. She has advice for parents about how to help young people establish good online habits, identify good apps and bad apps, know what not to share, as well as deal with cyber bullying and internet harassment.
  93. Compelling local stories2018/07/19
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  94. Microsoft's Surface Go vs iPad?2018/07/19
    Tech commentator Bill Bennet on Microsoft's latest device Surface Go and whether it will go head to head with the iPad. He also has news about a curious increase in the shipments of PCs, Netflix's share plummeting and Google has fined £3.8bn by EU over Android antitrust violations.
  95. Book review - People from the Pit Stand Up by Sam Duckor-Jones2018/07/19
    Harry Broad reviews People from the Pit Stand Up by Sam Duckor-Jones, published by VUP.
  96. Rodney Bell: Dancing a Duet with a wheelchair2018/07/19
    Rodney Bell left Aotearoa to dance in the US - with his wheelchair - and spent years homeless in San Francisco between lavish tours in Hawaii or New York, and says the Māori perspective helped him get through.
  97. Brexit and Boris: Deal or no Deal?2018/07/19
    Theresa May won the most crucial Commons Brexit votes of her premiership; Boris Johnson's resignation speech; a no Deal Brexit as well as problems for Jeremy Corbyn. Our UK correspondent, Matt Dathan says it's all going on in Britain.
  98. China's ambitious foreign policy2018/07/19
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  99. Household rubbish to landfill: costs could quadruple2018/07/19
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  100. Decisions under new legislation2018/07/18
    Law commentator, Garth Gallaway, has details of one quad bike accident case on a kiwi fruit farm and the case to reduce Worksafe's sentencing bands. Garth Gallaway is a partner at Chapman Tripp in Christchurch.
  101. Sad backstory to Niue's WWI involvement2018/07/18
    Historian, Margaret Pointer with the sad backstory to Niue's World War One involvement. Most of the 150 Niuean men who enlisted had never left the tiny Pacific nation before, and had no immunity to European disease. Within months of serving abroad more than 80 percent had been hospitalised. The story is captured in Margaret's latest book, Niue and the Great War.
  102. Rolling Stone Magazine 21st century top 102018/07/18
    What will survive by 2025? Graeme Downes reviews 3 of the top ten, Royals by Lorde, Runaway by Kanye West and Hey Ya by Outcast.
  103. Book review - Her Pretty Face by Robyn Harding2018/07/18
    Lisa Finucane reviews Her Pretty Face by Robyn Harding, published by Simon & Schuster.
  104. Ma'am Darling - Satirical writer Craig Brown takes on Princess Margaret2018/07/18
    Her beauty and glamour bewitched legions of admirers, while her acerbic tongue made her notoriously rude. One of Britain's best satirical writers, Craig Brown talks to Kathryn Ryan about taking on the contrary princess in his latest book, 'Ma'am Darling - 99 Glimpses of Princess Margaret.'
  105. Australia's growing population and Tony Abbot2018/07/18
    Our Australia correspondent, Bernard Keane has details of political disagreement over the country's population policies; cybersecurity concerns about a new electronic health record system and the conservative candidate who has been claiming a military service medal he wasn't entitled to.
  106. Busy Wildlife Hospital wrestles with long term funding2018/07/18
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  107. Four-day week. Yes we can!2018/07/18
    The landmark trial to compress the five day working week to four days, has proved a resounding success, with no loss to productivity, an improvement in work-life balance and reduced stress levels. Perpetual Guardian founder Andrew Barnes and Professor of Human Resource Management at AUT Jarrod Haar discuss the findings with Kathryn Ryan.
  108. New broadcasting funding2018/07/17
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  109. Pop-up globe founder on Shakespeare’s life changing theatre2018/07/17
    Pop-up Globe founder and artistic director Dr Miles Gregory has recently been awarded a Sir Peter Blake Leadership award for his efforts as an arts pioneer and innovator. 450,000 have experienced the Pop-up Globe in the last two years, and Auckland's fourth season is announced today. Dr Gregory tells Kathryn Ryan how for him Shakespeare was a life-changing experience.
  110. Business commentator Gyles Beckford2018/07/17
    Gyles Beckford talks to Kathryn about the signs of a potential sharp slowdown in the economy. Also, the Reserve Bank is crediting the loan to value ratios with making mortgage holders more secure against financial shocks and market downturns.
  111. Book review - So Much Life Left Over by Louis de Bernieres2018/07/17
  112. Cyberwarfare and the truth about the American election hacks2018/07/17
  113. Trump sides with Putin over FBI2018/07/17
  114. Northern Territories youth justice system still "broken"2018/07/17
  115. Te Papa defends job cut proposals2018/07/17
  116. Financial advisors: Banks benefit at Kiwisavers' cost2018/07/17
  117. Off the beaten track with Kennedy Warne2018/07/16
  118. Yes you can! Using tinned food to create delicious dishes2018/07/16
  119. Matthew Hooton and Stephen Mills on politics2018/07/16
  120. Book review - Boy Swallows Universe by Trent Dalton2018/07/16
  121. Investigating civilian casualties in war2018/07/16
  122. Assassination attempt ahead of Zimbabwe's election2018/07/16
  123. Can gifted money be assessed in financing of rest home care?2018/07/16
  124. Concerns for Collections at Te Papa2018/07/16
  125. Cheesy mystery with Te Radar & Irene Pink2018/07/13
  126. NZ's new shotput champ, FWC & Federer's Wimbledon is over2018/07/13
  127. Music of Vincent H.L, Hamish Kilgour and Chaka Khan2018/07/13
  128. Book review - Florida by Lauren Groff2018/07/13
  129. Al Lester - Straight from the Pig's Mouth2018/07/13
  130. ABC ban and MMR investigation in the Pacific2018/07/13
  131. Kiwi hunt for Nessie - stage one complete2018/07/13
  132. Calls for national wastewater testing after meth use revealed2018/07/13
  133. Good Girls and The Imposters2018/07/12
  134. Parenting: Sleep training for infants and tips for older children - Nathan Mikaere Wallis2018/07/12
  135. How to stay secure with your devices2018/07/12
  136. Book review - The Nine-Chambered Heart by Janice Pariat2018/07/12
  137. Robin Burcell: Californian Cop to thriller writer2018/07/12
  138. Heartbreak for England2018/07/12
  139. Teens take chemistry skills to Olympiad2018/07/12
  140. Commissioner targets govt & biodegradable single-use plastics2018/07/12
  141. 60 businesses commit to climate change action2018/07/12
  142. Dr Siouxsie Wiles: Names research shows gender bias2018/07/11
  143. Bisbee '17 & a town haunted by a history2018/07/11
  144. Musical films at the NZIFF2018/07/11
  145. NZ Books review - The Quaker by Liam McIlvanney2018/07/11
  146. Fascinated by Jupiter2018/07/11
  147. Australia: Sexist slurs, Gun laws and cakes2018/07/11
  148. Urgent call to improve medicine access for Māori2018/07/11
  149. Children used as pawns by feuding parents2018/07/11
  150. Spotlight on UK, NZ and Australian media2018/07/10
  151. Girls consider tech jobs they don't know exist2018/07/10
  152. Business confidence tumbling2018/07/10
  153. Nurses strike what patients need to know2018/07/10
  154. Semi Brexit: turmoil in the Tory Party2018/07/10
  155. Book review - Crudo by Olivia Laing2018/07/10
  156. Graphic novel takes aim at Hypercapitalism2018/07/10
  157. The next US Supreme Court Justice?2018/07/10
  158. Risky Thai cave mission proceeds2018/07/10
  159. Worksafe on methyl bromide exposure2018/07/10
  160. Creation and erosion of public space2018/07/09
  161. Gujarati fish curry and roti2018/07/09
  162. Political commentators: Matthew Hooton and Stephen Mills2018/07/09
  163. Book review - The Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer2018/07/09
  164. Rupert Murdoch's right hand man reveals 'untidy life in news'2018/07/09
  165. NATO unity fears2018/07/09
  166. A tug of war over Auckland's marinas2018/07/09
  167. How will NZ eliminate methyl bromide?2018/07/09
  168. The week that was2018/07/06
  169. Sir Richard Hadlee honoured2018/07/06
  170. Vinyl reissues - Eurythmics, Dictaphone Blues, and Richard Swift2018/07/06
  171. Unity Books review - The Pisces by Melissa Broder2018/07/06
  172. NZ celebrity chef Monica Galetti. Toast of London2018/07/06
  173. Setbacks for Thai cave rescue2018/07/06
  174. Stretched infrastructure causes West Coast stink2018/07/06
  175. Does NZ get bang for its movie buck?2018/07/06
  176. Sicario and Garry Shandling2018/07/05
  177. First-time parent: from theory to practice2018/07/05
  178. Is the Internet broken?2018/07/05
  179. Russell Mc Veagh handled sexual harassment allegations poorly2018/07/05
  180. Book review - You Think It, I'll Say It by Curtis Sittenfeld2018/07/05
  181. Jurassic World? Bringing back extinct animals with Torill Kornfeldt2018/07/05
  182. Brexit and the NHS turns 702018/07/05
  183. World's youngest bookworms: Kids' Lit Quiz winners2018/07/05
  184. How many children missing out on HPV vaccine ?2018/07/05
  185. Commissioner on the cards for Unitec2018/07/05
  186. Museums and rise of rapid response collecting2018/07/04
  187. Youth Inspire: off benefits & benefiting society2018/07/04
  188. Van Morrison's Astral Weeks Turns 502018/07/04
  189. Book review - A Thousand Perfect Notes by C. G. Drews2018/07/04
  190. Tasman Sea survival story2018/07/04
  191. Australian Catholic Archbishop sentenced2018/07/04
  192. GP's plea to parents: save your kids from disfiguring cancer2018/07/04
  193. Gambling support needed for Pasifika mothers and children2018/07/04
  194. Thai cave rescue: the difficult options ahead2018/07/04
  195. RNZ departures and social responsibility codes2018/07/03
  196. Waka takes Wintec students on learning journey2018/07/03
  197. Kiwifruit, class actions and construction2018/07/03
  198. Book review - Meariki: The Quest for Truth2018/07/03
  199. Conrad Anker: ice, rock and mountain climber extraordinaire2018/07/03
  200. US Supreme Court judge retires2018/07/03
  201. Spotting kauri dieback from the sky2018/07/03
  202. Dramatic Thai cave rescue: 'Many big challenges remain'2018/07/03
  203. 2018 Garden Bird Survey & plastic pollution2018/07/02
  204. Lashings: from top notch to top nosh brownies2018/07/02
  205. Political commentators2018/07/02
  206. Book review - How We Desire by Carolin Emcke2018/07/02
  207. Fiona Kidman: teddy boys, the Jukebox Murder & executions2018/07/02
  208. Moscow buoyant with Football World Cup2018/07/02
  209. PM's new science advisor2018/07/02
  210. Experts call for government to focus on Māori affordable housing, not just Kiwibuild2018/07/02
  211. The week that was with Te Radar and Melanie Bracewell2018/06/29
  212. Shock at the Football World cup and extraordinary fanaticism2018/06/29
  213. Love and lust in the music of Boycrush and Princess Chelsea2018/06/29
  214. Book review - Happiness by Aminatta Forna2018/06/29
  215. London's Shard engineer Roma Agrawal2018/06/29
  216. Blackbirding in the Pacific, and moves to ban plastic2018/06/29
  217. Fruit trees restoring a forgotten way of life in Northland2018/06/29
  218. Cycling the Tour de France for mental health awareness2018/06/29
  219. Christchurch’s outdoor smokefree stoush2018/06/29
  220. Compelling TV: Grenfell and Nanette2018/06/28
  221. Parenting: when emotional dependence on a child becomes harmful2018/06/28
  222. Uber recruits female drivers in Saudi Arabia2018/06/28
  223. Book review - Larchfield by Polly Clark2018/06/28
  224. Accidental soldier: from teenage wasteland to Iraq deployment2018/06/28
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