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Nine To Noon with Kathryn Ryan

  1. Supercool organs, good sleep genes and smart parasites2019/09/11
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  2. Carrie Gibson - El Norte2019/09/11
    America's Spanish roots with historian Carrie Gibson. Her book, El Norte chronicles the sweeping and dramatic history of Hispanic North America from the arrival of the Spanish in the early 16th century to the present.
  3. Music with Yadana Saw2019/09/11
    Music reviewer Yadana Saw plays some old and new releases to showcase the language of Aotearoa during Te Wiki o te reo Māori.
  4. Book review - Dead Letters by Jared Davidson2019/09/11
    Jonathan West reviews Dead Letters by Jared Davidson, published by Otago University Press.
  5. Dr Anne Aly - Australia's first female Muslim MP2019/09/11
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  6. Australian government plans to drug test beneficiaries2019/09/11
    Australia correspondent Annika Smethurst looks at plans to trial the drug testing of welfare recipients, starting with those on the Newstart and Youth Allowance. Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he's "puzzled" by widespread opposition to the plan.
  7. Whakarongo mai ki a Scotty rāua ko Stacey Morrison 2019/09/11
    Bringing te reo Māori into the family home and into workplaces is a mission for Scotty and Stacey Morrison. The couple is at the forefront of a resurgence in te reo. Both have new books out; Stacey's is My First Words in Māori and Scotty's - Māori at Work. They talk to Kathryn about how to introduce te reo to children and encourage your work colleagues to engage with the language.
  8. Hydro schemes exempt from water cleanup plan2019/09/11
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  9. Media commentator Gavin Ellis2019/09/10
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  10. Gabrielle Jackson - pain and prejudice in women's health2019/09/10
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  11. Business commentator Kim Savage2019/09/10
    RNZ business reporter Kim Savage talks to Kathryn about the capital markets review. With global uncertainty weighing heavily, what does this mean for central bank policy and interest rates? And is the construction accord with Government working?
  12. Book review - The Institute by Stephen King2019/09/10
    Lisa Finucane reviews The Institute by Stephen King, which is published by Hachette NZ.
  13. Ben Goodwin: Wētāpunga warrior2019/09/10
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  14. USA correspondent Susan Milligan - sharpie storm mapping2019/09/10
    Susan Milligan with an erosion of facts surrounding the path of Hurricane Dorian, including the sharpie altered map which erroneously had Alabama in its path. And a look at who is still in the running to take part in the upcoming Democratic presidential candidates' debate in Houston.
  15. Ruapehu ski operator 'suppressing competition'2019/09/10
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  16. UK Parliament suspension as Brexit deadline looms2019/09/10
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  17. Off the beaten track with Kennedy Warne2019/09/09
    Kennedy discusses the government's decision to decline the Waitaha hydro proposal, based on the river's outstanding natural character and recreational values.
  18. Lillian Hall - Taranaki herb grower2019/09/09
    It's off to Taranaki to meet a woman living the good life. Lillian Hall grows more than 200 varieties of herbs and well as lots of other produce on her one acre property at Urenui.
  19. Political commentators Sherson & Jones2019/09/09
    Trish and Neale discuss the the Kiwibuild reset with Kathryn and also take a look at the government's health waterways plan.
  20. Book review - Doxology by Nell Zink2019/09/09
    Jenna Todd of Time Out Bookstore reviews Doxology by Nell Zink, which is published by HarperCollins.
  21. Five time world darts champ 'Barney' Barneveld2019/09/09
    Raymond van Barneveld is one of the most successful darts players in history. The 52-year-old Dutchman, known to his fans as 'Barney' - is a five-time world champion, a two-time UK Open Champion and a former winner of the Las Vegas Desert Classic, the Grand Slam of Darts and the Premier League as well as a host of other titles.
  22. Africa correspondent, Debora Patta2019/09/09
    There have been nationwide protests in South Africa over gender based violence, sparked by the brutal murder of a nineteen year old film student. Every 3 hours a woman is murdered in the republic.
  23. Furnicycle helps furnish student flats2019/09/09
    A Furnicycle scheme adopted by the University of Waikato means large amounts of excess furniture, potentially destined for landfill, are now available for students and charities to take away for free.
  24. From sleeping rough to path to Kaitaia home ownership2019/09/09
    Sub standard dwellings, high rents, Aucklanders on the move and a lack of suitable housing are all factors contributing to the housing crisis in the Far North.
  25. The week that was2019/09/06
    Te Radar and Michele A'Court have a laugh at the week's lighter stories
  26. Sports commentator Brendan Telfer2019/09/06
    Team New Zealand launch their 75' foiling monohull to worldwide interest in the revolutionary boat. And Brendan chats to Lynn about major sports bodies shifting their focus in kids' sport from winning to fun and participation.
  27. New album from Taylor Swift divides opinion2019/09/06
    Jeremy Taylor from SlowBoat Records regains his enthusiasm for Taylor Swift, plus reborn 90s indie rockers Ride and 60's soul survivor PP Arnold.
  28. Book Review - Trick Mirror by Jia Tolentino2019/09/06
    Marcus Greville from Unity Books, Wellington, reviews Trick Mirror: Reflections on Self-Delusion by Jia Tolentino, published by 4th Estate.
  29. Raynor Winn : The Salt Path2019/09/06
    Raynor Winn and her husband Moth were in their fifties when they became homeless. They had invested in a friend's business that later collapsed, triggering a three-year court battle over who was responsible for paying off the debt.
  30. Asia correspondent Ed White2019/09/06
    Two years on from the atrocities in Myanmar's western Rakhine state the outlook remains grim for the more than one million people who fled Myanmar and are now refugees in Bangladesh. Ed White is a correspondent for the Financial Times, based in Seoul.
  31. Kiwi Dads: photo exhibition encourages men to take paid parental leave2019/09/06
    Kiwi Dads features images of 13 fathers looking after their kids. It's part of a campaign for men to have equal access to paid parental leave.
  32. Government's healthy waterway plan2019/09/06
    The government's proposals to restore the quality of the nation's waterways would see tighter restrictions on intensification of land, all farms requiring management plans addressing water quality, some farms facing nitrate caps and further fencing requirements and standards around winter grazing.

  33. 'The Wire' and the 'K'Rd Chronicles'2019/09/05
    Film reviewer Tamar Munch looks at seasons 1 - 5 of 'The Wire' streaming on Neon, it's an oldie but a goodie and its themes still resonate. She'll also look at the K'Rd Chronicles streaming on Stuff and TVNZ on Demand.
  34. Reading hacks for study success2019/09/05
    With university and secondary school students heading towards end of year exams, what are some key reading tips for study success?
  35. Internet shutdowns and Google's internal comms2019/09/05
    Technology commentator Sarah Putt looks at the rise in the number of times governments around the world are shutting down their internet.
  36. Book review - The Rich Man's House by Andrew McGahan2019/09/05
    Bronwyn Wylie-Gibb of University Book Shop, Dunedin, reviews The Rich Man's House by Andrew McGahan. Published by Allen & Unwin.
  37. Dr Matt Morgan: Critical2019/09/05
    Waking up to Dr Matt Morgan at your bedside means something has gone seriously wrong. Perhaps a with vital organ, or you've been caught up in a serious accident, or you've undergone a major operation.
  38. UK correspondent Kate Adie2019/09/05
    UK correspondent Kate Adie dissects the chaos of an unprecedented week in Westminster and checks the pulse of the wider political landscape in Britain.
  39. Albatross chicks choke on plastic baby formula scoop2019/09/05
    There's a record number of twenty-eight chicks at the Royal Albatross Colony at Taiaroa Head on the Otago Peninsular this year.
  40. Fighting exploitation in the New Zealand supply chain2019/09/05
    Businesses are being warned to take action against migrant worker exploitation in their supply chains - or face financial penalties and customer backlash.
  41. Boris's snap election bid fails: Professor Tim Bale2019/09/05
    Professor of politics at London's Queen Mary University Tim Bale updates on the UK's House of Commons rejection of a motion from Prime Minister Boris Johnson for a snap election.
  42. Redefining the international definition of 'museum'2019/09/04
    Arts commentator Courtney Johnston looks at the debate stirred by the International Council of Museums releasing an update to their decades-old definition of what a museum is. She'll also talk about photographer and video artist Joyce Campbell's full-gallery exhibition at the Adam Art Gallery at Victoria University.
  43. The Negotiators: The ordinary Kiwis who took on the Crown2019/09/04
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  44. Music with Charlotte Ryan2019/09/04
    Charlotte looks at Fleetwood Mac's upcoming New Zealand shows, the latest album Neil Finn's released with his son Liam and Kenyan singer/songwriters J.S Ondara.
  45. Book review - The Nancys by R.W.R. McDonald2019/09/04
    Jessie Bray Sharpin reviews The Nancys by R.W.R. McDonald, which is published by Allen & Unwin.
  46. Travis Elborough - Atlas of Vanishing Places2019/09/04
    British historian and social commentator, Travis Elborough has taken an in depth look at parts of the world that are no longer on contemporary maps. He talks to Lynn about his book - The Atlas of Vanishing Places, which looks at the world as it once was.
  47. Controversy over Tamil family's deportation from Australia2019/09/04
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  48. Why breast milk deserves inclusion in the GDP2019/09/04
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  49. New therapy could help stop age-related blindness2019/09/04
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  50. Historic Brexit showdown2019/09/04
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  51. Media commentator Gavin Ellis2019/09/03
    Gavin talks to Lynn about whether advocacy groups have a right to use advertising to push their message but asks do they have a right to cause alarm?
  52. Dylan Jones - The Wichita Lineman, a legacy2019/09/03
    Dylan Jones has been captivated and inspired by the song, The Wichita Lineman for decades and now he's devoted a whole book to it - The Wichita Lineman - searching in the sun for the world's greatest unfinished song.
  53. Business commentator Nikki Mandow2019/09/03
    Nikki takes a look at the role of corporates have with shareholders and stakeholders, large global fund managers and their causes, and TVNZ's annual result and what it spells for the state-owned broadcaster's future.
  54. Book review - Native Son by Witi Ihimaera2019/09/03
    Rae McGregor reviews Native Son by Witi Ihimaera, which is published by Penguin Random House.
  55. Linda Burgess: Someone's Wife2019/09/03
    Linda Burgess is the award winning author of three novels, three non-fiction titles and one collection of short stories.
  56. USA correspondent David Smith - Hurricane Dorian & RBG2019/09/03
    Washington bureau chief of The Guardian David Smith with the latest on Hurricane Dorian's path from devastating the Bahamas, to Florida, Georgia, and North and South Carolina declaring states of emergency.
  57. Keeping kea entertained on the ski slopes2019/09/03
    The team at the Treble Cone ski field have come up with a playful idea to allow skiers to enjoy the slopes without pesky interventions from the light-fingered mountain parrot, the kea.
  58. YouTube stars sue the platform for discrimination2019/09/03
    Eight gay content creators in the US are suing YouTube for what they say amounts to discrimination. Their suit says YouTube, which is owned by Google, regularly labels the content they produce as offensive or sexually explicit because of their sexuality, demonetizes the videos and restricts who can see it.
  59. Private early childhood centres want more govt funding2019/09/03
    A new lobby group for privately owned early childhood centres wants more money from the government to pay teachers better and achieve pay parity with kindergarten, primary and secondary school teachers.
  60. Bill McKay - Tips when building2019/09/02
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  61. Kiwi expat food writer Thomas Heaton in Nepal2019/09/02
    Expat food writer Thomas Heaton is now based in Nepal, working for the Kathmandu Post and enjoying the local cuisine. He took time out to show Lynn around some of his favourite eating places in Patan to introduce her to some local delicacies, from offal specialities, to sweet treats.
  62. Political commentators Hooton & Jones2019/09/02
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  63. Book review - Sweet Sorrow by David Nicholls2019/09/02
    Ralph McAllister reviews Sweet Sorrow by David Nicholls, which is published by Hachette NZ. Easily one of the best of the year. Funny and touching, an adolescent struggles with growing up and falling in love.
  64. Multi-instrumentalist Jacob Collier - you-tuber to music star2019/09/02
    Composer-producer-multi-instrumentalist Jacob Collier talks to Lynn Freeman about his transition from making viral multi-track music videos in his bedroom to making three albums and going on a world tour. Jacob is playing his debut New Zealand shows in Auckland tonight and in Wellington on Wednesday before returning to Australia for Brisbane and Sydney shows.
  65. Europe correspondent Seamus Kearney2019/09/02
    EU leaders maintain a united front amid the Brexit drama, and Germany pleas for forgiveness at a ceremony in Poland marking the 80th anniversary of Nazi Germany's invasion that sparked World War 2.
  66. As cemeteries fill, alternatives to burial2019/09/02
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  67. Hurricane Dorian bears down on Florida2019/09/02
    Residents from St Johns County which is part of the Jacksonville Metropolitan Area in Floridan have been ordered to evacuate. This affects 148-thousand residents who live the the path of Hurricane Dorian. St John's County spokesman Michael Ryan.
  68. Product stewardship. End of road for tyre waste?2019/09/02
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  69. The week that was2019/08/30
    Te Radar and Melanie Bracewell wrap up the week with some of the more humourous stories of the last few days.
  70. Sports commentator Brendan Telfer2019/08/30
    Brendan takes a look at the 31 strong All Black Rugby World Squad and whether it is good enough to win the Rugby World Cup for a third time in a row. Also, Rory McIlroy, the Irish golfer who pocketed 23 and half million dollars for winning one golf tournament this week. Should we feel comfortable about that or is it clearly excessive?.
  71. New music with Grant Smithies !!!2019/08/30
    Yes, their name looks like a typo, but Brooklyn dance-punks !!! (Chk Chk Chk) make a fine racket, so we'll be hearing two tracks from their new album Wallop. Also, a great new single from Wellington's Secret Knives, and an unlikely team up from two influential dead guys: James Brown and The Notorious B.I.G.
  72. Book review - The Art of Racing in the Rain by Gareth Stein2019/08/30
    Lisa Finucane reviews The Art of Racing in the Rain by Gareth Stein, which is published by HarperCollins.
  73. New Zealander's new life in France. Jennifer Andrewes2019/08/30
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  74. Pacific correspondent Johnny Blades2019/08/30
    Johnny and Lynn look at Australia's battle to keep China out of the Pacific and the latest in the West Papua protests.
  75. Driverless future. New Zealand AV ace Dave Ferguson2019/08/30
    Wellington born Dave Ferguson is the co-founder and president of Nuro, which has created the R1, an unmanned self-driving vehicle, custom-built to transport goods. Dave has worked on robotics and machine learning for nearly 20 years and one of his algorithms was used for long range autonomy on NASA's Mars Rovers.
  76. World Rugby "The focus is on women"2019/08/30
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  77. Succession, A Perfect 10, The Gulf2019/08/29
    Film and TV Reviewer Chris Schulz looks at the second season of Succession, about a family that heads up one of the biggest media companies in the world, the new Dan Carter movie A Perfect 10 and the New Zealand crime series set on Waiheke Island, The Gulf.
  78. Parenting the child who's a "bit different"2019/08/29
    Parenting commentator and educator Nathan Wallis with advice for parents worried that their kids are not making developmental milestones? When to be worried and seek help, and when to relax and let kids find their way.
  79. Why more telcos are headed up by women2019/08/29
    Technology commentator Bill Bennett looks at how tech companies are dominated by male managers, but telco companies are bucking that trend. He'll also look at Spark, Chorus and Sky's results, the GCSB giving the green light for Vodafone's 5G network and the Rural Connectivity Group adds services in 20 locations.
  80. Book review - Night Boat to Tangier by Kevin Barry2019/08/29
    Kiran Dass of Time Out Bookstore reviews Night Boat to Tangier by Kevin Barry, which is published by Canongate.
  81. The PM is a Russian agent? Author Tom Bradby's new book2019/08/29
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  82. Queen suspends Parliament ahead of Brexit2019/08/29
    UK correspondent Harriet Line reports on the controversial move by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to suspend parliament until just before the Brexit deadline - what happens now? And a victim who alleges she was forced by Jeffrey Epstein into a sexual encounter with Prince Andrew has urged him to "come clean".
  83. Th' Dudes to be inducted into Music Hall of Fame2019/08/29
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  84. Research: old old age in rural NZ2019/08/29
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  85. Why isn't my professor Pasifika or Māori?2019/08/29
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  86. Could kānuka stop kauri dieback?2019/08/28
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  87. Tiny houses. Is living smaller the secret to living better?2019/08/28
    Brent Heavener is the founder of the number one Instagram feed @tinyhouse. His new book, "Tiny House: Live Small, Dream Big" contains over 250 striking images of the world's most creative small homes, from treehouses in Spain's Basque country to mobile homes traveling the open roads of Australia.
  88. A little bit of country music2019/08/28
    RNZ Music's Kirsten Johnson goes country, with a look at newly formed band Highwomen - a name playing homage to the legendary Highwaymen, deep-south Kiwi singer-songwriter Jenny Mitchell and Lillie Mae, a fiddle-playing country star from Tennessee, Lillie Mae.
  89. Book review - The Secret Hours by Santa Montefiore2019/08/28
    Elisabeth Easther reviews The Secret Hours by Santa Montefiore, which is published by Simon & Schuster.
  90. The 'White House' boys: Tales of horror from a reform school2019/08/28
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  91. Trans-Tasman blindside by ScoMo?2019/08/28
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  92. Study tips from a super tutor2019/08/28
    According to Joe Norman remembering what you love is a key part of revising for exams, acing essays and doing well at school. Joe Norman has been a tutor of children aged 10 - 13 for fifteen years to help them get into academically-selective schools in the UK. He himself won an assisted place at Britain's Winchester College and studied at Oxford University. His book is called The Super Tutor.
  93. Focusing on siblings of children with serious illness2019/08/28
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  94. Clash over learning support coordinators2019/08/28
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  95. Media commentator Gavin Ellis2019/08/27
    Gavin talks to Lynn Freeman about a Stuff Circuit investigation which reveals society's impotence in the battle against white supremacist use of social media. Also with NZME's half-year result out today, a look across the state of mainstream media. Gavin Ellis is a media commentator and former editor of the New Zealand Herald. He can be contacted on gavin.ellis@xtra.co.nz
  96. First map: How James Cook charted New Zealand2019/08/27
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  97. Business commentator Gyles Beckford2019/08/27
    RNZ's Business Editor, Gyles Beckford takes a look at National's economic programme, the earnings season and market volatility.
  98. Book review - two or more islands by Diana Bridge2019/08/27
    Harry Ricketts from quarterly review periodical New Zealand Review of Books Pukapuka Aotearoa, reviews two or more islands by Diana Bridge. Published by Otago University Press.
  99. Capturing wildlife: Gavin Thurston2019/08/27
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  100. USA correspondent - Johnson & Johnson opioid liability2019/08/27
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  101. Artificial tongue detects counterfeit whiskey2019/08/27
    Scientists in Scotland have developed an 'artificial tongue' that can detect subtle differences between drams of whisky to help in the fight against counterfeit beverages. The tiny gadget can also be used to identify poison and pollution in rivers. Lynn Freeman talks to Dr Alasdair Clark from Glasgow University.
  102. Going cold turkey on big tech: Kashmir Hill2019/08/27
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  103. Could a hearing check help prisoners reintegrate into society?2019/08/27
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  104. Kennedy Warne - penguins in peril2019/08/26
    With the 10th International Penguin Conference under way in Dunedin this week, Kennedy Warne talks to Lynn about the increasingly perilous world of penguins. He also pays tribute to a pair of blue-water sailors Pauline and Tim Carr, who made the island of South Georgia - with its several million penguins- their home for 14 years. Pauline passed away earlier this month.
  105. Russian home cooking. Comfort food with a slavic twist2019/08/26
    Russian and Ukrainian born Wellingtonians, Natalia Beliaeva and Iuliia Pashchuk share secrets to slavic cooking. They have recipes for beetroot salad, kasha, borsht and blini. On Saturday September 14th you can enjoy some Russian food and music at the fifteenth Russian Cultural Festival.
  106. Political commentators Hooton & Jones2019/08/26
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  107. Book review - A Dream About Lightning Bugs2019/08/26
    David Hill reviews A Dream About Lightning Bugs by Ben Folds. Published by Simon & Schuster.
  108. Learning to forgive. Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela2019/08/26
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  109. Brazil fires blaze, Bolsonaro under pressure2019/08/26
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  110. Chili Philly's crochet exhibition will have you in stitches2019/08/26
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  111. Incorporating tikanga Māori into a written constitution2019/08/26
  112. KiwiSaver for over 65s2019/08/26
  113. The week that was2019/08/23
  114. Sports commentator Brendan Telfer - cricket & rugby2019/08/23
  115. Music reviewer Jeremy Taylor2019/08/23
  116. Book review - Wolfe Island by Lucy Treloar2019/08/23
  117. Beating the cyber bullies: Constance Hall2019/08/23
  118. Asia correspondent Julia Hollingsworth2019/08/23
  119. The aromatics of wine2019/08/23
  120. Young people speak out on race unity2019/08/23
  121. Will Hong Kong 'dialogue' restore calm or is it a trap?2019/08/23
  122. New seasons of Mindhunter and Veronica Mars2019/08/22
  123. Tech and children's relationships at school2019/08/22
  124. How you watch TV is about to change2019/08/22
  125. Book review - Fleishman is in Trouble2019/08/22
  126. The Mosquito. Our Deadliest Predator2019/08/22
  127. Boris Johnson's continental Brexit trip2019/08/22
  128. Mind-reading tech "closer than you think": Nita Farahany2019/08/22
  129. Turbulence at the Civil Aviation Authority2019/08/22
  130. Perverting the course of justice in the workplace2019/08/21
  131. Junk Run: keeping rubbish out of landfill2019/08/21
  132. The other side of Abbey Road2019/08/21
  133. Book review - Crossings by Alex Landragin2019/08/21
  134. What drives Hayden Paddon?2019/08/21
  135. Alan Jones faces backlash, ScoMo wades into climate debate2019/08/21
  136. Linwood shops near mosque struggle2019/08/21
  137. Emissions auditor: Small businesses 'free-riding'2019/08/21
  138. Media commentator Gavin Ellis - BSA on mosque attacks coverage2019/08/20
  139. A history of cities and how they've evolved2019/08/20
  140. Business commentator Rod Oram2019/08/20
  141. Fuel probe. One of the 'big three' responds2019/08/20
  142. Book review - The Mister by E L James2019/08/20
  143. Lawless: From US beauty queen to Kabul lawyer2019/08/20
  144. USA correspondent David Smith - far right rally arrests2019/08/20
  145. US Lawyer taking on stalkers pervs and trolls2019/08/20
  146. Parents need lockdown guidelines: report2019/08/20
  147. Are we paying too much for fuel at the pumps?2019/08/20
  148. From Housing in Niue to Churches in Christchurch2019/08/19
  149. Jackfruit - the jack of all foods2019/08/19
  150. Political commentators Hooton & Jones2019/08/19
  151. Book review - Lapse by Sarah Thornton2019/08/19
  152. How to store fruit and vegetables for minimum waste2019/08/19
  153. Europe correspondent - Is Italy headed fully far-right?2019/08/19
  154. Micro-plastic's impact on the marine ecosystem2019/08/19
  155. Tradies pressured to install shoddy componentry2019/08/19
  156. The week that was2019/08/16
  157. Sports commentator Brendan Telfer - All Blacks test looms2019/08/16
  158. New music with Grant Smithies - Blam Blam Blam & more..2019/08/16
  159. Book review - The Boyfriend by Laura Southgate2019/08/16
  160. Concern over Amazon's evolution to everything store2019/08/16
  161. Pacific Islands Forum leaders climate change disagreement2019/08/16
  162. Ultra marathon running - lasting the distance2019/08/16
  163. Hong Kong protest organiser Bonnie Leung2019/08/16
  164. Prescribing under pressure: doctors & medicinal cannabis2019/08/16
  165. The Blacklist, Flowers, Anima2019/08/15
  166. 'Toxic parenting' is failing children: John Marsden2019/08/15
  167. The long wait for driver-less cars and deep fakes get deeper2019/08/15
  168. Book review - Nailing Down the Saint by Craig Cliff2019/08/15
  169. Investment advisor James Rickards - how to protect your wealth2019/08/15
  170. Boris Johnson's Brexit blows2019/08/15
  171. Local government. More candidates nailing colours to the mast2019/08/15
  172. 8chan ban: what is the role of the ISP?2019/08/15
  173. Glow-in-the-dark sharks and self-driving bikes2019/08/14
  174. Rat's tale: The history of Australia's long-haired rodent2019/08/14
  175. Music With Yadana Saw2019/08/14
  176. Book review - Whatever it Takes by Paul Cleave2019/08/14
  177. Explosive science: What's really going on inside a volcano?2019/08/14
  178. China compared to Nazi Germany and Australian press freedom2019/08/14
  179. Sexual violence courts a success: evaluation2019/08/14
  180. Census debacle - absence of iwi data "absolutely dire"2019/08/14
  181. Media commentator Gavin Ellis2019/08/13
  182. Men, eating disorders & body dysmorphia2019/08/13
  183. Stats NZ CEO resigns over botched census2019/08/13
  184. Business commentator Rod Oram - Fonterra write-down2019/08/13
  185. Book review - Ask Again, Yes by Mary Beth Keane2019/08/13
  186. Sourdough starter: Nancy Silverton2019/08/13
  187. USA correspondent Susan Milligan2019/08/13
  188. Older couples joining households - the legal lowdown2019/08/13
  189. 'No public inquiry needed'. Southern DHB boss2019/08/13
  190. Walkers, wanderers and wordsmiths with Kennedy Warne2019/08/12
  191. Molecular gastronomy and fermentation2019/08/12
  192. Political commentators Hooton & Jones2019/08/12
  193. Book review - Do Not Feed The Bear by Rachel Elliot2019/08/12
  194. Museums as physical spaces for Pacific storytelling2019/08/12
  195. Canadian correspondent Katie Simpson2019/08/12
  196. Victim takes aim at Medical Council2019/08/12
  197. The week that was - snacking by food deliverers2019/08/09
  198. Sports commentator Brendan Telfer - All Blacks-Wallabies2019/08/09
  199. Music reviewer Jeremy Taylor - electro-pop trio a-ha2019/08/09
  200. Book review - Out of Our Minds by Felipe Fernández-Armesto2019/08/09
  201. Simon Barnard: criminal slang from a convict nerd2019/08/09
  202. Asia correspondent - Hong Kong violence escalates2019/08/09
  203. Opt-out: A new approach to closing the gender gap2019/08/09
  204. Fox rubbish spill: how much closer to pristine?2019/08/09
  205. The Virtues, Two Sketches and My Māori Midwife2019/08/08
  206. Navigating the new porn landscape2019/08/08
  207. 8chan shut down and the anti-bro start up2019/08/08
  208. Book review - 10 Minutes 38 Seconds in This Strange World2019/08/08
  209. Backtrack boys. Saving troubled teens with working dogs2019/08/08
  210. Could a British election be on the cards?2019/08/08
  211. Cost of borrowing at all-time low - what next ?2019/08/08
  212. Banking Bad - the journalist who sparked a Royal Commission2019/08/08
  213. Arts with Courtney Johnston2019/08/07
  214. No pulling the wool over 'The Shearers'2019/08/07
  215. Kurt Cobain: Still the master craftsman2019/08/07
  216. Book review - All My Goodbyes by Mariana Dimópulos2019/08/07
  217. Alex McClintock: how boxing hooked me2019/08/07
  218. Port of influence: China's controversial lease in Darwin2019/08/07
  219. Emerging climate technologies. Panacea or poison?2019/08/07
  220. Where to from here for abuse inquiry?2019/08/07
  221. Media commentator Gavin Ellis - toxic blogs2019/08/06
  222. Matt Brown: A haircut and a friendly ear2019/08/06
  223. Business Commentator Rod Oram2019/08/06
  224. Book review - Outside Looking In by T.C. Boyle2019/08/06
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