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Nine To Noon with Kathryn Ryan

  1. Contracts and dismissals2018/06/20
    Employment lawyer Charles McGuinness discusses the new contracts being considered by Spark employees, and when can a worker be terminated for medial incapacity.
  2. Bullying book shows 'freaks' have more fun2018/06/20
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  3. The music of Cole Porter2018/06/20
    The songs of Cole Porter as sung by Doris Day, Frank Sinatra, Eartha Kit and Ella Fitzgerald. Graeme Downes is a musicologist and senior lecturer in the Department of Music at the University of Otago.
  4. Book review - Love and Ruin by Paula McLain2018/06/20
    Charlotte Graham-McLay reviews Love and Ruin by Paula McLain, published by Hachette.
  5. Milk drinkers 'genetic mutants' - author Mark Kurlansky2018/06/20
    Mark Kurlansky has been called the "master of modern microhistory". His previous books Cod, Salt, and The Big Oyster, were bestselling global food histories. His latest book, Milk! A 10,000-Year Food Fracas traces the diverse history of the white liquid from antiquity to the present.
  6. Pauline Hanson's party of two2018/06/20
    Australia correspondent, Bernard Keane, has the latest One Nation drama; the Liberal Party backing of a policy to privatise the ABC and accusations of anti-China sentiment.
  7. Making big data work for society2018/06/20
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  8. Insurance increases could encourage competition2018/06/20
    Tower Insurance has defended its new risk based pricing model for home owners, saying it affects only a small number of policy holders. The company said it was now charging more for properties in high-risk zones such as earthquake-prone Wellington. Kathryn Ryan speaks to the the Chief Executive of the Insurance Council Tim Grafton about what this development means for the industry.
  9. Media guidelines for reporting on mental health2018/06/19
    Gavin Ellis runs through new guidelines from the Mental Health Foundation for reporting on mental health and the Broadcasting Standards Authority on use of social media seek to minimise harm. Gavin Ellis is a media commentator and former editor of the New Zealand Herald. He can be contacted on gavin.ellis@xtra.co.nz
  10. What is old?2018/06/19
    Massey University demographer, Professor Paul Spoonley says we need to rethink "old age" both as a concept, but also how we approach it, and how we talk about it. Describing people as "elderly" or "pensioners" is demeaning and inappropriate, he says.
  11. Economics of Rugby & US/NZ interest rate history2018/06/19
    Business commentator Nikki Mandow on an historic point in relative US/NZ interest rates, the economics of New Zealand Rugby, and the Overseas Investment Amendment Bill.
  12. Book review - The Map Of Salt And Stars by Jennifer Joukhadar2018/06/19
    Anne Else reviews The Map Of Salt And Stars by Jennifer Joukhadar, published by: Hachette.
  13. Bringing Aboriginal choral voices to the world2018/06/19
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  14. From Trump campaign manager to inmate2018/06/19
    US correspondent, Susan Milligan with the latest on former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort who is now in jail for defying terms of his pre-trial detention, and the controversial immigration practices separating children from their parents at the US border.
  15. Auckland in the running for a flying taxi service2018/06/19
    Uber is looking for city outside of the U.S. with significant traffic congestion to launch "urban aerial ridesharing" uberAIR. One of the considerations is finding a city that needs to improve its transport systems. uberAIR is set to take off in 2023. Nikhil Goel is looking at developing new modes of transport for Uber.
  16. Restoring the Hauraki Gulf with mussels2018/06/19
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  17. Changes to government ban on foreign buyers2018/06/19
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  18. Paparoa Track: a Great Walk for cyclists, too2018/06/18
    The Paparoa Track is the tenth Great Walk constructed here and the first designed to be shared by cyclists and walkers. Kennedy Warne is in the historic West Coast town of Blackball getting a sneak peek at its construction.
  19. Breakfasts from around the world2018/06/18
    Kiwi chef Bridget Foliaki-Davis researched her new book Breakfast Around The World while on her "first proper holiday" – at 32. The Sydney-based mother of three shares with us her recipe for perfect porridge.
  20. Politics with Matthew Hooton and Stephen Mills2018/06/18
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  21. Book review - When Life Gives You Lululemons2018/06/18
    When Life Gives You Lululemons by Lauren Weisberger. Reviewed by Gina Rogers reviews, published by HarperCollins.
  22. New Zealand's master among the masters2018/06/18
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  23. Africa correspondent Debora Patta2018/06/18
    The Democratic Republic of the Congo faces its ninth Ebola outbreak; social media clampdowns in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya; and Noura Hussein's death sentence shines a light on child marriage.
  24. Explosive Kangaroo doco comes to NZ screens2018/06/18
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  25. Current forestry practices 'suboptimal': land use report2018/06/18
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  26. The Week that Was with Te Radar and Michele A'Court2018/06/15
    What our eyebrows say about us, the Nelson furniture thieves' genius plan to avoid detection, and the sky scraper-climbing racoon.
  27. Football World Cup Kicks Off2018/06/15
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  28. The spanking new Wild Things redux2018/06/15
    Way back in 1990, Flying Nun records released a compilation of early NZ garage rock'n'roll called Wild Things. It's just been reissued with a bunch of new tracks but still in glorious punchy MONO! Music reviewer Grant Smithies plays three key tracks, alongside an overlooked hip hop classic from New York trio, Jungle Brothers.
  29. Book review - The Water Cure by Sophie Mackintosh2018/06/15
    Jessie Bray Sharpin reviews The Water Cure by Sophie Mackintosh, published by Penguin Random House.
  30. Surviving gay conversion therapy2018/06/15
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  31. Hawaii volcano still erupting2018/06/15
    RNZ Pacific journalist Sara Vui-Talitu reports on the state of Hawaii's Kilauea volcano after six weeks, calls for a formal system to help the descendants of "black birded" Pacific Islanders find their relatives, and the controversial demolition of Samoa's Apia Courthouse.
  32. Fresh concerns over Facebook's data practices2018/06/15
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  33. Para-cyclist: railway ramps too steep2018/06/15
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  34. Tourism tax 'won't even touch the sides' - Mackenzie mayor2018/06/15
    Mackenzie District mayor Graham Smith responds to the government's announcement that it will impose a tourist tax of $25 to $30 on most short term international visitors from the second half of 2019. He says it is too low, and won't deliver the relief that popular tourism regions need to cope with high visitor numbers.
  35. Hereditary & Mum S22018/06/14
    Sarah McMullan reviews horror movie Hereditary, and Mum series 2 on Lightbox.
  36. Noa Woolloff: being a young dad2018/06/14
    Noa Woolloff talks to Kathryn about being a young dad, and his mission to break down stereotypes of teenage parents. Noa was 16 when he found out he was going to be a father, and 17 when Kayla was born. Since then he's founded a social enterprise to help other teen parents, and has spoken to schools around the country about his journey.
  37. New technology: Fieldays, net neutrality & tech superheroes2018/06/14
    Sarah Putt on the innovation at Fieldays, net neutrality ending and whether the age of the tech superheroes is over.
  38. Book review - The Cost of Living by Deborah Levy2018/06/14
    Kiran Dass from Time out bookstore reviews The Cost of Living by Deborah Levy, published by Hamish Hamilton.
  39. Angela Lim: doctor and tech entrepreneur2018/06/14
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  40. UK correspondent Matt Dathan2018/06/14
    Matt Dathan on the parliamentary battle over Brexit coming to a head this week, why 35 Scottish Nationalist MPs walked out of Prime Minister's Questions, and how the first anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire is being acknowledged.
  41. Bringing the community 'behind the wire'2018/06/14
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  42. Reform of public sector, focus on ‘free and frank’ advice2018/06/14
    State Services Minister Chris Hipkins responds to yesterday's concerns over the reshuffle at the top of public service, and flags wider reform of the sector. He says he wants to see a return to true free and frank advice being given to the executive by the public service.
  43. Removing tonsils & the ancient art of trepanning2018/06/13
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  44. The Bus Driving Violist2018/06/13
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  45. Pop maestro David Byrne and his American Utopia2018/06/13
    Kirsten Johnston looks at the brilliant career of the Talking Heads frontman David Byrne, who'll perform in New Zealand later this year.
  46. NZ Books review - Journals: Headland and Minarets2018/06/13
    Louise O'Brien from NZ Books reviews two journals: Headland, a digital journal of short stories, and poetry journal Minarets, which is published by Compound Press.
  47. Flight of Fancy: The Lost Pilots2018/06/13
    In 1927, an Australian aviatrix became the the first woman to fly from Australia to London. Corey Mead tells the almost unbelievably dramatic true story of Jessie Keith-Miller and her co-pilot Bill Lancaster in the book The Lost Pilots.
  48. Australia correspondent Karen Middleton2018/06/13
    More allegations of war crimes committed in Afghanistan, a Sydney girl dies after she made a cocktail from a recipe she found on the internet, and Barnaby & baby part 4596.
  49. Public sector reshuffle: 'Musical chairs for the boys'2018/06/13
    The Equal Opportunities Commissioner Jackie Blue on a major reshuffle of the public sector by the State Services Commission which saw a number of senior Chief Executives moved between agencies. She says she's shocked and disappointed that none of the jobs was advertised and all appointments were men.
  50. From nuclear stand-off to historic summit2018/06/13
    The Trump-Kim Summit and the page-and-a-half-long agreement it produced. Does the much-vaunted summit in Singapore amount to anything significant? Eric Altbach served on the National Security Council under President George W Bush and has negotiated with the North Koreans. He was also a trade negotiator in the Obama administration.
  51. Media commentator Gavin Ellis2018/06/12
    The Court of Appeal NZME/Stuff merger hearing has finished but is it the last throw of the dice; Paul Dacre's legacy at Britain's Daily Mail and decades after it thought it had done a deal over the Clutha Leader, Allied Press finally gets to own the paper. Gavin Ellis is a media commentator and former editor of the New Zealand Herald. He can be contacted on gavin.ellis@xtra.co.nz
  52. Kite skiing & climbing in Antarctica2018/06/12
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  53. Business commentator Nikki Mandow2018/06/12
    Nikki has more on the Australian Royal Commission into Banking and Financial services, plus another business confidence survey shows companies are pessimistic and annual result from British American Tobacco's NZ arm shows just how much tobacco companies are putting into our economy.
  54. Book review - Hellholes of the World by David G. Brown2018/06/12
    Ian Telfer reviews Hellholes of the World by David G. Brown, published by Archetype.
  55. Red Card: the FIFA corruption story 2018/06/12
    Journalist Ken Bensinger reveals rampant bribery, vote selling, and kickbacks in the book Red Card: FIFA and the Fall of the Most Powerful Men in Sports. He says the international football governing body still has a lot of healing to do.
  56. Trump meets Kim: Entertainment or democracy?2018/06/12
    USA correspondent: Steve Almond on the USA and North Korean summit in Singapore gets into swing. What will be decided when President Trump finally meets Kim Jung Un? Will it be more entertainment than diplomacy?
  57. NZ's healthy bee population masks serious threats2018/06/12
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  58. Focus on young people to lower crime: report2018/06/12
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  59. How to make a damp, cold home healthier 2018/06/11
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  60. Urban food forest: Dunedin's George Street Orchard2018/06/11
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  61. Political commentators Mike Williams & Matthew Hooton2018/06/11
    New Zealand First puts the brakes on Labour's plan to repeal the three strikes law - effectively taking it off Cabinet's agenda, National holds Northcote, and how will Winston Peters approach his stint as PM-imminent? Matthew Hooton is the managing director of the PR and lobbying firm, Exceltium. Mike Williams is a former Labour Party president and CEO of the Howard League.
  62. Book review - Arnhem, The Battle for the Bridges, 19442018/06/11
    John King reviews Arnhem, The Battle for the Bridges, 1944 by Antony Beevor, published by Penguin Random House.
  63. Paul Simon: The life by Robert Hilburn2018/06/11
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  64. Fixing Auckland's ailing water infrastructure2018/06/11
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  65. Harassment in hospo industry revealed in research2018/06/11
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  66. The week that was with Te Radar and Elisabeth Easther2018/06/08
    The cringeworthy reasons some British firms say they lack women on boards; Australia's "poo jogger" unmasked, and are Canadian peacocks having existential crises en masse?
  67. Mike Hesson's surprise Black Caps resignation2018/06/08
    Sports commentator Brendan Telfer discusses Mike Hesson's resignation as New Zealand cricket coach after six years in charge.
  68. A heartbroken Father John Misty, golden era French pop, & Laura Veirs' new album2018/06/08
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  69. Unity Books review - Last Stories by William Trevor2018/06/08
    Melanie O'Loughlin from Unity books reviews Last Stories by William Trevor, published by Penguin.
  70. Catherine Tate: yes, we are bovvered!2018/06/08
    English comedian and actor Catherine Tate is bringing her live show to New Zealand later this year. She tells Kathryn Ryan that, as a thrill-seeker, she doesn't like being relaxed on stage.
  71. The North Korea Singapore summit2018/06/08
    Anna Fifield reports from Singapore with a preview of the big meeting. What does Trump want? What does Kim want? Can they come to an agreement? And if these two personalities weren't big enough, apparently Dennis Rodman is going to Singapore too!
  72. Whangarei teen performers take capital by storm2018/06/08
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  73. Yes you can live well with dementia2018/06/08
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  74. Methane less of problem than C02 for the climate2018/06/08
    New research suggests there is a better way to account for how methane and other gases contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. This could have a huge impact on how emission targets are set for countries like New Zealand with a large agricultural sector. Report co-author Professor Dave Frame from Victoria University discusses the implications for New Zealand's climate change policy.
  75. All or Nothing: New Zealand All Blacks2018/06/07
    Tamar Munch has been watching All or Nothing: New Zealand All Blacks (Streaming on Amazon Prime Video and coming to Sky Sport later in the year), Knives Out (TVNZ on Demand - premiering Friday June 8) and Mozart in the Jungle (Streaming on Lightbox and on Amazon Prime Video).
  76. Why kids should learn to cook2018/06/07
    Margaret Brooker has republished an updated version of her popular 2010 cookbook The Kids Turn to Cook. She talks about why cooking is an important life skill for kids to learn and shares easy recipes for cupcakes and Bircher muesli.
  77. Unbundling fibre broadband & Apple's new OS2018/06/07
    Bill Bennett on Vocus and Vodafone wanting to unbundle fibre broadband, the next version of Apple's operating systems for phones and computers and Microsoft buying GitHub - which has got some geeks up in arms.
  78. Book review - The Book Ninja by Ali Berg and Michelle Kalus2018/06/07
    Catriona Ferguson reviews - The Book Ninja by Ali Berg and Michelle Kalus, published by Simon&Schuster Australia.
  79. Snowberry: the smell of success2018/06/07
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  80. Food & medicine shortages post Brexit?2018/06/07
    Gerri Peev on how food and medicine shortages are just some of the disasters predicted for Britain, according to a leaked civil service document, if the country leaves the EU without a deal. Plus how Cabinet has agreed a third runway is needed at Heathrow. Now it just has to get through a vote in Parliament.
  81. Mayor calls for Matariki to become a public holiday2018/06/07
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  82. Volunteer access to prisons too hard: charities2018/06/07
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  83. Arts commentator Courtney Johnston2018/06/06
    A focus on contemporary crafts with a new award, a new public art commission, and a new exhibition all featuring craft artists.
  84. Twenty- four year old ticketing tech entrepreneur2018/06/06
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  85. Dory Previn's 1971 album Mythical Kings and Igaunas2018/06/06
    Confessional singer-songwriter Dory Previn was born in 1925 and had a whole career in writing before becoming a singer songwriter in the 1970s. Her second solo LP Mythical Kings and Igaunas is a quest for spiritual fulfillment and a loving relationship. Graeme Downes is a musicologist and senior lecturer in the Department of Music at the University of Otago.
  86. Book review: When I Hit You Or, A Portrait of the Writer2018/06/06
    Laura Caygill reviews When I Hit You Or, A Portrait of the Writer as a Young Wife by Meena Kandasamy, published by Atlantic Books.
  87. Giselle Clarkson The Secret Life of Butterflies2018/06/06
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  88. Australia correspondent Jonathan Pearlman2018/06/06
    Former deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce's career in turmoil; is Australia's property boom finally over ? Also the tiny outback town the Government wants to close.
  89. The future of the electric grid in a carbon-free future2018/06/06
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  90. Meth evictions. Who will take their case ?2018/06/06
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  91. Media reaction to the journalist who faked his death2018/06/05
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  92. The Walshaw's 'oil change'2018/06/05
    Sometimes you have to feel the fear and do it anyway, says David Walshaw, who left a 25-year finance career to become an olive grower. He and his wife Helen turned 20 acres of bare paddocks into a world-class olive oil business.
  93. Political commentators Matthew Hooton and Stephen Mills2018/06/05
    The race for the Northcote by-election heats up; Mycoplasma Bovis and the meth testing and how the Government has handled those issues and are big changes afoot in law and order?
  94. Book review - Sal by Mick Kitson2018/06/05
    Louise Ward from Wardini Books reviews Sal by Mick Kitson, published by Canongate.
  95. Simon Rowley: minding the kids2018/06/05
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  96. Could President Trump Pardon himself?2018/06/05
    US correspondent, Susan Milligan joins Kathryn with the news that the President has unexpectedly pardoned a conservative author and he's toying with the idea of pardoning Martha Stewart. Mr Turmp also said he could "absolutely" pardon himself. Critics are not so sure. Susan also has the latest on the US / North Korea summit.
  97. Pasi Sahlberg: to rush education reform is to ruin it2018/06/05
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  98. Prison overcrowding - how is the system coping?2018/06/05
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  99. The week that was with Te Radar and Irene Pink2018/06/01
    The referendum on independence for Auckland's North Shore, the Masterton man who bought a house and found out five years later he doesn't own it, and can prescription medication cause racism?
  100. Brendan Telfer - passing of a running great, tossing a coin2018/06/01
    The passing of Dick Quax, one of our greatest middle distance / long distance runners. How a player contracted to NZ Rugby can be selected for the Wallabies and the ICC proposes dropping the pre-game ritual of tossing the coin as part of the game of cricket.
  101. Wellington Jazz Festival headliners Chris Dave & John Beasley2018/06/01
    The capital's Jazz Festival spans 6-10th June, with more than 100 gigs over five days and around 30 000 people attending. Music reviewer Grant Smithies plays tracks from two of the top international headliners, drummer Chris "Daddy" Dave and big band leader John Beasley, alongside songs from Melbourne's Courtney Barnett and Rangiora punk poppets, Best Bets.
  102. Book review. Rebel Prince by Tom Bower2018/06/01
    Dean Bedford reviews Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles by Tom Bower. Published by HarperCollins.
  103. Verna McFelin - Helping children with a parent in prison2018/06/01
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  104. Pacific news: Samoan Language week & Fiji's diabetes deaths2018/06/01
    Correspondent Koro Vaka'uta discusses Samoan Language week, the theme for this year is: "Alofa atu nei. Alofa mai taeao - Kindness given. Kindness gained". Also the magnitude of Fiji 's diabetes problem is revealed, as it tops the world rankings for having the highest number of diabetes deaths.
  105. Young swimmers and the 'tech tog' arms race2018/06/01
    Two of the country's largest regional swimming authorities are banning expensive technical swim suits for junior competitive swimmers.
  106. Why no mandatory dental treatment in aged care?2018/06/01
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  107. Airlines say border tax will be difficult to implement2018/06/01
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  108. The Queen's Green Planet, Rose Hobart2018/05/31
    Lara Strongman reviews The Queen's Green Planet, which screened on Prime on Sunday night. Also the 1936 film Rose Hobart, by artist Joseph Cornell, which screened at Christchurch Art Gallery a couple of weeks ago, and is available on YouTube.
  109. Tips for teens: how to thrive in the college years2018/05/31
    Term two is a busy time especially for NCEA students - with internal assessments coming thick and fast. Add to that sports commitments, maybe a part time job, social activity and it's easy to see how some teens might be struggling to keep it all together. Teacher, author, public speaker and CEO of Spectrum Education Karen Boyes has tips for teens feeling the pressure.
  110. Universal Access, Echo & Geek Pride Day2018/05/31
    Sarah Putt on Internet NZ calling for Universal Access for all New Zealanders - but what does that mean? Also, Amazon's digital assistant device "Echo" coming under scrutiny for recording a family's conversation and sending it to the husband's employee. Plus, how the Domain Name Commission celebrated Geek Pride Day.
  111. Book review: Matchstick Man by Julia Kelly2018/05/31
  112. Alpine inspiration: Laurence Fearnley & Paul Hersey2018/05/31
  113. UK correspondent Tim Sculthorpe2018/05/31
  114. Katharine Birbalsingh: The UK's strictest teacher2018/05/31
  115. Will industry wide shake up fix ailing water infrastructure?2018/05/31
  116. Real Estate agents concerned over new meth standards2018/05/31
  117. New science - glowing bacterial sensors you can swallow!2018/05/30
  118. Picturing former refugees: The Resettlement Portraits2018/05/30
  119. Law Society survey reveals extent of sexual abuse & harassment2018/05/30
  120. Book review - Gabriel's Bay by Catherine Robertson2018/05/30
  121. Mark Warren: From peasant farmer to present farmer2018/05/30
  122. Australia correspondent Karen Middleton2018/05/30
  123. Making the tax burden fairer for New Zealanders2018/05/30
  124. Massive gaps uncovered in legal aid system2018/05/30
  125. Media: Stay of execution for the Kaikoura Star2018/05/29
  126. Founder of online fashion marketplace: Designer Wardrobe2018/05/29
  127. Business: How are Insurers behaving?2018/05/29
  128. NZ Books review - Are Friends Electric by Helen Heath2018/05/29
  129. Attitude with altitude: New Zealand’s birds of prey2018/05/29
  130. Border separations in the US2018/05/29
  131. Robotics, AI and architecture2018/05/29
  132. Wage penalty of motherhood - revealed2018/05/29
  133. How can M Bovis be eradicated?2018/05/29
  134. Know your boundaries. Do good fences make good neighbours ?2018/05/28
  135. Sweet treat: Chocolate canelés2018/05/28
  136. Political commentators Matthew Hooton & Stephen Mills2018/05/28
  137. Book review - How Precision Engineers Created the Modern World2018/05/28
  138. New Zealand Pioneer William Deans' - fictionalising history2018/05/28
  139. Europe correspondent Seamus Kearney2018/05/28
  140. IRD changes cause more issues for tax agents2018/05/28
  141. Historic changes to Family Court system behind backlog?2018/05/28
  142. The week that was2018/05/25
  143. Sports commentator Brendan Telfer2018/05/25
  144. New music with Jeremy Taylor2018/05/25
  145. Unity Books review - The Cow Book2018/05/25
  146. Anote Tong on saving his sinking island nation2018/05/25
  147. Asia correspondent Anna Fifield2018/05/25
  148. Demian Barrios: Hawaii's lava chaser2018/05/25
  149. New Zealand's new Wikipedian-at-large2018/05/25
  150. Does M-Bovis spell fundamental change for the dairy industry?2018/05/25
  151. Evil Genius, Civilisation & the Royal Wedding2018/05/24
  152. Transitioning your child to day care2018/05/24
  153. New technology with Robbie Allan2018/05/24
  154. Sally Wainwright: from Coro to Happy Valley2018/05/24
  155. UK Correspondent Kate Adie2018/05/24
  156. Children's Book review2018/05/24
  157. Farmers: Too many tourists walking across our land2018/05/24
  158. Minister 'inclined towards' ban on plastic bags 2018/05/24
  159. Legal commentator Ursula Cheer2018/05/23
  160. Music with Graeme Downes2018/05/23
  161. Autumn gardening with Xanthe White2018/05/23
  162. Book review - Chemistry by Weike Wang2018/05/23
  163. When the final whistle sounds: Life after top tier rugby2018/05/23
  164. Australia correspondent Bernard Keane2018/05/23
  165. Are compostable bags replacing one problem with another?2018/05/23
  166. 16-year-old suspended from top level sport2018/05/23
  167. Funded Viagra needed for prostate cancer patients2018/05/23
  168. Media commentator Gavin Ellis2018/05/22
  169. Old Tauranga hot water cylinder reveals electric past2018/05/22
  170. Business commentator Rod Oram2018/05/22
  171. Book review - Eye of the Songbird by Michael Munro2018/05/22
  172. Scott Neeson - from Hollywood to the streets of Cambodia2018/05/22
  173. US Correspondent: Susan Milligan on Pompeo's Iran sanctions2018/05/22
  174. Time for disruption in the fashion industry?2018/05/22
  175. Ōpōtiki harbour project presses on2018/05/22
  176. Toxic gas threat as Kilauea lava hits ocean2018/05/22
  177. Kūmara harvest in Auckland garden with 'big history'2018/05/21
  178. Bonnie De Gros: beginner's guide to fermentation2018/05/21
  179. Political commentators Mike Williams & Matthew Hooton2018/05/21
  180. Book review: American By Day by Derek B. Miller2018/05/21
  181. Murder in Mansfield true crime documentary2018/05/21
  182. Emiliana Duarte reports on the latest from South America2018/05/21
  183. Why do so many kids dread cross country?2018/05/21
  184. Alcohol labelling "inconsistent and ambiguous"2018/05/21
  185. New home insulation scheme - who's in & who's out?2018/05/21
  186. The week that was with Te Radar and Michele A'Court2018/05/18
  187. Sports commentator Brendan Telfer2018/05/18
  188. New Zealand Music Month - do we need it?2018/05/18
  189. Book review - Tangerine by Christine Mangan2018/05/18
  190. Ruins: past and prophecy2018/05/18
  191. Pacific correspondent Sara Vui-Talitu2018/05/18
  192. Game of two halves: Windsor wedding or Wembley?2018/05/18
  193. Midwives say extra budget money won't fix problems2018/05/18
  194. Finance Minister Grant Robertson's first budget2018/05/18
  195. Deadpool 2, Swagger of Thieves, The Rachel Divide2018/05/17
  196. Teens self harming: psychologist's advice for parents2018/05/17
  197. New tech: supermarket surveillance & Google Assistant2018/05/17
  198. Book review - To Throw Away Unopened by Viv Albertine2018/05/17
  199. A 40-year love affair with puzzles2018/05/17
  200. UK correspondent Matthew Parris2018/05/17
  201. Sir Paul Callaghan, Dancing with Atoms - Shirley Horrocks2018/05/17
  202. Explosions from Kilauea volcano intensify2018/05/17
  203. Stick-on window films may not live up to thermal claims2018/05/17
  204. Journal retracts controversial HPV paper and other science news2018/05/16
  205. The Ockham Book Awards Supreme Winner - Pip Adam2018/05/16
  206. Pacific Music Awards: five acts you should know about2018/05/16
  207. NZ Books review - The New Ships by Kate Duignan2018/05/16
  208. Forensic Architecture - when buildings become evidence.2018/05/16
  209. Australia correspondent Karen Middleton2018/05/16
  210. Weather forecasting revolution. Niwa's new super computer2018/05/16
  211. Personalised supplements, health disruptor or sales tactic?2018/05/16
  212. The "toxic" culture at the Human Rights Commission2018/05/16
  213. Media commentator Gavin Ellis2018/05/15
  214. James & Robert Redford fuel clean energy movement2018/05/15
  215. Business commentator Rod Oram2018/05/15
  216. Book review - Nightfall Berlin by Jack Grimwood2018/05/15
  217. Uzodinma Iweala : writer, filmmaker, doctor2018/05/15
  218. USA correspondent Steve Almond2018/05/15
  219. Hawaii bans some sunscreens to protect coral reefs2018/05/15
  220. Gaza violence amid rising tensions in the Middle East2018/05/15
  221. Designing better apartment buildings in Auckland2018/05/14
  222. Glowing food - perfect for UV fun in the dark2018/05/14
  223. Political commentators2018/05/14
  224. Book review: Misogynation by Laura Bates2018/05/14
  225. Deep Groove: Bassist Christian McBride2018/05/14
  226. Europe correspondent Seamus Kearney2018/05/14
  227. Uber Drivers take a day off to highlight low pay2018/05/14
  228. Kiwi mum's fight to end restraints in Japan's psychiatric hospitals2018/05/14
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