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Sunday Morning with Chris Laidlaw

  1. Working through Budget 2019 and the End of life Choice bill 2019/06/25
    The House will continue working on the Budget 2019 bill and debate the second reading of the End of Life Choice Bill this week says Leader of the House Chris Hipkins.
  2. Georgina Beyer: Musical Chair2019/06/23
    Former New Zealand politician Georgina Beyer has lived a rich and varied life. She's gone from drag queen performer and sex work to becoming the world's first openly transgender Member of Parliament to speaking at the Oxford Union. She puts her musical hat on today to offer up a couple of tracks that are dear to her heart.
  3. F. Lee Bailey: still defending OJ Simpson 25 years after his murder trial 2019/06/23
    25 years on since a jury acquitted O.J Simpson of murdering his wife and her companion, his trial lawyer, F. Lee Bailey is incensed that there's cloud over his innocence. He explains why he's written a book to settle the score and direct the public to the trial transcripts which exonerated Simpson. He explains to Jim that he never stops fighting and why.
  4. Troye Sivan: Multi-talented superstar back in New Zealand2019/06/23
    Global popstar, internet sensation and LGBTQI icon Troye Sivan is on his way back to New Zealand for a major headline show in Auckland in September. The Perth-born, LA-domiciled artist who sensationally performed with Taylor Swift at her Rose Bowl show last year, joins Jim to discuss his musical journey and return to NZ
  5. David Robson: Why smart people do stupid things2019/06/23
    David Robson is an author and science journalist whose new book, The Intelligence Trap, examines the reasons why smart people make stupid mistakes and offers a cognitive toolkit for ways to avoid them. He joins the show to look at some of the themes in his compelling and wide-ranging book.
  6. Ella Tennant: Referring to ships as 'she' is sexist2019/06/23
    The Scottish Maritime Museum recently decided to adopt gender-neutral signage for its vessels, dropping "she" for "it" after two signs were vandalised. Ella Tennant, an English Language Teaching Fellow at Keele University, explains why the practice of using the feminine pronoun for inanimate objects is no longer acceptable.
  7. Three Minutes Max: Kathryn Burnett on national 'use your goddamn indicator' month 2019/06/23
    Short, succinct opinions from New Zealanders on subjects of their choice. Screenwriter and playwright Kathryn Burnett on New Zealand drivers' issues with indicators
  8. Professor Tony Dowell: Poverty and mental health intertwined2019/06/23
    Otago University Professor of Primary Healthcare, Tony Dowell, talks about research in the U.S which pointed to a drop in male suicides when there was an increase in the minimum wage. He has researched at length the links between poverty and mental health and explains why income affects men more than women.
  9. Three Minutes Max: Nikki Bezzant on why we need to talk about alcohol 2019/06/23
    Short, succinct opinions from New Zealanders on subjects of their choice. Food and nutrition writer Nikki Bezzant on a topic that many people often try to avoid -- alcohol consumption -- and what it's doing to our health.
  10. Calling Home: Carmel Kilpin in Hong Kong2019/06/23
    Carmel Kilpin leads a fascinating life in Hong Kong, bringing up three children and working as a physical science teacher in an international school. She's in her sixth year in the former British colony and doesn't expect to he heading back home anytime soon.
  11. Access to MPs crucial for democracy - Pacific Journalists2019/06/23
    Media are a crucial part of the democratic process and accessibility to politicians is key to informing the public, say Pacific journalists.
  12. Jennifer Zeng: China's shocking organ harvesting practice2019/06/23
    Jennifer Zeng is a mainland Chinese-born human rights activist who was tortured and brain-washed at a 're-education' camp in China because she was a member of Falun Gong. She has just returned from London where she gave evidence into China's organ harvesting trade as part of The China Tribunal.
  13. Aaron Mehta: Trump's resistence to start 'the big fight'2019/06/23
    Donald Trump has gone from saying Iran had made a "very big mistake" by shooting down an unmanned US drone to suggesting a deal between the two countries could happen so fast it would make people's heads spin. Defense News Deputy Editor and Senior Pentagon Correspondent Aaron Mehta joins the show with all the latest.
  14. An escalation of concord 2019/06/20
    You may have noticed MPs fire sharp barbs. But sometimes they lay down weapons. In fact they even have a special committee for agreeing on things.
  15. Estimates hearings continue at Parliament2019/06/19
    Budget 2019 is far from over at Parliament with Ministers continuing to turn up to select committees to answer questions on their budget bids.
  16. The budget twofer2019/06/18
    It's not that Parliament is obsessive, it's just that they take the budget so seriously they debate it in multiple places simultaneously.
  17. Sir Michael Morpurgo: War Horse on stage in New Zealand for the first time 2019/06/16
    Sir Michael Morpurgo's best known book, War Horse, comes to life on the stage for the first time in New Zealand this month.
  18. Three Minutes Max: Jock Anderson on the height of bar stools2019/06/16
    Short, succinct opinions from New Zealanders on subjects of their choice. Timaru journalist and local council hopeful Jock Anderson on the problem he and others of shorter stature have with the height of bar stools.
  19. Professor Tasha Howe: Heavy metal fans are happier, more well-adjusted adults than others 2019/06/16
    In the 1980s research pointed to heavy metal music listeners being at risk of poor developmental outcomes later in life. Professor Tasha Howe, a former heavy metal groupie, conducted a study which found they actually turned out to be more happy and well-adjusted adults than other comparison groups.
  20. Matt Vickers: Death with dignity is at the core of the End of Life Choice Bill 2019/06/16
    Matt Vickers is continuing the work started by his late wife, Lecretia Seales, to change the laws to enable the terminally ill to choose how their lives end.
  21. Lord Alex Carlile: Why he supports NZ lawyers against the End of Life Choice Bill2019/06/16
    Lord Carlile of Berriew QC is supporting New Zealand lawyers who're opposed to the End of Life Choice Bill before parliament.
  22. Dr Simon Walters: Children in sport just want to have fun2019/06/16
    AUT's Dr Simon Walters looks at what's behind the latest ACC figures on children's sporting injuries.
  23. Dr Roger Tyers: The no-fly return trip from Beijing to Southampton2019/06/16
    Climate researcher Dr Roger Tyers is on his no-fly return trip from China to the U.K.
  24. Adam Shapley: One in three New Zealanders plan to change jobs in the next year 2019/06/16
    Hays New Zealand Managing Director Adam Shapley talks about a report showing one third of New Zealanders are planning to change jobs in the coming year.
  25. Troy Campbell: Passionate workers more likely to be exploited2019/06/16
    Professor Troy Campbell from the University of Oregon has led the research on passionate workers being exploited by their bosses.
  26. Three Minutes Max: Peter Elliott on what we should call ourselves2019/06/16
    Short, succinct opinions from New Zealanders on subjects of their choice. Actor Peter Elliott on a topic that has been nagging away at him for a while now - what people from this country should colloquially be known as.
  27. Insight: Christchurch Attacks - Are intelligence agencies watching the right people?2019/06/16
    The Christchurch mosque attacks have prompted claims the security agencies have wielded their powers in skewed and unfair ways. Have resources been wasted surveilling Muslims and virtually ignoring possible alt-right extremists? In this second part of a two-part investigation, Phil Pennington asks if the agencies have been monitoring the right people.

  28. Calling Home: Kate Brown in Washington D.C.2019/06/16
    This week Calling Home's guest is Kate Brown who's living in Washington D.C.
  29. Budget 2019 not over yet 2019/06/16
    The budget process is a long one which pops up in all corners of Parliament. Daniela Maoate-Cox tracks it from question time, to select committees, and back again.
  30. Teresa Liu-Ambrose: exercises to prevent elderly falls2019/06/16
    Canadian researcher, Teresa Liu-Ambrose, says they used Otago University's falls prevention exercises in a study on elderly patients.
  31. Dr Neil Thorpe: Speed camera impact on saving lives often overstated2019/06/16
    Newcastle University Lecturer in Transport studies Dr Neil Thorpe says his research shows the impact of speed cameras is often overstated.
  32. Parliament hears call to ban conversion therapy2019/06/13
    Parliament has heard evidence on a petition seeking a ban on attempts to change people’s sexual orientation or gender identity.
  33. Grilling your own bosses2019/06/12
    It's not often you get to grill the people who run your own organisation. One select committee got to question all three of Parliament's triumvirate this week.
  34. More budget debate and next year's tax rates 2019/06/11
    Budget 2019 was announced at the end of last month but the debate isn't over in the House. Leader of the House Chris Hipkins explains why and what else will happen this week.
  35. Musical Chair: Al Brown picks the songs2019/06/09
    Chef, author and television presenter Al Brown is in the Musical Chair this week sharing the soundtrack of his life. He also talks about his food philosophy and how a farm boy from the Wairarapa who sat School C twice has managed to build a culinary empire.
  36. Matthew Condon: On the trail of The Night Dragon2019/06/09
    Award-winning Australian writer and journalist Matthew Condon's latest book, The Night Dragon looks into a 40-year-old cold case murder in Queensland. He examines the criminals and corrupt police that kept the killer at large for four decades.
  37. How to embrace emotion at work2019/06/09
    Being able to talk about how you feel without getting emotional is an important skill for everyone in a workplace, says Liz Fosslien, co-author of No Hard Feelings: The Secret Power of Embracing Emotion at Work. She shares tips with Jim Mora.
  38. Three Minutes Max: Andrew Clay on parenting in the digital age 2019/06/09
    Three Minutes Max: succinct opinions from New Zealanders about anything at all. Here's comedian Andrew Clay on the challenges of parenting in a device-driven age.
  39. Sir Ranulph Fiennes: 'I am a lifelong fan and devotee of Sir Ed' 2019/06/09
    Sir Ranulph Fiennes, named by the Guinness Book of Records as the world's greatest living explorer, is in New Zealand next month to speak at the Himalayan Trust Gala dinner in Auckland. He talks to Jim about his life achievements and what inspired him to devote his life to intrepid adventures.
  40. Lesley Gray: Stigmatising weight terms add to existing discrimination and bias2019/06/09
    A new study shows there is a need for care in the inappropriate use of commonly used medical terms like 'fat' and 'morbidly obese' in New Zealand. Senior lecturer at the University of Otago, Wellington, Lesley Gray, joins the show to discuss.
  41. Jim Hopkins: Bookarama Oamaru offers bibliophile bliss2019/06/09
    Oamaru's largest book sale, Rotary organised Bookarama is an annual fundraiser with as many as 35,000 books on sale for the price of a gold coin. One of the hard-working volunteers behind Bookarama is media personality and Waitaki District Councillor Jim Hopkins.
  42. Mediawatch for 9 June 20192019/06/09
    Police raids spook Aussie media; public media funding policy back to square one?; reporting local democracy in London; cattle crisis complacency goes under the radar.
  43. Darian Leader: Why Can't We Sleep? 2019/06/09
    Sleeping blissfully for eight uninterrupted hours is promoted as a modern ideal, but Darian Leader, a leading sleep researcher, says the idea is nonsensical and history shows human sleep has never conformed to neat patterns.
  44. Christchurch Attacks: What security agencies are keeping us safe?2019/06/09
    Insight - The Christchurch terror attack happened apparently without any indication of danger being flagged. So who is supposed to be keeping New Zealand safe? In this first part of a two part investigation, Phil Pennington asks how comprehensive New Zealand's security system is and why it now appears to be playing catch-up.
  45. Calling Home: Amos Chapple in Prague2019/06/09
    New Zealand photographer Amos Chapple has lived a rich and varied life behind the lens, including spending four years travelling the world photographing UNESCO world heritage sites. He joins the show from Prague to discuss his life in the Czech capital.
  46. Parliament’s annual Committee Mega-Smash2019/06/09
    Once a year ministers are grilled by House committees. It’s a budget gift to opposition MP’s dreaming of their big moment.
  47. Three Minutes Max: Michael Deaker on the relevance of the Queen in NZ2019/06/09
    Three Minutes Max: succinct opinions from New Zealanders about anything at all. Here's the Otago Regional Councillor Michael Deaker explaining why he believes it's time to thank the Windsors for their excellent service and get on with life without them.
  48. Professor Andrea Menclova: Solving science's problem with publication bias 2019/06/09
    Born out of a desire to publish scientific results that are not necessarily strong, attractive or catchy, Associate Professor Andrea Menclova from the University of Canterbury has created a new journal, The Series of Unsurprising Results in Economics.
  49. Marc Canalog: Questions remain unanswered over Fiji deaths2019/06/09
    Mystery continues to surround the sudden deaths of American couple, Michelle and David Paul, who died while on holiday in Fiji last month. Michelle's father Marc Canalog outlines his concerns about the investigation.
  50. ‘I am Catholic, I am a Filipino, and a New Zealander’ Paulo Garcia’s maiden statement2019/06/03
    New MPs get a special time slot to give their first speech in the house called a maiden statement. Here’re some highlights from National MP Paulo Garcia.
  51. Alejandro Cegarra: Living with Hugo Chavez Legacy 2019/06/02
    Venezuelan photographer Alejandro Cegarra is presenting his internationally acclaimed work at the Auckland Festival of Photography.. He speaks to Jim about what's happening in his home country and what he hopes his images will achieve.
  52. Herbie Hancock: 'People didn't understand Miles Davis' 2019/06/02
    Jazz Legend Herbie Hancock is in New Zealand this week to open the Wellington Jazz Festival. He talks to Jim Mora about what led him to music in the first place, what he's most proud of, and why some people didn't understand his former bandmate, Miles Davis.
  53. Captain Kevin Sullivan: Dealing with the trauma of infamous flight QF722019/06/02
    Captain Kevin 'Sully' Sullivan was in at the controls of flight QF72 when it suddenly, twice, nosedived sharply towards the Indian Ocean. He explains to Jim how those dreadful events led to the end of his career.
  54. Bill Morris: Building community in the regions through the arts2019/06/02
    Central to The Soul, directed by Bill Morris, is a snapshot of Central Otago today through the eyes of touring artists and residents. He speaks to Jim about the genesis for the film and how performers sharing their art in the regions can provide a focal point for the community.
  55. Three Minutes Max: Penny Ashton on the west Auckland trust monopolies 2019/06/02
    Three Minutes Max on Sunday mornings brings you brief opinions from New Zealanders. Here's Comedian Penny Ashton looking at the West Auckland trust responsible for setting rules on liquor retailing.
  56. Professor Jared Diamond: 'The world is in more trouble than it has ever been'2019/06/02
    Jared Diamond who won a Pulitzer Prize more than 20 years ago for Guns, Germs, and Steel about why some societies are more successful than others, says the world is currently on a trajectory for chaos.
  57. Lydia Bradey: Overcrowding on Mt Everest 2019/06/02
    New Zealand mountaineer Lydia Bradey was on Mount Everest last week when the viral photo showing a queue of people waiting to make their final ascent was taken.
  58. Professor Tony Ballantyne: Otago University's 150 years of success2019/06/02
    Professor Tony Ballantyne speaks about history of The University of Otago, New Zealand's oldest university celebrating its 150th anniversary.
  59. Dr Sharon Hoover: Mental health assistance in schools will transform lives 2019/06/02
    Dr Sharon Hoover is an expert in helping teachers, school counsellors and principals support students who are struggling with mental health issues. She speaks to Jim about how to help young people deal with stress.
  60. Beyond gas and oil: Can alternative energy save Taranaki?2019/06/02
    Taranaki is wrestling with it's economic future after the government banned new offshore oil exploration. Robin Martin asks if alternative fuels could be the region's saviour.
  61. Calling Home: Natasha Lockey in Canada2019/06/02
    Kiwi expat Natasha Lockey came across her current home, Rossland, which is in the Kootenay Rockies Region in British Columbia, after reading about the place in snowboard magazines in the 1990s. She joins the show to discuss life in her formerly secret paradise.
  62. Parliament's rainbow room refurbished2019/06/02
    Parliament's rainbow select committee room has been redecorated ten years after it was first opened.
  63. Research shows teachers predict student success as well as exams 2019/06/02
    Dr Margherita Malanchini and Dr Kaili Rimfeld have released their research which concludes that teacher assessments are equally as reliable as standardised exams at predicting educational success. They spoke to Jim about their work.
  64. Emanuel Kalafatelis: Child care is Kiwis' biggest health priority2019/06/02
    Research New Zealand polled a nationally representative sample of New Zealanders to find out where they stand on priority areas for the New Zealand health system. Research NZ Partner Emanuel Kalafatelis joins the show to discuss the survey findings with Jim.
  65. How to be urgent at Parliament2019/05/31
    The House is sitting under urgency to consider bills related to the Government's Budget 2019 announcement this week. Here's how urgency works.
  66. Robertson to Parliament: ‘Please can we have money?’2019/05/30
    Wherefore art thou budget? Or possibly what's it all for anyway, and is it really new?
  67. Vaccine advice: more places, more times, fewer deaths2019/05/29
    Expert says vaccinating pregnant mothers will save lives; and that immunisation rates will rise if getting a jab is easier.
  68. 30 months a year: the everlasting budget cycle2019/05/28
    In Budget week it seems suddenly everything’s about the money. That’s not true. Parliament’s focus on the money never seems to stop.
  69. The ‘right body’ - select committee hears petition on gender confirmation surgery2019/05/27
    A petitioner asking for gender confirmation surgery for youth to be funded has appeared before a health committee.
  70. Musical Chair: Julz Tocker2019/05/26
    Dancing with the Stars judge Julz Tocker talks to Jim about his life on and off the dance floor and how tough it was for him to realise his dream to become a pro dancer - all to the backdrop of a couple of songs that mean a great deal to him.
  71. Paul Anthony Jones: 'Around the World in 80 Words'2019/05/26
    Wordsmith Paul Anthony Jones discusses his new book, Around the World in 80 Words, A Journey through the English language, which offers an insight into how 80 different place names are part of the English language.
  72. Jenny Gao: The gruesomeness of 'Dark Cuisine'2019/05/26
    Jenny Gao is an international name in food, and she's been exploring Chinese food for a long time and introducing it to the West. She joins Jim to look at a new trend coming out of China which is all about serving food which disgusts some people, known as "Dark Cuisine."
  73. Jimmy Barnes: "The best is yet to come."2019/05/26
    Legendary Australian rocker Jimmy Barnes is back with another new album, My Criminal Record due out on May 31. He joins Jim in the studio explain why the best of Jimmy Barnes is yet to come.
  74. Dr Oliver Scott Curry: Kindness causing happiness2019/05/26
    Dr Oliver Scott Curry helped lead a team researching the impact of kindness; not just in terms of the recipient but for the person being kind's overall well-being, too. He speaks to Jim about their findings.
  75. Three minutes max: Mark Knoff-Thomas2019/05/26
    Three Minutes Max: Short, succinct opinions from New Zealanders on subjects of their choice. Newmarket Business Association chief executive on why people need to pay for quality investigative journalism and the need for more political satirists in this country like comedian and Snapchat dude Tom Sainsbury.
  76. Dr Roger Tyers: The no-fly journey from England to China2019/05/26
    Dr Roger Tyers is an environmental sociologist at the University of Southampton who's just travelled from Southampton to Beijing without flying. He speaks to Jim about taking on the no-fly challenge.
  77. Three minutes max: Dr Ella Henry2019/05/26
    Three Minutes Max: Short, succinct opinions from New Zealanders on subjects of their choice. AUT's Dr Ella Henry on the topic of climate change and the students in the news trying to take the matter out of the adult realm into their own hands.
  78. Has the NZ military shaken off its anti-LGBTQI history?2019/05/26
    Insight - The Defence Force is working to improve its support for the LBGTQI community, but as Jonathan Mitchell discovered there are calls for investigations of sex abuse in the past.
  79. Calling Home: Alastair Carthew in Phuket2019/05/26
    Calling Home this week goes to the Phuket where expat New Zealander Alastair Carthew lives. He shares what he's up to and why he's stayed in the Thai capital for so long.
  80. Three Minutes Max: Paula Penfold2019/05/26
    Three Minutes Max: Short, succinct opinions from New Zealanders on subjects of their choice. Journalist Paula Penfold offers her reaction to Alfred Ngaro's statement that no woman in New Zealand was ever made to feel like a criminal for having an abortion.
  81. Chris Quin: Kiwis prefer cashiers over self-service checkouts2019/05/26
    Foodstuffs North Island CEO Chris Quin talks about a new consumer satisfaction survey showing two-thirds of New Zealand shoppers prefer cashiers over self-service checkouts.
  82. Dominic O'Connell: June 7 will be The End of May2019/05/26
    British PM Theresa May's latest attempt to deliver a Brexit deal resulted in her resignation.The BBC's Business Presenter, Dominic O'Connell talks about the latest development.
  83. Committee roulette - MPs and the public debate everything2019/05/23
    Parliament is the forum for public debate, but you can’t wander into the debating chamber and join the MPs in random discussion. You can get pretty close though.
  84. Nuk Korako says e noho rā2019/05/22
    Nuk Korako didn’t plan to be a politician. And on becoming one later in life he was dropped in the deep end. He's now saying goodbye with huge plans ahead.
  85. Swearing in and bowing out 2019/05/22
    New MP Paulo Garcia was sworn in this week to replace former National MP Nuk Korako.
  86. This week in the House: zero carbon and last year's finances2019/05/21
    MPs are back at Parliament after a week off and the first thing they'll tackle in the House is a bill on climate change.
  87. Rob McCallum: The Kiwi who led the voyage to the deepest part of the ocean2019/05/19
    New Zealander Rob McCallum led the team behind American Victor Vescovo's record breaking descent to the bottom of the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean.
  88. Lee 'Kix' Thompson: Documenting 40 years of Madness2019/05/19
    Madness saxophone player Lee Thompson has made a documentary, One Man's Madness, charting the band's meteoric rise in fame to mark the band's 40 years performing.
  89. Will Browne: The moral and social consequences of A.I. 2019/05/19
    Victoria University associate professor Will Browne's part of the line up for Techweek 2019 debating what the future might hold in terms of automation, computers and machines in our lives.
  90. Deeyah Khan: Up close and personal with extremists2019/05/19
    Muslim director Deeyah Khan's spent the last part of her career looking at extremism in both white supremacist movements as well as Islamic groups. She speaks to Paul about her work.
  91. Professor Emily Oster: Data-driven parenting2019/05/19
    Professor Emily Oster's used hard data to detail what parents should be looking at when deciding what is best for their families in her book Cribsheet.
  92. Mediawatch for 19 May 20192019/05/19
    The Christchurch Call and response; media staff at their companies' top table; flipping Tip Top gives media an ice cream headache.
  93. What challenges face the new Australian government?2019/05/19
    Michelle Grattan, the chief political correspondent for The Conversation, looks forward to the challenges for the new government.
  94. What can NZ expect with three more years of a coalition govt?2019/05/19
    What can New Zealand expect with three more years of a Scott Morrison-led government? RNZ's Political editor Jane Patterson explains.
  95. Prof John Wanna - Coalition's return a surprise2019/05/19
    Professor John Wanna - Professor of Politics at Griffith University and the Australian National University, discusses the political implications of the re-election of the Liberal Coalition across the Tasman.
  96. Dr Paul Hamer discusses NZer's in Australia following election2019/05/19
    Dr Paul Hamer discusses the plight of New Zealanders, treated as second-class citizens in Australia, and unlikely to receive any tangible benefits from the return of the Liberal Coalition government across the Tasman.
  97. Kiwis in OZ - little changed by election result2019/05/19
    Tim Gassin from the "Oz-Kiwi" organisation discusses the results of the Australian election , and what it means for New Zealanders living across the Tasman
  98. Hard fought battles for marginal seats2019/05/19
    Away from the leaders there were hard fought battles in a number of marginal seats and where independents were challenging or trying to hold on to their seats
  99. Prof Jen Curtin looks at the Aust Election result2019/05/19
    Australian politics expert Professor Jennifer Curtin looks at the Australian election result.
  100. Mixed reactions from voters2019/05/19
    It's been a campaign described as "American", with an emphasis on the spectacle and the photo-ops, and both candidates with one eye firmly on the nightly television news bulletins . The voters weren't always in agreement with that kind of strategy..
  101. Kerry Anne Walsh on the Australian Election2019/05/19
    Following the Coalition election win there are some big questions for Australia's Labor Party. What happened to Labor's campaign and what will happen to the party now as it faces the prospect of choosing a new leader?....And how did the polls get is so wrong? Correspondent Kerry-Anne Walsh looks over the results.
  102. Australians wake to a result the polls got wrong2019/05/19
    The Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his Liberal-National coalition have defied expectations to score a shock victory.
  103. Australia Votes - Live election special 2019/05/19
    Live Australian election Insight special hosted by Philippa Tolley
  104. Calling Home: Ben Menkes in Finland2019/05/19
    This week's Calling Home guest is Ben Menkes, whose hometown is Dunedin. He's been living and working in Finland for the past two and a half years and is currently working at an emergency accommodation shelter in Helsinki.
  105. Parliament's back-up debating chamber 2019/05/19
    The public aren't often allowed in the debating chamber but many have been in the second secret chamber without even realising. Phil Smith finds out how it works.
  106. Brad Smith: Ardern's leadership helping to 'galvanise the world' 2019/05/19
    Microsoft President Brad Smith talks to Paul Brennan about the Christchurch Call in Paris and the steps the tech sector has signed up to in order to stop the spread of extremism online.
  107. Musical Chair: Judy Norton2019/05/12
    Judy Norton's best known acting role was her first, as Mary Ellen in iconic TV series The Waltons. She is the Musical Chair guest this week to highlight musical tracks that have resonated throughout her life.
  108. Dr Eugenia Cheng: Curing maths phobia with food and music2019/05/12
    Dr Eugenia Cheng is coming to Auckland for the Writers Festival to talk about her latest book, The Art of Logic: How to Make Sense in a World that Doesn't. She speaks to Jim about her mission to rid the world of maths phobia.
  109. Wylie Gustafson: The yodeler who sued Yahoo! and won2019/05/12
    Wylie Gustafson has possibly the most famous yodel in the world - the three second Yahoo! yodel - but he never expected he would need to hire a lawyer because of it.
  110. Bret Easton-Ellis: Calling out the "crybaby generation"2019/05/12
    Bret Easton Ellis has spent most of his career causing controversy. He's doing it all over again with latest book, White. He speaks to Jim about his latest work and why he's targeted millennials.
  111. Michael Worboys: Modern day dogs are a product of the Industrial Revolution2019/05/12
  112. Three Minutes Max: Mike Rehu2019/05/12
  113. Dr Kathryn Bradbury: Research links coffee and tea consumption to lung cancer 2019/05/12
  114. Sue Chetwin: Consumer report shows 70% of counterfeit goods sold online 2019/05/12
  115. Forget me not: Starting a new romance when your partner has dementia2019/05/12
  116. Calling Home: Hugh McCutcheon, Minneapolis, Minnesota2019/05/12
  117. The price of money: the reserve bank and the official cash rate2019/05/12
  118. Three Minutes Max: Tommy Kapai Wilson2019/05/12
  119. Solomon Israel: The Canadian cannabis model and life on the marijuana beat2019/05/12
  120. Emmanuel Kalafatelis: Kiwis still on the fence over personal use cannabis debate 2019/05/12
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