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Sunday Morning with Chris Laidlaw

  1. Ted Gioia: Musical manipulations in movies2019/04/14
    Ted Gioia is a San Francisco based critic who's turned his attention to music and how it's used to define villainy on the big screen.
  2. Three Minutes Max: Chris Clarke2019/04/14
    Philanthropist Chris Clarke is urging people to think carefully about who they donate to and why.
  3. All that sparkles: the life of Queen Henrietta Maria of France2019/04/14
    Auckland University associate professor Erin Griffey has become the first woman from New Zealand to be made a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London for her work on Queen Henrietta Maria.
  4. On the road with the Charlie Parker Tribute ensemble2019/04/14
    Dr Rodger Fox, New Zealand's own jazz genius, is about to hit the road with U.S legendary saxophonist, Dick Oatts and the New Zealand String Quartet to pay homage to U.S jazz maestro Charlie Parker.
  5. Kevin Ashton: The Internet of Things and what we should worry about2019/04/14
    Kevin Ashton's regarded as one of the first people to realise the scope of what the internet could deliver two decades ago and shares his thoughts on what the future might hold.
  6. Courtney Collins: Armageddon event organiser2019/04/14
    Armageddon organiser Courtney Collins speaks to Jim about the 24th event in Wellington.
  7. Angus Vail: Christchurch tribute concert in New York2019/04/14
    Angus Vail is a New Zealand born music manager who's used his international connections to hold a concert in New York to raise money for the Christchurch mosque shooting victims and their families.
  8. Colleen Kirk: Why dog owners will pay more to save their pets' lives2019/04/14
    Assistant Professor of Marketing at New York Institute of Technology in New York City Colleen Kirk followed up anecdotal evidence that dog owners are willing to pay more at the vets than cat owners.
  9. Three Minutes Max: Dame Diane Robertson2019/04/14
    Dame Diane Robertson has been thinking about bucket lists.
  10. Mediawatch for 14 April 20192019/04/14
    Governments gear up to crack down on social media: how to handle content created by extremists; Vice NZ caught in global squeeze. Programme Code Participants Colin Peacock, Jeremy Rose Topics
  11. Michael Rose: Reducing aircraft toilet noise2019/04/14
    Michael Rose is part of a group of physicists at Brigham Young University who looked at ways to reduce the noise made by airplane toilet flushes.
  12. Three Minutes Max: Tommy Kapai-Wilson2019/04/14
    Tommy Kapai-Wilson has been doing some thinking about the by-law banning begging in Tauranga where he lives.
  13. Provincial Growth Fund - slush fund or lifeline?2019/04/14
    With $3bn heading to 6 regions under the Provincial Growth Fund, questions have been asked about how it's being spent and by whom? Lois Williams asks those getting funding to plant trees or run cultural centres in Shane Jones's home region of Northland.
  14. Calling Home: Emma G in Washington2019/04/14
    The Calling Home guest this week is the talented musician Emma G who's based in Washington, but spends a lot of time on the road her musical career.
  15. Gun law reform’s speedy select committee followed typical process 2019/04/14
    Parliament sped through a stage of passing gun law reform reducing the usual time of six months to one week but as Daniela Maoate-Cox writes the process didn't stray too far from the norm.
  16. The house with walls of noise2019/04/14
    If you’re in the mood for a wall of noise experience you could try a rock concert, but it’s cheaper to go to Parliament for Oral Questions.
  17. Three Minutes Max: Heather Roy2019/04/14
    Heather Roy is upset about the changes to the way ANZAC commemorations are being held in the wake of the Christchurch mosque shootings.
  18. Bridget Welsh: Brunei's imposition of harsh shariah laws part of SE Asian realignment away from the West 2019/04/14
    Bridget Welsh is an expert on South East Asia at John Cabot University in Rome. She explains there's a political shift across the region right now.
  19. Ellen Nakashima: Julian Assange's extradition case could take several years2019/04/14
    Ellen Nakashima, Pulitzer prize-winning journalist and National Security Correspondent for The Washington Post joins the show discuss Assange's arrest and what next.
  20. How can a minister have "no responsibility"?2019/04/11
    The Speaker's rulings in Parliament can be confusing. For a start how can a Minister have "no responsibility"? We have explanations and examples.
  21. Wheel clamp cap bill passes first reading2019/04/10
    A bill introducing a maximum $100 fee for wheel clamp removal has passed its first reading debate in the House.
  22. Busy week in the House 2019/04/09
    It's going to be a busy busy week in Parliament, and it's not just guns. Chris Hipkins is the man with the agenda.
  23. Tomas Matthews: The key to getting people on the dance floor2019/04/07
    What makes people jump to their feet and on to the dance floor? Tomas Matthews from Concordia University's department of psychology researched just that.
  24. Three Minutes Max: Catherine Robertson2019/04/07
    Author Catherine Robertson has been thinking about the merits of feeling good about not being good at things.
  25. Why the kiwi and moa stopped flying 2019/04/07
    Researchers have found out what made two of our famous birds flightless, but with this new discovery will scientists now try to reverse it?
  26. Peter Cooke: New Zealand's pioneering engineers2019/04/07
    Historian and author Peter Cooke's looked right back to the early days of Maori settlement to trace the pioneering engineering the country has been founded on. He speaks to Jim about the advantage our early engineers had.
  27. Mark Knoff-Thomas, drunk shopping phenomenon is not restricted to late night online purchases2019/04/07
    Mark Knoff-Thomas, New Market Business Association CEO, speaks to Jim about a survey showing how many people shop while under the influence.
  28. Sir Antony Beevor: acclaimed historian coming to Auckland Writers Festival2019/04/07
    British pre-eminent military historian Sir Antony Beevor's coming to Auckland Writer's Festival in May. He speaks to Jim about what history can tell us about the future.
  29. Nick Liddell: Changing from wasteful consumerism to a circular economy2019/04/07
    In the UK alone there is an estimated 30 billion pounds’ worth of unused clothes sitting in wardrobes.
  30. Mediawatch for 7 April 20192019/04/07
    ZB broadcaster's "leeches" blurt censured; manifesto ban divides media; reporters return to politics as usual.
  31. Chris Lewis: Daylight saving, keep it or ditch it?2019/04/07
    Federated Farmers Dairy Chair, Chris Lewis, explains to Jim why he wants the clocks to stay permanently on Summer time.
  32. Steve Creedy: Sale of additional Boeing 737 Max safety 'extras' blown out of proportion2019/04/07
    Aviation reporter Steve Creedy from airlineratings.com says criticism of Boeing about its policy of offering safety 'extras' for an additional cost has been exaggerated.
  33. Three Minutes Max: Lisa Tamati2019/04/07
    Lisa Tamati shares her heartfelt story about trying to conceive a family using a surrogate.
  34. The shadow hovering over NZ's gun owners2019/04/07
    As legislation to ban most types of semi-automatic and military-style guns, after the atrocity of the mosque attacks, works its way through parliament Philippa Tolley explores how gun owners are responding.
  35. Calling Home: Gavin Bell in Norway2019/04/07
    This week's Calling Home guest is expat Gavin Bell who's living in Oslo Norway.
  36. How Parliament is fast tracking gun law reform2019/04/07
    A weighty piece of legislation to reform firearms is being pushed through Parliament, here's how that process has been sped up so far.
  37. Three Minutes Max: Dr Claire Matthews2019/04/07
    Dr Claire Matthews, director of academic quality at Massey University, gives her thoughts on Rotary International.
  38. Paul Brislen: Huawei not in the business of dotting i's and crossing t's2019/04/07
    Technology commentator Paul Brislen gives his take on the flaw in the Huawei Matebook laptops, discovered by Microsoft researchers.
  39. Lisa O'Carroll: Brexit - the gift that keeps giving2019/04/07
    Guardian Brexit correspondent Lisa O'Carroll speaks to Jim about the latest turn in the Brexit saga in Westminster.
  40. Has political peace broken out? 2019/04/04
    The unified grief since the attacks, and near unanimity in the political response might make you think that political peace has broken out. So has it?
  41. Bill to encourage more organ donations2019/04/03
    A bill aimed at increasing organ donations by adjusting compensation and setting up an organ donor agency has passed its first reading in the House.
  42. Pushing gun laws through Parliament 2019/04/02
    The Leader of the House Chris Hipkins tells The House how firearms legislation can be processed more quickly by Parliament.
  43. Renee Hollis: On the road speaking to 120 100 year olds2019/03/31
    Renee Hollis dedicated most of 2018 to speaking to the country's oldest people. She travelled around Aotearoa to interview centenarians for her book Keepers of History.
  44. Three Minutes Max: Rhonda Itaoui2019/03/31
    Three Minutes Max: short, sharp opinions from commentators around New Zealand. This week we've gone across to Australia to hear from Rhonda Itaoui who's been studying Islamophobia and its impact on Muslims living in cities all over the world.
  45. Marjorie Woollacott: Neuroscientist can explain spirituality and how it relates to the brain2019/03/31
    Marjorie Woollacott's a professor of neuroscience at Oregon University as well as a keen meditator. She has also researched what may control us outside of our physical brains.
  46. Dr Linda Blair: The folding fad is not the new Marie Kondo revolution2019/03/31
    Psychologist Dr Linda Blair says the latest internet fad of folding washing is pure nonsense. She speaks to Jim about real ways of restoring calm to stressful lives.
  47. Prof Robert Frank: Luck's the key to success not hard work2019/03/31
    Professor Robert Frank's looked into something many have long suspected, a lot of successful people owe their fortunes to good luck. He speaks to Jim about his research.
  48. Sean Gourley: NZ maths genius warns about the future of AI2019/03/31
    New Zealander Dr Sean Gourley is a prominent international expert in the mathematics of conflict situations. He speaks to Jim about the role future role of A.I in our lives.
  49. Mediawatch for 31 March 20192019/03/31
    Why the country's most popular news publisher is cracking down on comments from its readers; reporting Islam before and after 15/3.
  50. Lisa O'Carroll: May hoping to hold fourth vote on Brexit deal2019/03/31
    Guardian Brexit correspondent Lisa O'Carroll speaks to Jim about l the latest in the Brexit saga and what the implications of the house's decision are likely to be.
  51. Raimund Muscheler: Earth not prepared for massive solar storm2019/03/31
    Dr Raimund Muscheler from Lund University in Sweden is part of a team which has uncovered evidence of massive solar storms in the distant past and says we need to prepare for another.
  52. Three Minutes Max: Ali Jones2019/03/31
    Three Minutes Max: short, sharp opinions from commentators around New Zealand. Christchurch's Ali Jones reflects on what life is like in a city which has been through so much over the past decade and now dealt another blow with the Mosque shooting just over a fortnight ago.
  53. NZ's heart-breaker: rheumatic fever rates on the rise2019/03/31
    Rheumatic fever rates are on the rise. Philippa Tolley talks to those living with this heart-damaging auto-immune disease and to those left behind.
  54. Calling Home: Jim Salinger in the US2019/03/31
    This week's Calling Home guest is Dr Jim Salinger who's currently in Pennsylvania in the U.S.
  55. Touring the hallowed halls2019/03/31
    Join a tour of the hallowed halls of Hogwarts Parliament. No other tour gets to mix art and architecture with constitution.

  56. Three Minutes Max: Raf Manji2019/03/31
    Three Minutes Max: short, sharp opinions from commentators around New Zealand. Christchurch City Councillor Raf Manji looks at the desire of the people of Christchurch and the local Muslim community to not let the hurtful acts of the mosque shooter define them.
  57. Simon Farrell-Green: New Zealand's best home awards2019/03/31
    Simon Farrell-Green is one of 'New Zealand's Best Home' judges and talks about the short list for this year's awards. Winners are are announced on April 4.
  58. Dr Claire Matthews: NZ Super not enough for Kiwi retirees2019/03/31
    Dr Claire Matthews has just released her Massey University Retirement Expenditure Guidelines and its not good news for a lot of people.
  59. Jake Knapp: six years of life with a distraction-free iPhone2019/03/24
    New York Times bestselling author Jake Knapp realised he has a serious problem when it came to his phone and took action to get control back over his life without constant app distractions.
  60. Three Minutes Max: Professor Mohan Dutta2019/03/24
    Three Minutes Max: short, sharp opinions from commentators around New Zealand. Mohan Dutta is the Director of the Center for Culture-Centered Approach to Research and Evaluation at Massey University. He explains how the tragedy that took place in Christchurch was driven by the 'hate industry' and is connected to a global rise in Islamaphobia.
  61. Jessica Chiccehitto Hindman: Milli Vanilli on the violin2019/03/24
    Jessica Chiccehitto Hindman thought she'd achieved a lifelong dream when she landed a job as a professional violinist but she was unwittingly part of a musical sham.
  62. Elizabeth Stokoe: understanding the psychology of talk2019/03/24
    Elizabeth Stokoe is a professor of social interaction who analysed thousands of real-life conversations for her new book Talk. She talks to Jim Mora about the most effective words to use when you want to mediate, negotiate or find out whether someone's single.
  63. Matt Parker on the not-so-serious side of mathematics2019/03/24
    Many people get put off maths at a young age and think they're no good at it, but none of we humans are much good at maths, even though it underpins modern society, says mathematician and comedian Matt Parker.
  64. Scott Esdaile: Vigil for the victims of the Christchurch mosque shootings2019/03/24
    Scott Esdaile is the organiser of Sunday's 'Remember Those Who Lost Their Lives 15-3-19' vigil -- which takes place at North Hagley Park from 5pm-7 pm.
  65. Richard Beddie: New Zealand's inactivity rate amongst the worst in the world2019/03/24
    The ExerciseNZ chief executive Richard Beddie has just returned from a World Health Organisation conference in Geneva, where he discovered New Zealanders are among the least active in the world.
  66. Three Minutes Max: Associate Professor Dave Parry2019/03/24
    Three Minutes Max: short, sharp opinions from commentators around New Zealand. Associate Professor Dave Parry is Head of the Department of Computer Science at the Auckland University of Technology talks about the role of internet giants in light of the Christchurch shooting.

  67. Mediawatch for 24 March 20192019/03/24
    How Christchurch's assault has made a mark on our media; to name -or not to name; lessons from Norway on covering the quest for justice.
  68. Professor Kathleen Belew: Christchurch terrorist driven by classic white power ideologies2019/03/24
    Kathleen Belew, Associate Professor of U.S. History and the College at the University of Chicago, shares her research on white supremacy.
  69. Calling Home: Craig Paterson in Latvia2019/03/24
    Calling Home guest this week is Craig Paterson in Riga, Latvia where he's secondary School Assistant Principal at the city's International School.
  70. How Parliament reacted to the Christchurch terror attacks2019/03/24
    No question time, an early adjournment and a prayer delivered by a guest were some of the changes to Parliament this week in the wake of the Christchurch terror attacks.
  71. Angus Vail: Rocking out for Christchurch2019/03/24
    Angus Vail, a New Zealand-born music manager is using his connections to hold concert in New York to raise money for the families and victims of the Christchurch shooting.
  72. Dominic O'Connell: Brexit and being back home in Christchurch for the terror attacks2019/03/24
    The Christchurch native and BBC business reporter Dominic O'Connell on the latest rumblings in the ongoing Brexit saga and the mass shooting in the Garden City.
  73. Praying with 'strangers' in Parliament2019/03/19
    Parliament’s Speaker, Trevor Mallard has broken more than a century of tradition to demonstrate unity by inviting leaders of faith communities into the House to pray.
  74. A brief and sober House - Parliament after the shootings2019/03/19
    When Parliament resumes on Tuesday it will be in a sombre mood. And the focus of a shortened week will be the Christchurch attacks.
  75. Petitioning Parliament for breast cancer treatments2019/03/17
    Petitioners calling for funding for particular breast cancer treatments have fronted up to a committee in support of their request but how does the petition process work?
  76. Jacob Vigil: the truth about medicinal cannabis2019/03/17
    Info (Show/Hide)
  77. Professor Virginia Eubanks: digital inequality2019/03/17
    Info (Show/Hide)
  78. Julie Fry: mythbusting New Zealander's attitudes about ambition2019/03/17
    Info (Show/Hide)
  79. Three Minutes Max: Al Gillespie2019/03/17
    Three Minutes Max: short, sharp opinions from commentators around New Zealand. Today, International Law professor Al Gillespie talking about the threat of the extreme right -- which has existed in this country since the 1930s -- and how New Zealand should deal with the risk.
  80. Dominic O'Connell: The bizarreness that is Brexit2019/03/17
    New Zealand-born BBC business reporter Dominic O'Connell is with us to look at all the latest in the Brexit saga, the major issue that are at play, and some of the deep divides that have emerged in England over national identity and whether England is part of Europe, or the Britain that once ruled supreme.
  81. The rise and rise of nationalism in Europe2019/03/17
    Journalist Tom Carstensen reports for major media around the world including the BBC. He's currently writing a book on his specialty subject, nationalism in Europe, for which he has done extensive research with various extreme right-wing groups.
  82. Dr Sarb Johal: Helping young people through the Christchurch tragedy2019/03/17
    As children return to school this week, Psychologist and disaster mental health expert, Dr Sarb Johal explains how to best support them following the Christchurch mosque shootings
  83. Police Commissioner Mike Bush update on Christchurch terror attacks2019/03/17
    The Police Commissioner Mike Bush has confirmed the death toll from the Christchurch terror attacks has risen to 50. We cross to the commissioner as he updates the media and public on the latest news.
  84. Social media feels the heat on hate after crisis in Christchurch2019/03/17
    The news media have made some mistakes - inevitably - covering the crisis on Christchurch since Friday, but applied essential standards and decency. It was a different story on social media platforms, whose owners now face demands to shift their focus from innovation to moderation.
  85. Approval for both ends of a budget cycle2019/03/14
    There was a chance this week (however slim) that you might not have to pay any tax this year. So how did that work out then?
  86. Oral questions versus the general debate2019/03/13
    In the years' first Taupatupatu Whānui the messages were an uncanny mirror of oral Questions just ended. Mostly.
  87. The House's weekly plan: 12 -14 March2019/03/12
    For those who've ever wondered what MPs even do in the House we asked the Deputy Leader of the House Iain Lees-Galloway to tell us this week's plan in under four minutes.
  88. Jan Preston: Queen of Boogie Woogie Piano2019/03/10
    'Queen of Australian Boogie Piano' Jan Preston, shares her story and talents with Jim Mora in the RNZ studio.
  89. Jim Shockey: People are the biggest threat to hunters2019/03/10
    Jim Shockey's profession as a hunter often sees him and his family receive death threats from people.He explains to Jim what an ethical hunter is and how they are part of conservation efforts.
  90. Dr Neal Roese: Romantic regret rules the roost2019/03/10
    Dr Neal Roese is a Professor of Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and an expert on the subject of regret. He reveals people's biggest regrets.
  91. Professor Brian Cox: Science of the Universe on stage2019/03/10
    Professor Brian Cox is a science star. He's coming to New Zealand bringing the Universe to life on stage. He speaks to Jim Mora about science and what it takes to make it entertaining.
  92. Dan Reed: 'Leaving Neverland' should not stop Jackson's music2019/03/10
    Dan Reed is the director and producer of one of this year's most talked about documentary, Leaving Neverland. He tells Jim Mora he doesn't believe the film should stop Michael Jackson's music playing.
  93. Mediawatch for 10 March 20192019/03/10
    Jackson doco jolts local radio - even before it screens; foreign governments flying journalists to foreign fields; politicians' expenses inflame the media. Programme Code Participants Colin Peacock Topics media
  94. Shelith Hansbro: Babies in prisons stop women reoffending2019/03/10
    Shelith Hansbro used to run a Moms and Babies Program in a U.S prison. She's been in New Zealand to speak at the Presbyterian Support Northern Speaker about the success of the special unit.
  95. Growing Demand - NZ's budding cannabis businesses2019/03/10
    Insight - With a cannabis referendum on the horizon Teresa Cowie talks to NZ's businesses gearing up for a possible law change
  96. Calling Home: Oliver Campbell-Calder in Denmark2019/03/10
    This week's Calling Home guest is Oliver Campbell-Calder who lives in Denmark. He explains his love of his adopted homeland and why he's currently living in a museum.
  97. Parliament briefed on food waste2019/03/10
    Worm farms, smaller portions, rescuing food and educating marae are some of the methods being used to prevent food waste a select committee has been told.
  98. Three minutes max: Raf Manji2019/03/10
    Three Minutes Max: short, sharp opinions from commentators around New Zealand. Christchruch City Councillor Raf Manji's been doing some thinking about how to measure and implement well-being for people.
  99. Stephen Kearney: 25th season for the Warriors2019/03/10
    Warriors coach Stephen Kearney played for the team in its opening season. He talks to Jim about coaching the side into it's 25th season next week.
  100. Mubin Shaikh: Mark Taylor is at the "most extreme level of risk assessment" 2019/03/10
    Mubin Shaikh is a reformed Taliban sympathiser. He explains why he believes New Zealand jihadi Mark Taylor is still extremely dangerous.
  101. The other members' bills2019/03/07
    Parliamentary Members' Days can be filled with interest and suspense. But not usually. Sometimes MPs have to keep themselves entertained by littering speeches with rubbish trash puns.
  102. Debating the Budget Policy Statement2019/03/06
    Before the big Budget debate takes place is a smaller pre-budget debate of sorts in which MPs argue the merits of what shapes the Government's budget decisions.
  103. I hope you like numbers - a financy week at Parliament2019/03/05
    Parliament has leapt into its second chunk of business for the year, with a week that's all about numbers. Tax, budgets, tax, commerce, tax, spending, tax, tax.
  104. Sunday Morning Feedback2019/03/03
    Jim reads listener's feedback from the show.
  105. How Hyperloop could change the way we live2019/03/03
    The future of transportation could see passengers hurtling through vacuum tubes of speeds of up to 900km/h. Senior Civil Engineer Ismaeel Babur explains the system.
  106. Tim Minchin: Taking his art back and performing solo2019/03/03
    After a decade musical maestro Tim Minchin is back in New Zealand to perform solo. He talks to Jim about taking back his art from the big studios and being on the stage by himself to sing and entertain.
  107. Executive time: Presidential slackers in history2019/03/03
    The Iowa State University Professor of History Stacy Cordery has looked at what appears to be a disproportionate number of hours of "executive time" that factor in US President Trump's schedule.
  108. Three minutes max: Niki Bezzant2019/03/03
    Three Minutes Max: short, sharp opinions from commentators around New Zealand. Niki Bezzant talks about the satisfaction in sewing.
  109. Josh Komen: His race to stay alive2019/03/03
    Josh Komen was on the verge of representing New Zealand at the next Commonwealth Games when he was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia at 23-years-old.
  110. Tatjana Buklijas: Trauma passed on through genes2019/03/03
    Liggins Institute researcher Dr Tatjana Buklijas has been looking into the growing knowledge of intergenerational trauma. She explains what they know so far.
  111. 3MM Lavina Good2019/03/03
  112. Mediawatch for 3 March 20192019/03/03
  113. Dame Kiri Te Kanawa: encouraging the next generation2019/03/03
  114. Calling Home: Sally Washington in Rome2019/03/03
  115. Simon Upton, MP's professional green conscience2019/03/03
  116. Anne Stevens QC: Reaction to George Pell verdict and possibility of appeal success2019/03/03
  117. Al Gillespie: Conflict on the India/Pakistan border and Michael Cohen testimony2019/03/03
  118. Jean H. Lee: Breakdown in second US - North Korea Summit in Vietnam2019/03/03
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