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Sunday Morning with Chris Laidlaw

  1. Parliament’s to do list: Urgently tracking cattle and the end of Budget 2018 2018/08/14
    Each sitting day in the House MPs work through business which is set out on the order paper. Here's what they’ll try to get through this week
  2. Feedback for Sunday Morning 12 August 20182018/08/12
    Wallace Chapman reads listeners' feedback from this morning's show.
  3. Alice Miller: talented NZ poet who worries about words2018/08/12
    Expat Alice Miller is a literary talent on the rise. She grew up in Eastbourne, Wellington, and has lived and published in the US and Europe. She now lives in Berlin and her latest collection of poetry is called Nowhere Nearer.
  4. Lorna Piatti-Farnell: what disgusting food teaches children2018/08/12
    Children’s literature - from fairy tales to Harry Potter - has used food and disgust to teach children about cultural acceptability, pop culture professor Lorna Piatti-Farnell says.
  5. Bill Bailey: comic stand-up who loves SUP2018/08/12
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  6. Marc Martel: 'the greatest Freddie Mercury voice on the planet'2018/08/12
    Freddie Mercury died aged 45 in 1991, and many singers since have tried to emulate him since. When Brian May and Roger Taylor created an official Queen tribute band in 2012, they chose Marc Martel and he was part of that band for five years. Now Martel has his own Freddie show - The Ultimate Queen Celebration - playing in Auckland on August 24.
  7. Mike Dickison: New Zealand's first Wikipedian whiz2018/08/12
    New Zealand's first Wikipedian at large, Mike Dickison, is hosting a WikiBlitz on September 18 at Auckland Museum to show people how to edit Wikipedia entries. He's teaching people how to work with images using 7000 images uploaded by the museum. He has a passion for getting more New Zealand content onto Wikipedia.
  8. Mediawatch for 12 August 20182018/08/12
    Media in the middle of free speech frenzies; echoes of the past in fake news row; Stormy Daniels vs Yemen - no contest.
  9. Dr Nick Munn: technology raising ethical questions in farming2018/08/12
    Rapid advances in technology on farms are creating ethical dilemmas for farmers. Dr Nick Munn from Waikato University says there are big ethical implications in using hi-tech tools to help on a farm.
  10. Judith Binney Trust: new awards announced for NZ historians2018/08/12
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  11. Treasury are people too: the living standards framework explained2018/08/12
    A new framework is bringing a more human aspect to the way Government decides to do things including how they’ll spend money in Budget 2019.
  12. Maria Berrett: one-stop GP and mental healthcare shop2018/08/12
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  13. Diane Maxwell: KiwiSaver stumbling block for Down Syndrome man2018/08/12
    The Retirement Commissioner Diane Maxwell is backing the mother of a 39-year-old man with Down Syndrome who is trying to have her son's KiwiSaver funds released early. Joan Fairhall's son Tim has Down Syndrome, a condition with an average life expectancy of 57. He works in a supermarket and is enrolled in Kiwisaver but can't access his fund until he is 65.
  14. Plastic bag phase-out: getting a handle on it2018/08/12
    The government announced on Friday that it plans to phase out single-use plastic bags by July next year. The mandatory phase-out will be developed under the Waste Minimisation Act but over the next month there will be a consultation process. A final cabinet decision will be made in December. Rachel Brown, the chief executive of the Sustainable Business Network, talks about the proposal.
  15. Harder for children to marry2018/08/10
    Parliament has made it harder for minors to marry, unanimously passing a members bill to help prevent forced marriage.
  16. Parliament’s to do list: jumping ship, marrying young, and a long Thursday2018/08/07
    Each sitting day in the House MPs work through business which is set out on the order paper. Here's what they plan to get through this week
  17. Feedback for Sunday Morning 5 August2018/08/05
    Wallace Chapman reads listeners' feedback from this morning's show.
  18. Ying Hsien Tan: Master of Wine2018/08/05
    Supermarkets are still where most of us pick up our bottles of wine. New World supermarket runs its own annual wine awards and a main consideration is the wines must be under $25. One of the 16 judges this year is Ying Hsien Tan, Singapore's only master of wine.
  19. Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton: adding Treehouse storeys forever2018/08/05
    Author Andy Griffiths and illustrator Terry Denton created a children's book phenomenon in 2011 with their book The 13-Storey Treehouse. Now they're up to The 104-Storey Treehouse, their eighth in the series. Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton were in New Zealand recently for a short tour, bringing their Treehouse to life on stage.
  20. Andy Ellis: from rugby boots to gumboots2018/08/05
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  21. Beck Dorey-Stein: life as a White House stenographer2018/08/05
    Former White House stenographer Beck Dorey-Stein has written a behind-the-scenes memoir from inside the White House, under former US President Barack Obama. "From the Corner of the Oval Office - one Woman's True Story of her Accidental Career in the Obama White House" recently made the NY Times bestseller list. Stein was 25 when a job came along that changed her life.
  22. Colin Wilson: why supervolcanoes are so fascinating2018/08/05
    The secrets of super volcanoes have been a lifelong fascination for Professor Colin Wilson. He's turned his childhood obsession into a research career earning him the Royal Society Te Apārangi top research award in 2017, the Rutherford Medal. He's now on a speaker series around the country sharing his knowledge in 22 venues.
  23. Mediawatch for 5 August 20182018/08/05
    Contest of ideas - or personality?; media get more freedom from fear of defamation; Cojo: publishing the positives.
  24. Meat that's not meat: the impact of alternative proteins2018/08/05
    Following the reaction to Air New Zealand offering a meat-free burger on some flights, we take a closer look at the world of alternative proteins. Plant and Food research scientist Dr Jocelyn Eason, Beef and Lamb New Zealand's Lee-Ann Marsh and KPMG agribusiness economist Ian Proudfoot share their expertise on the impact of plant- based meat products.
  25. Rangiriri Paa: cultural site an example of collaboration2018/08/05
    A scaled representation of Rangiriri Paa in North Waikato has won a number of awards since the cultural development opened late last year. Rangiriri Paa is the site of the 1863 Battle of Rangiriri but it was significantly damaged when SH1 was rerouted in 1965. NZTA's Parekawhia McLean and project manager Peter Murphy talk about the restoration of the site.
  26. Poachers into game keepers: becoming a speaker2018/08/05
    One minute you're sneaking as close to the wire as you can, the next you're the cop. Our two women Speakers discuss their first eight months as Parliament's minders.
  27. Insight: Water - Who Pays?2018/08/05
    RNZs Local Government reporter Laura Dooney takes a closer look at the huge financial pressures facing local councils trying to keep our water safe and clean.
  28. Timaru: does it appeal to you?2018/08/05
    Timaru is trying to attract Aucklanders and others to its town, and has created a campaign that features billboards luring people to a town that has a 7 minute commute. Nigel Davenport is chief executive of Aoraki Development, which commissioned the campaign.
  29. Call for folic acid in bread to prevent birth defects - Paediatrician Andrew Marshall2018/08/05
    Folic acid added to flour has been preventing anencephaly and spina bifida in Australian babies - saving lives and curbing costly, dangerous birth defects - since 2009, and scientists are demanding the same in New Zealand.
  30. Parliament calls for submissions on 2017 election2018/08/01
    The Justice Select Committee is calling for submissions on its inquiry into the 2017 General Election. The House asks the committee chair Raymond Huo to explain.
  31. Parliament’s to do list: mo’ money mo’ argue2018/07/31
    Each sitting day in the House MPs work through business which is set out on the order paper. Here's what they plan to get through this week.
  32. Feedback from Sunday Morning 29 July2018/07/29
    Wallace Chapman reads listeners' feedback from this morning's show.
  33. Rohan MacMahon: how the Auckland street choir changes lives2018/07/29
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  34. Miss Tubs: school students' Kiwiana ice-cream business2018/07/29
    Six students, five from Westlake Girls High School and one from Westlake Boys, have been making ice-cream in tubs for the past couple of years, after setting up a business as part of an extra-curricular project. It's called Miss Tubs its CEO is Caitlin Goodin, marketing manager is Charlotte Houten and communications manager is Eda Ye who join Wallace to talk about their business.
  35. Sinead O'Shea: A Mother Brings her Son to be Shot ... but why?2018/07/29
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  36. Is It Bedtime Yet? Emily Writes collects parenting stories from the frontlines2018/07/29
    Emily Writes hopes her new and diverse collection of true parenting stories will unite people who have different ways of raising kids. The stories come from contributors to popular parenting site The Spinoff Parents, of which Emily is editor.
  37. United Skates: Documentary highlights hip hop’s link to roller skating 2018/07/29
    Skate rinks were breeding grounds for hip-hop talent in the '80s – but is anyone roller skating these days? The new documentary United Skates explores the underground skating scene still alive in spite of police racism and closing rinks.
  38. Mediawatch for 29 July 20182018/07/29
    Takeover terminates trans-Tasman media titan; stadium stoush grandstanding.
  39. Milk in glass bottles: a pint of nostalgia2018/07/29
    Glass milk bottles were replaced by cartons in 1989, and milk deliveries stopped in the mid 90s. Nowadays milk is mostly sold in plastic bottles but some farmers have gone back to the future including Gavin Hogarth of Bella Vacca in Kawakawa; Julian Raine of Oakland Farm and Aunt Jean's Dairy in Nelson; and Beth Henderson in Gore from Henderson Dairy Farm who runs Farm Fresh Raw Milk.
  40. Professor Ed Gane and Wendy Overy discuss Hepatitis C cure2018/07/29
    There's been some good news for the around 50,000 New Zealanders who have Hepatitis C. A drug capable of curing the disease, Maviret, will be fully funded by Pharmac and be available from October. Otago Professor Ed Gane helped to develop the drug. He joins Hepatitis C patient Wendy Overy to talk about the new medicine and the difference it will make to sufferers' lives.
  41. Still no budget, but oh so nearly2018/07/29
    Grant Robertson announced the Government’s budget back in May, but it’s still not a done deal. You may be surprised but it's normal.
  42. Insight: Should te reo Māori be compulsory in school?2018/07/29
    RNZs Maori News Correspondent Leigh-Marama Mclachlan asks, could compulsory te reo Māori in schools reduce racism?
  43. High intensity work-out warning: Richard Beddie2018/07/29
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  44. National Party Conference day 2: Jane Patterson2018/07/29
    Day two of the the National Party conference at Sky City in Auckland is on today. Today Simon Bridges gives a speech at midday. RNZ Political Editor Jane Patterson is attending the conference.
  45. Every four minutes: Parliament passes Domestic Violence Bill 2018/07/25
    A bill giving victims of domestic violence extra leave from work has been passed by Parliament.
  46. Parliament’s to do list: Budget 2018 redux and two Tuesdays2018/07/23
    Each sitting day in the House MPs work through business which is set out on the order paper. Here's what they plan to get through this week.
  47. Feedback from Sunday Morning 22 July2018/07/22
    Wallace Chapman reads listeners' feedback from this morning's show.
  48. Meagan Fallone: doing Sir Edmund Hillary proud2018/07/22
    In June Meagan Fallone was named as the ninth - and first NZ-born - Hillary Laureate, an award given annually to leaders who reflect the work and values championed by Sir Edmund Hillary. Fallone is an entrepreneur and CEO of Barefoot College International, based in Rajasthan, an institute that works with disadvantaged women in India and Africa, and beyond.
  49. Hepi Mita: piecing together Merata Mita's life2018/07/22
    Merata Mita was a pioneering Maori filmmaker and activist who was a champion of women in indigenous film. Her son Hepi Mita is an archivist, whose father is filmmaker Geoff Murphy. Hepi has created a documentary exploring her life, called Merata: How Mum Decolonised the Screen and it plays at the NZ International Festival premiering in Auckland on 2 August.
  50. Paul Steely White: 'killing carpark spaces is better for commerce'2018/07/22
    Paul Steely White is in New Zealand from New York, where he's executive director of New York's Transportation Alternatives or TransAlt. He's recently been named as one of the top 100 influencers in Brooklyn. He talks about what New Zealand could learn from the Big Apple.
  51. Auckland fuel tax: what will improve?2018/07/22
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  52. Maxine Peake: Funny Cow2018/07/22
    Northern English working-class actor Maxine Peake revisits the working men's clubs of her youth in Funny Cow, a story about a female comedian breaking into a scene that didn't yet exist.
  53. Global sand shortage: Vince Beiser's warning over concrete use2018/07/22
    Sand is the most extracted solid material in the world with 50 billion tonnes mined a year, used for everything from roads and buildings to mobile phones - and we’re running out. Investigative journalist Vince Beiser has written a book The World In a Grain about the planet’s falling reserves of sand and humanity’s need to find better ways of using it.
  54. Insight: Money Laundering in NZ2018/07/22
    New anti-money laundering regulations have come into effect. But some question if they will make any difference. Jeremy Rose investigates money laundering in New Zealand and the attempts to counter it.
  55. Happy Cow's Glen Herud won't give up on his dairying dream2018/07/22
    Glen Herud is a dairy farmer from Rangiora and founder of the Happy Cow Milk Company which he set up in 2012, to create a more ethical and sustainable dairy model. But in April it went into liquidation. Now Herud is revising his dairy dream with Happy Cow 2.0. He talks about why he won't give up on changing dairying in New Zealand.
  56. Gin and beer it: Parliament's boozy past 2018/07/22
    Today it's babies and playgrounds but Parliament's early days were more like a drunken party. Jamie Tahana takes a look at Parliament's liquor infused beginning.
  57. Suzanne McFadden: what next for the Silver Ferns after Janine Southby goes2018/07/22
    On Friday night came the news that Silver Ferns coach Janine Southby had quit after less than three years in the job. Her resignation came after a damning independent review into the Silver Ferns' worst ever performance at a Commonwealth Games in April, failing to win a medal of any colour - for the first time ever. Suzanne McFadden, editor of LockerRoom, explains the issues.
  58. Nurse Siobhan Lehnhard: why nurses are speaking out2018/07/22
    Nurses and their district health boards will head back to the negotiating table on Tuesday following the national nurses' strike on the 12 July. Neither group will talk about the details ahead of the negotiations on Tuesday but Auckland nurse Siobhan Lehnhard would like the public and MPs to understand the issues. She's a nurse in Auckland and holds a Masters in Public Health.
  59. Mark O'Connor says bowling clubs face battle to get liquor licences2018/07/22
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