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Sunday Morning with Chris Laidlaw

  1. Feedback Sunday Morning 16 September 20182018/09/16
    Listeners' feedback to Sunday Morning with Wallace Chapman.
  2. Rachael Eaton: Dunedin's Warehouse Precinct2018/09/16
    Rachael Eaton is a Dunedin-based urban designerwho has worked with the Dunedin City Council on a number of projects in the central city including the Dunedin Warehouse Precinct. On Saturday 22 September at 1pm as part of the Festival of Architecture she'll be one of those taking people on a walk through the historic precinct.
  3. Jeremy Hansen: World Park(ing) Day2018/09/16
    Jeremy Hansen is curating the Festival of Architecture that started on 14 September. One of the events will see dozens of design studios taking over Auckland and Hamilton public street car park spaces to create something beautiful from them. It's part of the global World Park(ing) Day. Jeremy talks about that and other events around the country.
  4. John Zalcberg, Richard Vines: Kiwis denied life-saving drugs2018/09/16
    NZ is lagging well behind even poor nations when it comes to funding advanced cancer drugs. Australian researcher Professor John Zalcberg and Richard Vines from Rare Cancers Australia founder are part of the lobby group The Cancer Drugs Alliance in Austrlalia and say our government should invest in more treatments.
  5. Joel Tobeck: acting on stage and on demand2018/09/16
    Joel Tobeck has acted in some of New Zealand's best loved films, theatre and TV shows. But for the first time in 15 years he's on stage again, starring in 'Mr Burns: a Post Electric Play', at Silo Theatre. Tobeck also stars in the new TVNZ On Demand crime drama Alibi.
  6. Mediawatch for 16 September 20182018/09/16
    Te wiki o te reo Maori - the good, the Brash and the butcher; broadcaster doubles down on Pacific Islands "leeches" claim; channelling Kiwi content to the Pacific; media's ministerial pile-on prompts reflection
  7. Sandra Coney and Bronwyn Labrum: Women Now2018/09/16
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  8. Toto and Steve Lukather: pulling the crowds for Africa2018/09/16
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  9. Debbie Busby: where humans go wrong with horses2018/09/16
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  10. Law professor John Hopkins on a future without lawyers2018/09/16
    Technology is now doing the jobs that were traditionally the work of lawyers to the point where the profession is facing major disruption. University of Canterbury law professor John Hopkins says many of the complex tasks undertaken by lawyers will be done by computer programmes, meaning we may not need fully trained lawyers as we know them.
  11. Nga Ratonga Reo Māori: Parliament's language champs2018/09/16
    When MPs debate in Maori a team of translators makes sure everyone keeps up with every word, and nuance.
  12. The grandparents in immigration limbo2018/09/16
    RNZs Immigration Reporter Gill Bonnett talks to the grandparents stuck in visa limbo who are awaiting news of whether they can join their families in New Zealand.
  13. Andrew Douglas Clifford maps te reo place names2018/09/16
    Andrew Douglas Clifford loves maps. A few years ago he started his Te Reo map of New Zealand, that shows all the place names in Maori. He's now created an interactive version.
  14. Dana Kirkpatrick on the NZ equestrian team in North Carolina2018/09/16
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  15. Florence's impact2018/09/16
    A disaster has been declared in eight counties in North Carolina - some towns have already had more than 60cm of rain, and forecasters warn that totals could hit a metre thanks to tropical cyclone Florence. Nearly a million households have no electricity in the Carolinas. Giles Gibson is in North Carolina.
  16. Plastic not so fantastic 2018/09/13
    The Environment Select Committee has been briefed on the scale, impact and sources of plastic pollution in the coastal waters of Aotearoa.
  17. At home to Mr Cockup2018/09/12
    Parliament is usually a pretty well-oiled machine, but occasionally - as Blackadder would put it - the House is "at home to Mr Cock-up".
  18. Parliament's to do list: charter schools, America's cup and family violence 2018/09/11
    Each sitting day in the House MPs argue about bills that want to grow up and become laws. Here's what they’ll work on this week.
  19. Teau Aiturau: getting South Auckland cycling2018/09/09
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  20. Paul Hersey: tips for tackling the Great Walks2018/09/09
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  21. Smartphones as security blankets: John Hunter2018/09/09
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  22. Lynette McLeod: containing cats2018/09/09
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  23. Carrie Exton: how the world measures wellbeing2018/09/09
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  24. Melanie Lynskey: with thanks to Miranda Harcourt2018/09/09
    A new series called Castle Rock starts on Lightbox on September 13 and stars Kiwi actress Melanie Lynskey. One of the executive producers is JJ Abrams and it also stars Sissy Spacek and Bill Skarsgård. Lynskey kicked off her acting career in Heavenly Creatures and says she has Miranda Harcourt to thank for how her career has turned out.
  25. Mediawatch for 9 September 20182018/09/09
    Media OTT on PM as RNZAF VIP; Nauru squirms under media spotlight; New research prompts call for media to cut ties with the online titans.
  26. Addiction treatments sexist, too separated from mental health services - Jenny Valentish2018/09/09
    Despite addiction often being tied up with other mental health problems, treatment tends to be separate and siloed - and aimed primarily at men - author, journalist and former addict Jenny Valentish says. Her part-memoir part-research book Woman of Substances detailed her own substance abuse as well as looking at effective treatment for addicts.
  27. Probiotics study casts doubt on universal effectiveness2018/09/09
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  28. Crossing enemy lines for women's representation2018/09/09
    Party divisions fade for MPs when there’s a topic of shared interest and women’s rights is one of those issues for Labour’s Louisa Wall and National’s Jo Hayes.
  29. Dave Worsley: US Open update2018/09/09
    It's been a pretty dramatic US Open over the past couple of weeks and the men's final won't feature Federer or No 1 seed Rafael Nadal. Dave Worsely is attending his 13th US Open and speaks just ahead of the final between Serena Williams and 20-year-old Naomi Osaka.
  30. NZ women with advanced breast cancer denied chance of longer life2018/09/09
    Patients with advanced breast cancer in NZ are dying twice as quickly as those in comparable countries. A report released on Friday by the Breast Cancer Foundation calls for urgent action. Libby Burgess is the chair of the Breast Cancer Aotearoa Coalition and discusses the issue.
  31. Biscuit tin gamble2018/09/05
    Every second Wednesday in the House there’s a chance for MPs to get their own legislation through Parliament. The House talks to two MPs ahead of their bill’s debates.
  32. Parliament’s to do list: Earthquakes, a fishy threat and a gun ban for gangs2018/09/04
    Each sitting day in the House MPs work through business which is set out on the order paper. Here's what they’ll try to get through this week.
  33. Sunday Morning Feedback 2 September2018/09/02
    Wallace Chapman reads listeners' feedback.
  34. Claire Regnault: knickerbockers on a bicycle2018/09/02
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  35. Emily Mayhew talks about Kiwi surgeon Sir Archibald McIndoe2018/09/02
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  36. Sebastian Pons remembers Alexander McQueen2018/09/02
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  37. Sam Neill follows the wake of Captain Cook in the TV series Uncharted2018/09/02
    Sam Neill can think of no greater adventure than Captain James Cook’s voyage across the Pacific Ocean 250 years ago. The Kiwi actor recently took a year off his day job to "do the Pacific with Cook” for the TV series Uncharted.
  38. What's going on with QAnon?2018/09/02
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  39. Mediawatch for 2 September 20182018/09/02
    Coverage of the death of Greg Boyed; political leaks and the big picture; All Blacks ballsy bid for the public purse.
  40. Cosmologist Beatrice Tinsley's life on stage in Bright Star2018/09/02
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  41. Insight: Should NZ Schools Ban Mobile Phones?2018/09/02
    Teresa Cowie explores whether mobile phones should be banned in schools.
  42. Jeremy Owen: cancer-fighting properties of the sea sponge2018/09/02
    Friday was Daffodil Day, held each year to raise money for the Cancer Society of New Zealand. Part of those funds gets put into research, including work on the cancer-fighting properties of the NZ sea sponge. A team at Victoria University led by metagenomics lecturer, Dr Jeremy Owen is trying to synthetically reproduce some of those cancer-fighting compounds in the laboratory.
  43. Golddigger MPs: Parliament's goldfield electorates2018/09/02
    Women couldn't vote and Māori seats hadn't yet appeared in Parliament but gold miners had special representation. Jamie Tahana looks at the goldfield electorates of the 1800s.
  44. Money Week: Katrina Shanks on financial resilience2018/09/02
    September 3 marks the start of Money Week organised by the Commission for Financial Capability. This year the focus is on how we could weather a financial shock such as losing a job or long-term illness. Katrina Shanks, is a chartered accountant and CEO of Financial Advice NZ.
  45. Sheldon Murtha: racing industry has had its head in the sand2018/09/02
    Racing broadcaster Sheldon Murtha talks about the independent report released this week by Australian racing expert John Messara, on the state of the racing industry in this country.
  46. Listener feedback 26 August 20182018/08/26
    Listener feedback from the Sunday Morning programme.
  47. Tom Bailey from the Thompson Twins back with new album2018/08/26
    New wave synth guru Tom Bailey is releasing a new album 25 years after his success with Thompson Twins, whose 80s hits include 'Hold Me Now', 'Doctor Doctor', and 'In the Name of Love'. Four years ago Bailey returned to the stage, and was spurred on to make a new album.
  48. Amber Curreen: te reo and the arts in NZ Theatre Month2018/08/26
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  49. Nigel Latta: 'we must teach mindfulness to all kids'2018/08/26
    Psychologist Nigel Latta has a new TV series starting 26 August. Nigel Latta's The Curious Mind (TV1 8.30pm) looks at the mysterious way our minds work. "If there's one thing I could do it would be to introduce mindfulness into every school in the country."
  50. William Shatner: from Star Trek to eternity2018/08/26
    Pop culture icon William Shatner, best known as Captain James T Kirk in Star Trek, is returning to New Zealand with Shatner's World: The Return Down Under in October. And while he's here, he will continue to seek the perfect wonton...
  51. Sally Seidel: breaking down the Higgs Boson2018/08/26
    Physics Professor Sally Seidel, from the University of New Mexico, was a collaborator on the Large Hadron Collider experiment, where six years ago she was in one of two teams that discovered the particle known as the Higgs Boson. She says understanding how these particles work could unlock what existed before our universe was created.
  52. Insight: Farmland - not so free to roam2018/08/26
    Visitor numbers are increasing but how much public access should trampers, hunters and tourists be given or expect over farm land? Maja Burry has visited High Country Stations in the South Island to hear farmers' thoughts, as well as those fighting to keep the farmgate open
  53. Stephen Jacobi: positivity about China2018/08/26
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  54. Anatomy of a minister's office: What happens in the Beehive?2018/08/26
    Ever wondered who does what in the tiny wedge-offices that make up the Beehive? One minister gave us an inside look at the anatomy of a minister’s office.
  55. Dr Hem Devan: dealing with chronic pain2018/08/26
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  56. Farah Palmer on women in governance in sport2018/08/26
    New Zealand sports need to re-examine recruitment methods and boost women's confidence to seek leadership roles, former Black Fern captain and NZR board member Farah Palmer says.
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