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Sunday Morning with Chris Laidlaw

  1. The Edinburgh festival kicks off2022/08/07
    One of the world's great annual events is underway, has been since Friday, the Edinburgh Festival. It includes the Edinburgh Fringe and the famous Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. Kiwi soprano Marla Kavanaugh is performing there.
  2. The truth about nutrition2022/08/07
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  3. Link between Alzheimer’s and viruses questioned2022/08/07
    Can Alzheimer’s be triggered by common viruses like shingles and chickenpox. Professor John Fraser, the Dean of Medical & Health Sciences at Auckland University talks to Jim.
  4. Ron Howard on 13 Lives2022/08/07
    Movie director, the former child star Ron Howard on his new movie, 13 LIVES, shot on the Gold Coast of Australia.
  5. Calling Home from Chile2022/08/07
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  6. DNA to solve history mysteries!2022/08/07
    This coming week the Auckland Libraries and the Genealogical Computing Group are running a Family History Expo, to be shortly followed by the Christchurch City Libraries later this month. Mia Bennett's speaking at them.
  7. Daddys choreographer Paul Jukes2022/08/07
    The Outta Puff Daddys (OPD), a dance crew from Brighton in the UK have had renewed success online. They've been going for 10 years now, and their fame has gradually spread, rather than busting out, around the world.
  8. Mediawatch for 7 August 20222022/08/07
    The cost of living cash controversy; calls for action over malicious misinformation - and the government review already underway.
  9. Selina Goddard live from Birmingham2022/08/07
    So much coverage of the Games in Birmingham, but last week we chatted with Selina Goddard our lawn bowler, who has been less visible. We catch up with her.
  10. What life is like as a young struggling creative2022/08/07
    Dominic Hoey is a poet, he's an author and a playwright based in Auckland. His debut novel Iceland was a local bestseller, and long-listed for the Ockham Book Award. He uses art, yoga and meditation to help with their mental health.
  11. What is life like on struggle street for the young and creative2022/08/07
    There's many tales of struggle street for the young and creative. Research NZ set out to find out more about this past week. Its managing partner Emanuel Kalafatelis talks to Jim.
  12. Hammer throw Silver medallist2022/08/07
    The women's Hammer Throw final has concluded this morning our time in Birmingham, with Julia Ratcliffe defending her Commonwealth Games title. And she has won Silver. Julia talks to Jim.
  13. Looking at the ABs losing streak and what the future holds2022/08/07
    The greatest rivalry in rugby history was revived this morning. It ended with Springbok victory over the All Blacks - 26 points to 10.
  14. Dr Sam Vaknin - the global narcissist database2022/07/31
    Dr Sam Vaknin is an expert on the narcissism and also been clinically diagnosed as a narcissist himself, so he's got some good insights to share, and to beware of. Dr Vaknin speaks to Jim.
  15. Massive uncontrolled re-entry of rocket booster happening today2022/07/31
    On Aerospace.org this is being called a "massive uncontrolled re-entry". Dr Jan Eldridge is associate professor and HOD for Physics at the University of Auckland, and an expert in Astrophysics, he talks to Jim about the event.
  16. Amanda Ripley on fixing the news media2022/07/31
    Amanda Ripley is both a journalist and a NY Times best-selling author. She talks to Jim about her latest op-ed about the news media and how to fix it.
  17. US correspondent Karen Kasler2022/07/31
    US correspondent Karen Kasler talks to Sunday Morning about \ the blue states and red states.
  18. Mediawatch for 31 July 20222022/07/31
    Revolt among Greens' grass roots excites media; new public media legislation takes another step; conflict of interest claims; shock of the news - the art of short, sharp theme tunes.
  19. Calling Home from Croatia2022/07/31
    David Howard's coming up on Calling Home, from Croatia, where he met his wife, and has stayed. It's an area with turbulent history, its savage war of independence isn't a distant memory yet.
  20. Are RATs giving us the right results?2022/07/31
    Doubts have been raised about the efficacy of RAT test brands in Australia, but we've been reassured that the ones here are picking up the new variants. Dr Andrew Read is at Penn State, Pennsylvania State University, he talks to Jim.
  21. The science of feeling good, and new antidepressant research2022/07/24
    Professor of Psychology at Victoria University of Wellington Marc Wilson shares the latest research on what stress does to us and what other issues it might signal.
  22. Memoir of an anthropologist2022/07/24
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  23. Night-time toilet tips2022/07/24
    How do you address the problem many people have, and not just elderly people, of getting up at night to go to the loo?
  24. The science of laughter2022/07/24
    It's one of the least-studied human emotional states but one of the most important, cognitive neuroscientist Sophie Scott studies the science of laughter. As well as being interested in the serious science of brain function Professor Scott likes to have a laugh herself.
  25. Thor Pedersen - Once Upon A Saga2022/07/24
    Danish native Torbjørn 'Thor' Pedersen is nearing the end of his mammoth mission to visit every nation in the world in a single journey, without taking a single flight.
  26. Calling Home with Richard Neutze2022/07/24
    Dr Richard Neutze is calling home this morning from Gothenburg, Sweden. He grew up on a sheep farm in mid-Canterbury and gained a PhD in Physics at the University of Canterbury before heading off overseas, finally settling down in Sweden where he's been living since 1998.
  27. What happens now in Ukraine?2022/07/24
    Dr Jack Watling, senior research fellow for land warfare at the Royal United Services Institute, gives us the latest on the war in Ukraine and what the next steps are for all involved in the conflict.
  28. Trauma-aware yoga and the treatment of PTSD2022/07/17
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  29. Talking Nicely to Animals2022/07/17
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  30. Speaking in thumbs - the new era of communication2022/07/17
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  31. When the Cows Come Home2022/07/17
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  32. Men and their problem with friendship2022/07/17
    When British comedian and writer Max Dickins decided to propose to his girlfriend, he realised there was no one he could call on to be his best man. But Max quickly learned that he wasn't the only man struggling with friendships. In his latest book Billy No-Mates, he explores the barriers men face to forging closer relationships.
  33. Calling Home with Charlotte Everett2022/07/17
    Charlotte Everett is calling home this morning, from a houseboat, on a canal off the River Thames in London. Charlotte runs a business called Rebel Tours. Charlie, as she's better-known, studied Politics and Drama at Auckland University, she worked in the business development side of the entertainment industry before moving to London in 2007.
  34. Mediawatch for 17 July 20222022/07/17
    Sick and tired of the Covid sickness; property price predictions run hot in the media; the rugby clash that didn't make headlines.
  35. The Bomb Next Door2022/07/17
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  36. Politicians live longer than the populations they represent2022/07/17
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  37. All Blacks Verdict2022/07/17
    Sports writer, Mark Reason gives his verdict on the All Blacks performance the the series decider in Wellington on Saturday night, with more tests to come against South Africa, Argentina and Australia in August & September .. and longer term - a World Rugby Cup later next year.
  38. Understanding the knee's mechanics2022/07/10
    Knees, like all our joints, are integral to our entire human system working efficiently. Renowned orthopaedic surgeon practising in San Francisco, Dr Kevin Stone, reckons if you take care of your joints, they can last a hundred years!
  39. The council house that hid a very special recording studio2022/07/10
    From the street, panel beater Ken Patten's home looked much like any other council house. That little council house in Sheffield, England is the subject of the documentary titled A Film About Studio Electrophonique.
  40. This is Assisted Dying2022/07/10
    A memoir of a doctor's first year providing assisted dying in Canada has just been released. Dr Stefanie Green shares some of the most profound moments she has witnessed with the people she has helped.
  41. Calling Home with William Trubridge2022/07/10
    World record holding Kiwi freediver William Trubridge spends much of each year working in the tropical island paradise that is the Bahamas. He's this week's calling home guest.
  42. Mediawatch for 10 July 20222022/07/10
    The worst of times?; Hospo can't find workers - but neither can the media; RNZ changes the tunes for news.
  43. Is batch cooking making you sick?2022/07/10
    Batch-cooking meals which can be frozen and reheated later is a great idea, says food safety expert Vincent Arbuckle, but we don't want to invite bacteria to the party.
  44. Legal Gender2022/07/10
    A four year publicly funded research project on 'gender and the law' in the UK recently published its findings. It's titled:The research was led by Davina Cooper. She speaks to Karyn
  45. Monkey Pox in NZ2022/07/10
    The country's first case of monkey pox was discovered yesterday - with a person isolating at home in Auckland. Acting Director of Public Health Dr Harriette Carr talks to Karyn.
  46. Capturing an activist artist in the right light2022/07/03
    Mike Tavioni is a carver, poet, mentor, activist, entrepreneur and maverick and his story is told in a new documentary that's just premiered at the Maoriland Film Festival. The film maker behind his story is Glenda Tuaine.
  47. The return of the pre-fab housing across Europe2022/07/03
    There was a time in recent history where pre-fab housing was the answer to a temporary problem, but then quickly became a permanent solution. Karyn talks to Jordan Rosenhaus the CEO of UK Construction company, TopHat. T
  48. World's first solar powered car ready to launch in November2022/07/03
    The world's first solar powered car will be ready for the market in November for a cool 250,000 Euros - that's $420,000 for us! Journalist Ashifa Kassam, based in Madrid, took the Lightyear Zero Solar Car for a test drive.
  49. Mediawatch for 3 July 20222022/07/03
    Abortion angst in America triggers media reaction here; Willie Jackson: new minister in charge at pivotal media moment.
  50. Calling home from Norway2022/07/03
    For Calling Home this week, we go to Norway where Taygen Hughes has been living.
  51. Should New Zealand be rethinking its food supply policy?2022/07/03
    Price hikes in food, warnings of shortages to come and now the muted feeling about the latest trade deal, should NZ be rethinking its food policy? Dr Jacqueline Rowarth, Adjunct Professor Lincoln University, is a farmer-elected Director of DairyNZ and Ravensdown and producer-appointed Director on the Board of Deer Industry NZ. She talks to Karyn.
  52. Ghislaine Maxwell's ongoing bid for freedom2022/06/26
    The former British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell will be sentenced on Tuesday. Victoria Bekiempis writes for the Guardian and has been following the trial in New York. She talks to Jim.
  53. The curious history of the world's micronations2022/06/26
    Micronations aren't real countries by definition, yet sometimes these eccentric mini-states - which have no legitimate basis for statehood - come very close. Dr Harry Hobbs is a lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney who has a new book about these and other micronations - 'Micronations and the Search for Sovereignty.'
  54. Is sleeping alone a better night's sleep, the debate continues2022/06/26
    Every so often this topic comes up. Should couples sleep together, or apart, if they want better sleep? The consensus of expert opinion seems to be that sleep divorces are fine Jim speaks to Dr Alex Bartle from the Sleep Well Clinic.
  55. The case against the sexual revolution2022/06/26
    Feminists must abandon their delusions about the sexual revolution. Men and women are not the same, and it is usually women who suffer when we pretend otherwise. So says Louise Perry, a UK based writer and campaigner.
  56. Disneyland for seniors - a documentary 2022/06/26
    'The Villages' is the world's largest retirement community. It's in Florida. Valerie Blankenbyl is an Austrian documentary filmmaker and a journalist who lives outside the Villages. She has made a documentary film "The Bubble".
  57. Mediawatch for 26 June 20222022/06/26
    Tragic crash sparks muddled media reaction; New public media details revealed - but new Minister faces old questions; The Conversation is five years old.
  58. FINA's Transgender Policy - Dr David Gerrard's view2022/06/26
    Dr David Gerrard is the sports medicine professor who won a Commonwealth Games swimming gold, he's been a team doctor and Chef de Mission. David is at the World champs, in his capacity as vice-chairman of Fina's sports medicine committee.
  59. Can we make traffic jams a thing of the past?2022/06/26
    In a glimpse of the future, finally, the world's first traffic control system of its kind, they say, using artificial intelligence, designed to make urban traffic jams a thing of the past. Computer scientist Dr Maria Chli joins Jim.
  60. Frances Cook on riding out the rough financial markets2022/06/26
    We last talked to Frances Cook back in February. Frances is the Investments Editor at Business Desk and had just written a book called YOUR MONEY YOUR FUTURE. We go back to her over the current volatility in the market.
  61. Remembering Dave Campbell2022/06/26
    Jim's tribute to Sunday Morning executive producer Dave Campbell.
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