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Psychology in Everyday Life: The Psych Files

  1. An Interview with Dr. Nancy Haug on her Cannibis Research 2019/02/28
  2. Key Ingredients to Significance Quest Theory2018/04/20
  3. Ep 267: Applying an Established Memory Strategy Literacy (and possibly click through on your blog post...)2016/11/15
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  4. Ep 266: Productive Confusion with Jeremiah Sullins2016/10/20
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  5. Ep: 265: Why Do You REALLY Support That Candidate? The Psychology of Voting Behavior2016/10/16
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  6. Ep 264: How To Make Study Groups Effective2016/10/01
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  7. Ep 263: Using Psychology in Your Work: Part 2 of My Interview with Richard Millington2016/09/12
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  8. Ep 262: Using Psychology to Build Active Online Communities: Interview with Richard Millington2016/09/06
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  9. Ep 261: Demonic Possession or A Lack of Skeptical Thinking?2016/08/19
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  10. Ep 261: Which of These Scientific Terms Are You Using Incorrectly?2016/07/11
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  11. Ep 260: We're All Addicted To Our Phones. How You Can Feel Better About It2016/06/22
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  12. Ep 259: How Could You Have Missed That?2016/05/26
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  13. Ep: 258 - 5 Reasons Why You're Addicted to Your Phone and What to do About it2016/04/27

    Why do we find it so hard to put down our phones? I'll give you 5 reasons drawn directly from psychological theories on how we learn, how teenagers are strongly affected by reward and how we are all drawn in by mystery. There is of course no easy answer for how to get teens to put down their phones but I'll share what I'm doing with my teenagers.
  14. Ep 157: What IS in Baloney Anyway? Let's Find Out Why You Eat What You Eat2016/04/14
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  15. Ep 256 (Audio Version): Study Psychology On The Go with the Clammr App2016/04/04
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  16. Ep 256: Study Psychology On The Go with the Clammr App2016/03/31
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  17. How to Memorize Freud's Stages of Psychosexual Development2016/03/22
  18. Ep 255: London Has a Problem and It's a Job for a Psychologist2016/03/16
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  19. Ep 254: How to Create Great Ways for Seniors to Live2016/01/20

    What comes to mind when you think "nursing home"? Not so good, right? Let's change that. Let's use what we learn from psychology to create exciting places for seniors to live. We've got the tools provided by Maslow's Hierarchy and by the Self Determination theory. Here's one way we could revolutionize the "senior years".
  20. Ep 253: How to Prevent Violence in Your Neighborhood2016/01/11
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  21. Ep 252: How Psychology Gets You To Slow Down While Driving2015/12/29
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  22. Ep 251: How NOT to Get the Holiday Blues2015/12/15
  23. Ep 250: How I Used Snapchat with My Class 2015/12/08
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  24. Ep 249: How To Build a Psychology App2015/11/25
  25. Ep 248: Guest Host Bo Bennet on Dysrationalia2015/10/27
  26. Ep 247: Optimum Arousal Theory2015/10/19
  27. Ep 246: Why Replications Sometimes Don't Agree with the Original Study2015/09/14
  28. Ep 245: The Reproducibility Project: Incentives Out of Whack2015/09/08
  29. Ep 244: Analyze This - Does the Movie Show What Therapy is Really Like?2015/08/07
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  30. Ep 243: Did Your Therapy Really Work?2015/07/22
  31. Ep 242: The Psychology of Attractiveness: An Interview with Rob Burriss2015/06/25
  32. Ep241:I know What You DID'T Do - the Internet of Things for Dementia and Alzheimer's2015/06/13
  33. Ep 240: How Do You Treat People Who Are Ill?2015/05/29
  34. Ep 239: Racial Divide: Why Does It Happen? How We Can Fix It2015/05/04
  35. Ep: 238: A Robot's Gender, Act Like A Girl and Be A Man2015/04/10
  36. Ep 237: What is Misophonia? More on La Cage, Empathy, and the Milgram Studies 2015/03/19
  37. Ep 236: My Cross-Dressing Experience in La Cage Aux Folles 2015/02/23
  38. Ep 235: Want to Swap Bodies?2015/01/28
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  39. Ep 234: Tansvestism - Is It Normal? What Is Normal Anyway?2015/01/08
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  40. Ep 233: While Policemen and Black Victims - What's Really Going on?2014/12/18
  41. Ep 232: Psychologists Involved in Torture: What Will We Do About It?2014/12/10
  42. Ep: 231: Multiple Personalities, and Tips on Getting People to Help2014/12/04
  43. Ep 230: Questionable Research - With A Famous Psychologist Involved2014/11/21
  44. Ep 229: What Makes a Song Popular? Psychology of Music: How We Detect Melody2014/10/28
  45. Did B.F.Skinner Raise His Children in a Skinner Box?2014/10/22
  46. Ep 227: I Remember How I Felt (Or Do You)?2014/10/06
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  47. Ep 226 (video): The Psychology of Dance Part 2 - Importance of Marking2014/09/27
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  48. Ep 225: What's Best for Memory - Coffee or a Nap - or Both?2014/09/16
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  49. Perf Gestalt Video2014/08/18
  50. Perf Basic Research2014/08/18
  51. Erikson mnemonics for Performer App2014/08/18
  52. If Freud Worked Tech Support2014/08/15

    A humorous way to learn about the Freudian defense mechanisms (actually elaborated by Anna Freud) of Displacement, Denial, Sublimation, Reaction Formation, and Projection. A little dream analysis thrown in. Who knows? Maybe Freud would have been good at tech support...
  53. Ep 223: Little Albert's Real Identity - Time to Rewrite the Textbooks2014/07/24
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  54. Ep 222: How To Remember Jokes2014/07/07
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  55. Ep 221: Facebook Study: A Brief Summary and Did They Use Informed Consent?2014/07/01
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  56. 220: PsycExplorer Roundup: More Evidence That Animals Think and Feel2014/06/16
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  57. Ep 219: Mental Health Professionals: Why So Liberal?2014/05/27
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  58. Ep 218: Good News for Older Folks2014/05/04
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  59. Ep 217: Let's Be Honest: Is Your Dog Really Displaying Intelligence?2014/04/05
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  60. Ep 216 (video): YouTube Power Search Tips2014/03/25
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  61. Ep 216: Working Remotely - the Psychological Advantages and Disadvantages2014/03/09
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  62. Ep 215: What Was Life Like in an Asylum?2014/02/19
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  63. Ep 214: Your Adolescence is Giving Me A Mid Life Crisis2014/02/03
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  64. Ep 213: Leveraging Our Natural Curiosity for Learning and for Blog Clicks2014/01/16
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  65. Ep 212: The Psychology of The Matrix Movie2014/01/10
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  66. Ep 211: Is a Little Deception Okay? Paid Crowds and Native Advertising2013/12/16
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  67. Brain Mnemonics video for bn2 app2013/11/21
  68. Ep 210: How to Memorize Kolhberg's Stages of Moral Development2013/11/21
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  69. Ep 209: If Freud Worked in Tech Support2013/11/16

    In this actual fake recording we hear how Freud might have handled your call to an anonymous technical support service. Can you identify each of the following Freudian techniques in this episode?
  70. Ep 208: The Elaboration Likelihood Model in Less Than 2 Minutes2013/11/08

    The elaboration likelihood model is complicated name for a not too complicated idea. In this under 2 minute video I explain the key idea.
  71. Ep 207 (audio): The Psychology of Vine2013/11/02
  72. Ep 207: The Psychology of Vine2013/11/01

    Would you believe there's a lot of psychology you can fit into a 6 second vine? Well there is. In this video episode I show you a few of there vines I like and which are also good (unintended) demonstrates of a variety of psychological concepts. I think you'll have fun with this one.
  73. Ep 206: What It's Like to Have Autism - Interview with Alex Lowrey2013/10/22

    Its time to hear from someone who has been diagnosed with autism what life is like. Alex Lowery joins us to talk about growing up with autism - about the heightened sensations, the frustrations of not being understood and what has helped him get to where he is today. At 20, Alex gives talks about his life. I think you'll get some fascinating insights.
  74. Ep 205: Secondhand Autism: What is it Like to Grow Up with an Autistic Sibling?2013/10/06
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  75. Ep 204: The Psychology of Fundraising2013/09/27
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  76. Ep 203: Psychology of Dance2013/09/13
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  77. Ep 202 (audio): How To Memorize Freud's Stages of Psychosexual Development2013/09/13
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  78. Ep 202: How To Memorize Freud's Stages of Psychosexual Development2013/09/07
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  79. Ep 201: Mother Nature and Blaming the Victim2013/08/29
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  80. Ep 200: Reflections on the 200 Show2013/08/16

    Thank you so much for listening to The Psych Files for the past 6 1/2 years. In this episode I provide a little background on how the podcast started and what has happened as it grew over the years. It just past 8 million downloads and I want to share a few thoughts on this with you.
  81. Ep 199: Depth Perception - How Your Brain Sees What's Not There2013/08/01
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  82. Ep 198: What's it Like to Work in Psychology?2013/07/11
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  83. Ep 197: Using the Word Guy for Women, Robots Helping the Elderly and Supernormal Foods2013/06/27
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  84. Ep 196: What Men Need to Do to End Violence Against Others2013/06/03
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  85. Ep 195: How To Memorize Piaget's Stages of Cognitive Development2013/04/26
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  86. Ep 194: What Do I/0 Psychologists Really Do? Testing and Evaluation2013/04/17
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  87. Ep 193: Mindfulness Benefits on Tests and at Work2013/04/10
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  88. Ep 192: An Example of How Psychoanalysts Really Interpret Dreams2013/03/21
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  89. Ep 191: What Was B. F. Skinner Really Like?2013/03/11
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  90. Ep 190: Why Do You Get So Absorbed in that Book (or Movie)?2013/02/26
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  91. Ep 189: The Psych Files Brief #6 - Facebook Untagging, Money and Happiness, and Memory and Aging2013/02/13
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  92. Ep 188: Psychologists Are Keeping You From Getting the Flu2013/02/01
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  93. Episode 72 (video): Memorize the Parts of the Brain mp4 version2013/01/29
  94. Ep 187: I'd Like to Have an Argument Please! (critical thinking part 3)2013/01/23
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  95. Ep 186: The Shootings at Newtown - Could We Have Prevented It? 2013/01/06
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  96. Demo of PsycExplorer2012/12/27

    Oct 2012
  97. Ep 185: The Dynamics of Therapy: Transference and Counter Transference: An Interview with Kerry Malawista2012/11/20
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  98. keywordO2012/11/08
  99. keywordW2012/11/08
  100. keyword2012/11/08
  101. Ep 184: Critical Thinking (Part 2) - Important? Yes. But Can We Teach It? Well….2012/11/03
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  102. How SSRIs and MAO Inhibitors Work2012/10/31

    Depression and other mental health problems are often treated with medications which are called Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors and/or Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors. How do they work? I'll show you in this brief video. More free psychology resources at The Psych Files website and podcast: http://www.ThePsychFiles.com
  103. Ep 183: Critical Thinking - Important? Yes. But Can We Teach It? Well….2012/10/28
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  104. Ep 182: Gamification - Here's How To Do It2012/10/12
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  105. Ep 181: How Does Self Talk Improve Your Game? 2012/09/24
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  106. Ep: 180 - Body Language: What Are Your Thumbs Revealing About You?2012/08/28
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  107. Ep 179: Lipstick Effect, Stereotype Threat and other Gender Matters2012/08/13
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  108. 5 Essential Study Techniques2012/08/09

    An audio in which I explain 5 study techniques that have solid research support. These techniques will help students get better grades on their tests.
  109. Ep 178: What Does Embodied Cognition have to do with Baseballs and Robots?2012/07/02

    There is a lot of talk these days about a fascinating idea called embodied cognition. What is it exactly? In this lively interview I talk with two people who are actively looking into this question. We discuss how the body and mind "talk" to each other when baseball players catch fly balls and what role psychology plays in the design of robots.
  110. EP 177: Why You Hate Psychology - Media Bias and Misunderstandings about How Science Works2012/06/24
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  111. EP 176: Why You Hate Psychology - Self Esteem Movement and Positive Thinking 2012/06/19
  112. Ep: 175 - How to Protect Yourself from the Persuasive Tactics of the Car Salesperson2012/05/22
  113. Ep 173: The First Replication of Daryl Bem's Research on Psychic Phenomenon2012/04/23
  114. Ep 173: An Interactive Neuron and Map Using ThingLink2012/04/11
  115. Ep 172: Interview with Natalie Nahai - The Web Psychologist2012/04/04
  116. Ep 171 Psych Files Brief #5: Yawning, Telling Jokes to Babies, Politics and Looks2012/03/08
  117. Ep 170: Is the Web Making You More Narrow-Minded?2012/02/15
  118. Ep: 169 - Validity - Having Confidence in the Results of a Personality Test2012/02/12
  119. Ep 168: Reliability - the Foundation of Any Good Personality Test2012/01/19
  120. Ep: 167: The Fat Trap - How Not to Get Discouraged About Difficulty Losing Weight 2012/01/03
  121. Ep: 166: The Secret Life of Pronouns - an Interview with James Pennebaker2011/12/31
  122. Ep 165 (video): Psychological Research Under Fire - What Can We Do About It? 2011/11/16
  123. Ep 164: What's So Disgusting About Poop? 2011/11/05
  124. Ep 163: Psych Files Brief #4: Animals Smiling, Yogurt De-Stressing, and the Psychology of Success 2011/10/22
  125. Ep 162: How to Spend Your Money and Truly Make Yourself Happy2011/10/11
  126. EP 161: Self Help You Can Believe In: Interview with Dr. Tim Wilson, Author of Redirect2011/10/03
  127. Ep 160: How to Spend Your Money and Truly Make Yourself Happy2011/09/19
  128. EP 159 Psych Files Brief #3: Evidence in Favor of Affirmations? The Licensing Effect and the Power of Gossip2011/09/06
  129. Ep 158: Tired of Low Grades? 5 Ways to Raise Your Test Scores (and 1 Warning!)2011/08/19
  130. Ep 157: Do Pets and Religion Make You Happier?2011/08/10
  131. Ep 156: Grad School in Psychology: What's It Like and How To Get In?2011/07/29
  132. Ep 155: On Cuddling, Baths, Google, Body Language and Phantom Cell Phone Vibration - Psych Files Brief #22011/07/19
  133. Ep 154: 5 Reasons Why Casey Anthony MIGHT Be Innocent2011/07/08
  134. The REAL Truth About Why You Support (or Oppose) Gay Marriage - Episode 1532011/06/28
  135. How Do You Change Your Behavior? Interview with Scott Milford Episode 1522011/06/21
  136. Heuristics (Video): Rules of Thumb Explained - Episode 1512011/06/18
  137. Audio: Object Permanence - Does Your Dog Have It? Episode 1502011/06/07
  138. Video: Object Permanence - Does Your Dog Have It? Episode 1502011/06/07
  139. Date Rape: How Can We Prevent It? Episode 1492011/05/31
  140. What Can We Do To End Anti-Gay Bullying in Schools? Episode 1482011/05/22
  141. On Yawning, Swearing, Credit Cards and Sex: Psych Files Brief #12011/05/18
  142. Borderline Personality: What is it? Could Your Cell Phone Help Deal With It?2011/05/12
  143. Episode 145: Why a Tiger Mom Approach to Parenting Does NOT Work2011/04/12
  144. Episode 144: The Drowsy Chaperone Holds the Key to Life!2011/03/25
  145. Episode 96 (video): The Phonetic Alphabet Part 22011/03/20
  146. The Phonetic Alphabet Part 12011/03/20
  147. Episode 143: EMDR - An Interview with Founder Francine Shapiro2011/03/19
  148. Episode 142: How To Make Jobs More Satisfying and Motivating2011/03/06
  149. Episode 141: Psychology Gets Smart: A New Kind of Lie Detector?2011/02/27
  150. Episode 140: Psychoanalyzing Jack Lalanne2011/02/06
  151. Episode 139: Blaming the Victim in Reverse - the Justice Motive2011/01/23
  152. Episode 138: Zombies - 6 Reasons Why Are We So Fascinated By Them2010/12/23
  153. Episode 137: Objectivity and the Scientific Impotence Excuse 2010/12/13
  154. Episode 136: Adele Faber Interview on Parenting (Part 2)2010/11/28
  155. Episode 135: Adele Faber Interview on Parenting (Part 1)2010/11/19
  156. Episode 134: Hypnosis - Myth and Reality2010/11/02
  157. Episode 133: Replace Your Doctor With a Robot?2010/10/22
  158. Episode 132: Opera on the Brain2010/10/13
  159. Episode 131: Even Children Do Statistics!2010/09/16
  160. Episode 130 (video): Why Are We So Fascinated by Famous People?2010/08/23
  161. Episode 129 (video): Science Shows Superstitions Actually Work! Sort of2010/07/25
  162. Episode 128: Do Brain Training Games Work?2010/07/13
  163. Episode 127 (video): Phrenology: Maybe They Were On To Something2010/07/03
  164. Episode 126: SuperNormal Stimuli: Is This Why We're Overweight?2010/06/17
  165. Episode 125: False Memories - How Can Your Memory Be So Bad?2010/06/07
  166. Episode 124: Flashbulb Memories - Are They As Accurate As We Think?2010/05/31
  167. Episode 123 (video): What Does Your Dog Know About You?2010/05/06
  168. Episode 122: DSM-V and On Being Sane - Are Psychiatric Labels Really Harmful?2010/04/22
  169. Episode 121 (corrected): Top 10 Psychology Apps for the iPad, iPhone, & IPod2010/04/12
  170. Episode 120: Big Words Make You Look Less Intelligent2010/03/29
  171. Episode 119: Are You Lying in that Email?2010/03/23
  172. Episode 118: Are You REALLY Listening? Sanford Meisner, Acting and Psychology 2010/03/12
  173. Episode 117: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - An Interview with Bobbi2010/02/23
  174. Episode 116: Social Loafing - Don't Be a Sucker or a Free Loader!2010/02/12
  175. Episode 115 (Video): Violent Video Games - What Does the Research Say?2010/01/23
  176. Episode 114 (video): Finding Little Albert2010/01/05
  177. Episode 113: Interview with Scott Lilienfeld on the 50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology2009/12/28
  178. Episode 112: Evolutionary Psychology - David Buss Responds to Critics Part 22009/12/17
  179. Episode 111: Evolutionary Psychology - David Buss Responds to Critics2009/12/06
  180. Episode 110: Narcissism Among Celebrities, on Facebook and in Shakespeare2009/11/22
  181. Episode 109: Correlation and Causation2009/11/11
  182. Episode 108: More Harm Than Good? Kubler-Ross' Five Stages of Grief2009/10/26
  183. Episode 107: Freud, Projective Tests and .... Poetry2009/10/18
  184. Episode 106: Your Sexual Orientation - How Did It Develop?2009/10/12
  185. Episode 105 (video): Smart Birds are More Successful with the Ladies2009/09/25
  186. Episode 104: Can Positive Affirmations Improve Your Self Esteem?2009/09/10
  187. Episode 103: Raising Children - Interview with Author Jamie Raser2009/08/30
  188. Episode 102 (video): How to Create an Online Experiment2009/08/24
  189. Episode 101: The Psychology of Music: The Role of Expectations and Minor Chords2009/08/01
  190. Episode 100: Reflections on 100 Episodes of The Psych Files2009/07/20
  191. Episode 99: Animal Emotions - Does Your Pet Really Have Feelings?2009/07/15
  192. Episode 98: Evolutionary Psychology - An Interview with Dr. David Buss2009/06/20
  193. Episode 97: Stanley Milgram Obedience Study Finally Replicated2009/06/08
  194. Episode 96 (video): Mnemonics Advanced: The Pegword System Part 22009/05/27
  195. Episode 95 (video): Mnemonics Advanced: The Pegword System Part 12009/05/25
  196. Episode 94: How Do You Learn to Act Like a Woman or like a Man?2009/05/19
  197. Episode 93: Your Brain on a Website2009/05/13
  198. Episode 92: Passion For Your Work is Overrated2009/04/24
  199. Episode 91: The Psychology of Effective Meetings2009/04/14
  200. Episode 90: The Learning Styles Myth: An Interview with Daniel Willingham2009/03/29
  201. Episode 89: Don't Touch That Dial! Why You Should Love Commercials2009/03/16
  202. Episode 88: Sexual Harassment: Who is Most Likely to be a Victim?2009/03/07
  203. Episode 87: Manhood: Are You A "Real Man"?2009/02/27
  204. Episode 86 (video): Educational Games2009/02/21
  205. Episode 31 (video): Lemon Slices and a New Face on Mars! Gestalt Principles at Work2009/02/09
  206. Episode 85: How to Make Learning Fun Again? Constructivism and Democratic Schools - Part 22009/01/30
  207. Episode 84: How To Make Learning Fun Again Part 1 - Piaget2009/01/19
  208. Episode 83 (video): New Year's Resolutions to Lose Weight: Why So Hard To Keep?2009/01/14
  209. Episode 82: What's the Best Personality to be a Waiter?2008/12/29
  210. Episode 81: Talking (and not Talking) in Psychotherapy - Part 22008/12/09
  211. Episode 80: Talking (and not Talking) in Psychotherapy - Part 12008/12/08
  212. Episode 79: Models of Leadership - Joan of Arc, Alexander the Great and Ginger the Chicken?2008/11/24
  213. Episode 78: The Psychology of Tipping2008/11/11
  214. Episode 77: Lost at School - An Interview with Ross Green Part 22008/11/03
  215. Episode 76: Lost at School - An Interview with Ross Green Part 12008/10/29
  216. Episode 75: Science Proves Subliminal Tapes Work! Well....not really2008/10/21
  217. Episode 74: Social Influence in a Virtual World - A Virtual Door in the Face2008/10/07
  218. Episode 73: On the Folly of….Politics2008/10/02
  219. Episode 72 (video): Memorize the Parts of the Brain2008/09/22
  220. Episode 71: Horse Sense or Nonsense? Clever Hans is Alive and Well2008/09/18
  221. Episode 70: Coincidence or Synchronicity? You Be The Judge2008/09/10
  222. Episode 69: Personal Space Invasions - Ethical Implications of one of Psychology's Strangest Studies2008/09/02
  223. Episode 68 (correction): Mnemonic Device for Erikson's Eight Stages of Development2008/08/24
  224. Episode 68 (video): Mnemonic Device for Erikson's Eight Stages of Development2008/08/22
  225. Episode 67: The Olympic Silver Metal? What a Bummer!2008/08/13
  226. Episode 66: What to do about Mom? Personal Control and Aging2008/08/11
  227. Episode 65: God and Self Help, Synchronicity, and Listener Feedback2008/07/30
  228. Episode 64: A Scientist Goes Looking for a Self Help Book....2008/07/21
  229. Episode 63: Cognitive Dissonance, the Monty Hall Problem and a Possible Solution?2008/07/14
  230. Episode 62: Sustainability and Human Behavior2008/07/08
  231. Episode 61: The Mozart Effect - Is There Anything To It? Part 22008/06/24
  232. Episode 60: The Full Monty Backstage - Body Image and Gender Differences2008/06/17
  233. Episode 59 - The Mozart Effect: Is There Anything To It?2008/06/10
  234. Episode 58: Speed Dating - You Don't Know What You Want2008/05/25
  235. Episode 57: Expectancy Theory, Goal Setting and Getting in Shape!2008/05/16
  236. Episode 56: What is Music Therapy?2008/05/10
  237. Episode 55: Is It Really Better to Give Than to Receive?2008/04/24
  238. Episode 54: Math Anxiety - Causes and Cures2008/04/13
  239. Episode 53: Mindful Learning, NCLB, and the True Foundations of Success2008/04/02
  240. Episode 52 (video): Research Design Part 2 - Factorial Designs2008/03/28
  241. Episode 51: Elliot Spitzer's Wife: Hero or Victim?2008/03/18
  242. Episode 50: Psychological Study Ripped Straight from....the Bible?2008/03/13
  243. Episode 49: Classroom Management - An Interview with Dr. Ross Green part 22008/03/06
  244. Episode 48: Classroom Management - An Interview with Dr. Ross Green part12008/03/01
  245. Episode 47: The Little Albert Study: What You Know is...Mostly Wrong2008/02/20
  246. Episode 46: Thinking Positively - or Running Away from Your Feelings?2008/02/09
  247. Episode 45 (video): Basic Research Design - Part 12008/02/06
  248. Episode 44: Human Emotions: The Two Factor Theory2008/01/30
  249. Episode 43: Email Feedback2008/01/22
  250. Episode 42: Taking A Psychology Class?2008/01/18
  251. Episode 41: EMDR - A Critical Perspective2008/01/08
  252. Episode 40: Performance Anxiety (and sopranos on their heads)2007/12/31
  253. Episode 39 (video): Mashups and the Future of Psychological Research2007/12/23
  254. Episode 38: How Big is Your Office: Another Classic Study in Psychology2007/12/18
  255. Episode 37: The Effects of Video Game and Media Violence2007/12/07
  256. Episode 36: The Myth of the Kitty Genovese Story2007/11/25
  257. Episode 35 (video): The Psychology of Extreme Sports2007/11/14
  258. Episode 34: Timeout Revisited - Dealing with Challenging Kids Part 22007/11/04
  259. Episode 33: Timeout Revisited - Dealing with Challenging Kids Part 12007/10/28
  260. Episode 32: Midterms, Mnemonics and Two Keys to Learning2007/10/14
  261. Psych Majors: Check Out “The Mappr”!2007/10/11
  262. Virgin Mary on a Lemon Slice? I got ya beat.2007/09/25
  263. Episode 30: Equine Assisted Therapy2007/09/23
  264. Episode 29: Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic vs. the Motivation To Learn2007/09/16
  265. Episode 28: Is Time Out Really Effective?2007/09/05
  266. Episode 27: From Insane Asylum to Psychiatric Center: A Brief History2007/08/28
  267. Episode 26: Why Do Statistics Make Us So Queasy?2007/08/22
  268. Episode 25: The Brains Behind Erikson Part 32007/08/11
  269. Episode 24: The Brains Behind Erikson Part 22007/08/10
  270. Episode 23: Do Teachers Have to be Actors Today?2007/08/01
  271. Episode 22 (video): The Brains Behind Erikson Part 1 - Timeliner2007/07/20
  272. Episode 21: Erikson's Eight Stages of Life2007/07/09
  273. Episode 20: Conflict Resolution: A Classic Psychological Study2007/06/27
  274. Episode 19: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing: an interview with Jamie O’Neil2007/06/19
  275. Episode 18: Critical Thinking and the Overflowing Cup2007/06/11
  276. Episode 17: Energy Medicine: an Interview with Pat Heavren2007/06/06
  277. Episode 16: They’re at it again - My Favorite Weird Psychology Studies2007/05/28
  278. Episode 15: It’s Not Fair! Equity in Life and Work2007/05/19
  279. Episode 14 (video): What Does Your Car Say About You?2007/05/08
  280. Episode 13: Big Brother? What Your Grocery Store Knows About You2007/05/03
  281. Episode 12: The Necessity of the Frame in Psychotherapy2007/04/25
  282. Episode 11 (video): What Does Your Bowling Style Say About You?2007/04/18
  283. Episode 10: What does your search behavior on Amazon.com say about you?2007/04/12
  284. Episode 8: Why do Contradictions Bother Us So Much? Cognitive Dissonance in Our Daily Lives.2007/03/20
  285. Episode 7: Blaming the Victim and other Biases2007/03/11
  286. Episode 6: The Negative Side of Positive Thinking2007/03/04
  287. Episode 9: How Do You Really Raise Self-Esteem? The Incredibles vs. American Idol2007/03/02
  288. Episode 5: In Defense of Defense Mechanisms2007/02/25
  289. Episode 4 (video): On Birds Flocking and Opposites Attracting: the data on Love2007/02/19
  290. Episode 2: Rewards and Punishments2007/02/11
  291. Episode 3: Predictions, Predictions2007/02/11
  292. Episode 1: What this podcast is all about.2007/01/23
Psychology in Everyday Life: The Psych Files Podcast
Learn how theories in psychology affect you in everyday life. Upbeat and interesting podcasts from experienced psychology professor Michael Britt give you a bit more insight into you and your life.

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