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Word Balloon Comics Podcast

  1. Comic Books History Denis Kitchen and The History Of Underground Comix2019/01/31
    The man behind Kitchen Sink Press talks about the history of underground comix, from the 60s to today. We'll discuss the way they were distributed to head shops. How did these handmade books get around? We also talk about his relationship with Will Eisner, and his role as a comic historiaan writing biographies of Harvey Kurtzman and Al Capp
  2. Comic Books History Jason Sacks On The History Of 90s Comics2019/01/31
    Jason Sacks has co-written the Twomorrows book American Comic Book Chronicles: The 1990s s. You'll hear a long discussion about the infamous decade of booms and busts
  3. Comic Books Tom King On Superman Heroes In Crisis Batman and Mister Miracle2019/01/25
    A New King's Speech as we discus Tom's past present and futire works . From The Walmart Superman series to Batman and the current arc Kinghtmare. We look back at Mister Miracle and scratch our heads over the puzzles laid out in Heroes In Crisis.
  4. Comic Books George Perez Retirement Brad Meltzer2019/01/21
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  5. The 3rd Hospital Q &A2019/01/20
    Thanks for the positive feedback More Questions From Listners
  6. Hospital Q & A 2 Live from bedside2019/01/20
    Another Episode of listener questions
  7. Hospital Podcast or 22019/01/11
    The A

  8. Live from the hospital2019/01/10
    At the end of the year, I wound up in the hospital with an infection . This will be a long recovery, but I will be ok. On this bare bones podcast, I take listener questionquest

  9. Comic Books Cullen Bunn Talks After Shock Marvel Star Wars and More2018/12/20
    Cullen chats about Witch Hammer his new graphic novel and more
  10. Comic Books Bryan Hill Talks Killmonger American Carnage Titans TV Show and More2018/12/13
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  11. Comic Books The Secrets Behind Archie Comics With Victor Gorelick2018/12/10
    Victor Gorelick has been with Archie Comics since 1958, and he tells us his point of view of the company's last 60 years, from the Archie bullpen of the 50s and 60s to the breakthru success of Sugar Sugar to today's titles like Archie 1941 and Kevin Kelly, the TV hits Riverdale and Sabrina and much more
  12. Comic Books Anatomy Of A Comic Strip With Brian Collins2018/12/06
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  13. Comic Books JM DeMatties Constantine Film New IDW and Dark Horse Books2018/11/30
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  14. Comic Books The Bendis Tapes What Are We Thankful For2018/11/20
    Note This was recorded a few weeks before the Death of Stan Lee The Ny Times ran this comic strip tribute to Stan from Brian . We talk about the fun we had at NY comic con, brian's hang time with Frank Miller, lots on Superman, Young Justce and the whole Wonder Comics line, Jinxworld updates and more
  15. Comic Books Stan Lee An Unauthorzized Bio W Comics Historian Fred Van Lente2018/11/13
    Stan Lee RIP . Fred Van Lente joins me to look at Stan's life and career. Fred is the co-author of The Comic Book History Of Comics from IDW with artist Ryan Dunlavey so he is a perfect guest to talk about all the facets of Stan's career.

    We also talk about Fred's new mystery novel set at a San Diego Comic Con called The Con Artist from Quirk books, with illustrations by Tom Fowler
  16. Comic Books History Archie 1941 & The Birth Of DC Elseworlds With Brian Augustyn2018/11/08
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  17. Comic Books History 100 greatest moments of DC Heroines and The Justice League2018/11/08
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  18. Comic Books Sanford Greene Harvests Bitter Root from Image Comics2018/10/31
    Sanford Greene joins us to talk about his latest collaboration with David Walker and Chuck Brown. Bitter Root is a new monster hunting book featuring a family team exploring monster hunting during the historical backdrop of the 1920s Harlem Renaissance. It's a fanstatic concept with unique charcters and solutions to the "Monster Problem"
  19. Comic Books Inktober Wrap Up With Artist Shawn Crystal2018/10/31
    Shawn Crystal is here to talk about his comic books and his excellent interview podcast Ink Pulp Audio, featuring great one on one interviews with comic book artists . We compare our styles of interviews and talks about Shawn's art process.
  20. Boxing-Ringside Seat Editor In Chief William Dettloff -A Big Bout Podcast Extra2018/10/24
    Check out the newest addition ot the Word Balloon Network Here's the latest epsiode of The Big Bout Podcast. Bill Dettloff talks about his magazine Ringside Seat, and we review and preview recent and upcoming bouts.

  21. Comic Books Outlier Paul Jenkins on The Future Of Storytelling2018/10/24
    Great to welcome Paul back to talk about his many AfterShock Comics. The current treasure hunt/conspiracy adventure Beyonders. The controversial superhero saga Alters and The Sci-Fi comedy Replica. We also discuss his POV of where creators and genre content are going in today's entertainment market.
  22. Comic Books Adventures With Kickstarter Greg Pak & Jonathan Coulton2018/10/16
    Greg and Jonathan are back with their latest childrens book collaboration The Prince Who Saved Her Friends.

    The two discuss the book,and their tips interms of kickstarter, and how to sustain creator owned careers in the comics and music business.

  23. Comic Books - Age Of Bronze and Oz talk With Eric Shanower2018/10/16
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  24. The Comic Books Birth Of Venom a talk with his creator David Michelinie2018/10/04
    Venom's dad gives us his strange origin. David Michelinie gives us the behind the scenes story behind Eddie Brock and Venom.

  25. Comic Books Superman at 80-a roundtable with Stern Ordway Kupperberg and Tomasi2018/10/04
    The writers cover Superman stories from the 1970s-today. Featuring a roundtable chat with Roger Stern Jerry Ordway Paul Kupperberg, and Peter J Tomasi.
  26. Howard Chaykin's Secret History Of Comics and Adam & Aidan Glass2018/10/01
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  27. Comic Books- Robin and The Men Who created him2018/09/29
    From Terificon, an incredible conversation. From Dick Grayson to Jason Todd to Tim Drake and Damian Wayne the men who helped evolve the character discuss and debate the strengths and even weaknesses the "Boy Wonder" brought to the Batman Mythos and The whole DC universe

    We hear from Dennis ONeil, Mike W Barr Jim Starlin Peter J Tomasi and Tim Seeley
  28. Ben Blacker On Hex Wives-Chris Moreno on The Comic Book Story of Pro Wrestling2018/09/24
    First Chris Moreno taks about The Comic Book Story of Professional Wrestling co written with Aubrey Sitterson

    Then Ben Blacker is back with a great new Vertigo series Hex Wives/ We also talk about his comedy co-creation The Thrilling Adventure Hour and his Writers Panel Podcast
  29. Comic Book Legal Defense Fund President Christina Merkler2018/09/21
    Newly appointed CBLDF President Christina Merkler tells us about the current challenges facing the CBLDF in today's comic book marketplace.We also discuss Banned Books week which starts this Sunday and runs through the 30th and the comics communities role in the Libraries involved.

  30. Comic Books Ashley Robinson on Her Kickstarter Science ! Star Trek and More2018/09/21
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  31. Comic Books Bryan Hitch On Hawkman Ultimates The Authority and much more2018/09/17
    Finally! The first in depth Word Balloon Conversion with the Master artist
  32. Thanos Captain Marvel & The History Of Marvel Cosmic W Jim Starlin Roy Thomas2018/09/12
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  33. Ted Anderson's caper Moth and Whisper-Brad Melzer Talks Neil Armstrong & Comics2018/09/07
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  34. Comic Books-The Black Panther Panel Christopher Priest Don Mcgregor and More2018/09/04
    An incredible discussion with Black Panther creators Don McGregor Christopher Priest, Afua Richardson and Bob Almond . From Terrificon recorded last month at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut
  35. The Psychology Of Wolverine, with Roy Thomas and Dr Suzana Flores2018/08/31
    It's another Word Balloon 101 discussion from Terrificon. Dr Suzana Flores the author of Untamed The Psychology of Wolverine talks about the mysteries of Logan, with Marvel Comics Legend Roy Thomas. We talk about all aspects and iterations of Logan from his comics to films.
  36. A Valentine to 1960's DC Romance Comics Barbara Frielander & Paul Kupperberg2018/08/29
    This Terrificon panel features writer Editor Paul Kupperberg in conversation with Barbara Frielander, who wrote and edited many of DC's Romance Comics from 1964 to 1969. She describes in detail what is was like being a single woman at DC in the silver age. She talk about the artists she loved and ones she didn't like , tough editors and corporate officers, and much more.
  37. Bill Morrison Yellow Submarine Futurama Bongo Comics Mad Magazine and More2018/08/27
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  38. Marvel Today With CB Cebulski Charles Soule and Nick Spencer2018/08/24
    More back to school sessions from Terrificon. A great discussion with Nick Spencer (Amazing Spider-Man) Charles Soule (Daredevil Star Wars :Poe Dameron) and Editor In Chief CB Cebulski
  39. Mike Norton Speaks Truth To Power In Lil Donnie2018/08/24
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  40. Bryan Edward Hill On Batman Black Lightning Titans Tv Show and More2018/08/21
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  41. Steve Orlando Fills In The Gaps Of DC Universe's Dark Age With Electric Warriors2018/08/17
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  42. Portrait Of Catwoman With Joelle Jones2018/08/13
    So pleased to welcome Joelle to the podcast and have an in depth discussion about her catwoman run which is just under way. Joelle tells us what makes Selina Kyle Tick, or purr.

    We also get into her collaborations with Jamie Rich Tom King and others .

    Plus a lot of talk about Joelle's great crime series Lady Killer from Dark Horse
  43. Paul Kupperberg DC Bronze Age Revisited-Bryn Cimino Welcome to Comics2018/08/10
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  44. Dennis O'Neil - The Batman Conversation2018/08/06
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  45. Roy Thomas On His WW2 comics What If & Ryan Stegman Talks Spider-Man and Venom2018/07/27
    First Roy Thomas joins us to talk about his WW2 hero comics The iNvaders and All Star Squadron. We'd never be able to cver all of Roy's work in comics so expect more next month in panels at Terrificon.

    Then Ryan Stegman joins us to talk about his origin story breaking into Marvel and great work on Spider-Man and vurrently doing Venom with Donny Cates.
  46. The Powers Behind Shazam With Zachary Levi and Sal Abbinanti2018/07/22
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  47. Before Superman w Nicky Wheeler Nicholson Geek Culture Biz w Rob Salkowitz2018/07/20
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  48. Legendary Black Panther writer Don McGregor and Jason Inman's Jupiter Jet2018/07/17
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  49. Tom King Q&A The Bat(Man) Is (Heart) Broken2018/07/13
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  50. The Bendis Tapes Man Of Steel Wrap Up Batman & Jinxworld Previews and more2018/07/09
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  51. Mark Waid Hates Bullies2018/07/04
    Mark tells us about his current runs on Doctor Strange and Ant Man and The Wasp for Marvel, and the upcoming Archie 1941 setting the Riverdale gang in their original time frame but with a slightly more serious tone as the second world war gets underway.

    We also talk about the recent controversies in comics surrounding comicsgate, the culture wars and more.
  52. Jerry Ordway on Superman JSA Infinity Inc and More2018/06/30
    From Ron Troupe Jose Delgado/Gangbuster to Cat Grant -The writer artist reflects on many characters created for the Superman Mythos
  53. Comics and Boxing With Ring Magazine's Doug Fischer2018/06/30
    Once again I combine my love for comic books and Boxing with this conversation featuring Ring Magazine's Editor In Chief Douglas Fischer
  54. Skottie Young - Taking Over Deadpool - I Hate Fairyland and More2018/06/25
    Skottie gives us his take on Wade Wilson exploring the underbelly of the Marvel Universe . He's got plans to go in the Savage Land and I even give him an idea of what c-level marvel characters Deadpool should crossover with.

    Plus a look at I Hate Fairyland and more Image Projects coming later this year.

  55. Bronze Age Batman With Michael Kronenberg2018/06/25
    The Co-Author Of The Batcave Companion joins us to tak about the 1970s Batman and some of the era's best creators .

    Michael is also one of the creative minds behind Ringside Seat, which is a great digital magazine covering the past present and future of the Sweet Science.
  56. Dan Slott The Spider Man Exit Interview2018/06/20
    Hours ago, Dan Slott called me up at 430am and said Hey let's do a podcast. Today is my last day writing spider-man . Issue 801 is out today, and Dan wanted to look back at significant Spidey Arcs character moments collaborations and more
  57. Tini Howard On Writing Rick And Morty Comics Assasinistas and Hack Slash2018/06/15
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  58. The Legacy Of George Carlin-With Kelly Carlin2018/06/15
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  59. Will Dennis -JH Williams - Wendy Wright Williams : Where We Live2018/06/13
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  60. Comedian Phil Proctor :His new Podcast-Show Biz Stories & Incredible Encounters2018/06/13
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  61. Dan Brereton Talks Nocturnals &The Return Of The Bat-Verse Thrillkiller Stories2018/06/06
    Word Balloon welcomes artist extraordinaire Dan Brereton. Dan chats about his career from his work creating The Nocturnals series to his spin on the Dick Grayson Barbra Gordon Love Affair Batman : Thrillkiller co created with Howard Chaykin. Think Grayson as Elvis and Barbara Gordon as Ann-Margaret
  62. A Stuart Immonen Retrospective2018/05/31
    Big news yesterday that Stuart and Kathryn Immonen are stepping away from comics for awhile. Let's look back on my convesations with Stuart about Nextwave, Ultimate Spider-Man, Fear Itself, His Superman run as writer and artist , The Final Night and many other projects with Warren Ellis Matt Fraction Brian Bendis and Kurt Busiek among others.
  63. A Kathryn Immonen Retrospective2018/05/31
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  64. Michael Kupperman's All The Answers Looks at His Dad's Reluctant Childhood Fame2018/05/25
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  65. Jesse Blaze Snider Crowns The King Of Kings In A Rock Parody Graphic Novel2018/05/25
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  66. #SaveLucifer The Series Finale and hopeful future with Showrunner Joe Henderson2018/05/15
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  67. Charles Soule His New Novel Plus Wolverine X-Men Star Wars & Daredevil2018/05/09
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  68. Peter Milligan Serving Time With Titan's The Prisoner2018/05/09
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  69. First Impressions Rags Morales 20062018/05/04
    Rags discussed working on Identity Crisis with Brad Meltzer, Wonder Woman with Greg Rucka, and discussed his years on Turok , Black Condor and other classic runs.
  70. First Imressions Brian Michael Bendis Jan 20062018/05/04
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  71. First Impressions Paul Jenkins December 20052018/05/04
    My first talk with Paul Jenkins. We talk about his days writing Spectacular Spider-Man, his Image series Revelations with Humberto Ramos, and talk about the challenge of writing video games, and other mediums in the new media world.

    You'll hear about Paul's take on Marvel characters like the Sentry, The Hulk,and more.
  72. Flashback June 2005 Colleen Doran2018/05/04
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  73. Flashback Max Allan Collins Dec 2004 on crime comics Ms Tree Dick Tracy & more2018/05/03
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  74. Ryan Browne / Howard Chaykin Two Rebels In The Comic Book Industry2018/04/25
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  75. Paul Cornell -Doctor Who & Wild Cards-Sara Richard & Franco's The Ghost The Owl2018/04/20
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  76. Happy 80th B-day Superman With The Aw Yeah Podcast & C2E2 Showrunner Mike Negin2018/04/19
    We wanted to get together with Mike to review the Chicago Comic Convention C2E2. Tons of hilarious stories. We also review Krypton and Superman's 80th Anniversary
  77. Tim Matheson Talks Animal House Johnny Quest West Wing2018/04/17
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  78. Green Lantern Reboot & Invisible Republic With Corinna Bechko & Gabriel Hardman2018/04/11
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  79. Svengoolie -The Secret Origin Of Rich Koz2018/03/30
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  80. Breaking Into Comics With Andy Schmidt and Travis McIntire2018/03/30
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  81. Gerry Duggan On Deadpool's Bucket List Marvel and Analog his new Image Series2018/03/22
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  82. Mathew Clark A Freelance Life - Doom Patrol Superman Felon Outsiders & More2018/03/14
    Mathew Clark joins us to tell his comic book origin story, and highlights from his exceptional career. From Collaborations with Greg Rucka Judd Winick and Keith Giffen to his thoughts on Star Trek
  83. Tom King The Batman Catwoman Wedding Countdown & Mr Miracle's Private Hell2018/03/09
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  84. Joe Henderson Talks Lucifer Season 3 and his new Image Book Skyward2018/03/02
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  85. The Rucka Debrief Superman Wonder Woman Lazarus Black Magick & The Culture Wars2018/02/22
    It's been way too long since our last chat,but Greg catches us up on his creator owned books, thoughts on DC, the current culture wars and more
  86. Dana Gould On Adapting Rod Serlings Planet Of The Apes Screenplay For Boom!2018/02/16
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  87. The Bendis Tapes-Leaving Marvel Joining DC Superman and a near death experience2018/02/09
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  88. Fred Van Lente On Action Presidents The Comic Book History Of Comics and More2018/02/07
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  89. Jeff Lemire On Gideon Falls Black Hammer & His Return To DC Comics2018/02/03
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  90. Dennis O'Neil - Out From Batman's Shadow With His Autobiographic Novel2018/01/24
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  91. DC in D.C. With Tom King and Julie & Shawna Benson2018/01/18
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  92. The Last Last Jedi Review w Art Baltazar and Franco!2018/01/12
    The Aw Yeah Comics Creators Art Baltazar and Franco ( DC's Tiny Titans Super Powers Superman Family Adventures) Join me for another blockbuster movie review.
  93. Star Trek Discovery Act 2 Preview With JK Woodward2018/01/06
    JK has been doing amazing painted Star Trek comics for IDW including the recent TNG mini series mirror broken. We debate the merits iof the new Star Trek Series.
  94. Happy New Year Mr President Mike Norton's Lil Donnie Mystic U Battlepug and more2017/12/31
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  95. Tim Seeley On Nightwing Green Lanterns and Steve Bryant's Athena Voltaitre2017/12/23
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  96. The Ron Marz Experiment2017/12/14
    Ron is back to talk about Beasts Of The Black Hand his new creator owned comic co-created by Paul harding and Mathew Dow Smith. A Diesel Punk WW1 horror spy adventure. The book is available for pre-order here
  97. Justice League Film Review2017/12/04
    Joining me to talk about the film are the co-hosts of The Aw Yeah Podcast featuring Art Baltazar Franco! (Tiny Titans Superman Family Adventures and Super Powers) and Scoot McMahon ( Wrapped Up, Sami The Squirel)
  98. Ed Piskor's Grand Designs For The History Of The X-Men2017/11/30
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  99. Jim Zub On Avengers No Surrender and The Business Of Creator Owned Comics2017/11/22
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  100. Star Trek Discovery Mid Season Review With Trekspert Robert Meyer Burnett2017/11/18
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  101. Frank Frazetta The Legacy With Frank Frazetta Jr2017/11/10
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  102. Sarah Gaydos on IDW's Star Trek Comics and More Star Trek Discovery Debate2017/11/10
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  103. Bendis To DC News With Novelist William Schweigart2017/11/08
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  104. Jupiter Jet and Star Trek Discovery Talk With Ashley Robinson and Jason Inman2017/11/08
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  105. Inside Johnny Carson With Mark Malkoff2017/11/03
    Mark is the host of The Carson Podcast. His one man mission is to explore Johnny Carson's 30 years as host of The Tonight Show. He interviews famous guests, comedy writers and others who worked on the show to explore it's impact on 20th century pop culture . Johnny's Tonight Show is still the gold standard to which all late night hosts since measure their current success.
  106. The Art Myths And Science Of Michael Avon Oeming2017/11/03
    I had the pleasure of writing the text for Mike's new Art Book No Plan B, The Art Of Michael Avon Oeming From Dark Horse.

    We talk about the book, maike's work on Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye With Gerard Way & Jon Rivera from DC's Young Animal Imprint .

    Plus we talk Powers, Mike's love of Conspiracies Myths and More.

  107. Jeremy Haun Invites You to The Realm and The Beauty From Image Comics2017/10/26
    Live from Downtown Chicago's scenic Riverwalk, Jeremy spends a lazy Sunday afternoon, telling us about his new Image series The Realm drawn by him, and co-written with Seth M Peck . The book is 2 issues in and has already connected with the audience. We talk about the continuing success Haun has had with his other Image series The Beauty co-written by Jason Hurley.
  108. The State Of The Geek Industry With Vaneta Rogers2017/10/23
    The Newsarama reporter is back to talk about the concerns of the direct market, and a look at the film and TV superhero output of 2017

  109. Phil Proctor On The Firesign Theater and The 60's Evolution Of Sketch Comedy 2017/10/13
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  110. Inktober With Marvel OHOTMU Legend Joe Rubenstien 2017/10/11
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  111. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Reflections Of A Lifelong Comic Book Fan2017/10/03
  112. IDW's Dirk Wood Creates A New Magazine For Todays Comics Culture2017/10/03
  113. Matt Fraction Fireside Chat Sept 20172017/09/29
  114. Mike Zeck John Beatty salt lake comic con panel 2017/09/29
  115. Chip Zdarsky On Sex Criminals Jughead and Marvel Legacy Plans 2017/09/21
  116. Greg Pak Returns To Planet Hulk In a New Novel and Marvel Legacy2017/09/21
  117. Shelly Bond Unveil's The Black Crown Line From IDW2017/09/17
  118. Declan Shalvey Talks Savage Town Marvel and More2017/09/17
  119. Nick Spencer Secret Empire Wrap Up2017/09/12
  120. A Tribute To Len Wein The Word Balloon Conversations 2017/09/11
  121. REPOST-Art Thibert On The Importance Of Comic Book Inking 2017/09/08
  122. Rod Reis on Guardians Secret Empire & Graduating from Colorist to Full Artist 2017/09/07
  123. Star Trek Discovery Chat With Jason Inman 2017/09/01
  124. Happy 100th Birthday Jack Kirby With IDW's Scott Dunbier2017/08/27
  125. Ed Brisson On Old Man Logan Iron Fist and his favorite Crime Films 2017/08/22
  126. Pat Mills and The Secret History Of British Comics Plus Mark Millar's Netflix Deal 2017/08/17
  127. Playboy's Comic Book Legacy With Author Patty Farmer2017/08/08
  128. Victor Santos Chills Us With POLAR and Speaks Of VIOLENT LOVE2017/07/31
  129. X-Men New Mutants Panel Live From San Diego Comic Con 2017/07/25
  130. Bill Sienkiewicz On Elektra Assasin Daredevil and The New Mutants 2017/07/17
  131. Tom King Unmasks Batman Mr Miracle Swamp Thing and More2017/07/10
  132. Shane White's Robot Scifi Braun and Surf Noir Dead Man's Curve 2017/07/08
  133. Mitch Gerads performs Miracles With Batman Swamp Thing and The New Gods 2017/07/03
  134. Inside Secret Empire With Nick Spencer 2017/06/22
  135. A Wonder Woman Chat With The Animated Amazon Herself, Susan Eisenberg 2017/06/19
  136. In Memory- The Adam West Interview 2017/06/10
  137. Wynonna Earp's Creator Beau Smith On Season 2 and The IDW Comics 2017/06/08
  138. The Rise and Fall Of NBC's Powerless w Co Producer Showrunner Patrick Schumacker 2017/06/06
  139. Elliot S! Maggin Talks Superman Miracle Monday Back In Print and More 2017/06/02
  140. Paul Cornell on The UFO Conspiracies Behind IDW's Saucer State 2017/05/24
  141. Frank Barbiere Talks Violent Love Five Ghosts Return and More 2017/05/23
  142. Karl Kesel On Superboy The (Jewish) Thing and Kickstarting Section Zero 2017/05/19
  143. The Bendis Tapes Part 2 -Film Critic David Fowlie 2017/05/12
  144. The Bendis Tapes pt 1 Defenders Spider-Men 2 Legacy and More 2017/05/09
  145. JK Woodward On IDW's Star Trek TNG Mirror Broken 2017/05/05
  146. Dan Slott Part 2 Talks Secret Empire Silver Surfer Silk's Origin and " The Legacy Thing "2017/05/02
  147. Dan Slott pt 1 On Spider-Man Universe and Doctor Who Thoughts 2017/04/28
  148. Jon Morris On The Goofiest Comic Book Heroes and Villains 2017/04/26
  149. Jim Zub Drops A Glitterbomb On Us 2017/04/19
  150. Alex Ross On The State Of The Superhero 2017/04/18
  151. Don Nunley and The "Failure" Of Steve McQueen's Film LeMans 2017/04/14
  152. From Hellboy and Back With Gary Gianni 2017/04/14
  153. Comic Book Diversity and The Direct Market Debate With Pop Culture Analyst Rob Salkowitz 2017/04/10
  154. Guardians Of The Galaxy Talk With Gerry Duggan Aaron Kuder & Jordan D White 2017/04/07
  155. Marvel Press Confr Guardians Of The Galaxy W Duggan Kuder & White2017/04/06
  156. How To Build A Detective Novel With Alex Segura 2017/03/31
  157. Origins Of Batman The Animated Series W Martin Pasko Live From FanX 2017/03/28
  158. A Conversation With Marv Wolfman Live From FanX Con 2017/03/22
  159. Nick Spencer previews Marvel's Secret Empire and the evil plot of Captain America 2017/03/17
  160. Brad Meltzer On Jim Henson and The Muppets 2017/03/13
  161. Tom Taylor Talks Wolverine Injusttice Vol 2 Justice League Vs Power Rangers The Deep & More2017/02/28
  162. The Kyle Higgins Film Fest and Ben Blacker;s new BOOM! Western 2017/02/21
  163. Crime Comics Mashup Spencer and Locke With David Pepose 2017/02/13
  164. Star Trek Discovery and Axanar Views With Robert Meyer Burnett 2017/02/07
  165. Mike North On The Rawhide Kid Sports Talk Radio and Glenn Ford 2017/01/31
  166. Bendis Tapes CivilWar 2 Jessica Jones Geek Dad Lessons & More 2017/01/17
  167. Rob Liefeld's Awesome 2016 From Deadpool's film success to his new Extreme Universe film deal 2017/01/10
  168. Word Balloon's 2016 Writer Of The Year Tom King 2016/12/30
  169. Danny Fingeroth on Ben Reilly Will Eisner Week 2017 and More2016/12/29
  170. A Paul Dini Xmas With Jingle Belle Justice League Action DC Rebirth Holiday Special & More 2016/12/24
  171. Archer's Neal Holman Goes Behind The Scenes & His Oni Press Sci-Fi War Comic Redlines 2016/12/23
  172. Marc Andreyko Proves Love Is Love Ryan Browne on Curse Words and Self Publishing Comics2016/12/22
  173. Daniel Way On Gun Theory From Dark Horse Geek Craft Cons & Working With Steve Dillon2016/12/20
  174. Kyle Higgins Shakes Up The Power Rangers & Pop Cult Collector Roger Anderson 2016/12/13
  175. NEWSFLASH-Marvel Clone Conspiracy Reveal Press Conference SPOILERS2016/12/07
  176. Vivek Tiwary's 5th Beatle-Heath Corson On Detective Chimp in DC Rebirth Holiday Special2016/12/07
  177. Presenting The Comic Stylings Of Drew Friedman 2016/12/02
  178. Super Powers Aw Yeah Revolution From Art and Franco 2016/11/30
  179. Charles Soule On Curse Words The Inhumans Daredevil Poe Dameron Death Of X Letter 44 and more 2016/11/22
  180. Steve Orlando on Namesake Supergirl Midnighter Apollo & The JLA 2016/11/15
  181. Adult Animation With Filmmaker Bill Plympton 2016/11/08
  182. Marvel Press Confr Monsters Unleashed w Cullen Bunn Axel Alonso and Mark Paniccia 2016/11/02
  183. Reilly Brown On Slapstick and Spy Spoof Dash Hudson Ryan Dunleavy On The ComiC Book History Of Comic2016/10/30
  184. The Fire Of Brian Azzarello On Moonshine, Killing Joke Reactions, Dark Knight 3, and American Monste2016/10/21
  185. Adam West Jason O'Mara Matt Ryan Jay Oliva & James Tucker Talk DC Animation 2016/10/18
  186. Marty Pasko Live From Cincy Comic-Con 2016/10/14
  187. Jeff Lemire Talks A.D.,Black Hammer, Secret Path, Marvel, Valiant, Royal City and More 2016/10/05
  188. The Return Of National Lampoon Comedy With Tony Hendra2016/10/03
  189. International Podcast day Special-Comics Alternative Roundtable. 2016/09/30
  190. Rick Remender Talks 7 To Eternity Black Science Deadly Class Low and More 2016/09/27
  191. The Bendis Tapes On Riri Jessica Miles Civil War Powers TV Scarlett TV and more2016/09/21
  192. The Art & History Of Jock With Jock & Will Dennis 2016/09/19
  193. Marvel Press Conference Spider-Man The Clone Conspiracy w Dan Slott and Nick Lowe 2016/09/16
  194. Lucifer Show Runner Joe Henderson previews season 2 Legion M Co-Founder Paul Scanlan 2016/09/15
  195. Marvel Meets The Press With Mark Waid Charles Soule Jeff Lemire Axel Alonso Tom Brevoort and Nick Lo2016/09/09
  196. Julie and Shawna Benson on Batgirl & The Birds Of Prey and TV's The 1002016/09/06
  197. Star Trek Comics IDW Style With Sarah Gaydos and Mike Johnson 2016/09/03
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