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Hometown Tales Podcast

  1. HT Podcast 364- Winter Beasts2016/02/01

    The Beasts of Winter. The Yeti, Wendigo the cannibal, Aklut, Polar Man, Icelandic elves, Rimthurs, Bigfoot, The Devil's footprints in the UK and NJ and much much more. Intro music from If Thousands and Polar Man Theme sang by BobbyJo Sanchez.
  2. Hometown Tales Podcast #3632015/12/07

    Getting together on Krampusnacht and discussing St. Nick and the boiled children, Marian apparitions, France and more strange tales.
  3. HT-Podcast-3622015/07/16

    We get back together and hear about Bryan's tale-telling trip to France, the North Pond Hermit, Mysterious Explosions in RI, Sharks and much much more.
  4. HT Radio-3612015/05/06

    Rock n roll, strange apparitions, spring time tales and much more.
  5. HT-Podcast-360-10thAnniversary2015/03/23

    We reflect on 10 years of podcasting including our favorite moments and some of our favorite episodes. But it's not just a greatest hits show with clips, it's an hour of tale-talking with Gene and Bryan.
  6. Hometown Tales 359 Tales of Twins2015/01/27

    We discuss some creepy tales about twins. The Crazy Serbs, The Jims, the Silent Twins, The Nazi and the Jew and some interesting analysis on these tales.
  7. HT Podcast #3582014/12/22

    We chat about riding in pick-ups and the old days as well as witches taking albinos for spells and potions. But most of all, the eerie story of the psychotic twins in the UK that went nuts and continuously ran into traffic getting hit by cars.
  8. Hometown Tales-Tales of Texas, Part 12014/12/07

    We barely scratcht the surface of Texas tales. UFOs, Donkey Lady, Headless Horseman, Hauntings, 10-2-4 Ranch, Cowboy Coffee, Galverston and much much more.
  9. Hometown Tales Podcast #3562014/11/16

    Back after almost a year. Witches, Looose Cats, Haunted Houses, Irish Ghost, Bigfoot Prints, Scientists create paranormal, New Jersey, East St. Louis and much much more.
  10. HT-Podcast 355 Reunion2013/12/08

    We reunite after over a year and talk about what we've been doing. In addition, kidnapping by elves, aliens, kepler62, russian, china city, exorcisms, krampus and much much more.
  11. HT-Radio #354 Hurricane Sandy2012/11/14

    Checking in from Hurricane Sandy in NJ. Visit http://www.sandynjrelieffund.org
  12. HT-Radio-353 With Wrestler the Jersey Devil2012/05/08

    Talking with Wrestler, the Jersey Devil and the famous incident when Gene lost his finger. As well as other wrestling and devil tales.
  13. HT Radio #352 Tales of the End2012/04/18

    Tales of Armageddon, The End of the Word, The Apocalypse, EndDays and so much more.
  14. HT Radio #351 We're Back2012/03/30

    After a long hiatus, Gene and Bryan return with tales of what they've been up to. As well, they discuss the Leper Colony, Big Canadian Wreck, Tattoos and much more. Intro music from Drew Vics.
  15. HT Radio #350 Bryan's Annoucement2011/10/26

    We explain our hiatus. Gene's town was nearly destroyed by Hurricane Irene and Bryan has a big annoucement. What is next for Hometown Tales.
  16. HT Radio #349 Tales of Cars Part 22011/08/19

    The car/boar, what type of car would Hometown Tales be and many other tales of cars.
  17. HT Radio #348 Tales of Cars Part 12011/08/03

    The towns that made them, the first one, Germany, VW, Porche, Flying Car, Bad cars, Ford, the DeLorean, Ireland and NJ and much more.
  18. HT Radio #3472011/07/17

    Catching up on Tales from around the world as well as just some personal tales of jaw operations & crazy things. Registering vampires, life on another planet, strange big sea creature, woman sacrifices kid, scary blond ghost in Ohio and more.
  19. HT-Radio #346 Haunted Bars2011/07/11

    Some of the most famous Haunted Bars including White Horse Tavern, Ancient English Ruins, Morristown's famous haunt, Haunted New Jersey, Maggies, Cranberry Inn, Publick House, Absinthe House, St Annes Pub Witch, Devil's Inn and much more
  20. HT Radio #3452011/06/29

    The world is always ending, the core of the earth is melting, Holzminden Germany bomb hits house, Giant snake escaping, Looking for someone to eat in the Czech, falling poodle, hole in Basking Ridge, NJ and much more
  21. HT Podcast #344 Tales of DC2011/05/22
    Tales of Washington DC. It's history, it's oddities and much more.
  22. HT Podcast #343 Gene Loses a Finger2011/05/17
    Gene lost a finger to the Jersey Devil.
  23. HT Podcast #342 Garrett Husveth2011/05/10
    In memory of our friend from Haunted New Jersey, Garrett Husveth.
  24. HT Podcast #3412011/04/17
    Strange news, best April fools jokes, the haunted Coronado, Alien files in New Zealand, Aliens took over LA and much much more.
  25. HT Podcast #340 Addicts2011/04/03
    Throughout history there have been some prominent people that have had some dark secrets. Hear the tales of addictions.
  26. HT Podcast #3392011/03/09
    Libyan tales, Steven Decatur the birth of the Navy, meowing aliens in Russia, Magnet Boy in Serbia, strangeness falling from sky, UFOs shooting at LA and much much more.
  27. HT Podcast #338 Tales of Norway2011/03/04
    Tales of Norway. Well at least some discussion of some things about Norway. Ok, we confess, Gene was horribly sick and very out of it but we barrell through.
  28. HT Podcast #3372011/02/20
    Catching up with the strangest and oddest news from your hometowns across the world including the saugeen stripper, punky doodles, what do we do for the end of the world, Al Capone's hideout, vampire mania in Idaho, the most popular house in the world was really mean
  29. HT Podcast #336 - Something About the Government2011/01/30
    Weird stuff the government does. Conspiracy thoeries. Fluoride in water. Spends lot of money on odd things and much much more.
  30. HT Radio #3352011/01/22

    Discussing some of your town's strangest tales another pointless chupacabra, dead birds, Skullbone Tennessee, Alien Airport in France, fluoride in the water and other government craziness.

  31. HT Podcast #334 Blizzards2011/01/02
    Tales of Blizzards. 1993, 1888, 1899, Iran, England, New York, one that created NASA, one that created the Army COE and much much more.
  32. HT Podcast #3332010/12/19
    Half way to 666. Some of the oldest stories we've talked about triggered by some emails. Suitcase with elephant tales,chicken blood and tails found on a plane in DC,haunted campus tour guides,space ferry,NASA conspiracies,werewolves,lost civilization and more.
  33. HT Podcast #3322010/12/09
    Sometimes Bryan and Gene don't have time to prepare for a show and just shoot from the hip and BS. The result is usually still plenty of hometown tales.
  34. HT Podcast #331 Tales of the Cirucs2010/11/18
    Tales of the Circus- how it began, the players and stories behind it.
  35. HT Podcast #3302010/10/30
    Bizare idol in Newton, CT, King Louis blood, the hiccup murderer, town in China overtaken by King Kobras, Crocodile crashed plane and much much more.
  36. HT Podcast #3292010/10/12
    Catching up on some strange news and tales from around the world including; Jim Thorpe's remains, Dakota plague, Bourbon, Denville, Jonas Brother, Life on Asteroids and much more.
  37. HT Podcast #328 Tales of Mexico2010/09/28
    TWhile 30 minutes hardly does it justy, We discuss tales of Mexico include UFOS, hauntings, the isle of dolls, the haunted cemetery, Tabasco, Mexican witches and much much more.
  38. HT Podcast #3272010/09/07
    Tupac and the Illumnati, Labor Day, Molly Maguires, Cleveland Indians, Unions, Anarchists, Man v Food, Gangsta Rap, Mystery Monkey, Bearded Lady Reunited, Wagga Wagga UFO and much much more.
  39. HT Podcast #3262010/08/29
    Cape Code, Sharks, Belize, Monsters in NJ, Howard Hughes, Gene's Alien Baby and much much more.
  40. HT Podcast #3242010/07/17
    Building the suspense on UFO crashes, heat wave, brain freeze, living with husband and sister's corpse in CA, the cat torturer of Scotland, Giant race, stick in the mud and much much more.
  41. HT Podcast #325 American UFO Crashes2010/07/17
    From 2000 BC to 2007 there have been some suspected UFO crashes. Hear about Texas in the late 1800s, the famous New Mexico crashes, some mysterious Las Vegas ones and even one from New Jersey.
  42. HT Podcast #3232010/07/05
    Amityville home for sale, more on meat, the town of the broken bridge, some other tales of England, dwinkleflunking, the first hamburger of Rome, UFO crash in Kecksberg, PA and much more.
  43. HT Podcast #322 Tales of Meat, Part 22010/06/28
    Following up to one of our most popular shows, Part 2 features more tales of all kinds of meat. The stories behind some of the world's most treasured delicacies, the towns and villages they are from and how they came to be.
  44. HT Podcast #321 Bryan and the Tornado2010/06/14
    Bryan went on a roadtrip to the midwest looking for a tornado. Let's hear what he found and he went through Indiana, Ohio, Illinois Wisconsin and South Dakota.
  45. HT Podcast #320 Weird Northwest2010/06/07
    Mostly beef, but we discuss where some famous meats and cuts come from and other interesting tidbits
  46. HT Podcast #319 Tales of Meat Part 12010/05/29
    Mostly beef, but we discuss where some famous meats and cuts come from and other interesting tidbits
  47. HT Podcast #3182010/05/20
    Catching up on the strangest tales including the square donuts, Bryan's trip looking for tornados, Lord Jesus Christ hit by a car, life on Mars, Lost Colony, more strange food and much much more.
  48. HT Podcast #3172010/05/09
    More on haggis, Cheeburger Cheeburger, oldest jazz club, Ghengis Khan killing the messenger, church in the basement, massive fireball and more.
  49. HT Podcast #3162010/04/23
    Where'd the tomato come from? Kids in car moved by UFO in NH, the troll hidden in a closet, dead body under the couch and much much more.
  50. HT Podcast #3152010/04/16
    Catching up on the latest and strangest of news. Big fight in the UK over dry roasted nuts. Haggis Chocolate, Strange Sighting, The Golden Dawn and the Tarot and Satanic terrorist threat. Plus much more.
  51. HT Podcast #314 Kuchisake-onna2010/04/09
    The Japanese urban legend of the Slit-mouth woman.
  52. HT Podcast #3132010/03/29
    Vampires running for president and also inspiring 1950s Scottish kids. Lake monsters, the Georgia Guidstones, murdering Japanese doctor and much much more.
  53. HT Podcast #3122010/03/18
    Catching up on the latest and strangest news, urban legends, ghost stories and myths from your hometown.
  54. HT Podcast #311 - Imposters2010/03/09
    Discussing the greatest cons of their time.
  55. HT Podcast #3102010/03/02
    Discussing many updated items like Grizzly bears meet Polar bears, ancient pharaoh's head, dead woman alive and much much more.
  56. HT Podcast #309- The True Cross2010/02/21
    We've heard the legends of the Holy Grail and the Spear of Destiny but how about the Cross of Jesus. Does it exist? What are the legends? What towns were shaped by it?
  57. HT Podcast #3082010/02/14
    Update on Bryan being infected, the Suicide Bridge in Scotland, the Town on fire forced to evacuate the last hold-outs, the town that moved, the legend of Melusine and more. Intro music by DINOS Alive.
  58. HT Podcast #307 Winter Olympics2010/02/06
    Tales of the Winter Olympics, Vancouver and even an attempt to tie the Winter Olympics to the legend of the True Cross.
  59. HT Podcast #3062010/01/29
    Catching up on the update of the Skull and Bones auction, a scary ghost gets you, is the lady that mummified her mom running for office and much much more.
  60. HT Podcast #305 Tales of Oregon2010/01/20
    Tales of Oregon - Haunted Lighthouses, Sea Monster, Exploding Whale, Cozy Rooms, the Frog of Eugene, Bandage Man, Crater Lake, Bigfoot and more
  61. HT Podcast #3042010/01/15
    Skull and bones for sale, human skin wallet, more snack cakes, green girl ghost, greasy food in Scotland, mystery snow rolls and more.
  62. HT Podcast #3032010/01/06
    First Plane to Antartica discovered, End of the World in 2011, The Missing Mystery Ship, Mystery blue light, an haunting paranormal story and much much more.
  63. HT Podcast #302 Tales of the Snack Cake2009/12/30
    Hostess, Drakes, Tastykakes. Twinkies, Devil Dogs, Krimpets. The story behind them.
  64. HT Podcast #3012009/12/22
    Starting our next 300. A mile of manatee poo, Bigfoot is in Texas again but this time major news outlets pick up on it, no more funding for UFO investigation, lots of snow in Cali and much much more.
  65. HT Podcast #3002009/11/29
    Celebrating our 300th show with Cheerwine, Orange Crush and follow ups on the lost ark, cults and more.
  66. HT Podcast #299 Demons Part 22009/11/28
    More discussion of the patron demons, the origins of demons as well as ghosts.
  67. HT Podcast #298 Demons Part 12009/11/14
    We cover tales of demons, demonic possession, patron demons and much much more.
  68. HT Podcast #2972009/11/09
    Explaining where we have been but also talking about some lighthouse ghosts and much more.
  69. HT Podcast #2962009/10/26
    Catching up on the strangest news and tales from around the world.
  70. HT Podcast #2952009/10/12
    Discussing many things include pandemic flu outbreaks of the past, haunted places the strangest news and more. Luckily this show got out in the feed after many technical problems. Forgive the poor audio.
  71. HT Podcast #294- Tales of Minnesota2009/10/01
    While 30 mins is never enough, we discuss tales of Minnesota. Including the Kennsington Runestone, Mr. Little guy, the Haunted Police officer, ghosts and much much more.
  72. HT Podcast #2932009/09/24
    The fish with human teeth, man-killing eagle, the town with no tales, the suicidal milllion and much much more.
  73. HT Podcast #2922009/09/17
    No tales in MD, Pirates on the Great Lakes, Military Jets and much much more.
  74. HT Podcast #2902009/09/03
    Going over tons of news and emails about Huntsville, AL, Connecticut again, Mexican alient and much more.
  75. HT Podcast #2892009/08/13
    Hunting the Mongolian Death Worm, Mermaids in Israel, Tony Alamo, his crazy church and much much more.
  76. HT Podcast #288 - Tales of Connecticut2009/07/30
    Witch dunkings, poltergeists, the Wiffle ball, Hartford, Yale and much much more.
  77. HT Podcast #2872009/07/23
    Telling your town's strangest news and tales. Dead Body Eating Robot, the Zodiac Killer and much much more.
  78. HT Podcast #286 Tales of Surfing2009/07/15
    The history of surfing from a religious ritual to it's dominance of pop culture.
  79. HT Podcast #2852009/07/08
    The worms in the sewer, the strange arabic creature, the land of mermaids, the crypt of civilization and much much more.
  80. HT Podcast #2782009/05/06
    Crazy old ladies, best job on earth, volcanoes, baby ghosts and we were streaming live too. Sponsored by beskerming.com
  81. HT Podcast #2772009/05/01
    Swine flu, baby ghost, vampire grave, the 1500s and much more sponsored be beskerming.com
  82. HT Podcast #2762009/04/17
    Catching up on lots of tales including hidden saint bones, GG Alin, most haunted town and much much more
  83. HT Podcast #2752009/04/09
    We discuss Bryan's fight, the Sea Monkey Tragedy, Exhumed and cut off corpse, the lost ark and much more.
  84. HT Podcast #2742009/04/06
    ETs, wild black cats, bobcats loose, best ghost picture contest and much more.
  85. HT Podcast #273 - Tales of Pennsylvania2009/03/27
    Tales of Pennsylvania
  86. HT Podcast #2722009/03/20
    Catching up on much needed news updates and your mail about the strangest tales from hometowns around the world.
  87. HT Podcast #2692009/03/13
    Catching up on some of the strangest news and odd events and mail of the last month.
  88. HT Podcast #271 Friday the 13th2009/03/13
    Why is this day so bad. When did it start. What has happened.
  89. HT Podcast #270 Tales of Soda, Part 22009/03/11
    Picking up right where we left off, Tales of Soda. We correct some of our discussion from the previous show but also finally talk about some Sodas we left out like Moxie Cola, Jolt and much more. Plus taste tests by Gene and Bryan.
  90. HT Podcast #268 - Tales of Soda, Part 12009/02/27
    Tales of Soda, Pop and all that comes along with it. Sponsored by DreamingMind.com
  91. HT Podcast #2672009/02/20
    In this weeks show we discussing the continuing mystery lights in our town as well as the 3 earthquakes in Gene's town. Some Volcano tales and history of the Hokey Pokey as well as a tale from Salt Lake City. Plus much more. Sponsored by DreamingMind.com
  92. HT Podcast #266 Mass Disappearances2009/02/10
    In this episode we discuss Mass Disappearances. Roanoke, Naking, South America and many more. Are they alien abductions. Government Conspiracies or just tall tales. Sponsored by DreamingMind.com
  93. HT Podcast #2652009/02/03
    Tuguska blast asteroid, Goat arrested, USA Voodoo dolls, the Gunder Burger, the game of Archie McPhee toys, the aliens that visit the 13 year old and much much more.
  94. HT Podcast #264 Tattoo Tales2009/01/28
    The oldest Tattoo in the world, the most tattoos, tattoo urban legends, the best tattoo place and much much more. Sponsored by DreamingMind.com 877-443-7326 for custom binding and cool boxing.
  95. HT Podcast #2632009/01/21
    Gene's big announcement, more on the Morristown UFOs, CapeTown S. Africa's underground, talking about Chris Dyer the office worker, Man builds a UFO, Stull Kansas, support NetFlix and much more.
  96. HT Podcast #2622009/01/13
    Some brief discussion of New Hampshire's hometown legend, GG Allin, Hometown Tales survives a tough test, UFOs in Morristown, Manhatten smells like Maple Syrup again and another dog jumps off suicide bridge plus much much more.
  97. HT Podcast #261 -Tales of Dragons2009/01/08
    Tales of fire-breathing dragons
  98. HT Podcast #2602008/12/30
    Woman swept to sea in Oregon, Devil Head Stone, Creamated man explodes and more childhood stories from Bryan and Gene.
  99. HT Podcast #259 Tales of Wrongful Holidayness2008/12/22
    It started out as a field report but really becomes a show about all the strange things that have come associated with the holidays. Like pooping figurines, Satanic monsters and much much more.
  100. HT Podcast #2582008/12/07
    Strange News from around the world including Worm in the Brian, Satanic Texas and much much more.
  101. HT Podcast #257 Buried Alive2008/11/28
    Tales of premature burial or horrible instances of being entombed while alive. A common fear of many.
  102. HT Podcast #2562008/11/23
    A lot of mail. Some scary beasties down in the DC area, island moving, another foot and much much more. Plus the retelling of lasik.
  103. HT Podcast #2552008/11/15
    Your town's tales from around the Worlds
  104. HT Podcast #254 - Tales of the Presidents2008/11/04
    Tales and Tidbits from every US President
  105. HT Podcast #2532008/11/02
    Mummy woman in KY, mutant mini beast man in Mississippi, Goat sacrificing restaurant murder and much much more.
  106. HT Podcast #252 - Tales Behind the Label, Part 22008/10/27
    Tales about KFC, Coke, Pepsi, Racist toothpaste, Kelloggs, Graham Cracker, Purina and much much more.
  107. HT Podcast #251 - Ghosts of NJ2008/10/16
    Garrett from Haunted New Jersey joins us for an hour long discussion on Ghosts of New Jersey with many coming from the latest book he worked on Ghosts of Central Jersey.
  108. HT Podcast #2502008/10/11
    Our 250th radio show and podcast. Honestly, it's not that great of a show. We just look back on 250, read some emails and open some gifts.
  109. HT Podcast #2492008/10/01
    Tons of strange news on hot chili peppers, woman in cow suit terrorizing town, swamp eels invade NJ, tons of listener mail and much much more.
  110. HT Podcast #248 Tales Behind the Label2008/09/26
    Some companies have very interesting backgrounds. Learn about the beginnings of companies and Products, Bayer, Aunt Jemima, Volkswagon, Lehman Brothers and more. As well as some dark tales of what they supported and more.
  111. HT Podcast #2472008/09/21
  112. HT Podcast #2462008/09/16
  113. HT Podcast #245 - Are There Aliens Amongs Us2008/09/12
  114. HT Podcast #2442008/09/05
  115. HT Podcast #2432008/09/01
  116. HT Podcast #242- Tales of Idaho2008/08/27
  117. HT Podcast #2412008/08/19
  118. HT Podcast #2402008/08/14
  119. HT Podcast #2392008/08/09
  120. HT Podcast #238 - Tales About Trees2008/08/05
  121. HT Podcast #2372008/07/29
  122. HT Podcast #236 Lighthouses2008/07/22
  123. HT Podcast #234-Gypsy_Tales2008/07/15
  124. HT Podcast #2352008/07/14
  125. The Declaration of Independence2008/07/10
  126. HT Podcast #2332008/07/01
  127. HT Podcast #232 The Bogeyman2008/06/24
  128. HT Podcast #2302008/06/19
  129. HT Podcast #2302008/06/19
  130. HT Podcast #2312008/06/17
  131. HT Podcast #229 - World's Largest2008/06/12
  132. HT Podcast #228 The Morristown Madams2008/05/28
  133. HT Podcast #2272008/05/26
  134. HT Podcast #226 -Tales of Nevada2008/05/21
  135. HT Podcast #2252008/05/18
  136. HT Podcast #224 - Mysterious Holes and Tunnels2008/05/11
  137. HT Podcast #2232008/05/08
  138. HT Podcast #222 Tales of Kentucky2008/04/29
  139. HT Podcast #2212008/04/25
  140. HT Podcast #220 - Cheeseburger Friday2008/04/18
  141. HT Podcast #219 - Bryan's Back2008/04/14
  142. HT Podcast #218 - HNJ Invades2008/04/09
  143. Cheeseburger Friday with Hometown Tales April 18th2008/04/05
  144. HT Podcast #217 - New Consciousness2008/04/01
  145. HT Podcast #2162008/03/25
  146. HT Podcast #2152008/03/19
  147. HT Podcast #2142008/03/12
  148. HT Podcast #213 Elves, Dwarfs and More Part 22008/03/09
  149. HT Podcast #2122008/03/02
  150. HT Podcast #211 Elves, Dwarfs, Fairies and Other Little Things2008/02/26
  151. HT Podcast #2102008/02/19
  152. HT Podcast #209 Garden State Paranormal Part 22008/02/06
  153. HT Podcast #2082008/02/02
  154. HT Podcast #207 Garden State Paranormal2008/01/30
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  158. HT Podcast #203- Liam the Mason Pilot Podcaster2008/01/11
  159. HT Podcast #202-Tales of Aviation Part 22008/01/07
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  203. HT Podcast #158 -Urban Legends Come True2007/05/11
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Hometown Tales Podcast
Every Town Has One- Local Legends, Folklore, Ghost Stories, Odd Culture. Hear the latest bizarre news and tales from around the world. This is a podcast and video feed taken from the popular underground public access show. Gene and Bryan come to you every week with stories from around the globe. Tune in to get a scare, laugh and learn a little.

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