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Up All Night with Mac and Travis

  1. THE LAST SHOW!, June 19, 20102010/06/21

    Until Travis returns in 2011, this will be the very last show! Thanks everyone for your great support!!! You Rock...
  2. Mad as Hell, June 5, 20102010/06/06

    Its our Mad as Hell call-in show. Co-Hosted by Mick Shane. Travis Winters calls in from an secret location and talks about his pending departure overseas. Also, Lots of News, Show Notes and Blues-Rock Music.
  3. The Twilight Zone Show, May 15, 20102010/05/16

    The Twilight Zone Show, May 15, 2010. What started out as a good idea, crashed and burned. But we had a good time anyway! One word - "Tuna".
  4. Mothers Day Show, May 8, 20102010/05/09

    Mothers Day Show, May 8, 2010 Mac and Mick honor all the moms and milf!
  5. The Buzz, March 6, 20102010/03/09
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  6. Comedy Bit- Sister Mary Evelyn 2010/02/21

    Sister Mary Evelyn - Nun and Aspiring Standup Comedian.
  7. 3rd Annual MnT Beach Party, Feb 20, 20102010/02/21
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  8. Live from the Winter Olympics2010/02/15

    Roger Duke calls in a live report from the Winter Olympics!
Up All Night with Mac and Travis

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