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  1. The Parallel Returns2018/05/11
  2. 007_CESFlashinthePants.mp32016/01/14
  3. Shelly Brisbin : Shelly's Podcast2005/11/18
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  4. Shelly's Podcast : SB2005_newfeed.mp32005/09/22
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  5. iTunes, therefore I am2005/07/19
    Shelly's Podcast is iTunes-approved, and Shelly's house is still broken. Today we talk a bit about Audible, Feedburner, the random music generator, and even the weather, before diving head first into the listener mail bag.


    * MacAddict Guide to Living the iLife: 05 Edition
    * First Person Show
    * Podcast Outlaws Network
    * Darcy and Holly Show
    * ROAR
  6. Just across the street2005/07/12
    Today there's a quick remodeling update, a love letter to Feedburner, and some stuff about my life as a blind girl.


    * The Big Show
    * MacAddict Guide to Living the iLife: 05 Edition
    * Feedburner
    * The Desert Skies Podcast
    * Cow Appreciation Day
  7. iriver independence2005/07/04
    First, please update my podcast feed in your podcatcher: the new feed is http://feeds.feedburner.com/ShellysPodcast
    Comng to you live from the rented front porch. What do you do at 1 AM when you can't sleep?
  8. Taking the skewer to banks and ISPs2005/06/30
    Moving news and a special song in honor of the ocassion. We also have geeky stuff about iTunes, Internet outtages, and Gnomedex. Stay tuned for a new Personal Podcast Pick and a bit of listener feedback.


    * Cheryl Wheeler's Web site

    * Podcheck Weekly Review

    * The Whip Report

    * The Big Show
  9. Interactiveitiness2005/06/21
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Shelly's Podcast
Another great podcast hosted by LibSyn.com

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