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  1. Acts Part III - The Power of Company2017/05/30

    Pastor Dave's sermon series on the Spirit's work in the first century church.
  2. Acts Part I - The Spirt Falls2017/05/24

    Part one of Pastor Dave's series on the Spirit's work in the first century church.
  3. Acts Part II - What Do I Have?2017/05/24

    Part two of Pastor Dave's series on the Spirit's work in the first century church.
  4. The Way of the Prophet2017/02/21

    Pastor Dave teaches us about our role in the prophetic ministry.
  5. Fit for Duty2017/02/21

    Pastor Matthew gives us a challenge from 2 Timothy 2:20-21.
  6. Understanding the Holy Spirit2017/02/21

    The start of a new series on the Holy Spirit and it's function in our lives.
  7. Bearing the Image2017/01/24

    In this Sunday message, Pastor Dave talks about walking in the image of God. Make sure you check out our website, www.berwynag.org, for more resources!
  8. The Anatomy of Temptation2017/01/24

    In this Sunday morning message, Pastor Dave takes an in depth look at temptation and how we, as believers, can resist it. Make sure you check out our website, www.berwynag.org, for more resources!
  9. Pursuing Purity2017/01/24

    Continuing the theme of 2017, Pastor Dave talks about Pursuing Purity. Make sure you check out the Going Deeper section of our website www.berwynag.org for a further look at Wednesday Night topics.
  10. Keep the Fire Burning2016/12/21

    This message is about maintaining passion through adversity.
  11. Together We Heal2016/10/25

    The third and final message in Pastor Dave's series on healing.
  12. Healing & the Kingdom2016/09/20

    This is the second message in Pastor Dave's series on healing, God's Healing Way .
  13. God's Healing Way2016/09/20

    This is the first of a three part series on healing.
  14. The Art of Letting Go2016/08/02

    Message from 07/24. Pastor Dave talks about the process of being refined.
  15. Overcoming Depression2016/08/02

    Pastor Dave makes a powerful statement about depression in this message from 07/10.
  16. Souls Aren't Sexy2016/07/01
  17. Favor For Life2016/07/01
  18. A Gospel Obligation 2016/05/05

    Pastor Dave talks about the special relationship between God and the poor.
  19. Dark Thinking2016/05/05
  20. Dead Man Walking2016/05/05
  21. Easter Authority2016/04/07

    He is Risen! It is easy to be overwhelmed by Friday, but with Sunday comes Easter Authority!
  22. The Art of Dying2016/04/07

    Powerful message from Pastor Dave as we approach Good Friday.
  23. Triumph2016/04/07

    Before Jesus was crucified and raised from the dead, he was praised during the Triumphal Entry.
  24. Identity Crisis2016/03/17

    Pastor Seth encourages us to be confident as Sons of God.
  25. Walking in the Spirit2016/03/17

    Pastor Dave teaches us what it means to live a life in the Spirit.
  26. Divine Orchestrator2016/03/15

    Pastor Daves talks about God's roles as the Orchestrator of our lives.
  27. Moses' Mistakes2016/01/19

    In this message Pastor Seth teaches us a lesson from the life of Moses. "Obedience is the path to God's promise."
  28. Warriors in the Waiting Room2016/01/19

    No warrior wants to wait on the sidelines. In this Wednesday night message Pastor Dave talks about taking hold of the Lord's promise.
  29. Keys to the Journey2016/01/19

    God doesn't want our lives to be boring. In this message, Pastor Dave teaches us the keys to turning our live into an epic journey. Proverbs 3:5-6
  30. Rising2016/01/19

    Pastor Dave introducing the theme for 2016...Rising. Isaiah 58:6-11
  31. Dark Shadows - Binding the Strong Man2015/10/15

    The first in the Dark Shadows series. Pastor Dave talks about the confidence we should have when we approach spiritual warfare.
  32. What Jesus Really Said - Prayer2015/10/15

    Pastor Dave begins his in depth look at the words of Christ. In the first message, we take a look at what Jesus really said about prayer.
  33. The Darkness of Disappointment2015/07/02

    Pastor Dave takes a look at Jesus' last days in Matthew 26.
  34. A Pharisee Warning2015/07/02

    Pastor Dave talks about keeping our Pharisee nature in check.
  35. Heart of Worship2015/02/17

    In this message we learn a few ways to have a Heart of Worship.
  36. No Apology - Made2015/02/06

    This is the second installlment of the No Apology Series. In this message Pastor Dave talks about how we are fearfully and wonderfully made.
  37. When The Godly Fail2015/01/27

    Pastor Dave explains why godly men and women fail.
  38. Exploring the Exodus2015/01/21

    This is a special Wednesday message where Pastor Dave corrects the errors in Ridley Scott's "The Exodus"
  39. Can the Bible Be Tested?2015/01/13

    Scattered throughout 2015, Pastor Dave will be preaching his "No Apology" series. In this first message Pastor Dave proves that the Bible can be tested. Stay tuned for the next in the series in the coming months!
  40. Unashamed2015/01/06

    Pastor Dave introduces the theme for the new year, Unashamed.
  41. A Life of Worship2014/12/30

    2014 is almost over! In this podcast Pastor Dave teaches us how a life of worship can keep us rooted in Christ. Happy New Year!
  42. The Body- Invincible2014/09/17

    This is the first in the Body series.

  43. Confrontation2014/09/17

    This Message is about how to handle the inevitable confrontation between individuals in a Godly manner.
  44. Journey to a Miracle2014/09/17

    all of us are on the Journey to a miracle...
  45. The Path to Prosperity2014/09/17

    God's blesing nature is discussed
  46. Sober Living2014/06/25

    This message from 1 Peter is an exhortation to celebrate what Christ has accomplished for us and an encouragement to live accordingly.
  47. Healing the Father Wound2014/06/25

    This Father's Day message is for one and all. The importance of living free from the wounds of even faithful Fathers is emphasized.
  48. Supernatural2014/04/16

    This is the second in the series Living in Babylon.
  49. Spiritual Pride2014/02/28

    This unconventional message is formed as a personal confession by Pastor Dave. It was originally delivered on Feb 23rd 2014
  50. Rooted2014/01/08

    Christian Life Center's 2014 theme- Rooted. Pastor Dave talks about the purpose of the roots and being rooted in Christ.
  51. 4 Anointings... Worshipper2013/11/14

    This is the second in the series of the 4 Anoitnings of David. It discusses his role as a worshipper.
  52. The Shepherd Anointing2013/11/13

    This is the first in the series of The 4 Anointings of David.
  53. Seeking Like Treasure2013/10/15

    In this examination of walking in Wisdom (Proverbs 2) Pastor Dave lays out the benenfits of the Lord's wisdom versus our own way.
  54. Unchanging God2013/10/09

    God's unchanging character is a rock upon which the bliever in Jesus can build his life.
  55. The Power of the Word2013/08/13

    Pastor Dave looks at the power of the Word of God as described in Ps 19.
  56. Unwavering Faith2013/07/10

    Today's Thought: There remains a rest for the people of God.





    Speaker: Pastor Dave Tinberg

    Text: Romans 4:16-25

    Sermon Date: July 7, 2013
  57. Seek First His Kingdom2013/07/02

    Are your priorities skewed?

    Speaker: Pastor Dave Tinberg

    Text: Matthew 6:25

    Sermon Date: June 30, 2013
  58. Hearing Test2013/06/30

    Speaker: Pastor Dave Tinberg

    Text: Matthew 13:2

    Sermon Date: June 23, 2013
  59. Turning the Hearts of the Father2013/06/25

    There is nothing like family!

    Speaker: Pastor Dave Tinberg

    Text: 1 Thessalonians 2:11

    Sermon Date: June 16, 2013 (Father's Day)
  60. Dealing with Doubt2013/06/11

    Do you struggle with doubt?

    Speaker: Pastor Dave Tinberg

    Text: Matthew 11:1

    Sermon Date: June 6, 2013
  61. Gay Marriage2013/06/04

    Is Gay Marriage a Sin?

    Speaker: Pastor Jeff Calvert

    Text: Genesis 3:1-7

    Sermon Date: May 1, 2013

    Wed. Night
  62. Seek for Revival2013/06/04

    Three Directives

    Speaker: Pastor Dave Tinberg

    Text: Hosea 10:12

    Sermon Date: June 2, 2013
  63. Fruit of the Spirit- Self Control2013/06/04

    Do you have Self-Control?

    Speaker: Pastor Jeff Calvert

    Text: Matthew 26:31-34; 69-75

    Sermon Date: May 26, 2013
  64. Love like a Mother! 2013/05/14

    Happy Mother's Day!

    Speaker: Pastor Dave Tinberg

    Text: John 13:34

    Sermon Date: May 12, 2013
  65. Kingdom Character2013/05/07

    What in the world is God doing?

    Speaker: Pastor Dave Tinberg

    Text: Matthew 5:3

    Sermon Date: May5, 2013
  66. Seeking for Joy2013/04/21

    Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice!

    Speaker: Pastor Dave Tinberg

    Text: Philippians 4:4-7

    Sermon Date: April 21, 2013
  67. The Kingdom of God2013/04/07

    Speaker: Pastor Dave Tinberg

    Text: Matthew 4:23-25

    Sermon Date: April 7, 2013
  68. The Power of the Cross2013/04/02

    Get Easterized!

    Speaker: Pastor Dave Tinberg

    Text: Colossians 2:13-15

    Date: March 31, 2013
  69. Wedding Plans2013/03/26

    Did you R.S.V.P.?

    Text: Matthew 22:1-14

    Speaker: Pastor Dave Tinberg

    Sermon Date: March 24, 2013
  70. An Intimate Pursuit2013/03/17

    People of God must be a people of Prayer!

    Speaker: Pastor Dave Tinberg

    Text: Psalm 63:1-11

    Date Given: March 17, 2013
  71. There Be Dragons2013/03/14

    The Dragon Be After You!

    Speaker: Pastor Dave Tinberg

    Text: Revelation 12:1-17

    Date Given: March 10, 2013
  72. Blow the Trumpet2013/03/05

    Speaker: Pastor Dave Tinberg

    Text: Joel 2

    Sermon Date: March 3, 2013
  73. Overcoming2013/02/24

    Speaker: Pastor Dave Tinberg

    Text: 2 Kings 18:13

    Date: Feb. 24, 2013
  74. Jesus Wants You2013/02/17

    What are you seeking after?

    Speaker: Matt Tinberg

    Text: Luke 19:1-10

    Date Given: Feb. 17, 2013
  75. The Language of Prayer2013/02/12

    Church! Do you eagerly desire spiritual gifts?

    Speaker: Pastor Dave Tinberg

    Text: 1 Corinthians 14:1-2

    Sermon Date: February 10, 2013

  76. Life Eternal2013/02/06

    What is your eternal view of life?

    Speaker: Pastor Dave Tinberg

    Text: Matthew 6:19-21

    Date: Feb. 3, 2013
  77. Timing is Everything2013/01/27

    Carpe Diem! Are you seizing the moment in time? What are you seeking in life?

    Speaker: Pastor Dave Tinberg

    Text: Isaiah 55:1-13

    Date: January 27, 2013

  78. Wholehearted Seeking2013/01/26

    Reading from Jeremiah 29:4-14; You can't build a Church on people who are not commited. Are you Seeking Him?
  79. Vision without Vision2013/01/25
  80. 7 Life Giving Virtues- Envy/Contentment2012/12/05

    This first in the series on the 7 deadly sins and their complementary virtues is a measuring tool for growing disciples.
  81. The Life God Honors2012/10/10

    This message from May 2012 challenges us to be well rounded in our faith.
  82. Praying for the Sick2012/10/05

    This message is on Praying for the Sick
  83. Healing Prayer2012/10/05

    This is the final message of the Healing Series. Here we talk about Healing Prayer.
  84. Faith to Overcome2012/10/05

    This sermon about a poor widow teaches us lessons on overcoming the most difficult circumstances in life 8/26/12
  85. The Coming Storm2012/10/05

    In this prophetic message Pastor Dave speaks to the congregation (9/16/12) a warning revelation that he received in prayer.
  86. Seeing the Vision2012/07/24

    A discussion of Isaiah's Call to ministry and his corresponding vision of God.
  87. Rebounding from Defeat2012/05/18

    Pastor Dave speaks about the spiritual principles necessary for overcoming defeat from 1 Sam 7.
  88. The Hunger2012/03/13

    In this message Pastor Dave talks about the need for a hunger in the belly of every Christ follower.
  89. God's Great Love2012/03/07
  90. Walking in Your Gift2012/03/07
  91. Flying Blind2011/11/02

    This message is from the Doubt series- addressing common causes of doubts. The topic in this message is on maintaining faith in the face of life's unfairness in suffering and pain. The text is Job 1.13ff
  92. Abraham's Promise2011/10/19

    Pastor Matthew brings a message on the Promise of Abraham.
  93. Honoring God2011/10/12

    In this sermon Pastor Dave speaks of honoring God with our increase and first fruits.
  94. Desert of Disappointment2011/10/06

    The Wilderness Series Continues with this, the second installment. In Exodus 15 Moses and the children of Israel fresh off of the miraculous deliverance run into disappointment. There is a lesson in this for us all (1 Cor 10).
  95. The Power of Love2011/09/01

    IN this message Pastor Dave takes us back to the Epistle of 1 John. Pushing beyond the romantic and sensational interpretations to something more Biblical and practical. Discover the power of love to set free, give confidence, overcome difficulties, and change the world we live in.
  96. Come Together2011/07/27

    The Kingdom principle of unity is examined.
  97. Bad to Good2011/07/01

    What is holding you back from a great life? Pastor Dave explores the transformative power of the Gospel and what it takes to have a great life.
  98. The Principle of Fidelity2011/05/13

    Pastor Dave examines the principles of the Kingdom of God and how God uses those to both bless us and make us a blessing. Luke 12.35
  99. Givers Promise2011/03/01

    This is the culmination of the Enduring the Hard Times economic series.
  100. Hanging in there in Hard Times2011/03/01

    This sermon begins the 2 Corinthian Series.
  101. A Great Salvation2011/03/01

    Pastor Dave speaks on Salvation from 1 Peter 1.
  102. Open Doors2011/01/14

    Pastor Dave speaks the theme message for 2011. This message from Revelation 3 challenges the hearts of God's people in the face of opportunity.
  103. Finding Favor2010/12/28

    Jesus lived with favor from God and men in his life. This sermon from Luke 2 challenges us to seek to give and receive favor from the same sources as Jesus.
  104. What is the Baptism in the Holy Spirit?2010/12/08

    Pastor Dave discusses the biblical evidence for Spirit Baptism.
  105. Living with a Crazy Heart2010/10/20

    This is the first is a series of sermons called the Crazy Series.
  106. Scarecrows in the Harvest2010/10/12

    Guest Minister Phil Borjas brings a timely word to the CLC body. Phil ministers as youth pastor at ROCA Christian Center in Cicero IL.
  107. Basket Case2010/09/22

    This Second in the Exodus Series looks at how God raised a deliverer.
  108. Re-Discovering Prayer2010/09/15

    This message launches the 40 days of prayer or Love to Pray campaign. We encourage you to follow along with us in the journey to re-establish prayer as a love and a priority in our lives. God Bless You as you follow His will!
  109. Overcoming the Enemy2010/07/21

    This is the second part of the overcoming series. This week is on overcoming the enemy.
  110. Temptation2010/07/14

    In this message we learn and apply lessons from Peter's temptation to our own lives.
  111. Strongholds2010/07/14
  112. Wrestling with God2010/07/05
  113. The Art of Asking2010/06/16
  114. Daniel's Prayer2010/06/09
  115. Shake, Rattle, and Roll2010/06/09
  116. Machine Gun Preacher2010/05/20
  117. Rising to the Occassion2010/04/16
  118. Big Stink in Bethany2010/04/01
  119. Back of the Boat2010/02/23
  120. Temptations2010/02/04
  121. The Cornerstone2010/01/15
  122. What's in your hand?2009/12/15
  123. Signs of the Second Coming2009/12/08
  124. Hold On2009/11/24
  125. Getting Whole2009/11/13
  126. Weary in Well Doing2009/09/24
  127. Living a Lifestyle of Divine Supply2009/09/18
  128. Fire and Rain2009/09/18
  129. Finding Joy2009/09/06
  130. Constructing our Lives2009/08/27
  131. People of Peace2009/08/14
  132. Taming the Thought Life2009/08/14
  133. Warning Labels2009/07/31
  134. The Wrath of God Upon a Sinful Humanity2009/07/15
  135. Creation is Calling, Are You Listening?2009/07/15
  136. The Strong and Courageous2009/07/07
  137. Things that make you go Whaaa!2009/06/25
  138. David Isabelli2009/05/27
  139. The Exaltation2009/05/14
  140. The Exaltation2009/05/14
  141. Gone But Not Forgetten2009/05/12
  142. spark plug2009/04/24
  143. Dreamers Ditch2009/04/24
  144. Failed Followers2009/04/16
  145. Living by Faith in a Cynical World2009/03/25
  146. Getting the most out of your Money2009/03/18
  147. Living in Peace in a Stressful and Harried World2009/03/05
  148. Living Spiritually in a Materialistic Age2009/03/04
  149. Keepin' it REAL2009/02/18
  150. financial hard times2009/02/10
  151. Submitting to God2009/02/06
  152. Training Day2009/01/16
  153. Daring to Draw Near2009/01/08
  154. Abram's Covenant2008/12/18
  155. Called Out2008/12/10
  156. Blow the Trumpet2008/11/13
  157. Can your trust the Bible?2008/11/06
  158. BuzzKill2008/10/29
  159. The Offensive Doctrine of Hell2008/10/29
  160. What about suffering and evil?2008/10/15
  161. Can there really be just one true religion?2008/09/24
  162. Lessons From the Fallen2008/09/09
  163. The Anatomy of Faith2008/08/26
  164. Whats your pleasure?2008/08/15
  165. Power of Prayer2008/08/13
  166. If it ain't broke...2008/07/19
  167. Communion Confusion2008/07/09
  168. Samson2008/06/25
  169. Bowling with Barley2008/06/25
  170. Running to Win2008/05/30
  171. Handling Anger (before it handles you!)2008/04/30
  172. Is the bible trustworthy?2008/04/29
  173. 3 Challenges2008/04/18
  174. Finding Joy2008/04/18
  175. Easter2008/03/30
  176. Last of All2008/03/18
  177. The Moment of Truth2008/03/06
  178. Living Faithful in Difficult Times2008/02/27
  179. Power in Spiritual Conflict2008/02/27
  180. Jay Covert2008/02/14
  181. The Distinguishing Mark2008/02/08
  182. Serving the Lord with Gladness2008/02/08
  183. The Return2008/01/04
  184. God's New Thing2007/12/27
  185. Following Faithful in A Strange Direction2007/12/27
  186. A Heart of Gratitude2007/11/28
  187. Hanging In2007/11/26
  188. Bigger2007/11/07
  189. Home Improvement2007/10/10
  190. Come Empty Handed2007/10/03
  191. Come and Get it2007/09/17
  192. Coming Out2007/09/13
  193. Be Careful to Follow2007/09/07
  194. A cry for mercy2007/08/28
  195. Abram out of Ur2007/08/17
  196. Discovering God's Will2007/08/08
  197. Faithfulness under Fire2007/07/25
  198. Essentials- Destiny2007/07/25
  199. Essentials- Hardcore Hope2007/06/27
  200. Building a Great Church2007/06/21
  201. Essentials- Integrity2007/06/12
  202. Essentials-Spiritual Power2007/05/29
  203. A life that pleases God2007/05/29
  204. Essentials-Concern for Others2007/05/16
  205. Essentials - Spirituality2007/05/09
  206. Essentials - Community2007/05/08
  207. Guess Who's coming to Dinner?2007/04/10
  208. Running Free2007/04/03
  209. STUCK series-Returning to Father2007/03/28
  210. STUCK series- Priorities2007/03/20
  211. STUCK series -Have it your Way2007/03/13
  212. STUCK series- Finding Your Way Back2007/03/07
  213. Recipe for Apostacy2007/02/28
  214. Money Madness2007/02/19
  215. Courage Series:Living with Open Mouths2007/02/14
  216. Spiritual Greed2007/01/19
  217. Following Faithful2007/01/08
  218. Fresh Starts2007/01/08
  219. Ministry of Intercession2006/12/27
  220. The Call2006/12/10
  221. God Immutable2006/12/05
  222. Dissatisfaction and Prayer2006/11/09
  223. Blessed by a Sermon? Let us know...2006/11/02
  224. A Successful Prayer Life2006/11/02
  225. Stress Test2006/10/19
  226. Earth Day and the Heart of God2006/10/09
  227. 3 Gottas When You Need a Healing2006/09/27
  228. Overcoming Defeatism and Negativity2006/09/23
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