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Daybreak Community Church Podcast

  1. Collaborative Pastoral Response to COVID-192020/03/16

    Pastors Tim Doering, Dave Hakes, and DJay Martin have a roundtable discussion reflecting on some guiding biblical principles at play as we seek to navigate this current situation.

    Tim Doering: Regional Church / Netzer
    Dave Hakes: Daybreak Community Church
    DJay Martin: Parker Ford Church
  2. The Good Shepherd2020/03/08

    As our Good Shepherd, Jesus guides, protects, and provides for us as His sheep.

    John 10:11, 14, Psalm 23
  3. The Door of the Sheep2020/03/01

    In our culture, there seems to be many doors to various powers and gods; yet Jesus boldly declares that He is the door. A relationship with God is possible only through Jesus.

    John 10:7, 9
  4. A Good Name is Better2020/02/23

    What do others think when they hear your name? Discover the importance of a good name and reputation as well as the steps you can take today to create tomorrow’s legacy.

    Proverbs 22:1
  5. One Day is Better2020/02/16

    Learning to live with an awareness of the presence of God in our every day lives.

    Psalm 84:1-2, 10
  6. Wisdom is Better2020/02/02

    Abandoning our foolish pursuits for a valuable search of true Biblical wisdom.

    Proverbs 16:16 and other Proverbs.
  7. One Handful is Better2020/01/26

    Learning to let go of the things that don’t matter and holding tightly to that which does matter.

    Ecclesiastes 4:6
  8. A Better Way to Live2020/01/19

    What’s weighing you down because you refuse to let it go?

    1 Corinthians 6:19-20, Romans 6:16-17
  9. Better in 20202020/01/16

    A perfect year may be impossible, but a better year is possible.

    Matthew 6:33; Ephesians 5:25–27
  10. Shine Bright2020/01/05

    What if we strove to be light in our identity not just our activity? We’ll unpack Jesus' teaching and resolve to shine brighter in this New Year.

    Matthew 5:14-16
  11. Elizabeth and Zechariah2019/12/29

    As we see God’s gracious and miraculous blessing on an elderly couple, Elizabeth and Zechariah, we’ll be encouraged that God indeed hears our prayers. We’ll be challenged to take Him at His word.
  12. The Shepherds2019/12/23

    God isn’t looking for the best and brightest but instead those who receive and respond to His glory.
    Luke 2:8-20
  13. Seeking God2019/12/23
  14. The Great Commission2019/12/08

    Since partnering with BIC U.S. World Missions in 2008, the Oberholsers have worked to build relationships with Navajos in New Mexico, lead people into a relationship with Jesus Christ, and disciple Navajo believers.

    Jason Oberholser shares a message about The Great Commission.
  15. Kingdom Leadership2019/12/03

    Guest Speaker Jay McCumber shares a message about Kingdom Leadership.

    Jay is the executive Director of Teaching The Word Ministries in Leola, PA and Minister of Regional Leader Development at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Lebanon.

    He also oversees Direction and Leadership on the Netzer team .
  16. Forsaking All Others2019/11/17

    Discover God’s plan for sexual purity.

    1 Corinthians 10:13, Psalm 119:9, 101:3, Matthew 5:28, 6:22-23, 2 Timothy 2:22
  17. It Can't Wait Until Tomorrow2019/11/10

    How many times do we say or think, “Oh, this can wait… I’ll get to that someday… maybe tomorrow…”? Join us as we look at a very short but pointed verse (James 4:17) and talk practical ways to avoid procrastination.
    James 4:17 and others
  18. Living in the Red Makes No Sense2019/11/03

    It’s been said before that our yearning often exceeds our earning. Learn some smart tips for money management from the wisest person who ever lived.
    Proverbs 21:20 and others, Matthew 6:19-21, Philippians 4:19, Hebrews 13:5
  19. Hooked2019/10/27

    Get set free from destructive addictions. It’s time.
    Romans 6:12-13, 13:14, 2 Peter 2:19, various Proverbs
  20. The iLife2019/10/20

    Do you know an arrogant and proud person? It’s certainly not you, right? Of course not! :) See for yourself the happiness and power that come with true humility.
    Various Proverbs, Matthew 7:5, 5:5, Romans 12:3
  21. At Odds With Myself2019/10/13

    Uncover the secret to personal change (hint: it’s not will power, pills, or promises).
    Romans 7:15-25, John 8:32
  22. Together We Can Change the World2019/10/06

    Changing the world doesn’t require superheroes or even superhuman powers; it requires consistent choices to follow Christ daily and to walk together on the journey as He leads us.
    Ephesians 4:32–5:2
  23. Together We Grow Stronger2019/09/29

    Our togetherness as followers of Jesus is more about strength for moving forward, not just for staying safe.
    Ephesians 4:15-16
  24. Together We Experience Love2019/09/23

    The love between Jesus and His Father is love without separation, without boundaries, without end. And while we often don’t even come close to that kind of love, experiencing it is the reason we come back to church. It is the reason God calls us to be together.
    Ephesians 3:16-19
  25. Together We Find Peace2019/09/15

    Peace is a Person, not just a feeling. Discover how we can find peace together through unity in Jesus.
    Ephesians 2:17-22
  26. Hidden2019/09/10

    Ever felt unnoticed, unappreciated, or your life is interrupted in some frustrating way? Learn how Jesus uses these hidden times to accomplish His plan & purpose in our lives.

    Guest Speaker: Monica Lanigan
  27. Planted and Flourishing2019/08/25

    God never meant for us to simply go to church but instead to be the church. It's so important to the health of the Church that we be people who are plugged in to God and community.
  28. The Power of One2019/08/18

    God advances His redemptive work in the world by calling and empowering available and willing individuals. Will you be the one?

    Esther 4:13-17
  29. Who's the Real Hero of Your Story?2019/08/11

    Though not mentioned by name, God is the main character and hero in the story of Esther. He’s also the main character in your story, too!
  30. Prayer When I’m Hurting2019/08/04

    Harnessing the power of prayer when we’re hurting emotionally, physically and spiritually.
    James 5:13-20
  31. Patience You Must Have … My Young Padawan2019/07/28

    Discover practical tips for growing the virtue of patience in our lives!
    James 5:7-12
  32. Wealthy & Wise2019/07/21

    The right and wrong uses of wealth according to Jesus’ half brother, James.
    James 5:1-6
  33. Future Planning2019/07/14

    Avoiding the mistakes of planning without God, presuming about tomorrow and procrastinating today.
    James 4:13-17
  34. Who Made You Judge?2019/07/07

    Breaking the habit of criticizing and judging others.
    James 4:11-12
  35. Life Intact2019/06/30

    Guest Speaker: Ericka Henry (Neighborhood Pastor at Holy District in Allentown)

    New Brethren in Christ Church/Missional Initiative in Allentown

    Join us as church planter Ericka Henry paints a picture of what a wholistic, integrated life is like and why it’s important to our faith.

    James 3:13-18
  36. Arrogant & Humble2019/06/23

    Uncover the cure for endless arguments. Try humility.
    James 4
  37. Blessings & Curses2019/06/16

    How often do your words get you in trouble? Learn how to tame the power of the tongue.Father’s Day
    James 3:1-12

    Father's Day

  38. Faith & Works2019/06/09

    What is real faith? It’s not something you say, or feel, or think, or believe. It’s something you do! Join us for this challenging message about living out our faith.

    James 2:14-26
  39. Judgment & Mercy2019/06/02

    Gaining some tips & wisdom on how to treat all people right.

    James 2:1-13
  40. Listening & Doing2019/05/26

    True religion is faith in action. We'll have some fun with this truth during our family service this holiday weekend.

    James 1:19-27
  41. Trials & Temptations2019/05/19

    As followers of Jesus, we will face trials and temptations in this world which will test our faith. Find out how enduring adversity can actually lead to joy.

    James 1:1-18
  42. It's Just a Phase2019/05/12

    Mother’s Day

    Discover the 5 Phases of Influence leaders can leverage to nurture successful kids at every age & stage.
  43. Following Jesus on Mission2019/05/05

    Guest speaker, Bryan Hoke, teaching about what it looks like to follow Jesus on mission.

    Luke 4:14-21
  44. Think on These Things2019/04/28

    Elevating our thoughts & attitudes from pessimism to optimism based on what God says.

    Philippians 4:8, Romans 8
  45. Bringing What's Dead Back to Life2019/04/21

    Is there something dead in your life you are asking God to bring back to life? Find renewed hope in the resurrection power of Jesus!

    Luke 23:45-24:8
  46. My House2019/04/14

    This Palm Sunday, listen as guest speaker, Tim Doering, shares how Jesus desires His house to be known for a place of prayer above anything else.

    Matthew 21:1-16
  47. Get Close to Jesus2019/04/07

    Do you need a breakthrough in your life? It begins with close proximity to Jesus.

    Luke 8:43-56
  48. Shine Your Light2019/03/31

    How can you share your faith with others? It’s not as difficult as you think!

    Luke 5:29-32, John 4:28-30, John 9:25-27
  49. Scarcity Atrocity2019/03/24

    Do you ever feel like you’ll never have enough? If so, you might be plagued with the scarcity mindset. The remedy is not found in comparing who has more with who has less, but on focusing on what God has entrusted to us.
    Scripture: Matthew 25:14-30
  50. Fear of Missing Out2019/03/17

    Does the ‘Fear of Missing Out’ keep you on edge? This Sunday at Daybreak, we’ll talk about it and learn how to combat FOMO with gratitude.
    Scripture: Philippians 4:10-13
  51. Obsessive Comparison Disorder2019/03/10

    Do you suffer from ‘Obsessive Comparison Disorder’?
    Scripture: Ecclesiastes 4:4-8
  52. Branch Life2019/03/03

    Learn how tree life is similar to our spiritual life.

    Guest Speaker: Josh Park
  53. Mountain of Commission2019/02/24

    Mount of Olives (Jesus ascending to Heaven, commission His followers to make disciples until He returns at the same exact location)
    Receiving and accomplishing our mountaintop-mission to make disciples … until Jesus returns to this same mountain.
    Acts 1:1-12, Matthew 28:16-20
  54. Mountain of Glory2019/02/17

    Mount Hermon / Mount Tabor (mountain of transfiguration)
    God calls us to a multisensory journey of following His Son, Jesus. Are you all eyes and ears?
    Matthew 17:1–8, Mark 9:2–8, Luke 9:28–36, 2 Peter 1:16–18
  55. Mountain of Choice and Chase2019/02/10

    Mount Carmel (Elijah and prophets of Baal)
    A fiery showdown that will draw you closer to God.
    1 Kings 18:16-46
  56. Mountain of God's Story & Glory2019/02/03

    Mount Pisgah/Mt. Nebo (place where Moses saw the Promised Land, God uses a lifetime to accomplish His purpose, God keeps His promises, he may take you through the desert but He is working His good plan for your life)
    Faithfully living for our God who keeps His promises.
    Deuteronomy 32:48-52
  57. Mountain of Testing2019/01/27

    Mount Moriah (Abraham and Isaac, God provides, faith to obey all the way)
    Our trust in God and acts of obedience are put to the test. How far will you go?
    Genesis 22:1-19
  58. Mountain of New Beginnings2019/01/20

    Mount Ararat – story of Noah, righteous living, Noahic Covenant, new beginnings

    Will you follow in the steps of Noah and walk faithfully with your God in 2019?
    Scripture: Genesis 6-8, 8:4
  59. Ask Anything2019/01/06

    Guess who comes in first according to Jesus? It may surprise you. Learn how to strengthen your serve!

    Mark 9:33-35
  60. First2018/12/30

    As we look forward to 2019, how can we better prioritize our day, week, month, and year so that God is FIRST? Join us as we talk practical ways to prioritize the important things of life.

    Matthew 6:33, Psalm 63:1, Acts 20:7, 2 Corinthians 9:7, Matthew 6:17-18
  61. A Journey to Christmas2018/12/23

    God’s story - past, present, and future - has become our story in Christ Jesus. Tonight we follow the light of God’s star to Jesus and experience His hope, love, joy, and peace this Christmas.

    Scripture: Luke 2
  62. A Journey of Peace2018/12/23

    Abiding with the Prince of Peace and resting in that perfect peace that comes from trusting in Jesus. How can we take this peace into the often-chaotic world around us?

    Scripture: Luke 2:13-14, 19, Isaiah 9:6, John 14:27
  63. A Journey of Joy2018/12/16

    The good news that Jesus has come to save us brings great joy that is for everyone! But how can we experience that joy alongside the pain of life and respond to joy in worship?

    Scripture: Luke 2:9–14, James 1:2-4, Psalm 96:11–13, Matthew 2:10-11
  64. A Journey of Love2018/12/09

    Experiencing the depth of God’s love, which has been there from the start, is enough for all of us, and overflows in our lives to others.

    Scripture: Ephesians 1:4-6, Ephesians 3:17–19, 1 John 4:7-19
  65. Journey of Hope2018/12/02

    Advent reminds us to live with expectant hope as we wait for the birth of Christ at Christmas and for the complete fulfillment of hope when Christ comes again.

    Scripture: Isaiah 9:2, 7:14, 1 Peter 1:13, Hebrews 11:1
  66. Stand Firm in the Fire2018/11/25

    Guest Speaker: Kent Tyson

    An incredible story about people’s faith in the face of danger will leave us taking inventory of our faith in God. Do we obey God all the way? Do we believe in spite of what we see?

    Daniel 3, 1 Peter 1:7
  67. Stand in Faith2018/11/18

    “You are very precious to God.” What does this mean and how does it impact my confidence for living?

    Daniel 10
  68. Stand Strong2018/11/11

    Kneeling to pray is where we find the strength to stand.

    Daniel 6
  69. Stand Out2018/11/04

    Standing out for God requires us to make some decisions ahead of time.

    Daniel 1, Ephesians 6:11,14
  70. Kingdom - Living in the Already But Not Yet2018/10/28

    Learning how the activities of seeking, surrendering, and serving help us live out the values of God’s Kingdom here on earth.
  71. Looking for Stars2018/10/21

    Guest Speaker: Monica Lanigan

    Monica will be sharing about the inspiration behind her recent book and God’s direction in her life.

    Scripture: Romans 8:28
  72. What Will Heaven Be Like?2018/10/14

    We’ll unearth as many details from Scripture as we can – the location, landscape, foods, work, marriage, time, housing, bodies, angels, & more!
    Scripture: Revelation 21:1–22:5
  73. Which is Right? Evolution or Creation?2018/10/07

    How did the world come to be – evolution or creation? Why does it matter?
    Scripture: Genesis 1
  74. How Can a Good God Allow Suffering?2018/10/01

    Suffering, pain, and evil are real. We know it all too well. As we grapple with this difficult question, may we find renewed grace, comfort and hope from a loving God who never wastes a moment of pain.
    Scripture: John 16:33
  75. Do All Roads Lead to Heaven?2018/09/23

    Each of the top 10 World Religions makes that claim but there is one important difference that sets Christianity apart from all others …
    Scripture: John 14:6; Matthew 7:13–14; Acts 4:12
  76. Is the Bible True?2018/09/16

    We’ll sort this out as we discover what makes the Bible so unique and wrestle with whether we can really trust this all-time best-selling book.
    Scripture: Proverbs 30:5-6
  77. Is God Real?2018/09/09

    Join us as we examine various arguments and tackle this first question!
    Scripture: Psalm 19
  78. Led by the Spirit2018/08/26

    What would it look like in your life to be fully led by God’s Spirit in every moment of every day? Join us as guest speaker Bill Beck shares how his life has been shaped by the Holy Spirit in unexpected ways.
    John 16:13-15

    Guest Speaker: Pastor Bill Beck (Spring City Fellowship Church)
  79. Generosity & Gratitude2018/08/19

    Thinking like Jesus leads to true contentment, generosity, and gratitude toward financial funding and material security.
    Philippians 4:4-9
  80. Turning Worry Into Joy2018/08/12

    Discover antidotes to pervasive and debilitating worry.

    Philippians 4:4-9
  81. Dealing With Pesky People2018/08/05

    Do you know any pesky people? Learn some fresh attitudes that will help us deal with those people!
    Philippians 4:1-3
  82. Pressing to the Finish Line2018/07/29

    What are you chasing and pursuing in life? Discover a powerful life-changing strategy!

    Philippians 3:12-21
  83. The Confidence Factor2018/07/22

    Where does our true confidence in living come from? Impressive resume and accolades or a deepening relationship with Christ?

    Philippians 3:1-11
  84. Brilliant Examples2018/07/15

    Selfless or selfish? How can we apply these Christ-like serving qualities in our own life and vibrantly live them out?

    Philippians 2:19-30
  85. Be the Church2018/07/08

    Guest Speaker: John Holsey

    How is the church more than a steeple and the people inside? We'll be learning how Jesus originally intended the church to function.

    Matthew 16: 13-20
  86. Becoming Brighter Lights2018/07/01

    Are you a chronic complainer or grumpy grumbler? No worries, we all have those days! We’ll discover how an attitude shift can turn our darkest outlooks into brighter impact!

    Philippians 2:12-18.
  87. Dynamic Relationships2018/06/24

    How can you experience joy-filled, fun, productive, and loving relationships with others? It may have more to do with you than with them.

    Philippians 2:1-11
  88. Under Pressure2018/06/17

    Reshaping our attitudes during the high-rising pressures of life. What new life outlook can you choose?

    Philippians 1:12-30
  89. Close Connections2018/06/10

    Uncovering the benefits of life-giving connections with others. Who are you praying for and encouraging?

    Philippians 1:1-11
  90. A Tough Start2018/06/03

    What does it look like to adopt the attitude of Christ even during the difficult times of life?

    Acts 16:6-40, Philippians 2:5
  91. Seeds2018/05/27

    Mark 4:26-29
    Sharing your faith should be organic & natural – not forced. Our job is to scatter seeds and then trust God to grow them!
  92. Drinks2018/05/20

    John 4:4-26
    Watch how Jesus builds relationships and shares the Good News over a cold one!
  93. Encouragement for Moms2018/05/13

    Today we celebrate, honor, and encourage Moms!
    Mother’s Day
    2 Timothy 1:5-6
  94. Known by God2018/05/06

    Praising our God who knows us the best yet loves us the most and desires a relationship with us.
    Psalm 139
  95. Overcoming the Dark Side2018/04/29

    Having a greater understanding of sin gives us greater power to conquer sin.
    Guest Speaker: Matt Essick
    1 Corinthians 11:21, 29-30, Joshua 6-7
  96. Known in Marriage2018/04/22

    You can love, appreciate, and even value your spouse. But do you truly know them?
    Mark 10:6-9
  97. Known in Community2018/04/15

    Living out our call to love others. Jesus gives us a beautiful picture of what it should look like to be known in community.
    Mark 12, John 13:34-35
  98. Who am I?2018/04/08

    Discovering our identity first begins by remembering whose we are.
    Exodus 3:1-7, 10-12
  99. The Power to Change Your Life (Easter Sunday)2018/04/01

    The resurrection means that no situation is too hopeless! No problem is too big for Jesus! He’s still in the resurrection business—and He has the power to change your life!

    Philippians 3:10, Ephesians 1:19–20 & others
  100. Head Held High (Good Friday)2018/03/30

    John 1:29, John 19, Galatians 2:20, 1 Peter 1:8–9, 18-19

    Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice gives us many reasons to hold our head high! Join us for this special evening worship celebration!

  101. Above and Beyond (Palm Sunday)2018/03/25

    Looking closer at Palm Sunday and the snapshot that represents all of Jesus’s life: His love, sacrifice, and commitment to a greater story, to God’s ultimate work.

    Matthew 21:1-7
  102. God's Peace. Your Peace2018/03/18

    Holding on to God’s peace and promises in stormy anxiety.
    Philippians 4:7
  103. Prayer, Not Despair2018/03/11

    Praying specifically and with gratitude about the anxious parts of our life.

    Philippians 4:6
  104. Contagious Calm2018/03/04

    Making our gentleness evident to everyone while trusting in the One who is with us.
    Philippians 4:5-6
  105. What Keeps You Up at Night? - Rejoice Always!2018/02/25

    Stabilizing our anxious souls with the sovereignty of God.
    Philippians 4:4
  106. Games People Play - Taboo2018/02/18

    How we communicate gives us incredible opportunities to spiritually influence others.

    James 3:2-12, 1 Peter 3:15-17, James 1:19-20, Ephesians 4:29
  107. Sorry!2018/02/11

    Have you negated someone’s progress by your words or actions? We’ll have fun with this classic game and Jesus’ teaching as we learn to forgive as we’ve been forgiven.

    Matthew 18:21-35
  108. Jenga2018/02/04

    What’s the foundation of Christianity? Remove this Cornerstone and it quickly falls apart!

    1 Peter 2:4-8, Isaiah 28:16-17, Luke 6:47-49
  109. Battleship2018/01/28

    How the enemy tries to sink us - and what we can do to stop it from happening.
  110. Connect Four2018/01/23

    The early church in Acts connected 4 core practices to experience spiritual victory! Learn how our church has a similar game plan and seeks to advance in 4 key areas.

    Acts 2:42-43, 1 Corinthians 11:23-26, Romans 12:2
  111. New2018/01/19
  112. Glorious Manifold2018/01/09
  113. The Gift of Peace2017/12/31
  114. The Gift of Jesus2017/12/24
  115. The Gift of Joy2017/12/17
  116. The Gift of Love2017/12/10
  117. The Gift of Hope2017/12/03
  118. Church as Family2017/11/26
  119. Fight to the Finish2017/11/19
  120. Overcoming discouragement2017/11/12
  121. Inspection & Inspiration2017/11/05
  122. Blueprint to Boots2017/10/29
  123. Where to Begin?2017/10/22
  124. Giant Addiction2017/10/15
  125. Giant Anger2017/10/08
  126. Giant Comfort2017/10/01
  127. Giant Rejection2017/09/24
  128. Giant Fear2017/09/17
  129. Dead, But Still Deadly2017/09/10
  130. Being healthy While Laboring for God’s Kingdom2017/09/03
  131. DAYBREAK: The Surrendered Church2017/08/27
  132. LAODICEA: The Lukewarm Church2017/08/20
  133. PHILADELPHIA: The Enduring Church2017/08/13
  134. SARDIS: The Slumbering Church2017/08/06
  135. THYATIRA: The Tolerant Church2017/07/30
  136. PERGAMUM: The Compromising Church2017/07/23
  137. SMYRNA: The Suffering Church2017/07/16
  138. EPHESUS: The Forgetful Church2017/07/09
  139. The Movies2017/07/02
  140. Bold - Unleash Your Faith2017/06/25
  141. Boundless - Keep the Change2017/06/18
  142. Boundless - Desert Walking2017/06/11
  143. Being the Christian You've Become2017/06/04
  144. Words of Mass Destruction2017/05/28
  145. Boundless - Unfaithful to a Faithful God2017/05/21
  146. 40 - The Risk of Love - Part 22017/05/07
  147. 40 - Introduction to Revelation2017/04/30
  148. 40 - The Risk of Love2017/04/23
  149. Easter - Consider Jesus2017/04/17
  150. 40 - Mind Games: Part 22017/04/09
  151. 40 - Mind Games: Part 12017/04/02
  152. 40 - Do You Love Well?2017/03/26
  153. 40 - "On Fire"2017/03/19
  154. 40 - "How to Read the Bible"2017/03/12
  155. 40 - "What's In Your Ammo Box?"2017/03/05
  156. 40 - "What's with Forty?"2017/02/26
  157. Deep Love - Adaptability2017/02/19
  158. Deep Love - Conflict2017/02/12
  159. Deep Love - Communication2017/02/05
  160. Deep Love - Personality2017/01/29
  161. New Year/New You - Purpose2017/01/23
  162. New Year/New You - Stop2017/01/15
  163. New Year/New You - Start2017/01/08
  164. New Year/New You - A New Creature and a New Purpose2017/01/01
  165. Discover Christmas Glory2016/12/25
  166. Discover Gracious Generosity2016/12/18
  167. Discover Christmas - Discover Jubilant Joy2016/12/11
  168. Discover Christmas - Discover Kingdom Anticipation2016/12/04
  169. Discover Christmas - Discover Faith-Filled Courage2016/11/27
  170. Give Thanks!2016/11/20
  171. Wisdom for Relationships2016/11/13
  172. Wisdom that Works - Wisdom to Guide Us2016/11/06
  173. Wisdom that Works - Wisdom for Money2016/10/30
  174. Chase the Lion2016/10/23
  175. Wisdom That Works - Wisdom for Families2016/10/16
  176. Intro to Proverbs and The 31 Day Challenge2016/10/09
  177. Becoming Bitter or Better2016/10/02
  178. Ruth - Redeemed Romance2016/09/25
  179. Ruth - Provision at Work2016/09/18
  180. Ruth - Alone & Empty2016/09/11
  181. Life Together2016/09/04
  182. Heart Healthy2016/08/28
  183. Gray Matters2016/08/21
  184. "Did God Really Say ____?"2016/08/14
  185. Your End Times (Part 2)2016/08/07
  186. Your End Times2016/07/24
  187. Orange Families2016/07/18
  188. Dare God - God I Want to Know You2016/07/09
  189. Dare God - Send Me2016/07/03
  190. Dare God - Break Me2016/06/26
  191. Father's Day - That's My Dad!2016/06/19
  192. Dare God - Search Me2016/06/12
  193. Amazing Faces of Grace - Grace for the Do-It-Yourselfers - Part 22016/06/05
  194. Amazing Faces of Grace - Grace for the Do-It-Yourselfers2016/05/29
  195. Amazing Faces of Grace - Grace for the Thirsty2016/05/22
  196. Acts 2 - Pentacost - The Gift of the Holy Spirit2016/05/15
  197. A Mother's Heart2016/05/08
  198. God, Politics and the Church2016/05/01
  199. Now - Haggai - Obey All the Way2016/04/24
  200. NOW/Haggai - Be Strong2016/04/17
  201. NOW/Haggai - Let's Get Started!2016/04/10
  202. Same Power2016/04/02
  203. 24 Hours That Changed the World - The Victory2016/03/27
  204. 24 Hours that Changed the World - The Cross2016/03/20
  205. 24 Hours that Changed the World - The Garden2016/03/13
  206. 24 Hours That Changed the World - The Upper Room2016/03/06
  207. Salt & Light - Illuminate2016/02/29
  208. Salt & Light - NaCl Christians2016/02/20
  209. Christ in You2016/02/14
  210. Baggage - Independence from Baggage2016/02/07
  211. Four Small Words2016/02/07
  212. Baggage - Life's Carry Ons2016/01/10
  213. 1 Thing - Part 22016/01/03
  214. 1 Thing - Claim a Promise2015/12/27
  215. Keep Calm about God's Ability to Save You2015/12/20
  216. Keep Calm and Let People Think Whatever They Want2015/12/13
  217. Keep Calm and Follow God's Plans2015/12/05
  218. Who am I in Christ?2015/11/29
  219. #FAIL - Second Time2015/11/22
  220. #FAIL - Chief Failure2015/11/15
  221. #FAIL - The Mark of Failure2015/11/08
  222. #FAIL - The Sound of Failure2015/11/01
  223. I Love Sundays - How Sundays Can Change the World2015/10/25
  224. Don't Stop2015/10/18
  225. I Love Sundays - Sundays Can Change Your Future2015/10/11
  226. I Love Sundays - Better Sundays Make Better Families2015/10/04
  227. I Love Sundays - Good Sundays Make Better Mondays2015/09/27
  228. Sundays Can Surprise You2015/09/18
  229. Prayer Matters - How Do I Know What's Best?2015/09/13
  230. Faith & Work - Part 22015/09/06
  231. Circling the Wagons2015/08/30
  232. When God Seems Unfair - Defiant Worship2015/08/22
  233. When God Seems Unfair - Your Approximate Wait Time2015/08/16
  234. When God Seem Unfair - Gone God2015/08/09
  235. Faith & Work - Part 12015/08/02
  236. Unlikely2015/07/24
  237. Accessible2015/07/19
  238. Called by God2015/07/12
  239. Juicy Fruit - Gentleness2015/06/28
  240. Juicy Fruit - Faithfulness2015/06/21
  241. Juicy Fruit - Goodness2015/06/14
  242. Juicy Fruit - Kindness2015/06/07
  243. Juicy Fruit - Patience2015/05/31
  244. Juicy Fruit - Peace2015/05/24
  245. Juicy Fruit - Joy2015/05/17
  246. Juicy Fruit - Love2015/05/10
  247. I'm Really Awesome at Being Humble2015/05/03
  248. Marvel - The Able Healer2015/04/26
  249. Marvel - The Food Distributor2015/04/19
  250. Marvel - The Water Walker2015/04/12
  251. Marvel - The Grave Robber2015/04/05
  252. Marvel - The Delayed Healer2015/03/29
  253. Marvel - The Storm Calmer2015/03/22
  254. Marvel - The Wine Maker2015/03/15
  255. Things I Wish Jesus Never Said - He Said What About Hell2015/03/08
  256. Things I Wish Jesus Never Said - 77 Times2015/03/01
  257. Things I Wish Jesus Never Said - Be Like Me. Be Perfect.2015/02/22
  258. Things I Wish Jesus Never Said - Go and Make Disciples2015/02/15
  259. Things I Wish Jesus Never Said - Eat My Flesh, Drink My Blood2015/02/08
  260. Family Matters2015/02/01
  261. 24/6 - Technology Sabbath2015/01/25
  262. 24/6 - Breathing Room2015/01/18
  263. 24/6 - The Stop Sign2015/01/11
  264. Living on a Prayer2015/01/04
  265. How to Live Your One Life Well2014/12/28
  266. Advent - Enjoying His Presence2014/12/21
  267. Advent - Obeying All The Way2014/12/14
  268. Advent: Preparing the Way2014/12/07
  269. Advent: Preparing for Christmas - Waiting Well2014/11/30
  270. God is > Sin and Evil2014/11/23
  271. God is > My Addiction2014/11/16
  272. God is > ME2014/11/09
  273. God is > Physical Disability2014/11/02
  274. God is > Sickness and Disease (2)2014/10/25
  275. God is > Sickness and Disease (1)2014/10/19
  276. Happy Homes - Stand Clear of Windows2014/10/12
  277. Happy Homes - Making Peace2014/10/05
  278. Happy Homes - Heart Matters2014/09/28
  279. Happy Homes - Hungry and Thirsty2014/09/21
  280. Grouped for Life Change2014/09/07
  281. Joseph - The Big Reveal: God's Great Plan2014/08/31
  282. Joseph - Oh Brother!2014/08/24
  283. Joseph - Only God2014/08/15
  284. Joseph - Forgotten2014/08/10
  285. Joseph - The Purity Test2014/08/03
  286. Joseph - Family Struggles2014/07/25
  287. Joseph - Dreamer2014/07/20
  288. Selfie - Disciple2014/07/13
  289. Selfie - Ambassador2014/07/06
  290. Selfie - Overcomer2014/06/29
  291. Selfie - Masterpiece2014/06/22
  292. "Game of Life - Leaving a Legacy"2014/06/15
  293. Game of Life - Risk: Sharing My Private Faith in Public Places2014/06/08
  294. Game of Life: Operation: Coping with Grief and Loss2014/06/01
  295. Game of Life: Aggravation: Dealing with Difficult People2014/05/28
  296. Game of Life: Monopoly - Managing Our Money and Stuff2014/05/18
  297. Game of Life - Words with Friends: Examining Our Spoken Words to Others2014/05/11
  298. Game of Life - Jenga: Balancing Life and Work2014/05/04
  299. Game of Life - Scrabble: Making Sense of My Life2014/04/27
  300. Encounter - God's Not Dead2014/04/20
  301. Encounter - Dirty Jobs2014/04/13
  302. Encounter - The good Shepherd2014/04/06
  303. Encounter - Better than LASIK2014/03/30
  304. Encounter - Wanna Drink?2014/03/23
  305. Encounter - Nic at Night2014/03/16
  306. All In - Noah2014/03/09
  307. All In - Life's Cycles2014/03/02
  308. All In - Taking a Stand2014/02/23
  309. All In - Wholehearted Devotion2014/02/16
  310. All In - Burning the Ships to Our Past2014/02/09
  311. All In - Passionately Living Out the Mission of Christ--CHARGE!!!!2014/02/02
  312. All In - Generosity2014/01/26
  313. All In - Christ-Centered Relationships2014/01/19
  314. All In - Living God’s Way in 20142014/01/12
  315. A Charlie Brown Christmas - Good Grief! You Need Involvement2014/01/05
  316. A Charlie Brown Christmas - Good Grief! Gift Exchange2013/12/29
  317. A Charlie Brown Christmas - Good Grief! Does Anyone Know the True Meaning of Christmas?2013/12/22
  318. A Charlie Brown Christmas - Good Grief! Pesky Relationships2013/12/15
  319. Psalms - Every Breath2013/12/08
  320. Psalms - Recalculating2013/12/01
  321. Psalms - The Attitude of Gratitude2013/11/24
  322. Psalms - Revenge2013/11/17
  323. Psalms - Ha2013/11/10
  324. Psalms - When Everything Goes Dark2013/11/03
  325. Psalms - Fright Night2013/10/27
  326. Simplify - Simplifying our Church - Part 12013/10/20
  327. Simplify - Simplifying our Church - Part 22013/10/20
  328. Simplify - Simplifying our Worship2013/10/13
  329. Adopt and Live2013/10/06
  330. Our Father's Love2013/09/29
  331. Simplify - Simplifying our Stuff2013/09/22
  332. Simplify - Simplifying our Schedules2013/09/15
  333. Simplify - Why Simplicity is a Necessity2013/09/08
  334. Mathematics of Hope2013/09/01
  335. Samson - Epic Fail2013/08/12
  336. Samson - Hair Loss Prevention2013/08/12
  337. Samson - Emotional Breakdown2013/08/11
  338. Samson - Secret to Strength2013/08/04
  339. 40 Days in the Word - Integrating God's Word into my Life2013/07/14
  340. 40 Days in the Word - Understanding the Meaning of the Text2013/07/07
  341. 40 Days in the Word - How to Study the Bible2013/06/30
  342. 40 Days in the Word - Seeing What God Wants Me to See2013/06/23
  343. 40 Days in the Word - How the Bible Changes Us2013/06/16
  344. 40 Days in the Word - Why Can I Trust the Bible?2013/06/09
  345. 40 Days in the Word - Building My Life on the Bible2013/06/02
  346. Remember2013/05/26
  347. Vision Sunday2013/05/19
  348. Tea Time with God2013/05/12
  349. Downloading the Bible - Genesis2013/05/05
  350. Drop the Mask - Pretenders with Others2013/04/28
  351. Drop the Mask - Concealers of Our Sin2013/04/21
  352. Drop the Mask - Deceivers of Ourselves2013/04/14
  353. Drop the Mask - Hiders from God2013/04/07
  354. The Story - From Darkness to Light2013/03/31
  355. The Story - From Religion to Relationships2013/03/24
  356. The Story - From Victims to Victors2013/03/17
  357. The Story - From Slavery to Freedom2013/03/10
  358. The Story - From Death to Life2013/03/09
  359. Friend Sunday2013/02/24
  360. Go and Make Disciples2013/02/17
  361. Extravagant Love2013/02/10
  362. Jonah - A Plant, A Worm, A Perspective2013/02/03
  363. Jonah - Do Over2013/01/27
  364. Jonah - Prayer with a Side of Fish Guts2013/01/20
  365. Jonah - The Perfect Storm2013/01/13
  366. Jonah - Man on the Run2013/01/06
  367. Our Fresh Start Because of His Fabulous Finish2012/12/30
  368. Merry and Bright - The Reason for Joy2012/12/23
  369. Merry and Bright - Naughty or Nice2012/12/16
  370. Top 10 Marriage Mistakes - Missing the Secret to a Healthy Marriage2012/12/09
  371. Top 10 Marriage Mistakes - Fighting Unfairly2012/12/02
  372. Top 10 Mistakes Married People Make - Failing to Understand Life and Debt2012/11/18
  373. Top 10 Mistakes Married People Make - Failing to Meet His/Her Needs2012/11/11
  374. Top Ten Mistakes Married People Make -- Mistakes #4 and #52012/11/04
  375. Top Ten Mistakes Married People Make -- Mistake #3: "Not Saying What Needs to Be Said" 2012/10/31
  376. Shining to New Horizons2012/10/24
  377. Top 10 Marriage Mistakes - Assuming Never Will Ever Happen2012/10/14
  378. Top 10 Marriage Mistakes - Saying "I do" too early and "I don't" too soon2012/10/07
  379. Rooted - Watch Me Grow2012/09/30
  380. Rooted - Connected and Growing Strong2012/09/23
  381. Rooted - Pruning Time2012/09/16
  382. Peoples' Greatest Need2012/09/02
  383. Make a Difference - Dare to Finish2012/08/26
  384. Make a Difference - A Fair Share2012/08/19
  385. Make a Difference - Beware2012/08/12
  386. Make a Difference - Prepare2012/08/05
  387. Make a Difference - Care & Prayer2012/07/29
  388. App for That - The Mind App2012/07/15
  389. App for That - The Bible App2012/07/08
  390. Patient Endurance2012/07/01
  391. App for That - The Forgiveness App2012/06/24
  392. App for That - The Rest App2012/06/17
  393. App for That - The Love App2012/06/10
  394. App for That - The Encouragement App2012/06/03
  395. App for That - The Confession App2012/05/27
  396. App for That - Downloading and Using God's Apps2012/05/20
  397. Circle Maker - Pray Hard2012/05/06
  398. Circle Maker - Think Long2012/05/06
  399. Circle Maker - Dream Big2012/04/29
  400. The Legend of the Circle-Maker2012/04/22
  401. Victorious2012/04/08
  402. Crave - Fasting and Fighting2012/04/01
  403. Crave - What Do I Crave? (Part 2)2012/03/25
  404. Crave - Why Do I Crave? (Part 1)2012/03/18
  405. Family Circus - Taming the Wild2012/03/11
  406. Family Circus - Cracking the Whip2012/03/04
  407. Family Circus - Parenting Tricks and Skills2012/02/26
  408. Family Circus - The Ringleaders2012/02/19
  409. 1-Step Plan - Part 22012/01/29
  410. Sun Stand Still2012/01/16
  411. 1-Step Plan - Part 12012/01/16
  412. The Voice2012/01/15
  413. Desert Detour2012/01/08
  414. No Quit2012/01/01
  415. A Baby Story2011/12/24
  416. Glee2011/12/18
  417. Devoted to Following Jesus2011/12/11
  418. DEVOTED to Grace2011/12/06
  419. Devoted to the Cross2011/11/27
  420. Devoted to Love2011/11/13
  421. Devoted to Intimacy2011/11/06
  422. Devoted to the All of the Call2011/10/30
  423. Devoted to the Relationship2011/10/23
  424. FAQ - What Do Catholics Believe?2011/10/16
  425. FAQ - For God So Loved the World? Really? Has He Met My Neighbor?2011/10/07
  426. FAQ - Responding Biblically to those with Alternative Lifestyles2011/10/02
  427. Kids Rule 32011/09/25
  428. FAQ-Heaven: Who's In & Who's Out2011/09/20
  429. Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People2011/09/13
  430. Once Upon a Parable - America's Got Talents2011/09/04
  431. Once Upon a Parable - Lost and Found - Part 12011/08/14
  432. Once Upon a Parable - iPeople2011/08/07
  433. Once Upon a Parable - When the Dinner Bell Rings and No One Comes2011/07/31
  434. Once Upon a Parable - The Energizer Bunny Prayer2011/07/24
  435. Once Upon a Parable - The Good Samaritan2011/07/17
  436. Once Upon a Parable - What is the Kingdom of Heaven Like?2011/07/10
  437. Once Upon a Parable - Choking on Forgiveness2011/07/03
  438. Once Upon a Parable - Scattering Seed2011/06/28
  439. God's Final Curtain Call - I Can Only Imagine2011/06/14
  440. God's Final Curtain Call - God is Just2011/06/05
  441. Anger Management2011/05/29
  442. God's Final Curtain Call - The Rapture: Fact or Fiction?2011/05/22
  443. God's Final Curtain Call - Great Expectations2011/05/15
  444. Hot 'n Cold - A Message to the Church in Royersford2011/05/01
  445. Last Words - New Beginnings2011/04/24
  446. Last Words - With Me in Paradise2011/04/20
  447. Last Words - My God, My God, Why?2011/04/10
  448. Faith Factor - The Test2011/02/26
  449. Faith Factor - Here LIES the Truth2011/02/26
  450. Faith Factor - Hilarious2011/02/26
  451. Faith Factor - Short-Circuiting God2011/02/26
  452. Faith Factor - When God Doesn't Seem to Make Sense2011/02/26
  453. Faith Factor - A Whole Lot of Trouble2011/02/26
  454. Faith Factor - Called2011/02/20
  455. Thrive as a Church2011/02/13
  456. Thrive in Your Marriage2011/02/06
  457. Thrive Physically2011/01/30
  458. Thrive in Your Finances2011/01/23
  459. Thrive in Your Relationships2011/01/16
  460. Thrive with God2011/01/13
  461. Thrive With a New Attitude2011/01/02
  462. Christmas Begins With Christ - God With Us2010/12/24
  463. Christmas Begins With Christ - Waiting With Anticipation2010/12/22
  464. Christmas Begins With Christ - Prince of Peace2010/12/19
  465. Christmas Begins with Christ - A Scandalous Family Tree2010/12/12
  466. 18 - The Family Fort2010/12/02
  467. 18 - What in the World?2010/11/24
  468. Don't Lie to Me - You Can't Measure Up2010/11/17
  469. Don't Lie to Me - Its All About What You Do2010/11/11
  470. Don't Lie to Me - Hey Mr. Same-O, Same-O2010/11/03
  471. Don't Lie to Me - You Have to be Superman2010/10/29
  472. Shine On - Daybreak's 10 Year Anniversary2010/10/21
  473. Say What? - Words of Life2010/10/13
  474. Say What? - Speak-up or Shut-up2010/10/05
  475. Say What? - Speech Therapy2010/10/05
  476. 1 Life - Leaving a Legacy2010/09/22
  477. 1 Life - Living With No Regrets2010/09/12
  478. Baptism and Communion FAQ2010/09/02
  479. 1 Life - Love Completely2010/08/25
  480. 1 Life - Learn Humbly2010/08/20
  481. 1 Life - Live Passionately2010/08/10
  482. 1 Life - Living the Dash2010/08/01
  483. Daniel - Nice Kitty... Nice Kitty...2010/07/25
  484. Daniel - God Graffiti2010/07/18
  485. Daniel - Grass, Claws and an Awesome God2010/07/11
  486. Super Moms and Dads2010/07/04
  487. Daniel - The Fourth Man2010/06/27
  488. Daniel - Even if Not2010/06/20
  489. Daniel - Secrets Revealed2010/06/13
  490. Daniel - Veggie Tales2010/06/06
  491. GR8 TXT - Tips for Reading and Studying the Bible2010/05/23
  492. GR8 TXT - Is the Bible for Real?2010/05/16
  493. GR8 TXT - The B-I-B-L-E2010/05/09
  494. C'mon Man!: How to make a royal mess of your life - Forget God2010/05/02
  495. C'mon Man!: How to make a royal mess of your life - Have an Affair!2010/04/25
  496. C'mon Man!: How to make a royal mess of your life - Stay Addicted!2010/04/18
  497. Wild Goose Chase - A God Thing2010/04/11
  498. Wild Goose Chase - Come Alive2010/04/04
  499. Wild Goose Chase - Super Charged2010/03/28
  500. Wild Goose Chase - The Ultimate GPS2010/03/21
  501. Gain Faith, Lose Weight - From Hole to Holy2010/03/14
  502. The Barren Fig Tree2010/03/07
  503. Dangerous Church - Part 22010/02/28
  504. Dangerous Church - Part 12010/02/21
  505. Fearless - Fear of God Getting Out of My Box2010/02/14
  506. Fearless - Fear of Global Calamity2010/01/31
  507. Fearless - Fear of Life's Final Moments2010/01/24
  508. Fearless - Fear of Disappointing God2010/01/17
  509. Fearless - Fear of Not Mattering2010/01/10
  510. Fearless - Why Are We Afraid?2010/01/03
  511. The Love Boat2009/12/27
  512. Our Eternal Hope2009/12/25
  513. The HOPE of the Star2009/12/13
  514. The HOPE of a Virgin2009/12/06
  515. Dear God - How Can I Say Thank You?2009/11/22
  516. Dear God - I'm Listening2009/11/15
  517. Dear God - Why Didn't You Answer My Prayer?2009/11/08
  518. Dear God - I Just Don't Know What to Say2009/11/01
  519. Habakkuk - Climbing Out of the Dip2009/10/25
  520. Habakkuk - Waiting on God (In the Dip)2009/10/18
  521. Habakkuk - Hey God... Hello?2009/10/11
  522. Gain Faith, Lose Weight2009/09/27
  523. You Don't Have What it Takes - You Can't Please Everyone2009/09/20
  524. You Don't Have What it Takes - You Can't Handle it All2009/09/13
  525. Making Sense of Money - Plugging the Holes2009/09/06
  526. Making Sense of Money - From Red to Black2009/08/30
  527. Making Sense of Money - Yours Mine or Ours ... Whose is it?2009/08/23
  528. Be Contagious - A Contagious Message2009/08/12
  529. Be Contagious - Congtagious Stories2009/08/02
  530. Be Contagious - Congtagious Relationships2009/07/26
  531. Be Contagious - A Congtagious Heart2009/07/19
  532. Be Contagious - A Congtagious Faith2009/07/12
  533. Fringe2009/07/05
  534. God is 3XL2009/06/28
  535. God is Our Ultimate Father2009/06/21
  536. God is the Strength of My Heart2009/06/14
  537. Fireproof Your Marriage - A Better Way of Loving2009/05/31
  538. Fireproof Your Marriage - Break Free2009/05/19
  539. What Makes a Great Mom?2009/05/10
  540. Fireproof Your Marriage - Love for a Lifetime2009/05/04
  541. Fireproof Your Marriage - He First Loved Us2009/04/26
  542. Fireproof Your Marriage - He Said, She Said2009/04/19
  543. Easter Celebration - Rise2009/04/12
  544. Redemption2009/04/05
  545. Give Me Your Eyes2009/03/29
  546. Unstoppable Light2009/03/22
  547. Unstoppable Service2009/03/15
  548. Unstoppable Growth2009/03/08
  549. Unstoppable Connections2009/03/01
  550. Answering the Call2009/02/22
  551. DNA of Healthy Relationships - Anatomy of Friendships2009/02/15
  552. DNA of Healthy Relationships - Born With the Love Gene2009/02/08
  553. Whispers2009/02/01
  554. On the Brink - Among Us2009/01/25
  555. On the Brink - Amazing Things2009/01/18
  556. On the Brink - Consecrate Yourselves2009/01/11
  557. This is It2009/01/04
  558. BIC World Missions2008/12/28
  559. Christmas 3602008/12/21
  560. Amazing Grace: The Christmas Story - The Gift2008/12/18
  561. Amazing Grace: The Christmas Story - Dreaming Again2008/12/07
  562. Give Thanks2008/11/30
  563. The Winning Attitude - Abundant Gratitude2008/11/23
  564. The Winning Attitude - Discovering Joy and Peace2008/11/16
  565. The Winning Attitude - Prickly People2008/11/09
  566. The Winning Attitude - Pressing to the Finish2008/11/02
  567. The Winning Attitude - Deep Life Confidence2008/10/26
  568. The Winning Attitude - High Impact Service2008/10/19
  569. The Winning Attitude - Brighter Light2008/10/12
  570. The Winning Attitude - Dynamic Relationships2008/10/05
  571. The Winning Attitude - Under Pressure2008/09/28
  572. The Winning Attitude - Prayer Encounters2008/09/21
  573. The Winning Attitude - Close Connections2008/09/14
  574. The Winning Attitude - A Tough Start2008/09/12
  575. Sights & Sounds - Ocean Waves and Kings2008/08/31
  576. Sights & Sounds - Pools and Strength2008/08/24
  577. Smiles & Blessings2008/08/18
  578. Rejuv & Repentance2008/08/13
  579. Sights & Sounds - The River and Rest2008/08/03
  580. Sights & Sounds - The Zoo and Trust2008/07/27
  581. Sights & Sounds - Mountains & Worship2008/07/20
  582. Sights & Sounds - Sun & Reflections2008/07/13
  583. Sights & Sounds - Pain & Patience2008/07/06
  584. Sights & Sounds - Sky & Wonder2008/06/29
  585. Sights & Sounds - Fruit & Growth2008/06/22
  586. WHATEVER Looks Strong2008/06/15
  587. WHATEVER Looks Good to Me2008/06/01
  588. WHATEVER God's Way to Victory2008/05/25
  589. WHATEVER God Wants for My Life2008/05/18
  590. Amazing Mom Interviews2008/05/11
  591. WHATEVER God's Leadership Challenge2008/05/04
  592. WHATEVER God's Place for Me2008/04/27
  593. WHATEVER Still Needs Conquered2008/04/20
  594. OMG & Other Sacred Moments2008/04/13
  595. Encountering the Real Jesus - I AM Your Vital Connection2008/04/06
  596. Encountering the Real Jesus - I AM Your Road for Life's Journey2008/03/30
  597. Encountering the Real Jesus - I AM Your Resurrection and Your Life2008/03/28
  598. Encountering the Real Jesus - I AM Your Good Shepherd2008/03/16
  599. Encountering the Real Jesus - I AM Your Light for Brighter Living2008/03/09
  600. Encountering the Real Jesus - I AM Your Bread that Satisfies2008/03/02
  601. Encountering the Real Jesus - I AM Here for You in the Storm2008/02/24
  602. Encountering the Real Jesus - I AM Your Thirst Quencher2008/02/17
  603. Changing for Good - Sticking with Change2008/02/10
  604. Changing for Good - Failing Forward - Learning from Relapse2008/02/03
  605. Changing for Good - Moving to Change - Taking Action2008/02/01
  606. Changing for Good - Committing to Change2008/01/20
  607. Changing for Good - Ready for Change... Somday!2008/01/13
  608. Changing for Good - Making Changes for Good2008/01/06
  609. Discover the Heart of Christmas - Discover Glorious Grace2007/12/30
  610. Discover the Heart of Christmas - Discover God Up Close and Personal2007/12/23
  611. Discover the Heart of Christmas - Discover the Wonderful Birth2007/12/16
  612. Discover the Heart of Christmas - Christmas Concert Devotional2007/12/09
  613. Discover the Heart of Christmas - Discover Beautiful Lights2007/12/09
  614. Get Connected with God's Armor2007/12/02
  615. Get Connected with Your Family2007/11/25
  616. Get Connected in Loving Relationships2007/11/18
  617. Get Connected with Christ's Inner Strength2007/11/11
  618. Get Connected with God's Grace2007/11/04
  619. Get Connected with an Empowering Prayer Life2007/10/28
  620. Get Connected with Christ2007/10/21
  621. Outflow - All the World2007/10/14
  622. Outflow - Extravagantly Outward2007/10/07
  623. Outflow - A Multitude of Kisses2007/09/30
  624. Outflow - Fill er Up2007/09/24
  625. Outflow - Come to the Party2007/09/17
  626. Triumph out of Tragedy2007/09/10
  627. Romance - Ruth 32007/09/02
  628. In the $ Crunch - Ruth 22007/08/27
  629. When Life Turns Bitter - Ruth 12007/08/20
  630. The Big Bang2007/08/14
  631. The Confident Life - Psalm 912007/08/06
  632. The Confident Life - Psalm 232007/07/29
  633. All That I Have2007/07/23
  634. Bling-onomics - Planning for the Future2007/07/22
  635. Bling-onomics - Living Generously2007/07/12
  636. Shopoholics Anonymous2007/07/03
  637. Bling-onomics - Slaying the Debt Dragon2007/06/24
  638. Bling-onomics - Smart $$2007/06/17
  639. Bling-onomics - My $$, My God2007/06/13
  640. Live Out Loud - Living Strong2007/06/06
  641. Live Out Loud - Living Throug Suffering2007/05/27
  642. Live Out Loud - Living the Difference2007/05/21
  643. Live Out Loud - Beautiful Living2007/05/13
  644. Live Out Loud - Living Godly2007/05/08
  645. Live Out Loud - Living Stones2007/04/30
  646. Live Out Loud - Living Holy2007/04/23
  647. Live Out Loud - Living Hope2007/04/15
  648. Grace Anatomy - Saving Grace2007/04/10
  649. Grace Anatomy - Grace for the Guilty2007/04/01
  650. Grace Anatomy - Grace Through Suffering2007/03/26
  651. Grace Anatomy - Gracious Giving2007/03/18
  652. Grace Anatomy - Gracious Speech2007/03/11
  653. Grace Anatomy - What's So Amazing?2007/03/04
  654. Making Life Brighter2007/02/26
  655. Mulligans2007/02/19
  656. Bold Success2007/02/13
  657. Renewal2007/02/05
  658. Taking Risks2007/01/22
  659. Bold Living2007/01/15
  660. Reigniting the Passion2007/01/08
  661. The Wise Men's Story2007/01/05
  662. The Shepherds' Story2007/01/05
  663. The Amazing Race2007/01/02
  664. Joseph's Story2006/12/18
  665. Mary's Story2006/12/10
  666. Break Through Financial Challenges2006/12/04
  667. Break Through Worry and Pessimism2006/11/27
  668. Break Through Family Struggles2006/11/20
  669. Break Through Bitterness2006/11/13
  670. Break Through Anger2006/11/05
  671. Break Through Discouragement2006/10/29
Daybreak Community Church Podcast
Weekly message audio from Daybreak Community Church! Join us at 9:30am Sundays at 775 West Main Street, Trappe, PA (Community Music School)
Connect. Grow. Serve. Shine!

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