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Sermons from Aberdeen Christian Fellowship

  1. Galatians 5-122019/10/07

    Vijay continues his Galatians series - this week focussing on Grace
  2. Rev. Dez Johnstone, Scottish Alpha Director2019/10/03

    Dez Johnstone is the Scottish Director of Alpha - he gave an inspiring testimony to our Men's group and invited guests.
  3. Christian Identity Part 22019/10/01

    David continues the 'Christian Identity' mini series which Cheri started last week.
  4. Christian Identity2019/09/26
  5. Galatians 4 2019/09/12

    Vijay continues his series in Galatians, from chapter 4: verses 8-20
  6. Galatians 3 continued2019/08/28

    Vijay continues his series on Galatians
  7. Prayer2019/08/23

    Aaron's sermon on prayer from 18th August
  8. Revelation 212019/08/15

    David Young speaks on Revelation 21
  9. Psalm 732019/08/09

    Derek McHardy speaks on Psalm 73
  10. Galatians 3:15-18 - God's Grace2019/07/24

    Vijay's sermon continuing his series in Galatians - God's Grace
  11. Simple Faith2019/07/16

    Cheri Young's sermon from 7th July
  12. Is Christianity past it’s sell by date?2019/07/05

    How relevant is Christianity in today’s society? Churches are being turned into pubs and hardly anyone goes to church on a Sunday. Is it relevant?
  13. How do I deal with doubt?2019/06/26

    What can I believe? How can I know what’s true? Don’t worry, even Jesus disciples had their doubts - doubting Thomas - but they can be overcome
  14. What’s the Bible and can I trust it?2019/06/23

    Where did the Bible come from, when was it written, is it reliable? What does it say?
  15. How can a loving God send anyone to Hell?2019/06/07

    Does Hell really exist? What is Hell like? Should a loving God not send everyone to Heaven?
  16. What is Faith?2019/05/27

    What is faith? Is there any evidence for faith? Is there anything or anyone worth putting my faith in?
  17. Too busy for God?2019/05/27

    What is important to me? How should I prioritize my life? God has made you a high priority and desires that you get to know and enjoy Him.
  18. How can a good God allow suffering?2019/05/17

    Floods, famine, earthquakes - is God cruel or just not very powerful? Can He be a ‘God of Love’?
  19. Does God exist and does He matter?2019/05/11

    What is the evidence for God and would His existence make any difference to me?
  20. Is Jesus the only way to God?2019/04/29

    Are all the Religions of the world just the same? Can Jesus really be unique?
  21. Who is Jesus?2019/04/29

    Vijay kicks off our 'Tough Questions' series.

    Is Jesus liar, lunatic or Lord? What you believe truly matters.(pitched to children-adults)
  22. To Kick the Bucket2019/04/21

    Every generation struggles with the finality of the grave and we live in an age that does it’s best to deny the aging process and death. Is there hope beyond the grave? Let's take a look at the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead in John 11 and the impact of Jesus' stating I am the resurrection and the life.
  23. 'Remembering'2019/04/14

    Dave's sermon from 7th April
  24. Cheri Young 30th Mar 20192019/03/31

    Cheri's sermon on 'Legacy' from 31st March
  25. Galatians part 62019/03/31

    Vijay continues his series in Galatians, speaking from Galatians 3:1-14
  26. Galatians Part 52019/03/22

    Vijay continues his series in Galatians, referencing Galatians 2:15-21
  27. Galatians Part 42019/03/16

    Vijay continues his series in Galatians
  28. Abraham and Isaac Part 32019/03/04

    Aaron concludes his short series on Abraham and Isaac
  29. Galatians part 32019/02/26

    Part 3 of Vijay's study in Galatians
  30. Genesis 22 continued2019/02/21

    Aaron continues his study on Abraham and Isaac from Genesis 22
  31. The impossibility of the cross2019/02/12

    Aaron's talk from Sunday 10th Feb
  32. Jim Purves - Water2019/02/05

    Every journey needs water, let our journey towards Christ be irrigated by the overflowing of God's love and power.
  33. Galatians Part 22019/02/02

    Vijay continues his series speaking from Galatians 1:6-9
  34. New Year's resolutions2019/02/02

    Cheri's talk from Ecclesiastes.
  35. Galatians Part 12019/01/20

    Vijay starts a new series on Galatians
  36. The Authority of Scripture (Last in series)2019/01/12

    Vijay starts the new year by rounding off his series on the authority of scripture
  37. Nativity Service talk2018/12/21

    Vijay's short talk from this year's Nativity service
  38. Those who wait upon the Lord2018/12/08

    On the first Sunday of advent Cheri discusses Messianic prophesy in the Old Testament and what it means for all of us to wait on the Lord
  39. How do we read the Bible2018/12/02

    Vijay starts a series on how to read the Bible in a way which helps us appreciate it's authority
  40. Build your house on the rock2018/11/24

    What does submisison to God look like? - Vijay continues his series on authority preaching from Matthew 7:24-27
  41. Authority2018/11/15

    Vijay preaches on authority from Matthew 7:28-29
  42. Height v's Heart2018/11/06

    What giants are you facing in your life just now? Find out what kind of heart is required to attack a giant and win.
  43. The Trinity2018/11/04

    Aaron's talk on the trinity
  44. Jesus - Rescuer of Sheep2018/11/04

    Vijay's sermon on the Good Shepherd from 21st October 2018
  45. Prayer 2018/10/18

    Cheri takes for a walk through Matthew 6:5-15 where Jesus teaches His disciples to pray.
  46. Gideon - the final chapter?2018/10/08

    Vijay concludes his series on Gideon speaking from Judges 8:22-35

  47. Thanksgiving2018/10/08

    Thanksgiving is one of the leading themes of the Bible, especially the Psalms. An expression that often occurs is "Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever." In this message, James explores the ideas behind these words.

  48. Peter's greatest moment2018/09/24

    David talks about Acts 2, where we find Peter’s greatest moment as he preaches to the crowd in Jerusalem.
  49. Gideon's story continued2018/09/24

    Vijay continues his series on the life of Gideon from Judges 7:23-8:21

  50. Derek and Isobel McHardy2018/09/11

    Derek and Isobel from the evening service
  51. The story of Gideon- continued2018/09/11

    Vijay continues his series on Gideon, speaking from Judges 7:9-22
  52. Kirsty Webb Testimony2018/09/11

    Kirsty spent several months with YWAM - here she shares some of her testimony
  53. The life of Gideon continued2018/08/27

    Vijay continues his series on the life of Gideon
  54. What do you fear?2018/08/20

    David discusses how God responds when we are overcome by worldly fears, by looking at the lowest moments of the lives of Elijah and Peter.
  55. Moving from fear to Faith - Part 22018/08/09

    Vijay continues with his lesson on Gideon, speaking from Judges 6:17-32
  56. Moving from Fear to Faith2018/07/31

    Vijay talks on Judges 6:1-16 - Moving from a place of fear and anxiety to faith in God.
  57. The Book of Job2018/07/27
  58. Empowering the church for mission2018/07/12

    aking Acts 1:8 as the main verse for this message, Florence considers what, when, who, where, why and how questions in relation to the empowering work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the church.

    This is Florence's last preach at ACF as she and James prepare to relocate to North England - we'll miss them !
  59. Good News2018/07/02

    James contrasts the darkness of the crucifixion with the dawn of the resurrection as he surveys Mark chapters 15 and 16. What happened, what was its significance, who were the witnesses and where do we fit into it all?
  60. The Sheep and the Goats2018/06/28

    Vijay concludes his Parables series
  61. The parable of the faithful and unfaithful servants2018/06/12

    Vijay speaks from Luke 12: 35-38

  62. Parable of the talents2018/06/12

    Aaron's sermon on the parable of the talents
  63. Two Broken Things2018/06/12

    In Luke 18:1-14 Jesus told two little parables that at first sight don’t really seem to go together. What’s the connection between the two? Are they about prayer or faith or both? Join James as he explores these two intriguing parables and discovers a broken record and a broken heart…
  64. There was a certain rich man…2018/05/24

    Despite what we might be like on the outside – rich or poor – God knows our hearts. In this message from Luke 16:19-31, Florence looks at Jesus’ story of the rich man and Lazarus. This is not so much a story of riches versus poverty but of responsibility and accountability.

  65. The Parable of the Shrewd Manager2018/05/14

    Vijay continues the 'Parables' series
  66. Parable of the labourers2018/05/14

    Vijay continues the 'Parables' series
  67. Mind-Blowing Mercy2018/04/30

    Ever wondered what more we can learn from the parable of the Good Samaritan? In this message, Florence looks at Luke 10:25-37 as she considers God's mercy in Christ towards us and the corresponding challenge of showing mercy to others as we seek to love Him and people to the max.
  68. The Cost of Discipleship2018/04/29

    Vijay continues the parables series - this week he speaks on the cost of discipleship
  69. Forgiven Much2018/04/29

    Aaron continues the parables series, speaking from Luke 7
  70. The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant2018/04/09

    Forgiveness is something we all find difficult, and yet followers of Jesus who have received God’s forgiveness need to extend it to others. Perhaps we find it so difficult because we misunderstand what forgiveness actually is and what it means to genuinely forgive. Join James as he looks at the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant from Matthew 18:21-35.
  71. Three lost items2018/03/28

    Vijay continues the Parables series, basing his message on Luke 15
  72. The Great Banquet2018/03/24

    Vijay continues the 'Parables' series
  73. The Parable of the Tenants2018/03/15

    David looks at the parable of the tenants and what that might mean for us
  74. Parables - Luke 5:36-392018/03/06

    Vijay continues a series on the Parables
  75. The value of knowing Jesus2018/03/02

    Vijay continues his series on the Parables
  76. Growth of the Kingdom2018/02/19

    Ever wondered what the Kingdom of God is? And what it’s like? To help answer these questions, Florence looks at three different parables – the mustard seed (Luke 13:18-19); the yeast (Luke 13:20-21); and the growing seed (Mark 4:26-29). How will we respond?
  77. Why do you talk in parables?2018/02/13

    In the 3rd talk on the parables Cheri looks at the reasons why Jesus used parables rather than simply telling people who He was.
  78. The Parable of the sower2018/02/12

    Doug Hutcheon presents the second sermon in the 'Parables' series
  79. Digging Deep2018/01/31

    The first in a series through the parables of Jesus. The parable of the wise and foolish builders Luke 6:46-49. Jesus uses this parable to close His Sermon on the Mount with a powerful statement about the foundations we build our lives upon. Are we building on weak foundations that will fail us when hard times come our way, or are we building on the eternal promises of God?
  80. Under Pontius Pilate..2018/01/23

    Ancient creeds of the church say that Jesus was “crucified for us under Pontius Pilate.” Why did this happen and what is its significance? Join James as he continues his series in Mark’s Gospel looking at the trial of Jesus before Pontius Pilate.
  81. Philippians 4 10-232018/01/15

    Vijay concludes his series on Philippians
  82. Philippians 4 part 12018/01/15

    Vijay commences his final 2 sermons on Philippians
  83. Philippians 32017/12/11

    Vijay continues his study in Philippians
  84. Beyond Pride and Prejudice2017/12/09

    In 2 Kings 5:5-15 we read of the healing of Naaman, captain of the king of Syria's army. In this message, Florence highlights the pride , presumption and prejudice that Naaman had to get beyond before he could experience both physical and spiritual healing.
  85. Jesus in the witness box2017/12/08

    Who is Jesus? This question comes up every Christmas. But who is better placed to answer the question than Jesus himself? James continues his series in Mark's Gospel by looking at Jesus' trial before the high priest. Jesus is put on oath and asked by the high priest if he is the Christ, the Son of God. His answer leaves us in absolutely no doubt about who he is...
  86. The Judas Kiss2017/11/20

    Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss. The basest form of treachery. But why did he do it? And what about the other disciples? How did they behave when the mob arrived to arrest Jesus? Join James this week as he continues his series in Mark’s Gospel, presenting “The Judas Kiss”
  87. Building a church - Confidence2017/11/14

    Vijay's second sermon in his ' What makes a church' series
  88. What makes a church2017/11/10

    As our Portlethen plant enters its 3rd week Vijay starts a series on what makes a church
  89. Bloom where you're planted2017/10/17

    In 2 Kings 5:1-4 we read about a young slave girl who flourished in circumstances not of her choosing. In the first of a three-part series, Florence considers seven characteristics shown by this girl, many of which could be helpful to us if we take them on board.
  90. Agents of Light - John Merson2017/10/05

    We're delighted to welcome John Merson to present God's word this morning
  91. A place called Gesthemane2017/09/25

    Gethsemane. A place of profound significance to Christians. In Gethsemane a mystery unfolded as the Son of God struggled with the will of God. What did Jesus anticipate that filled him with such dread? What were the dark forces that assaulted him? Join James as he continues his series in Mark’s Gospel by paying a visit to a place called Gethsemane.
  92. Frail-Strong Messenger2017/09/18

    The second in Vijay's series on evangelism
  93. Good News Bittersweet2017/09/15

    The first in a short series on Evangelism
  94. Christian Virtues - Kindness2017/09/05

    Vijay continues his series on Christian virtues - this week - Kindness
  95. Christian Virtues - Gratitude2017/09/05

    Vijay continues his series on the Christian Virtues
  96. Out with the old, in with the new2017/08/21
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  97. Psalm 139 - the Awe of God2017/08/17
  98. Extravagant Devotion2017/08/08

    A remarkable incident took place two days before Jesus' death when he was anointed with very expensive ointment by Mary, a disciple who showed her extravagant devotion to him by this act. But what of the others present? How did they react? What were their motives? What was the sequel? Join James as he "dissects" Mark 14:1-11.
  99. Trusting God ( Psalm 46)2017/07/31

    Vijay's exposition of Psalm 46
  100. Trusting God's Goodness2017/07/24

    Vijay's sermon from 23rd July
  101. Get a Life (Part 2)2017/07/16

    Florence concludes looking at Jesus' statement in John 10:10 that He has come so we may have life in abundance. She suggests three things that can stimulate our experience of living life to the full - getting to know God, being filled with His Spirit, and developing an eternal perspective.
  102. Get a Life ( Part 1)2017/07/08

    Florence looks at Jesus' statement in John 10:10 that He has come so we may have life in abundance. In part one of this two-part series, she considers three things that can stifle our experience of living life to the full - faulty thinking, unconfessed sin, and misplaced priorities.

  103. The King will come2017/06/26

    James continues his series in Mark's Gospel looking at the incredible teaching Jesus gave about future events in chapter 13. But Jesus doesn't give a clear timetable of events leading up to his glorious return at the end of history. Why? Just so that we are prepared for his return, whenever it is!
  104. Psalm 115–Glorifying God not Creation2017/06/19

    Daniel Patterson's talk from 11th June
  105. Virtues - Humility2017/06/08

    Vijay continues his series on the virtues - today he speaks about humility
  106. Wisdom for Worriers2017/05/16

    Is worry choking your faith? In this message Florence considers Jesus' teaching on worry in Matthew 6 and offers some practical suggestions for dealing with this issue.
  107. Hypocrisy or authenticity?2017/05/02

    When Jesus was confronted by a number of different people, some of whom were trying to trip him up and undermine his credibility, he used the opportunity to expose the true motives of his questioners. The challenge that comes to us is this: are we the real deal or are we religious hypocrites? Join James as he continues with his series on Mark’s Gospel, looking at chapter 12.
  108. Goodness2017/04/26

    Vijay from Sunday 23rd April 2017
  109. Victory in Christ2017/04/10

    What difference did Palm Sunday and the Cross make to the first Christians of the Roman Empire… and what difference does it make for us today?
  110. The Son of God rides in2017/04/10

    James continues his series in Mark’s Gospel by looking at the events Palm Sunday as recorded in Mark chapter 11. Jesus rode into Jerusalem and was hailed as the Messiah. But what kind of Messiah was he? What do the events of Palm Sunday tell us about his identity and what are the implications for us?
  111. The Weight of Waiting2017/03/27
  112. Habits of Virtue2017/03/21
  113. Virtue ( Continued)2017/03/16
  114. Virtue2017/03/08
  115. 26 Feb 2017 - Vijay2017/03/08
  116. Daniel Paterson - Genesis 32017/02/23
  117. Three descriptions of the Son of God  2017/02/16
  118. Living Securely in an Insecure World - part 42017/02/06
  119. Be strong and courageous2017/01/30
  120. Righteousness2017/01/24
  121. Press On 2017/01/15
  122. Lady Wisdom, Lord Jesus2016/12/12
  123. Psalm 1432016/12/05
  124. Vijay 27th Nov 20162016/11/29
  125. Four questions from the Son of God2016/11/21
  126. Living Securely in an Insecure World (part 2)2016/11/14
  127. The fear of The Lord2016/11/14
  128. 30th Oct 2016 AM - Virtue2016/10/30
  129. Living securely in an insecure world2016/10/27
  130. Four opinions about the Son of God2016/10/18
  131. Real Encouragement2016/10/12
  132. The parable of the sower2016/10/06
  133. The love of faith2016/10/06
  134. Daniel Patterson 25th September2016/10/01
  135. Esther2016/09/22
  136. Keeping Focus2016/09/22
  137. Ryan O'Hara interview2016/09/05
  138. Living to please God2016/09/05
  139. Vijay 28th August 20162016/08/30
  140. 14th August 20162016/08/20
  141. Four requests to the Son of God2016/08/09
  142. Need Patience?2016/08/04
  143. Stairway to Heaven2016/07/29
  144. Keep the Faith (1)2016/07/29
  145. Lord of All2016/07/04
  146. Sunday 19th June 20162016/06/23
  147. The Love Command2016/06/21
  148. Daniel Patterson 2016/06/07
  149. Faith, Hope and Love2016/06/07
  150. Vijay - 22nd May 20162016/05/22
  151. Sharing the Gospel with the least reached2016/05/22
  152. You have stayed long enough2016/05/10
  153. The Silent Voice2016/05/01
  154. Eight days after2016/04/19
  155. 2 Conversions2016/03/18
  156. Herod Antipas - 6th March 20162016/03/08
  157. Vijay - 28th Feb 20162016/03/08
  158. Running on Empty2016/02/21
  159. Daniel Patterson 14th Feb 20162016/02/21
  160. How the Gospel Brings change2016/02/11
  161. The Gospel ( Part 2)2016/02/02
  162. The Gospel2016/01/27
  163. This is Amazing Grace2016/01/18
  164. Vijay 10th Jan 20162016/01/13
  165. Each One Reach One2016/01/13
  166. Vijay - 13th December 20152015/12/17
  167. The forgotten hero of Christmas2015/12/11
  168. Vijay 29th Nov 20152015/12/01
  169. Being an effective witness in the workplace2015/11/27
  170. Salt and Light2015/11/16
  171. The Faith of Abraham2015/11/10
  172. In for the High Jump (Part 2)2015/11/10
  173. Cheri Young 18th Oct 2015 Evening service2015/10/19
  174. Running to Win2015/10/19
  175. In for the high jump (Part 1)2015/10/12
  176. Faith (Hebrews 11:1-6)2015/10/06
  177. Daniel Patterson 27th Sept 20152015/10/02
  178. Disorder - Genesis 3:1-242015/09/22
  179. Tumaini - Susan Wilson2015/09/22
  180. Sin2015/09/11
  181. Moral Design2015/09/03
  182. Design (Genesis 1 & 2)2015/08/24
  183. Our love for people2015/08/24
  184. Our Love for God2015/08/10
  185. The Love of God2015/08/03
  186. Peter's future as a disciple2015/07/27
  187. Peter's failure as a disciple2015/07/27
  188. Worship 2015/07/07
  189. God's Plan2015/06/22
  190. Does God have a plan for my life?2015/06/08
  191. Humble Trust 2015/06/08
  192. Vijay - 24th May 20152015/06/06
  193. Life at the end (Part 3)2015/05/22
  194. Hospitality2015/05/14
  195. WANTED: True Worshippers2015/05/06
  196. Life at the End2015/04/28
  197. Four responses to the Word of God2015/04/22
  198. You are not your own (Part 2)2015/04/05
  199. You are not your own2015/03/27
  200. Vijay 1st March 20152015/03/05
  201. The Message of Micah - Part 32015/02/23
  202. The Message of Micah - Part 22015/02/22
  203. Escaping judgement, embracing mercy2015/02/09
  204. The Undivided Heart (Haggai 2.10-19)2015/02/04
  205. Born into the Body of Christ2015/01/26
  206. Cultivating Hope (Romans 5.3-5)2015/01/22
  207. A Place for Everyone2015/01/11
  208. Vijay - 4th Jan 20152015/01/11
  209. Surprised by God (Matthew 1:18-24)2014/12/15
  210. What to pray...when you don't know what to pray (Part 2)2014/12/08
  211. All Things to All People2014/11/27
  212. Bridge Community Church - Glen Innes2014/11/19
  213. Vijay Pillai - 9th Nov 20142014/11/16
  214. Iain Gillespie - 2nd November 20142014/11/06
  215. What to pray... when you don't know what to pray (Part 1)2014/10/28
  216. Receive the kingdom of God like a child2014/10/20
  217. Four responses to the Son of God2014/10/20
  218. God works for good2014/10/14
  219. Be Fruitful and Multiply (Part 3)2014/10/14
  220. Be Fruitful and Multiply (Pt 2)2014/09/29
  221. Susan Boyd - 21st Sept 20142014/09/25
  222. Hallelujah for the cross2014/09/25
  223. Be Fruitful and Multiply2014/09/14
  224. Iain Gillespie - 31/8/20142014/08/31
  225. Living the New Jerusalem in advance2014/08/31
  226. Iain Gillespie - 17th August 2014/08/18
  227. Over the Rainbow2014/08/14
  228. A whole new world2014/08/04
  229. One last chance2014/07/30
  230. Storm clouds gathering2014/07/22
  231. Patience and Prayer2014/07/07
  232. Pride and Presumption2014/06/26
  233. Words and Wisdom2014/06/17
  234. Love and Live2014/06/11
  235. Tried and Tested2014/06/02
  236. Vijay - 25th May 20142014/05/26
  237. Living in hope2014/05/26
  238. The road to Emmaus2014/04/29
  239. The paradox of Palm Sunday2014/04/23
  240. Who needs self control?2014/04/09
  241. Joshua 4:1-242014/03/31
  242. Baby Dedication 24th March 20142014/03/24
  243. The temptation of Christ2014/03/17
  244. Psalm 145 2014/03/04
  245. Gently does it...2014/02/26
  246. Psalm 109 2014/02/24
  247. Psalm 1 - Vijay 2nd Feb 20142014/02/03
  248. Guidance2014/01/27
  249. Opportunity - Chris Swart2014/01/23
  250. Finding Stillness2014/01/16
  251. Vijay - 5th Jan 20142014/01/09
  252. Unwrapping Christmas - a peek behind the packaging2013/12/22
  253. Vijay Pillai - 8th December 20132013/12/11
  254. How long O Lord- part 22013/12/01
  255. Iain Gillespie 24th November 20132013/12/01
  256. How Long O Lord2013/11/22
  257. Yearning for God2013/11/12
  258. The day the church was born (part 4)2013/11/05
  259. The fruit of faithfulness2013/10/30
  260. Evening Service - 20th Oct 2013, David Young2013/10/22
  261. The Day The Church Was Born (part 3)2013/10/22
  262. Come down from the mountain2013/10/16
  263. Generous Discipleship (2 Corinthians 8.1-5)2013/10/02
  264. Douglas Hutcheon 22nd Sept 20132013/09/23
  265. Back to Basics - conclusion2013/09/22
  266. Living the Good Life2013/09/12
  267. Back to Basics - continued 2013/08/29
  268. The Day The Church Was Born (part 2)2013/08/11
  269. Kindness - wear it and bear it!!2013/08/09
  270. Allan Jack - 21st July 20132013/07/22
  271. The Gift of Faith (1 John 5:1-12)2013/07/22
  272. The Church is born !2013/07/04
  273. Faith and Love (1 John 4.16-21)2013/06/17
  274. The Holy Spirit of Love (1 John 3.24b-4.15)2013/06/17
  275. The Sacrifice of Love (1 John 3.11-24a)2013/06/17
  276. Resembling the Father (1 John 3:1-10)2013/06/02
  277. Believing the Truth (1 John 2:18-29)2013/05/23
  278. Living in the Light (1 John 2:7-17)2013/05/16
  279. Be Encouraged2013/05/07
  280. The Foolishness of the Cross (1 Cor 1:18-31)2013/05/07
  281. The song remains the same2013/04/19
  282. Celebrity Culture2013/04/01
  283. The Profile of a Believer (1 Jn 2:3-6)2013/03/12
  284. The Problem of Sin (1 Jn 1:8-2:2)2013/03/11
  285. Communing with Light (1 John 1:5-7)2013/02/26
  286. Perfect Peace2013/02/11
  287. More than you think2013/02/04
  288. Vijay's talk/David's testimony 2013/01/29
  289. What's so Amazing about Grace.. part 22013/01/21
  290. Work In Progress2013/01/18
  291. What’s so amazing about grace? 2013/01/07
  292. Joseph2013/01/07
  293. Generating Joy2012/12/18
  294. A Divided Heart, a Divided Legacy2012/12/03
  295. Andrew - a saint for all seasons2012/11/25
  296. Navigating Success2012/11/21
  297. The Balance of Confidence2012/11/21
  298. Alpha 8 - Healing2012/11/19
  299. Alpha 7 - Temptation2012/11/19
  300. Alpha 6 - How does God guide us?2012/11/19
  301. Knowing God2012/10/29
  302. Preparing the soil2012/10/22
  303. Imagine..2012/10/15
  304. When and how should I read the Bible2012/10/15
  305. Alpha 4 - Why do we Pray ?2012/10/08
  306. The Distorted Self 2012/10/08
  307. When God doesn't seem to care2012/10/03
  308. Alpha talk 3 - how can I be sure of my Faith?2012/09/28
  309. Rise and Shine2012/09/24
  310. Build an altar, break an altar2012/09/23
  311. Why did Jesus die? - Alpha talk 22012/09/23
  312. Alpha 2012 - Talk 1 - Who is Jesus2012/09/13
  313. The Ninety and Nine in the Wilderness2012/09/12
  314. Leave your Cave2012/09/03
  315. When life isn't fair2012/08/26
  316. Living Skillfully - Righteousness2012/08/26
  317. Abraham and Isaac2012/08/10
  318. Unity - Douglas Hutcheon2012/08/10
  319. Allan Jack at ACF 29th July 20122012/07/30
  320. When delay is OK2012/07/25
  321. When you don’t know how long2012/07/17
  322. Just Sleeping 2012/07/02
  323. When you don't know why2012/06/20
  324. The Wisdom of Friendship2012/06/10
  325. Wisdom of Kindness2012/05/29
  326. Douglas Hutcheon - 27th May 20122012/05/27
  327. Making Decisions2012/05/17
  328. The Wisdom of Contentment2012/05/11
  329. Wisdom's Foundation2012/05/01
  330. : The Way of Wisdom2012/05/01
  331. Peter: from directionlessness to discipleship2012/04/19
  332. Obedience, the Gift of Thanksgiving2012/03/26
  333. Encountering Jesus in the Ordinary2012/03/23
  334. Raising of Lazarus (pt. 2)2012/03/06
  335. Iain Gillespie 26th Feb 20122012/03/05
  336. Love2012/02/22
  337. The Raising of Lazarus (pt 1)2012/02/22
  338. The Light that Gives True Sight2012/02/13
  339. Courage 2012/02/07
  340. Thomas - from disbelief to doxology2012/02/07
  341. The Light of the World Gives Sight2012/02/01
  342. Faith that Finishes2012/01/25
  343. Encountering Jesus in the Storm2012/01/20
  344. Book of Ruth - Iain 8th Jan 20122012/01/12
  345. Getting that Christmas feeling2011/12/12
  346. There's something about Mary2011/12/06
  347. Knowing God in the Incarnation (Heb 1.1-4)2011/12/06
  348. Faith that Fails2011/11/27
  349. The Feeding of the Five Thousand John 6:1-152011/11/22
  350. The Emmaus Two - from discouragement to dynamism2011/11/15
  351. How’s your love life? 2011/11/10
  352. Tear Fund presentation2011/11/10
  353. A Sabbath Healing2011/11/02
  354. True Worship2011/11/02
  355. Faith that Follows2011/10/17
  356. Mary Magdalene - from despair to delight2011/10/12
  357. Message and Testimonies from baptismal service2011/10/06
  358. Faith that Fears2011/09/29
  359. Believing is Seeing2011/09/29
  360. The Identity of the King2011/09/27
  361. Did God actually order the 'genocide' of the Canaanites?2011/09/08
  362. Worship2011/09/06
  363. How do the Old and New Testaments relate to each other?2011/08/31
  364. The Storm2011/08/30
  365. Back to School with God 2011 - Gillian Mackenzie2011/08/22
  366. Evangelism - Malcolm 21 Aug 20112011/08/22
  367. Colossians - Iain Gillespie2011/08/18
  368. For the want of a nail 2011/08/08
  369. The Inadequate Messenger2011/08/08
  370. God's Story2011/08/01
  371. The Message2011/08/01
  372. The Service of the King2011/07/18
  373. Evangelism - Brian Boyd2011/07/18
  374. Bob - 5th July 2010 Evening Service2011/07/06
  375. Colossians - Chapter 2 5th July 20112011/07/06
  376. The Message ( "Good News" Casting)2011/06/23
  377. Colossians Part 62011/06/21
  378. Satisfaction Guaranteed!2011/06/05
  379. Cure for Daydreamers2011/06/02
  380. Never Let Go2011/06/02
  381. A Cure for Sleepwalking2011/05/24
  382. G-I-A-N-T Steps2011/05/15
  383. The true character of God2011/05/15
  384. Encountering God in the wilderness2011/05/05
  385. The Compassion of the King2011/05/03
  386. What is the real church?2011/04/25
  387. The Worship of the King2011/04/18
  388. Men are from Mars2011/04/05
  389. Down But Not Out2011/04/05
  390. Malcolm Webb's Testimony2011/03/22
  391. Rev I.W. Falope2011/03/22
  392. Being in God's Presence2011/03/14
  393. Grounded Love 2011/03/07
  394. Resist Compromise2011/03/01
  395. Finding Our Dependence on God2011/02/22
  396. Resolute in Suffering2011/02/22
  397. The Exaltation of the King2011/02/13
  398. Unwavering Love2011/02/07
  399. Excellent Love2011/01/30
  400. The Lord's Prayer2011/01/24
  401. Who Cares? - Fiona 16th Jan 20112011/01/18
  402. Fire and Water2011/01/16
  403. Colossians Part 3 Reconciled with God2011/01/10
  404. Perseverance: Keeping the Faith2011/01/02
  405. Bizarre Fruit - Pete 2nd Jan 20112011/01/02
  406. Facing the Future2010/12/26
  407. The Gift 2010/12/19
  408. The Real Christmas Miracle2010/12/12
  409. Seeking God in the Silence2010/12/06
  410. How can I have Faith?2010/12/06
  411. What's With Mary?2010/11/28
  412. Pressing to Jesus2010/11/21
  413. An Engaged Church is a Growing Church2010/11/21
  414. Alpha 2010 - Session 10 - What about the Church?2010/11/17
  415. Goaded by God2010/11/14
  416. Alpha 2010 - Session 9 - Does God heal today?2010/11/10
  417. Running the Race2010/11/07
  418. Alpha 2010 - Session 7 - How can I resist evil?2010/11/03
  419. How to Miss a Miracle2010/10/31
  420. Alpha 2010 - Session 6 - How does God guide us?2010/10/27
  421. Jesus is the Christ2010/10/24
  422. Alpha 2010 - Session 5 - Why and how should I read the Bible?2010/10/20
  423. Jesus Loves Me This I Know2010/10/17
  424. How Can I Be Humble?2010/10/17
  425. They're Coming to Get You!2010/10/10
  426. Alpha 2010 - Session 4 - Why and How do I Pray?2010/10/06
  427. Encouragement2010/10/03
  428. Walking on Water2010/10/03
  429. Alpha 2010 - Session 3 - How can we have Faith?2010/09/29
  430. Meeting God at the Altar2010/09/26
  431. Alpha 2010 - Session 2 - Why did Jesus Die?2010/09/22
  432. Praise the LORD2010/09/19
  433. Testimony of Graham Cuthill2010/09/19
  434. Alpha 2010 - Session 1 - Who is Jesus?2010/09/15
  435. Christ is all that Matters2010/09/12
  436. Submission & the Road to Healing2010/09/05
  437. Being With Jesus2010/08/31
  438. How Can I Be Happy?2010/08/24
  439. The Main Thing Part 5 - Abundant Living Now!2010/08/13
  440. Vijay 18th July 2010 - A Surrendered sinner2010/07/20
  441. Vijay 11th July 2010 - Reasons for Gratitude2010/07/20
  442. Vijay 4th July 2010 - Dealing with difficulty2010/07/04
  443. Andy Hayes at IBC 27th June 20102010/06/27
  444. The World to Come2010/06/20
  445. The Main Thing Part 4 - Good Times, Bad Times - but He is with me2010/06/13
  446. Who Do You Think You Are? Part 3 - It's All in the Mind!2010/05/23
  447. Resurrection2010/05/16
  448. Iain Gillespie - 09.05.20102010/05/09
  449. The Return of Christ2010/05/02
  450. The Main Thing Part 3 - Need Guidance?2010/04/25
  451. Hope2010/04/18
  452. Who Do You Think You Are? Part 2 - Self-worth, security and significance2010/04/11
  453. Waiting for Sunday2010/04/04
  454. Church Planting: Establishing Kingdom Colonies2010/03/28
  455. The Glory and Goodness of God2010/03/14
  456. Evangelism: Telling God's Story (Pt. 3)2010/03/07
  457. Evangelism: Telling God's Story (Pt. 2)2010/02/28
  458. The Christian and Worry2010/02/21
  459. Evangelism: Telling God's Story2010/02/14
  460. Iain Gillespie - 7th February 20102010/02/07
  461. World Missions: Leaving Home for Christ2010/01/31
  462. Who Do You Think You Are? Part 1 - Image is Everything!2010/01/24
  463. The Missionary God2010/01/18
  464. The Main Thing Part 2 - As Good As New2010/01/10
  465. God is in Control, Now Live Like He is!2010/01/03
  466. War Against the World2009/12/13
  467. Jonah - Part 62009/12/06
  468. The Flesh: The Enemy Within2009/11/29
  469. The Main Thing Part 1 - James 21st Nov 20092009/11/22
  470. Jonah for Grown-Ups - Part 52009/11/08
  471. Spiritual Warfare: Kingdoms in Conflict2009/11/01
  472. Why should we follow Jesus? Ian Gillespie 25th Oct 20092009/10/25
  473. Why? A study in the life of Job (Final instalment), James 11th Oct 20092009/10/11
  474. Vijay Pillai - 04 October 09 - Suffering: The Forge of Holiness2009/10/05
  475. Ian Gillespie - 20 September 09 - Knowing The Love Of God2009/09/20
  476. Robert Smith - 13 September 09 - Issachar People2009/09/13
  477. Marks of Disciples - Vijay - 6th September '092009/09/06
  478. Jonah for Grown-Ups: A Story of God's Outrageous Grace - Part 42009/08/24
  479. Why Should I Live For Christ? - Iain Gillespie2009/08/16
  480. Social Holiness 2009/08/09
  481. WHY? - Job Part 5 - James MacKenzie2009/08/02
  482. Personal Holiness2009/07/26
  483. Jonah for Grown-ups: a story of God's outrageous grace - Part 32009/07/12
  484. The Christian Life: Call to Holiness2009/07/05
  485. Seeing God In Our Lives - Iain Gillespie2009/06/21
  486. Baby Dedication - Eyes Fixed on Jesus Sermon2009/06/14
  487. Baptism Testimonies & Abundant Life Sermon2009/06/07
  488. WHY? - Job part 4 - James2009/05/31
  489. Confession: Knowing God's Forgiveness and Healing2009/05/24
  490. Walk the Talk - Colin 17th May 092009/05/17
  491. Prayer: Conversation with God2009/05/10
  492. Jonah for Grown-ups: a story of God's outrageous grace - part 22009/05/03
  493. Reading Our Life in Light of God's Story2009/04/26
  494. Easter Message: Resisting the Risen Saviour2009/04/12
  495. Suffering of Christ - Iain Gillespie2009/04/05
  496. Robert Smith 29th March 20092009/03/29
  497. Spiritual Disciplines: Between Legalism and License2009/03/22
  498. We Want To See Jesus - Iain Gillespie2009/03/15
  499. Communion: Remembering the Work of Christ2009/03/08
  500. Jonah for Grown ups: a story of God's outrageous grace.2009/03/01
  501. Practice - Worship seminar 25.02.092009/02/25
  502. WHY? Job part 2: With friends like these...2009/02/22
  503. Taking Holy Risks - Vijay 19.02.092009/02/15
  504. Employment - Colin 08.02.092009/02/08
  505. Revival - Iain Gillespie 01.02.092009/02/01
  506. Worship Seminar - Part 2, Martin Clarke 28 Jan 20092009/01/28
  507. Every Picture tells a story - Florence - 25.01.092009/01/25
  508. 24x7 Worship - Martin Clarke 21 Jan 20092009/01/21
  509. Richard - 18th Jan 20092009/01/19
  510. Why? - A study in the life of Job - James 11.05.092009/01/11
  511. 4 Surprises in the First Christmas2008/12/21
  512. Putting Christ back into Christmas - Colin 21.12.082008/12/21
  513. Christmas Past, Present and Future - James2008/12/14
  514. Martha - a picture of busyness - Florence 07.12.082008/12/07
  515. Ian Gillespie 30th Nov 20082008/11/30
  516. Psalm 23 - Ian Gillespie 23.11.082008/11/23
  517. Testimony - Pete 16th Nov 20082008/11/16
  518. The God Who Works All Things for Good, Vijay 6th Nov 20082008/11/16
  519. The Crazy Claims of Christ - Concluded, James 9th Nov 20082008/11/09
  520. Baptism the Sign of the New Covenant - Vijay 2nd November 20082008/11/02
  521. Zacchaeus: a picture of a new beginning - Florence 26th Oct 20082008/10/26
  522. Faith Facing Fire - Vijay 19th Oct 20082008/10/19
  523. The Crazy Claims of Christ - James 12th Oct 20082008/10/12
  524. 5th Oct 2008 Mary of Nazareth - a picture of purpose2008/10/05
  525. A Message of encouragement - Colin 21st Sep 20082008/09/21
  526. Back to School with God - Andy Bathgate 31st Aug 20082008/08/31
  527. Connecting with the community - James Duce 24th Aug 20082008/08/24
  528. Step-Out team - end of week service2008/08/17
  529. Baby Dedication service - 10th August 20082008/08/10
  530. The Church: The Spiritual Gifts in Perspective2008/08/03
  531. Back to School with God - Andy Bathgate 31st Aug 20082008/07/31
  532. You are Who You Obey - Vijay 27th July 20082008/07/27
  533. The Crazy Claims of Christ - Part 8, James 20th July 20082008/07/20
  534. Church: The Community of the Spiritual Gifts - Vijay 13th July 20082008/07/14
  535. Keeping it Real - Robert Smith 29th June 20082008/06/29
  536. Baptism - 22nd June 20082008/06/22
  537. 22nd June 2008, Habakkuk - a picture of confidence, Florence2008/06/22
  538. Church: The Family of God - Vijay 15th June 20082008/06/15
  539. The 3rd Commandment - Colin 8th June 20082008/06/08
  540. The Crazy Claims of Christ - Part 7, James 1st June 20082008/06/01
  541. Every Picture Tells a Story: Naomi - a picture of survival, Florence 25th May 20082008/05/25
  542. The Holy Spirit - The Spirit Filled Life - Vijay 18th May 20082008/05/18
  543. The Crazy Claims of Christ - Part 6 - James 11th May 20082008/05/11
  544. The Holy Spirit: The Promise of the Father - Vijay 4th May 20082008/05/04
  545. Joseph - a picture of commitment - Florence, 27th April 20082008/04/27
  546. 20th April 2008 - James. The Crazy Claims of Christ ... Continued2008/04/20
  547. What the Cross Does Inside Us - Vijay 13th April 20082008/04/13
  548. Easter 2008 - Vijay2008/03/23
  549. Living for God - Iain Gillespie 9th March 20082008/03/09
  550. The Cross and the Defeat of Satan - Vijay 2nd March 20082008/03/02
  551. The Crazy Claims of Christ Part 4- James 24th Feb 20082008/02/24
  552. 7 Reasons why we give - Vijay 17th Feb 20082008/02/17
  553. No Other Name ... Colin 10th Feb 20082008/02/13
  554. Justice and Mercy at the Cross - Vijay 27th Jan 20082008/01/27
  555. The Crazy Claims of Christ - Part 3 - James 20th Jan 20082008/01/20
  556. 13th Jan 2008 - Colin2008/01/13
  557. The Crazy Claims of Christ - Part 2 James 17th Dec 20072007/12/17
  558. The Splendour of the King - Colin 2nd Dec 20072007/12/02
  559. Why does the Trinity Matter? - Vijay 25th Nov 20072007/11/25
  560. The Crazy Claims of Christ - Part 1 - James 18th Nov 20072007/11/19
  561. 12th Nov 07 - Ian Garden2007/11/12
  562. Church Vision Meeting - 6th November 20072007/11/07
  563. An Awesome God Who Rewards Faithfulness - James 7th Oct 20072007/10/08
  564. Building on Bedrock: The Bible - Vijay 30th Sept 20072007/09/30
  565. An Awesome God who gives courage - James 23rd Sept 20072007/09/23
  566. An Awesome God Who Restores His People, James 12th Aug 20072007/08/12
  567. What it means to be a Christian Vijay 5th August 20072007/08/05
  568. Ephesians - Mark DeNeui 29th July 20072007/08/02
  569. The meaning of the cross - James 22nd July 20072007/08/02
  570. A Costly Sacrifice - Vijay 15th July 20072007/07/15
  571. Spiritual Fitness - Richard 8th July 20072007/07/08
  572. Busyness - Vijay 1st July 20072007/07/01
  573. The God who uses unlikely people 24th June 2007 - Colin McKerracher2007/06/24
  574. The Eternal Unchanging God - Vijay 17th June 20072007/06/18
  575. Sacrifice - Abe Kuruvilla 10th June 20072007/06/11
  576. Spiritual Fitness - Richard 25th May 20072007/05/28
  577. The Radiant Church - Vijay 20th May 20072007/05/20
  578. Jude - Pete Williams 13th May 20072007/05/13
  579. An Awesome God Who Displays His Power2007/05/07
  580. An Awesome God who hears and answers prayer - James 29/4/20072007/05/02
  581. The gift of service, Vijay 22nd April 20072007/04/23
  582. The Wide and Narrow paths - Colin 15th April 20072007/04/16
  583. The only side of the coin, Vijay 18th march 20072007/03/26
  584. An Awesome God Who Protects and Provides2007/03/11
  585. Use it or lose it - Vijay 4th March 20072007/03/04
  586. Call to generosity - Vijay 25th Feb 20072007/02/25
  587. Happiness is... James 18th Feb 20072007/02/18
  588. Spiritual Workout - Richard 4th Feb 20072007/02/07
  589. The Local Church - Colin 28 Jan 20072007/01/29
  590. Happiness is... James 21 Jan 20072007/01/21
  591. Ploughing the fallow ground - Richard 7th Jan 20072007/01/07
  592. The Heart of Christmas - Richard 20th Dec 20062006/12/21
  593. Christmas - James 17 Dec 20062006/12/17
  594. Friendship (Part 2) - Richard 10th Dec 20062006/12/10
  595. MANDATE review - 3rd December 20062006/12/04
  596. Friendship - Richard Taylor 26th November 20062006/11/26
  597. What the Persecuted Church Teaches Us - Vijay Pillai 19th November 20062006/11/20
  598. Psalms - James Mackenzie 12th Nov 20062006/11/19
  599. Proverbs - Richard Taylor 7 June 062006/07/28
  600. Parables - Colin McKerrachar 4 June 20062006/07/28
  601. Dealing with Disappointment - Vijay Pillai 7 May 062006/07/28
  602. Proverbs - Richard Taylor 30 April 062006/07/28
  603. Colossians 14 - James Mackenzie 23 April 062006/07/28
  604. Colossians- James Mackenzie -28 May 062006/05/28
  605. Proverbs - Richard Taylor - 21 May 062006/05/25
Sermons from Aberdeen Christian Fellowship
We are an evangelical church associated with the Baptist Union of Scotland and situated in the city of Aberdeen, Scotland. Our worship services, fellowship opportunities, outreach programmes and courses to aid lifelong maturity are driven by our central passion: to make, mature and mobilise followers of Jesus Christ from the whole city.

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