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  1. My Friend Steve Hirshon and Me on the Air2018/02/22
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  2. Hukkin’ a Chainek wraps (includes “10 In Under 5”) featuring Dave Wade, Jessica Lockhart, and, of course, Steve Hirshon2017/11/10

    This is it for morning drive time! Coming up soon and an afternoon Talk show, continuing to carry The Lorenzo Commentaries . Details to be announced.

    Thank you Steve!
  3. In The Dark2017/11/02

    The penultimate Hukkin’ a Chainek RenzComm episode'
  4. Oy! Phone2017/10/26

    Thanks to all, we made our Begathon goal!
  5. Interview with Nick Prueher of the Found Footage Festival, tomorrow at Space2017/10/11
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  6. Krispy, for awhile2017/10/04

    HOT NOW!
  7. Dropping in on Steve (includes "Buy the Pound" from 2014) live on WMPG2017/09/14

    Tune in next week, I'll be subbing for Steve!

  8. Sayonara Summer '172017/09/07

    R.I.P. Walter Becker, Jerry Lewis, Shelly Berman
  9. A Short One...2017/08/30

    ...while I was away.
  10. "My Song" 10th anniversary 2017/08/24

    Golden Minidisc Award winner from August 2007!!
  11. Maine Youth Rock Orchestra interview/Luuuuke!2017/08/17

    Thanks to Kevin Oates.

    WMPG needs podcasts, because no one chose to air this before the concert!
  12. Chips! 20172017/08/11

    sorry for the less than stellar sound quality!
  13. Normal2017/08/02


  14. Encore from April '17: 20232017/07/27

    Next week: chip taste off!
  15. Podcast Exclusive: How You Doin'?!2017/07/20

  16. Podcast Exclusive: Post-Remembrance Thoughts2017/07/13
  17. Lorenzo R. Raffa Tribute (1934-2017)2017/07/04

    This Saturday is my Dad's Rememberence in New York put together by my brother Don.

    Here's my tribute.
  18. A Birthday Surprise 2017/06/29

  19. From 2004: I Didn't Have a Heart Attack2017/06/22
  20. From July 2010: Backstage with Ween's Dave Dreiwitz2017/06/07

    Seeing them again 6/10/17 on Thompson's Point (Thanks, Garbage to Garden!!)!
  21. Truckin' 22017/05/26

    didn't load last night but it's loading now...so here it is!
  22. A pre-Dax Encore: FOMO20152017/05/18
  23. Untrashed2017/05/11

    Thank you Seincast for the shout-out!
  24. As 60 Approaches...2017/05/04

  25. 20232017/04/27

    Be there!
  26. Encore from October 2016: Wicked Thoughts2017/04/20

    That was a great night!
  27. Three Score and...2017/04/13

    When you come to Tommy's the holiday's forever!
  28. Spring Me!2017/04/06

    An April Fool's Day snowstorm? How cruel!
  29. Eighteen Documented Deliveries2017/03/30

    Thanks to all!
  30. Encore with New Intro: AKA Buddy2017/03/23

    Miss you Dad. So much.
  31. One Angry Man2017/03/09

    That's right, Begathon March 16 to 23!
  32. Encore: Not 4/20 Yet2017/03/02

    Great Mardi Gras at MPG this week!
  33. Florida Summed Up and Steve Rants 2017/02/24

    Live on WMPG Portland, Maine wmpg.org
  34. Sunshine v. Vacationland2017/02/16

    Baby be home soon!
  35. Winter Plans2017/02/09

    Sorry in advance if you're listening in the Sunshine state!
  36. Not 4/20 Yet2017/02/02

    It's not quite the full Vacationland yet.
  37. Post-Party Vibes2017/01/26

    How many Weight Watchers points in a feast?
  38. Later That January2017/01/19

    Meanwhile we still have Paul LePage!
  39. Two Rules2017/01/11

    OK, there's probably more.
  40. One Decade on: Real Time, a commentary from 1/4/20072017/01/05

    Here we are, one divorce, two vehicles, one marriage, two employers, one relocation, and two grandchildren later.

    And I lost my 160 gig iPod!
  41. Happy New Year, Dr. H!2016/12/29

    Yes, bad old ear, too!
  42. Xmas Double Feature: Branded!/Oh! The Bells2016/12/22

  43. The LeeVees interview with Adam Gardner2016/12/14

    At Port City Music Hall, Portland, Maine 12/18/16
  44. Branded!2016/12/01

    Bye bye, Big Blue.
  45. Thanksgiving w/Steve 20162016/11/24

    Live on WMPG. Stream the entire show archived on wmpg.org!
  46. We Made a Movie! Pt. 42016/11/17

  47. Later That Day2016/11/10

  48. Lorenzo, Steve, and the Russian Journalists2016/11/04

    Live on WMPG.

  49. We Made A Movie 3 (Phoner live on WMPG)2016/10/27

    If you can't make it to the Portland Museum of Art 11/1/16 at 4pm (call 8741065 to RSVP) catch "The Reel Snow White" on YouTube:

  50. Wicked Thoughts2016/10/20

    Live, digitally, from Boston!
  51. Encore: Alone in the Crowd2016/10/13

    I'm on vacation next week, but will have a new episode!
  52. ...and I approve this Commentary 2016/10/06

  53. MAB Me!2016/09/29

    I won!!!!!
  54. Don't Forget the Blues, Y'all 2016/09/29

    My Tribute to Myron, which took third place as Best Feature at last Saturday's Maine Association of Broadcasters Awards.
  55. Begathon Fall 20162016/09/23

    Live on WMPG, please call to support us 207-874-3000 and tell 'em the The Lorenzo Commentaries Podcast sent ya!

    on to the Maine Association of Broadcasrers Awards!
  56. Catching Up2016/09/14

    Why Brother John, why?
  57. End of Summer encore: Do not go gentle...2016/09/08

    Well, we never returned, but I hope we go again next year!
  58. Good News, Bad News, Good News2016/09/01

    Numbers of downloads seem to dropping every month....please spread the word!
  59. Summer Knees2016/08/24

    I'm enjoying summer, but I wish it would rain!

  60. R.I.P. The Nightly Show: Up Late with Lorenzo reedit from October 20152016/08/18

    Thanks Larry, you gave it 100!

  61. New Car Smell 100,000 Miles Edition2016/08/11

    10 years, really?!
  62. The 2016 Olympchips!2016/08/05

    Flavors from Brazil, Greece, China, and India.

    And we eat 'em before 8 am!
  63. On Location2016/07/28

    summer good.

    Mosquitos bad.
  64. Dax meets Steve, Steve meets Dax2016/07/22

    Too bad he had a binky in his mouth (Dax, I mean).
  65. A Tight 3 Months2016/07/14

    A short one with a lot of heart.
  66. Do not go gentle...2016/07/07

    Sea Dogs, Yard Goats, Fisher Cats!
  67. Encore from June 2015 with new intro: POTUS2016/06/30

    Be back full time soon!
  68. Encore: Up Late with Lorenzo (edited from October 2015)2016/06/23

    Taking a bit of a summer break. Enjoy!
  69. A Fathers' Day Encore: My Dad Visits WMPG2016/06/16

    Happy Fathers' Dad

    Happy Birthday Steve...and Me!
  70. The Adventures of Papa and Zinga2016/06/08

    The one benefit of getting old(er)!
  71. The Adventures of Papa and Zinga2016/06/08

    The one benefit of getting old(er)!
  72. Monkees, Boston, And Cali2016/06/02

    Sorry the conversation starts about a minute in; I had a recording glitz I've never encountered before...
  73. Encore: Talking Woodstock with John Lehman (full interview)2016/05/19

    On this, the 3rd anniversary of John's passing, I repay this great recollection of John's participation in history.

    Next week, subbing Hukkin a Chainek, I present an all Monkees show on the eve of the release of Good Times.

    2016...the year of The Monkees!
  74. More of the Monkees2016/05/12

    My mania continues!
  75. Hey Hey They're Back!2016/05/04

    2016: The Year. of the Monkees


  76. Encore: Goodbye Second Rectangle2016/04/28

    Update: still rocking the smart phone, enjoy having data on the
    go. Still miss the iPod Touch, though.
  77. Don't Forget the Blues, Y'All2016/04/21

    He was the best!
  78. We Made a Movie, part 22016/04/14

    live on WMPG

    RIP Myron Samuels
  79. We Made a Movie!2016/04/07

    Thanks Sprout!

    Thanks Spurwink!
  80. Adieu Lisa2016/03/31

    An inspiration!
  81. Mangia!2016/03/24

    We haven't yet made our goal, so you may still donate at wmpg.org.
  82. Primary ME!2016/03/10

    Can you guess which primary I attended?
  83. Chips, Water, Pot, and Grace.2016/03/04

    Lorenzo, Steve and newsreader Grace taste 8 varieties of chips in Lays latest promotion, the FlavorSwap live on WMPG . The conversation wanders to Poland Spring water, the f'd up marijuana referendum, and the candidates overtaking Maine pre-caucus. Bon appetit!
  84. Goodbye Second Rectangle2016/02/25

    You haven't seen it, have you?
  85. Mardi Gras 20162016/02/11

    I'm still digesting!

  86. Winning, Not Whining (well, maybe a little)2016/02/04

    welcome, C.I.C.!
  87. Lynn's Knee & Me2016/01/21

    Visit the new wmpg.org!
  88. The new wmpg.org!2016/01/14

    it's amazing!
  89. Live on WMPG: Renz, Steve, and Duke on TV, pot, and creepy Xmas tunes2016/01/09

    happy New Year inter webs! I missed you!

  90. Oh! The Bells (2015 Hukkin' a Chainek edit)2015/12/17

    An extended dance mix of the O!tB currently running on WMPG.
  91. Edited Encore: Happy!2015/12/10

    This version is a bit tighter. That also makes me happy!
  92. Gobbling Up2015/12/03

    on to Chrisrmas!
  93. Thanksgiving w/Lorenzo & Steve live on WMPG 2015/11/26

    have a happy!
  94. Your Lay's joke here...2015/11/19

    A simple diversion from life's sometimes sad realities.
  95. Zilch!2015/11/12

    anyone have a spare Blu Ray player?
  96. Not a Stand Up Guy (now with more stand-up!)2015/11/05
  97. Up Late with Lorenzo2015/10/29

    Miss you, Dave!
  98. Another Year, Another Adventure2015/10/22

    I love you, Sweetie!
  99. From May 2014: Forever Young2015/10/15

    Still miss ya, buddy!
  100. Happy!😊2015/10/08


  101. Fall 2015 Begathon excerpt 2015/10/03

    Call 207-874-3000 and tell 'em The Lorenzo Commentaries Podcast sent ya! Help keep community radio alive!!
  102. 81!2015/09/24

  103. Inside Out...one week removed2015/09/17

    Sorry about last week...it's all explained within.
  104. VideoParty!2015/09/02

    I'll be exausted, but I'll be there!
  105. Incredibly Strange!2015/08/20

    Fare thee well, Videoport!
  106. Not a Stand Up Guy2015/08/13

    No, I'm not talking about Donald Trump!
  107. A pre-Portland Lights Festival chat with Guster's Adam Gardner2015/08/06

    Adam Gardner. What a mensch!

    The Portland Lights Festival promoters? Not so much.
  108. Welcome Dax! (Live on WMPG)2015/08/01

    Vacation's not over yet but I couldn't stay away.

    i got half as many downloads in July as I did in June. What's up?
  109. Trips 'n' Chips2015/07/16

    Two of my favorite things: grand babies and weird potato chip flavor so!
  110. Fare Thee Well2015/07/10

    Recorded live on WMPG's Hukkin a Chainek 7/9/15. Steve and my final (virtual) Grateful Dead experience.
  111. FOMO 20152015/07/02
  112. POTUS2015/06/25
  113. POTUS2015/06/25
  114. Fathers' Day Personified2015/06/19
  115. I Don't Know What to Call This One!2015/06/04
  116. A Good Night's Work2015/05/28
  117. Pants No More!2015/05/21
  118. Pants part deux2015/05/14
  119. Goodbye to Pants!2015/05/07
  120. The Interview 22015/04/30
  121. Record Store Day2015/04/16
  122. Spurwink's 5th Annual Sprout Touring Film Festival Interview2015/04/09
  123. Promo for 5th Annual Sprout Traveling Film Festival 2015/04/02
  124. Two More...One and a Half, Really2015/03/25
  125. 10 in under 52015/03/19
  126. (I'm a) Loser2015/03/11
  127. Alone in the Crowd2015/02/26
  128. A Snowy Flashback (inc. excerpt from Feb. 2011's "Let It Stop! Let It Stop!! Let It Stop!!!")2015/02/19
  129. The Reel Snow White2015/02/12
  130. Encore from 2014: An Old Kid2015/02/05
  131. Naming It2015/01/29
  132. After the Adam-Bomb (a podcast exclusive!)2015/01/23
  133. Interview w/Adam Gardner: Guster's new album Evermotion2015/01/15
  134. Not All the News is Bad2015/01/08
  135. Good Riddance 2014!2015/01/03
  136. An Old Kid?2014/12/11
  137. When It Was Fab2014/12/04
  138. Streaming on Thanksgiving '14 w/Lorenzo and Steve2014/11/27
  139. It's Like, You Know2014/11/13
  140. Stay Calm...2014/11/06
  141. Transitions2014/10/29
  142. Close Enough2014/10/22
  143. The L Word2014/10/09
  144. 80!2014/09/25
  145. Fall '14 Begathon Diaries (a podcast exclusive!)2014/09/19
  146. Not So New Car Smell2014/09/11
  147. Renz, Steve, Walter, and Donald (live on WMPG)2014/09/04
  148. Encore from '09: Summer So Far2014/08/27
  149. The Spark2014/08/22
  150. Chips! (Hukkin' a Chainek Mix)2014/08/15
  151. Lay's Do Me A Flavor Chip Taste Test w/Steve and Dale Live on WMPG2014/08/08
  152. Albatross!2014/07/31
  153. 10th Anniversary Commentary (Recorded live on WMPG)2014/07/26
  154. Everything and Nothing2014/07/17
  155. Ungifted2014/07/03
  156. Interview with Ruth Libby of Ruth's Reusable Resources 2014/06/20
  157. Raw Audio: Chat w/Adam Gardner at Clash of the Titans + "Center of Attention" feat. Adam & Empire house band2014/06/13
  158. Class of '142014/06/05
  159. Here's to Journeys2014/05/29
  160. Encore from May 2011: Truckin'2014/05/15
  161. A Phone Smarter Than Me2014/05/08
  162. Forever Young.2014/05/03
  163. 40!2014/04/24
  164. Record Store Day Interview w/Chris Brown 20122014/04/17
  165. Sprout 2014 Traveling Film Festival interview with Anthony DiSalvo2014/04/10
  166. UnConventional...but then.2014/04/03
  167. A Minute for Spring2014/04/03
  168. Found Footage Fest Interview w Nick Prueher2014/03/21
  169. unConventional2014/03/14
  170. A Fat, Cold Tuesday2014/03/07
  171. Party, Party, Party!2014/02/27
  172. Maine Loves Movies2014/02/20
  173. It Was 50 Years ago...2014/02/13
  174. The Snow & I2014/02/06
  175. I'd Like to Thank the Academy...2014/01/23
  176. Crouxnuts (original version)2014/01/16
  177. DJLR2014/01/09
  178. My 20132014/01/02
  179. Oh The Bells (2013 reedit for WMPG Reports)2013/12/18
  180. Third Time's the Charm?2013/12/12
  181. Renz and Steve interview USM Prof. David Pierson about Breaking Bad2013/12/06
  182. Thanksgivakkah message2013/11/29
  183. New at the News2013/11/21
  184. Lorenzo's First ComicCon 2013/11/14
  185. Lorenzo and Steve anticipate Their 1st ComicCon2013/11/07
  186. Crys is 30!!!2013/11/06
  187. Live fromMy Couch, 10/30/13 12:29pm2013/11/01
  188. The Lost Orlando File2013/10/24
  189. A Perfect 102013/10/10
  190. BrBa2013/09/26
  191. Buy the Pound2013/09/20
  192. FOMO2013/09/11
  193. Quick Annoucement2013/09/06
  194. Supermarker Sweep!2013/08/23
  195. Oh, You Tart!2013/08/16
  196. The Cell Out!2013/08/08
  197. From July 2012: Truckin'2013/08/01
  198. Goodbye to Goodbyes2013/07/26
  199. A World a Little Less Reasonable2013/07/19
  200. Driving Along2013/07/11
  201. Dear 'ol Dad2013/07/03
  202. Stayca2013/06/28
  203. The PROM (Post-Radio Open Mic)2013/06/13
  204. Radio Open mic pre-show promo live w/ Steve2013/06/06
  205. ...Continuing...2013/05/30
  206. John Lehman Remembered2013/05/23
  207. From May '09: Trumped2013/05/16
  208. Laid Off at Dunder Mifflin2013/05/08
  209. My Name is Lorenzo and...2013/05/04
  210. Lorenzo and Steve Talk Sprout Film Fest and soooo much more!2013/04/25
  211. Seven Days2013/04/18
  212. Food, Glorious Food (Encore w/new intro)2013/04/11
  213. Special!2013/04/05
  214. The Last Hero2013/03/28
  215. Promo, Promo, Promo.2013/03/14
  216. Something's Rotten2013/03/08
  217. Something's Rotten2013/03/08
  218. Something's Rotten2013/03/07
  219. Who Might Be Nez (live w/Steve on WMPG)2013/03/01
  220. Lorenzo on DESERT ISLAND DISCS 2/11/132013/02/22
  221. Steve & Renz Eat Snacks2013/02/22
  222. Only 82013/02/15
  223. How Can I Miss You...?2013/02/07
  224. From Summer '04: Lorenzo at the Festival of Cultural Exchange2013/01/30
  225. From 6/07: Lorenzo is 50!!!2013/01/27
  226. How I Spent My Medical Leave (from 6/2012) 2013/01/17
  227. 2012 in Verse2013/01/11
  228. Oh, the Bells! (reedited from 2011)2012/12/20
  229. Encore from Dec. '11:Oh, The Bells!2012/12/19
  230. Interview w/ John Marshall, creator of "Jose the Badly Animated Worm's Christmas"2012/12/13
  231. As We Go Along (featuring Crys)2012/12/06
  232. Anticipation!2012/12/06
  233. Thanksgiving 2012 w/Steve and john2012/11/22
  234. Material2012/11/21
  235. My Election Night 20122012/11/10
  236. Telephone Poll 42012/11/10
  237. Telephone Poll 32012/11/10
  238. Telephone Poll 22012/11/10
  239. Telephone Poll 12012/11/09
  240. One Take (at 1:33am)2012/11/01
  241. Dial Tone2012/10/25
  242. Mangia!2012/10/18
  243. Homeless...Homeless...2012/10/11
  244. Up All Night (Live)2012/09/26
  245. Super Bowl ll2012/09/21
  246. EyeBowl2012/09/13
  247. No Longer Floating but Not Sinking!2012/08/31
  248. To Market To Market2012/08/25
  249. Monkees 4.02012/08/20
  250. Mum's the Word2012/08/09
  251. Encore from 2010: Interview w/Michael Lambert of Deely Stan (w/updated info)2012/08/01
  252. Truckin'2012/07/26
  253. Monkees Redon't2012/07/20
  254. Encore: PapaComm (from July 2011)2012/07/12
  255. ginger2012/07/12
  256. How I Spent My Medical Leave2012/06/29
  257. A Leg Up2012/06/21
  258. Sprout Film Fest 2012 Interview w/Anthony DiSalvo2012/06/11
  259. Short Subjects2012/06/09
  260. And Now a Word...2012/05/31
  261. Hard on Me2012/05/10
  262. RSD 5.01372012/04/25
  263. Record Store Day 5 Interview with Chris Brown (edited) 2012/04/18
  264. Record Store Day creator Chris Brown Interview2012/04/17
  265. podcasts 2.02012/04/13
  266. not the new2012/04/05
  267. A Cold in the Heat Wave2012/03/21
  268. Jukebox Deja Vu w/Diamond Dave, his brother Bob, and Lorenzo: The Davy Jones Tribute Show 3/4/122012/03/15
  269. Live! WMPG Spring 2012 Begathon (inc. Big Bang Begathon v2 promo and Food Glorious Food)2012/03/15
  270. The Sweet Spot (live on WMPG w/Steve)2012/03/09
  271. Goodbye Davy2012/03/01
  272. Big Bang Begathon2012/03/01
  273. Encore: What's the Deal?2012/02/23
  274. Lorenzo's Cataract Surgery Diary: The Final Chapter2012/02/16
  275. Lorenzo's Cataract Diary Pt 2, live on Hukkin' A Chainek2012/02/13
  276. Lorenzo's Cataract Surgery Diary2012/02/02
  277. Encore w/new intro: The Birthday Party Analogy2012/01/29
  278. (just) Open Mic2012/01/11
  279. 2011 in Verse2011/12/29
  280. Oh, The Bells!2011/12/22
  281. Remembering Ambrose 2011/12/14
  282. The D Word2011/12/07
  283. Short Christmas List2011/11/30
  284. Thanksgiving live on WMPG w/Steve (incl. "Thanks, 2010")2011/11/24
  285. So Proud 2011/11/16
  286. The End (of the Slump)2011/11/10
  287. The Slump2011/11/03
  288. 41 Hours2011/10/13
  289. Food, Glorious Food2011/10/06
  290. Wedding2011/10/05
  291. Harry Shearer's The Big Uneasy Interview (edited)2011/09/20
  292. I Got the News 22011/09/15
  293. Encore from 8/07 "My Song" 2011/09/08
  294. Idiot Wind2011/08/31
  295. 2 Litres Forever!2011/08/24
  296. Jam Banded Out2011/08/14
  297. April 2011 Interview with Guster's Adam Gardner (edited)2011/08/04
  298. Dining in SoPo2011/07/28
  299. Papa Comm2011/07/13
  300. The NATEVA Files2011/07/05
  301. 45, 54, Limon, and Farewell2011/06/22
  302. Encores (edited) w/ new intro: Lorenzo Raffa, MD/HB2me2011/06/17
  303. Spurwink presents the Sprout Touring Film Festival: an Interview w/Anthony DiSalvo2011/06/07
  304. Commuting (with My Family)2011/06/02
  305. Cold Limpin'2011/06/02
  306. Encore: Up All Night2011/05/20
  307. Farewell Sen. Bliss2011/05/11
  308. Interview with Nateva organizer Frank Chandler2011/05/05
  309. What's the Deal?2011/05/01
  310. "The Big Uneasy": Lorenzo interviews Harry Shearer2011/04/12
  311. Nate Jr. and Little Eva2011/04/07
  312. Lorenzo (and Crys)'s Interview with Adam Gardner of Guster, Reverb, & the LeeVees2011/04/05
  313. Almost Not Famous (Live on WMPG Spring Begathon '11)2011/03/31
  314. Paula Poundstone interview (edited)2011/03/24
  315. Paula Poundstone interview (full)2011/03/24
  316. Lorenz O'Raffa2011/03/17
  317. Lean Saturday, Fat Tuesday2011/03/10
  318. Fly Free Zone2011/03/03
  319. Excerpts from "Waddie Welcome & the Beloved Community"2011/02/24
  320. Encore: Lorenzo Raffa, M.D.2011/02/17
  321. Let It Stop! Let It Stop!! Let It Stop!!!2011/02/01
  322. Interview w/ Nick Prueher of The Found Footage Festival, Monday, January 31st at 7:30 p.m. at Space Gallery 2011/01/26
  323. Waddie Welcome Post Script2011/01/20
  324. Waddie Welcome & the Beloved Community broadcast2011/01/18
  325. Waddie Welcome and the Beloved Community: A Preview 2011/01/14
  326. An Economic Xmas2010/12/30
  327. Interview with Tom Kohler, coauthor of "Waddie Welcome and the Beloved Community"2010/12/23
  328. To Bowl or...2010/12/09
  329. Encore from 11/06: 5 Weeks2010/12/02
  330. Thanks, 20102010/11/25
  331. Good Good World2010/11/18
  332. Interview with Steely Dan's Jon Herington Part 22010/11/11
  333. Interview w/ Steely Dan guitarist Jon Herington (unedited)2010/11/04
  334. Interview w/ Steely Dan guitarist Jon Herington (edited, pt. 1)2010/11/04
  335. Super W****2010/11/04
  336. Independent at a Price2010/10/21
  337. Begathonin' with Steve (includes "Clash!")2010/10/14
  338. The Birthaday Party Analogy2010/10/08
  339. Radio Open Plug Live!2010/09/23
  340. 2,4,6,8...2010/09/16
  341. Oops (He Did It Again!)2010/08/27
  342. Away2010/08/24
  343. "Catch Me Now..."2010/08/04
  344. Interview w/ Ween bassist Dave Dreiwitz2010/07/23
  345. Posteva (live on WMPG)2010/07/23
  346. Nate & Eva2010/07/01
  347. What I Did on My pre-Summer Vacation2010/06/23
  348. Primarily2010/06/10
  349. Power Up Mini-Begathon Pitch2010/06/03
  350. Underutilizationism2010/05/26
  351. Ice Cream, Man2010/05/19
  352. TV '102010/05/13
  353. Encore (from May '07): The Grass Has Riz 2010/05/06
  354. Something New Upstairs2010/04/27
  355. encore: Dime Store Hero (w/new intro, music, and outro)2010/04/22
  356. Mediocre Day Maine2010/04/06
  357. Chip off the ol'...2010/04/05
  358. Back on Track2010/03/23
  359. Deely Stan Interview (Edited & Updated)2010/03/17
  360. Plan D (Live on WMPG Fall Begathon '10)2010/03/12
  361. Listen Local!2010/03/02
  362. Encore: New Car Smell (w/new intro)2010/02/23
  363. Broken2010/02/17
  364. Up All Night2010/02/03
  365. Deely Stan Interview2010/01/26
  366. The Tonight Show without...2010/01/20
  367. To Jabber2010/01/12
  368. Short Subjects2010/01/07
  369. Encore (w/new intro): Still Me (w/music)2009/12/31
  370. YouTube Xmas (War Ain't Over)2009/12/24
  371. Xmas, Inc.2009/12/19
  372. Encore: 5 Weeks (w/new in- & outro)2009/12/03
  373. Thanksgiving w/Steve '092009/11/28
  374. iCandy2009/11/17
  375. No!2009/11/10
  376. The (original) Soup2009/10/29
  377. link to Radio Open Mic Live! 10/8/09 stream2009/10/21
  378. Old School2009/10/21
  379. Still Me (w/music)2009/10/11
  380. Never2Late2Plug2009/10/08
  381. Whenever2009/09/30
  382. Goodnight Jonny (Live from the Good Egg Cafe)2009/09/24
  383. Radio Open Mic Live! promo v12009/09/16
  384. How Rude!2009/09/16
  385. Talking Woodstock with John Lehman (full interview)2009/09/11
  386. Talking Woodstock with John Lehman (radio edit)2009/09/11
  387. Hukkin a Chainek Live at the Good Egg Promo2009/09/03
  388. Good2009/09/03
  389. Encore: Tick Tick Tick (w/new intro)2009/08/20
  390. A Few More Words2009/08/13
  391. Still Me2009/08/05
  392. Summer So Far2009/07/29
  393. Encore: Strawberry Fields...For a Limited Time Only (w/new into)2009/07/15
  394. edentulous2009/07/09
  395. ween4lorenzo2009/07/02
  396. Juvvy2009/06/24
  397. Encore w/New Intro: HB2Me 2009/06/18
  398. My Part (& My Art)2009/06/10
  399. Trumpted Again!2009/06/04
  400. Trumped!2009/05/28
  401. A Perfect Summer?2009/05/17
  402. Encore: Moving On After 11/02/04 (w/new intro) 2009/05/06
  403. Loco Motives2009/04/30
  404. Rocking Off (Into the Sunset)2009/04/22
  405. Got to scrape that tihs right off your shoes2009/04/16
  406. Yes, Virginia2009/04/12
  407. Encore: "The Clash" (edited w/ a new intro)2009/04/01
  408. Touch Me!2009/03/26
  409. Karmathon!2009/03/18
  410. Begathon Spring 2009 (There's a commentary here somewhere!)2009/03/13
  411. Late Night With...2009/02/19
  412. Lorenzo's Shorts2009/02/05
  413. Encore: Xmas Comes on Thursday This Year!!! (w/New Intro)2009/01/27
  414. Yes We Did!2009/01/22
  415. waking up2009/01/15
  416. Oh My 092009/01/08
  417. Encore: A Man of Few Words (w/new intro)2009/01/04
  418. Christmas Comes on Thursday This Year!!!2008/12/24
  419. The AfterMic2008/12/18
  420. Radio Open Mic Live! 12/11/20082008/12/16
  421. pre-Radio Open Mic Live! chat w/Steve2008/12/11
  422. Thanks... encore w/new intro2008/12/04
  423. Andrew Sandoval Interview2008/11/27
  424. Thanksgiving w/Steve 20082008/11/27
  425. All in the Family2008/11/20
  426. AKA Buddy2008/11/13
  427. Sick Yet Happy2008/11/06
  428. Not in a Bad Way2008/10/30
  429. A Man of Few Words2008/10/18
  430. BegaFall '082008/10/02
  431. Please, not again!2008/09/28
  432. The Clash!2008/09/18
  433. Cars 'n' Films2008/09/11
  434. Unlabored2008/09/04
  435. labored2008/08/28
  436. There Will Be Blood2008/08/21
  437. Encore: Hey! You! Get Offa MySpace! (w/new intro)2008/08/13
  438. MyFace2008/08/07
  439. One Monday Night in July2008/07/31
  440. How I Spent My Summer Vacation...2008/07/24
  441. Encore: Walk That Walk (w/new intro)2008/07/24
  442. Encore: Strawberry Fields For...a limited time only (w/new intro)2008/07/09
  443. The Grass is Always Bluer2008/07/03
  444. Powerbeg: The "One Minute" Commentary2008/06/26
  445. Collared (another podcast exclusive!!)2008/06/19
  446. Welcome Back! (A Podcast Exclusive)2008/06/11
  447. Encore: Worst Show Ever!2008/06/06
  448. That's What HE Said2008/05/29
  449. Greetings from Racine!2008/05/26
  450. I Got The News2008/05/15
  451. Encore (w/new intro): Donald, the Coast, Mark, Slugger, & Tom2008/05/07
  452. Dead Air?2008/04/30
  453. It's a Parent2008/04/16
  454. Podcast 100!2008/04/09
  455. Give (Less?!)2008/04/04
  456. Bagged2008/03/26
  457. Encore: Lorenzo Raffa, MD (w/even newer intro)2008/03/19
  458. Low Budget2008/03/13
  459. Back 2 Basics (unaired!)2008/03/06
  460. Get It Together!2008/02/28
  461. WMPG Election Project Report: South Portland Maine Democratic Caucus2008/02/14
  462. Super Fat Tuesday2008/02/06
  463. Ribs, Foneshow, Mardi Gras2008/01/30
  464. The Right to...2008/01/23
  465. fire, etc.2008/01/16
  466. Podcast Exclusive!2008/01/10
  467. Yankee Wrap-up2008/01/03
  468. End o' '072007/12/27
  469. Award-Winning Encore: "My Song"2007/12/19
  470. Encore: Five Weeks2007/12/13
  471. Seriously!2007/12/06
  472. strike!2007/11/29
  473. Thanksgiving '07 w/Steve (& Pasquale)2007/11/23
  474. Thursday, 5:45AM2007/11/15
  475. Encore: Greatness (w/ new in- & outro)2007/11/08
  476. Ain't No Party...2007/11/01
  477. Dateless2007/10/25
  478. Walk That Walk2007/10/17
  479. Encore: Lorenzo Raffa, M.D.? (w/new intro)2007/10/10
  480. Give Now!2007/10/03
  481. That's What She Said2007/09/27
  482. The Usher2007/09/20
  483. Weight, Wait, Don't Tell Me2007/09/13
  484. Gig Envy2007/09/05
  485. Encore: Happy New Car (w/new intro)2007/08/29
  486. "My Song"2007/08/23
  487. Oh, Ouchy!2007/08/15
  488. Raffa Family Values2007/08/09
  489. Encore: Bob, Mark, and Me w/ new intro2007/08/02
  490. White, Red, & Blue2007/07/26
  491. My Summer Concert Season '072007/07/19
  492. I Heart...2007/07/12
  493. Bounce to Disc2007/07/05
  494. Encore: HB2Me! w/new intro2007/06/29
  495. The Birthday Boys2007/06/21
  496. Lorenzo is 50!!!2007/06/14
  497. Radio Radio2007/06/07
  498. Not 96 Falmouth!2007/05/31
  499. Encore from May '03: Goodnight Jonny2007/05/23
  500. Rock On Rock Off2007/05/17
  501. The Grass Has Riz2007/05/10
  502. ...& Now You're Even Older2007/05/03
  503. Judy2007/04/26
  504. No podcast this week!2007/04/19
  505. Ch-ch-ch-ch-2007/04/13
  506. encore: The Verdict w/new intro2007/04/05
  507. Begathon Afterglow2007/03/29
  508. Play, me?! (w/Frank Pennisi)2007/03/22
  509. Dime Store Hero2007/03/15
  510. LoRaf on da Block2007/03/08
  511. I M L82007/03/01
  512. Encore: I Didn't Have a Heart Attack2007/02/26
  513. Off the Cuff2007/02/15
  514. The Big D (& C)2007/02/08
  515. Good Mornin' Captain!2007/02/01
  516. Hey! You! Get offa MySpace!2007/01/25
  517. Encore: The Morning After ('04)w/ new intro2007/01/18
  518. A Short One2007/01/11
  519. Real Time2007/01/04
  520. Radio Open Mic the Third2006/12/27
  521. Big in China2006/12/21
  522. Five Weeks2006/12/14
  523. Encore: Listen2006/12/07
  524. New Car Smell2006/11/30
  525. Thanksgiving on WMPG live w/Steve2006/11/24
  526. Afternoon at the Improv2006/11/16
  527. Election Feature 3: Didn't Vote2006/11/09
  528. Election Feature 2: Pro-TABOR Folks2006/11/09
  529. Election Feature 1: Horror Story2006/11/09
  530. Morning After '06 & More2006/11/09
  531. Midterm Madness2006/11/02
  532. Too Controversial for AirAmerica!2006/10/26
  533. A Mixed Bag2006/10/19
  534. Encore: Cable & Me2006/10/12
  535. IDon'tTube: Fall Begathon '062006/10/05
  536. An Audience of One2006/09/29
  537. Nothing, A Monkee, Slugger, & Me2006/09/21
  538. Happy New Year!2006/09/13
  539. Encore: After the Flood2006/09/07
  540. My Concert Season: Summer '062006/08/31
  541. Break Stuff?!2006/08/23
  542. WMPG Family Fest Wrap-Up2006/08/16
  543. Please allow me...2006/08/09
  544. The Portland Public Ghost Town2006/08/02
  545. Rudeness 2.02006/07/27
  546. Hello My Friends, Are Ya Goin' Out Tonight?2006/07/19
  547. Strawberry Fields For...a limited time only2006/07/13
  548. Board Silly2006/07/06
  549. HB2Me2006/07/01
  550. A Second Cup2006/06/21
  551. Podcastic!2006/06/15
  552. I Kid You Not2006/06/08
  553. ADDition2006/06/03
The Lorenzo Commentaries Podcast
As heard on WMPG-FM, Portland, Maine

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