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Design Critique: Products for People

  1. I’ll be speaking at UX Akron on Friday, October 12th!2018/10/04
    Thank-you to Ben Woods and the good people of UX Akron for inviting me to speak this month. I look forward to an evening with those who can make it out. UX Akron Akron, OH 437 UX Folk For user experience professionals, students and those interested in learning more about: UX (User Experience), human-computer interaction, […]
  2. Visual Design History of 78RPM and 33 1/3RPM Record Sleeves2018/07/15
    My grandparents were spectacular people who gave me the best things in life: encouragement, loving memories, and cool artifacts from history. Their collection of old 78 shellac records not only sounds great, it looks great, too. Now I know why. Rudolf A. Bruil wrote a wonderfully thorough article on the visual design and packaging of […]
  3. When Manufacturers Cheap Out2018/04/04
    This well-written article breaks my heart. I’ve lived long enough to see the arc of companies that design and sell a magnificently successful product, often for many years, delighting their customers while earning a profit. At some point, management decides to “take cost out” of the product by removing the durability and other desirable features […]
  4. FT86 Speed Factory Understands Delightful Packaging2017/10/13
    Now this is how how to delight customers without hurting your profits. I ordered this inset plaque for the center console of my car–it covers up a bare space where the seat heater switches would go if my car had them–and FT86 Speed Factory not only shipped the part to me very quickly, but when […]
  5. Happy New Year for 20092008/12/31
    Hi everyone, Thanks for listening to Design Critique over the past year. 2008 was fun and I have three episodes in post-production right now for 2009. The photo is from the holiday card I sent this December to family and friends, and I thought why not share it with the listeners. I don’t know who […]
Design Critique
Products for People

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