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Health Matters Minutes Podcast

  1. H2O Alive Instantly Revitalizes Reverse Osmosis (RO), Distilled, Filtered or Bottled Water into Nutrient Rich Drinking Water2012/12/20
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  2. Six Deadly Heart Disease Risks You Can Avoid Now!2011/08/17

    Discover why these 6 heart disease risk factors have become the number one cause of death and what you can do to avoid a deadly heart attack, stroke or cardiac event. If you’re looking for an effective multi-vitamin and mineral formula to help with your cardiovascular health, you should consider and choose GHS Ultra.
  3. Which Amazing Wheatgrass Health Benefits Do YOU Want?2011/07/29
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  4. Brain Cancer Killed My Friend Harry...Why It's Tragic!2010/07/26

    Ira Marxe here and I want to share with you a story about my long-time friend Harry who died of brain cancer . What makes this story so tragic is that he did not have to die this way ...and I explain why. To learn more please visit Good Health Supplements. Audio length: 6:47.
  5. Congestive Heart Failure?2009/12/30

    Listen to this informative audio taken from a special video featuring Ira Marxe, CEO of Good Health Supplements discussing how he totally reversed his congestive heart failure using only nutritional supplements and without taking any drugs. You can review all the products Ira talks about at GoodHealthSupplements.com. Audio length: 19:40.
  6. Plaque in the Arteries?2009/04/01

    Avoid congestive heart failure symptoms with a proven natural arterial cleansing formula. Eliminate deadly artery plaque build up. No drugs. No side-effects. Go to http://www.GoodHealthSupplements.com. Audio length: 2:00.

  7. What Chemicals Are On Your Foods?2007/04/12
    Discover what carcinogens, pesticides and fertilizers the FDA and USDA found when they ran tests on more than 100,000 samples of food. Why are more shoppers adding organic foods to their carts? Learn the shocking truth about a list of the most contaminated foods you need to avoid eating. Audio length 6:07.
  8. How Congestive Heart Failure Can Be Avoided or Reversed With Nutritional Supplements2007/04/05

    Clearly heart disease is the number #1 killer today. However, giving your body the right nutrients it needs can help you to avoid many heart disease symptoms such as congestive heart failure. Discover how a proven, patented and safe nutritional supplement called GHS Ultra™ can help boost your bodies defenses. Audio length 18:47.
  9. Your Cholesterol...Friend or Foe?2007/02/02
    Are you confused about what is good or bad cholesterol? What's too high or too low? What foods should you be eating to maintain your proper cholesterol levels? Listen to his podcast to discover the shocking truth your main stream medical doctor and the big drug companies don't want you to know about. Audio length 9:22.
  10. Are You Alkalizing Your Body?2007/01/30
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  11. How 80% of Stokes Are Preventable - Why Is Heart Disease Still Our Number One Killer?2007/01/26
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  12. Chronic Disease: What Is It That Your Main Stream Medical Doctor WON'T Tell You2007/01/22
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Health Matters Minutes Podcast
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