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  1. You Are THIS More Than Anything Else2023/05/19

    In this unscripted episode, Michael shares what he has come to realize is the most important "thing" to know and embrace about yourself. This "thing" is governs how you look, age, and feel .

    Carol Collins video
  2. Another Move for Expanding JOY2023/04/18

    Michael shares a move you can layer on top of the one he shared in the previous episode to continue to expand your innate flow of JOY. When applied with intention, the skies the limit for JOY, love, and happiness!
  3. Make This Move to Expand JOY2023/04/18

    We can all agree that JOY should be a top priority. So, how do you get there and stay there? How can you keep JOY flowing? In this episode, Michael shares a move you can, and should, apply as soon as possible! He guarantees that it will open a pathway JOY can follow to elevate every aspect of your life.
  4. The Ultimate Gratitude Move!2023/03/20

    Gratitude is an element of personal alchemy that can shift the way you feel in an instant. In this episode, Michael shares his take on gratitude and suggests how you can make the absolute most of it.

    Here is the Carol Collins YouTube link I mentioned in this episode.
  5. A Daily Move to Let Go and Reset2023/03/01

    As human souls, we all make mistakes and have regrets about feelings, actions, or a lack thereof. In this episode, Michael shares a simple move you can make every day to let go and clear you mind of what has been weighing you down, so you can reset and begin anew. And, there is nothing better than a clear head and a fresh start!
  6. Let go of the Language That No Longer Servers You2023/03/01

    We all have an inner conversation, otherwise known as self-talk. In this episode, Michael shares the inportance of letting go of the self-talk vocabulary that no longer serves you and re-align it with the person you see yourself being and the future you see yourself living.
  7. Time to Be the Star!!!2023/02/11

    Each day, you make a decision. A decision impacts how you feel about yourself, the actions you take, and the flow of your day as it unfolds. This decision is whether to be the STAR or an EXTRA in your own unfolding life movie. In this episode, Michael highlights the distinction between the two and how each role impacts your frequencies and experiences.
  8. It's Time to Make Your Move2023/01/27

    With the Year fully underway, this episode suggests a move that will have you feeling the best you have ever felt. In fact, after committing to soverrignty, this should be your second move! cheers!!!

    Link to Pam Gregory's 2023 Forcast:

    Link: Veda Austin's website
  9. An Empowering Move That Can Make Your Year2022/12/26

    In this episode, Michael shares what he considers to be the most empowering move you can make at the beginning of every year. (and he bets it is not even on your radar!)
  10. The Power of Enthusiasm2022/11/07

    What are you enthusiastic about? Enthusiasm is a vibrational frequency that, when managed and applied with intention, can elevate your ability to manifest your goals, dreams, and intentions. In this short unscripted episode, Michael shares moves you can make to harness your entusiasm.
  11. A Message for Teachers That Benefits Everyone2022/10/28

    In this special episode, Michael focuses on Life Moves teachers can apply to expwerience greater happiness, love, hope, energy, inspiration, creativity, and passion, both in and out of the classroom. The message isn't just for teachers, however, because the moves in this episode are universally applicable to everyone on the planet, regardless of what they choose to do!
  12. If You Want to Be Happy, Avoid These!2022/10/10

    Your current thoughts and feelings are being influenced by something and you don't even realize it. In this episode, Michael reveals what is influencing your thoughts, feelings, and actions, how you can recognize them, and what you can do to keep them from impacting your higher frequencies of happiness and joy.
  13. Create a Positive Reality: Move #32022/09/13

    As the one creating your reality, there are moves you can make to assure you continue to experience the reality of your choosing (hopefully a positive one). In this, Michael shares a third Life Move you can apply to stay on track.
  14. Create a Positive Reality: Move #22022/09/05
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  15. Create a Positive Reality: Move #12022/08/27

    There two things you use every day to create the reality you experience. In this episode, Michael shares a move you can make to apply these two things to create a positive reality, defined by happiness, love, satisfaction, hope, resilience, success, and joy
  16. The Empowerment of Letting Go2022/08/17

    One of the most valuable life skills you can develop is the ability to let go of people, situations, circumstances, and events that no longer serve you. In this episode, Michael shares 5 Life Moves you can make to help you let go in a way that promotes and maintains higher vibrational frequecies.
  17. The Resilience of Happiness2022/08/05

    In this episode, Michael shares how your capacity for resilience is deeply connnected to your ability to experience a more dynamic flow of happiness.
  18. Start Creating Your Happiness: Part II2022/07/22

    In this episode, Michael expands on how you can unleash your innate flow of happiness, by sharing a way you can experience it without making happiness your primary intention. It's sneaky good!!!
  19. Start Creating Your Happiness2022/07/20

    Happiness and joy are innate to who you are. In fact, they were flowing through you at birth and still are. In this episode, Michael shares how you can begin to create or crurate happiness into your every day life.
  20. Start Creating Your Reality!2022/07/03

    The best way to predict your future, is to create it. --Peter Druker In this episode, Michael discusses what it takes to start creating your reality, controlling your destiny, and generating higher frequencies in great abundance.
  21. My Secret Move for Maintaining Happiness and Joy2022/06/27

    We all have personal resources. Its how we emply them that determines the quality of our vibrational frequencies. ..whether we are happy or sad; loving or not; etc. In this episode, Michael reveals one of his secrets for living from frequecies of happiness and joy .
  22. Moves That Keep Positive Frequencies Flowing During Challenging Economic Times-Part II2022/06/20

    In this episode, Michael elaborates on how you can Keep positive Frequencies, like Happiness, flowing during challenging economic periods, such as inflation, by focusing on self-talk. When your inner conversation is 100% behind you, everything becomes possibe, instead of impossible!
  23. Moves That Keeps Positive Frequencies Flowing During Challenging Economic Times2022/06/15

    In this episode, Michael reveals a Life Move you can apply to raise your vibrational frequencies during these challenging economic times. If you want to know what you can do to feel good in the face of how you are being impacted by outside events, this is episode shares the key to hapinuncontrolable.
  24. Be Ready for What You Wish For2022/06/06

    In this episode, Michael shares inspirationlal movesinvolving how you can own your soverignty and manage your frequency within relationships and other environments.
  25. Happiness and Joy are Only a Frequency Away2022/05/23

    In this podcast episode, Michael expounds upon our vibrational frequency, its connection to happiness and joy, and shares a Life Move youcan apply to keep higher frequencies flowing in abundance.
  26. Maintaining Your Vibrational Frequency2022/05/09

    The heart of this podcast has always been about sharing Concepts and Moves you can implement everyday to generate high Vibrational Frequencies. In this episode, Michael shares the first Life Move you should apply to asure your FREQUENCY is resonating at a high level.
  27. Life Move: Be a Positive Light to Others2022/04/29

    In this episode, Michael shares another Live Move for managing your VIBRAIONAL FREQUENCY. It is very empowering and can move you and your life in mazing directions!
  28. What Life Moves Do for You.2022/04/13
    In this episode, Michael drills down on how Life Moves presented in this podcast can be applied to help you resonate at the higher frequencies of Love, Happiness, Joy, Kindness, Compassion, and more. As opposed to lower, negative frequencies, like anger, frustration, anxiety, despair, etc.
  29. The Alchemy of Happiness-Move No. 42022/03/28
    As happiness is something that emanates from within, in this episode, Michael shares another Life Move you can apply to keep it flowing in abundance.
  30. Introducing Two New Elements of Personal Alchemy2022/03/17

    In this episode, Michael reveals the latest additions to his list of 17 elements of Personal Alchemy that you can apply to change your thoughts, feelings, self-talk, and actions from negative to positive (or "turn lead into gold").
  31. The Alchemy of Happiness: Life Move No. 242022/03/12
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  32. The Alchemy of Happiness: Life Move No. 352022/03/08
    In this episode, Michael shares a primary life move for exp[eriencing the state of happiness. Its a pivotal shift in thought that can change everything for you, if you let it!
  33. The Alchemy of My Real Life Loss2022/02/22

    Sometimes, having a path through a life event can make it easier to turn lead into gold, especially when it comes to loss. In this episode, Michael shares how he is processing the recent loss of his beloved Corgi, Chelsea.
  34. How to Create Your Reality-Part III2022/02/09
    The first two episodes in this series about Creating your Reality, Michael shared two of the most important moves forc reating your experience of reality. This episode brings it all togehter with a vital third move!
  35. How to Create Your Reality-Part II2022/01/28
    In this episode, Michael shares the second foundational Life Move you should make to start creating your life reality.
  36. Sovereignty and Alchemy: Your Ultimate Moves2022/01/22

    In this episode, Michael digs into the definitions of Personal Sovereignty and Personal Alchemy and how you can apply them to "turn lead into gold" in your life in real time to ignite and control your experience of reality and flow of positive feelings.
  37. How to Create Your Reality2022/01/18

    If you could create any experience of reality you desired, would you? In this episode, Michael shares the foundational element for Creating and transforming Your Reality, a move that changes everything!
  38. 8 Moves That Make Every Year Your Best Yet2022/01/04

    A new is upon us and it could be your best yet. In this episode, Michael shares 8 Life Moves you can make to assure this, and every year is your best yet.
  39. 3 Moves That Help Keep Your Positivity Flowing2021/12/26

    You've delicately curated your awesome vibe. So how to you maintain it? In this episode, Michael shares 3 moves you can make to sustain your "nice" no matter who or what you encounter during the day.
  40. This Should be Your First Move of the Day2021/12/21

    Feeling amazing every day shouldn't happen by accident, when you have every ability to control how you feel about yourself and your life. In this episode, Michael shares a move you should make each morning to curate a positive state of mind and an incredible day.
  41. 5 Moves That Attract What You Want into Your Life2021/12/06

    If you ever wished that you could attract the people, circumstances, events, and such, into your life, this episode will give you 5 moves you can apply to do just that.

    Instagram: @LifeMovesPodcast

    Twitter: @michaeljruss
  42. Forget the Mistake, Remember the Lesson2021/11/25

    In this short episode, Michael shares two moves you can apply when things haven't gone as planned.
  43. A Simple Move That Promotes Personal Transformation2021/11/21

    How many times have you said, I always do this , I always do that , or This always happens to me? I this episode, Michael shares three simple words you can use to reprogram thoughts, behaviors, outcomes, feelings, and self-talk that you would like to change. It is indeed magical!!!
  44. The Alchemy of Self-Talk: This Should be Your Third Move2021/11/15

    In this third episode about the self-talk moves you should be making right now, Michael shares the importance of transforming negative inner conversations in real time.
  45. How I Apply Personal Alchemy2021/11/05

    In this episode, Michael shares a recent life event, involving two flat tires, and illustrates how he applied the transformational Personal Alchemy he shares in this podcast to remain positive, engaged, energized, and inspired as he dealt with his circumstances.
  46. The Transformation of Ed: Part 32021/10/29

    In this episode, Michael concludes his conversation with Ed Wanambwa about his personal and life transformation. The "contrasts" he has exposed himself to have given him the treasure he needed to enrich his life in miraculous ways.
  47. The Transformation of Ed: Part 22021/10/29

    In this episode, the conversation with Ed Wanambwa about his amazing personal and life transformation continues...
  48. The Transformation of Ed-Part 12021/10/29

    In this first of 3 episodes, Michael talks with his friend, Ed Wanambwa, about his amazing transformational life journey from angry, self-medicating, and resentful to compassionate, empathetic, loving, non-judgmental. His Personal Alchemy will inspire you!
  49. 3 Moves That Help Build Self-Confidence2021/10/11

    In this episode, Michael shares 3 Life Moves you can make to boost your level of self-confidence and self-esteem.
  50. The Alchemy of Self-Talk: This Should Be Your Second Move2021/10/02

    In this second in a series of two episodes about the Alchemy of Self-Talk, Michael shares a practical Life Move you can apply that will help your self-talk trend to the positive.
  51. The Alchemy of Self-Talk: This Should be Your First Move2021/09/21

    In this episode, Michael starts off a new series about Self-Talk, by revealing the first Life Move you should make to get your self-talk in order.
  52. A Move That Clears the Way to an Amazing Life2021/09/08

    Each of us has thoughts that prevent us from feeling the best and most powerful version of ourselves. In this episode, Michael shares a Life Move that helps you discover and eliminate these thoughts, so you can soar to higher heights.
  53. The Life Moves Podcast is Here to Stay!2021/09/02

    This episode clarifies the Re-branding of the Beyond the 3D podcast as the Life Moves Podcast , and adds a bit more Practical Enlightenment.

    Enjoy, then share.
  54. A Move That Empowers You Through Loss2021/08/27

    Processing death, and the loss of pets and possessions, is one of our greatest life challenges. In this short episode, Michael shares a Life Move you can apply right away to begin to process loss in a transformative way that leaves you feeling good about yourself and your life.
  55. An Example of How Specific Tools Can Elevate Self-Esteem & Confidence2021/07/04
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  56. Use This Move to Program Yourself For Success (Life Moves Podcast)2021/06/30

    This is the 4th episode of my new Life Moves Podcast . It takes a short dive into a move you can make to program yourself for success. The Life Moves podcast is available on Apple & Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Pandora, Alexa, and Amazon Audible Podcasts.
  57. Life Moves Podcast: The Energy of Receptivity2021/06/29

    As as a courtesy to you loyal listeners, This is episode 3 of my new Life Moves podcast that discusses the energy inherent in being receptive to anything and everything that can assist you with your personal and life evolution.
  58. Introduction-Trailer to the New "Life Moves" Podcast2021/06/14

    This episode shares the Introductory episode of my new Life Moves p odcast, the podcast that expands on the content that's been shared in this podcast. To access the Life Moves podcast feed, please visit www.mruss.podbean.com . It's , also available on google podcasts,, Apple podcasts, Amazon Audible, iHeartRadio, and the Podbean app.
  59. 3 Things You Can do to Make Taking Risks More Enjoyable2021/04/22

    I am no Karate Master by any means, however, the thing I did learn has helped me immensely over the past few decades. In this episode, I share 3 things you can do to make taking risks a more enjoyable experience.
  60. 5 Moves for Greater Self-Love2021/04/13

    There is a connection between "personal sovereignty" and self love. This episode shares 5 moves you can make as a sovereign person to significantly boost this self-love.
  61. These Steps Turn Crisis into Opportunity2021/03/28

    Crisis and chaos happen. Its what you do when they do that determines how fast you get through them. In this short episode, Michael shares 4 steps you can learn to apply to each time crisis and anxiety flare up in your life.
  62. 4 Moves That Help Relationships Blossom2021/03/20

    It has taken me 60+ years to intuit what I could do every day to help my relationship blossom. I share my moves in this episode. The best thing is, you control them. Your immediate and long-term happiness is tied to these four moves, so give them a go and see what happens!
  63. Young People: This Attribute Creates Opportunities Galore! 2021/03/16

    There is a "superpower" attribute that, when fully embraced, opens doors to the opportunities galore! In this episode, Michael highlights one of several attributes every young person should embody, if they want to experience success, happiness, love, and a deep sense of fulfillment.
  64. The Vaccine is Here. Now What?2021/03/11

    In this short episode, Michael highlights a few elements of alchemy you can apply to "thrive" in a post-Covid-19 era.
  65. Two Words That Have the Greatest Impact on You and Your Life2021/02/13

    In this episode, Michael shares two most important words in Self-Talk. These two words have the greatest impact on you and your reality.
  66. How to Break Free of Negativity2021/02/06

    In this episode, Michael shares a road map you can use to break free of your experience of negativity. I know this sounds impossible, only, nothing is impossible when you are in control and have a road map for making it happen for you! After listening to this episode, and applying what is shared, people, events, and circumstances will no longer have power over the way you feel.
  67. How to Live Life by Design2021/01/23

    Life is to short to let it control you, when you have every tool at your disposal to take control of it. In this episode, Michael shares how you to take control and design who you are and the life you experience.

    To comment on this episode, visit wwww.Beyondthe3D.com
  68. Self-Talk For Letting Go2021/01/09

    "You are what you think." That being said, self-talk is one of your most important tools for shifting the way you feel. In this episode, Michael shares a simple phrase you can use to give yourself permission to let go of past behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and self-talk, and responses that no longer serve you, preventing you from experiencing the life you dream about.
  69. 7 Ways to Make 2021 (and every year) Your Best yet!2020/12/24

    Making every day, week, month, or year your best yet doesn't happen by accident. In this episode, Michael shares 7 things you can do every day to take control and make yourself and your life what you want them to be.
  70. The First Rule of Personal Sovereignty2020/12/08

    If you truly desire to be in control of every thought, feelings, self-talk, and action, there is one rule that must be followed at all times. In this episode, Michael shares what this rule is and how you can use it to supercharge your sovereignty!
  71. Your Superpower in Action!2020/11/21

    Time for action!!! In this episode, Michael helps you see what it looks like when you apply your superpower to shape who you are and the reality you experience.
  72. This is Your Superpower-Part II2020/11/18

    In this follow-up episode about your amazing Superpower, Michael takes you on a deeper dive into the nuances of how you can apply your power to remain in control of your feelings and shape your reality. *If you want to connect with Michael about this podcast, check out the Paudium app.
  73. This is Your Superpower-Part II2020/11/18

    In this follow-up episode about your amazing Superpower, Michael takes you on a deeper dive into the nuances of how you can apply your power to remain in control of your feelings and shape your reality. *If you want to connect with Michael about this podcast, check out the Paudium app.
  74. This is Your Super Power!2020/10/31

    You have a super power. Yes, a bonified, tangible super power that you can apply at any time to feel amazing, live above the 3D noise of life, achieve success, and evolve into a better person tomorrow than you were today. In Part one of this multi-part episode topic, I share what this super power is and how you can apply it.
  75. How to Respond to Negativity2020/10/09

    Negativity resonates all around you! It's not the source of negativity that matters, but how you respond to it that ultimately determines how you feel. In this episode, Michael shares 9 insights you can apply right now to respond to negativity without sacrificing joy, happiness, and a positive disposition.
  76. Transcending the End of a Relationship2020/09/14
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  77. How to Be Happy During Crisis, Chaos, and Upheaval2020/08/25

    Things happen and your life is in a constant state of change and evolution. Regardless of what is going on in your life, happiness is closer than you can imagine. This episode shares suggestions for how you can be happy during crisis, chaos, and upheaval in your life.

    Link to Neville Goddard affirmation on youtube.

  78. Racism: Turning Lead into Gold-Part Two2020/07/22
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  79. Racism:Turning Lead into Gold-Part I2020/06/27

    In this episode, Michael discusses what each of us must do to begin a societal transformation which puts us on the path to eliminating systemic racism in our society.
  80. George Floyds Death: Turn lead into Gold Through Contrast2020/06/11

    In this episode, Michael reveals how George Floyds death, and the actions it has sparked, can be seen as an evolutionary catalyst for your own transformation when you apply the element of "contrast."
  81. Gratitude and More...2020/05/30

    In this episode, Michael discusses the infinite value of gratitude.
  82. A Conversation About Building Immunity With Lisa Larose2020/05/09

    Guest, Lisa Larose, a Holistic Health Practitioner, and Michael J. Russ discuss various paths to building greater personal immunity in an age where viruses are impacting the immune-compromised and chronic health issues have become a problem for the younger generation.
  83. A New Perception That Will Blow Your Mind!2020/05/08

    Perceptions are important because they dictate the thoughts, self-talk, feelings, and actions/responses that follow. In this episode, Michael reveals a response you can apply to any event that will have you "turning lead into gold" with much greater frequency.
  84. How to Be Happy During Challenging Times2020/04/21

    In this episode, Michael shares how to take control and transcend out of control events and personal circumstances to be happy, energetic, and enthusiastic.

    Have a question or comment about a podcast? Send an email to Michael at the following address. inquiry@michaeljruss.com
  85. What You Say is What You Get2020/04/06

    In this episode, Michael approaches "self-talk" from 3 different angles to assist you with turning yours into the driving force for happiness, joy, inspiration, energy, success, and turning lead into gold!
  86. Finally, It's All About You!2020/03/23

    If you ever really wanted it to only be about you, not it is the time to go for it! In this episode, Michael shares how by actually making things all about you would be the best thing for the planet and its inhabitants.
  87. Applying "Inner Alchemy" in Real Time2020/02/29

    In this episode, Michael shares how to apply Sovereignty and Inner Alchemy to remain happy, enthusiastic, and energetic about yourself and your life in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak.
  88. Turning Loss into an Opportunity to Take Your Life to the Next Level and Beyond2020/02/03

    In this episode, Michael shares how shifting your perception of the loss of someone you admired into an opportunity to feel better about yourself and what you are capable of.
  89. Turning Loss into an Opportunity to Take Your Life to the Next Level and Beyond2020/02/03

    In this episode, Michael shares how shifting your perception of the loss of someone you admired into an opportunity to feel better about yourself and what you are capable of.
  90. What We Can All Learn From Kobe Bryant2020/01/31

    The passing of Kobe Bryant was a hit to us all. In this episode, Michael shares a question Bryant asked himself earlier in his career that could have be the driving force behind his rise to Hall of Fame Stardom, being an incredible Father, and more!
  91. The Inner Alchemy of Wellness2020/01/23

    What are your intentions towards wellness? In this episode, Michael discusses the connection between wellness, sovereignty, and the practice of inner alchemy, and suggests ways you can ignite your wellness regimen.
  92. The Inner Alchemy of 2020 and Beyond2019/12/31

    In this episode, host Michael J Russ, examines what it takes to break free of the 3D illusion to discover who you really are and experience in accordance with your grandest vision. What he shares will empower you to feel amazing and design every aspect of your life and success.
  93. Examples of How Inner Alchemy Creates Transformation2019/12/14

    In this episode, Michael was inspired to take a deeper dive into how you can apply inner alchemy to shift the way you feel about yourself and your life circumstances. His inspiration emanates from a friend who is going through a rough patch in his life.
  94. Taking Yourself to the Next Level2019/11/27

    Altruism and connection are essential aspects of the human experience that can elevate you to the next level when you engage them with intention. This unscripted episode delves into these two elements and why you should integrate them into your every day life.
  95. Episode 101: 3 Things That Matter2019/11/16

    There are many things that matter. In this episode, I reveal the three you should be paying the most attention to.
  96. Episode #100-Going Beyond the 3D--Are You Feeling it?2019/11/05

    For his 100th episode , Michael takes a deeper dive into what it means to live Beyond the 3D, asking some unique questions, and giving you 4 suggestions for engaging this classroom called life from beyond the 3D.
  97. 3 Ways to Let Go and Be Happy2019/10/08

    Make no mistake, negative feelings are toxic and incongruent with happiness, your true essence and your birthright. In this episode, Michael explores what it takes to let go of seemingly adverse events and the negative feelings they generate, and suggests 3 ways to do it.
  98. 3 More Ways to Turn Lead into Gold in Your Life2019/09/27

    In this episode, Michael expands on the concept of "Turning Lead into Gold" (negative into positive) in your life by shareing 3 more ways to perform this seemingly magical feat. In any given moment, its not what is happening, it's how you feel about what is happening that counts.
  99. Making Everyday a Perfect Day is Up to You2019/09/20

    Is it possible to make every day a perfect day? This episode explores how you can experience happiness, joy, meaning, success, and fulfillment every day of your life.
  100. The Inner Alchemy of Struggle2019/09/10

    Do you see your life as a struggle? This episode takes a look at a "struggle"state of mind and what you can do to get past it.
  101. Use Alchemy to Unleash Intimacy and Connection in Your Relationship-Part II2019/08/28

    In part two of this extended series about boosting "Intimacy and Connection" in your relationship, Michael shares how alchemy can be applied to transform negative feelings before they adversely impact the intimacy and connection you share with your partner.
  102. Use Alchemy to Unleash Intimacy & Connection In Your Relationship-Part I2019/08/27

    Is intimacy and connection with your significant other taking a back seat in your day to day life? In this first of two podcast episodes, Michael J. Russ lays the foundation for how to keep intimacy and connection flowing in your most cherished relationship.
  103. Unleash Your Power to Turn Bad to Good2019/08/08

    As mass shootings and other events continue to unfold, this episode shares why now is the time to embrace your sovereignty and unleash your power to feel "good" about yourself and your life, and how to do it!
  104. Unleash Your Inner Alchemist: Managing Change2019/07/30

    Change is inevitable, right? When it happens, do you fight it or accept it? When faced with any degree of change, instead of managing it, you can transcend it and move on. This episode shares how the practice of Personal Alchemy can help you make this move.
  105. How to Own Your Sovereignty in Relationships2019/07/30

    Do you exert absolute control over your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions in your relationships? You are being true to yourself in a relationship when you own your sovereignty. This episodes delves into what it means to own and exercise your sovereignty in your relationships and how to be sure you are.
  106. 5 Ways to Own Your Power in Your Relationships2019/07/22

    Face to face relationships are precious because they are platforms for personal growth. This episode reveals 5 things you can do to own your power and foster happiness in any form of relationship, by mitigating negativity and distractions before they become problematic.
  107. The Joy of Turning Lead into Gold Everyday2019/07/12

    Experiencing happiness, prosperity, and success has more to do with sharpening your ability to "turn lead into Gold" (negative into positive), than anything else. In this podcast episode, Michael highlights 4 things you can do to perform this transformation.
  108. 3 Essential Elements for Owning Your Power2019/06/14

    The 3 elements shared in this episode are the bedrock of your ability to perform the Personal Alchemy necessary to transcend all matter of negativity to create who you are and the way you experience your life.
  109. The Move That Will Set You Free!2019/05/27

    We all do something which creates unwanted and unnecessary feelings of frustration, anger, despair, fear, and hopelessness that interfere with your ability to experience greater joy and happiness. This episode shares a move you can apply to free yourself of these feelings so you can thrive!
  110. One More Thing About Happiness2019/05/22

    If happiness seems somewhat elusive, it's on you. In this episode, Michael pivots from how 3D distractions impede your innate flow of happiness, to revealing the role intention and purpose play in being happy.
  111. How to Tap Into Your Infinite Flow of Joy and Happiness2019/05/07
  112. 10 Steps to Empowering Self-Talk-Part III2019/04/24
  113. 10 Steps to Empowering Self-Talk-Part II2019/04/18
  114. How to Turn Lead into Gold in Real Time2019/04/10
  115. 10 Steps to Empowering Self-Talk: Part I2019/04/06
  116. How to Own Your Self-Talk Everyday2019/03/30
  117. The Key to Unlocking Your Ability to Turn Lead Into Gold2019/03/21
  118. Processing Hateful Acts-Unscripted 2019/03/19
  119. Unleashing Your Inner Alchemist: Releasing Trauma2019/03/13
  120. Unleashing Your Inner Alchemist Part 4-How to Manage Adversity2019/02/26
  121. One Listeners Quest to Own Their Power2019/02/12
  122. 10 Ways to Know You Are Owning Your Power2019/02/06
  123. Owning Your Power in Action #2- Feeling Your Way Through Life2019/02/05
  124. Owning Your Power in Action: Self-Talk2019/01/28
  125. Be the Master of Your Emotions2019/01/12
  126. 10 Things You Can Do to Take Control of Your Life2018/12/28
  127. Happiness is an Inside Job2018/12/16
  128. Approaching Your Future With Intention2018/12/13
  129. Unleashing Your Inner Alchemist-Part 32018/12/01
  130. Mastering Your Perceptions: The Tony Bennett Story2018/11/27
  131. Words That Matter2018/11/20
  132. Unleaching Your Inner Alchemist: Part Two2018/11/05
  133. Unleashing Your Inner Alchemist: Part One2018/11/03
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Life Moves (previously, Beyond the 3D)
Want to feel amazing, be immune to negativity, and take control during any situation? In this podcast, Michael J. Russ, transformational speaker and International bestselling author of "Zero Adversity," shares universal elements you can apply to transcend low self-esteem, fear, frustration, worry, scarcity, and unhappiness, and shape who you are and your experience of life from a position of power. Listen, subscribe, and share. When you change, the world around you changes as well.

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