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Muslimat Broadcast Network

  1. EPISODE5- Hijab, Whats The Big Deal !2008/03/11
    A discussion about Hijab, and exactly what it is , its benefits and more...
  2. EPISODE4 -Sister Sarahs Al Maghrib class2008/03/04
    Sister Sarah and I discussing her Al-Maghrib class, Salafy's, misunderstandings and literal interpretations of Quran, differences of opinion among scholars etc.
  3. EPISODE 3-Sarah's Why Islam Dawah Training2008/02/11
    Sarah Tisdale & Aisha Abdul Rahman discussing Dawah, Sarah's Trip and up coming and ongoing events in the area.
  4. EPISODE2- Ramadan Preparation2007/08/11
    Inshalalh, Rahmadhan is coming soon, and we wanted to sit down at the table with our sisters and discuss how we prepare and get ourselves ready for Rahmadhan.
  5. EPISODE1-Living With Purpose2007/08/04
    Allah (swt) has created each of us for a purpose, in order that we provide something to society. What is your purpose in this life, and how does it benefit the Ummah ? Join us Saturday for a live discussion.
Muslimat Broadcast Network
The Muslimat Broadcast Network features issues of concern and interests to the American Muslim Woman. Fashion, Beauty, Home, Decor, Food, Family, Children, Religion, Education, Work and so much more. Our very own Digital Halaqah !
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