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Mi Podcast:Parenting Teenagers

  1. Millennial Moment:Political Moments2012/02/29

    Using Politics as Teachable Moments
  2. Millennial Moment:Facebook Settings2012/01/27

    New Facebook Privacy Settings
  3. Mi Podcast:Suicide2012/01/20

    Suicide Prevention with Jud Kossum
  4. Mi Podcast:Your Teenager IS a Leader2012/01/13

    Interview with Doug Franklin, teen leadership expert
  5. Millennial Moment - Why Kids Lie2011/11/04

    Why Kids Lie
  6. Millennial Moment-Gummy Drunk2011/10/28

    Kids Sneaking Booze
  7. Mi Podcast:You Are In Control2011/10/21

    Parents Make the Call!
  8. Mi Podcast:Pretty Little Liars2011/10/05

    Little White Lies
  9. Mi Podcast:Preteens and Facebook2011/09/16

    Are preteens old enough for Facebook
  10. Mi Podcast:The Power of Your Words2011/09/11

    Power in your messages
  11. Mi Podcast:Adrenaline Junkies2011/08/28

    Adrenaline Junkies
  12. Mi Podcast:The Final Frontier2011/08/19

    Going to High School
  13. Mi Podcast:Dating Deepness2011/08/12

    Deeper Dating Relationships
  14. Mi Podcast:Take a Vacay2011/07/30

    Taking an Intentional Family Vacation
  15. Mi Podcast:Starting College2011/07/22

    Sending Your Kid to College
  16. Mi Podcast:Praying for Your Kids2011/07/20

    Praying for Your Kids
  17. Mi Podcast:Failing Parents2011/07/03

    Knowing When You've Failed
  18. Mi Podcast:Dan Webster with Kid Unique2011/06/24

    Dan Webster with Kid Unique
  19. Mi Podcast:Shy Boys2011/06/18

    My Son Doesn't Date
  20. Mi Podcast:Youth Workers Leave2011/06/10

    Helping Kids Transition When Mentors Leave
  21. Mi Podcast:Affectionate Marriage2011/06/04

    Affection in Front of Your Kids
  22. Mi Podcast:Dealing with Divorce2011/05/29

    Dealing with Divorce
  23. Mi Podcast:Laughter Heals with Jim Burns2011/05/13

    Laughter Heals the Family
  24. Mi Podcast:Summer Slump2011/05/10

    Keeping Kids Active During the Summer
  25. Mi Podcast:Raising Xtreme Kids2011/05/01

    Raising Kids in Extreme Subcultures
  26. Mi Podcast:Report Cards2011/04/20

    Dealing with bad grades
  27. Mi Podcast:Go Their Own Way2011/04/08

    When Teenagers Reject Your Way of Life
  28. Mi Podcast:I Want It2011/03/18

    Needs vs. Wants
  29. Mi Podcast:Positive Music2011/03/12

    Finding Music with a Positive Message
  30. Mi Podcast:Lunchbox Lovin'2011/02/20

    Encouraging Your Kids
  31. Mi Podcast:Church Skippers2011/02/11

    Teens Skipping Church
  32. Mi Podcast:My Daughter's Pregnant2011/02/07

    Teenage Pregnancy
  33. Mi Podcast:Say Sorry2011/01/28

    Apologizing to your kids
  34. Mi Podcast:Porn Addiction2011/01/23

    Recognizing Porn Addiction & Dangers
  35. Mi Podcast:Lead the Family2011/01/13

    Leading the Family with Intention
  36. Mi Podcast:Be the Influence2011/01/07

    Influence your teen's friends
  37. Mi Podcast:YP Walking2010/12/31

    When the Youth Pastor Leaves
  38. Mi Podcast:Anorexia2010/12/23

    Recognizing the signs of an eating disorder
  39. Mi Podcast:Cracking the Code!2010/12/17

    Cracking the Teenager 'Help Me' Code
  40. Mi Podcast:Pets2010/12/13

    Teenagers Forsaking Their Pets
  41. Mi Podcast:Be Thankful!2010/11/26

    Showing gratitude for our teens
  42. Mi Podcast:Vampires2010/11/20

    Vampires and teenagers
  43. Mi Podcast:Grief2010/11/12

    Helping teenagers through grief
  44. Mi Podcast:Thank A Youth Worker2010/11/04

    Thank adults who influence teens
  45. Mi Podcast:Too Old for Halloween?2010/10/29

    Are teenagers too old for Halloween?
  46. Mi Podcast:Sleep Tight2010/10/22

    Giving Teens a Bedtime
  47. Mi Podcast:Senior Year2010/10/16

    Enjoying the Senior Year
  48. Mi Podcast:Set Your Own Standard2010/10/11

    Setting Your OWN Standards for Parenting
  49. Mi Podcast:Recession Discussion2010/10/03

    Talking to your kids about the recession.
  50. Mi Podcast:Home Alone2010/09/24

    When to trust your kids home alone.
  51. Mi Podcast:More Than Serious Dating2010/09/18

    How significant should the significant other be?
  52. Mi Podcast:Skittles2010/09/11

    Teenagers using over-the-counter drugs.
  53. Mi Podcast:Grade Motivators2010/09/03

    Motivating teenagers to get good grades.
  54. Mi Podcast:Strong Faith2010/08/27

    Helping teenagers define their faith-base.
  55. Mi Podcast:Trust2010/08/20

    How much trust is too much?
  56. Mi Podcast:The Meddler2010/08/13

    Are you a meddlesome parent?
  57. Mi Podcast:Ivy League or Tech School2010/08/05

    Helping your teenager pick the right college.
  58. Mi Podcast:Fine Nothing2010/07/31

    Get your teenagers talking!
  59. Mi Podcast:Wicked Witch2010/07/24

    Defining a step-parent's role
  60. Mi Podcast:Who Cares?2010/07/16

    Engaging an apathetic teenager
  61. Mi Podcast:Politico2010/07/09

    Political discussions with your teenager
  62. Mi Podcast:Dream Weaver2010/07/02

    Helping teenagers realize their dreams.
  63. Mi Podcast:Sparring2010/06/25

    Helping teenagers with conflict resolution.
  64. Mi Podcast:Two Faced2010/06/18

    What to do when you find out your teenager is leading a double-life.
  65. Mi Podcast:Standing Tall2010/06/13

    The importance of dad's role!
  66. Mi Podcast: Hurry!2010/06/07

    Join us in a personal conversation with author and speakers Doug and Kathy Fields as we discuss how they are raising teenagers in the midst of their hectic and high-profile schedule.
  67. Mi Podcast:Indentured Servant2010/05/28

    Helping your teenagers be more service-minded.
  68. Mi Podcast:She's Out of My Life2010/05/19

    Keeping siblings connected during the college years.
  69. Mi Podcast:Shout Shout2010/05/14

    How to argue in front of the kids.
  70. Mi Podcast:Young and Restless2010/05/07

    Communicating with your preteen.
  71. Mi Podcast:Pick Up Lines2010/04/30

    Seizing moments to spend time with your teenager.
  72. Mi Podcast:Love Hurts2010/04/23

    Domestic Violence
  73. Mi Podcast:Media Fast Follow-Up2010/04/16

    Media Fast Recap
  74. Mi Podcast:Moody Blues2010/04/13

    Teenage Depression
  75. Mi Podcast:Back in the Game2010/04/05

    Single Parents Dating
  76. Mi Podcast:Wrath of Kahn2010/03/26

    Provoking Your Kids
  77. Mi Podcast:Cynical Spirituality2010/03/22

    Cynical Spirituality
  78. Mi Podcast:Biker Chicks & Backstreet Boys2010/03/12

    Tattoos & Peircings
  79. Mi Podcast:Break Ups & Make Ups2010/03/08

    Teenage Relationships
  80. Mi Podcast:Affirmation Parenting2010/02/28

    Encouraging the positive in your teenager when it's SO EASY to find the negative!
  81. Mi Podcast:Appropriate Gifts2010/02/21

    Giving Appropriate Gifts
  82. Mi Podcast:Dinner Table2010/02/12

    Family Dinner
  83. Mi Podcast:Debt Free2010/02/08

    Managing Money
  84. Mi Podcast:To Tell the Truth2010/02/01

  85. Mi Podcast:Early & Often2010/01/22
    Talking Sex to Tweens
  86. Mi Podcast:Media Fast2010/01/16
    Media Fast
  87. Mi Podcast:Role Models2010/01/08

    Role Models
  88. Mi Podcast:New Year New You2010/01/03
    New Year Resolution
  89. Mi Podcast:Giving Advice2009/12/25
    Giving Advice
  90. Mi Podcast:Cain & Abel2009/12/18
    Sibling Rivalry
  91. Mi Podcast:Bah Humbug2009/12/12
    Family Time at Christmas
  92. Mi Podcast:Little Lawyers2009/12/07
    Negotiating with Teens
  93. Mi Podcast:Marijuana2009/11/25
    Marijuana Use
  94. Mi Podcast:A Right to Privacy2009/11/20
    Private Time for Preteens
  95. Mi Podcast:Owning Your Past2009/11/13
    Confessing Your Past
  96. Mi Podcast:Anorexia Athletica2009/11/07
    Compulsive Exercise
  97. Mi Podcast:Courtesy & Respect2009/10/30

    Showing Courtesy & Respect
  98. Mi Podcast:Fatty2009/10/23
    Overweight Teens
  99. Mi Podcast:Ridicule2009/10/16
    Ridicule at Home
  100. Mi Podcast:Extended Adolescence2009/10/09
    Kids Who Won't Grow Up
  101. Mi Podcast:Movie Talk2009/10/01

    Discussing Movies
  102. Mi Podcast:Sexting2009/09/25

    What is sexting?
  103. Mi Podcast:Camp High2009/09/18
    Summer Spiritual Growth
  104. Mi Podcast 128:Physical Discipline2009/09/11
    Physical Discipline for Teenagers?
  105. Mi Podcast:Influencing Friends2009/08/28
    Influencing your Teen's Friends
  106. Mi Podcast:Parenting Triangles2009/08/28
    Balancing Family
  107. Mi Podcast:Lazy Kids2009/08/21
    Lazy Teenagers
  108. Mi Podcast:Birds and Bees2009/08/14
    Talking about sex
  109. Mi Podcast:Video Game Addiction2009/08/07
    Addicted to video games
  110. Mi Podcast:Making Memories2009/07/31
    Making Memories with Teenagers
  111. Mi Podcast:Premier2009/07/25
  112. Mi Podcast:When Grounding Doesn't Work2009/07/17
  113. Mi Podcast:Text Anxiety2009/07/10
  114. Mi Podcast:Bon Juvie2009/07/03
  115. Mi Podcast:Say Yes2009/06/26
  116. Mi Podcast:Mini Me2009/06/19
  117. Mi Podcast:Ex'd Out2009/06/12
  118. Mi Podcast:Puppy Love2009/06/05
  119. Mi Podcast:Giving Your Teens Respect2009/05/29
  120. Mi Podcast: Explaining Puberty2009/05/22
  121. Mi Podcast:Discipline Again2009/05/15
  122. Mi Podcast:Test Anxiety2009/05/08
  123. Mi Podcast:Self Esteem2009/05/01
  124. Mi Podcast: I'm Gay2009/04/24
  125. Mi Podcast:Cheating2009/04/17
  126. Mi Podcast:Dear Diary2009/04/10
  127. Mi Podcast:Drug Testing2009/04/03
  128. Mi Podcast:You're Never Too Old to Get a Note in Your Lunchbox2009/03/27
  129. Mi Podcast:Just Sign Here2009/03/20
  130. Mi Podcast:BFF's2009/03/13
  131. Mi Podcast:When Tragedy Strikes2009/03/06
  132. Mi Podcast:Clean Your Room!2009/02/27
  133. Mi Podcast:Memorizing Scripture2009/02/20
  134. Mi Podcast: Curfews2009/02/13
  135. Mi Podcast:I'm 18, I can do what I want!!2009/02/06
  136. Mi Podcast:The Entitlement Generation2009/01/30
  137. Mi Podcast:Breaking the Sin Cycle2009/01/23
  138. Mi Podcast:Intercession2009/01/17
  139. Mi Podcast:The Influencer2009/01/11
  140. Mi Podcast:The Blessing2009/01/02
  141. Mi Podcast:Dating and Romance2008/12/27
  142. Mi Podcast:Cyber Friends2008/12/19
  143. Mi Podcast:100th Podcast2008/12/12
  144. Mi Podcast:All By Myself2008/12/06
  145. Mi Podcast:Spiritual Cynicism2008/11/28
  146. Mi Podcast:Attitude of Gratitude2008/11/21
  147. Mi Podcast:Dating and False Intimacy2008/11/14
  148. Mi Podcast:Granny Got Game2008/11/08
  149. Mi Podcast:Portable Sounds2008/10/31
  150. Mi Podcast:My Teen Wants to Trick or Treat2008/10/24
  151. Mi Podcast:Them's Fighting Words!2008/10/17
  152. Moving From Elmo to EMO2008/10/10
  153. Give A Little Sugar:Showing Affection in Front of Your Teenager2008/10/03
  154. True Love Waits or Does It?2008/09/26
  155. Mi Podcast:U Haul, They Don't2008/09/19
  156. Mi Podcast:I Can't Drive 552008/09/12
  157. Mi Podcast:I Can't Stand Him!!2008/09/05
  158. Mi Podcast:Identifying When Your Teenager is Asking for Help!2008/08/29
  159. Mi Podcast:The Seductress in your Living Room!2008/08/22
  160. Mi Podcast:Blended Families2008/08/15
  161. Mi Podcast:Making Choices2008/08/08
  162. Mi Podcast:When Your Youth Pastor Leaves2008/08/01
  163. Mi Podcast:When Your Teenager Goes to High School2008/07/25
  164. Mi Podcast:When Your Kid Goes to Jr. High2008/07/18
  165. Mi Podcast:When Your Teenager Goes to College2008/07/11
  166. Mi Podcast:Walking the Aisle Again2008/07/04
  167. Mi Podcast:My Lips Are Sealed!2008/06/27
  168. Mi Podcast:Is He Gay?2008/06/20
  169. Mi Podcast:The Relationship of a Lifetime2008/06/13
  170. Mi Podcast:The Other Woman2008/06/06
  171. Mi Podcast:When the Lights Go Out2008/05/31
  172. Mi Podcast:Whatever happened to Fashion Barbie?!2008/05/24
  173. Mi Podcast:The Intentional Vacation2008/05/16
  174. Mi Podcast:You're so embarrassing! 2008/05/12
  175. Mi Podcast:Tune In2008/05/02
  176. Mi Podcast:Fight Club2008/04/25
  177. Mi Podcast:Dance Fever!2008/04/18
  178. Mi Podcast:Friend or Parent?2008/04/11
  179. Mi Podcast:Family Devotions2008/04/04
  180. Mi Podcast:Beating Summer Boredom!2008/03/29
  181. Mi Podcast:Gay, Straight, Bi, or Other?2008/03/24
  182. Mi Podcast:No Vile Thing Before My Eyes2008/03/14
  183. Mi Podcast:Bullies - How to fight back!2008/03/07
  184. Mi Podcast:Because God Says So!2008/03/03
  185. Mi Podcast:My Baby is having a Baby.2008/02/23
  186. Mi Podcast:My Son Is So Shy that He Doesn't Date!2008/02/15
  187. Mi Podcast:Social Networking Sites2008/02/08
  188. Mi Podcast:Preparing Your Teen for Physical Independence2008/02/01
  189. Mi Podcast:Can I Have Some Money?2008/01/25
  190. Mi Podcast:Crossing the Great Divide (Teens fighting with Siblings)2008/01/18
  191. Mi Podcast:Apologizing to Your Teenager2008/01/04
  192. Mi Podcast:Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!2007/12/29
  193. Welcome to Mi Podcast!2007/12/21
  194. Mi Podcast:Dating-It's Not Just for Teenagers!2007/12/21
  195. Mi Podcast:"F"-My Teen Is Failing!2007/12/14
  196. Mi Podcast:Mealtime Togetherness2007/12/07
  197. Mi Podcast:We're in Love!!2007/11/30
  198. Mi Podcast:Exposing Invisible Teens2007/11/23
  199. Mi Podcast:Worship in Your Family with Jud Kossum2007/11/16
  200. Mi Podcast:Do As I Say, Not As I Do!2007/11/09
  201. Mi Podcast:Date Rape2007/11/02
  202. Mi Podcast:Sheltering2007/10/26
  203. Mi Podcast:What I Say, What They Hear2007/10/19
  204. Mi Podcast:Communicating with your Preteen2007/10/13
  205. Mi Podcast:Cutting2007/10/05
  206. Mi Podcast:What if my kid does not want to go to church?2007/09/28
  207. Mi Podcast:Fashion or Advertising?2007/09/21
  208. Mi Podcast:Mr and Mrs Who?2007/09/14
  209. Mi Podcast:Disciplining Your Teenager2007/09/07
  210. Mi Podcast:The Art of Giving Advice2007/08/31
  211. Mi Podcast:I'm Such a Loser!2007/08/23
  212. Mi Podcast:Eating Disorders...When it's more than a diet.2007/08/17
  213. Mi Podcast:Is She Depressed or Just Moody?2007/08/10
  214. Mi Podcast:Fighting Fair2007/08/03
  215. Mi Podcast:The Warzone2007/07/27
  216. Mi Podcast:Faith in Your Family2007/07/20
  217. Mi Podcast:Intervention2007/07/13
  218. Mi Podcast:Mini Me2007/07/06
  219. Mi Podcast:Tattoos and Piercings2007/06/29
  220. Mi Podcast:Fessing Up to Past Failure2007/06/22
  221. Mi Podcast:Sex Talk2007/06/15
  222. Mi Podcast:All Kids Drink, Right?2007/06/07
  223. Mi Podcast:Dealing with the Devil!2007/06/01
  224. Mi Podcast:Letting Go2007/05/25
  225. Mi Podcast:My Kid is Lazy!!2007/05/18
  226. Mi Podcast:Escape Plans2007/05/11
  227. Mi Podcast:I think my teenager is experimenting with sex... what do I do?2007/05/04
  228. Mi Podcast: Infiltrating the Enemy!2007/04/27
  229. Mi Podcast: I'm 18, I Can Do What I Want!2007/04/20
  230. Mi Podcast:How do I tell my kid I hate their friends!2007/04/13
  231. Mi Podcast:Divorce - How do I help my teen cope?2007/04/06
  232. Mi Podcast:Pressures That Teenagers Face Today2007/03/30
  233. MiPodcast: Addicted to Gaming?!!2007/03/23
  234. Mi Podcast:Parenting Peer Pressure2007/03/16
  235. Mi Podcast:Jobs2007/03/09
  236. Mi Podcast:Memory Makers2007/03/02
  237. Mi Podcast:Significant Others...How significant should the significant other be?2007/02/23
  238. Mi Podcast:When should I do "the sex talk"?2007/02/16
  239. MiPodcast:You're Never Too Old to Get a Note in your Lunchbox2007/02/09
  240. Mi Podcast:Jokes that aren't so funny2007/02/02
  241. Mi Podcast Where did that come from?!!:Signs that your child is becoming a teenager 002 2007/01/25
  242. Mi Podcast Premier: Help for Parents of Teens 001 2007/01/25
  243. Welcome to Mi Podcast!2007/01/24
Mi Podcast:Parenting Teenagers
Help for Parenting Teenagers

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