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Urban Coffee

  1. Update Your Feed2013/04/13
    Update Your Feed
  2. episode1652013/03/18
  3. episode1642013/03/10
    Drone Nation
  4. episode1632013/03/04
    The Only Way I Can Finish
  5. episode1622013/02/24
    Shiny Penny
  6. episode1612013/02/18
    Gone Postal
  7. episode1602013/02/10
    Risen From The Ashes
  8. episode1592011/06/07
    Urban Wine II - EXPLICIT!
  9. episode1582011/05/26
    Ron Paul running for pres, are you living in a computer simulation, the police state of America, no rapture, Dave bitches about driving a long way because of American Airlines, Bone Thugs, Fast Driver, & Malware for Macs.
  10. episode1572011/05/04
    Osama is dead. Nuff said, right?
  11. episode1562011/04/14
    Fort Davis Fires
  12. episode1552011/03/24
    Japan, Libya, OMD, Starbucks Instant, TSA Palm Swabs, Dead Twins, Martial Law in Michigan, People are Awesome, Guilty Dog and AT&T buys T-Mobile
  13. episode1542011/03/10
    iPad 2, Narcissistic Tweets, Wisconsin Teachers, TSA Ignorance, Space Shuttle, Monsanto, Final Cut Pro, and Ashton Kutcher gets Punkd.
  14. episode1532011/02/22
    Ron Paul, Anon, Duck Tales, Radiohead, Male, Middle Class and White, Mother of three arrested for taking a picture, Bill O'Reilly, and the Confused Reporter.
  15. episode1522011/02/09
    Egypt, the internet kill switch, another good ol' fashioned police beating, snow in Dallas, Kinect for Mac, Mutant Alfalfa, TSA and videotaping, & Anon and the FBI.
  16. episode1512011/01/26
    Attack on Free Speech, The NBC Comcast Merger, Narcissistic Tweets, Dave confronts the man, Oil Wars Over? Troll Report, and 3D Animation.
  17. episode1502011/01/14
    Arizona shootings, iPhone on Verizon, Awesome music, Myspace, Magic Mushrooms, and a bunch of cool videos.
  18. episode1492010/12/28
    Christmas is still here, Time Warner Cable, Suicidal Smoker, How Wikileaks really works, Pedo Bear Alert, TSA updates, and World Lens
  19. episode1482010/12/09
    Paper People Jokes, The Holiday Season, Narcissistic Tweets, Deep Packet Inspection, Seth's Big 30, MSNBC cuts people off, Birthers still around, and Airplay with Airvideo
  20. episode1472010/11/24
    Guest host Phil Clay, E-mails, Hitting the TSA in the mouth, Mystery Missles, New website, and Tech Talk.
  21. episode1462010/11/09
    Election results, Narcissistic Tweets, Body Scanners, What has Obama done so far, Xbox Kinect, T-Bird and the Brakes, The Rent is Too Damn High, and Firesheep.
  22. episode1452010/10/26
    States Rights, Narcissistic Tweets, New Apple Products, Body Scanners, Zombie Networks, & the Sweet Scam Scam
  23. episode1442010/10/13
    Rick Sanchez, Listener Emails, Narcissistic Tweets, Tax Cuts for the rich (aka everyone), Brightsource and Obama, Fox News sucking as usual, and Apple vs. Roku.
  24. episode1432010/09/28
    Antonine Dodson's New House, MonoPrice, UN aims to take over the world, Corn Sugar, Steven Colbert, Christine O'Donnell, HDR Video, Stewart on the O'Reilly Factor, and Halo Reach.
  25. episode1422010/09/15
    The Tax Cut Myth, 9/11, Halo, 5D Mark II, Pedo Bear, The Return of R&B Poetry, 4Chan Puppy Revenge, Seth's Music Cafe & Dave's Videos.
  26. Episode1412010/08/31
    Special guest Phil Clay, Bitch of the Week, Narcissistic Tweets, 27b/6, The war on Islam, Police Beatings, some great videos, and a little tech talk.
  27. episode1402010/08/18
    Monsanto Beats, Dogs eating toes, 4Chan Trial Transcript, Marijuana in Canada & Hypervisor Mode.
  28. Urban Coffee Episode 1392010/07/22
    Seth tells us about his mom, the oil spill and BP, mystery candidate, Jesus statue, and the iPhone
  29. Urban Coffee Episode 138b2010/06/08
    iPhone 4 run down, Cost of Google Pacman, Miranda Rights, Wheel of Fortune Fails, Moot at TED, Swine Flu, and aliens vs. humans
  30. Urban Coffee Episode 138a2010/06/08
    Live iPhone 4 coverage
  31. Urban Coffee Episode 1372010/05/24
    Goldman Sachs and other banks hit it big, Illegal Immigration, iPhone 4.0, Kenny the Yo Yo man, After Posting SS# In Ads, Lifelock CEO's Identity Stolen 13 Times, Weezer Perform "Can't Stop Partying" on Lopez Tonight (In the Morning,) and what's New In iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 4
  32. Urban Coffee Episode 1362010/05/16
    Losing your citizenship and other rights, Stephen Hawking says Watch Out for Aliens, Bailing out European Banks, Pregnancy by 3D Film, Great articles to read, Apollo 11 Saturn Launch in HD, & Square for iPad.
  33. Urban Coffee Episode 1352010/04/27
    Energy Star gets punk'd, Temporal Illusions, The leaked iPhone, Everyone Draw Mohammed, The iPad, Pinball Number Count, & Polish Plane Crash Gunshots.
  34. Urban Coffee Episode 1342010/04/14
    The iPad, X7 Host update, Narcissistic Tweets, Seth's Music Cafe, OMG Facts, Reel Roulette, Trololo Cat, No Agenda TV, and & Remembering Henry Edward Roberts
  35. Urban Coffee Episode 1332010/03/30
    The health care bill, virtual concerts, Moot, Eduard Hill, Chatroulette, & SXSW.
  36. Urban Coffee Episode 1322010/03/19
    Seth via Skype, Dave gets threatened, Pedobear in the olympics, Internet body scale, High Fructose Corn Syrup Propaganda, Hambone Brothers, Internet Freedom, Tra lololo, OK GO Rube Goldberg machine
  37. Urban Coffee Episode 1312010/02/24
    Dave's new baby, Google Fiber, Schools Spying on Students, Facebook uploader sucks, narcissistic Tweets, Iran blocks Gmail, Camera Mapping, Youtube Doubler, Chatroulolz, and Rapture Pet Care.
  38. Urban Coffee Episode 1302010/02/08
    Guest Host - Patrick Eaton, Brief iPad talk, Text Scams, Narcissistic Tweets, Seth's Music Cafe, Verizon Blocking 4Chan, Climate Gate Explained, McCain's Flip-Flop, & Siri.
  39. Urban Coffee Episode 1292010/01/27
    The internet in numbers, Bitch of the Week, Seth's Music Cafe, The iSlate, Science project prompts counseling, Haiti, Pat Robertson, and Ron Paul.
  40. Urban Coffee Episode 1282010/01/11
    Caspian and the Good Times, Twenty Ten, Dirty Little Mouth Exclusive, The Crotch Bomber, History Channel HD, New TSA Rules, Best XKCD ever, Ben Stein, and a CES Review
  41. Urban Coffee Episode 1272009/12/28
    Christmas Recap, Texas Winter Drivers, Narcissistic Tweets, Seth's Music Cafe, Bill of Rights Day, You are not a person, Dave's Videos, AT&T suckage, & the Apple Tablet
  42. Urban Coffee Episode 1262009/12/16
    Dave explains his article about the American Airlines Orange Juice, and the craziness that followed. Seth talks about his music video shoot.
  43. Urban Coffee Episode 1252009/11/30
    Special guest Pat Kondelis, Climate Gate, Shiny Suds, Narcissistic Tweets, Taweet, Popcorn is terrible for you, The Video Professor, MN Tea Party, and AT&T revenge ads.
  44. Urban Coffee Episode 1242009/11/17
    Mike Yarbrough, X7 Hosting sucks, Brand New - Bought a Bride, Top 10 Weirdest CIA Programs, A/N1N1 Pandemic Toxic strain, Fort Hood, Glenn Beck still alive, & AT&T Sucks.
  45. Urban Coffee Episode 1232009/11/02
    John McCain is trying to block net neutrality, Narcissistic Tweets, Hadron Collider begin sabotaged from the future?, Swine Flu, 650,000 jobs saved or created, Gary Vaynerchuk, The Beginners Guide To L. Ron Hubbard, & Woopra
  46. Urban Coffee Episode 1222009/10/21
    Bomb Scare, Social Media Games, Narcissistic Tweets, Rewriting the Bible, Lisbon Treaty, Copenhagen Treaty, Balloon Boy, More Microsoft Failures
  47. Urban Coffee Episode 1212009/10/07
    Narcissistic Tweets, AT&T Suckage, Massachusetts OK’s Police Breaking into Suspects Vehicle, Planting Tracking Device, Judge rules against Monsanto’s GM sugar beets, Massachusetts bill allows police to break in and vaccinate without warrant, How to throw a Windows Over9000 Party, Swine Flu, Has the Federal Reserve Ever Tried to Manipulate the Stock Market?, & I am T-Pain
  48. Urban Coffee Episode 1202009/09/21
    Government Hypocrisy, People in Philly, Narcissistic Tweets, 3D Flight Tracking, Ridiculous Complaints, Kanyelicious, Totalylookslike.com, Franken Talks Down Angry Mob, Steve Jobs back in the game, Mint.com, & Words with Friends
  49. Urban Coffee Episode 1192009/09/05
    Doesn't feel like fall, but it is, Cause the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back! DAS PONS PONS, Airline "Schedules", People of Walmart.com, Pandemic bill allows health authorities to enter homes, detain without warrant. THERE WILL BE ABUSES OF POWER!, MJ Still Alive?, IT AIN'T AMERICA NO MO'!, An Update on iPhone MMS.
  50. Urban Coffee Episode 1182009/08/26
    Info (Show/Hide)
  51. Urban Coffee Episode 1172009/08/11
    Info (Show/Hide)
  52. Urban Coffee Episode 1162009/07/29
    Info (Show/Hide)
  53. Urban Coffee Episode 1152009/07/16
    Info (Show/Hide)
  54. Urban Coffee Episode 1142009/06/30
    Info (Show/Hide)
  55. Urban Coffee Episode 1132009/06/17
    This week Phil Clay fills in for Seth. We talk about E3 and video games, Seth's Music Cafe, The Consumerist, Ahmadinejad, More police beatings, iPhone 3.0 and tethering, and AT&T.
  56. Urban Coffee Episode 1122009/06/01
    On this episode we talk about Dave's new book, People calling 911 for fast food emergencies, Seth's Music Cafe, Starbucks, Gas Prices, Sotomayor, Police beatings, and iPhone rumors.
  57. Urban Coffee Episode 1112009/05/21
    On this episode we have a good ol' fashioned airport Bitch of the Week, Seth's Music Cafe, secret space programs, Oprah Fried Chicken coupon, warrant-less gps tracking, audit the Fed, ATM skimmers, Windows 7, and Crackho.com.
  58. Urban Coffee Episode 1102009/05/05
    With special guest, Mike Yarbrough. On this episode we discuss the Swine Flu, the thought police, the Spanish slap chop and the slap chop rap, Seth's Music Cafe, more dumb quiz, drug side effects, and a side of torture.
  59. Urban Coffee Episode 1092009/04/19
    With special guest Pat Kondelis. On this episode we talk about Facebook baby pictures, taxes, Seth's Music Cafe, New pictures of the ShamWow guy, Rick Perry, Stem Cell Research Part 2, and the Seven Signs of Terrorism.
  60. Urban Coffee Episode 1082009/04/10
    On this episode we talk about Seth's band, Dave's new Mac Pro, Customer service, Server problems, Stem cell research, Seth's Music Cafe, Dave's Videos, and Twitter.
  61. Urban Coffee Episode 1072009/03/23
    On this episode, Dave deals with audio problems behind the scenes while doing a show. Ahh! We talk about all the fun stuff at SXSW, Dave bitches about CI Host, Seth tells us about Thrice, we talk about asylum for American soldiers, and Boxee.
  62. Urban Coffee Episode 1062009/03/21
    On this episode we talk about our RAGE for AIG, Dave bitches about Facebook ads, Seth's Music Cafe, Twitter Talk, Bobby Jindal, and Augmented Reallity.
  63. Urban Coffee Episode 1052009/02/23
    With special guest Mike Yarbrough. On this episode we discuss the Oscars, Dirty Little Mouth's concert, how much Classmates.com sucks, this is why you're fat, the stimulus package, and why Microsoft retail stores are a stupid idea.
  64. Urban Coffee Episode 1042009/02/09
    With special guest Mike Yarbrough. On this episode we discuss the problems with cutting back employees, we go in depth about the Grammys, Seth plugs his band and the release of their new album, we talk about British Fascism, Michael Phelps and pot, and geek out a bit as usual.
  65. Urban Coffee Episode 1032009/01/26
    This week, Dave bitches about people that don't realize Roberts was the one who screwed up the oath, Seth plays us Yoav, we talk about jailbreaking iPhones, Microsoft Songsmith, and Nigerian goat robbers.
  66. Urban Coffee Episode 1022009/01/12
    This week, Dave and Seth talk about the weather, video games, Dave bitches about PS3 updates, Seth's Music Cafe, Many videos from Dave, the Bart killings, and recent hackings around the interweb.
  67. Urban Coffee Episode 1012008/12/29
    This week, Seff and Dave talk about doing man stuff, Christmas get-togethers, Dave bitches about getting his money stolen, Seth's Music Cafe, Dave's Links, Mexican Kidnapping, Pakistan and India, The end of America, Dave's Videos & Tech Talk.
  68. Urban Coffee Episode 1002008/12/10
    This month we catch up on everything that's happened in the last year or so, talk about our new projects, a little splash of music, and some conversation about the auto industry bailout.
  69. We're Coming Back!2008/10/14
    We're coming back starting in December!
  70. Urban Coffee Episode 972007/09/21
    Special guest Andrew Koss talks with Dave and Seth about their week, Dave bitches about airlines, Stumble Upon, Seth's Music Cafe, Giant Bananas, Internet People, Dave's Links, Dave's Videos, New iPods and more.
  71. Urban Coffee Episode 962007/09/06
    Dave bitches about the grocery store checkout, Iraq whistle-blowers facing penalties, Who is John Galt, A hole in the universe, Why Skype fell over, Cannabis damage compared to tobacco, FCC white spaces, Bio Shock, If I Ran Fox News For A Day, Seth's Music Cafe, Stumble Upon minute round, Dave's Links, Dave's Videos, Tech Talk, & Roadrunner bandwidth issues.
  72. Urban Coffee Episode 952007/08/29
    Dave talks about his week, Seth talks about corn nuggets, Dave bitches about bandwidth and internet tiering, The iPhone unlocked, The pentagon spending too much money on nothing, Seth's Music Cafe, Delorians, Llamas, Dave's Links, Dave's Videos, Tech Talk, and more!
  73. Urban Coffee Episode 942007/08/24
    Dave talks about his new truck, we show off our new cartoon, Dave bitches about Wells Fargo again, American Income Tax Law, Federal ID Plan, Jon Stewart tears Cheney biographer a new one, Cheney shrugs of '94 video, Seth's Music Cafe, If I Ran Fox News For A Day, Dave's Links, Dave's Videos, and Tech talk.
  74. Urban Coffee Episode 932007/08/16
    On this episode, Dave bitches about Taxi drivers, We read our latest review, we get in a discussion about America if the people revolted, Breathalyzer source code, Dick Cheney on Iraq '94, The brain glitch that makes terrorism fail, GTA delay, Seth's Music Cafe, Dave's Links, Dave's Videos, and Tech Talk.
  75. Urban Coffee Episode 922007/08/08
    Info (Show/Hide)
  76. Urban Coffee Episode 91b2007/06/05
    A message from Dave about the future of the show.
  77. Urban Coffee Episode 902007/05/31
    With guest host, Phil. Voicemails, Dave gets an HD camera and bitches about entertainment news, Phil's Music Cafe, Dave's Videos, Corny Jokes, Wakey'z, The iPhone nears release, Lost, Interesting Houses, Stupid students protesting, and Microsoft vs Linux.
  78. Urban Coffee Episode 892007/05/24
    Dave talks about Final Cut Studio 2 and bitches about Delta, New illegal immigrant bill, Bees dying, Seth's Music Cafe, Dave's Video, Walk2Web, Y Combinator, I Can Has Cheezburger, Wafaabilal.com, Terabyte hard drives, Applegate, and Vista hacked again.
  79. Urban Coffee Episode 882007/05/18
    Dave talks about Apple Shake and the new Urban Coffee website, Dave bitches about Ebay security, HUAR, Where are you on the political map, Is Bill O'Reilly evil, Seth's Music Cafe, Dave's Videos, Modest Mouse Music Video Contest, Canadian Poppy Coin, Ban Comic Sans, Light Field, Future of internet radio, and hacking hotel tvs.
  80. Urban Coffee Episode 872007/05/11
    Dave is bummed because the Mavs lost, The Mute Math Concert, Seth's gay experience, Dave bitches about Good Morning America, Seth's Music Cafe, One man writes 235 Linux drivers, Loyalty Day, Nobody cares what you're doing (Twitter), Dave's Videos, Apple TV over the Slingbox, Digg "Hacking" HDDVD, and a Greener Apple.
  81. Urban Coffee Episode 862007/05/06
    This week we have 2 guests, Matt and Daniel. Dave talks about his crazy weather video, Dave bitches about Leo Laporte on Ustream, Meet the next president of the united states, Robot Future, Seth's Music Cafe, Dave's Videos, Boris Yeltsin dies, The Levelator, Geek Counterpoint Podcast, Hunger for Impeachment, New AOL homepage copies yahoo, & Free to Compete.
  82. Urban Coffee Episode 852007/04/28
    Dave bitches about Wells Fargo again, Virginia Tech Shootings, Debit cards for illegal immigrants, Iraq for Sale, Seth's Music Cafe, Fotowoosh, Grey Goo, Twitter, Easy Buttons, Dave's Videos, Final Cut Studio 2, The Call, Microsoft says iPhone is irrelevant, Why Xbox Elite isn't so elite, Pirates in 1080p, and DIY OSX file encryption.
  83. Urban Coffee Episode 842007/04/21
    This week Dave talks about Mute Math and the vortex of coincidence, Seth talks about STS9, Dave bitches about the problems with the winery, Corny Jokes, Imus and his woes, Seth's music cafe, Neave Games, The President nearly blows himself up, 5mb Hard Drive in 1956, New Google Maps features, Weird picture, Dave's Videos, & The Annoying Banner Ad Contest.
  84. Urban Coffee Episode 832007/04/13
    Info (Show/Hide)
  85. Urban Coffee Episode 822007/04/06
    Info (Show/Hide)
  86. Urban Coffee Episode 812007/03/22
    Special Guest Andrew Koss, Seth admits that Dave's toilet DOES suck, Dave bitches about what happened to his Mac Pro, Seth's Music Cafe, Superdeluxe.com, Muslims suing passengers, Dave's Videos, VMware, Viacom suing Google, and Where's Leopard?
  87. Urban Coffee Episode 802007/03/22
    Seth talks about bad Grandy's food, Dave bitches about Vista already sucking, the new Southpark this week, Seth's Music Cafe, Legend of Zelda Wii Case Mod, Faceless coin, Dave's Videos, Dave's friend has a sweet Macbook deal, 5 cool ways to use Yahoo pipes, & Google Traffic.
  88. Urban Coffee Episode 792007/03/13
    Dave & Seth together again, Dave bitches about "Are you smarter than a 5th grader," Seth's Music Cafe, Dave's Videos, Southpark says the N word, Fox news at its finest, SETI, 11 dead at kite festival, T-shirt Hell, Steve Jobs - Spymaster, & Web 2.0 Logos.
  89. Urban Coffee Episode 782007/03/07
    Special guest host Andrew Koss, Dave bitches about The Emo Report, Ann Coulter's Comment, Coldplay, Dave's Videos, Hot chicks with douchebags, 7 worst sexy toys for children, Angry Apple Fan, iPod update?, Drupal, Freemacware, Tabstop, Mail Appetizer, & Tor.
  90. Urban Coffee Episode 772007/02/21
    Dave bitches about the forums, Seth has 2 great music cafe items, Dave's Videos, Myspace Ad Revenue, Hot or Not Composites, How to crash an in-flight entertainment system, Yahoo Pipes, Quick Drop your Mac, Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD, & PS3 Woes.
  91. Urban Coffee Episode 762007/02/14
    Info (Show/Hide)
  92. Urban Coffee Episode 752007/02/08
    Dave bitches about Aqua Teen Hunger Terrorists, Christian gay basher, Seth's Music Cafe, Dave's Videos, Woman becomes quadruple amputee after giving birth, Sylvia Browne wants to shut down stopsylviabrowne.com, Teen faces child porn charges for taking pictures of herself, Burger King Profits up 40% due to video games, and Apple & the Beatles.
  93. Urban Coffee Episode 742007/02/01
    Special guests Brock Riney and Julie Bennett, More God talk, a problem at Dave's office, Sylvia Browne update, Euthanasia of animals and humans, and listener videos.
  94. Urban Coffee Episode 732007/01/23
    Dave bitches about McNuggets, we talk about God, Seth's music cafe, Andy Griffith vs. Patriot Act, The Sloganizer, Sylvia Browne update, Farecast and Farechase, Third World American, & Maya 8.5 Universal Binary.
  95. Urban Coffee Episode 722007/01/18
    Guest starring Matt Asianian. We talk about our week, Sylvia Browne, The iPhone, Photos stolen from Deviant Art, Strange Metal Orb in Texas, A boring day at the airport, Bush and Abramoff, SD plus USB Card, Tivo to go for Mac, and Crammer smashing a Zune.
  96. Urban Coffee Episode 712007/01/08
    Info (Show/Hide)
  97. Urban Coffee Episode 702007/01/04
    Info (Show/Hide)
  98. Urban Coffee Episode 692006/12/28
    Info (Show/Hide)
  99. Urban Coffee Episode 682006/12/20
    This week Dave talks about the busy holidays, Tran-Siberian Orchestra, Seth tells us about his week, Dave bitches about Wells Fargo, We bring up the inevitable topic of global warming, Senator Johnson's Illness, Nazi Gingerbread Men, Sylvia Brown, Seth's Music Cafe, Dave's Videos, Person of the year: You, Pikipimp.com, Unbuntu - Satanic Edition, Photoshop CS3, & the Carbon fiber Macbook.
  100. Urban Coffee Episode 672006/12/13
    Dave picks up a new tour and bitches about Sprint commercials, Adam leaves NLO, Leapard is Lenard, Slam Dunk, Penn & Teller petition to ban water, Time Travel, What if chatrooms were real, Do you know who I am, The death of James Kim, Wayans drops the N-bomb, Christmas Videos on Youtube, & Listener Links.
  101. Urban Coffee Episode 662006/12/07
    Phil Clay guest hosts, Seth's Birthday, Gears of War, Gwyneth Paltrow, Muslims on US Airways, Third World American Update, Newt Gingritch, Leet Speak, Dave's Videos, Lance Bass, Phil's Links, Apple and Parallels, & iPhone rumors.
  102. Urban Coffee Episode 652006/11/29
    Info (Show/Hide)
  103. Urban Coffee Episode 642006/11/23
    Dave's finally off the road, Airport Security, McCain running for office, Horse Cloning, Seth's Music Cafe, OJ Simpson, Dave's Video, Create your own optical illusion, Fisher Price technology integration, Mile High Club, Second Life University, Tivo stretching to the internet, Zune Slow Sales, & Apple to sell unlocked phones.
  104. Urban Coffee Episode 632006/11/15
    Info (Show/Hide)
  105. Urban Coffee Episode 622006/11/08
    Info (Show/Hide)
  106. Urban Coffee Episode 612006/11/01
    This week Dave bitches about hotel internet again, we talk about the upcoming elections, Seth's Music Cafe, Urban Legends, Dave's Videos, Rouge Elephants, Bush moves toward marshal law, Will Digg be acquired by News Corp, Buying a PC this holiday season, Fake boarding passes, & Apple dumping the scroll wheel.
  107. Urban Coffee Episode 602006/10/25
    Guest Co-Host Phil Clay, Body Worlds, Dave's Taxi Bitch of the Week, Third World American, Mark Foley, Keith Olberman, The Death of Habeas Corpus, Why country singers look gay now days, Dave's Videos, How to prank a tele-marketer, Last.FM, Man rejects penis transplant, Schools making students legally responsible for Myspace postings, Apple iPhone features leaked, & an MS Office Hack for Mac.
  108. Urban Coffee Episode 592006/10/20
    Special bonus episode! Dave bitches about Stargate.com, Mark Foley, Seth's Music Cafe, Dave's Videos, Elevator floor illusion, Cool Flash picture, A great photography website, Huck Fezbollah, Xbox 360 Hacking, Hacking Democracy, and R&B Poetry.
  109. Urban Coffee Episode 582006/10/18
    This week we talk about what happened last week, Dave bitches about Time Warner Cable, North Korea, Seth's Music Cafe, Dave's Videos, NLO's Towery Video, ALL-FG.com, Writing in block letters, The Zune on CBS, Possible iPhone designs, & A kewl Youtube Hack
  110. Urban Coffee Episode 572006/10/04
    This week Dave bitches about Comcast again, we talk about the podcast expo and Nick Starr, 100 voices, Ben Folds cover of 'Such Great Heights', Robot Dance, Red Bull Video, Bill Clinton on Faux News, Daily Show clip of Newsweek, Youtube cartoons, Population One, The return of Futurama, Genius Bar TV show, Apple's new Zoom feature, and a 9/11 skit by Dave and Andrew Koss.
  111. Urban Coffee Episode 562006/09/27
  112. Urban Coffee Episode 552006/09/20
  113. Urban Coffee Episode 542006/09/13
  114. Urban Coffee Episode 532006/09/05
  115. Urban Coffee Episode 522006/08/30
  116. Urban Coffee Episode 512006/08/21
  117. Urban Coffee Episode 502006/08/16
  118. Urban Coffee Episode 492006/08/08
  119. Urban Coffee Episode 482006/08/01
  120. Urban Coffee Episode 472006/07/23
  121. Urban Coffee Episode 462006/07/23
  122. Urban Coffee Episode 462006/07/19
  123. Urban Coffee Episode 452006/07/11
  124. Urban Coffee Episode 442006/07/04
  125. Urban Coffee Episode 432006/06/26
  126. Urban Coffee Episode 422006/06/20
  127. Urban Coffee Episode 412006/06/14
  128. Urban Coffee Episode 402006/06/06
  129. Urban Coffee Episode 392006/05/30
  130. Urban Coffee Episode 382006/05/22
  131. Urban Coffee Episode 372006/05/15
  132. Urban Coffee Episode 362006/05/08
  133. Urban Coffee Episode 352006/05/01
  134. Urban Coffee Episode 342006/04/26
  135. Urban Coffee Episode 332006/04/19
  136. Urban Coffee Episode 322006/04/11
  137. Urban Coffee Episode 312006/04/03
  138. Urban Coffee Episode 302006/03/26
  139. Urban Coffee Episode 292006/03/20
  140. Urban Coffee Episode 282006/03/13
  141. Urban Coffee Episode 272006/03/05
  142. Urban Coffee Episode 262006/02/28
  143. Urban Coffee Episode 252006/02/21
  144. Urban Coffee Episode 242006/02/13
  145. Urban Coffee Episode 232006/02/07
  146. Urban Coffee Episode 222006/01/31
  147. Urban Coffee Episode 212006/01/24
  148. Urban Coffee Episode 202006/01/16
  149. Urban Coffee Episode 192006/01/07
  150. Urban Coffee Episode 182006/01/01
  151. Urban Coffee Episode 172005/12/23
  152. Urban Coffee Episode 162005/12/20
  153. Urban Coffee Episode 152005/12/13
  154. Urban Coffee Episode 142005/12/05
  155. Urban Coffee Episode 132005/11/28
  156. Urban Coffee Episode 122005/11/21
  157. Urban Coffee Episode 112005/11/13
  158. Urban Coffee Episode 102005/11/07
  159. Urban Coffee Episode 92005/10/31
  160. Urban Coffee Episode 82005/10/24
  161. Urban Coffee Episode 72005/10/16
  162. Urban Coffee Episode 62005/10/16
  163. Urban Coffee Episode 52005/10/03
  164. Urban Coffee Episode 42005/09/27
  165. Urban Coffee Episode 32005/09/18
  166. Urban Coffee Episode 22005/09/12
  167. Urban Coffee Episode 12005/09/08
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