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  1. Now What 2013/08/29
    What do you regret? Anything? CBS News Correspondent Jim Taylor takes a look.

  2. Now.What.: 08/222013/08/22
    The fall theatre season is right around the corner. Which means: So is opening night. CBS's Jim Taylor takes a look.

  3. Now.What.: 08/152013/08/15
    The crowd sourcing platform Kickstarter has some critics. CBS's Jim Taylor is talking to them.

  4. Now.What.: 08/082013/08/08
    Kickstarter. CBS's Jim Taylor takes a look at the on-line crowd-sourcing program that's funding projects on a very grass roots level.

  5. Now.What.: 08/012013/08/01
    Learning to love one another. First you've gotta learn to love yourself. CBS's Jim Taylor reports.

  6. Now.What.: 07/252013/07/25
    It's time to roll up your sleeves and give back. Or at least give something. CBS's Jim Taylor reports on Operation Backpack.

  7. Now.What.: 07/182013/07/18
    Ever had your dramatic experience ruined by the intrusion of a cell phone? It's happened to CBS's Jim Taylor from time to time to time.

  8. Now.What.: 07/112013/07/11
    If you could, what would you like to teach the world? CBS's Jim Taylor takes a look.

  9. Now.What.: 07/032013/07/03
    The largest jazz festival in the world is happening right now: The 34th Annual Jazz festival in Montreal. CBS's Jim Taylor reports.

  10. Now.What.: 06/272013/06/27
    Just a few days left in Adopt-a-Cat month. CBS News Correspondent Jim Taylor has more.

  11. Now.What.: 06/202013/06/20
    Summer is here. CBS's Jim Taylor has more.

  12. Now.What.: 06/132013/06/13
    The man who brought us 'Transformer' now has a 'transplant'. CBS's Jim Taylor talking about Lou Reed.

  13. Now.What.: 06/062013/06/06
    2013 Tony Awards this Sunday on CBS...

  14. Now.What.: 05/232013/05/23
    Now What. Getting along. As in: Why can't we?

  15. Now.What.: 05/162013/05/16
    The millennials. Who are these brash 20 somethings? And how did they get that way. Here's CBS's Jim Taylor.

  16. Now.What.: 05/092013/05/09
    You ever just wanna run away? Where would you go? CBS's Jim Taylor's bags are packed.

  17. Now.What.: 05/022013/05/02
    The latest shows on television aren't on television. They're on the web. Here's CBS's Jim Taylor.

  18. Now.What.: 04/252013/04/25
    Do you believe in miracles? CBS News Correspondent Jim Taylor asks, Now What?

  19. Now.What.: 04/182013/04/18
    Existence Day is this weekend (Sunday April 21). CBS's Jim Taylor is
    asking: Why are we here?

  20. Now.What.: 04/112013/04/11
    Passion. Got it? Get it. Here's CBS's Jim Taylor.

A look at contemporary culture from the eclectic Jim Taylor.

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