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The Curbside Investigator

  1. Episode #120 – Standing up to your clients2012/11/16
    Send to KindleManaging clients is one of the hardest aspects of the investigative business. In this episode, Scott talks about dealing with and working with clients that have different expectations about what they need and how you should conduct your … Continue reading →
  2. Curbside Investigator Episode # 119 – An iPhone app that Burns2012/08/26
    Send to KindleIn this episode, Scott talks about Burner, an iphone app that creates a disposable phone number. Check it out at Burner and you might want to look at Caller ID Faker for Android, Blackberry and iphone. Don’t forget to … Continue reading →
  3. Curbside Investigator Episode #118 – Executive Protection Pitfalls and Teaching your Client2012/04/04
    Send to KindleIn this Episode, Scott talks about where he’s been, the state of the industry in California (in his opinion) and a rundown of a recent Executive Protection case he worked. If you’ve ever done any EP work (or … Continue reading →
  4. Curbside Investigator Episode #117 – Clients, Business, Marketing and making the right choices2011/12/28
    Send to KindleI recently had the opportunity to gain a new client and lose one. Find out why and in the process, you’ll hopefully increase your business and learn from my mistakes.   There’s also a marketing update for those … Continue reading →
  5. Curbside Investigator #116 – Marketing Updates and Gear alert2011/10/16
    Send to KindleIn this episode, Scott talks about a recent camera upgrade and how it affects workflow. If you are looking to upgrade your old digital video cameras to the newer hard drive based camcorders, take a look at Oleg … Continue reading →
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