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  1. DJ ALLAI : Crate Digging2018/04/25

    Just discovered a mix I did a few years back. I was just going through my library and put this together. I was in a 90's breaks mood.

  2. DJ Allai: T-Shirt Land2017/02/03
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  3. DJ Allai presents: Supa Krazy ILL BOMBS Volume 32015/08/14
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  4. PaulsJaunt.mp32015/05/08
  5. DJ Allai presents : BIRD WATCHING2015/02/03
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  6. DJ Allai: DNA - October 2014 Episode2014/10/30
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  7. DJ Allai: Roots (Mixed live September 2014)2014/09/30
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  8. DJ Allai - Mullet Over (Part 3 of the Mullet Rock Series) Summer 20142014/08/05
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  9. Sasha - Live at Maida Vale Studio BBC May 22, 20052013/08/07
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  10. DJ Allai: Road to Montreal - January 20132013/07/30
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  11. DJ Allai - GANGSTA: Matter & Motion Summer Session 20132013/07/30
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  12. DJ Allai: Mullet Rocking2012/10/10
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  13. DJ Allai - Back 2 School : August 20122012/09/17
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  14. DJ Wiggle: Around The Block2012/08/27
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  15. DJ Allai: Get Up, To Get Down (2012 Summer Promo - A Retrospective mix)2012/08/21
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  16. KYU - Presents KISS (April 2012)2012/05/01

    Got some massive tech-house this week for you folks. Enjoy!!
  17. Jameson Goner: Booty by the Pound Vol.22012/03/19
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  18. Jameson Goner: Booty by the Pound Vol. 12012/03/19
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  19. DJ Allai - K-Hole Deja Vu (November 2011 Promo)2012/02/15
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  20. It's So Weird by Jameson Just2011/12/19
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  21. Superstar DJ Keoki : Get on the Bus - October 2011 Mix2011/10/31
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  22. DJ Allai : Summer Session - August 20112011/08/19
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  23. Bennett - Revelations "Summer Session 2011"2011/08/07

    Here is some pure deep goodness for all of you from our friend Bennett. ENJOY!!
  24. DJ Wiggle * July 20112011/07/29
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  25. DJ Wiggle - This and That2011/05/27
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  26. DJ Wiggle - Sound Shuffle2011/05/02
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  27. DJ Allai presents: Wok & Roll : Spring 2011 - Matter & Motion Studio Session2011/04/25
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  28. DJ Wiggle presents - Aggressive Head Nod, Furious Chin Stroke2011/03/24
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  29. DJ Allai - Serato Crate Musing: Holiday Edition 20102011/01/18
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  30. DJ Wiggle @ Delerium 11/20/19982010/10/19
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  31. Sasha: Live from Glastonbury Festival 6-25-2010 "The Glade Stage"2010/09/15
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  32. Kyu - Turn Left - Grooved out, melodic, house with some vox samplings.2010/07/27

    Another fantastic mix from Kyu. Enjoy!

    Grooved out, melodic, house with some of vox samplings.
  33. ALLAI: Pioneer Spring Sessions2010/06/11
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  34. DJ Korn : Korn Pops2010/05/28
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  35. Sasha (Global Underground, Emfire) @ Spring 2010 Live Mix - Playground Mag Podcast (May 10, 2010)2010/05/16
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  36. Jason Jollins - Live from Club Blues, recorded in Quito Ecuador on January 23rd of 20102010/04/26
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  37. Jason Jollins - Live from Club Blues "Part 2", recorded in Quito Ecuador on January 23rd of 20102010/04/19
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  38. Jason Jollins - Live from Club Blues, recorded in Quito Ecuador on January 23rd of 2010 2010/04/12
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  39. DJ Allai performs a "DIRTY SANCHEZ"2010/04/04
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  40. DJ Wiggle - Bounce Part 22010/03/31
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  41. Wiggle Mix Set - Bounce Part 12010/03/22
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  42. DJ Allai: Live at the Outkast Reunion - Red Zone Lounge (Feb 2010)2010/03/15

    This is the third installment of the "Outkast Reunion" live sets. Many exclusive Electro & House Remixes!

  43. DJ June Bug - Live @ the Outkast Reunion party2010/03/06

    This is DJ June Bug live at the Outkast Reunion party in February of 2010. Nice bangin trance & techno set with many classic tracks and remixes. You can't NOT dance to this!
  44. DJs Romi and Matt Hahn: Live @ Outkast Reunion 2/20102010/03/03

    Check out DJs Romi and Matt Hahn tagteaming live @ the Outkast Reunion in February 2010.

    For gig dates and booking info go to: www.myspace.com/djromi

    Please send track inquiries to: djromi75@yahoo.com

  45. Live@Animated 7/15/20002010/02/22

    Just dug up a DAT that had this old set on it - It is listed as a 1:30-2:30 set from a desert party out in Tempe..I just remember I was playing into trance DJ's and it was cold.... Some Icey, Baby Anne, Rennie Pilgrem, Hardware, Huda Hudia...ending proggy/trance in the Matt Darey arena :)

    M'Out - Greg
  46. Anthony Nero - Live set back in the day in NYC2010/01/31
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  47. KYU @ 2010 NYE w/ Desyn Masiello (9pm - 10pm)2010/01/12
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  48. Serato Crate Musing Version 32009/12/26
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  49. Wiggle - New Free Mix - ElectroBreakHouseBass2009/12/04
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  50. SEXSI - Allai presents another Matter & Motion house mix.2009/11/30
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  51. KYU - Double Dip2009/10/29
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  52. DJ Allai presents another "SUPER CRAZY ILL BOMB!!"2009/09/22
    Another "SUPER CRAZY ILL BOMB" for your listening pleasure.
  53. Work That Body: Another studio mix for your enjoyment.2009/08/26
  54. Serato Crate Musing2009/08/05
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  55. Oh Superman: July 2009 Studio Mix2009/07/23
    Over 70 minutes of funk for your listening pleasure. Enjoy folks.
  56. DJ ALLAI: Country Church (Don't Techno 4 an Answer)2009/05/16
    Phat synthy tech mix for your pleasure.
  57. KYU - Don't Kick the Baby (Spring 2009 DEMO)2009/04/21
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  58. DJ Allai: Live @ Room 55 3-27-092009/04/13
    DJ Allai : Live @ Room 55 in the Dream Hotel 3-27-09
  59. Boom Box2009/04/05
    Studio Mix from November 2008....Enjoy
  60. Live: New Year's Eve 2008 @ Blue Chili, NYC2009/02/12

    Live @ Blue Chili, NYC - New Year's Eve 2008

    Monthly party @ Blue Chili starting February 28, 2009
  61. GET WAK! Feb28th NYC2009/02/10
    Cheggit * Allai, Korn and Wiggle will be lighting it up @ blueChiliNYC Feb28th *
  62. "Baby Grand" Live studio mix from August 20082008/10/14

    Live mix in the studio from August with 8 guests.

  63. Patricia Starr Live at Centrum 4/18/082008/05/01
    Patricia Starr's set at Centrum 4/18/08.
  64. DJ Anthony Nero - Live at Centrum 4/18/08 with Patricia Starr2008/05/01
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  65. Break-Fest in Mexico (3-2008)2008/03/23
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  66. Allai - Brass Disk ZipZapRap!2007/11/12



    BoD-Razones-Brass Disk

    Michael Jackson-Billy Jean(LawlerRMX)

    Robot Needs Oil-Defected

    Butch-On The Line

    Digital Base-Miriam


    Mastik Soul-SOS

    Sun Freakz-Riding The Waves

  67. Allai - Ghetto Treehouse2007/10/31
    Tech'y, house'y, electronic music sequenced for your grooving pleasure. Enjoy!

    Fresh Wiggle set next week.
  68. Allai - For Goodness Breaks2007/10/23
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  69. Feature Guest Mix : Simple's Bennett2007/10/17
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  70. Wiggle @ Whistle After2007/10/11
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  71. Wiggle @ Redlight 9/21/072007/09/29
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  72. DJ Allai: Technologic Live Studio Mix 9-20072007/09/11

    Message me through


    for track listing.
  73. Sunburn live @ The Sullivan Room2007/08/06
    Sunburn dropping deep @ The Sullivan late last summer...Check it and check him.


  74. Live @ Rebel NYC with Alex Pearce 7-21-072007/08/04

  75. DJ Allai: Live @ Ra Sushi - 9/2006 Las Vegas2007/04/14

  76. DJ Allai - Live@Soul's Pasha 1_26_20072007/02/07
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  77. DJ Wiggle - Quantum2007/01/07
    Another classic by request. Wiggle circa 1998. Breaks..old school, nu-skool, tread squhl...
  78. Wiggle live@ Area609's Get Laid2006/12/17
    Oklahoma City circa 2000. Allai and were both booked for this.I will post his set shortly. We had a blast...heartland party with about 1800 people IIRC.

    Hey Joe...this is for you :)
    Hope you are well.
  79. DJ Allai - Pakt Mix2006/12/13
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  80. DJ Wiggle's November Mix2006/12/12
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