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  1. Episode 547: Who Murdered Elvis?2018/08/28
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, August 18, 2018. Just days after the anniversary of the death of the "King of Rock and Roll," author Steve Ubaney joins us to talk about his research and book "Who Murdered Elvis?"
  2. Episode 546: The Military Medium2018/08/28
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, August 11, 2018. We are joined by "The Military Medium," Dean McMurray, to talk about his journey from soldier to psychic. He also offers some readings for callers as well.
  3. Episode 545: Doogie and Porter2018/08/14
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live on Saturday, August 4, 2018. The Spooky Crew is joined by Doogie and Porter from the Tennessee Wraith Chasers to talk about their new upcoming live television show, as well as their experiences on Haunted Towns and Ghost Asylum. Later, the gang talks Lizzie Borden and other topics. John Brightman sits in for Matt Moniz as well.
  4. Episode 544: Live-ish from Lily Dale2018/08/06
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, July 21, 2018. Tim and special guest co-hosts Phil Paleologos, Ellen Ratner of Fox News and former U.S. Congressman Bob Ney visit Lily Dale, New York, the Spiritualist center of the world. They welcome numerous psychic mediums and members of the historic Lily Dale Assembly onto the show.
  5. Episode 543: The New Bedford Highway Murders2018/07/23
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, July 14, 2018. Author and former Standard-Times reporter Maureen Boyle and filmmaker Aaron Cadieux join the Spooky Crew to discuss the New Bedford Highway Murders, still unsolved after 30 years.
  6. Episode 542: Should We Speak Up?2018/06/30
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, June 30, 2018. With Stephanie back in the Spooky Studio, we kick around the topic of whether or not paranormal investigators should take it upon themselves to speak up when they see others posting "evidence" that is nothing more than pareidolia.
  7. Episode 541: Peter James Haviland2018/06/23
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  8. Episode 540: Paranormal Potpourri2018/06/09
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live, Saturday, June 9, 2018. We have one of our infamous "Paranormal Potpourri" nights, where we talk about anything and everything and take calls from the listeners.
  9. Episode 539: Dan Moldea on the Killing of RFK2018/06/03
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  10. Episode 538: Open Lines2018/05/26
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, May 26, 2018. We do a full show of Open Lines, and things get pretty weird.
  11. Episode 537: Amy Dumas on UFOs2018/05/20
    We are joined by WWE Hall of Famer and four-time Women's Champion Amy Dumas (also known as Lita) to talk about her passion for the paranormal and her new ASY TV program "The UFO' Sho'."
  12. Episode 536: Brandon Massullo2018/05/13
    Author, psychologist and parapsychologist Brandon Massullo (www.hauntedtheories.com) joins us to discuss alternate theories of ghosts. If not dead people, what are they? How do living people influence paranormal activity? We get into all of that, and more.
  13. Episode 535: Thom Reed and the UFO Park2018/05/10
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  14. Episode 534: Weird Fresno2018/05/06
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, April 28, 2018. We are joined by Michael Banti, an analytical folklorist who explores the unknown in his region of California, and curates the website WeirdFresno.com. We discuss everything from ghosts, UFO sightings, and Bigfoot encounters to weird underground tunnels and alleged vampire cults.
  15. Episode 533: Remembering Art Bell2018/04/23
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, April 21, 2018. One week after the passing of the legendary Art Bell, Tim, Matt Costa and Chris Balzano remember "The Master." Later in the show, Tim tries an experiment using the Estes Method live on the air.
  16. Episode 532: Paranormal Potpourri2018/04/23
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, April 7, 2018. The Spooky Crew is together for one our patented "paranormal potpourri" episodes where everything is on the table.
  17. Episode 531: Haunted Hotels2018/04/05
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, March 31, 2018. With our upcoming trip to investigate the haunted Mount Washington hotel, we delve into the topic of haunted hotels, and why spirits might remain behind in such places.
  18. Episode 530: Cliff Barackman2018/04/02
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  19. Episode 529: Wrong About the Paranormal?2018/03/27
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, March 10, 2018. Tim comes into the show with a question for the Spooky Crew...what if we're wrong about the things we think we are so sure of in the paranormal? The talk gets pretty interesting...
  20. Episode 528: Chris Coggswell of MUFON2018/02/25
    We are joined by Chris Cogswell (@ChrisFCogswell), the new Director of Research for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). Chris shares with us his vision for how MUFON should approach UFO investigation in the 21st century, taking an approach that looks at both the physical and the metaphysical as possibilities. He also talks with us about his own show, "The Mad Scientist Podcast" (@madscientistpod).
  21. Episode 527: The World of Voodoo2018/02/12
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  22. Episode 526: The World Hum2018/02/12
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, February 3, 2018. In the first part of the show, we're joined by Dr. Glen MacPherson to talk about The World Hum Map and Database Project (www.thehum,info). Then in hour two, we're joined by Ross McHugh and Dan Lozzi of Branch Davidian to talk about ghost stories in metal music.
  23. Episode 525: 12th Anniversary Show2018/02/12
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, January 27, 2018. With John Brightman hanging with us in the Spooky Studio, we celebrate 12 years of being the BEST paranormal talk radio show that airs in our time slot on our station.
  24. Episode 524: Tara Theresa Hill2018/02/12
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, January 20, 2018. We're joined by author and researcher Tara Theresa Hill to talk about her writing and the real-life stories she's collected on her website (www.ghostpost.co).
  25. Episode 523: 2018 Trips and Random Facts2018/01/07
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live on Saturday, January 6, 2018. To kick off the new year, Tim and Stephanie share all the places they'll be in 2018 with upcoming trips and events, and then we also discuss some random facts from the 2018 World Almanac. A little bit of a fun show before we start digging into the more deeper paranormal topics this year.
  26. Episode 522: Spooky Year in Review2018/01/03
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, December 30, 2017. Tim, Stephanie and The Silent Assassin take a look back at the year in the paranormal, and some of the topics discussed on Spooky Southcoast in 2017.
  27. Episode 521: Spooks, Space Aliens and Strip Clubs2018/01/03
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, December 23, 2017. We are joined in the Spooky Studio by Scott Porter and John Brightman to discuss a number of paranormal topics, including the recent big UFO news, Christmas hauntings, and somehow we get on to talking about strip clubs.
  28. Episode 520: Sex Scandals in the Paranormal2018/01/03
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live on Saturday, December 16, 2017. With The Hollywood Reporter breaking the story that Ed Warren had a live-in lover for 40 years, we discuss whether or not the Warrens' lifestyle choices have any bearing on their work in the paranormal. Chip Coffey joins us briefly to share his thoughts as well.
  29. Episode 519: Ghosts of Plymouth2017/12/13
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live on Saturday, December 9, 2017. Joining us in the Spooky Studio is guest Darcy H. Lee (@PlymouthGhosts), author of "Ghosts of Plymouth, Massachusetts." We talk with her about the hauntings of America's Hometown, going back even before the Pilgrims landed all the way up to current times.
  30. Episode 518: Paranormal Potpourri with Porter2017/12/13
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, December 2, 2017. Tim and Matt C. start off the show as one of our "paranormal potpourri" episodes, before later being joined in the Spooky Studio by Stephanie and special guest Scott Porter from "Ghost Asylum" and "Haunted Towns."
  31. Episode 516: Dr. Andrea Kitta2017/11/28
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live on Saturday, November 18, 2017. Joining us is Dr. Andrea Kitta, a folklorist with a specialty in medicine, belief, and the supernatural. She is also interested in Internet folklore, narrative, and contemporary (urban) legend. Topics range from ghosts to aliens to Slenderman.
  32. Episode 517: Erika Mailman2017/11/26
    We are joined by author Erika Mailman to talk about her new novel "The Murderer's Maid," and her years of research into the Lizzie Borden case and Lizzie's relationship to the family maid, Bridget Sullivan.
  33. Episode 515: Jeffrey Kripal2017/11/14
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, November 11, 2017. In one of the most fascinating discussions we've ever had on the show, we are joined by Jeffrey Kripal of Rice University to talk about his new book with Whitley Streiber. Jeff discusses with us how he sees the supernatural as the super natural, something that is part of the natural world and should be viewed as such.
  34. Episode 514: Shane Sirois2017/10/29
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  35. Episode 513: Bridgewater Triangle Investigation Show2017/10/17
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live on Saturday, October 14, 2017. In our annual Bridgewater Triangle Investigation Show, we have teams scattered throughout the Triangle, investigating live and reporting what's going on. But in a twist, this year they're using Facebook Live, and all the videos are saved on our Spooky Southcoast Facebook page for you to watch as well!
  36. Episode 512: Alien Tattoo; Amazing Kreskin2017/10/03
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, September 30, 2017. In the first hour, we talk with Jim Andre, a local man who was abducted by aliens and came back to find they had left him with an interesting tattoo. Then in hour two, we are joined by the one, the only, the legendary, The Amazing Kreskin.
  37. Episode 511: Dark Waters2017/09/23
    John Brightman sits in with the Spooky Crew as we recount what went on
    during our investigation of the Murdock-Whitney and Isaac Morse
    mansions in Winchendon, MA. Later in the show, we are joined by Dark
    Waters (www.iamdarkwaters.com), who shares with us stories he's
    collected of people's true-life paranormal experiences, as well as
    some of his own.
  38. Episode 510: Porter and Haunted Towns2017/09/03
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, September 2, 2017. In the first hour, John Brightman calls in briefly to talk about a big change to an upcoming event. We then spend the rest of the show talking with Scott Porter, known simply as "Porter," about the Tennessee Wraith Chasers and their new show "Haunted Towns."
  39. Episdode 509: John David Miller2017/08/27
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live on Saturday, August 26, 2017. We are joined by author John David Miller to talk about his book "The Sibold Effect: Beyond Science, History, Ghosts and the Appalachian Supernatural."
  40. Episode 508: Chicago Mothman with Lon Strickler2017/08/20
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, August 19, 2017. In the first hour, we discuss the news that Steve Huff is "stepping away" from the paranormal world. Then in hour two, we are joined by Lon Strickler (phantomsandmonsters.com) to hear about all the reports he's been getting of sightings of a Mothman-type creature in and around Chicago.
  41. Episode 507: RIP Jim Marrs; Steve E. Asher2017/08/06
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, August 5, 2017. In the first hour, we are joined by Tim Binnall (www.binnallofamerica.com) to discuss the recent passing of the legendary Jim Marrs. In hour two, we are joined by Steve E. Asher (www.steveeasher.com) to discuss his book "Hauntings of the Kentucky State Penitentiary."
  42. Episode 506: Boogeyman with Ben Jeffries2017/07/30
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, July 29, 2017. In the first few moments of the show, we are joined by Michael Watchulonis to discuss the new virtual reality experience "Paranormal Evidence" that launches August 1. Then we spend the rest of the show discussing the Boogeyman--and battling phone problems that may be caused by him as well--with author Benjamin Jeffries.
  43. Episode 505: David Goudsward2017/07/24
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  44. Episode 504: UFO Jim2017/07/09
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, July 8, 2017. We are joined by Jim Ledwith, aka UFO Jim, to discuss his research into the Roswell crash, which just observed its 70th anniversary earlier this week. Jim also shares with us his own personal abduction experiences, and his theories on who or what these beings are and why they are visiting us and taking some people from this planet.
  45. Episode 503: Ken Decosta, Porter2017/07/09
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  46. Episode 502: Shari DeBenedetti2017/07/09
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  47. Episode 501: Ty Gowen2017/06/18
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded Saturday, June 17, 2017. Ty Gowen of Haunt ME (www.haunt-me.com, @unrefined_ty) joins us live in studio. We discuss the creation and goals of the Haunt ME web series, the way his crew rates hauntings, his approach to exposing people to the darker side of the paranormal, and how a certain new mindset is spreading across the paranormal world.
  48. Episode 500: 500th Episode Celebration2017/06/11
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded Saturday, June 10, 2017. After just about 11 and a half years on the air, we hit episode 500 and look back at some of our favorite moments.
  49. Episode 499: Remembering R. Gary Patterson2017/06/11
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded Saturday, June 3, 2017. We remember our dear friend R. Gary Patterson, who passed away the week prior (and was supposed to be our guest the following week for our 500th episode). We talk about the impact Gary had on us as people, and as researchers.
  50. Episode 498: Tarot with Lynne-Marie2017/06/11
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, May 27, 2017. With Tim away on the Strange Escapes cruise to Bermuda, Stephanie gets to sit in the big chair and take over hosting duties. Stephanie and Matt C. welcome Lynne-Marie for a fun-filled discussion as well as tarot readings for the callers.
  51. Episode 498: Tarot Readings with Lynne-Marie2017/06/11
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, May 27, 2017. With Tim away on the Strange Escapes cruise to Bermuda, Stephanie gets to sit in the big chair and take over hosting duties. Stephanie and Matt C. welcome Lynne-Marie for a fun-filled discussion as well as tarot readings for the callers.
  52. Episode 497: Jason Offutt2017/05/21
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, May 20, 2017. In the first hour, we discuss the paranormal power of mirrors. Then in hour two, we are joined by Jason Offutt to talk about the Missouri Butterfly People, shadow figures and much more.
  53. Episode 496: Dr. Scott Kolbaba2017/05/07
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, May 6, 2017. We talk about paranormal stories from the medical field with Dr. Scott Kolbaba (http://physiciansuntoldstories.com). Dr. Kolbaba documented over 200 cases of strange and unusual phenomena during the practice of medicine among his colleagues and shares with us some of the most intriguing stories.
  54. Episode 495: Lyle Blackburn2017/05/07
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, April 29 2017. We discuss the legend of the Boggy Creek Monster with the foremost expert on the topic, Lyle Blackburn. Lyle also discusses with us his work with Seth Breedlove on the Small Town Monsters series of documentaries, and we talk about some other cryptid creatures as well.
  55. Episode 494: Paul Eno2017/05/07
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, April 15 2017. We are joined by Paul Eno, who was a guest on the second-ever episode of Spooky Southcoast back in 2006. Paul introduced us way back then to the idea of quantum physics and the paranormal, and we revisit that plus a whole lot more as we discuss changes in the field during Paul's tenure.
  56. Episode 493: Nightmares2017/05/07
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live on Saturday, April 8, 2017. We discuss the nature of nightmares and reveal some of our own. We are also joined by BFRO investigator Dave McCullough to talk about some recent local Bigfoot sightings.
  57. Episode 492: EchoVox-X2017/04/02
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live April 1, 2017. On April Fool's Day, we do have to deal with some prank callers, but we also welcome Marc Arvilla to talk about the upcoming Salem Con event. And then we're joined by Danny "Big Beard" Roberge, creator of EchoVox, to talk about his revolutionary new EchoVox-X. In hour two, we take some personal stories and calls from the audience.
  58. Episode 491: Heidi Hollis2017/04/02
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live on Saturday, March 25, 2017. In the first hour, we get The Week in Weird from Melody Knapp, and Andrew Lake and Scott Beeman share an item from an investigation to see what impressions Stephanie can pick up from it. Then in hour two, we talk Shadow People and the Hat Man with Heidi Hollis.
  59. Episode 490: R. Gary Patterson2017/03/20
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, March 18, 2017. With Chris Balzano co-hosting with Tim and Matt Costa, we welcome back one of our all-time favorite guests, R. Gary Patterson, to talk about rock and roll legends and curses.
  60. Episode 489: Paranormal Potpourri2017/03/12
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live March 11, 2017. Tim and Stephanie discuss a variety of paranormal topics, including Spiritualism, the
    difference between mediumship and psychic abilities, and we take some calls from listeners with their own ghostly experiences.
  61. Episode 488: UFOs and Owls with Mike Clelland2017/02/26
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live February 25, 2017. Guest Mike Clelland shares with us his research into the connection between UFOs, alien abductions and owl sightings.
  62. Episode 487: Mothman with Seth Breedlove2017/02/19
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live February 18, 2017. Guest Seth Breedlove (www.smalltownmonsters.com) joins us to discuss his upcoming Mothman documentary, part of his Small Town Monsters series. We delve into some of the Mothman myths and legends, as well as speculation as to how other sightings could be related.
  63. Episode 486: Sam Baltrusis2017/02/11
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live February 11, 2017. We're joined by author Sam Baltrusis to talk about his work researching ghost stories and legends of New England locations like Salem and Boston. We also discuss his upcoming Provincetown Paracon.
  64. Episode 485: Douglas Robinson2017/02/04
    "Spooky Southcoast" prerecorded February 4, 2017. Tim and Stephanie are joined by author Douglas Robinson to talk about his writings regarding the world of vampires he has created. AUDIO ISSUES, UPLOADING ONLY FOR POSTERITY.
  65. Episode 484: Paranormal Potpourri2017/01/29
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, January 28, 2017.
    Paranormal news correspondent Melody Knapp visits us in the Spooky
    Studio, and we also talk with Jeff Belanger about the upcoming Zombie
    Prom to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Later, we get into
    some local UFO sightings and more.
  66. Episode 483: Back From Hiatus2017/01/22
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, January 21, 2017. After
    taking about a month off due to the holidays and NFL football, the
    Spooky Crew returns along with guest co-host John Brightman to talk
    about a number of different topics. We also speak with independent
    horror direct David McDonough about his new film, "Groundhog."
  67. Episode 482: Jesus Christ2016/12/18
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, December 17, 2016. We are
    joined by Richard Brown, who claims to be the resurrected Jesus
    Christ, just a week before Christmas.
  68. Episode 482: Jesus Christ2016/12/17
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live Saturday, December 17, 2016. We are joined by Richard Brown, who claims to be the resurrected Jesus Christ, just a week before Christmas. NOTE: This is being re-uploaded because of an issue with the previous upload
  69. Episode 481: H.P. Lovecraft and Black Magick2016/12/11
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live December 10, 2016. We are joined by
    author and professor John L. Steadman to talk about the work and life
    of writer H.P. Lovecraft, and how his literary creations influence the
    world of black magick. Earlier in the show, we talk about a ridiculous
    new report that suggests gay people are just possessed by a ghost of
    the opposite gender.
  70. Episode 480: Haunted Bridges2016/12/05
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live December 3, 2016. Guest Rich Newman (www.paranormalincorporated.com) joins us to discuss his new book on Haunted Bridges. Why are these crossings from one side to another also a crossing from our plane of existence to The Other Side? We explore this idea and more.
  71. Episode 479: John Brightman2016/11/27
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live on November 26, 2016. John Brightman joins us in the Spooky Studio to talk about his work in the paranormal, especially focusing on the Bridgewater Triangle and the Freetown State Forest in particular. In the first hour, Christopher Balzano calls in to tell us about his new podcast project, "Tripping on Legends."
  72. Episode 478: Jim Harold2016/11/20
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live on November 19, 2016. Guest: Jim Harold. After discussing the possibility of which "celebrity ghost hunter" may have purchased the Amityville House, we are joined by Jim Harold (www.jimharold.com) to discuss his 11 years of doing The Paranormal Podcast and his latest book based on his "Jim Harold's Campfire Tales" podcast.
  73. Episode 477: Joey "Jiggy" Webb2016/11/15
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live November 12, 2016. We are joined in the Spooky Studio by Joey "Jiggy" Webb, the host of Paranormal Hood on Dead Air Paranormal Radio. Jiggy shares with us how his near-death experiences have shaped him as a paranormal researcher, plus we discuss the cultural differences in the paranormal and hosting a radio show while high.
  74. Episode 476: Amy Bruni and Adam Berry2016/11/15
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live on October 29, 2016. After a few weeks off for events, we return and speak with Amy Bruni and Adam Berry about their new show "Kindred Spirits" on TLC. They tell us the inside story on bringing the heart back into the paranormal.
  75. Episode 474: Creepy Clowns Come to SouthCoast2016/10/13
    "Spooky Southcoast," recorded live on October 8, 2016. We're joined by Chuckles the Clown to discuss how the creepy clown craze has now come to the SouthCoast, and what it all might mean.
  76. Episode 474: Annual Bridgewater Triangle Investigation Show2016/10/04
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live, October 1, 2016. In our 10th annual Bridgewater Triangle Investigation Show, we have teams stationed all across the Triangle calling in and sharing their experiences, as well as posting them on social media. We also announce our first ever event going inside the Triangle.
  77. Episode 473: Historical Ghost Stories with Scott Bruce2016/09/25
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live September 24, 2016. Scott G. Bruce joins us to discuss his research that led to the new book "The Penguin Book of the Undead," collecting ghost stories going as far back as ancient times. We examine how the role of ghosts in society changed from the days of Mesopotamia and ancient Greece all the way to times such as the Age of Enlightenment.
  78. Episode 472: Monsters with Linda Godfrey2016/09/25
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  79. Episode 471: UFO Abductions2016/09/15
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live September 10, 2016. Matt Moniz shares his personal experiences being abducted by UFOs, and we discuss some other paranormal topics in this "Paranormal Potpourri" edition of the show.
  80. Episode 470: Creepy Clowns and Ghost Hunters2016/09/15
    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live on September 3, 2016. In this YouTube-only edition of the show, Chris Balzano joins us to talk about all the creepy clown sightings as of late. We also discuss the "Ghost Hunters" episode featuring our own Stephanie Burke, focusing on the experiences we've had at Fort Taber/Fort Rodman in New Bedford. MA.
  81. Episode 469: Dr. June Pulliam2016/08/28
    "Spooky Southcoast," recorded live on August 27, 2016. Dr. June Pulliam joins us to discuss her work and research on topics such as ghosts and zombies in pop culture and literature, We also delve into the darker side of Willy Wonka, the concept of the Final Girl in horror films and how horror movies have been empowering women for decades.
  82. Episode 468: Brennan Storr2016/08/21
    "Spooky Southcoast" Episode 468, recorded live on August 20, 2016. We are joined by author Brennan Storr, whose new book "A Strange Little Place" examines all the paranormal phenomena in his tiny hometown of Revelstoke, British Columbia. With ghosts, UFOs, cryptids and more, it's like a mini Bridgewater Triangle all in one town. Later, we debuted a new track from a Spooky Southcoast listener.
  83. Episode 467: George Case2016/08/14
    "Spooky Southcoast" Episode 467, recorded live on August 13, 2016. Guest George Case joins us to discuss his new book "Here's to My Sweet Satan," exploring the diabolic and the occult in pop culture from 1966-1980.
  84. Episode 466: Stranger Things2016/08/02
    "Spooky Southcoast," recorded live on July 16, 2016. Chris Balzano calls in as we try YouTube-only streaming for the first time, and we discuss the hit new Netflix series "Stranger Things."
  85. Episode 465: Ghostbusters2016/07/11
    "Spooky Southcoast" Episode 465, recorded live on July 9, 2016. In the first half of the show (after some extensive discussion on snack cakes), we're joined by RISEUP founder Ken DeCosta to discuss the upcoming Ocean State ParaCon 2016. Then in hour two, we talk about the upcoming "Ghostbusters" reboot and how we feel about what we're expecting to see.
  86. Episode 464: Pukwudgies and Potter2016/07/06
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  87. Episode 463: Ross Patterson, Ken Gerhard2016/06/23
    "Spooky Southcoast" Episode 463, recorded live June 18, 2016. Guests: Ross Patterson, Ken Gerhard. First, we're joined by film director Ross Patterson (@StJamesStJames) to talk about his new film "Range 15" and the threats from ISIS against the movie. Then, cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard joins us to talk about all types of cryptids and creatures, especially the legendary Jersey Devil.
  88. June 11: Blaine Duncan2016/06/14
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  89. June 4: Paranormal Potpourri2016/06/05
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  90. May 28: John E.L. Tenney2016/05/29
    "Spooky Southcoast" for May 28, 2016. After a month off the air, we return with guest John E.L. Tenney (@JohnELTenney, weirdlectures.com) to discuss his long career of investigating all things weird. You don't want to miss stories such as the time John saw a real-life elf, or when he ate--twice--in a diner that didn't really exist.
  91. April 23: Kitty Janusz2016/05/11
    "Spooky Southcoast" for April 23, 2016. We are joined by Kitty Janusz to talk about her new book "When the Dead Speak," about her investigations and connections with the deceased through her spirit medium abilities as well as her investigative techniques. Then later in the show, Aaron Cadieux joins the program to talk about his next documentary project.
  92. April 16: Paranormal Potpourri2016/05/11
    "Spooky Southcoast" for April 16, 2016. The Spooky Crew kicks around the topic of how science should and shouldn't apply to researching the paranormal.
  93. April 2: Alex Matsuo2016/04/05
    "Spooky Southcoast" for April 2, 2016. In the first half, we are joined by Alex Matsuo (@AlexMatsuo) to talk about her article on how social media has ruined the paranormal community, and a special surprise guest calls in to offer his insights. Then later in the show, we're joined by Marc Arvila and Lauren Sheridan to discuss this year's upcoming Salem Con.
  94. March 26: Nicole Lahousse2016/04/05
    "Spooky Southcoast" for March 26, 2016. We're joined in-studio by Nicole Lahousse (@MajikLLC) to talk about the concept of "walk-in souls" that can take over a person and change their life completely.
  95. March 19: James Annitto2016/03/23
    "Spooky Southcoast" for March 19, 2016. We are joined in-studio by James Annitto, demonologist and founder of The Dominion Ministry, LLC. James talks with us about his work and how he made the change from 15-year-old paranormal investigator to 26-year-old spiritual warrior. We also (finally) have the GhostArk with us in the Spooky Studio with us as well!
  96. March 12: Katrina-Jane2016/03/21
    "Spooky Southcoast" for March 12, 2016. We are joined all the way from Australia by clairvoyant medium Katrina-Jane. She shares with us her transition from being a Christian to being a clairvoyant, as well as her work with Indigo and Crystal children.
  97. March 12: Katrina-Jane2016/03/21
    "Spooky Southcoast" for March 12, 2016. We are joined all the way from Australia by clairvoyant medium Katrina-Jane. She shares with us her transition from being a Christian to being a clairvoyant, as well as her work with Indigo and Crystal children.
  98. March 12: Katrina-Jane2016/03/21
    "Spooky Southcoast" for March 12, 2016. We are joined all the way from Australia by clairvoyant medium Katrina-Jane. She shares with us her transition from being a Christian to being a clairvoyant, as well as her work with Indigo and Crystal children.
  99. March 5: Nick Groff, Katrina Weidman; Lee Leshen2016/03/06
    "Spooky Southcoast" for March 5, 2016. In the first hour, we're joined by Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman to discuss the new series "Paranormal Lockdown," and especially how Nick wants to further paranormal research in the future. Then in hour two, we're joined by Lee Leshen, producer of the new documentary "Ghostheads" that looks at the fan community around the "Ghostbusters" franchise.
  100. February 27: Lynne Marie2016/03/01
    "Spooky Southcoast" for February 27, 2016. We are joined by psychic medium Lynne Marie, whom Tim has dubbed "The Spiritual Swiss Army Knife" because she is well-schooled in all matters metaphysical. She shares with us the story of her gift, how it affects her life and then gives readings to some callers in the second hour of the show.
  101. February 13: Seth Breedlove2016/02/14
    "Spooky Southcoast" for February 13, 2016. Seth Breedlove (@Sethbreedslove) of Small Town Monsters (@smltownmonsters) joins us to discuss his upcoming film "The Beast of Whitehall," about a 1976 rash of Bigfoot sightings in Whitehall, NY. He also tells us about the impact of his first film, "The Minerva Monster," and his upcoming take on the Boggy Creek monster as well.
  102. February 6: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 2016/02/07
    Info (Show/Hide)
  103. January 30: The 10th Anniversary Show2016/02/02
    Info (Show/Hide)
  104. Bonus Podcast: The Death of James Kater2016/02/02
    A bonus podcast from the January 30, 2016 edition of "Saturday Morning with Tim Weisberg," in which Tim is joined by Christopher Balzano, Aaron Cadieux and former Freetown police detective Alan Alves to talk about the prison death of James Kater, the convicted murderer of Mary Lou Arruda, one of the most notorious murders in the history of the
    Freetown State Forest.
  105. January 23: Paranormal Musings on a Stormy Saturday2016/02/01
    "Spooky Southcoast" for January 23, 2016. Tim comes in and flies solo during a winter storm. One of the topics he brings up is whether or not the darkness can follow us home after visiting a haunted location.
  106. January 2: Paranormal Year in Review2016/01/06
    "Spooky Southcoast" for January 2, 2016. Tim, Chris and Stephanie discuss the top paranormal stories from the past year, as 2015 saw some rather interesting news in the world of the strange and unusual. Also, Stephanie announces her new business venture.
  107. December 12: Tim Goes Old School2016/01/05
    "Spooky Southcoast" for December 12, 2015. With Tim flying solo, he decides to pay tribute to the legendary Art Bell by shutting off all the lights in the Spooky Studio and just getting down to some good old-fashioned freaky paranormal talk.
  108. December 5: Dr. Melba Ketchum2016/01/05
    "Spooky Southcoast" for December 5, 2015. Dr. Melba Ketchum of the Sasquatch Genome Project joins us to discuss the quest to catalog and verify the existence of Bigfoot DNA, as well as the proof that these are actual physical creatures that can and do interact with human beings on a regular basis.
  109. November 28: Vermin Supreme2015/12/16
    "Spooky Southcoast" for November 28, 2015. The Spooky Crew gets a little political--well, more weird than political--when they welcome presidential candidate Vermin Supreme to the show. While everyone else is worried about Trump or Hilary, they're talking to the only candidate with a rubber boot on his head and a giant toothbrush in tow.
  110. November 21: Bigfoot, JFK and UFOs2015/11/24
    "Spooky Southcoast" for November 21, 2015. Tim and Moniz discuss Bigfoot, and in particular Moniz's "Squatchin'" trip with the gang from the BFRO earlier that day. In hour two, they discuss the possibility that JFK was assassinated because of his interest in UFOs.
  111. November 14: Pastafarians and Past Lives2015/11/24
  112. November 7: Paranormal Potpourri2015/11/12
  113. October 31: Christopher Balzano2015/11/01
  114. October 10: The Demon Files2015/10/11
  115. September 26: Candace Dalton2015/09/27
  116. September 20: Annual Bridgewater Triangle Investigation Show2015/09/20
  117. September 12: Christopher Balzano2015/09/13
  118. August 29: Aaron Cadieux2015/08/31
  119. August 15: H.H. Holmes with Jeff Mudgett2015/08/16
  120. August 8: Defending Lizzie2015/08/09
  121. July 25: Haunted Victorian; Demonology2015/07/28
  122. July 11: June Lundgren2015/07/12
  123. July 4: Ken DeCosta2015/07/09
  124. June 27: Girls of the Dark2015/06/29
  125. June 20: Ghost Sex with GL Davies2015/06/22
  126. June 6: Ghost App Ghosts and Paranormal Dating2015/06/11
  127. May 30: Audrey Starborn2015/05/31
  128. May 23: Ghost Sex (Part 1?)2015/05/24
  129. May 16: Terri Jamros2015/05/17
  130. May 9: Victoria Reinertsdatter2015/05/10
  131. May 2: Amy Bruni2015/05/03
  132. April 25: Andrew Lake and Ann Marie's Haunted House2015/05/01
  133. April 18: The Haunting Photography of Frank Grace2015/05/01
  134. April 4: Ghost Asylum; MLK Assassination2015/04/05
  135. March 28: Paranormal Anna vs Para Unity2015/04/02
  136. March 21: Katie Bertolino2015/03/22
  137. March 14: Seth Breedlove2015/03/17
  138. March 7: Lynne Marie and Tarot2015/03/10
  139. February 21: GhostArk2015/02/22
  140. BONUS PODCAST: Tim Weisberg Show 2-21-152015/02/22
  141. February 7: Paranormal Potpourri2015/02/20
  142. January 31: Christopher Balzano2015/02/07
  143. January 24: Dick Larson2015/01/25
  144. January 17: Whispers Estate2015/01/18
  145. January 10: Marc Arvilla2015/01/11
  146. January 10: Marc Arvilla2015/01/07
  147. January 3: CIA UFOs and Haunted Trains2015/01/07
  148. December 27: John Burroughs/Paranormal Year in Review2014/12/28
  149. December 20: Christmas Legends with S.E. Schlosser2014/12/21
  150. December 13: Debating "Para Unity"2014/12/21
  151. November 29: Michelle Belanger2014/11/30
  152. November 22: Jimmy Church and the JFK Assassination2014/11/23
  153. November 15: Matt Lande; Supernatural Support Group2014/11/16
  154. November 8: Johnny Houser and the Villisca Ax Murder House2014/11/09
  155. November 1: Keith Johnson and Paranormal Potpourri2014/11/02
  156. October 25: Stiles White and "Ouija"2014/10/26
  157. BONUS PODCAST: Jeff Belanger-New England Legends2014/10/25
  158. October 18: Bridgewater Triangle Investigation Show 20142014/10/19
  159. October 11: Mark Anthony, The Psychic Lawyer2014/10/12
  160. October 4: Ghost Stalkers with John Tenney and Dave Rountree2014/10/05
  161. September 27: James Van Praagh2014/09/28
  162. September 27: James Van Praagh2014/09/28
  163. September 20: Matt Fraser2014/09/21
  164. September 13: Bob Olson2014/09/14
  165. Spooky Southcoast 9-6-14: Robert Ethier2014/09/14
  166. Belanger Birthday Backyard BBQ Bonanza2014/09/14
  167. August 23: Deborah Moffitt-A Deadly Haunting2014/08/24
  168. August 16: Houston UFO and Caller Questions2014/08/17
  169. Spooky Southcoast 8-2-14: Lizzie Borden2014/08/03
  170. Spooky Southcoast 7-26-14: Joni Mayhan2014/07/27
  171. July 19: Necole Stephens2014/07/20
  172. July 5: Prettiest Paranormal2014/07/06
  173. Spooky Southcoast 6-28-14: Eric Altman; Ken DeCosta2014/06/29
  174. Spooky Southcoast 6-14-14: Danny "BigBeard" Roberge2014/06/15
  175. May 31: Paranormal Potpourri2014/06/01
  176. May 24: THe Hockomock with Peter Tower2014/05/25
  177. May 17: Christine Corda2014/05/18
  178. May 10: Andrew Lake; Guest Host Stephanie Burke2014/05/11
  179. May 3: Mick Foley; Audrey Starborn2014/05/06
  180. April 26: Jackie Barrett2014/04/27
  181. April 19: Nicole Lahousse2014/04/21
  182. March 29: Talking About Talking Boards2014/03/31
  183. March 22: Paranormal Debates2014/03/23
  184. Spooky Southcoast 3-15-14: Joshua Zeman and Killer Legends2014/03/17
  185. March 8: Paranormal Xpeditions/True Crime Paranormal2014/03/09
  186. March 1: Derek Gunn and New England Curiosities2014/03/02
  187. February 8: Beatles 50th Anniversary with R. Gary Patterson2014/02/13
  188. Tim Weisberg Show: R. Gary Patterson and the Beatles2014/02/13
  189. February 1: Is the Paranormal a Religion?2014/02/04
  190. January 25: Bridgewater Triangle2014/01/27
  191. January 18: Josh Mantello2014/01/20
  192. December 28: Paranormal Year in Review2013/12/29
  193. December 21: Stephanie Burke and Tiffany Rice2013/12/22
  194. December 14: Holiday Paranormal Potpourri2013/12/21
  195. Spooky Southcoast 12-7-13: Starchild Skull2013/12/11
  196. November 23: JFK Assassination 50th Anniversary Special2013/11/24
  197. November 16: Personal Ouija Stories with Karen Dahlman2013/11/18
  198. November 2: Annual Bridgewater Triangle Investigation Show2013/11/08
  199. October 5: Laura DiDio and Amityville2013/10/06
  200. September 21: John Brightman2013/09/22
  201. September 14: ParaCons--Good or Bad?2013/09/22
  202. September 7: Lisa Campion2013/09/14
  203. August 17: Andrea Perron and The Conjuring2013/08/18
  204. August 17: Andrea Perron and "The Conjuring"2013/08/18
  205. August 10: Chris Balzano and Paranormal Television2013/08/11
  206. August 13: Paranormal Potpourri2013/08/09
  207. July 27: Jason Lohman2013/07/28
  208. July 20: Paranormal Talent Agents with Lara Calhoun2013/07/24
  209. July 13: Black Eyed Kids with David Weatherly2013/07/14
  210. July 6: Keith Johnson and "The Conjuring"2013/07/07
  211. June 29: Poltergeists with Geoff Holder2013/07/07
  212. June 22: Nick Redfern2013/07/01
  213. June 1: Ocean State Paracon Recap2013/06/02
  214. May 25: Tyrone E. Keys, Jr.2013/05/26
  215. May 11: Amy Bruni of Ghost Hunters2013/05/12
  216. May 4: Dr. Rita Louise2013/05/04
  217. April 27: Stephanie Burke2013/04/28
  218. April 20: The Boston Bombings2013/04/28
  219. April 13: Amityville with Eric Walter2013/04/14
  220. March 30: Ouija Boards with Karen Dahlman2013/03/31
  221. March 23: Paranormal Potpourri2013/03/28
  222. March 16: Houghton Mansion; Dr. James Stein2013/03/20
  223. March 9: Christopher Balzano2013/03/10
  224. March 2: John Tobin2013/03/10
  225. February 16: Carla Wills-Brandon2013/02/23
  226. February 2: Deonna Kelli2013/02/03
  227. January 26: Seventh Anniversary Show2013/01/27
  228. January 19: Zombies with Isaac Marion2013/01/20
  229. December 22: Mayan Calendar Postgame Show2012/12/23
  230. December 12: Angels with John Ronner2012/12/16
  231. December 8: Live from Oddfest2012/12/12
  232. Dec 1: Richard Salva; Phillip & Ivana Booth, Darrell Whisman2012/12/02
  233. November 24: Aron Houdini and Faking Paranormal Evidence2012/11/25
  234. November 17: Marie D. Jones and Time Travel2012/11/18
  235. November 10: John Brightman and T.L. Jones2012/11/11
  236. November 3: Luann Joly and Dead Whispers2012/11/04
  237. October 27: Annual Bridgewater Triangle Investigation Show2012/10/28
  238. Possession of the Church2012/10/26
  239. October 20: Nick Redfern2012/10/20
  240. October 12: Jackie Barrett and the Amityville Murders2012/10/14
  241. October 6: Tiffany Rice and Stephanie Burke2012/10/07
  242. September 29: Linda Godfrey2012/10/02
  243. September 29: Linda Godfrey2012/09/30
  244. September 22: Eric Altman and Andrew Graham2012/09/23
  245. September 15: Rick Hayes2012/09/16
  246. August 25: Witchcraft with Marla Brooks2012/08/26
  247. August 18: "The Possession" and Haunted Objects2012/08/19
  248. August 11: Thomas P. Fusco2012/08/12
  249. August 4: Audrey Starborn2012/08/05
  250. July 28: S.E. Schlosser2012/08/04
  251. July 21: Greg Newkirk2012/08/04
  252. July 14: Peter Muise and New England Folklore2012/07/15
  253. July 7: UFO Talk2012/07/08
  254. June 30: Paranormal Unity2012/07/04
  255. June 23: Derek Gunn2012/07/04
  256. June 16: Dave Francis and Paranormal Watchdogs2012/06/17
  257. June 2: Doug Engler; Plymouth UFOs2012/06/08
  258. May 19: ParaHunter and Phantom P.I.2012/05/20
  259. May 5: First Ghost Encounters and NJ Haunted House2012/05/06
  260. April 28: Wicked Tuna, Jennifer Lauer and Haunted RI2012/04/29
  261. April 14: Slater Mill, My Ghost Story and Death Sauce2012/04/15
  262. April 7: Daniel Johnson2012/04/13
  263. March 31: The Real Lizzie Borden2012/04/08
  264. March 24: Zombies, The Walking Dead and More2012/04/08
  265. March 17: Chris Balzano and Paranormal Controversy2012/03/18
  266. March 10: Dr. Kirby Surprise2012/03/18
  267. March 3: Stephen Bassett and UFO Disclosure2012/03/13
  268. February 25: Carrie Furmanick2012/03/04
  269. February 18: Amityville with Ryan Katzenbach2012/02/19
  270. February 11: Christopher Balzano2012/02/19
  271. February 4: Deonna Kelli Sayed2012/02/15
  272. January 28: Mack Maloney and Wartime UFOs2012/01/29
  273. January 21: Tom Fusco2012/01/22
  274. December 10: SouthCoast UFOs/Paranormal Media2011/12/11
  275. December 3: Geoff Holder, Bill Lichtenstein2011/12/04
  276. November 26: Rock4Xmas Special2011/11/27
  277. November 19: Pam Patalano2011/11/20
  278. November 12: Michael Ellegion/Claire the Haunted Doll2011/11/13
  279. November 5: Taunton Paranormal Group2011/11/06
  280. October 29: Jim Harold2011/10/30
  281. October 22: Wendy Callahan and Patrick Meechan2011/10/23
  282. October 15: Haunted Vermont/Tom D'Agostino2011/10/22
  283. October 8: Iroquois Supernatural2011/10/09
  284. October 1: Andrew Lake and Ghosthunting Southern New England2011/10/02
  285. September 24: Haunted RI/Marie D. Jones2011/09/25
  286. September 17: Christopher (Lutz) Quaratino/Amityville Horror2011/09/18
  287. September 3: Annual Bridgewater Triangle Investigation Show2011/09/04
  288. August 20: The Sallie House2011/08/21
  289. August 13: Joe Who2011/08/21
  290. August 6: Steve Volk2011/08/07
  291. July 30: Mark Kerman2011/07/31
  292. July 23: R. Gary Patterson2011/07/24
  293. July 16: Serial Killers and Harry Potter2011/07/17
  294. July 9: Clarissa Vasquez2011/07/10
  295. June 25: Paranormal Potpourri 2011/07/06
  296. July 2: Mike Hallowell2011/07/03
  297. June 25: Paranormal Potpourri2011/06/29
  298. June 18: Thomas Sheridan and Jeffrey Gonzalez2011/06/21
  299. June 11: Peter Robbins2011/06/21
  300. May 28: Whitley Strieber2011/06/21
  301. May 21: The Rapture Edition2011/06/21
  302. May 14: EVP with Karen Mossey2011/06/21
  303. May 14: F.J. Lennon and Isaac Marion2011/06/21
  304. April 30: Ben Radford2011/05/04
  305. April 23: The Shroud of Turin2011/05/04
  306. April 16: Rick Hayes2011/04/21
  307. April 9: Kirby Robinson and "Paranormal State"2011/04/21
  308. April 2: The Bridgewater Triangle2011/04/08
  309. March 26: Gremlina and David Halperin2011/03/29
  310. March 19: Bill Gauthier2011/03/21
  311. March 12: Tom Biscardi and the Bigfoot Hoax2011/03/16
  312. March 5: Rusty McClure and Coral Castle2011/03/09
  313. February 19: Stanton Friedman and Kathleen Marden2011/02/23
  314. February 12: Pirates, Witches and Other Local History2011/02/23
  315. February 5: Poltergeists and Spiricom2011/02/11
  316. January 29: The Yoga of Ghost Hunting2011/01/31
  317. January 22: Nigel Kerner and John Biggerstaff, PhD.2011/01/24
  318. January 1: Paranormal Predictions2011/01/24
  319. December 18: Balzano Breaks Down Christmas2010/12/20
  320. December 11: Amityville Revisited2010/12/19
  321. December 4: Felix Silla and Gabby West2010/12/19
  322. November 27: Paranormal "Toys" and Ghosts of the SouthCoast2010/12/19
  323. November 20: Haunted Plymouth, MA2010/11/22
  324. November 13: Spirit Medium Tiffany Rice2010/11/22
  325. November 6: Paranormal Potpourri2010/11/10
  326. October 30: Jackie Barrett and the True Story of Amityville2010/11/03
  327. Oct. 23: Stanley A. Fulham2010/11/03
  328. Feb. 10: The Bridgewater Triangle (Part 1)2010/10/19
  329. October 9: T. Lee Baumann, M.D.2010/10/19
  330. October 16: Paranormal in the Mainstream2010/10/19
  331. September 25: Baseball Ghosts2010/09/26
  332. September 18: Ursula Bielski2010/09/23
  333. September 4: Marla Brooks2010/09/23
  334. August 28: S.M. Belekurov2010/09/23
  335. August 21: Louis Charles and Peter Robbins2010/08/22
  336. August 7: Ghosts of Route 662010/08/08
  337. July 31: Faye Musselman and the Real Lizzie Borden2010/08/04
  338. July 24: Jeff Belanger and Legend Tripping2010/07/27
  339. July 17: The Girls from Paranormal Xpeditions2010/07/23
  340. June 26: Bridgewater Triangle Investigation Show2010/07/17
  341. July 10: Commander Sanni Ceto2010/07/17
  342. June 26: Bridgewater Triangle Investigation Show2010/07/17
  343. June 19: Ask Doc Paranormal2010/07/10
  344. June 12: Murderabilia and Rocky Point Park2010/07/10
  345. June 5: Dee Gragg2010/07/04
  346. May 29: Breaking Down "LOST"2010/07/04
  347. May 22: Terri J. Garofalo2010/06/16
  348. May 8: Dr. Jeff Tiel2010/05/10
  349. April 24: Freddy Kruger and the Boogeyman2010/05/09
  350. May 1: Paranormal Potpourri2010/05/08
  351. April 4: EVPs with Mike Markowicz2010/05/07
  352. April 10: Paranormal Science with Rev. Clarissa Vasquez2010/05/07
  353. March 27: King Philip's War Controversy2010/04/02
  354. March 20: Ouija with Robert Murch2010/03/28
  355. March 13: Laura Magdalene Eisenhower2010/03/20
  356. March 6: Carl Johnson2010/03/16
  357. February 27: 3 AM and Rock Me Amadeus2010/03/16
  358. February 20: Interviewing the Spooky Crew2010/02/24
  359. February 13: Religion and the Paranormal2010/02/20
  360. February 6: The John Lennon Death Prophecy2010/02/20
  361. January 30: Alexandra Bruce and 20122010/02/02
  362. January 23: Keith Johnson2010/01/31
  363. January 17: Stephen Bassett2010/01/21
  364. January 2: Aaron C. Hanson and 2010 Predictions2010/01/07
  365. December 26: Tom D'Agostino2009/12/27
  366. December 12: Jim Marrs2009/12/13
  367. December 5: John Lucas2009/12/10
  368. November 28: Raymond Wiley2009/12/10
  369. November 21: The Paranormal Pastor and the Balzano Breakdown2009/11/22
  370. November 14: Rock4XMAS 20092009/11/18
  371. November 7: Who Forted and Haunted Hoax2009/11/08
  372. October 31: Spooky Ghost Stories?2009/11/01
  373. October 24: Dr. Rita Louise2009/10/29
  374. October 17: Munster, Call In2009/10/19
  375. October 10: Kim Dennis2009/10/14
  376. October 3: Tim Binnall2009/10/05
  377. September 26: Q-Club Evidence Show2009/09/27
  378. September 19: Uncle Creepy and Todd Sheets2009/09/22
  379. September 5: Ericka Boussarhane2009/09/07
  380. August 29: Live from the Quequechan Club2009/09/01
  381. August 22: Haunted Baseball2009/08/23
  382. August 15: Has the Paranormal Become Normal?2009/08/16
  383. August 8: Richard Felix and Ron Kolek2009/08/11
  384. August 1: Lizzie Borden and What Is a Ghost?2009/08/02
  385. July 25: Real-Life Superheroes2009/07/26
  386. July 18: Bridgewater Triangle Investigation Show2009/07/19
  387. March 7: Tiffany Johnson2009/07/12
  388. July 11: The Death of John Keel2009/07/12
  389. July 4: Aaron C. Hanson2009/07/08
  390. June 27: Elizabeth Summers2009/07/08
  391. June 20: Craig Anderson2009/07/08
  392. June 6: UFO Disclosure with Steve Bassett2009/07/08
  393. May 30: Andrew Lake and King Philip's War2009/07/08
  394. May 23: Rob Conover2009/07/08
  395. May 16: Ghosts of the Titanic2009/07/08
  396. May 9: Dr. Louis Turi2009/07/08
  397. May 2: Chris Balzano and Remembering Hans Holzer2009/07/08
  398. April 18: Paranormal Potpourri2009/07/07
  399. April 25: Live from Mt. Washington2009/07/07
  400. March 14: Classic Horror Talk2009/07/07
  401. March 7: Tiffany Johnson2009/07/07
  402. February 28: Paranormal Blues2009/06/14
  403. February 21: Patrick Burns2009/06/13
  404. February 14: Soul Smack and Sleep Paralysis2009/04/06
  405. February 7: Why Do You Believe?2009/04/06
  406. January 31: Annette Martin2009/03/19
  407. January 24: Tim Miller2009/03/10
  408. January 17: Lindsey Malone and Paranormal "Reality" TV2009/03/10
  409. December 27: Willie "Windwalker" Gibson2009/02/16
  410. December 20: The Fearing Tavern2009/02/16
  411. December 13: Paranormal Potpourri2009/02/15
  412. December 6: UFOs and Serial Killers2009/01/01
  413. November 29: Rock4Xmas Special2008/12/01
  414. November 22: Saint John Hunt and the JFK Conspiracy2008/11/23
  415. November 15: April Slaughter2008/11/23
  416. November 8: Everyday People in the Paranormal2008/11/23
  417. November 1: The Special Soul Show2008/11/06
  418. October 4: Steve Bassett2008/11/06
  419. September 27: Tiffany Johnson2008/11/06
  420. September 20: UFO Abductions, Then and Now2008/11/06
  421. September 13: Paranormal Presidency2008/11/06
  422. August 30: Christopher Balzano2008/11/06
  423. August 16: Bigfoot and Paranormal Elvis2008/11/06
  424. August 9: Paranormal Potpourri2008/10/14
  425. August 2: UFOs with Stan Friedman and Kathleen Marden2008/09/26
  426. July 26: Old Time Radio Night, Part 22008/07/31
  427. July 26: Old-Time Radio Night, Part 12008/07/31
  428. July 19: The X-Files 2008/07/30
  429. July 12: Lisa Zierenberg of WWPRC2008/07/30
  430. July 5: Dr. William Bradshaw and Demonology2008/07/30
  431. June 28: David and Scott Goudsward2008/07/29
  432. June 14: Bridgewater Triangle, Part 22008/07/09
  433. June 21: Jeff Peckman, Stan Romanek, Shannon Sylvia2008/06/28
  434. June 14: Bridgewater Triangle, Part 22008/06/28
  435. June 14: Bridgewater Triangle, Part 12008/06/28
  436. June 7: Don Keating and Andy Lake2008/06/28
  437. May 31: Alien Video Controversy2008/06/28
  438. May 24: Alexandra Holzer2008/05/25
  439. May 17: "Illinois" Shapiro and the Crystal Skulls2008/05/18
  440. May 10: Weird Massachusetts with Jeff Belanger2008/05/12
  441. May 3: EVPs with Debby and Mark Constantino2008/05/07
  442. April 26: Brian Harnois, UFOs2008/05/06
  443. April 19: How Jr. High is the Paranormal? 2008 Edition2008/05/05
  444. April 12: Dan Gordon and the Curse on the Yankees2008/04/15
  445. March 15: Rick Hayes2008/04/15
  446. March 15: Rick Hayes2008/04/15
  447. March 8: Keith and Carl Johnson2008/03/10
  448. March 1: Steve Bassett and Grant Cameron2008/03/05
  449. February 23: John Zaffis2008/02/29
  450. February 26: Ghost Books, Vampire Kittens and UFOs2008/02/29
  451. February 9: Spiritualism and Abraham Lincoln2008/02/11
  452. February 2: Super Bowl Prediction Show2008/02/05
  453. January 26: Second Anniversary Show2008/01/28
  454. January 19: Dark Woods2008/01/23
  455. January 5: Jeff Belanger and Chris Balzano2008/01/09
  456. December 22: Courtney Roberts and the Star of the Magi2007/12/23
  457. December 1: SouthCoast Haunts (P. 2)2007/12/20
  458. December 1: SouthCoast Haunts (P. 1)2007/12/20
  459. December 8: Paranormal Potpourri2007/12/20
  460. December 15: Mark Schapiro2007/12/19
  461. November 24: Jim Marrs2007/11/26
  462. November 17: UFOs in the Media2007/11/19
  463. November 10: Dustin Pari2007/11/13
  464. November 3: Waverly Hills and TAPS Controversy2007/11/06
  465. September 29: Lizzie Borden Evidence Revealed2007/10/12
  466. September 22: Live from Paranormal X2007/09/25
  467. September 15: Haunted Baseball2007/09/18
  468. September 8: Mothman2007/09/12
  469. September 1: John Kachuba2007/09/02
  470. August 25: Richard Salva2007/08/29
  471. August 8: Fr. Daniel Garguillio2007/08/19
  472. August 11: Faye Musselman2007/08/14
  473. July 28: David Oman and the Manson Murders2007/08/03
  474. July 21: Video Games/Moon Landing Hoax2007/07/27
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  479. June 16: Rick Hayes2007/06/20
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  498. Feb. 10: The Bridgewater Triangle (Part 2)2007/02/12
  499. Classic Spooky Southcoast: The Bridgewater Triangle2007/02/09
  500. February 3: Dr. Louis Turi2007/02/05
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  529. June 24: Angels and Demons2006/06/25
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Spooky Southcoast
Join host Tim Weisberg along with psychic medium Stephanie Burke and Science Advisor Matt Moniz as they delve into topics such as ghosts, hauntings, UFOs, aliens, Bigfoot and other mysterious topics. Also streaming LIVE video during the show at SpookySouthcoast.com.

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