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  1. Ep 164: The Pod - Flesh eating sea lice2017/11/19
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  2. Birthday maths2017/04/24

    A few weeks back, I had a great chat about birthday mathematics with Glynn Greensmith on the It's Just Not Cricket show on ABC Radio. It was great! We discussed how when you are born in the year influences your latter life, some counter-intuitive probabilities regarding shared birthdays, a bit of astrology and whatever else popped into our heads. Audio courtesy of the ABC.
  3. Ep 162: Pulsating Pulses2016/06/01
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  4. Ep 161: 2016 Pulses and Pulsars2016/02/26
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  5. Ep 160: 2015 The year of light2015/12/24
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  6. Ep 159: Wedding cost, marriage success and cats2015/09/21

    From a recent chat with ABC Central West , this week we talk:

    The correlation between wedding / engagement ring cost, and marriage longevity
    Does your cat really love you?
  7. Ep 157: Food science with ABC Radio2015/08/11

    Every month I chat with ABC Central West and the science topics of the day, and this week we chatted food, in particular:

    Consumption of spicy foods may lead to a lower risk of death (and a little about correlation and causation - I really should do some more correlations of the week )
    Brain evolution needed carbs
    3D Printed food
  8. Ep 157: Where to now for Cold Fusion?2015/06/29
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  9. Ep 156: Science for kids - home-made lava-lamp2015/01/06
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  10. Ep 155: Fact or Fiction with ANSTO2014/07/13
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  11. Ep 154: Blogging, podcasting, royal jelly and using chocolate to determine the speed of light2014/04/26
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  12. Ep 153: Complex Network Analysis in Cricket 2014/03/11
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  13. Ep 152: Spiderman Part 22013/09/28

    In part 2 of the Spiderman series, Dr Boob looks at the amazing properties of spider silk and how Peter Parker might harness various technologies to appropriately use it.

    It's the final show from Dr Boob for a while and we will miss him greatly! But he's not disappearing completely - show him you care over on twitter - @doctor_boob
  14. Ep 151: Spiderman Part 12013/09/15
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  15. Ep 150: Bryan Gaensler at 20 years of the Sydney University Science Talented Student Program2013/07/14
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  16. Ep 149: Zombies Part 22013/05/04
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  17. Ep 148: Zombies Part 12013/03/12
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  18. Time Travel and the movies Part 22012/10/14
  19. Ep 146: Time Travel and Movies Part 12012/08/24
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  20. Ep 145: Teleportation2012/05/05
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  21. Ep 144: Two-up - an ANZAC tradition2012/04/26

    It's an Australian tradition on ANZAC Day to take yourself down to your local pub and play Two-up - an Aussie gambling game in which you toss two coins in the air and bet on the outcome.

    In this edition I have a chat to Chris Coleman of ABC Riverina about the maths behind two-up. For a longer read, check out our 2009 article on the topic .

  22. Ep 143: TedxSydney - Bryan Gaensler2011/07/16
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  23. Ep 142: Beyond Zero Emissions2011/06/13
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  24. Ep 141: Science of Superheroes - Harry Potter2011/04/22
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  25. Ep 140: The Redback Spider invasion of New Zealand2011/01/24
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  26. Ep 139: Christmas special - Santa, sport and out-takes2010/12/24
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  27. Ep 138: The health benefits of breakfast2010/12/09
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  28. Ep 137: Can your environment change your DNA?2010/11/24
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  29. Ep 136: Sexual Selection2010/10/19
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  30. Ep 135: Why do I sneeze at the Sun?2010/08/24
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  31. Ep 134: Climate Change Vox Pops in Paddington2010/08/10
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  32. Ep 133: Senator Bob Brown on Science Policy for the 2010 Australian Election2010/07/29
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  33. Ep 132: Science of Superheroes - The Hulk2010/07/21
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  34. Ep 131: The Science of Sport at Altitude2010/06/26
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  35. Ep 130: Using Twitter to predict the future2010/05/25
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  36. Ep 129: The domestication of the dog and the Australian dingo2010/05/18
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  37. Ep 128: Another demotion for Pluto?2010/05/04
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  38. Ep 127: Conditioning quolls against cane toads2010/04/25
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  39. Ep 126: Science of Superheroes - Doc Ock2010/04/11
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  40. The Sailors' (syphilis detecting) Handshake2010/03/30
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  41. Bonus Video: Why I never became an actor....2010/03/17
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  42. Ep 124: Liberals, atheists, intelligence, cocaine deaths and temperature2010/03/16

    Liberals, atheists, intelligence, cocaine deaths and the temperature? What do these things have in common?

    The answer? Correlation of the Week of course.

    This podcast concerns our two most recent Correlations of the Week :

    Liberals and Atheists Are More Intelligent ;

    Cocaine overdoses and the Weather .

  43. Ep 123: Remote Medicine2010/03/04
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  44. Ep 122: Science of Superheroes - Wolverine (Part 2)2010/02/13
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  45. Ep 121: Science of Superheroes - Wolverine (Part 1)2010/02/01
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  46. Ep 120: Correlation of the week, housework and sex2010/01/16
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  47. Ep 119: Alien Vox Pop and (re)introducing The Beer Drinking Scientists2009/12/10
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  48. Bonus Audio - The Beer Drinking Scientists are back2009/12/10
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  49. Ep 118: Astrobiology and the search for extraterrestrial life2009/11/20
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  50. Bonus Episode - The Beer Drinking Scientists take on Climate Change2009/11/17
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  51. Ep 117: The Science of Superheroes - Mystique (X-men)2009/11/17
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  52. Ep 116: Terence Tao and Prime Numbers2009/10/19
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  53. Ep 115 (Enhanced): Dust storms in Sydney2009/09/29
    The dust is finally starting to clear from Sydney, leaving a ruddy orange layer of muck all over the city. This podcast goes with our previous article Red Sydney , and as well as being a description of the science involved, is a video slide show of photos of the dust-storm. All the photos in this enhanced podcast come from flickr and are available to use under Creative Commons licences .
  54. Ep 114: The Science of Coffee2009/09/14
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  55. Ep 113: The science of cocktails2009/09/07
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  56. Ep 112: Jon Lomberg, the Voyager Gold Record, and the movie Contact2009/08/30
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  57. Ep 111: The Ultimo Science Festival, and sending text messages to aliens2009/08/23
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  58. Ep 110: Coral, the Stone Henge of the Pacific, and more of the sights, sounds and science of Tonga2009/08/07
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  59. Ep 109: Tongan Blowholes and Whales2009/07/19
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  60. Ep 108: Correlations of the week - vampires and zombies vs. presidents, cricket vs. the weather2009/07/05
    This week on the podcast we tackle two Correlations of the week published recently here on The Mr Science Show :

    Do the number of Vampire and Zombie movies released each year depend on whether the US president is Republican or Democrat?

    Is the winner of the Ashes cricket series between Australia and England dependant on the El Nino effect?

  61. Ep 107: Ranking Cricketers2009/06/03
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  62. Ep 106: The Global Financial Crisis - The Mathematical Causes2009/05/14
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  63. Ep 103: Climate Change Science and Policy2009/04/07
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  64. Ep 101: Molecular Design2009/03/27
    Dr. Luke Hunter is an organic chemist whose chemistry career has been based around molecular design - that is, designing organic molecules through experiment.

    grabbed Luke over a few cocktails and chatted organic chemistry,
    molecular synthesis and design, and the Hollywood lifestyle that
    organic chemists lead. This podcast also has our first Correlation of the Week .
  65. Ep 102: Earth Hour2009/03/27
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  66. Ep 100: Your Top 10 Science Stories from 20082009/03/02
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  67. Ep 99: The Unknown Solar System2009/02/13
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  68. Ep 98: Santa Claus - a fat, diabetic substance abuser?2009/01/29
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  69. Ep 97: My Top 5 Mathematics Stories from 20082009/01/17
    Having worked in maths communication throughout 2008 ,
    I thought it about time to reflect on the 2008 year in maths, so here
    are the maths stories from 2008 that caught my eye. I'm sure I have
    left out many mathematical stories from the year, so please let me know
    of anything you think I should have included.
  70. Ep 96: Reflecting on the science year 20082008/12/30
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  71. Ep 95: Merry Christmas from Mr Science!2008/12/22
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  72. Ep 94: The Geek Pop Virtual Music Festival2008/12/22
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  73. Ep 93: Communicating Mathematics with the Masses2008/12/14
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  74. Climate Change News and closing in on 100 episodes2008/11/29
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  75. Science on stage2008/11/19
    Dr Christopher Pettigrew, a post-graduate researcher at the Department of Biochemistry in University College Cork , is no stranger to putting science on stage.

    With the 2009 AAAS Dance your PhD
    competition up-and-running, we decided for this week's episode of the
    podcast to chat to Chris about his experiences in the public
    performance of science.
  76. Halloween Science Special2008/11/02
    As it's Halloween, here is the Halloween news that I presented on Diffusion Science Radio this week. Diffusion can be heard on Monday nights at 6.30pm on 2SER 107.3 in Sydney, at various times across Australia on stations affiliated with the Community Radio Network , and on the Diffusion podcast .
  77. Japan and the sumo diet2008/10/14
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  78. Reflections on the London Science Blogging Conference2008/09/09
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  79. London Science Pubs2008/08/29
    Last night I attended the most interestingly themed pub-crawl I have ever been on. It was a science crawl of London pubs.
  80. Your favourite fictional scientists2008/08/15
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  81. Tanneries and water - meandering through Morocco2008/07/30
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  82. The 118118 Challenge2008/07/07
    118118 is a directory enquiries phone number in the UK that has recently expanded to "answer any question you put to us, no matter how big or small."

    So we thought we might test them out with some of the unsolved questions from our show, and then some maths.
  83. Exhibition Design, where art and science meet2008/06/20
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  84. Science of Eurovision2008/05/23
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  85. The Enigma Machine2008/05/12
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  86. Maths in the Movies2008/04/30
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  87. Article in G Magazine2008/04/25

  88. Recycling Condoms2008/03/31
    Recently, a Mr Science Show reader, let's call him Scott, asked a question regarding the recycling of condoms. How does one do this?
  89. Recycling Challenge2008/03/13
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  90. Science Year 20072008/02/01
    The Top 10 Science Stories of 2007
  91. Bosnian Ear Aches2008/01/19
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  92. Counting Chimps2007/12/21
    It has been known for a while that chimps are more evolved than humans - well, their genome has changed more than ours since our common ancestor - but recent studies have shown that chimps have outstanding numeracy abilities that outstrip our own in some cases.

    This week in the last Mr Science Show for 2007, we take a look at these special chimp abilities.
  93. A quick ramble about quantum physics2007/12/10
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  94. Science, Cricket, Fitness and Psychology2007/11/23
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  95. Language Evolution in Europe2007/11/08
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  96. How maths can change your life, Euler and Plus Magazine2007/10/15
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  97. York Science Festival2007/09/26
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  98. Spoofing Biometric Security Systems2007/09/06
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  99. Sex before Sport?2007/08/23
    It is the virile sports-person's eternal question - should one abstain from a little bit of nookie before a big sporting event?
  100. A Terrible Tragedy2007/08/13
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  101. A very cold war2007/08/07
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  102. Mr Science vs God - Review of the God Delusion by Richard Dawkins2007/07/24
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  103. UK Wi-Fi Scandal2007/07/06
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  104. Iceland Video Podcast - Scientific and Beautiful2007/06/27
    A video podcast from Iceland. In this video, we discuss Reykjavic, the Gulfoss waterfall, the Kerio crater, the Blue Lagoon, tectonic plates, renewable energy, geysers, Geysir and hotspots and eating ice cream at midnight with the sun out.
  105. Iceland - The Coolest Place on Earth2007/06/19
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  106. Time for a Bath2007/06/07
    One of the next stops along the way was the ancient and beautiful Roman town of Bath, in the south-west of England. It is famous for its geothermally heated hot-springs - the only naturally occurring hot springs in the UK, and is a world heritage site .
  107. Greenwich - Home of Longitude2007/05/28
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  108. Hong Kong Smog2007/05/15
    The science of smog. This is my first podcast from the UK where I am now living. However, it is not about London, more about Hong Kong and what causes the amazing smog in the Southern Chinese City.
  109. The science of cricket2007/04/29
    With the Cricket World Cup coming to its conclusion, I thought it was time to do a story on some interesting scientific aspects of cricket that have arisen recently.

    Are cricketers fit?

    Third World Congress of Science and Medicine in Cricket. And what does this number mean: 1110111111001011000001110
  110. Cloning - The Beer Drinking Scientists Way2007/04/17
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  111. The statistics of elections - and a GIVE AWAY2007/03/28
  112. Questacon Outreach, and Pluto finds a new friend2007/03/17
  113. The Science (and costs) of Diesel Cars2007/03/06
  114. Hobbits, Interviews and Reviews2007/02/21
  115. Turbulence2007/02/12
  116. Science Year 20062007/01/31
  117. The Beer Drinking Scientists - Promo 32007/01/21
  118. The Beer Drinking Scientists - Promo 22007/01/14
  119. The Beer Drinking Scientists - Promo 12006/12/29
  120. Human Evolution2006/12/20
  121. Movember Farewell - Time lapse and memories2006/12/10
  122. UP LATE Science2006/12/05
  123. Elevators, Chimps and Speed-dating?2006/11/25
  124. North Koreans, Mammoths, Invisibility and what didn't make it to air on the Diffusion Radio Science Show2006/11/18
  125. Movember Week 1 Video Podcast2006/11/09
  126. MOVEMBER and the science of moustaches2006/11/05
  127. Diffusion Science Radio LIVE2006/10/27
  128. Playing Space Invaders with your mind, small testes and inherited faces2006/10/20
  129. Science of Speed-Dating2006/10/13
  130. Travelling broadens the mind and opens the bowels2006/10/07
  131. Astronomical Controversies2006/09/30
  132. Farewell Steve Irwin2006/09/23
  133. India - Mr Science becomes the travelling scientist2006/09/16
  134. The Philippines - Mr Science becomes the travelling scientist2006/09/09
  135. Y is it so?2006/09/02
  136. Music on the brain2006/08/26
  137. The Science of Boredom2006/08/19
  138. Travel Vaccinations2006/08/12
  139. I wish I'd read that book by that wheelchair guy (or how Stephen Hawking Communicates)2006/08/05
  140. Alchemy2006/07/29
  141. The Science Circus turns 21 - and I look back at the class of 20012006/07/22
  142. The snorer from hell2006/07/08
  143. Vacuum Cupping2006/06/30
  144. Do not believe everything you see at the movies2006/06/23
  145. Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, not around the eyes....2006/06/16
  146. Footy Science2006/06/09
  147. The Networked World2006/06/02
  148. What the Hack?2006/05/26
  149. She seems to have an invisible touch2006/05/19
  150. Scientific Dating Tips2006/05/12
  151. Sniffing out a partner2006/05/05
  152. Venus, Hell's kitchen2006/04/28
  153. An island of tiny humans, miniature elephants and giant rats?2006/04/21
  154. Time Travel2006/04/14
  155. The end of the universe2006/04/08
  156. The mathematics of looking beautiful2006/04/01
  157. Dreams2006/03/25
  158. Forever young: Can we live forever?2006/03/18
  159. DNA2006/03/11
  160. What is this place called Pluto?2006/03/04
  161. Volcanoes2006/02/25
  162. Ears2006/02/18
  163. Black Holes2006/02/10
  164. Global Warming2006/02/03
  165. Can scientists predict our music taste?2006/01/27
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