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CNN Student News (video)

  1. CNN10 - 10/13/172017/10/12
    This Friday, we're explaining an executive order concerning health care, a meteoric rise in a cyber currency's value, and a CNN Hero's work to help amputees.

  2. CNN10 - 10/12/172017/10/11
    Strong winds worsen California's wildfires, gold is found in an unlikely part of Switzerland, and a New York milliner makes modern hats the old-fashioned way.

  3. CNN10 - 10/11/172017/10/10
    Today's subjects on CNN 10 include an in-depth explanation of opioid abuse in America and a look at the impact of fast-moving wildfires in California.

  4. CNN10 - 10/10/172017/10/09
    Uncertainty in Spain, an anniversary in North Korea, a U.S. rule change concerning carbon emissions, and a Great Big Story are all featured this Tuesday.

  5. CNN10 - 10/09/172017/10/08
    A Category 1 hurricane hits the U.S. Gulf Coast, a Chinese city near North Korea's border remains nervous about nuclear tests, and we report on a CNN Hero.

  6. CNN10 - 10/06/172017/10/05
    Nigerien and U.S. troops are ambushed, we bring you some perspective on a currency change in India, and Tropical Storm Nate sloshes toward the Gulf of Mexico.

CNN 10 (video)
CNN 10 is a 10-minute digital news show that serves a growing audience interested in compact on-demand news broadcasts ideal for explanation seekers on the go or in the classroom.

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