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Busted Halo Show w/Fr. Dave Dwyer

  1. What is the Best Way to Support a Priest?2019/03/15

    Kathryn Whitaker, long-time listener, friend, and author of “Live Big, Love Bigger: Getting Real With BBQ, Sweet Tea, and a Whole Lotta Jesus,” joins Father Dave for a conversation about how parishioners can support their priests during a busy time in the Church.
  2. Does Watching Mass on TV Fulfill My Sunday Obligation?2019/03/11
  3. Father Dave on the Bishops' Summit and Dallas Charter2019/02/27

    Father Dave discusses Pope Francis’ homily from the recent bishops’ summit on clergy abuse and explains the policies and procedures of the Dallas Charter.
  4. A Conversation With a Survivor of Clergy Abuse2019/02/26

    Mike McDonnell, clergy sex abuse survivor, shares his experience with the Catholic Church, his journey as a victim, and what he would like to see out of the Bishops' summit on the protection of minors in the Church being held this week at the Vatican. (Original Air 2-20-19)
  5. Fr. Stephen Rossetti: The Significance of the Priestly Blessing2019/02/20

    Monsignor Stephen J. Rossetti joins us to discuss his new book, “The Priestly Blessing: Rediscovering the Gift.” He looks at our faith's rich history of blessings and encourages his brother priests to embrace the gifts of this practice. Original Air 2-5-19
  6. The Woman and the Missing Coin2019/02/06

    Author, theologian, and friend of the show Father Jeff Kirby chats with Father Dave about his new book, “God’s Search for Us: Five Truths from a Missing Coin.” He explains the how a commonly overlooked parable relays the message of God's search for his people, and offers insights into our celebration of the Mass.
  7. August Turak: Brother John and the Purpose of Life2019/02/04

    August Turak, author and friend of the show, stops by to discuss his new book, “Brother John: A Monk, A Pilgrim, and the Purpose of Life.” August explains how an encounter with a Trappist monk changed his life and inspired him to seek a deeper understanding of his purpose. Original Air 1-23-19
  8. Why Do Some Women Wear Veils During Mass?2019/01/29

    Two listeners named Donna and Pat ask Father Dave to explain chapel veils, if Vatican II discouraged use of them, and if it is still okay to wear them to Mass. Father Dave explains that veils are devotional and are not discouraged by the Church, but are no longer required. Original Air 1-10-19
  9. Believe and Love2019/01/23
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  10. Father Donald Calloway: 10 Wonders of the Rosary2019/01/22

    Father Donald Calloway, Vocation Director for the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception, chats with Father Dave about his book, “10 Wonders of the Rosary.” He shares his journey to the Catholic Church and stories about the power of the Rosary.
  11. How Do I Pray to the Holy Spirit?2019/01/16

    A listener named Bob asks, "How do I pray to the Holy Spirit?" Bob explains that as he has gone deeper into his prayer life, he can't seem to connect to the Holy Spirit. Father Dave suggests praying the popular "Prayer to the Holy Spirit" and reflecting on the fruits of the Spirit listed in Saint Paul's letter to the Galatians." Original Air 1-09-19
  12. Brett Seeks a Sign from God2019/01/14

    During a Team Busted Halo chat on the air, Brett shares that he has been feeling overwhelmed lately, but feels unworthy to ask God for what he wants. He explains that he asked God for a sign to confirm that God is listening, and God delivered! Father Dave also offers some encouraging words for all who struggle with asking God for help. Original Air 1-07-19
  13. Curtis Martin: Making Missionary Disciples2018/12/17

    Curtis Martin, Founder of FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students), stops by the studio to discuss his new book, “Making Missionary Disciples: How to Live the Method Modeled by the Master.” Original Air 12-06-18
  14. How Do I Pray to Saints Without Worshipping Them?2018/12/13

    A listener named Amanda asks, “How do I ask for a saint’s intercession without praying to them?” Amanda shares that she became Catholic a year ago and is still trying to understand how to pray to saints without it feeling like we are worshipping them. Father Dave explains the difference between intercession and worship. (Original Air 12-05-18)
  15. "Box of Joy" Encourages Catholics to Give Back this Advent2018/12/03

    Leanna Holmes, Development Officer for Cross Catholic Outreach, discusses Box of Joy – a charitable initiative providing for impoverished children around the world in the name of Christ. Leanna explains how the program works, how to get involved and her own experience with the organization. (Original Air 11-07-18)
  16. What is the Liturgy of the Hours?2018/11/26
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  17. Why Do We Pray, "World Without End?"2018/11/19

    A listener named Deanne asks, “Why do we pray, ‘world without end’ if the world is going to end?” Father Dave explains that when we use this phrase, we're not talking about the physical world, rather we are referring to the eternal world, heaven. Original Air 10-30-18
  18. Mark Wahlberg on Film and Faith2018/11/14

    Actor Mark Wahlberg discusses his new film, “Instant Family” with Father Dave. He also talks about the importance of his faith and the work of his charity, The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation. Original Air 10-31-18
  19. Mina Guli: 100 Marathons in 100 Days2018/11/07

    Mina Guli, Global athlete and founder of Thirst, stops by the studio to discuss her challenge of running 100 marathons in 100 days to raise awareness of the world’s water crisis. She explains what we can all do to improve our current conditions. Original Air 11-01-18
  20. Catholic Comedian Judy McDonald on Humor in Difficult Times2018/11/05

    Catholic comedian Judy McDonald stops by the studio with her service dog, Oprah, to discuss PTSD, comedy, and surviving breast cancer. She explains how her faith has influenced her comedy, and how the gift of humor has gotten her through difficult times. Original Air 10-25-18
  21. Fatherly Advice: My Friend Left the Church Due to Scandal, Should I Support This?2018/10/29
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  22. How Do We Explain Sacramentals Without Sounding Superstitious?2018/10/24

    A listener named Sean calls into the show with a question for Father Dave about sacramentals. Sean isn’t Catholic and asks Father Dave how and why sacramentals, things such as Rosaries and medals, are not superstitious. Father Dave explains that sacramentals are meant to be tangible reminders of the Divine in our lives. Original Air 10-22-18
  23. Rabbi Brad on Jewish Holidays and Brett Kavanaugh2018/10/22

    Friend of the show Rabbi Brad Hirschfield stops by to discuss upcoming Jewish holidays, Brett Kavanaugh, and Hurricane Michael, and how we can turn to God amidst everything happening in our world. Original Air 10-11-18
  24. Julianna Zobrist on Confidence and Courage2018/10/02

    Singer, speaker, and author Julianna Zobrist stops by the studio to discuss her new book, “Pull it Off: Removing Your Fears and Putting on Confidence.” She chats with Father Dave about how to grow in confidence, exercise our courage, and be free to be the people God has created us to be. Original Air 9-17-18
  25. 40 Days for Life2018/10/02

    Shawn Carney, president and CEO of the pro-life advocacy group 40 Days for Life, stops by the studio to discuss the organization's work and how it has changed lives. He explains how he was inspired to start 40 Days for Life, and God's hand in all of it. 9-13-18
  26. What Does the Church Think About the Charismatic Renewal?2018/09/27
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  27. What is the Book of Life?2018/09/27
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  28. Can You Skip Purgatory If You Receive Anointing of the Sick Before Death?2018/09/26

    A listener named Kathy calls into the show and asks, "Are we able to skip purgatory if we receive the Anointing of the Sick before death?" Kathy shares that she was taught this, and Father Dave explains that it's actually incorrect. He says that while our sins are forgiven by God, we still owe temporal punishment to purify ourselves. Original Air 9-18-18
  29. Unbroken: Path to Redemption2018/09/24
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  30. Is There Any Way Anglicans and Catholics Can Be in Communion?2018/09/24
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  31. What Does 'Amen' Mean? And How Do We Pronounce It?2018/09/21
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  32. Ben Malcolmson Discusses Football, Faith, and Purpose2018/09/19
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  33. How Do I Explain Church Scandal to My Kids?2018/09/17
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  34. Does Canon Law Prevent Lay People From Decision Making?2018/09/17

    A caller named Sharon asks if Canon Law prohibits the laity from making decisions in the Church (besides doctrine). Father Dave explains that while there are certain decisions that fall only under the bishops' jurisdiction, there are many areas where the laity has a say in decision-making, like the National Review Board. Original Air 9-12-18
  35. Did My Priest Break the Seal of Confession?2018/09/10
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  36. Jonathan Merritt Talks About Sacred Language2018/08/28

    Jonathan Merritt, senior columnist for Religion News Service and contributing writer to The Atlantic, joins us to discuss his new book, "Learning to Speak God from Scratch: Why Sacred Words Are Vanishing and How We Can Revive Them." He explains that words shape our culture and our habits, and it is important to go bring back the language of faith. Original Air 8-21-18
  37. Fatherly Advice: How Can I Forgive Someone Who Won't Admit They're Wrong?2018/08/27
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  38. Returning to Confession2018/08/22

    Brett shares that he returned to Confession after being away for a few years, and talks about his experience. Father Dave and Christina also share what the Sacrament of Reconciliation has meant to their faith lives. Original Air 8-14-18
  39. NFL Hall-of-Famer Tony Dungy Talks About His Faith2018/08/20

    NFL Hall-of-Famer and New York Times best-selling author, Tony Dungy and his wife, early childhood educational specialist, Lauren Dungy stop by the studio to discuss their new children’s books, “Maria Finds Courage” and “Austin Plays Fair.” They also talk about how their faith influences every aspect of their lives. Original Air 8-8-18
  40. Sexual Abuse in the Church: How Do We Move Forward? 2018/08/16

    Father Dave and Team Busted Halo react to the Pennsylvania grand jury report of 300 priests abusing minors over decades. Father Dave expresses his anger and frustration, and emphasizes that it's time for the Church to own its mistakes. Original Air 8-15-18
  41. An Inside Look at the Knights of Columbus' Work2018/08/13
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  42. FD30DC Featured Participant: Trisha2018/08/08
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  43. What Are the Benefits of Praying to Saints?2018/08/07

    A listener named Craig asks, "What are the benefits of praying to saints?" Father Dave explains that asking for the intercession of saints is a great tool for helping us get in touch with God. Following the examples of the saints is helpful in living out our own lives of faith, and the saints can be a community of support for us as well. Original Air 7-26-18
  44. The Boy with the Five Loaves2018/08/02
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  45. What Should Be Taken Literally in the Bible?2018/08/01
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  46. A Catholic Perspective on Palliative Care2018/07/30

    Jack Levison, Chair of Old Testament Interpretation at at Perkins School of Theology, and Dr. Robert Fine, a palliative care physician, stop by the studio to discuss the spirituality of end of life care, and what ancient texts can teach us about pain and suffering. Original Air 5-15-18
  47. I Baptized My Grandson, Does it Count?2018/07/23

    A caller named Johanna shares that she baptized her grandson in secret because her daughter-in-law left the Church, and asks if it counts. Father Dave explains that theologically it does count as a Christian baptism, and encourages her be honest with her family. (Original Air 9-27-13)
  48. Chloe Howard: Stand Beautiful2018/07/02

    Chloe Howard stops by the studio to discuss her new book, "Stand Beautiful: A Story of Brokenness, Beauty, and Embracing it All." Chloe shares that she was born with a club foot, and describes the bullying and assault she faced for her appearance. She shares how she overcame it all, and how she is using her story to inspire others. Original Air 6-25-18
  49. Heather King Talks Food and Faith2018/06/28

    Friend of the show Heather King stops by the studio to discuss her new book, "Famished: A Food Memoir with Recipes," and her other recent writing. Heather shares the inspiration for her column at Magnificat, and the great people she has met along her career journey. (Original Air 6-25-18)
  50. Judas & God's Plan2018/06/28

    Jim emails the show and asks, "Was Judas' betrayal part of God's plan? And if so, why was he condemned?" Father Dave explains that while God did use Judas' actions to fulfill the plan of salvation, it was not necessary for God's plans. He points out that Judas had free will. He also explains that the Church has never claimed or taught that Judas is in hell. (Original Air 6-27-18)
  51. Outdoor Weddings2018/06/28

    Father Dave discusses the recent announcement from the Archdiocese of Baltimore that will allow weddings to be held outside. He explains the mindset behind this decision, and how it may be a way to evangelize. Original Air 6-13-18
  52. Cardinal McCarrick and Sexual Abuse Allegations2018/06/25

    Father Dave discusses the recent sexual abuse allegations against Cardinal McCarrick of the Archdiocese of Washington. He explains the investigation process and expresses his heartfelt regrets about this horrible abuse. Original Air 6-20-18
  53. I'm Mad at the Church. How Can I Heal?2018/06/21
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  54. Is There a Correct Way to Pray?2018/06/18
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  55. Why Do You Have to Be in a State of Grace to Receive Communion?2018/06/14
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  56. Why Does Mass Language Seem Less Communal Lately?2018/06/13
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  57. 'Won't You Be My Neighbor': A Look at the New Mr. Rogers Documentary 2018/06/11

    Award-winning filmmaker Morgan Neville joins us to discuss his new documentary, "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" a film that tells the story of children’s television host Fred Rogers and the impact he had on the world. Morgan discusses Mr. Rogers' religious background, his goal for the show, as well as how he subtly tackled social issues. Original Air 6-07-18
  58. Why Do Catholics Believe Mary Was a Perpetual Virgin?2018/06/07
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  59. Rabbi Brad Discusses Roseanne, Shavuot, and the Holy Spirit2018/06/06

    Friend of the show Rabbi Brad Hirschfield stops by to talk about the recent controversy surrounding Roseanne Barr, the Jewish holiday of Shavuot, and the Jewish view of the Holy Spirit. He also discusses the recent move of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, and the potential consequences. Original Air 5-31-18
  60. Fr. Stephen Gadberry: American Ninja Warrior2018/06/04

    Father Stephen Gadberry, a priest in the diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas, joins us to chat about this appearance on the NBC show "American Ninja Warrior." He reveals how he got the chance to compete, and shares his hopes for evangelization through the experience. Original Air 5-29-18
  61. Why Does the Bible Distinguish Between Jesus and the Jews If Jesus Was Jewish?2018/06/04
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  62. How Can I Follow Along With Mass in a Different Language?2018/05/30
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  63. My Priest Walked Out During Confession -- Does It Count?2018/05/29
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  64. When Is the Exact Moment a Man Becomes a Priest?2018/05/25

    A listener named Carl asks, “During an ordination, when is the exact moment that a deacon becomes a priest?” Father Dave explains that this occurs during the time when the bishop lays his hands on the heads of those being ordained, and when the ordination prayer is prayed. Original Air 5-17-18
  65. How the Nomi Network Fights Human Trafficking2018/05/23

    Diana Mao, President and Co-Founder of Nomi Network discusses the work her organization does to fight human trafficking. Diana talks about how Nomi Network started, shares stories of the women impacted by the organization, and explains how others can get involved. Original Air 5-14-18
  66. What Does the Church Teach About the Death Penalty?2018/05/21

    A caller named Carlos asks, "What does the Church teach about the death penalty?" Carlos believes that in order to be fully pro-life, we must not support the death penalty. Father Dave explains that the Catechism is clear that the death penalty in our modern world should be nonexistent. We should be merciful and respect the dignity of every human person. Original Air 5-8-18
  67. Are We Supposed to Take Communion From Eucharistic Ministers?2018/05/21

    A caller named Alesia asks, "Is it true that we should only receive Communion from a priest or a deacon?" Father Dave points out that the practice of Eucharistic Ministers was approved by Vatican II. He explains that it would be wrong to say that someone cannot receive the Eucharist from a Eucharistic minister. Original Air 5-8-18
  68. How to Be a Disciple2018/05/16

    Author, professor, and friend of the show, Dr. Edward Sri discusses his new book, "Into His Likeness: Be Transformed as a Disciple of Christ." He explains how the modern person can live as a disciple by focusing on the four pillars of prayer, fellowship, the Sacraments, and the teachings of Christ. Original Air 4-10-18
  69. How Did Noah Fit All of the Animals on the Ark?2018/05/10
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  70. Can I Receive Communion at a Different Church?2018/05/10
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  71. Why Aren't We Required to Receive Both Body and Blood?2018/05/10
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  72. Living Our Faith in a Modern World2018/05/07

    Lauren Green, Chief Religion Correspondent for Fox News, talks with Father Dave about her new book, "Lighthouse Faith: God as a Living Reality in a World Immersed in Fog." Lauren discusses old philosophical and theological principles and applies them to our modern lives. Original Air 4-23-18
  73. Met Gala: 'Fashion and the Catholic Imagination'2018/05/02
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  74. What Does the Church Teach About Suicide?2018/05/02

    A caller shares that her cousin recently died by suicide, and asks what the Church teaches about whether or not victims of suicide go to Heaven. Father Dave explains that the Church does not teach that all people who die this way go to Hell. Although our lives are not ours to dispose of, the Catechism assures us of God's mercy. Original Air 4-12-18
  75. Are Sacraments Valid if a Priest Is in a State of Mortal Sin?2018/04/30
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  76. Who Is the Beloved Disciple in the Gospels?2018/04/24

    A caller named Mike asks, "Who is the 'beloved' disciple mentioned in the Gospels?" Father Dave points out that the mention of the beloved disciple only occurs in the Gospel of John, and the phrase refers to the Apostle John. It's possible that this phrase is used as a statement of humility, in not wanting to name himself. Original Air 4-10-18
  77. How Do We Keep Track of Apostolic Succession?2018/04/24
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  78. Alfie Evans and Issues of Life2018/04/23

    Dr. Charlie Camosy, professor, author, and friend of the show, joins us to discuss important ethical issues such as abortion, artificial intelligence, and the current case surrounding terminally ill toddler Alfie Evans. Father Dave and Dr. Camosy share a Catholic perspective on the Alfie Evans case, and discuss Pope Francis' role in this situation. Original air 4-19-18
  79. Do We Have Any Information on Jesus' Life Before His Public Ministry?2018/04/18
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  80. Date Differently: "The Dating Project" Gets Back to the Basics of Romance2018/04/16
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  81. Breaking Down Pope Francis' New Apostolic Exhortation2018/04/11

    Father Dave and Team Busted Halo discuss Pope Francis' new apostolic exhortation, "Gaudete et Exsultate” (Rejoice and be glad). Father Dave discusses the pope’s call to holiness and how to live that out in our everyday lives through practices such as such as discernment, mission, and mercy. Original Air 4-10-18
  82. How Do I Avoid Impure Thoughts While Praying?2018/04/10
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  83. Roma Downey on Unexpected Blessings2018/04/04

    Actress, Hollywood producer, and friend of the show Roma Downey discusses her new book, "Box of Butterflies: Discovering the Unexpected Blessings All Around Us." She shares stories that shaped her life, like losing her parents, and how focusing on the blessings in her life gives her hope and a desire to help others. Original Air 3-08-18
  84. What Does It Mean to Be a 'Doctor of the Church'?2018/04/04
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  85. Father Rob Galea: 'Breakthrough'2018/04/02

    Catholic priest and singer Father Rob Galea stops by the show to discuss his new book, "Breakthrough: A Journey from Desperation to Hope." Father Rob shares stories of his troubled childhood during which he was involved with drugs and gangs, and explains how his life turned around when he found a relationship with Christ. Original Air 3-16-18
  86. Should We Bow Before Communion?2018/04/02
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  87. Why Do We Kiss the Cross on Good Friday?2018/03/28
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  88. Fr. Robert Spitzer Talks Faith and Science2018/03/28

    Jesuit priest and physicist Father Robert Spitzer shares his thoughts on the recent passing of Stephen Hawking. Father Spitzer also discusses proof for the existence of God, how faith and science can go together, and how to handle suffering through the lens of faith. Original Air 3-15-18
  89. Why Didn't Anyone Recognize Jesus After the Resurrection?2018/03/27
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  90. Are Those in Mourning Obligated to Lenten Rules? 2018/03/23
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  91. Do I Have to Go Back to Confession if I Forgot to Confess a Sin?2018/03/22
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  92. Is Confession Useful If I'm Not Sorry for All of My Sins?2018/03/21
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  93. What Does the Priest Whisper Before Taking Communion?2018/03/21
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  94. After Jesus' Last Words, Why Does the Crowd Say "He's calling Elijah?"2018/03/21
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  95. Why Do We Visit 7 Churches after Mass on Holy Thursday?2018/03/20
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  96. Why is the Easter Vigil Such a Long Mass?2018/03/19

    A listener named Jim asks, "Why is the Easter Vigil Mass so long?" Father Dave explains that in addition to everything we do at a regular Sunday Mass, there are several special rituals reserved for the Easter Mass, like the Sacraments of Initiation for the RCIA candidates, extra readings, and the blessing of the Paschal candle. Original Air 4-12-17
  97. How Were the Luminous Mysteries Established? 2018/03/12
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  98. What's the Difference Between a Basilica, Cathedral, and Church?2018/03/12
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  99. The Ethics of Leaving Work Early2018/03/12
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  100. Why Does the Priest Bless the Deacon Before Reading the Gospel?2018/03/09
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