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Busted Halo Show w/Fr. Dave Dwyer

  1. I'm Mad at the Church. How Can I Heal?2018/06/21
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  2. Is There a Correct Way to Pray?2018/06/18
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  3. Why Do You Have to Be in a State of Grace to Receive Communion?2018/06/14
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  4. Why Does Mass Language Seem Less Communal Lately?2018/06/13
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  5. 'Won't You Be My Neighbor': A Look at the New Mr. Rogers Documentary 2018/06/11

    Award-winning filmmaker Morgan Neville joins us to discuss his new documentary, "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" a film that tells the story of children’s television host Fred Rogers and the impact he had on the world. Morgan discusses Mr. Rogers' religious background, his goal for the show, as well as how he subtly tackled social issues. Original Air 6-07-18
  6. Why Do Catholics Believe Mary Was a Perpetual Virgin?2018/06/07
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  7. Rabbi Brad Discusses Roseanne, Shavuot, and the Holy Spirit2018/06/06

    Friend of the show Rabbi Brad Hirschfield stops by to talk about the recent controversy surrounding Roseanne Barr, the Jewish holiday of Shavuot, and the Jewish view of the Holy Spirit. He also discusses the recent move of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, and the potential consequences. Original Air 5-31-18
  8. Fr. Stephen Gadberry: American Ninja Warrior2018/06/04

    Father Stephen Gadberry, a priest in the diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas, joins us to chat about this appearance on the NBC show "American Ninja Warrior." He reveals how he got the chance to compete, and shares his hopes for evangelization through the experience. Original Air 5-29-18
  9. Why Does the Bible Distinguish Between Jesus and the Jews If Jesus Was Jewish?2018/06/04
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  10. How Can I Follow Along With Mass in a Different Language?2018/05/30
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  11. My Priest Walked Out During Confession -- Does It Count?2018/05/29
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  12. When Is the Exact Moment a Man Becomes a Priest?2018/05/25

    A listener named Carl asks, “During an ordination, when is the exact moment that a deacon becomes a priest?” Father Dave explains that this occurs during the time when the bishop lays his hands on the heads of those being ordained, and when the ordination prayer is prayed. Original Air 5-17-18
  13. How the Nomi Network Fights Human Trafficking2018/05/23

    Diana Mao, President and Co-Founder of Nomi Network discusses the work her organization does to fight human trafficking. Diana talks about how Nomi Network started, shares stories of the women impacted by the organization, and explains how others can get involved. Original Air 5-14-18
  14. What Does the Church Teach About the Death Penalty?2018/05/21

    A caller named Carlos asks, "What does the Church teach about the death penalty?" Carlos believes that in order to be fully pro-life, we must not support the death penalty. Father Dave explains that the Catechism is clear that the death penalty in our modern world should be nonexistent. We should be merciful and respect the dignity of every human person. Original Air 5-8-18
  15. Are We Supposed to Take Communion From Eucharistic Ministers?2018/05/21

    A caller named Alesia asks, "Is it true that we should only receive Communion from a priest or a deacon?" Father Dave points out that the practice of Eucharistic Ministers was approved by Vatican II. He explains that it would be wrong to say that someone cannot receive the Eucharist from a Eucharistic minister. Original Air 5-8-18
  16. How to Be a Disciple2018/05/16

    Author, professor, and friend of the show, Dr. Edward Sri discusses his new book, "Into His Likeness: Be Transformed as a Disciple of Christ." He explains how the modern person can live as a disciple by focusing on the four pillars of prayer, fellowship, the Sacraments, and the teachings of Christ. Original Air 4-10-18
  17. How Did Noah Fit All of the Animals on the Ark?2018/05/10
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  18. Can I Receive Communion at a Different Church?2018/05/10
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  19. Why Aren't We Required to Receive Both Body and Blood?2018/05/10
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  20. Living Our Faith in a Modern World2018/05/07

    Lauren Green, Chief Religion Correspondent for Fox News, talks with Father Dave about her new book, "Lighthouse Faith: God as a Living Reality in a World Immersed in Fog." Lauren discusses old philosophical and theological principles and applies them to our modern lives. Original Air 4-23-18
  21. Met Gala: 'Fashion and the Catholic Imagination'2018/05/02
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  22. What Does the Church Teach About Suicide?2018/05/02

    A caller shares that her cousin recently died by suicide, and asks what the Church teaches about whether or not victims of suicide go to Heaven. Father Dave explains that the Church does not teach that all people who die this way go to Hell. Although our lives are not ours to dispose of, the Catechism assures us of God's mercy. Original Air 4-12-18
  23. Are Sacraments Valid if a Priest Is in a State of Mortal Sin?2018/04/30
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  24. Who Is the Beloved Disciple in the Gospels?2018/04/24

    A caller named Mike asks, "Who is the 'beloved' disciple mentioned in the Gospels?" Father Dave points out that the mention of the beloved disciple only occurs in the Gospel of John, and the phrase refers to the Apostle John. It's possible that this phrase is used as a statement of humility, in not wanting to name himself. Original Air 4-10-18
  25. How Do We Keep Track of Apostolic Succession?2018/04/24
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  26. Alfie Evans and Issues of Life2018/04/23

    Dr. Charlie Camosy, professor, author, and friend of the show, joins us to discuss important ethical issues such as abortion, artificial intelligence, and the current case surrounding terminally ill toddler Alfie Evans. Father Dave and Dr. Camosy share a Catholic perspective on the Alfie Evans case, and discuss Pope Francis' role in this situation. Original air 4-19-18
  27. Do We Have Any Information on Jesus' Life Before His Public Ministry?2018/04/18
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  28. Date Differently: "The Dating Project" Gets Back to the Basics of Romance2018/04/16
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  29. Breaking Down Pope Francis' New Apostolic Exhortation2018/04/11

    Father Dave and Team Busted Halo discuss Pope Francis' new apostolic exhortation, "Gaudete et Exsultate” (Rejoice and be glad). Father Dave discusses the pope’s call to holiness and how to live that out in our everyday lives through practices such as such as discernment, mission, and mercy. Original Air 4-10-18
  30. How Do I Avoid Impure Thoughts While Praying?2018/04/10
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  31. Roma Downey on Unexpected Blessings2018/04/04

    Actress, Hollywood producer, and friend of the show Roma Downey discusses her new book, "Box of Butterflies: Discovering the Unexpected Blessings All Around Us." She shares stories that shaped her life, like losing her parents, and how focusing on the blessings in her life gives her hope and a desire to help others. Original Air 3-08-18
  32. What Does It Mean to Be a 'Doctor of the Church'?2018/04/04
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  33. Father Rob Galea: 'Breakthrough'2018/04/02

    Catholic priest and singer Father Rob Galea stops by the show to discuss his new book, "Breakthrough: A Journey from Desperation to Hope." Father Rob shares stories of his troubled childhood during which he was involved with drugs and gangs, and explains how his life turned around when he found a relationship with Christ. Original Air 3-16-18
  34. Should We Bow Before Communion?2018/04/02
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  35. Why Do We Kiss the Cross on Good Friday?2018/03/28
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  36. Fr. Robert Spitzer Talks Faith and Science2018/03/28

    Jesuit priest and physicist Father Robert Spitzer shares his thoughts on the recent passing of Stephen Hawking. Father Spitzer also discusses proof for the existence of God, how faith and science can go together, and how to handle suffering through the lens of faith. Original Air 3-15-18
  37. Why Didn't Anyone Recognize Jesus After the Resurrection?2018/03/27
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  38. Are Those in Mourning Obligated to Lenten Rules? 2018/03/23
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  39. Do I Have to Go Back to Confession if I Forgot to Confess a Sin?2018/03/22
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  40. Is Confession Useful If I'm Not Sorry for All of My Sins?2018/03/21
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  41. What Does the Priest Whisper Before Taking Communion?2018/03/21
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  42. After Jesus' Last Words, Why Does the Crowd Say "He's calling Elijah?"2018/03/21
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  43. Why Do We Visit 7 Churches after Mass on Holy Thursday?2018/03/20
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  44. Why is the Easter Vigil Such a Long Mass?2018/03/19

    A listener named Jim asks, "Why is the Easter Vigil Mass so long?" Father Dave explains that in addition to everything we do at a regular Sunday Mass, there are several special rituals reserved for the Easter Mass, like the Sacraments of Initiation for the RCIA candidates, extra readings, and the blessing of the Paschal candle. Original Air 4-12-17
  45. How Were the Luminous Mysteries Established? 2018/03/12
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  46. What's the Difference Between a Basilica, Cathedral, and Church?2018/03/12
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  47. The Ethics of Leaving Work Early2018/03/12
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  48. Why Does the Priest Bless the Deacon Before Reading the Gospel?2018/03/09
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  49. Is Smoking a Sin?2018/03/06

    A caller named Cat asks if smoking is a sin and if so, do we have to go to Confession? Father Dave explains that The Church doesn't explicitly say that smoking is a sin, but points out that we could make an argument that any way in which we intentionally abuse our bodies is sinful. Original Air 12-16-14
  50. Why Would a Priest or Deacon Chant the Gospel?2018/03/05

    A fan named Theresa wonders why her parish priest chants the Gospel at Mass, as she finds it difficult to follow. Father Dave explains that chanting parts of the Mass is encouraged by the Roman Missal. He points out that it is not mandatory and is not theologically preferred, but it is a part of our Catholic tradition. Original Air 6-15-17
  51. What Are We Asking for When We Pray, "Say the Word and My Soul Shall be Healed?"2018/03/05

    A caller named Leah asks, "What are we asking for when we pray, 'say the word and my soul shall be healed?'" Father Dave explains that this line comes from the Gospel of Matthew, in which the centurion asks Jesus to heal his servant. Father Dave notes that we pray this prayer as an act of humility and an expression of faith. Original Air 2-6-18
  52. Do's and Dont's of Lectoring2018/02/28

    A listener named Michael asks Father Dave and Christina if they have any tips for lectors. Father Dave explains that it's important to make eye contact and not to read too quickly. Christina suggests going over the readings beforehand, and praying before Mass. Original Air 2-21-18
  53. A Conversion Conversation with Dr. Scott Hahn2018/02/28

    Popular Catholic author and speaker Dr. Scott Hahn discusses his new book, "The Fourth Cup: Unveiling the Mystery of the Last Supper and the Cross." Father Dave and Dr. Hahn discuss his conversion story and how the story of the Last Supper led him to the Catholic Church. Original Air 2-20-18
  54. Why Would the Holy Spirit Lead Jesus to Be Tempted in the Desert?2018/02/26

    A listener named Dan asks, “Why would the Holy Spirit lead Jesus to be tempted in the desert?” Father Dave explains that while Jesus is fully divine, He is also fully human, and experienced everything that we experience, including temptation So, it could be part of the divine plan that Jesus experienced all that is humanity. Original Air 3-09-17
  55. Redemption in the Midst of #MeToo2018/02/21

    Friend of the show Rabbi Brad Hirschfield stops by to discuss faith in the midst of certain "hot button" issues plaguing our society. The topics include Lent and fasting, Shaun White, and the #MeToo movement. Original Air 2-15-18
  56. Are We Allowed to Work on Sunday?2018/02/20

    A listener named Bill asks, "Are we allowed to work on Sundays?" Father Dave explains that the Catechism states that the faithful are to refrain from work and any activity that hinder the worship owed to God. He points out that legitimate family needs do not make this possible sometimes, and in those cases, work is excusable. Original Air 3-07-17
  57. Can Anyone Other Than a Priest Preach a Homily? 2018/02/15
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  58. Can a Baby be Baptized During Lent?2018/02/15
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  59. Do Sundays Count During Lent?2018/02/12
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  60. How Do I Explain to Others Why Confession Is Important?2018/02/08
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  61. Why Aren't There Any Gospels by Peter If the Church Was Entrusted to Him?2018/02/05
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  62. How Did the Rosary Begin?2018/02/05
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  63. Are Children "Legitimate" If Parents Get an Annulment?2018/02/01
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  64. Fatherly Advice: I'm Struggling With My Daughter's Decision to Become a Nun2018/01/31

    A caller named Leah asks for Fatherly Advice. She shares that she is having a difficult time accepting her daughter's religious vocation because she won't see her as often when she's a nun. Father Dave encourages her to speak to parents who have had similar experiences, and to be honest with her daughter about how she feels. Original Air 1-16-18
  65. Fatherly Advice: My Prayer Life Feels Stagnant2018/01/29
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  66. When Should We Bow During Mass?2018/01/26
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  67. Why Don't Catholics Smile at Mass?2018/01/24
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  68. Why Does My Priest Say Mass With His Back Facing the People?2018/01/22

    A listener named Sherri calls into the show wondering why her parish priest says Mass with his back facing the people. Father Dave tells her that today we are used to the ordinary form of the Mass, but there is also an extraordinary rite of the Mass that was celebrated more regularly before the liturgical reforms of the Second Vatican Council were put into effect. Original Air 01-08-18
  69. Is There an Age Limit to Become a Priest?2018/01/18
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  70. What Is Our Responsibility When It Comes to Money?2018/01/17
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  71. Why Do Catholics Believe Mary Was Assumed If It Is Not in the Bible?2018/01/16

    A listener named Sarah calls in and asks, "Why do we believe that Mary was assumed into heaven if there is no biblical evidence of it?" Father Dave explains that Catholics believe that there are three sources of revelation: scripture, sacred tradition, and the Magisterium of the Church. Original Air 8-10-17
  72. How Do I Know If I'm Praying Reverently?2018/01/16

    A listener named Jesus calls in and asks, "How do I know if I'm praying reverently?" Father Dave explains that reverence comes in many different forms. He says that he would define reverence with the question, "Is your heart in it?" Reverence is not the absence of joy, and we should focus on what is going on in our hearts and if our prayer is sincere. Original Air 11-29-177
  73. Who Can Receive Anointing of the Sick?2018/01/16
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  74. Saints of Our Lives: San Gennaro2018/01/10

    Team Busted Halo reenacts the life of Saint Januarius, also known as San Genarro, on Mike's last day of the show. Original Air 11-30-17
  75. How Many Different Rites of the Church Exist?2018/01/09

    A listener named Maggie wonders how many different rites of the Church exist. Father Dave explains that there are many due to different liturgical and ritual origins. Original Air 11-29-17
  76. Can We Forgive Someone While Still Wanting Justice?2018/01/09

    A listener named Amy asks Father Dave to explain the relationship between forgiveness and justice. Can we forgive someone and still desire justice? Father Dave explains that we are called to both, but the two are not mutually exclusive. Original Air 12-28-17
  77. Is There a Proper Way to Wash Altar Cloths?2018/01/08

    A listener named Donya calls in and explains that her parish asked her to wash the altar cloths. She asks Father Dave if there is a proper way to wash them, and if there are certain prayers that should be said. (Original Air 12-27-17)
  78. Interview: Filmmaker Leo Severino Talks Faith2018/01/03

    Father Dave interviews Hollywood filmmaker and producer Leo Severino about his new book, "Going Deeper: A Reasoned Explanation of God and Truth." Leo explains the philosophical arguments for the proof of God and touches on big questions like "Why does God allow evil to happen?" (Original Air 12-18-17)
  79. Do We Have To Go To Mass Twice On Christmas Eve?2017/12/18

    Father Dave answers a caller's question on whether or not we have to go to Mass twice this Christmas in order to fill both the Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation.
  80. Fatherly Advice: Dealing with Grief Around the Holidays2017/12/11

    Father Dave receives an email from a couple who recently lost their son in an accident and are struggling with coping with their grief during the holiday season. Father Dave and Brett offer support and advice. (Original Air 11-16-17)
  81. Converted to Catholic Faith Have to Remarry?2017/11/27

    A "Congregation of One" couple Brian and Joanna join team Busted Halo in studio to ask a question of faith. Joanna says that she has a friend in her parish who recently converted to Catholicism along with her husband, and she wonders if are required to get remarried in the Church since they were married before converting. (Original Air 11-01-17)
  82. Why Do We Call Mary 'the Mother of God'?2017/11/20

    With the help of Busted Halo intern Larissa, Father Dave answers a question of faith from a listener asking why we call Mary "the Mother of God." Didn't God create Mary? Father Dave explains why we use this title for Mary. (Original Air 10-25-17)
  83. Why Do We Say I Have 'Gravely' Sinned?2017/11/20

    A caller wonders why we say the line "I have gravely sinned" during the part of the Mass known as the Confiteor. If a person is not in a state of mortal sin, isn't that line technically untrue? Father Dave explains why we say the Confiteor right before we receive The Eucharist. (Original Air 10-25-17)
  84. How Should I Pray During Adoration?2017/11/20

    A listener wonders how she should pray when she is in front of the Blessed Sacrament, and asks if there are special prayers she should say, or specific rituals she should do. Father Dave and Christina share some helpful tips for a prayerful adoration. (Original Air 10-24-17)
  85. I'm Pregnant, Does My Baby Also Receive Communion?2017/11/15

    A pregnant woman asks Father Dave if her unborn baby also receives Communion. Father Dave explains the teachings behind receiving The Eucharist. (Original Air 10-18-17)
  86. Why Does a Priest Only Pour Water Into One Chalice?2017/11/15

    Father Dave gets a call from a man wondering about the mixing of water and wine. His new parish priest consecrates the Blood of Christ differently than their old priest, who would pour a drop of water into each chalice. (Original Air 10-17-17)
  87. Fatherly Advice: Talking to a Friend About Coming Back to Church2017/11/14

    A listener asks for Fatherly Advice on talking to his son's friend's mother about coming back to Church. The friend of the family was a practicing Catholic before she met her new husband, and the listener suspects she has some interest in returning to the Church. (Original Air 10-17-17)
  88. How Can I Be Strong in Faith, While Missing Community?2017/11/06

    Father Dave receives a call from a listener asking for advice on how he can continue to be strong in his faith while he is experiencing difficult times without a strong community around to help. Father Dave offers some thoughts on finding spiritual support. (Original Air 10-10-17)
  89. Fatherly Advice: My Daughter's Classmates Told Her She's Going to Hell. What Should I Do?2017/11/06

    A mother calls Father Dave asking for advice on how to help her daughter. Her daughter attends a Baptist high school, and some of her classmates told her she was going to Hell because she is not Baptist. Her daughter was hurt and upset by the comment, and the caller wonders what she can do. (Original Air 10-10-17)
  90. Why Is the Feast of St. Francis Called 'Transitus'?2017/11/06

    On the Feast of St. Francis, a caller asks why some Franciscan orders refer to the feast day as the "Transitus of St. Francis." Father Dave explains the significance of this terminology. (Original Air 10-04-17)
  91. Shouldn't the Sabbath Be a Saturday?2017/11/03

    A caller asks why we celebrate the Sabbath on Sunday and not on a Saturday. She says that her friend, a Seventh Day Adventist, insists the Sabbath is on a Saturday. So, did Catholics change the day of the Sabbath? Father Dave explains. (Original Air 10-03-17)
  92. Why Are Relics so Important?2017/11/01

    Have you ever wondered what role relics play in our faith, and why? A Protestant listener who finds the concept odd asks Father Dave to explain the importance of relics in Catholicism. (Original Air 10-03-17)
  93. Why Do We Declare People Saints?2017/10/30

    A caller asks why the Church declares people saints. She also wonders why Catholics are the only canonized saints, and why good people from other faith denominations are not considered. Father Dave explains why and how we declare saints. (Original Air 09-12-17)
  94. Does the Church Require Us to Support Government-Funded Agencies?2017/10/23

    A caller asks Father Dave if the Church requires us to contribute to welfare programs. He doesn't feel comfortable giving to government-funded agencies without knowing where the money is going. Father Dave speaks about the importance of following the laws set in place, while considering better ways of contributing to organizations in the future. (Original Air 09-12-17)
  95. Fatherly Advice: Talking Religion with People of Different Faiths2017/10/23

    A caller asks for advice on approaching her mother-in-law about respecting her family's faith. Her mother-in-law is a recent convert to Mormonism and has tried to bring her granddaughter to her services in the Mormon Church, against the family's wishes. Father Dave shares some advice for handling a delicate situation. (Original Air 09-07-17)
  96. Why Didn't Peter Write a Gospel?2017/10/15

    A caller wonders why there is nothing in the Bible written by Peter, who Jesus designated the rock of the Church. (Original Air 09-06-17)
  97. Meaning Behind the Phrase: "Blessed Is He Who Comes in the Name of the Lord"2017/10/15

    A listener calls in with a Mass Class question of faith. She asks Father Dave about the meaning behind the phrase, "Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord." (Original Air 09-06-17)
  98. The History of Baptisms2017/10/15

    A caller asks Father Dave how long baptisms were performed before Jesus was baptized. Father Dave shares some history about the origins of baptism. (Original Air 09-05-17)
  99. Is a Mass Valid If a Priest Is in a State of Sin?2017/10/15

    A caller asks If a priest is in a state of sin, does a Mass still count as valid? Father Dave explains. (Original Air 08-30-17)
  100. Fatherly Advice: PTSD and Relationships2017/10/09
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