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Father Dave Preaches

  1. I Will Give You Rest2019/08/13

    Tuesday of the Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time . Father Dave preaches about today's Gospel reading in which Jesus promises to come to our aid. Father Dave reminds us to always turn to God, especially in difficult times. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 7-18-19
  2. Our Brand Name is The Lord2019/08/09

    Memorial of Saint Bonaventure, Bishop and Doctor of the Church . Father Dave reflects on how we value certain brands in our lives. He suggests making today's psalm, "Our help is in the name of the Lord," our brand. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 7-15-19
  3. Ten Times Bolder2019/07/31

    Friday of the Thirteenth Week in Ordinary Time . Father Dave preaches near the tomb of Saint Peter. He explains that certain things, like visiting Saint Peter's tomb, can inspire awe in us and call us to be bolder. Father Dave challenges us to become bolder in our lives of faith so as to inspire awe in others. Preached at Saint Peter's Basilica, Rome, Italy on 7-05-19
  4. Succession Plan2019/07/31

    Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time . Father Dave discusses today's reading in which God appoints Elisha to be the successor of Elijah. Father Dave points out that it's important for us to have our own succession plan when it comes to passing on our faith to others. Preached at The Basilica of Sant Andrea Della Valle in Rome, Italy on 6-30-19
  5. The Christian Life Is Like a Job2019/06/28
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  6. A Nation Fit for The Lord2019/06/28
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  7. Love Demands We Not Be Silent2019/06/21

    Thursday of the Eleventh Week in Ordinary Time. Saint Paul tells the Corinthians, “Because of my love for you, I will not be silent!” Father Dave posits that perhaps we choose to be silent too often when it comes to sharing our faith with the ones we love. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 6-20-19.
  8. How Would the Trinity Take a Selfie?2019/06/19
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  9. Mary, Mother of the Church2019/06/12
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  10. Unused Gift Cards Are Like the Holy Spirit2019/06/12
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  11. Paul and Barnabas: We Are Not God2019/05/30

    Monday of the Fifth Week of Easter. Father Dave takes a closer look at the lessons on humility found in today's readings. He has a special message for priests: They need to be reminded that sharing the Good News isn't just about them, but about all the people who need to hear the word of God. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 5-20-19
  12. He Will Fit You for the Work2019/05/30
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  13. Blessed Are You If You Do It2019/05/30

    Thursday of the Fourth Week of Easter. Father Dave challenges us to take our faith beyond going to Mass, beyond church walls, and really live our faith out loud in all aspects of our lives. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 5-16-19
  14. He Commands Eternal Life2019/05/28

    Wednesday of the Fourth Week of Easter. Father Dave shares that it often feels like the work of the Holy Spirit is a little more clearly seen in the rearview mirror. Thinking back on these moments of grace can remind us that the Holy Spirit is our guide and help at all times in our lives, leading us toward eternal life. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 5-15-19
  15. To Be Known and Loved2019/05/28

    Fourth Sunday of Easter and Mother's Day. The intimate relationship between a shepherd and his sheep is often used in the Bible to represent how God loves us. Father Dave talks about the significance of "being fully known and being fully loved" as children of God and how we should share that love with others. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 5-12-19
  16. But What Was It Like for Philip?2019/05/24

    Thursday of the Third Week of Easter . Father Dave discusses today's reading from the Acts of the Apostles in which Philip baptizes the Ethiopian eunuch. Father Dave encourages us to explain and share our faith just like Philip to help open the hearts of others. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 5-09-19
  17. Believing Is Not Like a Drive-Thru2019/05/24

    Monday of the Third Week of Easter . Father Dave encourages us to refrain from looking at our relationship with Christ as something transactional. Rather, we should believe that God provides for our needs and we shouldn't expect God to work on our own timeline. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 5-06-19
  18. God is Trustworthy, but Do You Trust Him?2019/05/13

    Memorial of Saint Athanasius, Bishop and Doctor of the Church . Father Dave focuses on how difficult trusting in God can be. God is worthy of our trust, but we can block ourselves from trusting him. Father Dave challenges us to try harder to be confident in God this week. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 5-02-19
  19. Passing the Baton2019/05/13

    Wednesday in the Octave of Easter. Father Dave speaks about the crippled man asking for help in today's reading from Acts of the Apostle. Father Dave points out that we are called to bring healing and reconciliation just as the apostles did after Jesus' Resurrection. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 4-24-19
  20. Not Recognizing Jesus2019/05/10

    Tuesday in the Octave of Easter . Father Dave discusses today's Gospel in which Mary Magdalene doesn't recognize Jesus after the Resurrection. Father Dave asks about how many times we struggle to recognize Jesus in our own lives and invites us to try harder to recognize Christ in our day-to-day. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 4-23-19
  21. The Tomb Cannot Contain Christ2019/05/06

    Easter Sunday. Father Dave reflects on Jesus' empty tomb and the power of the Resurrection. He points out that the tomb could not contain Jesus, and we too must resist the temptation to keep Jesus in a "container," restricting him to one part of our lives. We must allow room for him in all aspects of our lives. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 4-21-19
  22. Come to Our Senses2019/04/15

    Fourth Sunday of Lent. Father Dave reflects on the Parable of the Prodigal Son and what it teaches us about God's mercy. He explains that this story is especially encouraging during Lent because of its themes of repentance. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 3-31-19
  23. Look God in the Eyes2019/04/11

    Wednesday of the Fifth Week of Lent. Father Dave discusses today's reading from Jeremiah in which God asks us not to turn our faces from him. Father Dave encourages us to look to God even when we feel ashamed. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 3-28-19
  24. Building Up Our Faith Muscles2019/03/18

    First Sunday of Lent. Father Dave shares how Lent presents us with opportunities to make the right choices. Temptations are around us all the time, but the effort we make to avoid giving in to our temptations strengthens our faith. Preached at Resurrection of the Lord Parish, Honolulu on 3-10-19
  25. God Provides the Way Back2019/03/12

    Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Father Dave discusses wisdom literature in Scripture and how it teaches us about God. He also reflects on today's Gospel in which Jesus points out that we know a tree by its fruit, and we will know good people by the fruit they produce in the world. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 3-03-19
  26. How Do I Know I Can Trust You?2019/03/12

    Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Father Dave discusses wisdom literature in Scripture and how it teaches us about God. He also reflects on today's Gospel in which Jesus points out that we know a tree by its fruit, and we will know good people by the fruit they produce in the world. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 3-03-19
  27. Be Not Over Confident2019/03/11

    Thursday of the Seventh Week in Ordinary Time. Father Dave discusses today's reading from Sirach in which we are told not to rely on ourselves, power, or wealth, and that we shouldn't be over confident about God's mercy. God is infinitely merciful, but we should not take advantage of his generosity. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 2-28-19
  28. The Spirit Helps My Unbelief2019/03/06

    Monday of the Seventh Week in Ordinary Time. Father Dave discusses today's Gospel reading during which Jesus heals a man who is possessed by demons. Father Dave points out the importance of asking God to help our unbelief, and trusting in Him at all times. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 2-25-19
  29. Four Ways to Respond to God's Call2019/03/04
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  30. Covenant' Means 'I Got You'2019/02/27

    Thursday of the Sixth Week in Ordinary Time. Father Dave explains the difference between a contract and a covenant. He points out that contracts are mutual agreements, but can be breached, whereas a covenant is where God bears all of the weight. God covers our debt and will not dissolve our agreement. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 2-21-19
  31. Cain and Abel: Zero Sum Game2019/02/25
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  32. God Has Foreseen Something Better2019/02/19

    Monday of the Fourth Week in Ordinary Time. Father Dave discusses today's reading from the Letter to the Hebrews, which claims that God has foreseen better for us than offering sacrifices. Even when we are struggling, we should remember that God always has something better for us. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 2-4-19
  33. Longing for Warmth and God2019/02/11

    Memorial of Saint John Bosco, Priest. Father Dave discusses today's Psalm in which we proclaim, "Lord, this is the people that longs to see your face." He relates this to our longing for warmth in the middle of winter. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 1-31-19
  34. Sin Against the Holy Spirit2019/02/06
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  35. Sailboat Tacking and the Conversion of Saint Paul2019/02/04

    Feast of the Conversion of Saint Paul, Apostle. Father Dave discusses the conversion of Saint Paul and how we are all called to continued conversion. Father Dave uses the example of sailboats and tacking, or changing directions. We should use Saint Paul's example to change directions in our own lives. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 1-25-19
  36. More With Honey Than Vinegar2019/01/31
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  37. Undercover Boss 20192019/01/30
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  38. Blue Monday2019/01/29
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  39. Jesus Didn't Have to, But We Do2019/01/28

    The Baptism of the Lord. Why did Jesus have to be baptized? Father Dave answers a common question, explaining that Jesus did not have to be baptized, but he chose to do it for us as an example for us so that we may imitate him. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 1-13-19
  40. Epiphany IPO2019/01/14
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  41. Not Just a Brainstorm Session2019/01/10

    Christmas Weekday. Father Dave discusses today's reading from Saint John in which John claims that our faith in Christ will make us pure. We should believe that God will give us the grace to be who we are called to be, and make the effort to follow His will. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 1-03-19
  42. Stealing Jesus for Christmas2019/01/07
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  43. What Do You Need to Reverse?2018/12/20

    Monday of the Second Week of Advent. Father Dave discusses how the Scriptures use a reversal of fortunes. He uses the example of Mary's Magnificat in which she claims God will lift up the lowly. It is important to ask ourselves which areas in our lives need a reversal in order to grow closer to God. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 12-10-18
  44. Mind Blowing, Practical, and Inspiring2018/12/17

    Monday of the Thirty-Fourth Week in Ordinary Time. Father Dave discusses the practical and inspiring dimensions of our faith. He reflects on today's Gospel in which Jesus says being charitable is a practical element of faith, and today's psalm which inspires us to make room for the Lord in our lives. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 11-26-18
  45. Paul's Qualities of a Bishop2018/11/19
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  46. It's Not About Your Resume2018/11/14

    Thursday of the Thirty-First Week in Ordinary Time. Father Dave explains that it doesn't matter what we have on our resumes; we should desire to be known by our virtues. He discusses today's reading in which Saint Paul boasts in his identity in Christ. We should take inspiration from Saint Paul and do the same. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 11-08-18
  47. All Saints Marathon2018/11/06

    Solemnity of All Saints. Father Dave shares that he enjoys the New York City marathon because people come together and cheer each other on. He relates this to the communion of saints, and how the saints cheer us on as we run the race towards heaven. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 11-01-18
  48. What Bartimaeus Can Teach US2018/11/05
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  49. God's Handiwork2018/10/30

    Monday of the Twenty-Ninth Week in Ordinary Time. Father Dave discusses today's reading from Saint Paul's letter to the Ephesians during which Paul explains that we are God's handiwork. God created us, therefore he takes pride in us, just an artist takes pride in his or her work. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 10-22-18
  50. There's Much More Than That Here2018/10/29
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  51. The Monkey and the Coconut2018/10/29
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  52. Stupid and Wicked2018/10/24
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  53. Guide Us Lord2018/10/22

    Monday of the Twenty-Seventh Week in Ordinary Time. Father Dave compares how we follow tour guides to the way we should follow God. We should trust in his knowledge and goodness and allow ourselves to be led by him, just as today's Psalm says. Preached at San Marco Square Basilica, Venice, Italy on 10-08-18
  54. Preach Like Saint Anthony2018/10/19
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  55. Make God Great Again2018/10/17

    Wednesday of the Twenty-Sixth Week in Ordinary Time. Father Dave discusses today's Gospel reading in which Jesus asks us to proclaim the Kingdom of God. He explains that the first reading from Job is a plea to make God great again -- to appreciate and respect the goodness of God and all of His creation. Preached at Ravenna Cathedral, Ravenna, Italy on 10-03-18
  56. Bring the Word of God With You2018/10/15
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  57. Not Arrogance, but Understanding2018/09/17
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  58. Speaking is Healing2018/09/12
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  59. Amazed and Astonished Isn't Enough2018/09/10
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  60. What's In It For Me?2018/08/27
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  61. Mary, Hope in Dark Times2018/08/21
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  62. Bishops, We Are Looking On2018/08/20
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  63. God Wants to Write the Law on Our Hearts2018/08/14
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  64. Twinkie, Not Black Friday2018/08/13
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  65. Saint Ignatius Course Correction2018/08/08
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  66. Digging Our Own Cisterns2018/08/01
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  67. Walking the Way of Saint James2018/07/30
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  68. God's Not Too Busy for You2018/07/23
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  69. Stiff Neck Syndrome2018/07/02
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  70. 3 Things About the Lord's Prayer2018/07/02
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  71. Jezebel or Jesus- You Choose2018/06/25

    Monday of the Eleventh Week in Ordinary Time. Father Dave discusses the contrast between the first reading, in which Jezebel has her husband killed, and the Gospel, where Jesus asks us to be forgiving and not to seek revenge. Father Dave asks if we take Jesus' message to heart and follow this teaching today. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City, on 6-18-18
  72. Cell Phone as Mustard Seed2018/06/22
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  73. There is Nothing2018/06/20

    Father Dave discusses today's reading in which Elijah looks for God. He relates Elijah's search to our search for God today, and how we can sometimes feel abandoned. God is always present, even when we can't recognize him, and we must keep searching like Elijah. Preached 6-14-18
  74. Job Description from Jesus2018/06/13

    Memorial of Saint Barnabas, Apostle. Father Dave considers how a job description lists a person's duties, and relates this to today's Gospel in which Jesus gives the Apostles a job description as they embark on their mission to preach. He sends them forth to share the faith, just as we are called to go forth today. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City, on 6-11-18
  75. Stop Disputing About Words2018/06/11
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  76. They Worshiped but They Doubted2018/05/31
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  77. Put Me in Coach2018/05/18
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  78. Make the Second Miracle Happen2018/05/16
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  79. God Works Outside the Box2018/05/07

    Monday of the Fifth Week of Easter. Father Dave reflects on Paul preaching to the Gentiles, and points out that people were not happy about this. But God begins to expand people's minds and hearts. It is important for us to realize that God's ways are not ours, and we must be open to that. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City, on 4-30-18
  80. Checking Your Smartphone for Jesus2018/05/04
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  81. Look Back to Make Present2018/04/30
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  82. Can We Just Get Out of God's Way?2018/04/26
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  83. Withstand the Voice of the Spirit2018/04/23
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  84. Jesus the Brand?2018/04/16

    Thursday of the Second Week of Easter. Father Dave reflects on how the Apostles were told to stop preaching in the name of Jesus. Names are powerful, and the Apostles recognized this and were bold enough to continue to preach in his name. Father Dave encourages us to be as bold as the apostles. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City, on 4-12-18
  85. How Did We Miss That?2018/04/16
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  86. Go Back to Your Galilee 2018/04/11
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  87. The Empty Tomb is More Real2018/04/05

    Easter Sunday. Father Dave contrasts the joy of Easter with today's Gospel reading, which ends with the empty tomb. Father Dave points out that it is in the emptiness that the disciples have faith. It's not about proof, it's about faith, and sometimes our faith feels like the empty tomb. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City, on 4-01-18
  88. Why Not Just Sell It and Feed the Poor?2018/04/04
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  89. Let's Not Miss the Simple Things2018/04/02
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  90. Is Salvation Conditional?2018/03/05

    Monday of the Second Week in Lent. Father Dave explains Daniel's description of sin: a rebellion against God's commandments. He points out that it is easier to fall into sin than we may think, and discusses the Gospel message that says we will be forgiven if we forgive others. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City, on 2-26-18
  91. The Power of the Chair2018/02/27
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  92. Lent is Not Just Self-Help2018/02/26
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  93. Adore With Your Time2018/02/22

    Thursday after Ash Wednesday. Father Dave discusses Lenten promises and how we have the freedom to choose whether or not to keep them. He discusses today's reading in which God gives Moses the choice to adore other gods. He poses the question, "How often do we choose to adore God?" Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 2-15-18
  94. Optimistic Olympians2018/02/20
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  95. Jesus is the One Who Comes Near Us2018/02/19
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  96. Avoiding the Potholes2018/02/12

    Thursday of the Fifth Week in Ordinary Time. Father Dave talks about Solomon's idol worship, and also discusses today's psalm, which refers to idols as snares or traps. Father Dave relates idols to a pothole tripping us up. He asks, what are the potholes or traps in our lives? How can we avoid them? Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City 2-08-18
  97. Two is for Accountability 2018/02/06
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  98. The Voice You Listen To2018/01/31
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  99. Blaspheme the Holy Spirit2018/01/26
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  100. Jonah's Response is More Real2018/01/23
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  101. Can We Be Happy for Someone Else?2018/01/22
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  102. We Need Holy Families2018/01/11
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  103. Through the Eyes of Innocents2018/01/04

    Feast of the Holy Innocents. In light of today's feast, Father Dave relates Mary and Joseph's fleeing to protect Jesus to the many children currently suffering persecution in our world today. We must see the face of Christ in all who are suffering from the death of children. Preached at St. Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 12-28-17.
  104. I Am With You2017/12/26

    Monday of the Third Week of Advent . Father Dave explains the name Emmanuel, which means "God is with us." He understands us fully and His coming means that He is with us. Preached at St. Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 12-18-17.
  105. Who Are You2017/12/26

    Third Sunday of Advent. Father Dave preaches on Gaudete Sunday and poses the question: who are you? Our identity should be rooted in Christ, who is the source of our joy. Preached at St. Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 12-17-17.
  106. What Happens After We See Them2017/12/26

    Monday of the Thirty-fourth Week in Ordinary Time. Father Dave relates the story of the Widow's Mite to the importance of giving, and how we may not realize just how much our support affects others. Preached at St. Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 11-27-17.
  107. Bartimeus: A Model for Christian Life2017/12/26
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  108. Love Justice2017/11/20

    Monday of the Thirty-second Week in Ordinary Time. The first verse in The Book of Wisdom is "love justice." Father Dave says that we should apply this saying to everything we do in our lives. Preached at St. Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 11-13-17.
  109. Putting the Phone Down and Being Present2017/11/20
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  110. He Is Right There2017/11/14

    Monday of the Thirtieth Week in Ordinary Time. Father Dave reminds us of the comforting feeling that we have when we are surrounded by other people supporting us. Father Dave says that even when we feel alone, we aren't, because God is always with us in everything we do. Preached at St. Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 10-29-17.
  111. The Two Inseparable Loves2017/11/09
  112. Obey Your Thirst2017/11/09
  113. Just Get A New Hard Drive2017/10/31
  114. A Split Screen Society2017/10/31
  115. Ours Is Not a Dusty Old Faith2017/10/26
  116. Great Lengths to Avoid God2017/10/16
  117. Mass Is Countercultural2017/10/16
  118. The Children of Jerusalem Give Us Hope2017/10/08
  119. Billable Hours2017/10/08
  120. Hugging the Pole of Unforgiveness2017/10/08
  121. Lane Changing and Brother's Keeper2017/09/19
  122. Falling in Love with God Again2017/09/11
  123. God Keeps Going Out2017/09/03
  124. Are We 'Eclipsing' God?2017/09/03
  125. Was Jesus a Racist?2017/08/22
  126. Crossing the Threshold of Forgiveness2017/08/21
  127. Give Cheerfully Like St. Lawrence2017/08/21
  128. Make Your Own Mountaintop Experience2017/08/15
  129. You Have Eyes, See Me!2017/08/09
  130. The Sacred Heart Shows Us How to Love2017/08/07
  131. I've Given You a Sign2017/08/01
  132. Let Jesus Carry Your Bags2017/08/01
  133. Be a Wasteful Sower2017/07/24
  134. Putting Our Trust in God2017/07/17
  135. Sticks and Stones2017/06/29
  136. Discern What's Right and Do it2017/06/28
  137. Let It Go and Come Together2017/06/26
  138. Give It All to God2017/06/21
  139. Three Types of Paulist Ministry2017/06/16
  140. What's up Is Down2017/06/13
  141. The Desire to Learn2017/05/21
  142. Believing Without a Sign from God2017/05/21
  143. The Breaking of the Bread2017/05/18
  144. Belief Equals Obedience2017/05/15
  145. Speak More Boldly2017/05/09
  146. Mercy Perfects Community2017/05/09
  147. How Can I Help You?2017/05/03
  148. It's Not News to Us2017/05/02
  149. 'I Believe': Our Easter Dedication2017/04/23
  150. Do You Wish Jesus Was Somebody He's Not?2017/04/23
  151. Just Orinary Donkeys2017/04/20
  152. Jesus Unique Ability To Temper Justice With Mercy2017/04/19
  153. Doing Things on My Own2017/04/13
  154. The Water Gets Deeper Farther from the Temple2017/04/13
  155. Our Other Senses Are Heightened2017/04/13
  156. Faith Is Not Just for Me2017/04/04
  157. Trust in Him and Forgive Others2017/04/04
  158. Joseph: Righteous and Pastoral2017/04/04
  159. What's It Gonna Take?2017/04/03
  160. Trust in God and Share What You Have2017/03/27
  161. Unanswered Call for Help2017/03/23
  162. A Lenten Call to Treat Everyone Equally2017/03/22
  163. Will You Be Like Adam or Jesus?2017/03/13
  164. Choose Life for Lent2017/03/13
  165. Campaign of Christian Service2017/03/06
  166. Four Ways to Be Like a Child2017/03/06
  167. See the Signs from God2017/03/01
  168. Vision on the Mount2017/02/23
  169. Misogynist, Racist, Bible?2017/02/23
  170. Ups and Downs of the Christian Life2017/02/13
  171. Salty Toy Story2017/02/13
  172. Compassion For Hard Hearts2017/02/06
  173. Easier To Live with Disfunction Than to Be Healed2017/02/06
  174. Make Me More Poor in Spirit2017/02/06
  175. Samuel at the Soup Kitchen2017/02/06
  176. Our Weakness Sanctified by Your Power2016/12/30
  177. Don't Write Yourself out of the Script2016/12/30
  178. Bat Signal: Our Lady of Guadalupe2016/12/30
  179. The Connection Between Patience and Joy2016/12/21
  180. Follow the Lamb Wherever He Goes2016/12/21
  181. Advent Isn't Just for Those Who Love Church2016/12/15
  182. Reboot for Advent2016/12/14
  183. In Heaven, They Recognize Jesus2016/12/01
  184. The Kingdom of God is Here2016/11/30
  185. A Post-Election Homily from Father Dave2016/11/21
  186. Acceptable Loss Ratio2016/11/21
  187. Strive to Enter The Kingdom of God2016/11/17
  188. Faith is a Gift Meant to Be Shared2016/11/15
  189. Today is the Right Day2016/11/15
  190. A Humble Attitude in Prayer2016/11/11
  191. The Power at Work Within Us2016/11/03
  192. Luke, Paul and Us Make Known Your Glory2016/11/01
  193. You Really Need to Work on That2016/10/27
  194. God Says, "Trouble Me"2016/10/25
  195. Seems Like God Is Messing with Me2016/10/20
  196. Can't Afford To Be Complacent2016/10/18
  197. A "Goldilocks" Bible Reading? 2016/10/12
  198. Two Good Reminders2016/10/06
  199. Be Clever in Your Spiritual Life2016/10/03
  200. Humility is Hard to Wear2016/09/28
  201. God Visited His People2016/09/28
  202. Who Is the Lost Sheep in Your Life?2016/09/22
  203. Valuing What Seems Insignificant 2016/09/15
  204. "Compromise Elsewhere"2016/09/11
  205. Will People Boast About You?2016/09/06
  206. Olympians Don't Take Medals for Granted2016/09/01
  207. Keeping a Retreat Feeling All Year Long2016/08/25
  208. Do Right, Love Good, Walk Humbly With God2016/07/28
  209. Being/Doing Balance2016/07/26
  210. Yearning for Vacation2016/07/21
  211. Built Upon Your Faith2016/07/13
  212. "Do You Think I Am Like You?"2016/07/11
  213. Jesus Is In The Lead Car2016/07/07
  214. A Big Difference2016/07/04
  215. Stiff Necks and Planks In Our Eyes2016/06/26
  216. Diversity Without Division2016/06/26
  217. "Double Portion of Your Spirit"2016/06/23
  218. Just the Minimum2016/06/20
  219. The Beatitudes: "I Have A Dream"2016/06/16
  220. The Greatest or The Least2016/06/13
  221. Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing2016/06/07
  222. Sharing Joy Is Hard Work2016/06/07
  223. You Are Not "No People" 2016/06/01
  224. "Help Our Unbelief"2016/05/23
  225. Holy Spirit Sends Us Out and Draws Us Together2016/05/19
  226. Support Jesus' Causes2016/05/17
  227. Trouble in the World2016/05/11
  228. Ascension Hope2016/05/09
  229. Delight and Protection2016/05/04
  230. Let's Not Hold Others To A Higher Standard2016/05/03
  231. You Are The Primary Source2016/04/28
  232. Obey God Rather Than Man2016/04/26
  233. You Are Witnessess To These Things2016/04/20
  234. Fearful and Overjoyed2016/04/18
  235. See Emptiness But Still Believe2016/04/13
  236. Why Are We Surprised?2016/04/05
  237. St. Patrick and Selfies2016/04/05
  238. Marathoners Perseverence2016/04/05
  239. Easy To Forget2016/03/31
  240. Come To Your Senses2016/03/28
  241. Awe and Desperation2016/03/23
  242. Wallet,Keys,Phone2016/03/23
  243. God Writes Straight With Crooked Lines2016/03/17
  244. Hardness Of Our New York Hearts2016/03/11
  245. God Has Our Back2016/03/08
  246. Tend the Flock Willingly and Eagerly2016/02/26
  247. Enemies of the Cross of Christ2016/02/25
  248. The Via Media2016/02/19
  249. Keep Stirring It2016/02/19
  250. Underdressed For The Party2016/02/17
  251. Proclaim Jesus Because of Your Baptism, Not His 2016/02/12
  252. Be The Light2015/12/29
  253. Believe What God Has Promised2015/12/21
  254. Christmas Comes in Small Packages2015/12/20
  255. Be Like Shepherd King2015/12/17
  256. Your Arms Are Too Short To Box With God2015/12/14
  257. Two Reasons to Rejoice2015/12/13
  258. Bearers of Good News2015/11/30
  259. Be Creative2015/11/23
  260. Skip Feast of Christ the King?2015/11/22
  261. Accommodation Vs. Isolation2015/11/16
  262. Wisdom In Unity2015/11/12
  263. Zeal For Your House2015/11/09
  264. Look At It Jesus' Way2015/10/26
  265. Bartimaeus at the Synod?2015/10/25
  266. Doesn't Apply To Us?2015/10/21
  267. Today I Will Begin2015/08/13
  268. Treat Them As You Would A Gentile2015/08/12
  269. The Blue Ticket2015/08/09
  270. The Remedy2015/07/30
  271. Are You Aaron or Moses?2015/07/27
  272. Go Out of Camp to Meet God2015/07/23
  273. Love and Nourishment2015/07/22
  274. Scaffolding Homily2015/07/16
  275. 1 Foot Up, 1 Foot Down2015/06/29
  276. "I Will Make Of You A Great Nation"2015/06/22
  277. God Is Not Finished Yet2015/06/14
  278. Be Open To Other Answers2015/06/04
  279. Father Dave's 15th Anniversary of Ordination: Humility2015/05/27
  280. Eulogy Virtues2015/05/25
  281. 3 Things About the Holy Spirit2015/05/24
  282. Are We With Jesus?2015/05/21
  283. Paul, Led By The Spirit2015/05/19
  284. Concentric Circles Strategy2015/05/14
  285. Lydia's Hospitality2015/05/11
  286. Why He Commands Us2015/05/07
  287. We Bring About Healing2015/05/04
  288. Stay Connected To Bear Fruit2015/05/03
  289. Blessed Are You If You Do It2015/04/30
  290. Major Turning Point2015/04/27
  291. Proclaiming Jesus2015/04/23
  292. Can I Get A Witness?2015/04/19
  293. Boldness2015/04/13
  294. Times of Refreshment2015/04/09
  295. Just Show Up (Easter/Rome)2015/04/05
  296. For Grandparents2015/03/11
  297. Things Forgiveness is Not2015/03/10
  298. Not How I Would Do It2015/03/10
  299. Hydrate with the Lord2015/03/08
  300. Heap It Out2015/03/02
  301. You Did Receive2015/02/26
  302. Because I Said So2015/02/23
  303. Today We Choose2015/02/19
  304. A Far Greater Sacrifice2015/02/18
  305. "Am I My Brother's Keeper?"2015/02/16
  306. More Than An Informercial2015/02/15
  307. Jesus Says Difficult Things2015/02/12
  308. The Spirit of the Rules2015/02/10
  309. Terrible AND Approachable?2015/02/05
  310. This Little Light Of Mine2015/02/02
  311. Good Questions From The Demon2015/02/01
  312. Martin Luther King Jr. Like High Priest2015/01/19
  313. Be Open And Encourage One Another2015/01/15
  314. Why Did They Follow Him?2015/01/12
  315. Je Suis Catholic2015/01/12
  316. It's So Simple2015/01/08
  317. Just Love2015/01/07
  318. Enticed by the World2014/12/30
  319. Inside and Outside the Church2014/12/29
  320. Inscribe Your Life With JMJ2014/12/28
  321. Looking Forward to Driving2014/12/18
  322. You Are Full Of Grace2014/12/08
  323. Advent Time Travel2014/12/01
  324. Don't Doze Off For Advent2014/11/30
  325. Follow the Lamb Wherever He Goes2014/11/24
  326. Serving To Make Peace2014/11/20
  327. Believing is Seeing2014/11/17
  328. We Long To See God's Face2014/11/10
  329. You Are the Flowing Water2014/11/09
  330. The Basics2014/10/27
  331. Things That Matter To God2014/10/20
  332. "God Is Not Scared of New Things"2014/10/19
  333. The Key Word Is Wisdom2014/10/16
  334. To Be Both Teaching And Welcoming2014/10/14
  335. Don't Go Back and Forth2014/10/09
  336. Lambs Among The Wolves2014/10/02
  337. God's Back-Up Plan2014/09/28
  338. Choose the Psalmist Way2014/09/25
  339. Do It Now!2014/09/21
  340. Sins Make Us Better Christians2014/09/18
  341. Be Proud Of The Cross2014/09/14
  342. Love Your Enemies...Even on 9/112014/09/11
  343. What Defines You?2014/09/09
  344. It All Belongs To God2014/09/04
  345. If Only We'd Known2014/08/28
  346. You Get The Keys, Too2014/08/24
  347. I Will Prove My Holiness Through You2014/08/21
  348. I Will Give You What Is Just2014/08/20
  349. While Others Are Looking On...2014/08/14
  350. The Good News...Flip-Flopped2014/07/31
  351. Good For Us, Good For Them2014/07/24
  352. God Only Needs Three Things2014/07/21
  353. Yoked To Jesus2014/07/17
  354. The Bar is Higher For Us2014/07/14
  355. Two Excuses, Two Popes2014/07/13
  356. Judge Not2014/06/23
  357. If/Then - Corpus Christi 20142014/06/22
  358. Who Needs Forgiveness?2014/06/19
  359. Not The Bare Minimum2014/06/12
  360. Barnabas the Second Fiddle?2014/06/11
  361. Re-Insurance Salt2014/06/10
  362. A Pentecost Invitation2014/06/08
  363. That They May Be One...in 2025?2014/06/05
  364. We Are Not Alone2014/06/02
  365. The Limbo After The Ascension2014/06/01
  366. 3 Things We Don't Wanna Do2014/05/29
  367. Open Your Heart To Pay Attention2014/05/26
  368. Smiles Everyone!2014/05/22
  369. Jesus Reveals Himself2014/05/19
  370. "Show us the Father. That will be enough."2014/05/18
  371. Accompany Without Discriminating2014/05/12
  372. Two Simple Holy Week Tasks2014/04/14
  373. Justice and Peace Kiss2014/04/07
  374. Houston Mission - Wednesday Homily2014/04/03
  375. Houston Mission - Tuesday Homily2014/04/02
  376. Houston Mission Monday2014/04/01
  377. Can't Believe Their Eyes2014/03/31
  378. The Devil Didn't Make You Do It2014/03/06
  379. God Has Your Back2014/03/02
  380. We Are Blessed2014/02/27
  381. Screaming for the Beatles2014/02/10
  382. The Courage To Speak God's Word2014/01/30
  383. Feast of Ongoing Conversion2014/01/26
  384. Competition Versus Jealousy2014/01/23
  385. Sacraments Are Not A Crutch2014/01/20
  386. Servant or Publicist2014/01/19
  387. How Could I Not?2014/01/17
  388. Ordinary Time Reset2014/01/13
  389. Share In Our Humanity2014/01/12
  390. Time To Go With The Spirit2014/01/09
  391. Jesus' Cousin Arrested!2014/01/06
  392. Let's Be Radiant2014/01/05
  393. Make Your Family Holy By Forgiving2013/12/29
  394. The Christmas Airport Welcome2013/12/25
  395. Advent Like A Surprise Party2013/12/18
  396. Ya Just Gotta Say It2013/12/16
  397. Why We Are Joyful2013/12/15
  398. Dwelling As Inculturating2013/12/12
  399. Immaculate Conception 20132013/12/09
  400. Anti-Apartness2013/12/08
  401. Not Picking Sides2013/12/05
  402. God Gives Life; We Do His Commands2013/11/18
  403. If You Don't Work, You Don't Eat2013/11/17
  404. Right In Front Of Your Face2013/11/14
  405. Heart, Word, and Deed2013/11/10
  406. Seek and Save the Lost2013/11/07
  407. The Little Boy and The Pope2013/11/03
  408. Ragtag Bunch of Apostles2013/10/28
  409. St. Paul's Polemics2013/10/24
  410. Not God's Job Description2013/10/21
  411. Three Tools for Christian Living2013/10/20
  412. Auto-Renewal2013/10/03
  413. Envy vs. Jealousy2013/09/30
  414. Pursuing Holiness2013/09/29
  415. Do We Believe In Our Own Light?2013/09/23
  416. Pope Francis Interview Explained by Father Dave2013/09/22
  417. Love God More2013/09/19
  418. God Insists2013/08/28
  419. Work, Labor, Endure2013/08/26
  420. Mary's Assumption2013/08/15
  421. Let's Get The One Percent2013/08/13
  422. "The Glory of the Lord Filled the Dwelling"2013/08/01
  423. "I Am"2013/07/18
  424. Case of the Mondays?2013/07/15
  425. Who Is My Neighbor?2013/07/14
  426. Telling God What He Wants To Hear2013/06/27
  427. Two Lessons from John the Baptist2013/06/24
  428. Carry Your Cross and Die To Self2013/06/23
  429. This Is How You Are To Pray2013/06/20
  430. "Encouragement"2013/06/10
  431. Jesus Approaches Us2013/06/09
  432. Two Prayer Tips2013/06/06
  433. Are You a Martyr or a Tenant?2013/06/03
  434. Three Parts of God2013/05/26
  435. Read the Bible in Context2013/05/23
  436. If I Can2013/05/20
  437. On Trial For Hope2013/05/16
  438. Ascension Thursday - Take The Light2013/05/09
  439. We Testify With The Spirit2013/05/06
  440. Exceeding Our Expectations2013/05/05
  441. We Need A Reminder2013/04/29
  442. "You Can't Outsource Your Faith"2013/04/28
  443. God Made It Holy2013/04/22
  444. Odor of the Sheep2013/04/21
  445. Carry the Baton2013/04/15
  446. Day Laborers for the Lord2013/04/08
  447. How Real Is Jesus To You?2013/04/04
  448. The Lord Made All The Days2013/03/31
  449. You Are Not Alone, So Evangelize2013/03/01
  450. Flashlight Batteries2013/02/28
  451. Celebrity Worship Versus Listening To Jesus2013/02/24
  452. Holding Fast to God2013/02/14
  453. We're Glad You're Back2013/02/13
  454. Here I Am, Send Me2013/02/10
  455. Monday Mission Mass from Orange Park, Florida2013/02/04
  456. How We Spend Our Days2013/01/24
  457. Wedding Story or Life Lesson?2013/01/20
  458. Unrequited Love2013/01/10
  459. Pondering and Blessing2012/12/31
  460. Our Holy Families2012/12/30
  461. St. Stephen as Witness2012/12/26
  462. Cancel Christmas?2012/12/25
  463. How Does This Happen?2012/12/21
  464. Rejoice at the Sign2012/12/19
  465. You're Not a Worm2012/12/13
  466. It Gets Better...2012/12/09
  467. Spiritual House2012/12/06
  468. Not What'd You Expect (Christ the King)2012/11/25
  469. Honor Thy Throne2012/11/21
  470. Not Far From the Kingdom of God2012/11/03
  471. All Souls Day 20122012/11/02
  472. Who Are the Saints?2012/11/01
  473. The Inner Life2012/10/25
  474. Check Your Bags2012/10/14
  475. Spirit From Outside the Tent2012/09/30
  476. Jesus is Not a Celebrity2012/09/27
  477. Who Is The Lord?2012/09/26
  478. The Man in the Mirror2012/09/23
  479. Inadequate Apostles?2012/09/20
  480. Clashing Cymbals2012/09/19
  481. Are You Afraid of Success?2012/09/06
  482. The Cross of Christ2012/08/31
  483. Speak Well of One Another2012/08/30
  484. Making Choices2012/08/26
  485. Come and See...2012/08/24
  486. Prove My Holiness Through You2012/08/23
  487. God Keeps the Covenant2012/08/17
  488. Heaven and Earth Are Filled With Your Glory2012/08/13
  489. Jesus Had Brothers and Sisters?2012/08/03
  490. The Potter and the Fish2012/08/02
  491. Really Listen...2012/07/26
  492. We Carry the Dying of Jesus in Our Bodies2012/07/25
  493. Thank You, Micah2012/07/23
  494. Thrown By A Curve2012/07/22
  495. Right Relationships2012/07/16
  496. Don't Need To Overpack2012/07/15
  497. We're Not Finished Yet2012/07/13
  498. Not Recognized By Your Parent2012/07/12
  499. Custody of the Eyes2012/06/22
  500. Jesus Underscores His Prayers2012/06/21
  501. When Does Mass Start?2012/06/14
  502. Blood - The Gift of Life2012/06/10
  503. "All Scripture Is Inspired By God"2012/06/08
  504. How Far Is Heaven?2012/06/07
  505. Add Virtue to Your Faith2012/06/02
  506. Have Balance In What You Say2012/06/01
  507. Anticipate One Another2012/05/30
  508. Cell Phone, Classic Rock, Pentecost2012/05/27
  509. Commencement, Not Graduation2012/05/17
  510. This is Not Extra Credit2012/05/11
  511. Philip and the Trinity2012/05/03
  512. Say the Name of Jesus Christ2012/04/29
  513. The Word of God Pulls Us In2012/04/26
  514. Hitting the Bullseye2012/04/22
  515. We Are Signs2012/04/20
  516. No Mr. President2012/04/19
  517. Thomas Missed Sunday Mass2012/04/15
  518. It Really Happened2012/04/13
  519. Recognizing Jesus in the Breaking of the Bread2012/04/11
  520. Mary Called By Name2012/04/10
  521. Fearful Yet Overjoyed2012/04/09
  522. Powerball Easter2012/04/08
  523. Be Alert!2012/04/01
  524. Stiff-Necked People2012/03/15
  525. Two Reasons Lent is Good2012/03/15
  526. Four Things Forgiveness is NOT2012/02/29
  527. Yes...With the Help of God2012/02/27
  528. Reboot for Lent2012/02/26
  529. Let's Dig In!2012/02/24
  530. Life Gets In The Way2012/02/23
  531. If It Be Your Will2012/02/13
  532. What Are You Open To? What Are You Closed To?2012/02/10
  533. Healed to Serve2012/02/04
  534. Simeon Can Die Now2012/02/02
  535. The Authority of the Boss2012/01/29
  536. Fan Into Flame2012/01/26
  537. The Immediacy of Our Faith2012/01/22
  538. Apostles - To Be With Him and Sent Ahead2012/01/20
  539. Interceding for a Friend2012/01/19
  540. Caller ID Discernment2012/01/15
  541. Epiphany Homily: Steve Jobs2012/01/08
  542. Magnificat, Please Get Out of the Way2011/12/22
  543. From Abandonment to Love2011/12/15
  544. Box Car Derby2011/12/11
  545. The Voice2011/12/04
  546. Advent Stakeout2011/11/27
  547. God Visits Us2011/11/17
  548. Appropriate Fear of God2011/11/12
  549. Joy in Heaven Over Our Repentance2011/11/03
  550. All Saints Day2011/11/01
  551. Does Your Faith Feel Like a Warm-n-Fuzzy or a Burden? Maybe Both?2011/10/30
  552. Simon and Jude: Disciples and Apostles2011/10/28
  553. Even I Can't Separate Myself from God's Love2011/10/27
  554. The Holy Spirit Intercedes For Us2011/10/26
  555. Jesus Vision Statement2011/10/23
  556. St. Isaac Jogues - To Whom Much Is Entrusted, Much Is Expected...2011/10/19
  557. Whose Inscription Is On You?2011/10/16
  558. No Such Thing As a Secret2011/10/14
  559. None Of Us Are Exempt2011/10/07
  560. Jonah's Anger2011/10/05
  561. Feed The Good Dog2011/10/01
  562. Translators of the Faith2011/09/30
  563. Angels Keeping Us On Track2011/09/29
  564. Reverence and Work2011/09/26
  565. Spirit In Our Midst2011/09/23
  566. He Kept Trying to See Him2011/09/22
  567. Share Your Resources2011/09/16
  568. Be An Example2011/09/15
  569. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Pope?2011/08/21
  570. The "Thelma and Louise" of the Old Testament2011/08/19
  571. Victory is God's2011/08/12
  572. The Debt is Zero2011/08/11
  573. Only Speak of God or To God?2011/08/08
  574. Quiet Cell Phone Talking...2011/08/07
  575. Beautiful Dwelling Place2011/07/28
  576. Receive Me As Your Own2011/07/26
  577. St. James and Earthen Vessels2011/07/25
  578. Our Faith is a Blessing2011/07/21
  579. Brothers and Sisters in Christ2011/07/19
  580. Snape from Harry Potter - Good or Bad?2011/07/17
  581. The Salvation of The Just2011/07/08
  582. Kingdom of God in the Summer2011/07/07
  583. Our Faith Saves Others2011/06/30
  584. Corpus Christi2011/06/26
  585. Notch It Up2011/06/23
  586. Roots For the Fruit2011/06/22
  587. Trinity-Loving Relationships2011/06/19
  588. "Where Your Treasure Is..."2011/06/17
  589. "Put Up with a Little Foolishness from Me..."2011/06/16
  590. Do We Care?2011/06/14
  591. Saint Anthony and The Holy Spirit2011/06/13
  592. Mr. Potato Head2011/06/12
  593. "I Wish You Were Where I Am"2011/06/09
  594. More Blessed to Give2011/06/08
  595. Help Connect the Seekers2011/06/01
  596. Why Do You Have Hope?2011/05/29
  597. Built of Living Stones2011/05/22
  598. Boldly Spread the Kingdom of God2011/05/15
  599. Go Out to All the World2011/05/13
  600. Urgent Faith2011/05/12
  601. What's It Gonna Take?2011/05/07
  602. This Is Of God2011/05/06
  603. Obey God Rather Than Man2011/05/05
  604. God So Loved Us...2011/05/04
  605. Breaking of the Bread2011/04/27
  606. Easter Emptiness2011/04/24
  607. God Does Hear Us2011/04/15
  608. God Speaks To Us When We're Humble2011/04/14
  609. Rely On Our Actions2011/04/06
  610. Don't Forget the Good Things2011/04/05
  611. Don't Make Excuses2011/04/04
  612. Only the Beginning2011/04/03
  613. Defection From the Lord2011/04/01
  614. If Today...2011/03/31
  615. Don't Lose Sight of What the Lord Has Done2011/03/30
  616. Conversation Starter2011/03/27
  617. Are You Hiding From God?2011/03/25
  618. Trust God During Lent2011/03/24
  619. It Cannot Be That Way With You2011/03/23
  620. Interview: Ian Brennan, writer/producer of TV show "Glee"2011/03/21
  621. Guide Our Penance2011/03/11
  622. Deny Yourself for Lent2011/03/10
  623. Today Is For You2011/03/09
  624. Don't Try To Hide It2011/03/07
  625. Doesn't Work That Way2011/03/06
  626. Extolling God and Saints2011/03/04
  627. Your Way or The Way2011/03/03
  628. We Have to Do the Hard Part2011/03/02
  629. Who Are We Forgetting?2011/02/27
  630. Committed Relationships2011/02/25
  631. The Near Occasion of Sin2011/02/24
  632. Babbling with Pride2011/02/18
  633. Think Like God Does2011/02/17
  634. Healing Over Time2011/02/16
  635. With the Help of the Lord2011/02/14
  636. Raise the Bar2011/02/13
  637. Why Does Fat Taste So Good?2011/02/11
  638. The Crowd vs. The Cloud2011/02/01
  639. Freedom From Chains2011/01/31
  640. Radical Beatitudes2011/01/30
  641. Plant Some Seeds2011/01/28
  642. Darkness to Light2011/01/23
  643. Two Qualities of Apostles2011/01/21
  644. Mark's Messianic Secret2011/01/20
  645. Minds Made Up2011/01/19
  646. Behold the Lamb of God2011/01/16
  647. Hodie - Don't Procrastinate!2011/01/13
  648. Building Blocks Of Our Faith2011/01/12
  649. Jesus Gets in the Water With Us2011/01/09
  650. The Leper Teaches Us How to Pray2011/01/07
  651. Not Really Loving God2011/01/06
  652. We Are The Light2011/01/02
  653. Be Resolved To Be Like Mary2010/12/31
  654. Holy Innocents2010/12/28
  655. Look for Evidence of God2010/12/27
  656. Families Are Holy2010/12/26
  657. Christmas Day - Undercover Boss2010/12/25
  658. Raise Us To the Joy of Your Kingdom2010/12/24
  659. John is Elijah2010/12/23
  660. Our Spiritual Mothers2010/12/22
  661. Credibility of Our Faith2010/12/17
  662. Advent Pregnancy2010/12/16
  663. I Am the Lord, There Is No Other2010/12/15
  664. You Can't Win2010/12/10
  665. Raise Up What's Lowly2010/12/09
  666. Love Without Sin - The Immaculate Conception2010/12/08
  667. We Have Seen Incredible Things Today2010/12/06
  668. What Voices Do You Listen To? 2010/12/05
  669. Do You Really Want To See?2010/12/03
  670. Act On Our Faith2010/12/02
  671. Visualize That Day2010/12/01
  672. Let Us Go to the House of the Lord2010/11/29
  673. While We Are Waiting2010/11/29
  674. Moments of Light2010/11/28
  675. Don't Be Lukewarm2010/11/16
  676. Live Like You're Dying2010/11/14
  677. Paul's Practical Advice2010/11/10
  678. Marathoners On Eternal Life2010/11/07
  679. Conceited or Coach?2010/11/05
  680. Zacchaeus' Faith Recipe2010/10/31
  681. Love Trumps All2010/10/29
  682. Husbands' Radical Love2010/10/26
  683. Don't Be Idolaters2010/10/25
  684. So You Think You Can Pray?2010/10/24
  685. One Family Under God2010/10/21
  686. Least of All Believers2010/10/20
  687. Doorman for Jesus2010/10/19
  688. Your Support Team2010/10/17
  689. Should We Be Afraid...Or Not?2010/10/15
  690. The Lord Has Made Salvation Known2010/10/14
  691. Say Thank You2010/10/10
  692. A House Divided2010/10/08
  693. Stupid Galatians2010/10/07
  694. Your Faith Number2010/10/03
  695. Pray for Laborers2010/09/30
  696. Know Their Name2010/09/27
  697. The Timelessness of God2010/09/24
  698. The Wounded Healer2010/09/22
  699. Choose Jesus2010/09/19
  700. Accompanying Jesus2010/09/17
  701. Sorrow to Love2010/09/15
  702. Burning Korans?2010/09/09
  703. Hate Your Father?2010/09/08
  704. Trust God and Do Good2010/09/08
  705. What Happens After Mass2010/09/08
  706. Those Looking On2010/09/08
  707. Mary's Birthday2010/09/08
  708. Lawrence Was A Cheerful Giver2010/08/10
  709. Robert Duvall2010/08/10
  710. Firefighters Are Always Ready2010/08/08
  711. Deposit of Faith2010/08/06
  712. Stuff2010/08/01
  713. Gratia Cooperans2010/07/30
  714. Let God Mold You2010/07/29
  715. Jerusalem Shepherd2010/07/23
  716. Be A Good Patient2010/07/23
  717. God's Judgments Are True and Just2010/07/23
  718. "Mercy, Not Sacrifice"2010/07/16
  719. What You Can't Accomplish2010/07/15
  720. When Faith Is Not Firm2010/07/13
  721. The More God Calls2010/07/08
  722. Hide and Seek2010/07/07
  723. Burn Your Ships2010/06/27
  724. Burn Your Ships2010/06/27
  725. Who Do You Say That I Am?2010/06/20
  726. Don't Babble2010/06/17
  727. Don't Trumpet Your Prayer 2010/06/16
  728. Confession in the Bible?2010/06/13
  729. Why You Do What You Do2010/06/10
  730. Remain Faithful2010/06/04
  731. Dying with Christ2010/06/03
  732. Uh-oh - "Be Serious"2010/05/28
  733. Like It's Your First Time2010/05/27
  734. Annie, Annie, Are You Okay?2010/05/23
  735. East from West2010/05/21
  736. Hitting the Wall2010/05/20
  737. Jesus Prays For Unity2010/05/16
  738. Sorry, Control Freaks2010/05/14
  739. Why Did He Have To Leave2010/05/13
  740. Teach and Remind You2010/05/09
  741. Decision Of The Holy Spirit2010/05/07
  742. Remain In My Love2010/05/06
  743. Commandment to Love2010/05/02
  744. Aquinas and Goldilocks2010/04/29
  745. Can You Recognize The Shepherd?2010/04/25
  746. Ananias Resists Helping Saul2010/04/23
  747. The Eunuch's Desire For God2010/04/22
  748. Recognize Jesus in Actions2010/04/17
  749. There's No Stopping It2010/04/16
  750. Young Church Together2010/04/15
  751. Quasi-Modo Doubter2010/04/11
  752. Action Without Speech2010/04/09
  753. It's Easter - Get To Work2010/04/08
  754. iPad Easter Sunday2010/04/04
  755. iPad Easter Vigil2010/04/03
  756. Lazarus as Witness2010/03/29
  757. Palm Sunday, 20102010/03/28
  758. Another Look at the Prodigal Son2010/03/14
  759. Obedience and Unity2010/03/11
  760. Into Your Hands Lord I Commend My Spirit2010/03/03
  761. I Desire To Make Your Sins White As Snow2010/03/02
  762. Inhale/Exhale2010/03/01
  763. Peter's Three Mistakes2010/02/28
  764. Difference Between Us and Jesus2010/02/21
  765. So, We're NOT Supposed to Fast for Lent?2010/02/19
  766. Choose Lent2010/02/18
  767. Giving Up For Lent2010/02/13
  768. Why Do We Have Sacraments?2010/02/12
  769. Let Jesus In Your Boat2010/02/07
  770. You Are A Spiritual Hero2010/02/05
  771. Passing It On2010/02/04
  772. Agape Love2010/01/31
  773. Our Sin Is Always Before Us2010/01/29
  774. Buttering Up God2010/01/28
  775. Roots of the Mass2010/01/24
  776. Mercy For Our Enemies2010/01/22
  777. Interceding For Our Friends2010/01/21
  778. Jesus Provides2010/01/17
  779. Confirmation of the Lord2010/01/10
  780. "If You Wish, You Can Heal Me"2010/01/08
  781. A Year Acceptable to The Lord2010/01/07
  782. Draw Us Beyond Limits World Imposes2010/01/03
  783. New and Not New2009/12/29
  784. Mistaken for Jesus2009/12/28
  785. Zephaniah's Hope2009/12/16
  786. Rejoice Always2009/12/13
  787. No Excuses2009/12/11
  788. Why Do We Need John the Baptist?2009/12/05
  789. Reverse Psychology2009/12/04
  790. Like a Rock2009/12/03
  791. Advent Like the TV Show 'Monk'2009/11/29
  792. God Forbid2009/11/19
  793. Hope in a Dark Time2009/11/15
  794. Gifts of Wisdom2009/11/12
  795. Give It Your All2009/11/08
  796. Passion For New Evangelization2009/11/06
  797. Repent2009/11/05
  798. Come to Jesus Meeting2009/10/25
  799. Sunglasses On Your Head2009/10/23
  800. Wages of Sin2009/10/22
  801. Do Me A Favor2009/10/18
  802. Yeast in the Dough2009/10/16
  803. Faith Works2009/10/15
  804. A House Divided2009/10/09
  805. Not a Scorpion, Not an Egg2009/10/08
  806. Disregard the Voice of God2009/10/02
  807. What Mass Is All About2009/10/01
  808. Copyright Infringement2009/09/27
  809. Hope Is At The Bottom2009/09/25
  810. Measuring Offices2009/09/20
  811. Our Lady of Sorrows2009/09/15
  812. Exaltation of the Cross2009/09/14
  813. The Hard Way2009/09/13
  814. Looking Inside Ourselves2009/09/11
  815. One Step At A Time2009/09/10
  816. Show No Partiality2009/09/06
  817. Preeminent Jesus2009/09/04
  818. Jesus Knows Best2009/09/03
  819. Why Live the Rules2009/08/30
  820. In It For The Long Haul2009/08/28
  821. Choices2009/08/23
  822. The Complainers2009/08/09
  823. Enjoying a Scrapbook2009/08/07
  824. Praising God Repeatedly2009/07/23
  825. Ministry of Presence2009/07/15
  826. Offer Your Gifts Back To God2009/07/02
  827. Tell the People2009/07/01
  828. Words Match Actions2009/06/25
  829. Trust In Jesus2009/06/21
  830. Year for the Priest2009/06/19
  831. You Are What You Eat2009/06/14
  832. Thanks Be To God2009/06/05
  833. Love God, Love Neighbor2009/06/04
  834. Passion Tempered with Charity2009/05/29
  835. I Wish They Were With Me2009/05/28
  836. Tending the Flock2009/05/27
  837. Catholic Passport2009/05/24
  838. Don't Let Anyone Take Your Joy Away2009/05/22
  839. "Why Do You Look to the Sky?"2009/05/21
  840. "Let Your Love in Us Endure"2009/05/17
  841. Let's Make It Easier For People2009/05/15
  842. There's An App For That2009/05/10
  843. "Sing of the Lord's Goodness"2009/05/07
  844. "I Know Mine, And Mine Know Me"2009/05/03
  845. The Eucharist Changes Our Worldview2009/05/01
  846. Two Easter Sacraments2009/04/30
  847. Spirit Not Rationed2009/04/27
  848. Including Those Who Feel Left Out2009/04/19
  849. The Resurrection: It Really Happened2009/04/16
  850. The Eucharist is Not Fast Food2009/04/09
  851. Being My Servant Is Not Enough2009/04/07
  852. Hang In There For Lent2009/03/31
  853. Cast the First Stone2009/03/30
  854. Thinking About Dying2009/03/29
  855. We Know Where You Came From2009/03/27
  856. Get Up, Pick Up Your Mat2009/03/24
  857. God So Loved the World...So What?2009/03/22
  858. Self-Starter2009/03/17
  859. Getting Our Attention2009/03/15
  860. To What Lengths Would You Go?2009/02/22
  861. All Things to All People2009/02/08
  862. Speaking with Authority2009/02/01
  863. Don't Keep It To Yourself2009/01/29
  864. Three Lessons from a Leper2009/01/09
  865. Three Lessons of the Magi2009/01/04
  866. Recognizing the Facebook of Jesus2009/01/02
  867. Family of God2008/12/28
  868. Christmas Hope2008/12/24
  869. Prepare to be Surprised2008/12/07
  870. Believing is Seeing2008/12/05
  871. Watch2008/11/30
  872. Christ the Commander in Chief and Shepherd2008/11/23
  873. Revelation as Modern Art2008/11/20
  874. God is Love2008/11/14
  875. Thank God for Free Will2008/11/13
  876. Feast of the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica in Rome2008/11/09
  877. St. Paul Gets Teary2008/11/07
  878. All Souls' Day2008/11/02
  879. Two Greatest Commandments2008/10/26
  880. I Shall Not Want2008/10/12
  881. Bible Contradictions Explained2008/10/09
  882. The Stone the Builders Rejected2008/10/05
  883. Lambs to the Wolves2008/10/02
  884. What Have You Done For Me Lately?2008/09/28
  885. The Timeless in Our Hearts2008/09/26
  886. No Prayer Too Small2008/09/25
  887. God Is Generous2008/09/21
  888. Be Content in God's Presence2008/09/19
  889. Need a Reminder?2008/09/18
  890. Exaltation of the Cross2008/09/14
  891. Run to Win2008/09/12
  892. Love Your Enemies2008/09/11
  893. Trust, Do, Delight2008/09/05
  894. Olympic Bodies and Souls2008/08/15
  895. While They're Looking On2008/08/14
  896. Mighty Deeds2008/08/14
  897. Molded by God2008/08/13
  898. What Solomon Valued2008/08/11
  899. Don't Look Down2008/08/10
  900. Living Water2008/08/08
  901. We Are God's Miracle Workers2008/08/03
  902. "I Will Give You Rest"2008/07/18
  903. Doubting Thomas2008/07/11
  904. No Back-Up Plan2008/07/07
  905. All Scripture2008/06/27
  906. Seeing Through Jesus' Eyes2008/06/18
  907. Stop Making Excuses2008/06/12
  908. Suffering for Others2008/06/06
  909. As Far As East From West2008/05/30
  910. Good News2008/05/28
  911. Don't Write People Off2008/05/16
  912. Pentecost Sunday Homily2008/05/15
  913. Ascension Thursday Homily2008/05/06
  914. Holy Spirit Hope2008/05/02
  915. The Way2008/05/01
  916. "He Does Not Ration His Gift of the Spirit"2008/04/10
  917. I Am Present2008/04/03
  918. Easter Sunday Homily2008/04/01
  919. Divine Mercy Sunday2008/03/30
  920. Holy Thursday Homily2008/03/27
  921. Remember the Lord2008/03/25
  922. The Weakest Link2008/03/20
  923. We're Not Done Yet2008/03/17
  924. Find Something to Turn Away from2008/03/14
  925. Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help2008/03/07
  926. How Do We Deal With Temptation?2008/03/06
  927. Lent for Others2008/02/27
  928. Choose Your Cross2008/02/25
  929. Even Now: Ash Wednesday Homily2008/02/18
  930. The Beatitudes2008/02/14
  931. Things Are Not Always What They Seem2008/01/16
  932. Where Are You Barren?2008/01/14
  933. What Are Your God Moments?2007/12/25
  934. Joseph's Dilemma2007/12/24
  935. May the Lord Be With You2007/12/20
  936. What's the Big Deal About John the Baptist?2007/12/13
  937. Advent is a Season of Hope2007/12/12
  938. Find Time for God in this Busy Season2007/12/09
  939. Feast of Saint Nicholas2007/12/07
  940. Thanks For Coming2007/12/05
  941. Models of Prayer2007/12/03
  942. Who's the Boss?2007/12/01
  943. Can't We Just Skip This Part?2007/11/26
  944. The Juxtaposition of God2007/11/24
  945. Two Misconceptions Debunked2007/11/21
  946. Are You A Friend of the Lord?2007/11/19
  947. All Souls' Day2007/11/19
  948. Free Tickets to the Big Game!2007/11/07
  949. Everyone is Invited2007/11/06
  950. The Queenship of Mary2007/11/05
  951. Our Journey to Become Saints2007/11/01
  952. All Saints' Employee of the Month2007/11/01
  953. What Have You Let God Do To You This Week?2007/10/28
  954. Why Did I Do That?2007/10/26
  955. Who Are Your Aaron and Hur?2007/10/21
  956. The Difference Bewteen Us & God - Pt. 12007/10/20
  957. A House Divided2007/10/12
  958. What's In It For Me?2007/10/11
  959. Poking the Fire2007/10/07
  960. We Are the Mystical Body2007/10/05
  961. Mind the Gap!2007/09/30
  962. Spiritual Procrastination2007/09/27
  963. Did Jesus Say Cheating Is Okay?2007/09/23
  964. Follow the Leader2007/09/21
  965. Seeking the Lost Things2007/09/16
  966. The Triumph of John 3:162007/09/14
  967. Faith Is A Verb2007/09/13
  968. Make God a Top Priority2007/09/09
  969. Catholics Are Party People2007/09/07
  970. Take a Risk2007/09/06
  971. Stuck in the Mud? Run the Race!2007/08/20
  972. Death: The Last Enemy to Be Destroyed2007/08/16
  973. The Faith Walk2007/08/13
  974. We Are God's Dwelling Place2007/08/03
  975. A.M.D.G. - Glory to God!2007/07/31
  976. Two Tips for Your Prayer Life2007/07/29
  977. We Must Decrease2007/06/24
  978. Being Forgiven Lets You Love More2007/06/17
  979. Eat the Bread, Share the Loaves2007/06/10
  980. Matrix - Trinity2007/06/03
  981. "The Matrix" on The Trinity2007/06/03
  982. Need A Shot of Hope?2007/05/06
  983. Sheep Need to Be Led2007/04/29
  984. Mediate the Faith2007/04/26
  985. Rachel's Easter Challenge2007/04/22
  986. Bottomless Cup of Holy Spirit2007/04/19
  987. Jesus Goes To Work With Us2007/04/13
  988. It Really Is Jesus2007/04/12
  989. Tragedy or Miracle? (Happy Easter!)2007/04/09
  990. Holy Thursday - 2 Things To Do2007/04/06
  991. He's In the Fire With Us2007/03/27
  992. Blinded By Our Wickedness2007/03/23
  993. Is The Word Banished From Our Speech?2007/03/15
  994. So That Others Notice2007/03/14
  995. Miracle Grow or Manure?2007/03/12
  996. Who Am I To Judge?2007/03/09
  997. Lent Is Dangerous2007/02/25
  998. Chair of Authority2007/02/22
  999. Real Forgiveness Is Hard2007/02/18
  1000. Epiphany: A Global Press Release for God2007/01/07
  1001. Invite Others to Religious Vocations2007/01/04
  1002. With My Hand I Grasp You2006/12/14
  1003. Advent: Just Killing Time 'Til Christmas?2006/12/03
  1004. Christ, The King of Your Heart2006/11/27
  1005. Do The Opposite2006/10/21
  1006. The Freedom to Give2006/10/17
  1007. Follow the Rules and Trust Jesus2006/10/15
  1008. Befriending Jesus2006/10/12
  1009. It Is Not Good For Man to Be Alone2006/10/08
  1010. Backing A Winner2006/09/16
  1011. Lead Us In Your Justice, Lord2006/09/11
  1012. A Barrier Bewteen Us and God2006/08/10
Father Dave Preaches
Homilies preached by Father Dave Dwyer, CSP. Father Dave is a Catholic priest, member of the Paulist Fathers, and Executive Director of Busted Halo Ministries. He is also host of the popular show, “The Busted Halo Show with Father Dave Dwyer” on The Catholic Channel, SiriusXM, channel 129. He most often preaches at the Church of St. Paul the Apostle in New York City.

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