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Working Conference on Islamic Education

  1. Legalised Deviation of Tassawuf Imposed Inside Muslim Tariqahs2009/10/28

    Delivered at the 12th International Fiqh Conference held in Cape Town South Africa in October 2009.

    Shaykh Abdalhaqq Bewley spells out the realities of real tassawuf loud and clear
  2. Introduction to the 11th International Fiqh Conference2008/10/18
    Shaykh Dr. Abdalqadir As-Sufi introduces the 11th International Fiqh Conference in Cape Town, South Africa and clearly outlines where our priorities lie as Muslims
  3. Preparation for the Hajj2007/07/05
    In this moving talk Amir Amal Douglas highlights the necessary steps in preparing for not just a successful Hajj, but in preparing for all acts of ibada/worship, which he explains all comes down to "real" Islamic Education which he goes on to explain.
  4. The Young Man2007/04/05
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  5. The Educated Man2007/03/24
    In this truly amazing discourse Hajj Dr Yate outlines the attributes and makeup of the truly educated human being, by looking at what is real education and what it is not. Dr Yate draws from many classical islamic texts as well as contemporary scholars and also looks at the best of what western education has to offer.
  6. Applied Mathematics in Islam2007/03/23

    (Hajj) Dr Yasin Dutton looks at how mathematical principles can be used to examine and undersatnd the prohibition of riba (usury), and also other practical necessities for the use and application of mathematics in everyday Muslim lives whether it be commercial transactions, inheritance or Zakat.

    NB. This is delivered in English with a simultaneous Spanish translation
Working Conference on Islamic Education
Talks, presentations and workshop summaries from the International conference on Muslim education held in Norwich in the Uk in 2003 with delegates from across the world. Organised by the Norwich Academy, DMC Consultancy and Ihsan Education Network. Also features a number of other talks, lectures and prsentations on the subject of holistic education and upbringing

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