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The Dirtbag Diaries

  1. The Shorts -- Restless for Roots2019/05/10
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  2. The Land And Water Conservation Fund2019/04/26
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  3. Solo She Rides2019/04/12
    In this week’s double-feature episode, Amie Begg and Jessica Kelley head out solo into the Himalayan and Alaskan wildernesses--on their bikes. Through the challenges they face--from negative 20 degree temperatures to near-collisions with moose--both women find new perspective on what it means to adventure alone.
  4. The Shorts-- My Cathedral2019/03/22
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  5. The Shorts-- The Van Fan2019/03/08
    Jeanie Adamson, a 50-something Mom, decided to switch things up last year for spring break. When she told her son, Luke, she wanted to ski at every resort between Dallas and Lake Tahoe, he offered up Sherrod, his newly-renovated 1990 Dodge Ram van for the job. The two of them threw in their skis, buckled up, and embarked on what would become a memorable mother-son trip.

  6. Living For The Lost2019/02/22
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  7. Walk To Connect2019/02/08
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  8. Novel Inspiration2019/01/25
    After falling in love with John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath , Charlie Turnbull and Leon Morton set out to recreate the 1,615-mile journey described in the novel – but on bikes. In July. With camera gear and a few buddies in tow, they followed historic Route 66 from Oklahoma to Southern California. And along the way, they found a place that really brought Steinbeck’s book home.
  9. The Year of Big Ideas 20192019/01/10
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  10. Mountain Hollow Dreams2018/12/28
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  11. The Shorts-- Saving Santa2018/12/14
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  12. Endangered Spaces--Cook Inlet2018/11/30
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  13. Hit Pause2018/11/16
    What if you could hit pause on life? This last summer, Fitz did, and biked the 670-mile-long Oregon Timber Trail. A groove and a rut look different when perched on the saddle day after day. 
  14. Tales of Terror Vol. 92018/10/26
    Our ninth annual Tales of Terror brings you three stories that will send shivers down your spine. From ghost-like figures walking silently through the snow, to shadows lurking in a backcountry hut and canyon, these stories will keep you peering over your shoulder. 
  15. Moto Gypsy2018/10/12
    For the past five years, Janelle Kaz has traveled on her motorcycle fighting against the worldwide problem of wildlife trafficking. Travel along, as she follows jungle roads in Colombia into the incredible indigenous culture of the Kogi. 
  16. Anti-Gravity2018/09/28
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  17. Hootin' & Hollerin'2018/09/14
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  18. Ethan and G-Pop2018/08/24
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  19. The Glacier Project2018/08/10
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  20. The Shorts--A Story of My Own2018/07/27
    For most of his adult life, Cam Fenton has fought against climate change--and particularly to protect the Arctic. “The funny thing was, for most of that time, I couldn’t tell you why,” says Cam. He traveled to the Arctic hoping for revelations about climate change and renewed purpose to fight the good fight. He did walk away with a revelation--just a very different one than he expected. 
  21. The Elephant in the Boat - Part II2018/07/13
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  22. The Shorts-- Better Than Good Enough2018/06/22
    After a breakup and a drinking habit sent John Gray in a downward spiral, he decided that he needed something radical to shake him out of his "life avoidance stupor." So, he signed up for a semester-long Outward Bound course that would take hime from the Appalachians to the Everglades to Costa Rica-- and change his outlook in a lasting way. 
  23. The Elephant in the Boat - Part I2018/06/08
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  24. Introducing Safety Third: Channel Risk Into Reward2018/06/05
    Today, we bring you the first episode of Duct Tape Then Beer's new show, "Safety Third." Big wall climber and former wingsuit flyer Chris McNamara believes risky outdoor pursuits are essential. But, what happens when something vital has the potential to kill you? You find different ways to take risks. 
  25. The Shorts--Spirit B2018/05/25
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  26. Flyathlon2018/05/11
    There are a lot of serious problems in this world, but the solutions don’t always have to be serious. Fly-fisherman and runner Andrew Todd channeled his concern for Colorado’s native trout and the watersheds that support them into the creation of a joyful, irreverent, event: The Flyathlon.
  27. The Shorts--The Amazement Meter2018/04/27
    Chronic depression and the deaths of a few friends launched Tyler Dunning on a mission to visit all of the National Parks. He constructed an identity around the project, started writing a book and making a short film about his journey. But part way through his project, he lost interest, and was again left with the question, ‘Now what’?
  28. Venture Out2018/04/14
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  29. The Shorts--Unlearning Adventure Sports2018/03/23
    Carmen Kuntz had just started to break into the world of competitive, freestyle whitewater kayaking when she sustained a mild traumatic brain injury. For the past four years, she has had to confront a new kind of challenge: learning to balance the risk of re-injuring her head and the risk of losing who she is. 
  30. Escape From Beacon Rock2018/03/10
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  31. The Shorts--Aloha Life2018/02/23
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  32. The Punk Rockers of Ski Mountaineering2018/02/09
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  33. Endangered Spaces--Prince of Wales2018/01/26
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  34. The Year of Big Ideas 20182018/01/12
    "I think the jack of all trades gets a bum rap. The jack is the master of none, but I think the jack probably has a lot of fun," says Fitz Cahall. We open our annual Year of Big Ideas with an ode to “mediocrity” from Fitz, then turn, as always, to our community for inspiration for the coming year.
  35. Growing Down2017/12/22
    Some people grow upward and outward; some people root down. For Fitz Cahall, what growth means has changed over time. 
  36. The Shorts--Zarsian Adventures2017/12/08
    Cordelia Zars shares stories of her family's unconventional adventures--like dragged a 90-lb keyboard 10-miles through the snow on a 9-degree Colorado evening--and she reflects on how those excursions shaped her and her siblings. 
  37. The Shorts--T-Day2017/11/23
    Katie Wallace learns to see family holidays as a privilege rather than an obligation. 
  38. Over the Line2017/11/08
    "It's like the Iditarod with a chance of drowning," says Jake Beatty, one of the organizers of the Race to Alaska. What's crazier than trying to race from WA to AK on a boat without a motor? Karl Kruger's decision to enter the race on a SUP.
  39. Tales of Terror Vol. 82017/10/27
    For our eighth annual Tales of Terror episode, we have five stories that span the range of things to fear--from angry men with shotguns, to bears and mountain lions, to things that really don't have any explanation in the world of science. 
  40. The Shorts--Yard Sale2017/10/12
    When Tyler Neese and four friends loaded up the truck for a spring break ski vacation in Colorado, the stoke was high. Until, just minutes from the slopes black ice and a distracted driver flipped their trip upside down. Sometimes, it's not about what happens to you, it's about how you react. 
  41. Endangered Spaces--Boundary Waters2017/09/22
    For our third Endangered Spaces episode, we travel to Northern Minnesota's Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness to follow Dave and Amy Freeman on "Paddle to D.C." and "A Year in the Wilderness," two adventures that had a real impact in advocating for the protection of the place they love most.
  42. The Shorts--Thirst2017/09/08
    "If you're thirsty, you're probably already dehydrated. That's what they say. Those perfect people who always have a clean, happily-colored, reusable adult sippy bottle on hand," says Anya Miller. "Most often, I only realize that I'm thirty when someone offers me a drink. My friend Jesse Bushey brought up climbing El Cap. I didn't even know I wanted to--until he suggested it."
  43. Winnebago Warriors2017/08/25
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  44. The Shorts--Double Vision2017/08/11
    "I looked like some mountain man's girlfriend, and sometimes, that's all I felt like," remembers Andrea Ross. But after an accident on Mt. Humphreys forced Andrea to draw on her EMT training, she reached a turning point in her relationship and the way she imagined her life. 
  45. 0812017/07/28
    Roland Thompson used to rob banks. Now he climbs and snowboards. 
  46. Endangered Spaces--Katahdin Woods and Waters2017/07/07
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  47. The Shorts--Exit Strategy2017/06/23
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  48. Pedal Strokes and Perspective2017/06/09
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  49. Picaflor2017/05/26
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  50. The Shorts--Let Joy Rule Your Life2017/05/12
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  51. The Bet2017/04/28
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  52. The Shorts--Catching Hope2017/04/14
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  53. Endangered Spaces--Bears Ears2017/03/25
    Josh Ewing's metamorphosis from climber to climber-activist and the battle to protect Bears Ears.
  54. The Fear is Real2017/03/10
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  55. Leaving the Races Behind2017/02/24
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  56. The Shorts--The Chute2017/02/10
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  57. The Year of Big Ideas 20172017/01/27
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  58. The Shorts--Vanlife2017/01/13
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  59. To Infinity2016/12/23
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  60. The Shorts--The Skin Track2016/12/09
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  61. coMOMdo2016/11/26
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  62. What's Next?2016/11/11
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  63. Tales of Terror Vol. 72016/10/28
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  64. Mileposts--Greater than the Sum of its Parts2016/10/14
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  65. The Shorts--The Dirtbag Ministry Co-Op2016/09/30
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  66. Paul's Boots--An Update from the Trail2016/09/16
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  67. Mothers Have It Hardest - Kyle Dempster Tribute2016/09/09
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  68. No Way Around It2016/09/02
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  69. Mileposts--Calling Home2016/08/19
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  70. Start Saying Yes2016/08/05
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  71. Mileposts--The Grit to Make it Happen2016/07/22
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  72. The Suffer Vest2016/07/08
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  73. The Ultimate Weekend Warrior2016/06/24
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  74. Little Explorers Club2016/06/10
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  75. Live From 5Point Vol. 92016/05/26
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  76. Green Light2016/05/13
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  77. The Shorts--I Poo, A Love Story2016/04/29
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  78. Trespassers2016/04/15
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  79. Mileposts--The Miracle of Darkness2016/04/01
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  80. A Slosh in the Bucket2016/03/18
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  81. The Shorts--Tower Climbing, Baby!2016/03/04
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  82. Mileposts--Celebrate with a Milkshake2016/02/19
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  83. Roll The Dice2016/02/05
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  84. Paul's Boots2016/01/22
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  85. The Shorts--If The Shoe Fits2016/01/08
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  86. Everybody Loves LeeRoy2015/12/10
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  87. The Shorts--Powder and Hookah Smoke2015/11/20
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  88. Tales of Terror Vol. 62015/10/30
    Phantasmal footsteps, strange silhouettes, inexplicable movements and unaccountable sounds. In our sixth annual Tales of Terror, Bix Firer, Lorraine Campbell and Kealan Sojack share three stories of 'What the *&@! was that'? A dream? Or an indication that, perhaps, we are not as alone in the woods as we like to think. Happy Halloween. 

  89. The Shorts--Commit Fully2015/10/16
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  90. The Shorts--Squalls2015/09/24
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  91. Beyond the Lines2015/09/04
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  92. The Shorts--The Hourglass2015/07/23
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  93. 7002015/07/02
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  94. The Shorts--Painkillers and Perspective2015/06/11
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  95. Live from 5Point Vol. 82015/05/28
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  96. The Shorts--Sleeping Bag Metamorphosis2015/05/14
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  97. The Modern Dirtbag2015/05/01
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  98. The Shorts--Two Wheels to Anywhere2015/04/10
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  99. The Shorts--Blind Date with the Desert2015/03/27
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  100. The Threshold Moment2015/03/13
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  101. The Shorts--The Swallow and the Anchor2015/02/27
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  102. El Avalanchisto2015/02/13
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  103. The Shorts--365 Days2015/01/29
    "In the day to day tangle of life, it's easy to let go of the things that provide focus, and calm and perspective," writes Fitz Cahall. "I find that serenity so easily in wilderness. How do we carry that home?" While on a trip to Minnesota's Boundary Waters, Fitz resolved to do something back in "regular life" to try to tap into that quietness every day, for one year. 

  104. Adventure 10002015/01/15
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  105. Flying Deep2015/01/06
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  106. The Journey Within2014/12/12
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  107. More Than Just a Camping Trip2014/11/26
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  108. What You're Handed2014/11/14
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  109. Tales of Terror Vol. 52014/10/31
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  110. The Shorts--Hooch2014/10/10
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  111. The Shorts--5 Steps to Bailing2014/09/26
  112. The Shorts--Go For It!2014/09/11
  113. Mothers Have it Hardest2014/07/25
  114. The Shorts--The Drowning Machine2014/07/11
  115. Widge2014/06/26
  116. The Shorts--My Bluebird of Happiness2014/06/12
  117. Live from 5Point Vol. 72014/05/28
  118. The World By Bike2014/05/01
  119. The Treewok2014/04/18
  120. The Shorts--Denial on Denali2014/04/04
  121. The Shorts-- Dreams Coming True2014/03/13
  122. The Remotest2014/02/27
  123. The Shorts--Zen and the Art of Skiing Powder2014/02/13
  124. Starting Small2014/01/22
  125. If You Build It2014/01/03
  126. The Shorts--Fighting With Our Feet2013/12/13
  127. Tales of Terror Vol. 42013/10/31
  128. The Shorts--By Slim Chance2013/10/11
  129. The Shorts--Cave Sweet Cave2013/09/26
  130. Rebirth of Belief2013/09/06
  131. Home Front2013/07/31
  132. The Shorts--The Making Of A Patriot2013/07/17
  133. Mikey Buys a House2013/07/03
  134. The Shorts--Bootstrapping2013/06/14
  135. Live from 5Point Vol. 62013/05/31
  136. Live from 5Point Vol. 52013/05/17
  137. The Shorts--Ode to An Ice Chest2013/04/26
  138. The Shorts--Hey, Bear!2013/04/12
  139. Benighted2013/03/29
  140. The Shorts--Castleton Fall2013/03/06
  141. Be Mine2013/02/14
  142. The Shorts- Just Make It Happen2013/01/30
  143. The Magic of Serendipity2013/01/18
  144. The Shorts--Pedaling to Silence2013/01/03
  145. The Sufferthon2012/12/18
  146. The Shorts-Don Manuel's Nails2012/11/30
  147. Making It2012/11/15
  148. Tales of Terror Volume 32012/10/30
  149. The Shorts--Dream, Interrupted2012/10/09
  150. The Shorts-Meditation in Motion2012/09/21
  151. Crash and Burn2012/09/07
  152. The Shorts--One Last Hike2012/08/15
  153. The Shorts--Parking Lot Players2012/07/13
  154. Stepping Stones2012/06/22
  155. The Shorts--5 Types of B.O.2012/06/06
  156. Live From 5 Point Vol. 42012/05/22
  157. Live From 5Point Vol. 32012/05/07
  158. The Shorts-Pedal Your Turns2012/04/13
  159. The Shorts-Post-Emphatic Wilderness Disorder2012/03/23
  160. Origins2012/03/06
  161. The Shorts--The Mobil2012/02/10
  162. Frozen Lemonade2012/01/19
  163. The Shorts--By Any Means Necessary2011/12/12
  164. Transitions--Efficiency Manifesto2011/11/23
  165. Lifestyle Tips for the Committed2011/11/11
  166. Tales of Terror Vol. 22011/10/28
  167. The Shorts--Wheels2011/10/12
  168. The Way of the Underdog2011/09/29
  169. The Shorts--Drifting to a Fork in the River2011/09/13
  170. You Are Not Alone2011/07/27
  171. The Shorts--Conquering Sherman2011/07/11
  172. The Shorts--Penance2011/06/17
  173. Live From 5Point Volume II2011/06/02
  174. Live from 5Point Volume 12011/05/19
  175. The Shorts--Dispatch from the Middle2011/05/06
  176. Ditch Logic2011/04/20
  177. The Shorts--The Pee Tree2011/03/22
  178. Sodade2011/03/04
  179. The Shorts--Sitting In Silence2011/02/21
  180. What Is Hardcore?2011/02/08
  181. The Shorts--How She Got There2011/01/24
  182. Buckle Down2011/01/11
  183. What We Had2010/12/23
  184. The Shorts-Cardboard Canadian2010/12/08
  185. Unseen But Felt2010/11/25
  186. The Shorts--The Lost Art2010/11/12
  187. Tales of Terror2010/10/29
  188. The Shorts -- Packing2010/10/12
  189. Embrace This2010/09/21
  190. The Shorts -- Zones of Subduction2010/09/02
  191. Go West2010/07/27
  192. The Shorts -- Dirtbag Resume2010/07/13
  193. The Accidental Journalist2010/06/23
  194. The Shorts -- Yosemite's Next Top Idol2010/06/03
  195. The Pugilist2010/05/18
  196. The Shorts-Scars2010/04/27
  197. A Successful Life2010/04/08
  198. The Shorts--Upward Mobility2010/03/17
  199. The Adventures of Beansprout2010/02/25
  200. The Shorts -- Trekker's Blues2010/02/06
  201. Fueled By Strawberry Jam2010/01/14
  202. Forty Miles A Poem2009/12/22
  203. Fun Divided By Three2009/12/07
  204. The Shorts -- Friends In High Places2009/11/09
  205. The New Conservationists2009/10/28
  206. The Shorts -- Underwriting Adventure2009/09/29
  207. Seeds2009/09/16
  208. The Shorts -- Knees and Weather Permitting2009/07/24
  209. Three Eighths to Eternity2009/07/14
  210. The Shorts -- Summer Invocation2009/06/29
  211. The Dreamers2009/06/18
  212. Sixty Meters to Anywhere2009/05/27
  213. The Shorts -- Great White Book2009/05/08
  214. The Cowboy and the Maiden2009/04/24
  215. Beginner's Mind2009/03/27
  216. The Adventurer's Parable2009/03/12
  217. 731 Days Later...2009/02/25
  218. Into the Dark2009/02/09
  219. Mister Smart Goes Big2009/01/27
  220. The Peach2009/01/09
  221. Bedtime Stories for Wanderers2008/12/22
  222. O Tannenbaum2008/12/13
  223. The Shorts -- Friendship is a Used Bicycle2008/11/15
  224. Fear Squared2008/10/28
  225. The Shorts -- Balance2008/10/13
  226. No Car No Problem2008/09/29
  227. The Shorts: The Simple Joy of Moving Upward2008/09/05
  228. The Shorts -- The Pig2008/07/03
  229. The Crusade2008/06/20
  230. The Shorts: Year of Big Ideas Reprieve2008/05/23
  231. The Human Mule2008/05/09
  232. The Earth Throne2008/04/23
  233. The Shorts -- Indiana Powder Day2008/04/15
  234. The Golden Hour2008/03/28
  235. All These Things2008/03/09
  236. Datos Insuficientes2008/02/15
  237. The Year of Big Ideas2008/01/23
  238. A Lifeline Home2007/12/06
  239. The Reckoning2007/11/17
  240. Help Wanted2007/09/29
  241. Prayer for a Friend2007/09/07
  242. No Big Deal2007/06/28
  243. Anatomy of an Accident2007/06/02
  244. A Brief Moment in a Beautiful Place2007/05/14
  245. The Great Big Garage in the Sky2007/04/12
  246. The Brotherhood2007/03/21
  247. The Monoboard2007/03/01
The Dirtbag Diaries
This is adventure. Climbing. Skiing. Hiking. Biking. Travel. Whatever your passion, we are all dirtbags. Outdoor writer Fitz Cahall and his team presents stories about the dreamers, athletes and wanderers.

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