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  1. Linking Cells Across Numbers Tables and Sheets (MacMost #1809)2018/12/13
    View in HD at . If you need to carry over the value of a cell from on table to another in Numbers, you can do that simply by including a formula that just references that other cell. There is no need to figure out the exact way to reference the original cell, as you can just click to grab the cell reference. The same technique can be used to reference a cell from a different sheet.
  2. Why Is My Mac System Storage So Big? (MacMost #1808)2018/12/12
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  3. Watermarking Photos With Automator and Pixelmator (MacMost #1807)2018/12/11
    View in HD at . If you want to watermark your photos before sharing them using a logo or other graphic, you can build a semi-transparent image in Pixelmator and then use an Automator Quick Action to easily apply that watermark to any image file. A special Pixelmator watermarking action helps to make it a one-step Automator workflow.
  4. Hiding Columns In Numbers To Perform Complex Calculations (MacMost #1806)2018/12/10
    View in HD at . Formulas can get very large and complex. One way to simplify them is to use columns to perform parts of the calculation, and then hide those columns when you have your system working. In this example, we'll use columns to extract the year and month from a date, and then use that in a SUMIF formula that would be very complex otherwise.
  5. Adding a Watermark To Pages Documents (MacMost #1805)2018/12/07
    View in HD at . If you wish to put a watermark, like a "Draft Copy" or "Classified" label on your Pages document before printing or distributing a PDF, you can do it easily using Section Masters. You can place anything back there, such as text, shapes, or images. In this example, we'll place some diagonal text across the background and it will appear on all pages.
  6. Multiple Screen Display Arrangement (MacMost #1804)2018/12/06
    View in HD at . If you are using more than one screen with your Mac, you can set where each screen is located relative to the others in your desktop's virtual space. You can choose which screen is the main one by dragging the menu bar representation to that screen. You can also adjust the rotation of your screens to use them vertically.
  7. How To Post Photos to Facebook From Your Mac (MacMost #1803)2018/12/05
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  8. Siri Shortcuts: Applying a Photo Watermark (MacMost #1802)2018/12/04
    View in HD at . You can use the Shortcuts app to apply a watermark to a photo before sharing it on your iPhone or iPad. In this example, we'll take a transparent image file and have a Shortcut place it at the bottom right corner of the photo right from the Photos app. We can then share the photo. The watermark can be any image file. You can also manually size and place the watermark.
  9. Building Non-Linear Presentations With Keynote (MacMost #1801)2018/12/03
    View in HD at . Keynote allows you to add links to text or elements to link to other slides. You can use this to build a presentation that allows you to jump to different slides while presenting, or use as a simple app that can be controlled by others. You can use some settings in Keynote to allow others to look through a presentation on their own.
  10. Technical Terms: HTML (MacMost #1800)2018/11/30
    View in HD at . HTML, Hypertext Markup Language, is the primary code behind most web pages. Hypertext is the idea that set can contain links to other documents. A markup language is one that includes instructions for styling, links and media along with text. HTML was created by scientist Tim Berners-Lee and has grown quite a bit more complicated over the years.
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