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MacMost Now - Mac and iPhone Tips and Tutorials

  1. Clean Up the Right Side of Your Menu Bar (MacMost #2912)2023/03/24
    View in HD at . The right side of your Mac's menu bar can get crowded with lots of menu bar icons from system settings or third-party apps. Learn how to remove some and access the same functions almost as easily.
  2. The Three Different Types of Get Info Window in the Mac Finder (MacMost #2911)2023/03/23
    View in HD at . Most Mac users know how to use Get Info or Command+i. But there are two more variations of this window that can be more useful in different situations.
  3. ClipTools: Using the Clipboard Manager Functions (MacMost #2910)2023/03/22
    View in HD at . Learn how to use the clipboard manager features of ClipTools. You can access a history of text you have copied to your clipboard. Plus you can paste as plain text, group paste, assign keyboard shortcuts, and more.
  4. Avoid This Mistake When Emailing Images (MacMost #2909)2023/03/21
    View in HD at . It is easy to accidentally send a photo or screenshot shrunk down too small to be useful to the recipient. Always check this setting before hitting Send.
  5. Including Multiple Page Sizes In a Single PDF (MacMost #2908)2023/03/17
    View in HD at . If you need to have multiple page sizes in a single document, like vertical and horizontal pages, you must first create the different page sizes in separate documents in Pages. Then you can combine them in Preview.
  6. How to Use Conditional Highlighting In Numbers For Data Visualization (MacMost #2907)2023/03/16
    View in HD at . You can use Conditional Highlighting to make numbers stand out in your spreadsheets. If you combine them with functions like RANK, LARGE, SMALL and more you can see useful information in your tables at a glance.
  7. How and Why To Make Your Own Pages Template (MacMost #2906)2023/03/15
    View in HD at . You don't need to change the font every time you open Pages. Instead you can create your own template that is set up like you want and start with that every time.
  8. What Happens When You Turn Off Desktop & Documents Folders for iCloud Drive? (MacMost #2904)2023/03/14
    View in HD at . If you decide you want to turn off this useful feature, you'll find yourself looking at a very scary warning before moving forward. Find out exactly what happens when you do it.
  9. ClipTools: Headline Case and Capitalization (MacMost #2903)2023/03/10
    View in HD at . If you need to capitalize words for titles or headlines, there is a special customizable feature in ClipTools that will let you capitalize words based on your own rules. You can also change the case, capitalize or even make text appear upside down.
  10. Tips for Naming Files on Your Mac (MacMost #2902)2023/03/09
    View in HD at . When it comes to naming your files, there are many things to consider. The best file name is often a compromise.
  11. How To Block or Allow Pop-Ups in Safari on a Mac (MacMost #2901)2023/03/08
    View in HD at . Most of the time you don't want to allow sites to open up their own pop-up windows. But occasionally you want to allow it for some sites. Here's how to set it up.
  12. How To Use ChatGPT To Learn Things (MacMost #2900)2023/03/07
    View in HD at . You can use ChatGPT to learn about various topics, get suggestions, improve skills and even quiz yourself or your students on subjects.
  13. The 7 Skills You Need To Learn To Master Numbers (MacMost #2899)2023/03/03
    View in HD at . In order to use Numbers to its fullest, first master these essential skills before worrying about functions.
  14. How To Block Websites On Your Mac (MacMost #2898)2023/03/02
    View in HD at . There are three main ways to block websites on your Mac. Youc an use Screen Time, but that only works for Safari. Editing the hosts file will work across browsers and accounts. A better way may be to use a function of your Wi-Fi equipment.
  15. How To Prevent Watch-And-Grab iPhone Theft (MacMost #2905)2023/03/01
    View in HD at . If you are worried that someone can watch you enter your passcode on your iPhone and then steal your iPhone from you, then here's how to protect yourself.
  16. 7 Quick Ways To Access System Settings on a Mac (MacMost #2897)2023/02/28
    View in HD at . Learn how you can quickly get to the sections of System Settings on your Mac that you need the most.
  17. Crop, Resize and Export an Image With Preview (MacMost #2896)2023/02/24
    View in HD at . Learn how you can use the macOS built-in app Preview to crop, resize and export an image in another format. You can use this to shrink images to smaller files for sending or storing.
  18. How To Retouch and Repair Photos on a Mac (MacMost #2895)2023/02/23
    View in HD at . Using the Retouch tool in Mac Photos you can erase marks and blemishes and also repair damage to photos.
  19. How To Use ChatGPT To Help You Write (MacMost #2894)2023/02/22
    View in HD at . Here are 10 ways you can use ChatGPT while writing stories. If used properly, ChatGPT can help you with ideas, information, style and more.
  20. Why You Should Never Partition Your Backup Drive (MacMost #2893)2023/02/21
    View in HD at . It is tempting to partition a backup drive so you can use some of that storage space for other things. But you should avoid doing so for two key reasons.
  21. 7 Ways To Fix a Mac Keyboard That Is Not Working Correctly (MacMost #2892)2023/02/17
    View in HD at . If your Mac keyboard is acting strangely, such as keys typing the wrong characters, some keys not working, or symbols and variations appearing when you don't expect, it could come down to a setting you have changed.
  22. ClipTools: Paste Date and Paste Time (MacMost #2891)2023/02/16
    View in HD at . Learn how to use the Paste Date and Paste Time functions in my free ClipTools app. You can paste the date or time anywhere you type text and choose your own custom formats for each. You can even add or subtract time to paste tomorrow, yesterday, and so on.
  23. Using Images in Mac Numbers Spreadsheets (MacMost #2890)2023/02/15
    View in HD at . You can use photos and other images in your Numbers spreadsheets, but not as values in cells. Learn how you can decorate a sheet with them, or use them in a clever way in a table to display a featured image.
  24. How To Paste Without Styles or Formatting on a Mac (MacMost #2889)2023/02/14
    View in HD at . When you paste text it usually brings along all of the styles such as the font, size, bold, color, and so on. However, most apps allow you to paste using Paste and Match Style to strip the clipboard of its styling and use the settings at the current insertion point in your document.
  25. Screen Capture Entire Web Pages On Your Mac (2023) (MacMost #2888)2023/02/10
    View in HD at . If you need to capture an entire web page, not just the visible portion, you do not need a third-party tool But you do need to know how to use some more advanced browser commands in either Safari, Chrome or Firefox.
  26. 10 Uses For the Copy Subject Function In macOS (MacMost #2887)2023/02/09
    View in HD at . The Copy Subject tool in macOS lets you lift the subject from the background of a photo or remove the background and leave the subject. You can use this to do a variety of things like make social media profile pictures, Contacts images, iMovie overlays, better presentation backgrounds and more.
  27. How To Summarize Articles and Videos With ChatGPT (MacMost #2886)2023/02/08
    View in HD at . You can use ChatGPT to take the text of a long article and summarize it for you. You can even more it easier to digest by asking for bullet points. You can do the same for any video using the transcript.
  28. What To Do Before Handing Your iPhone to a Cashier, Ticket-Taker or Police (Revisited) (MacMost #2885)2023/02/07
    View in HD at . Take a more detailed look at how to set up Guided Access in case you need to hand your iPhone to someone temporarily so they can see some information. Learn how this keeps you safe and in what situations you may need to use this.
  29. How To Rebuild the Spotlight Index on Your Mac (MacMost #2884)2023/02/03
    View in HD at . The Spotlight index is used to let you search for files on your Mac. If searching is not working properly you can rebuild the Spotlight index.
  30. ClipTools: How To Use Smart Clips (MacMost #2883)2023/02/02
    View in HD at . Smart clips let you paste text with extra programmable elements. You can use previously copied clipboard items, ask for input, select from a list, a current or future date and more.
  31. Customizing Your Mouse Settings (MacMost #2882)2023/02/01
    View in HD at . f you use an Apple Magic Mouse with your Mac you should check out all of the customization settings. Even if you don't change anything, there are probably gestures you aren't aware of that you could be using.
  32. Mac Lock Screen Settings (MacMost #2881)2023/01/31
    View in HD at . A new System Settings panel in macOS Ventura gives you control over when your Mac locks and what appears on the Lock Screen. It is important to review these settings and set them up to be as secure as possible for your situation.
  33. Cropping Photos on Your Mac in the Photos App (MacMost #2878)2023/01/27
    View in HD at . Learn how to use the cropping tools in the Photos app. You can crop to any part of the photo, or stick with specific aspect ratios. You can also rotate and adjust the perspective of a photo.
  34. Using the Terminal For a Better Mac Calculator (MacMost #2880)2023/01/26
    View in HD at . Another choice for doing calculations on your Mac is to use the Basic Calculator app inside the Terminal. It has some features that neither the Calculator app, Spotlight nor Siri have like variables, history, customization and more.
  35. Getting the Most From Hot Corners On Your Mac (MacMost #2877)2023/01/25
    View in HD at . Hot Corners allow you to assign functions to the four corners of your Mac's screen. Just move your mouse pointer to one of those corners to activate Mission Control, Notification Center, lock the screen and more.
  36. 10 Variations On How To Take Screenshots On a Mac (MacMost #2876)2023/01/24
    View in HD at . If you take a lot of screenshots, check out these productivity tips to make your captures go to the folder you want, save to a different location each time, go straight to the clipboard, go into the Photos app, and more.
  37. How Should You Format An External Drive For a Mac? (MacMost #2975)2023/01/20
    View in HD at . When you buy a new external drive for your Mac, it is not going to be formatted for your Mac. You should use Disk Utility to set the drive up right before using it.
  38. A New Free Mac Utility App: ClipTools (MacMost #2879)2023/01/19
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  39. Customizing Your Trackpad Settings (MacMost #2874)2023/01/18
    View in HD at . If you use a Trackpad with your Mac you should check out all of the customization settings. Even if you don't change anything, there are probably gestures you aren't aware of that you could be using.
  40. 10 Things To Know About Using the Trash On Your Mac (MacMost #2873)2023/01/17
    View in HD at . The normal way to delete files on your Mac is to use the Trash or Bin folder. There are several shortcuts and advanced techniques that you should know about.
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